About Writer Gabrielle Chana

Gail Chord Schuler (pen name Gabrielle Chana) has been writing since Brent Spiner came into her life in 1991. In 1991 she enrolled in The Institute for Children’s Literature and studied writing under award-winning children’s author Jim Murphy. Her first writing project was a Star Trek: The Next Generation teleplay named Lal about Lt. Commander Data and his evil twin Lore, who goes crazy as he tries to deal with his emotions chip which has gone awry. After Paramount Studios rejected the script, which she still thinks would have made a great episode, she gave up on Hollywood and wrote Silver Skies to honor Brent Spiner, creating a male main character named Conservative rabbi Dor Ben Habakkuk (patterned somewhat after Brent Spiner) who lives in Brent’s hometown of Bellaire, Texas (Houston area) and falls in love with a teacher and nurse named Brianna Wilhelm (patterned ¬†somewhat after the author). God actually moved Gail to Brent Spiner’s hometown (1994 to 1997) to write this book! She traveled to Bellaire from her home in S.E. Houston to research synagogues and take notes for her book. She ended up visiting a synagogue that Brent’s own mother attends!

She temporarily abandoned her writing in June 1996 when she learned about the Vatican agent who strong-armed her way into Brent’s life to become Brent’s “public” girlfriend. When God informed her that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent in December 1999, Gail reinstated Brent into her life, and started writing again in January 2000. Her next project was Emerald Towers in spring 2000 that explains how and why Gail reinstated Brent Spiner as her long distance lover.

On September 11, 2001, Brent was about to board a jet to go be with Gail and the Jesuits used their Muslim connections to cause the September 11, 2001 tragedies at the Pentagon and New York, in order to intimidate Gail and Brent from ever coming together. Next, Gail fell in love with Vladimir Putin, who got quickly assigned a Jesuit clone wife named Lyudmila Putin in Nov. 2001 by George W. Bush, who feared for his wife Laura’s life if he wouldn’t do the Jesuits’ bidding. Vladimir had to legally marry Lyudmila and play the game that Lyudmila was his wife Larisa (who died in 2000).

After Brent came into her life and became her awesome long distance lover, Gail could never be satisfied with the status quo in her love life. Though Jesuits have, thus far, kept her men from her, she remains loyal to them by telling the world their forbidden stories through her writings.

Her writing went on hold until around 2005, when she put on the ending to Silver Skies, which was then taken up by Steven Spielberg, who optioned for the right to make it into a movie. Spielberg uses Orson Scott Card to write the screenplay adaptations of Gail’s books for film. Spielberg cast Matthew McConaughey as the lead (Dor Ben Habakkuk). In a secret Academy Award ceremony, Silver Skies won great honors, and Matthew McConaughey’s first Oscar happened in 2006, when he won the Oscar for best actor in a leading role for Silver Skies. Matthew also fell in love with the author of the book Silver Skies, while filming for the movie. Silver Skies has been shown at independent film festivals, and those who have produced it and worked on it, offer it for free to the public. Gail is currently reworking Silver Skies, to return it to its 1996 state, when it had no ending and to create an ending that honors her 1996 outline, feeling her 2005 ending was contrived and does not work for the story.

Jesuits strong-armed Camila Alves onto Matthew in 2006. While Gail was busy trying to stay alive, to feed herself and keep a roof over her head, she didn’t have much time to write from 2000 to 2012. After 2012, God has given Gail unique opportunities to continue her writings, and she now devotes herself to her writings, and has released The Forbidden Abyss: Part One (which details her life with Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin), and has written The Shimmering Sea (which details how Jesuits murdered Robin Williams when he tried to marry Gail), and has written Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom (which is basically a Brent Spiner autobiography/biography that details his love for Gail and how Jesuits have tried to destroy him because of that).

Gail is currently working on a novel, which is also her biography, going deep into her story, especially how the Jesuit Order has targeted her since birth because of her King David and Catherine the Great genetic profile. She will market this as a novel because she is speculating about some events related to Pope John Paul II, who is a main character in the novel. Jesus seems to tell Gail to pattern this novel after Pride and Prejudice, and Gail hopes with this work, to write something for posterity.

In 2012 and onwards, Jesus Christ himself made appearances to Gail through Brent Spiner and has instructed Gail in her writings and often advises her about her life. While Satan strives to destroy Gail and her men (via the Antichrist), Gail trusts Jesus each day and goes forward in faith following the desires God has placed in her heart to tell the world the story of her and her men through her writings. Jesus informed Gail that Zack Knight is the Antichrist, and the Antichrist is obsessed with her.

When Gail obeyed the Gail Commandments (March 2016 and onwards), and strengthened her Gail Shield, the Gail Shield defeated the Jesuits (August 2016), and Zack Knight used CPR on his true love Rule 13 to resuscitate her. He then gave his Antichrist powers to Angelina Ballerina (August 2016), who lied to him, stating that 13 was dead. Gail contacted Zack inside his semen bubble and told him that 13 was alive and in the hospital with Gail and her men and encouraged him to reject Satan and Angelina Ballerina, who had stolen his Antichrist powers and tricked him, as he cried his eyes out over what he thought was a dead Rule 13. He came over to Jesus Christ’s side and Gail added him and Rule 13 to her marriage list, at the no. 3 spot.

From Sept. 2016 onwards, Zack became an ally, and Gail still fights Angelina Ballerina Jesuits, who Gail and Zack defeated in battle on Jan. 6, 2017. However, the Angelina Ballerina Jesuits who fought Gail in the battle on Jan. 6, 2017 came over to Gail’s side, upon seeing his glowing penis while Jesus played in the background the song Our God is an Awesome God. The rest of the Angelina Ballerina Jesuits on earth (who did not witness the glowing penis) still fight Gail under the leadership of Jesuit clone Loree McBride. Angelina Ballerina currently resides in hell.


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  1. Just testing out my blog from my website, to see if I can post a comment using my website, while I am signed out of my WordPress blog. When you go to my Writer Page, the blog is embedded on the top of the opening page. You can sign in using WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or your email (though your email address is never made public). Okay, let’s see if this will “send” from my website! The way my WordPress blog is set up all comments from new users must be approved by me (the administrator) before they are posted.

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  2. Hi Gail, I’m halfway through Jesus: The Eternal Bridegroom. Riveting stuff. I love all the characters and of course the detailed rape scenes. Keep doing what you’re doing. For one reason or another people value your work and I for one hope you get the recognition you deserve.

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  3. In the show True Detective Matthew Mcconaughey is hunting down a Satanic cult. Could this be a message to you Gail? Regarding the Antichrist do we know if he will have American blood or can American be interpreted as someone who immigrates to America from another country?


    • I don’t trust anything I see on television, because Antichrist Zack Knight controls much of Hollywood, and he’s especially interested in the part of Hollywood associated with my men. I doubt that Jesus would use Jesuit-controlled Hollywood to speak to anyone, with the possible exception of Hollywood movies that honor my writings, like Steven Spielberg’s Silver Skies or other Hollywood productions that honor my books.

      I wonder if Jesus is primarily using a WOMAN (myself) in these last days, so that no one will confuse me with THE MAN of Revelation 13:18.

      I find the following interpretation of Daniel 7:4 from Endtime Ministries rings true to my knowledge of the Bible, which I have read from cover to cover hundreds of times.

      Here is Daniel 7:4 “The first (beast) was LIKE a lion (FROM England, but NOT England), and had the WINGS OF AN EAGLE (the United States FROM England). I watched until its wings were torn off and it was lifted from the ground so that it stood on two feet LIKE A MAN, and the HEART OF A MAN WAS GIVEN TO IT.” England’s symbol is the LION. The EAGLE symbolizes the United States who came from the LION or England. As you know, the bald eagle is the U.S. mascot. This verse makes it clear it is not England, but something derived from England – i.e., the United States. Revelation 13:2 indicates that the Antichrist will speak English, because he has a lion’s mouth! Daniel 7:4 definitely seems to be describing the person of the Antichrist, and Revelation 13:2 is definitely describing the Antichrist. You put these two verses together and we seem to have an AMERICAN Antichrist. But the eagles’ wings are PLUCKED OFF, indicating that the United States will LOSE what it was in 1776 and become SOMETHING ELSE. Daniel 7:4 seems to indicate a TAKEOVER of the United States by the Antichrist, and when this happens, the United States will NO LONGER BE THE UNITED STATES but will become the Antichrist. Daniel 7:4 starts off describing a nation and ends up describing a MAN. It seems to me the most intelligent interpretation of Daniel 7:4 is that the English speaking AMERICAN Antichrist will takeover the U.S. completely and transform it into his launching pad for operations. When he does this, the Bible indicates that the U.S. will BECOME THE ANTICHRIST. In other words, he will have so much control in the U.S. that everything it says and does will BECOME THE ANTICHRIST. The United States Constitution has been Jesuit-amended so much, it does not even resemble the Founding Father’s documents of 1776. The Antichrist is well on his way! Whether this Antichrist will be an immigrant is not addressed in this passage, because these beasts in Daniel 7 are NATIONS, not individuals, except that it appears in Daniel 7:4 that the United States starts off as a nation and BECOMES A MAN. However, it is PLAIN he speaks English as his primary language, which seems to indicate an American born Antichrist. By the way, the Antichrist is described as having the number of a MAN 666 in Revelation 13:18. So, to end this verse with saying the nation has become a MAN, seems to refer to THE MAN of Rev. 13:18, the 666 of Revelation 13:18. To understand Daniel 7, you need to read Revelation 13. These two chapters in the Bible GO TOGETHER.

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      • Thank you for the reply and clearing that up. If the US allies itself with Israel perhaps Israel could become a safe haven/sanctuary for Church of Gail. When America is fully dominated by the Beast we can’t stay in the US. The end of days would probably be precipitated by an all out war between the Antichrist US and us. OR some kind of Church of Gail migration. Does Jesus fill you with his semen before or after the apocalypse?


  4. Jesus will fill me with his semen in the MILLENNIUM, which happens AFTER the apocalypse! Next on the Bible calendar is the RAPTURE, then the seven year tribulation, then the Battle of Armageddon (end of the apocalypse), then the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ. The tribulation is in birth pangs right now and I am just trying to make the world aware of that and to give them the Bible prophecy they need to RECOGNIZE THE ANTICHRIST WHEN HE APPEARS, and to reinforce that unless the true Jesuit leader Zack Knight miraculously accepts the true Christ, that he WILL BE THE ANTICHRIST PROPHESIED in the Bible.

    In my human form, I don’t think my body could withstand the power of Jesus’ semen! And I would like to reiterate that I WILL NOT EVER HAVE ANY SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH JESUS CHRIST. His semen will be given to my husband Brent Spiner. My next book Shimmering Skies will be going into this with great detail. The best thing for true Jesus followers to do now is to align themselves with our Church of Gail. Though I do believe the Antichrist will be American, Jesus also promised that I would defeat the Jesuit Order in Zechariah 9:15. I am the king David slingstones woman of Zechariah 9:15 with the birthday of 9-15-57. My guess is that America will be fully dominated by the Beast AFTER the rapture. Jesus does NOT want us to obsess over the future, but to obsess over the HERE and NOW. For NOW, we know that Jesus has met with the leaders of Church of Gail, so those who want to follow the true Jesus need to follow me. I don’t think we need to concern ourselves with a United States under the control of the beast UNTIL THAT HAPPENS. From what I understand, I am still the American Empress. And as long as that is the case, I will not allow the Antichrist to takeover the United States.

    If you are a true follower of Jesus and are “born again”, click on HOW TO GO TO HEAVEN at my website, then you should concern yourself with living for Jesus NOW, so that you will not be ashamed when you GO UP. We, as true believers in Christ, must all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. We, as believers of Jesus in the church age will NOT go into the tribulation, we will be raptured. However, we are experiencing the very beginnings of the tribulation somewhat as it is right around the corner. And the Antichrist has ARRIVED (Zack Knight).

    It’s kind of like if you’re expecting a hurricane and the winds are picking up. The winds are picking up, but the hurricane is YET TO ARRIVE. The tribulation has not fully started yet. However, Jesus said that we at Church of Gail are experiencing what the tribulation saints will suffer. I suspect the Antichrist is attacking Church of Gail now, because we are preventing him from a full takeover. Once he gets Church of Gail out of the way, or the rapture happens and we all are gone, he may then proceed into a full takeover of the U.S. and everyone will then experience what we at Church of Gail are currently experiencing.


  5. I’m pretty sure God will make certain that your millennial body can handle all the power of Jesus’ semen Gail! When these Jesuits distort these things and make them sound perverted or claim that you would willingly engage in semenancy with Zack Knight – well, we all know who is telling the truth and who is lying! We are with you Gail!

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    • Not sure of how it will all work out, but Jesus said that I would be making love to all of them, and not only that Jesus will give me and Brent his semen as a wedding present for the millennium. I imagine that I may be making love to all of them at the same time. Our millennial bodies are more powerful than our present earthly bodies. I would like to clarify that I will never be making love to Jesus. He is my husband in the sense that I am part of his bride, the church and he does not make love to me, but I suspect that perhaps he will funnel his semen through Brent and I to make love to his bride, the church. What an honor!


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