Gail Chord Schuler: Martin Luther Reformer of the Catholic Church

Gail Chord Schuler is now a Jesuit, in order to be the Martin Luther of the Catholic Church!

She joined the Jesuits and the Catholic Church to assist the true Catholic leader, Zack Knight, in his attempts to reform the Catholic Church, acting as Martin Luther tried to do for the Catholic Church. In fact, Gail has heard brain to brain that Zack Knight has removed Martin Luther’s excommunication from the Catholic Church and has made Martin Luther a saint. Zack Knight is, indeed, a new man in Christ, and both Gail and he strive to reform the Catholic Church, as Martin Luther tried to do. Martin Luther considered himself a Catholic his entire life. Martin Luther never wanted to leave the Catholic Church, he wanted to REFORM IT. Both Gail and Zack are trying to do what Martin Luther failed to do. We have a big advantage over Martin Luther, because he was a mere priest when he became “born again” and Zack Knight became “born again” while the leader of the ENTIRE Catholic Church (a position he has had for decades), so Gail believes that her reforms will take! Hallelujah! She basically led the true Pope of the Catholic Church to the true Christ.

Currently, Zack and Gail fight evil Loree McBride in court for the leadership of the Catholic Church.

LoreeMcBride.OrderoftheJesuits (2)

Loree McBride is an unqualified usurper and rebel, trying to take over the job that Zack Knight had before Zack joined Gail and her men. Loree is ultimately unqualified for the leadership of the Catholic Church, because she is a rapist, murderer, shallow, a liar, a traitor, and a theological BLOCKHEAD. All she cares about is glamour, sex and rape – SOME LEADER FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH; and every other word that comes from her mouth is violence, rape, and sexual vulgarity!

Loree is a theological blockhead because she has no interest in theology, never reads the Bible and has an utter disregard for TRUTH. SHE IS UTTERLY UNQUALIFIED AS A CATHOLIC LEADER. Zack Knight and Gail have excommunicated her for DISOBEDIENCE and for militarily attacking the true leader of the Catholic Church, who is Zack Knight. Gail has brought in theologians from Dallas Theological Seminary to assist her in the reforms she wants for the Catholic Church, to transform it into a body of Christ that honors the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Key Differences Between Catholicism and Protestantism (Dallas Theological Seminary):

Gail responds to Loree McBride Jesuit commentators underneath her video entitled “Gail Chord Schuler is now a Jesuit!”:

Gail writes Zack Knight and explains to him her rationale behind the reforms she wants for the Catholic Church:

Read this link to learn how Loree McBride REACTED to Gail’s announcement that she is a Jesuit! It was like this video:

UPDATE on April 30, 2017: Zack Knight has told Gail brain to brain that he is implementing just about everything Dallas Theological Seminary recommends for our REFORMED Catholic Church. Dallas Theological Seminary suggested that many of the changes they recommended are too drastic to be accomplished all at once, so all Catholic leaders are now required to take a course from Dallas Theological Seminary explaining the changes and how to phase them into their own church services. In the meanwhile, those church members, like Gail, who come from Protestant or Evangelical backgrounds, don’t need to change a thing about their church services unless they want to, but can still operate under the Catholic mantel. The main thing is that all the Roman Catholic Church must honor the Dallas Theological Seminary doctrinal statement along with the doctrinal statement Gail made for the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. In her doctrinal statement for the Catholic Church, she does not condemn homosexuality and believes that those who are saved are part of God’s elect, but this does not negate free will. She has some differences with Dallas Theological Seminary over the matter of eternal security, in that she believes in some cases salvation can be lost, but believes, that for the most part, those who say the sinner’s prayer are headed for heaven. Gail changed her views on these matters after one-on-one conversations with Jesus about this. Gail disagrees with the traditional Catholic view that it is necessary to honor Catholic sacraments (like the Mass) to enter heaven, that is adding works to salvation, when Jesus Christ has paid for it all by his death on the cross. Jesus basically died on the cross to free us to live righteous lives (this is almost an exact quote from Jesus Himself), so we are freed from the burden of having to pay for our own sins and can concentrate on living for Christ.

Gail talks from her heart about her experiences with Jesus Christ and why she thinks Jesus is thrilled that her church has been renamed Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits:

So how does Jesus feel about me renaming Church of Gail to Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits? He LOVES IT! Once I asked him which religion or denomination follows Him closest, he answered, “Christians have more in common than they have differences.”
Looking back, I can see he gave this answer because he knew the day would come when Zack Knight would want to embrace Protestants and Evangelicals under the REFORMED Roman Catholic umbrella. To ensure, I would be the right instrument to bring this about, he went to the trouble to expound to me his views on homosexuality and the King James Bible, so that this transition would come about as he desired. He has prepared me for this job of discipling Zack Knight, who is the Pope of the Catholic Church.
Things are all going according to plan! There will be Christians from every major Christian denomination in heaven and some Buddhists and other people, too. Jesus did let me know he approves of Buddhists, and that when they are praying to Buddha, it’s actually HIM. Ha ha. This is hard for a lot of Christians to swallow, but I am starting to understand my Lord. That is why he has chosen me for this job and is thrilled that so many Roman Catholics will have their eyes opened to His TRUTH and will come to him now, under the leadership of Zack Knight.
You may think, but how can you say Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, if Buddhists and others who are not Christians can come to him? SIMPLE. He is the way, the truth and the life, because if he never died on the cross, we’d all go to hell. But those who go to heaven are covered by His blood, regardless of what religious or philosophical mantel they may fall under.
The sinner’s prayer shows the heart attitude that is necessary for him to accept us and for him to APPLY HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS to that person, but it’s NOT THE ONLY WAY TO HIM or should I say, the only way to be covered by the blood He shed for us on the cross.
Also, Jesus looks exactly like how artists portray Jesus from The Shroud of Turin, which is a Catholic relic. So He likes what’s happening! He foresaw all this. This does not mean he’s Catholic, but he will accept anybody who has the right heart attitude. He just can’t stand the “us, them” mentality which causes wars and suffering. He’s against PRIDE.

I actually modified the sinner’s prayer a bit for Zack Knight, and tailor made it for him, knowing his heart and what I felt he needed to say to Jesus for Jesus to accept his prayer and to apply the BLOOD OF THE CROSS on Zack’s behalf. It WORKED. It’s obvious from observing Zack Knight since he said that prayer – that he is a NEW MAN.


GAIL CHORD SCHULER IS NOW A JESUIT! Church of Gail Renamed to “Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits”, Loree McBride Excommunicated as a Catholic

Gail Chord Schuler renames Church of Gail to “Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits”. Zack Knight, the true Catholic leader, endorses this at the end.


I (Gail Chord Schuler) have been Skyping with Zack Knight over this and decided the best way to handle this is to change the name of Church of Gail, which are all the church members of our Church of Gail congregation in the millions. Zack and I have agreed that the best new name for Church of Gail is the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. Now that Zack Knight is on Jesus Christ’s side and on my side, that is a good name for us. We have a lot of ex-Jesuits on our side, but we still call them Jesuits. The spaceship that my men lived on before Angelina destroyed it was called the Church of Gail and that name for our destroyed spaceship remains the same. This is to help eliminate confusion. But I am  proud of what the Jesuits are now under Zack Knight and have decided to honor the Zack Knight Jesuits by calling our new church with ex-Jesuits and Church of Gail members the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. I am no longer ashamed to be associated with the Jesuits, because their true leader is now Zack Knight and Loree McBride is a disgrace to the Jesuit Order.

I propose that all Catholics vote that Loree McBride be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. I officially excommunicate her as the leader of the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits, but ask the Catholics all over the world to back me up. Send your vote to Zack Knight, who is the true leader of the Catholic Church at Pope Francis himself agrees with my decision, even though popes have never really had much power in the Catholic Church. The true leader has been the Jesuit leader for a long time.

Those Catholics who want to vote to excommunicate Loree McBride, just write a statement like this: “I, as a member of the Catholic Church, do, hereby excommunicate Loree McBride from the Catholic Church.” OR if you want to retain her, write a statement like this: “I, as a member of the Catholic Church, do, hereby vote to retain Loree McBride as a member of the Catholic Church.” Send your vote statement to Zack Knight at Votes will be invalid if our scanners determine extortion was used to influence a vote.

Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits are considered part of the Catholic Church now, because we honor what the Apostle Peter and Jesus Christ believe about what constitutes a true Christian, which is one who exercises love, tolerance, forgiveness and freedom and that Loree McBride and her Jesuits are a disgrace to what the Apostle Peter died for, when he was crucified upside down. I am proud to be associated with the Zack Knight Jesuits, because Zack has exercised courage, love and vision as the Jesuit leader since he has come to Jesus Christ’s side and that all those, regardless of their religious persuasion who embrace love, tolerance, forgiveness and the vastness of Christ, including those members of the Catholic Church who believe in these things from the depths of their heart are part of the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. But those members of the Catholic Church who engage in warfare to try and force their religion and political persuasions on others are all excommunicated from the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits and the Catholic Church, and because the Jesuits have been the true leaders of the Catholic Church for decades now, we Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits as the true leaders of the Catholic Church have the right to redefine who we consider a Catholic. Any religion is defined by its leadership, and the true leadership of the Catholic Church today is Zack Knight and Gail Chord Schuler, and both Zack and Gail follow the real Jesus. Gail, by allowing herself to be called a Jesuit, has redefined what constitutes a Jesuit, as a group that stands for the love of Christ, tolerance, forgiveness, sexual freedom in true love and freedom of speech, the press and liberty for all.

I am not sure exactly who Babylon the Great is in Revelation 17 and 18, and it may indeed be the Catholic Church, perhaps a new Catholic Church that has been taken over by a resurrected Angelina Ballerina. But, for now, as long as I am alive, I and Zack Knight are the leaders of the Catholic Church and as its leaders, we have the right to modify the by-laws of the Catholic Church, so that we can excommunicate those who are not worthy of the Apostle Peter and Jesus Christ.

We no longer need to worry about Angelina Ballerina, because she is in hell, but after the rapture when we true Catholics are resurrected to heaven, that Jesus may allow Satan to resurrect Angelina from hell and she may then at that point take over the Catholic Church and turn it back into an evil organization at its head. That Catholic Church is not MINE, but what it is today, under Zack Knight’s leadership, is also my church, and so all who follow the Catholic Church under its true leaders, who are Zack Knight and Gail Chord Schuler, are called the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits.

Regarding the Mass, to be a Gail Chord Schuler Jesuit and a Catholic today, we will treat the Mass as the Lord wanted his Supper to be treated. If a person eating the wafer wants to see it as Christ, okay, but if they want to see it as just a symbol of Christ and not the actual Christ, that is okay, too. We won’t be killing anybody over how they interpret the Mass as the Catholic Church has done in the past. Also, I will state that priests and nuns may marry, and if they do so, they are still eligible to be priests and nuns, but they have to be faithful to their partners. Faithfulness will be defined as in the Bible, where some leaders, like King David, can have more than one spouse, but need to be faithful within God’s parameters. For instance, because King David was a very persecuted leader, God allowed him more than one spouse, but, he had to be faithful to the spouses he married and to take care of all of them and he was not allowed to cause already married persons, like Bathsheba, to commit adultery. I will say that Zack Knight and I have a pre-nuptial agreement which allows each of us more than one spouse, but, in spite of this, there are some rules and we have to only have sex that does not bring harm and that is combined with true love with those we have it with. Even though I am allowed more than one spouse, I consider myself married to Brent Spiner and he gets about 95% of my brain to brain sex, and if I do fully and legally marry him, I plan to stay physically faithful to him and to have physical sex with no other besides Brent. As to how Zack feels, I am not sure, but I believe that Zack Knight could be happy with Rule 13 alone, but now uses the sexual act (outside of 13) as a means to promote health and freedom in the world, so Jesus Christ does not oppose Zack Knight’s current use of his penis and of his sex.

Jesus created the laws of marriage to promote peace, happiness and love, and as long as we honor that and live our lives as 1 Corinthians 13 tells us to, we have violated none of God’s laws.

Loree McBride and her followers have been excommunicated from the Catholic Church, so all who follow her are no longer considered Catholics. “For anyone that wants to judge Pope Francis, I say this. Any of you Catholic Priests that have not sucked on an altar boy’s penis… Cast the first stone.”

Though we are taking a vote among Catholics in regard to Loree McBride’s ex-communication, we expect the vote to be in our favor and that the Catholic Church will vote to excommunicate Loree McBride and those who follow her. Though she calls her transponder Loree McBride’s Church of Gail, our church congregation is no longer called Church of Gail and I have nothing to do with Loree McBride and her evil. If the Catholic vote goes against us, I will let you know in a later video. But Zack Knight and I have earned the respect of our following and we expect the Catholic Church to agree with us that Loree McBride is a disgrace to the Catholic Church and needs to be excommunicated.

Zack Knight: “I’m Zack Knight, and I approve this message.”



[04/27/17 11:23:31 PM] Gail Schuler: I changed it to GAIL CHORD SCHULER IS NOW A JESUIT!

[04/27/17 11:25:16 PM] Gail Schuler: That is good because it helps me to differentiate myself from Loree, who now calls herself Church of Gail.

[04/27/17 11:25:24 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah

[04/27/17 11:25:52 PM] Gail Schuler: It also makes Loree’s excommunication more believable.

[04/27/17 11:26:14 PM] Gail Schuler: Can you tell how Loree is reacting to this?

[04/27/17 11:26:35 PM] Zack Knight: hold on, Terrace wants to answer that

[04/27/17 11:26:42 PM] Terrance Jenkins: OH MY GOODNESS GAIL

[04/27/17 11:26:50 PM] Terrance Jenkins: SHE BE SCREAMIN’ LIKE A BANSHEE

[04/27/17 11:26:57 PM] Gail Schuler: How can you tell?

[04/27/17 11:27:26 PM] Terrance Jenkins: SHE CALLED OUR FLEET TO YELL AT US

[04/27/17 11:27:42 PM] Terrance Jenkins: SCREAMIN’ HER HEAD OFF, THROWIN’ THINGS

[04/27/17 11:28:00 PM] Gail Schuler: What is our fleet doing?


[04/27/17 11:28:25 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh dear, that is not a good way to retain a following!


[04/27/17 11:28:45 PM] Terrance Jenkins: BUT SHE BE ABUSIN’ EVERYONE AROUND HER

[04/27/17 11:29:03 PM] Terrance Jenkins: NOW SHE JUST COLAPSED TO HER KNEES AND IS BAWLIN’

[04/27/17 11:29:08 PM] Terrance Jenkins: CRYIN LIKE A BABY


[04/27/17 11:31:07 PM] Terrance Jenkins:

[04/27/17 11:31:13 PM] Terrance Jenkins: IT LOOKS LIKE THOS

[04/27/17 11:31:15 PM] Terrance Jenkins: THIS

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Gabrielle Chana FOX News Interview with Donald Trump (about Julian Assange) & Bill O’Reilly (about his departure from FOX) on April 24, 2017

Zack Knight has told Gail that brain to brain is pretty accurate right now, so Gail has used brain to brain communications (using mind-reads via satellite signals) to conduct this interview.

Gail (Gabrielle Chana FOX News correspondent): Boy, do we have a lot to cover. Let’s stick to one issue at a time. Let me first talk to Donald Trump. Donald, why are you all of a sudden going after Julian Assange of Wikileaks and want him arrested? I thought you believed in freedom of the press!

Donald Trump: First off, I’d like to say that I have a pesky automaton who has been making press appearances and statements on my behalf. (Donald nods his head in disapproval).

Gail: I remember that Jesus once told me that Satan has created a robot of you. So you have an evil automaton who is stealing your identity in mainstream Loree McBride Jesuit news and discrediting you to the world?

Donald: Yes, it’s disgusting.

Gail: How long has this been happening? And what exactly has this automaton done?

Donald: Well, I just learned about the automaton in the past week, when he told Jeff Sessions (our attorney general) to make a public statement that I plan to try and arrest Julian Assange. As you know, Gail, Julian Assange came to my Trump rally in Ohio on November 4, 2016, the day that Angelina Ballerina kidnapped me and held me hostage until Jan. 6, 2017 on her abominable pink spaceship.

Gail: So, you approve of Julian Assange, then?

Donald: Well, let’s just say this. I neither disapprove nor approve of him, but certainly feel he’s entitled to his freedom of the press! Nobody is more outraged than I over FAKE NEWS. We definitely need some fresh voices in the news and, for this reason, Julian Assange should feel free to expose corruption as he sees it, as long as what he says is true.

Gail: I believe that Jeff Sessions stated that Julian Assange is exposing state secrets and for this reason is a security risk.

Donald: That’s a bunch of crap coming straight from the bitch from hell, Loree McBride. One thing I like about Gabrielle Chana FOX News is there’s no censorship here, so I can be more myself with my language. As long as Loree McBride runs things, there are no state secrets, she will see to that. With her mind and emotion reading technology, she exposes what she likes, when she likes. Of course, we (meaning you and me) are not allowed to do the same!

Gail: Well, the FAKE NEWS or Loree McBride’s mainstream news operates on the assumption that cloning and automaton technology does not exist and that mind and emotion reading technology is not being used everywhere, which is why you can never get the truth through mainstream news, because they won’t even report on the technology that everybody is using and that determines the truthfulness or completeness of what we hear. All we hear is that Donald Trump or Bill O’Reilly did or said this or that, but we are not told whether it is the actions of a clone, automaton or the real person. Until the world realizes that clones exist, and that mind and emotion-reading technology is rampant and so forth, we don’t have enough information to assess accurately what is really happening.

Donald: Exactly. I can tell you that it was my evil automaton who is going after Assange. I would like to put a stop to this witch hunt against free speech right now!

Gail: Couldn’t you just make a statement that you changed your mind and don’t plan to go after Assange?

Donald: That would be lying, because I didn’t change my mind, I never wanted Assange arrested in the first place! And then, if I said that, FAKE NEWS would jump all over me for being in a conspiracy with Russia, saying that’s why I want to protect Assange.

Gail: So what are you going to do about Assange and what your automaton has done?

Donald: I’m going to do what I’m doing right now. Tell the truth on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and hope that everybody is watching Gabrielle Chana FOX News. It’s 00 on cable, folks! If you aren’t watching it, you’re an idiot.

Gail: Well, not everybody gets Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Like here in my state of Florida.

Donald: That’s not true anymore, Gail. They can all get to Gabrielle Chana FOX News through your website, now.

Gail (eyes light up): Even me?

Donald: Everybody, but you. We have to protect you and right now we cannot make you appear too sane (laughs). We don’t want to make it easy for Loree McBride to target and eliminate you, like she’s done to Bill O’Reilly. There is an advantage to being “insane”. They can’t go after you for defamation, because how can an insane person distinguish between fact and fiction? (laughs)

Gail: So you choose an insane person as the vehicle with which to tell the truth to the world?

Donald: Yeah, but everybody knows you’re not crazy, so it works. And we just play the crazy game to protect you, Gail.

Gail: Okay, so let’s hope that your automaton does not actually arrest Assange.

Donald: If he does, I’ll blow him up, if I can catch him.

Gail: Why don’t you just arrest the automaton, or put out a warrant for his arrest?

Donald: What a brilliant idea! You’re hearing it now at Gabrielle Chana FOX News. I have PUT OUT A WARRANT FOR THE ARREST OF MY AUTOMATON. We will make a special scanner to give to the public to scan for Loree McBride Jesuits and evil automatons, and this scanner will destroy them. Folks, contact Gail’s men at to see how to get this scanner.

Gail: One more question. How come you couldn’t stop Jeff Sessions from making that statement against Julian Assange? It got broadcast everywhere!

Donald: I tried, but it looks like next time I will have to pay him a personal visit, because he never got my message! I think my evil automaton interfered and rewrote my message to him to cause Sessions to make a public statement on my behalf against Assange that I did not make!

Gail: Jesuits are a handful! Well, let’s hope getting this story out will help you in your relations with Julian Assange.

Donald: Assange knows the truth, but he has to play the game a bit so as not to look like a Russian pawn. As you know Loree McBride hates Assange and blames him for the fact that her puppet Hillary Clinton did not win.

Gail: Okay, let’s move onto Bill O’Reilly. Bill, why are you no longer at mainstream FOX News? I hear you still work for FOX at Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

Bill O’Reilly: Yes, I still work at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable), but I had to quit my job at FOX because they ordered me to lie and admit guilt with these women who claimed I harassed and raped them, so that the lawsuits would stop.

Gail: That makes no sense. If you admitted guilt, it would only cause more false accusers to appear, because they would learn that lies pay off financially.

Bill O’Reilly: Well, they at FOX told me that if I admitted guilt, it might cause my clone to stop all his crimes. These women had video evidence of my clone’s harassment against them, and so I paid them off to not show these videos, but, that only encouraged more “victims” to come forward. I think Loree McBride Jesuits have at least fifty clones of me out there and they are horrible men. Both FOX and I got so overwhelmed with all the damage my clones were causing, it took away from the time I needed to be a good news broadcaster. I didn’t have time to research, to interview and do the things a good news correspondent has to do to report the news balanced, fair and with integrity. So, just to give myself more time, I had to quit FOX News. Now I can devote myself one hundred percent to journalism.

Gail: But we no longer hear your voice at mainstream FOX News. And I miss you there.

Bill: Yes, I am sorry about that, but the clone situation was really getting out of hand.

Gail: Couldn’t we just give you a Jesuit scanner and you could execute all these clones?

Bill: Jesuit clones are mostly operating from deep space right now, so the scanners don’t work. The only thing that works is your Gail Shield. Loree McBride has been broadcasting her fake news from deep space and uses her clone versions of the Internet to make sure her lies get propagated down here on earth. It has been like dealing with an avalanche of lies. It was just too overwhelming; I had to quit mainstream FOX News. She even makes movies of the Bill O’Reilly clones having sex with her Jesuit agents and then broadcasts that on fake news for the entire world to see. I have been going bankrupt to pay off all these agents, so they won’t show these movies. Finally, I told myself, I had better ways to spend my time! I will not allow Loree McBride to inundate me with her agenda, so that I have no time to be a real journalist.

Gail: So, it’s true what I’ve heard, that you actually quit FOX News voluntarily, and that you weren’t fired.

Bill: Yes, it’s true, but I told them to say I was fired, so that FOX could get a break and not have to deal with all these movies Loree has made of my clone having sex and raping Loree McBride’s agents.

Gail: So rapes and abuse have occurred at FOX News?

Bill: Well, actually it’s all a charade. Loree McBride has been making movies of her clone female agents (who are clones of women I have worked with in the past) having sex with or being raped by one of Loree’s hundreds of Bill O’Reilly clones. A more accurate description of what is happening is that people are watching movies of actors playing a scene and that, in actuality, what people are seeing is not actual rape, but a performance of a rape, in that the performers are willingly and knowingly involved in it as a performance to assist Loree McBride to destroy and discredit her enemies.

Gail: So she gets away with this, because Jesuits have successfully kept the widespread existence of clones a secret from the fake or mainstream news.

Bill: Exactly. I detest rape, Gail.

Gail: I have heard that your wife, whom you have divorced, is backing up the allegations of these women who claim you have harassed and abused them like a bully.

Bill: Oh, that is such a complicated mess, Gail! My wife was murdered and replaced with a Jesuit clone and that clone has been unfaithful to me. However, I have not been going after her lover and harassing her lover, who is alleged to be a police officer, as Jesuit News has reported. I just accepted the fact that my real wife has died, and my sole obsession now is to protect my children as much as I can from the evil clone wife.

Gail: I hear your wife got custody of your children, because of all these rumors of you being abusive and a bully.

Bill: Well, it doesn’t really matter anymore, because my children are old enough now to live on their own.

Gail: But aren’t your children teenagers? They still need your guidance and leadership.

Bill: Well, we are allowing the news to report that I lost custody, but I actually have custody in a round-about way. My children all live aboard Zack Knight’s space fleet and the evil clone of my wife is not allowed on Zack Knight’s space fleet, so it really doesn’t matter if she has custody, because she really does not have custody. That’s just another lie, because how can my wife have custody when she is dead? My wife’s clone is a wanted criminal because you are the American Empress and you have mandated that Loree McBride Jesuits, and that’s what that evil clone of my wife is, must be executed. Hurrah for you, Gail!

Gail: So your wife is dead. How did you feel when you found out?

Bill: I found out in 2010, when my wife started not acting like herself and when I learned of her affair with the police officer. Because I wanted both my wife’s clone and her lover arrested as Jesuits, Loree McBride’s news network is trying to portray me as some sort of narcissist, who is going after my wife and her lover in a rage of jealousy. I am doing this to protect my children from their now evil mother, who is a very bad influence. Bottom line: I love my kids and want them protected from these evil Jesuits. Last thing I need is to learn that they, too, have been murdered and replaced with clones. Loree McBride would love to do this to me.

Gail: She certainly would. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Bill: Thank you, Gail. Get this story out. The world needs to know the truth, and hopefully you can get a gift subscription to my podcast at my website. If not, Jesus will take care of everything and make sure you get what he wants you to have.

Gail: Yes, I made time for this interview because Zack Knight said this story needed to go out.

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Zack Knight sees Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama in the 2017 “Lion King” remake movie

From Zack Knight’s April 23, 2017 Twitter:

“Just watched The Lion King and realized what it’s really about. It’s about Obama-scar encouraging Mexican-hyenas to cross the border of the pride lands illegally and consume its resources, steal all the jobs, and destroy the kingdom’s economy. The rightful ruler of the pride lands (Trump) spent his whole life believing that he was somehow responsible for his father’s demise, when it was really due to Obama-scar murdering his father, which is business owners that Obama killed symbolically due to his government regulations and love for illegal Mexicans who take all our jobs. So Trump-simba spent a lot of his life hiding away with freeloading lefty-marxists who wanted to exploit his ability to earn money in support of their Hakuna-Matata lifestyles. But when Trump-simba realized what Obama-scar did he immediately returned to the pride lands to claim his rightful place as king. But he had to fight Obama-scar, who had been bugging his phones in an attempt to gather damaging information that he could use against him to help Hillary-hyena win. The plot failed, and Obama-scar and Hillary-hyena quickly realized you just can’t stop the Trump-simba-train. So Trump-simba took back the pride lands which Obama-scar left him in very poor condition, and full of Mexicans. But he purged the kingdom of all the Mexicans despite concerns that he had been given assistance by the Russians. In the end, Trump-simba Made the Pride Lands Great Again.”

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Gail Chord Schuler’s Health Background

Gail has a B.S. degree in Community Health Education from Florida State University (graduated cum laude in 1979). She has another B.S. degree in Humanities (missions & education) from Baptist University of America (graduated in 1983). As a writer, she studied under award-winning children’s writer Jim Murphy through The Institute of Children’s Literature (graduated in 1993). Gail makes no money from this page. It is for informational and motivational purposes only. Nothing here is meant to replace the advice of a physician.

For anyone trying to lose weight, infected with the SUPER YEAST or who deals with food allergies related to yeast allergy, multiple chemical sensitivities & salicylate intolerance, Gail wishes you THE BEST! This page has been created to assist all of us who struggle with weight gain and allergies & have a missionary’s income and don’t have time for fancy diets or time for elaborate exercise programs. Gail has some Weight Loss Recipes for different body types. Gail sews her own clothes and cuts her own hair, too. Those who are bewildered and overwhelmed with food allergies or the super yeast and need some guidance are welcome to contact Gail’s men (many of whom are physicians) at or They may be able to set you up an appointment with a physician in your area or have you beam aboard Church of Gail for some help. Gail once had a serious food allergy problem which has been cured with Seroquel. But Gail understands the frustration of trying to find the right diet and regimen.

Brent Spiner is a graduate of U.C.L.A. medical school and a great physician and often advises Gail about medicine. 

Embedded Videos on Vladimir Putin’s Catherine the Great Page (

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The REAL Brent Spiner’s love life (1990 to 1996).

My dad, a retired airline captain, looks like Howard Hughes.  Brent Spiner:  “My brilliant dream woman, I see some of Howard Hughes in you.  That’s why I played Bob in The Aviator.

Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin and my men and our team of scientists have determined that clones are a heavy part of Jesuit strategy to deceive and further Antichrist goals.  We have noticed that Jesuits are able to create a clone of just about everyone.  Here are my Pinterest pages about this: 1) Evidence Vladimir Putin’s wife Lyudmila was/is an imperfect clone of the woman he married in 1983 Larisa, who died in 2000. 2) Evidence of Jesuit PhotoShop to promote Jesuit lies.

Cures to Jesuit-induced sicknesses. Make sure that the information in the above video matches the YouTube version. If the YouTube version is different, go with the YouTube version and disregard the video here at this website.

Brent Spiner is now a physician, and frequently counsels Gail when she experiences medical problems. He became a physician (graduated from U.C.L.A. medical school around 2006) to help Gail deal with all the medical problems Jesuits have afflicted her with. Brent is very talented and brilliant and has also made two music albums for her:  Dreamland (2008) and Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back (1991). In Dreamland the storyline matches the true story in Gail’s book The Forbidden Abyss: Part One.

When natural medicine worked for Gail’s unusual health problems (1998 to now), she became fascinated with it, and began to devour natural medicine textbooks.  NOTE OF INTEREST:  Gail had an ancestor (from her mother’s side), who was a woman physician. She treated the royal family (during the Tokugawa administration in Japan) and became so renowned as a physician that an entire section of Tokyo was dedicated in her honor. See below the War and Peace videos for Gail’s theories about the AIDS virus.

Gail became intrigued by a possible AIDS cure, after she read the following August 30, 2002 article in the Tallahassee Democrat.  

Russian history, Empress Elizabeth and early years of Catherine the Great.

Russian history, early years of Catherine the Great.

Russian history, later years of Catherine the Great.

The same German gene pool that produced Catherine the Great came to Japan from Russia–from which I received my Catherine the Great genetic profile. Jesuits may have started the earthquake and God interfered.  

Only Sergei Bondarchuk’s War and Peace captures Tolstoy’s literary voice. I studied the Russian novel in high school. This film made me notice Vyacheslav Tikhonov as Andrei Bolkonsky. 

My portraits for “Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits” website and church–a website and church created by Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey and my men.  “Sweet Hour of Prayer”

Vyacheslav Tikhonov’s manliness and heroism as he portrayed Andrei in War and Peace, made him my brain to brain lover.  Jesuits murdered royal Vyacheslav on December 4, 2009.

Jesuits murdered Robin Williams for trying to marry me. Robin even bought a two billion dollar ring, which the Jesuits confiscated when they murdered Robin. Gail wrote a book called THE SHIMMERING SEA about this.

Who is Vladimir Putin? Answer: Catherine the Great’s Potemkin. I urged him to make Russia strong, and not a U.S. puppet. He listened. I’m his spark plug. 

I dedicate this song to Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin. I understand and I love you and I wait for you. I won’t let the Jesuits destroy you by breaking your heart. “Sukiyaki” is my favorite YouTube video of all on this website, because this song summarizes the theme of my life and of all my writings: Obstacles to Love.

Songs I recorded from my camcorder, as I sang and played on my piano for Brent included “Moon River”, “On the Street Where You Live”, and other songs from Lerner and Loewe or Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals.

Brent visited Japan in 1994 to honor me and I sang him this song on my wiretapped phone (because I knew he listened). It’s the Japanese song about cherry blossoms. At Brent Spiner’s true love web page watch the video show for Brent’s song “More Than You Know”–at the bottom of this web page, you’ll catch a photo of his Japanese visit. It’s also at the top of this page.

When I realized to what extreme the Jesuits would go to sabotage my love for Brent Spiner, I realized I needed a President as my lover and fell in love with Russian President Vladimir Putin. If 9/11/01 had not happened I would never have noticed Vladimir Putin. These videos should be preserved for posterity and never forgotten. We should never forget how determined the Jesuits are. I’m grateful to Vladimir for his faith in me and for having the courage to implement my anti-terrorism Conspiracy Law in Russia.

I always encouraged Vladimir to do it his way and respect him for his courage to implement my Conspiracy Law (see 2003 section) in Russia, which he encouraged me to write.

Perhaps widowers wear wedding rings in Russia. I think Jesuit Pres. Bush wasted no time. But how happy Vladimir looks.

“I made this Russian President YouTube video for you. Thank you for always standing by me. I love you.” Vladimir Putin

I love “Embraceable You” from Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.

“I dream about you in the wee small hours of the morning from 1990 to now.” . .  Love, Brent Spiner

Gail sings for Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits (November 2012).

Because I’m a key leader in this war against the Jesuit Order, I find the spirit of Erwin Rommel inspiring–too bad he was on the wrong side and he figured this out eventually–it cost him his life. Erwin Rommel (Song about Rommel)–the spirit we need to win this war. I place this video next to Vladimir’s photo to honor my hero Vladimir.  

To view video, CLICK HERE.
 “Goodnight Sweetheart” from Brent’s ~Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back album.

“Though I’m not beside you, Gail, still my love will guide you. . .”  Brent

“Why Larisa/Lyudmila Putina?”

Brent has communicated with Gail via Skype (through texting).  She features this live chat with Brent at this website, because it shows some of the real Brent.

Timeline of Gail Chord Schuler’s Life (1957 to 2012)

~Gabrielle Chana is Gail Chord’s pen name.  Loree McBride is the wife of the Jesuit clone of actor Brent Spiner. Brent’s had no willing and knowing sex with this publicist and has never, ever desired her.  While Brent desired Gail every day (1990 to now), Jesuits stole Brent’s semen and then used this semen to impregnate (or implant it into) Loree without sex.  From 1992 to now, Loree threatens death to Gail if Brent won’t cooperate with her desire for publicity as Brent’s sexual partner, if Brent won’t play her game.
Since her divorce (2001), Gail has not dated anyone and has only had sex with one man her entire life:  her ex-husband.  Brent Spiner, in his CD ~Dreamland, sings about Gail and his journey with her (1990 to now). Gail broke down in tears when she first heard it on Feb. 8, 2010.
(1957) Born September 15, 1957 at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida to a pilot father and a fashion model mother.  Though mother is fluent in Japanese, she never taught Gail the Japanese language, but her mother did raise Gail by herself, so Gail was raised on Japanese food, and Gail has a Japanese approach to romance.  Most of mother’s royal bloodlines are from the Ainu/Emishi race (where Brent tells Gail her royal German/Russian bloodlines come from–which is where Gail got the genes of Catherine the Great).  The royal German/Russian bloodlines from Gail’s mother are dominant in Gail–explains why Gail does not look Japanese.
(1960) Father left home for good. Parents divorced.
(1961) ~Great uncle Howard Hughes made film ~The Carpetbaggers about himself (Jonas Cord).  Gail’s maiden name is CHORD.
(1963) Began elementary school in Miami.
(1969) Won first place in Elementary School spelling bee. Began junior high at Miami.  Studied Spanish in 7th and 8th grades.
(1971) Moved to Oxnard, California. Began high school at Port Hueneme, California. Accepted Christ as Savior.
(1972) Family moved back to Miami, Florida. Attended ninth grade at Junior High. Started tenth grade in Miami high school.  Studied German in 10th and 11th grades.  As member of her high school’s Concert Chorus sang in the chorus for Handel’s Messiah, the chorus for professional operas with the Miami Beach Symphony Orchestra, and in the ~Apple Blossom Festival in Virginia, with a voice like Julie Andrews or Shirley Jones.  If Gail wanted to, she could have sung opera or the solo parts for Handel’s Messiah.
(1975) Last two years of high school studied literature, including Russian literature and War and Peace, in advanced level English classes. Took one year of typing, second best in class. Graduated from high school. Again, sang in the chorus for Handel’s Messiah, for choruses in professional operas with the Miami Beach Symphony Orchestra, in the Apple Blossom Festival in Virginia (why Gail chose “I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time” for her Silver Skies’s theme song), and in the chorus for the musical Brigadoon.
Started college at community college in Miam as pre-medicine or nursing major. First year of college took pre-medicine courses.
(1976) Great uncle ~Howard Hughes died. Gail received none of his inheritance and hardly noticed his death, did not know he was a relative. Gail visited Japan in July to see relatives.
(1977) Received A.A. in pre-nursing from community college with a 3.4 grade point average. Began nursing studies at Florida State University School of Nursing in Tallahassee, Florida (bachelor of science nursing program).
(1978) Switched major from nursing to Health Education.
(1979) Took a year of music theory and a food preparation course as electives from Florida State University. Graduated cum laude (with honors) with a B.S. in Health Education from ~Florida State University. Accepted to Air Force Officer’s Training School in Lackland, Texas, but rejected this to attend ~Baptist University of America in Decatur, Georgia (in the same family of schools as Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC; Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University and Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri).
(1981) NOTE:  Brent informed Gail (around 2002 to 2003) that her paternal grandfather was Howard Hughes’s genetic brother.  Gail’s paternal grandfather died in October in Tampa, Florida (1981). Gail went to the funeral of Howard Hughes’s brother (did not know Howard Hughes’s related to her at the time)..
(1982) Took a year and a half of piano lessons (practiced on Kawai pianos) and a year of literature at Baptist University. Also studied missions and education.
(1983) Graduated with a bachelor of science degree in humanities (the outstanding humanities graduate, with emphasis in missionary preparation and teaching) from Baptist University of America, Decatur, Georgia. Two bachelor’s degrees now. Taught chemistry, biology, math, science and Bible one year at Christian school in Florida. 5’7″ and 130 pounds.
(1984) Worked as secretary for U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion (Miami, Florida) and then for I.R.S. attorneys (downtown Miami) while engaged. Never kissed fiance’, held his hand, or had any body contact with him during the entire engagement and dating period-didn’t want to risk pre-marital sex. All dates were talk only.
(1985) Got married as a virgin on April 20, 1985. Gail proud that before marriage, she had no physical contact at all with fiance during the entire dating and engagement period. Family transferred to Oregon. Worked as secretary for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Oregon.
(1986) Family transferred to upper peninsula of Michigan. Lived in a new mobile home. Family drove Gail to Flint, Michigan to buy her a new Kawai apartment upright piano.
(1987) Because family lived on U.S./Canadian border, son born in Canadian hospital. Now a stay-at-home mom. Jesuits murdered Gail’s husband, David Schuler, and replaced him with his Jesuit clone.

(1988) Began accounting correspondence studies, studied management, accounting, introduction to business, business writing, business math. Sleep problems, tried psychiatric medicines for this (gained about ten pounds on psychiatric medications). Medicines didn’t work, except the tranquilizer, because Gail did not have psychiatric problems.  Voice problems.  Mother married a retired Army Lt. Colonel in 1988.
(1989) Lady at Canadian church educated Gail about ~Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful. Gail bought book, started to explore fashion design and color. Family transferred to Miami, Florida. Abandoned accounting studies, due to stress from child welfare agencies (state government). Started writing Brent Spiner about once a month. About this time, Gail’s paternal grandmother died in North Carolina.  Ear, nose and throat specialist told Gail she could never sing again, diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia.  Gail had tubal ligation at Homestead Air Force Base (Homestead, Florida).  August 1989, wrote Richard Arnold, at Paramount studios to get information about how to write Brent Spiner.  Richard replied, started pen friendship with him.
(1990) Received a letter from her hero, Brent Spiner, in August 1990. On cassette tape, sang and played hymns on piano for him. Brent responded with his debut album of love songs for Gail, Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. Wrote Brent every couple weeks at his Paramount studios address.  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the song and story around “Somebody Loves Me” seems to be around 1990 in Brent and Gail’s love story.
(1991) Abandoned psychiatric medicines after stomach virus forced an instant withdrawal from tranquilizer and thus a visit to the emergency room. Not sleeping well. Family transferred to Seattle, Washington, lived in first story apartment. Though Gail never encouraged romance, Brent Spiner called on the phone, caressing her with his velvet, tenor voice, that yearned for her with depths, longings and desires.  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the songs and story around “Some Enchanted Evening” and “The Moonbeam Song” seem to be around 1991 in Brent and Gail’s love story.
After Melody Rondeau mailed to Gail Brent’s album ~Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, Gail recognized the voice of her mystery caller as Brent Spiner.
Despite loveless marriage, Gail turned Brent (her dream man) down for physical intimacy-chose a passionate long distance friendship instead. Because of Brent’s influence, Gail reevaluated some of her hardcore Christian stands, especially in regards to music, sex and dating.  Gail now wrote Brent every day and used camcorder to mail him videos of her piano playing and singing on her Kawai apartment upright.  Enrolled in ~The Institute of Children’s Literature (a two-year children’s writing course).
Because of Brent/Gail relationship, Jesuits murdered courageous Texan ~Gene Roddenberry and fired Roddenberry’s assistant (Richard Arnold) a few days after Gene Roddenberry’s death (October 24, 1991).  Jesuits, with mind-reading technology, knew that Gene Roddenberry or ~Richard Arnold (Gail’s former pen friend) would oppose Jesuit plans.  With Arnold and Roddenberry gone, Jesuits at Paramount laid down the law  to Brent in 1992:  his rapist Loree must be his public girlfriend.
(1992) Studied WordPerfect 5.1 word processing program, used this to compose writings. Finished a Star Trek: The Next Generation teleplay called “Lal”, written to honor Brent. Paramount studios rejected “Lal” as a script in August 1992.  The Jesuit Order’s Category 5 Hurricane Andrew’s eye hit Miami, where Gail’s mother and step-dad lived, and where her mother-in-law lived, and devastated the town where Gail grew up.  Andrew destroyed Homestead Air Force Base, where Gail had her tubal ligation in 1989. After Andrew, Gail’s mother, step-dad, and mother-in law moved out of South Florida.
In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the songs and story around “You Were Meant For Me” and “I Love You/Nice and Easy” seem to be around 1991 and 1992 in Brent and Gail’s love story.  Two weeks after Hurricane Andrew, during filming of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s ~“A Fistful of Datas” (may need to view this video at this site and away from my website to see it all) around Gail’s birthday (September 1992), ~Loree McBride (a Jesuit and a woman with many clones) continually ~drug-raped Brent Spiner for 3 weeks and devastated him.  So Brent ignored Gail on her birthday and gave her three weeks of silence. Gail mailed letter after letter to Brent, “Brent, what’s wrong? Why won’t you call me?” No answer. “He always calls me on my birthday. Oh, something terrible has happened.” Ill with grief, Gail lost sleep and cried all day for days and days.  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the rude awakening, where Brent wakes up with a strange woman (Loree McBride), refers to the three weeks of silence he gave Gail in September 1992.
(1993) In July 1993, Brent called Gail and made love to her on the phone. A day later, Gail received a phone call (at midnight) from an alto voiced, furious woman (Loree McBride, frustrated that Brent not giving her sex) who screamed at Gail with desperation and venom, “Hey bitch, what the FUCK are you doing to my boyfriend!”  Gail thought the woman some Paramount wacko, who had a sick obsession with Brent.  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the song “I’m Sitting on Top of the World ” seems the time right before Loree drug-raped him and before she extorted herself onto Brent, but it may extend to 1996, because Gail didn’t dump Brent as a lover until then.
The old Hollywood had returned, and Brent got extorted into a Paramount studios enforced publicity relationship with his TRUE STALKER, Loree McBride. Brent and Loree have no sexual relationship (outside of her drug rape of Brent in Sept. 1992).  Loree McBride obtained her girlfriend status through extortion (drug-rape and threatening to kill Gail if Brent won’t play her game) and continues this trend. She used artificial insemination with Brent’s sperm (around 9-11-01), to deliver a baby as a weapon against Brent’s love for Gail. If he won’t acknowledge Loree McBride in public as his girlfriend, she threatens to KILL GAIL.
“Lal” made print in a Brent Spiner fanzine (September 1993) called Data Entries. In the ~fan letter section–change zoom level in lower right corner to read this (~1letter, ~2letter), right next to “Lal”, Gail read about the mysterious, very sharp California blonde who was Loree (~please realize that Jesuits have doctored most photos of Loree to make her appear sweeter than she is), who appeared with a terrified Brent at a Star Trek convention in Minneapolis (May 1 and 2, 1993).  At this time, Gail thought the blonde Brent’s Paramount business associate.  Jesuit-led Paramount studios extorted Brent into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Loree, so Loree wouldn’t go public about Brent’s alleged rape of Loree (Sept. 1992) while he long-distance romanced married Gail and refused to eat any of Loree’s food or to give Loree sex. Gail began novel ~Silver Skies, written to honor Brent. Graduated from The Institute of Children’s Literature (~Jim Murphy, her instructor), awarded a diploma. Furthered writing training through self-study, bought about 100 writing instruction books (1993 to 1996) and highlighted them from cover to cover.
In December 1993, around 8 p.m., Brent came to Gail’s first floor apartment in Seattle, knocked on her door and said, “Gail”. Gail went to her apartment’s window and looked outside. A very handsome man (Brent) wearing a black wig and moustache (Brent’s costume for his play) sat in his sparkling white, new truck (in the parking space about five feet from her window). He flashed the lights inside his truck on and off several times. Brent then zoomed off.
(1994) In January, Gail received a Fed Ex from a Jesuit Paramount studios woman lawyer (not signed by Brent) that ordered Gail to stop writing or communicating with Brent, Gail prayed for three hours with tears to God. Within twelve hours the ~Northridge earthquake (one of the costliest earthquakes in California history) hit Hollywood. When Gail read the paper the next day, she noticed the only Hollywood people who died worked for Jesuit-run Paramount studios.  Brent wiretapped Gail’s phone. Gail could now dial her own number, obtain a “blank”, and talk to Brent.
Gail started psychiatric medications again, because sleep problems worsened-medications not too helpful.  Out of 120 possible duty stations, God transferred Gail’s family to Houston, Texas (so that Gail moved to Brent’s hometown). Her family lived in Houston suburb, Brent’s hometown.
Gail recalls that when she was new in Texas (around 1994), Brent visited Japan.  She felt he did this to honor Gail (because Gail’s mother is from Japan).  Underneath the cherry blossom song, is a video about the Ainu (where Gail gets her genes from Catherine the Great).
While in Houston (Brent’s hometown), Gail often saw a long, dark limousine with dark, tinted windows just sitting in her apartment’s parking lot (Brent Spiner was inside).  He told Gail in January 2012 (via Skype) that he waited in that limousine in her apartmen’ts parking lot, just to see her, and to view the inside of her apartment from her apartment’s windows.  He would peek through her apartment’s windows (when no one was home) and stare at her bed, imagining himself in bed with her, and when he viewed some curtains she sewed which hung above her sliding glass doors (which she told him about via his wiretap of her phone), he imagined himself wrapping them about him.  Gail wrote most of Silver Skies (ner novel for Brent) in Texas, Brent’s hometown.
(1995) Moved to a different apartment in another Houston suburb.
(1996) Loree staged her own birthday party at L.A.’s Spagos (Brent wasn’t invited), using Brent’s stolen credit cards. She leaked the story to the Houston Chronicle. Gail read about Brent’s girlfriend Loree McBride, in Houston Chronicle (June 26, 1996). Gail cried and prayed for a month, “You’re a wimp.” In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the song “Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone” seems to be around 1996 to 1998 in Brent and Gail’s love story, when Gail felt Brent was a wimp.  Gail shoved Brent from her dreams. Transferred affections from Brent Spiner to Italian film star Franco Nero. Brent put Franco onto Gail’s wiretapped phone.
Franco interested in Gail.  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the song “What’ll I Do?” seems to be around 1996 and 1997 in Brent and Gail’s love story.  However, the evil man who became the competition in the CD was most definitely not Franco Nero.  This evil man was probably symbolic of the evil Jesuit conspiracy that opposed Brent’s love for Gail.
Photos of Brent and Loree on the Internet indicated fabrications to make Loree and Brent appear together when they were not together, with mysterious changes over time: photo’s date changed, facial expressions and appearances changed. Loree tried to seduce Franco in December 1996 when Brent and Loree went to London as part of a Star Trek:  First Contact movie promotion tour. Franco rejected and exposed Loree to Brent. After this, Brent’s Internet photos seemed to indicate that he battled depression. Because Loree always broke into his house no matter what, Brent gave up and let Loree move into his house, sleeping in a separate room from her, which he locked every night. After Loree’s seduction attempt on Franco, Brent’s mother stated on the Internet that she didn’t like Brent’s girlfriend. But the FAKE photos continued, plastering lies and facades worldwide, that made Brent and Loree appear to have a normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, while Brent listened to Gail on his phone for hours.  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the song “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning” seems to be from 1996 to 1999 in Brent and Gail’s love story, when Gail shoved Brent from her dreams.
(1997) Family transferred to South Carolina, lived in new double-wide mobile home. Abandoned Silver Skies (at 150,000 words), studied Italian language (achieved half-fluency) and Italian cuisine.
Home schooled son for fourth grade, did excellent, strange health problems emerged. From 1997 on, Gail’s marriage became sexless.
(1998) While very dizzy, Gail fell onto humidifier, received nine stitches (June 1998). While in crutches, Jesuits used teleportation technology and a look-alike of her son outside, to start a blitzkrieg of fires and harassment that almost burned down Gail’s mobile home (July & Christmas 1998), while Gail and her REAL SON inside ran from door to door putting out the fires set by the door. Jesuit sheriff’s department did nothing for her, except to ask her, “Who’s mad at you?” Gail said nothing to Jesuit police about Brent’s wiretap of her phone. Home schooled son for half of fifth grade.
Weird health problems began, so started to explore natural medicine (went from 140 to 115 pounds on natural medicine).
(1999) Family transferred to Seattle, Washington, lived in an apartment. Gail convinced that psychiatric misdiagnosis in 1988 neglected her physical ailments, so that they worsened. She abandoned conventional medicine for natural medicine, with a dramatic improvement in health. After a naturopathic and chiropractic physician damaged her neck in an attempt to induce mental illness in her, Gail told Brent to take Loree McBride to court-which he did. Gail found a good chiropractor (Dec. 1999 to March 2001), who fixed her neck. Brent paid most of the cost for Gail to see this chiropractor. Despite this, the Internet and tabloids plastered their lies worldwide that made Brent and Loree appear to have a normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.
Gail studied real estate (Century 21) and learned some law from this. With a Jesuit-induced stomach virus, Gail passed state exam for the Washington state real estate salesperson on first try.
In December 1999, Jesus with a thought to her mind, revealed to Gail that her enemy was the Vatican. Horrified, Gail realized Vatican used Loree McBride to devastate Brent’s love for her. She cried for three hours on her phone to Brent, “I’m so sorry. I’ll dream about you again. I’ll marry you.”  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the song “I Remember You” and “Come Back to Me” seem to be around 1999 in Brent and Gail’s love story, and may also jump ahead to 2006, when Gail reinstated Brent after Vladimir Putin.
(2000)  Vladimir Putin’s wife Larisa died of systemic yeast-bacterium infection, the same germ which Jesuits infected Gail with. Honoring the deathbed wish of his wife, Vladimir became President of Russia.
After Gail reinstated Brent as a love interest, all hell broke loose, mysterious health problems emerged. In January 2000, Gail told Brent on the phone to expose criminal Loree McBride on Los Angeles news networks and bring his legal case against her to the news. The next day an Alaska Airlines jet bound for Seattle crashed head down into the Pacific ocean off the coast of Oxnard, California. All died. Apparently, this crash was an attempt to eclipse any news coverage that Brent may bring against Loree McBride, a Jesuit. This same month that Jesuits crashed the jet into the Pacific Ocean, just about every prescription Gail got from the pharmacy Jesuits contaminated with germs.
Gail filed for divorce.  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the song “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” seems to be around 2000 to now in Brent and Gail’s love story.
Son failed sixth grade because of Jesuit harassment. After breast cancer scare, made deal with God, started writing again. Wrote short story “Emerald Towers”.  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the song “Stranger in Paradise” seems to be around 2000 to now in Brent and Gail’s love story, because Brent is always worried that if he goes to Gail, the Jesuits will kill her, which is why he has not married her yet.  September 11, 2001 also seems to correspond to this song, because of all the death that happened on that day.
Two breast cancer biopsies turned up negative.
Gail watched the Bible story ~Esther premiere on television (with Louise Lombard) with an Esther quick with languages (like Gail), who prayed on the floor prostrate (like Gail), with a king who gave Esther a silence with no explanations (see September 1992), and who made love to Esther like Brent loved Gail.
(2001) ~Ash Wednesday earthquake from a fault deep in the earth (the costliest earthquake in Seattle history) hit Seattle, during a strange Seattle winter that had no rain. No one died in the earthquake. The ground moved under Gail, but she and her family suffered no damage.
Divorce final.  But lost custody of son because of mental illness concerns over belief that Vatican caused problems, and that Brent Spiner’s girlfriend Loree was involved. Under court order could only see son (without father accompanying) if Gail resumed psychiatric medicines. Gail chose not to see son. Moved to Florida to live with mother. Couldn’t afford to move stuff from Seattle. Lost almost entire video (including TNT production Young Catherine) and book library in Seattle, had to be auctioned off. Lost Kawai piano, computer, files, and 95% of the stuff she had in her Seattle apartment. Saved novel Silver Skies on floppy disk and paper.
The same day that Brent stepped onto Florida soil to ease closer to Gail, Jesuits released film ~Legally Blonde (with uncanny similarities to the conspiracy they created around Brent, brunette Gail and the “cute and funny blonde” Loree).
Brent informed Gail that after Brent bought a house in Florida (where Gail lives), Loree McBride detonated a car with a woman in it, that Loree claimed was Gail.  Brent cried, then Loree laughed and said it wasn’t Gail, but her clone that she blew up.  Brent still tried to get to Gail.
(September 11, 2001) Gail believes that because Brent planned to befriend a flight attendant (the niece of Gail’s step-dad) to try to get to Gail, the Jesuits crashed jets onto towers to intimidate the famous Brent Spiner from marrying Gail.
After 9-11-01, Gail still loved Brent, but not optimistic he’d show up, so needed a bigger hero than Brent. Noticed Russian President Vladimir Putin, wanted to marry him, but told Brent she’d marry him if he showed up. In November 2001, USA Today printed lying article that claimed Vladimir had a wife named Lyudmila. Pres. Bush, to protect his wife Laura from Jesuits, threatened war on Russia, if Vladimir would not play the Jesuit game that Larisa never died and had a new name, Lyudmila. Lyudmila is the Jesuit clone wife of Larisa; but Jesuits goofed, making Lyudmila an autumn in coloring, whereas Larisa was a summer.
(2001) Moved to Tallahassee, Florida in November 2001. Worked at Burdines.
(2002) Health problems with strange illnesses–so couldn’t work most jobs, granted bankruptcy in Tallahassee. Liquidated her IRAs, but Gail’s Jesuit husband gave Gail IRAs that could lose money in the stock market, so Gail’s IRAs lost about six thousand dollars that was paid into the IRAs. Gail (with ~Victim Impact Statements) defended Brent in court.
Loree McBride, a devoted Jesuit, impregnated herself through artificial insemination with Brent’s stolen sperm to demolish his love for Gail. Jewish Brent Spiner never married or made love to Loree for this pregnancy, because from December 1999 onward (when Gail told Brent that Loree was a Vatican agent), Brent knew Loree McBride belonged to the organization (the Jesuit Order) that sponsored the Nazi holocaust against the Jews. Jesuits, masters at genetics, reproduction and cloning, use artificial insemination with ease.
Gail studied German language again, because Vladimir fluent in German. Wrote a small book in German (see end of this web page). Dabbled over ending to Silver Skies, jotted notes.  Theorized that the cure to AIDS may lie in the germ itself, in the portion of the germ’s genetic code that does not mutate.
Studied life and health insurance and variable annuities and learned more law from this. Passed state exam for this in Tallahassee on first try. Not comfortable about working as an agent.
Noticed that Jesuits responded to her thoughts, figured out that Jesuits have mind-reading technology and that no one has any privacy.  Outraged, used Vladimir as her instrument to defeat Jesuits.  First thing, told Vladimir he trusted Pres. Bush too much, that he must make Russia strong and independent of the U.S.  Moved back to mother’s house in another part of Florida in December 2002.
(2003) Abandoned natural medicine (went from 115 to 140 pounds), but did not resume psychiatric medicines.
Step-dad gave Gail a computer. From saved floppy, downloaded Silver Skies onto computer.   Vladimir used newly discovered technology (~brain to brain communications via satellite) to make love to Gail and to give her information to write law.  Vladimir became the great lover (~Potemkin) of Catherine the Great (Gail).
Informed Gail that Jesuits stole his sperm and impregnated a woman with it, now in her third trimester. To comfort Vladimir, Gail, with brain to brain love, streamed passion to Vladimir to restore in him faith in his manliness. “I know you’ve been faithful to me,” she whispered to him.
Brain to brain loving is very intimate, as intimate as sex, and maybe even more so, because the thoughts and emotions of the lovers come together as their bodies meld together in the brain to brain intimacy.  The real Vladimir Putin is nothing like how he’s portrayed in the media.  He makes love to Gail with depth of feeling and commitment, and she has become one with him, as if he was her heart and soul.  He feels the same about her.
Hired H & R Block to do her taxes, then fired them, when Jesuits blackmailed H & R Block to do her return incorrectly to get Gail into trouble with I.R.S., by not filing correctly regarding her liquidated IRAs (where the Jesuits used the stock market to take six thousand dollars paid into the IRAs). When Gail requested the original contracts for her IRAs, she got the run-around when she made phone calls. Nothing worked to give her the original IRA contracts. Because of this, Gail does all her own tax returns.
Furious over Jesuit use of computer/satellite technology to create cancers, long-distance heart attacks, cloning, reproductive crimes, illnesses (such as AIDS), earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other horrors.  Gail wrote Conspiracy Law to defeat the Jesuits in their goal for a world takeover.  Vladimir Putin downloaded this at once onto his computers in Russia, and implemented the groundbreaking laws in Russia (the first laws in the world to deal with Jesuit criminal space age medicine and science). Gail developed a legal mind from legal principles learned from long and expensive divorce and study of real estate (1999) and insurance (2002) laws for state exams. Conspiracy Law became the size of an encyclopedia and helped Vladimir defeat the Jesuit use of satellite/computer technology in medicine, science, government, and law. Gail’s law became accepted and praised worldwide (with fans like Harvard Law and Medical School), but Jesuits fought it with ferocity. No one had written laws to deal with crimes using computer/satellite technology, so Gail took it on as a personal project with no pay.
Brief stint as a ~high school English teacher at a Christian School in Florida.
Vladimir informed Gail (brain to brain communications) that about half her genetic profile is that of king David, and the other half German and Russian royals.  Jesuits have difficulty with Gail’s genetic profile.  Her clones tend not to serve the Jesuits, and jump off cliffs and resist Jesuit control over them.
(2004) Began job at major retailer in March 2004. Because mother did not support Gail’s writings or her love for her hero Vladimir Putin, Gail moved out of mother’s house and into an apartment in same town as mother.
Right after Gail moved out of her mother’s house, Jesuits caused one hurricane after another to hit the town where Gail lived, she lost electricity and food.  Though Vladimir Putin gave to Chrysler Financial the pay-off for Gail’s car, Jesuits interfered and denied the payment (Vladimir was unaware of this).  Jesuits then used computer/satellite technology to give Vladimir Putin a heart attack, then they towed Gail’s car without notice (October 2004), from her apartment’s parking lot.  Gail only got her car back after she sent the full pay-off (about $2,200 in U.S. dollars) in cash (Western Union) at once (with emergency money borrowed from her mother).
Brent honored Gail by playing Bob in The Aviator (about her great uncle Howard Hughes).
(2005) Yeast-bacterium infection worsening (dizziness and stomach/bowel symptoms). Took up natural medicine again in June 2005 as only way to deal with strange illnesses. On natural medicine, went from 144 to 118 pounds.
God showed Gail in her daily Bible reading (Ecc. 10:20) to not curse the king (the Jesuit General or 666), no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich (the Jesuits) in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air (satellite signals) shall carry the voice (one’s thoughts), and that which hath wings (a satellite) shall tell the matter (mind-reading technology).
She finished Silver Skies in August 2005, and incorporated Ecc. 10:20 into the ending.  Steven Spielberg interested in Gail’s writings and Nobel Prize committee wants to give Gail the Nobel Prize in Literature, but, because of Jesuit interference, Brent and Vladimir unable to get any writing money to Gail.
Tried to get a literary agent or a publisher, but with Jesuit control over ninety-five percent of all publishers and agents, none offered their services. So the masterpiece Silver Skies sat in Gail’s apartment-unread. Gail couldn’t even afford to make copies for friends to read.  Gail could finally afford a sewing machine, began sewing again.  Brent cast as a lead in T.V. series Threshold.
Jesuits eliminated their Pope John Paul II automaton (android), used to intimidate Vladimir Putin, by threatening to kill the pope if Vladimir wouldn’t play Lyudmila game. Replaced automaton with a human pope, Pope Benedict, who, despite Jesuit interference, got elected pope. Gail’s Conspiracy Laws governed the election of the new pope.
Matthew McConaughey cast as lead (Dor Ben Habakkuk), if Silver Skies goes to film.  Matthew, who substituted for Vladimir one month as Gail’s telepathic lover (after Vladimir’s near fatal heart attack) fell in love with Gail, so Brent and Vladimir established ~a marriage list for Gail (despite her objections), to ensure that if anything happened to them, Gail would get a good husband. Any man on ~the marriage list cannot have romance or sex with any other woman besides Gail, or he will be kicked off. Gail warns men on list, she may not marry them. The men (~Matthew McConaughey and others) don’t care, they want Gail-the marriage list remains. Men receive a female dummy programmed with Gail’s personality to communicate with (and have intimacy with), while they wait for her. With groundbreaking computer/satellite technology the dummy’s interactions with the man approximate (almost 98%) Gail’s responses to the man.
(2006) Because Gail felt Vladimir not as brave as Brent in love, Gail reinstated Brent Spiner as primary love interest in February (same month that Jesuits canceled T.V. series Threshold with Brent in starring role). Gail retained Vladimir as intimate friend and supporter. Brent now made love to Gail (via brain to brain communications).  In Brent’s Dreamland CD, the song “To Know You Is To Love You” seems to be around 2006 and onward in Brent and Gail’s love story.
~The famous and influential men that are committed to Gail increase, with men screened for compatibility with Gail using satellite/computer brain reads and personality profiles.
Brent, with a team of scientists, fine-tuned their genetic discoveries, learned that Gail’s genes line up half king David and ~half Catherine the Great.
Began memoir Gail of King David. George Lucas and other Hollywood producers and directors wanted to assist Steven Spielberg to put Silver Skies and Gail of King David to film, but Jesuits obstruct Gail’s writings with ferocity.
Gradually rebuilt writing library auctioned off in 2001, and relearned writing skills developed earlier (1991 to 1996).
Brent states that the Nobel Prize committee wanted to give Gail the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her work in Conspiracy Law (that brought medicine into the space age). Gail laughed at Nobel Prize Committee, “Good luck, giving me the prize”. Jesuits, desiring to continue their secret criminal space age medicine, blocked all monies and awards from Gail. Jesuits also entered Gail’s apartment and replaced her 2002 tax return (and all supporting legal documents) with a counterfeit to make it appear that H & R Block did her tax return in 2002.  After this, Gail insists she be home every time anyone enters her apartment.
(2007) Gail finally bought a DVD player (to supplement her videocassette players), and bought her first Matthew McConaughey movie. It seemed Matthew landed no roles that portrayed him with manliness, commitment, and depth (like how he thrilled her in love in 2005).
When a famous man loves her, Jesuits go on rampage to make him appear a shallow playboy, to prep him for the woman they use to sabotage his love for Gail.
Began acupuncture to treat strange illnesses, and becoming brilliant in natural medicine. Gail’s acupuncture physician encouraged Gail to become an acupuncture physician. In peri-menopause.  Jesuits flatten the tire to Gail’s car in her apartment’s parking lot.
Right after finished first draft of this memoir, caught film ~David (on TBN), about king David (1998) with Franco Nero as Nathan the prophet. David filmed when Franco and Gail had a romantic friendship. Note of interest: Franco, in 1998, did not know Gail had half the genetic profile of king David. Received information in the mail about subsidy publisher (where author pays publisher to publish their work). Not interested at first.
(2008) Because Gail’s men brought her writings to Hollywood and Steven Spielberg started movies based on her writings, this kept Gail’s men from her. That’s because the Jesuits, desperate to kill Gail, tried to create impression that her men only wanted to use her for money and had no desire to love or care for her. So, she had the fame, but no money at all from her writings. Therefore, her men (Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Vladimir Putin), until they could get to Gail her writing money (without the Jesuits killing her in the process), feared to have an open, face-to-face relationship with her.  Jesuits used auto mechanics to sabotage her car.  After this, Gail only has her car serviced by the Chrysler dealership.  Vladimir bares his chest in public to get Gail’s attention.
Gail finished Silver Skies in 2005-no literary agent or publisher offered representation, even when she mailed out letters requesting their services.
She experienced one problem after another. She wanted Matthew McConaughey on her front cover (because Steven Spielberg cast Matthew as her lead), but publisher cited copyright concerns. So she hired publisher to do artwork instead–the result was a wimpy looking redhead with an angelic expression. Publisher said that to do it over, she’d have to pay more, so she used black ink to change her main character to look like her lead (she never took an art course). She ended up with a botched front cover, but at least she captured Dor’s soul. The publisher then omitted her author photo on the back cover, then shrunk it so small you needed a magnifying glass to see it. Her photo finally made it (how she wanted it), but only after she drew many pictures and gave detailed instructions.
Brent released his CD Dreamland in 2008 to let Gail know why he had Loree in his life, basically (in 1992) he went to bed dreaming about Gail, when Loree’s drugs wore off, he realized he’d been raped.  Loree McBride became his stalker and rapist. This happened in September 1992, and explains why Brent gave Gail three weeks of silence in September 1992.
Brent’s tried to rid himself of Loree ever since she drug raped him in September 1992 at Paramount Studios. But she won’t leave him alone until she finishes her assignment–to devastate Brent’s love for Gail. Jesuit-run Paramount studios, feigning embarrassment in 1992, because Brent had communications with Gail, while she remained with a Jesuit husband who scorned Brent Spiner and Star Trek, forced Brent (in 1992 or 1993) into a Paramount studios enforced boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Loree McBride.
Brent has not been able to get rid of Loree McBride ever since.
In 2008, Loree McBride threatened death to Gail, if Brent wouldn’t mention her on the credits to his new CD Dreamland, so Brent gave her a small mention on the inside flap.
Silver Skies manuscript submitted for publication in March 2008, but, because of problem after problem, didn’t make print until January 2009.
Gail began outline for Silver Skies’s sequel, dedicated to the nation of Israel and her ancestor king David.
Psychiatrist and actor Gerard Butler informed Gail that Matthew McConaughey suffered clinical depression from tabloid lies about his alleged relationship over Jesuit Camila Alves who strapped a bomb onto Matthew’s chest, threatening to blow him up, if he wouldn’t give her sex. The sex he gave her resulted in a pregnancy, which devastated Matthew, who vomited when he gave Camila sex with a bomb on his chest. Camila threatened to kill Gail if Matthew told the truth about how Camila’s pregnancy came about. Jesuit Camila used the pregnancy to trap Matthew into a relationship with her. She became to Matthew, like Loree was to Brent. Camila delivered Matthew’s baby. Gail made brain to brain love to Matthew to comfort him, believing that the pregnancy happened because of artificial insemination.
(2009) Surge caused Gail’s computer to crash in January 2009, lost all of Silver Skies (composed after 2001) on the hard drive. Retyped all rewrites after 2001 into new computer from 2001 version-took about 50 hours. Bought new computer, printer and monitor. Credit card debt deepened.
Silver Skies published. But Jesuits, rich enough to orchestrate a recession–did just that–all because of Gail’s book. Then, using a Jesuit clone version of the Internet, all the money earned from Silver Skies got funneled to Jesuit banks. Gail earned about five dollars. The version of the Internet that her publishers got, recorded no earnings from Gail’s book.
In April, Gail saw son, now a legal adult, for first time since March 2001, rebuilding relationship with him.
In May, June and July, Gail dizzy and faint with diarrhea from the yeast-bacterium, became hypoglycemic. Using medical brilliance, she managed to make herself functional, and returned to work.
In August, publisher (paid $600 to promote novel) claimed novel made no sales in its initial two month run, despite Gail’s own mail out of 300 advertising brochures to friends, agents and publishers. Post office mysteriously lost mail to Pennsylvania attorney general regarding complaints about publisher.
Gail worked on her memoir, and her Silver Skies sequel, while working full-time at regular job.
Getting regular acupuncture treatment, still on natural medicine. In a bathing suit, her skin looked at least twelve years younger than age with an hourglass, teenage figure.  After acupuncture, singing voice coming back, but not consistent, with good days and bad days.
Silver Skies back into production. Steven Spielberg felt new version would be truer to Gail’s novel.
(2010)  Gail finally got Internet (January), she e-mailed Brent, and got this message (January): Miss Chana, This email address is also monitored by the web administrator. It was for the purpose of gathering data for a possible documentary. That has been put on hold. However, I am certain Mr. Spiner would be very displeased by the things you are saying about his wife and their child. It would be best to discontinue such writing.–web administrator.
End of February 2010, while doing her taxes, Intuit offered her a free website for a month, so Gail started this website, which has evolved into one of the world’s most important websites.  Gail learned how to build her website through trial and error and consulting with Intuit by phone.  Gail has worked on her website as a full-time job, averaging six hours or less of sleep to work on it every day since Feb. 2010.
Brent stated in a ~Dave Rabbit radio interview (Feb. 2008) that Loree doesn’t understand him, and she’s not his wife.
Brent told Gail over and over (brain to brain communications) that he loved her and wanted to marry her. Gail ensured Brent she’d marry him, if he showed up.
Jesuits used clone version of the Internet to funnel Gail’s writing monies to Jesuit banks, sabotaging orders at, so that Gail earned nothing for Nobel Prize winner Silver Skies (from May 1 to Oct. 31, 2009). Brent won lawsuits against Loree McBride for anti-Semitism for fake photos of Brent with Loree plastered on Internet. Photos remain. Gail concluded that she would never get the money from her book sales in a conventional manner, due to Jesuit obsession over her, and decided to publish her memoir at her website (in a semi-movie form using lots of videos to tell her story), and is trusting God to repay her for offering her life story to the world for free, SO THAT TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.
On February 27, 2010 at 3:34 a.m. (Chile time) from 21.8 or 22 miles underground, one of the strongest earthquakes (8.8 magnitude) in recorded history hit Chile 70 miles northeast of +Concepcion (Chile’s second largest city). 22 x 4 = 88 or 8.8. The EIGHTH book of the Bible (Ruth) has 4 chapters. Ruth chapter 2 has 23 verses (the human genome contains 23 paired chromosomes). Ruth chapter 3 has 18 verses or 6x6x6 (the Jesuit Pope, Satan incarnate, the anti-Christ or the beast). Ruth’s first and fourth chapter have 22 verses. The last verse of Ruth, 4:22, has EIGHT words: “And Obed begat Jesse, and Jesse begat David.” Therefore, 22 is a king David number. Concepcion or Conception (artificial insemination and clones–the human genome). I’m Catherine of King David.
Gail received Vladimir’s “memoir” called ~First Person on March 27, 2010. Vladimir warned Gail (brain to brain communications) that his wife’s name was not Lyudmila, but he changed her name in First Person to placate President Bush. The woman he married in 1983, Larisa, died shortly after he became Russian President.
(2011)  In January 2011, Gail bought a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 and started downloading videos to YouTube, starting her YouTube channel.  She did this to enhance her website with her personal videos.  Her YouTube channel helped to make her visible to the world and has garnered her much public support in her fight against the Jesuit Order.
In July 2011, Brent created an e-mail just for Gail, and communicated with her (along with Vladimir Putin) through a YouTube channel he created just for her, which an evil Jesuit Brent Spiner clone cancelled in Sept. 2011.  Vladimir Putin discovered that a Jesuit underwater city was creating a million strong Jesuit clone army to launch a nuclear holocaust upon the world.  Vladimir asked Gail to issue an order to nuke the underwater city.  ~Gail gave the order and the ~underwater city and all its clone babies were destroyed.
Loree McBride created a YouTube channel threatening and challenging Gail for this, so Gail brought her to court in the trial of Loree McBride vs. Gabrielle Chana (August 2011).  Jesuits bombed the courthouse the first day that Gail was to testify through Skype, a balcony fell, and ~25,326 people died, including several FOX News lawyers who worked with FOX News attorney Lis Wiehl on Gail’s side.  The Jesuits replaced all the people in the jury with Jesuit clones, and the Jesuit-rigged jury ruled murderer Loree McBride innocent and Gail guilty of genocide (for ordering the nuking of their underwater city) at the trial.  Judge Terrance Jenkins, realizing Jesuits had rigged the jury, fired the initial shot to kill the Jesuit who pronounced the death penalty on Gail, resulting in a shootout that killed Jesuits at the International courthouse (Quebec, Canada) on August 29, 2011.
While Brent, Vladimir and judge Terrance ~executed the Loree McBride clones on August 30, 2011, all of the Loree clones (except about four), along with Brent Spiner, the Jesuits teleported away (like in Star Trek).  Brent communicated with Gail brain to brain, informing her he and the Loree clones were on a ~Satanic UFO.  Gail believes that the Jesuits communicate regularly with UFOs and this is where they have gotten ~their cloning technology, their vulgar sexual behavior, their accelerated growth hormone to cause a baby to become an adult in two months, their teleporting technologies, etc..  Demon-possessed Jesuits commune with these sex-pervert UFO devils like lovers, so the only way to defeat the Jesuits and their UFO buddies is through GOD, because only God can defeat devils or UFOs.  UFO aliens ~smell like sulfur because they come from the center of the earth, where HELL is.  Hell is DOWN or BENEATH (Proverbs 15:24).  UFOs often enter and leave through the ~BERMUDA TRIANGLE ,the ~gateway to HELL (PART ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVESIXSEVENEIGHT).  Electricity abnormalities are associated with devils and UFOs, sulfur and HELL, and the Bermuda Triangle.  That’s why, when Jesuits used UFOs to abduct Brent, Gail went on YouTube and ~asked the world to pray for Brent.  The UFO (scared of God) dropped Brent off in a desert, and Brent told Gail about this.  Vladimir and judge Terrance flew out to the Egyptian desert to rescue Brent (August 31, 2011), bringing him some food from McDonald’s.  Gail figured out that Brent Spiner had an evil clone, who partially switched out with him at the Quebec trial, so that the evil clone controlled the lower half of Brent’s body and Brent only had control over the upper half of his body.  Gail figured out that if Brent became a born again Christian, so that the Holy Spirit “owns” his body, that the Holy Spirit would not allow a Jesuit to switch him out with his demon-possessed Jesuit clone, now that his body is attached to the Holy Spirit.  Gail led Brent to Jesus Christ, and he became a born again Christian, no longer vulnerable to Jesuit switch-out technology.  Brent stated that after saying the prayer to become a Christian, he also overcame his depression.  Gail told Brent that by becoming a born again Christian, the UFO creatures won’t abduct him anymore either, because the Holy Spirit won’t let those Satanic creatures take him.  Jesuits, realizing that they can no longer control Brent by switching him out with his evil clone or by UFO abductions, used their evil Brent Spiner clone to hunt down the real Brent Spiner, to kill him.  In September 2011, Jesuits used their mind-control technology to lure the real Brent to an ice cream truck (with the evil Brent clone inside as the driver), resulting in the evil Brent clone ready to stab to death the real Brent–~Hugh Jackman (hidden in the back of the ice cream truck) came out, and shot the evil Brent clone dead.  After August 2011, we realized that the Jesuits, through the use of accelerated growth hormone, can create adult clones of just about every person within two months (from conception to adulthood), so that each person could have hundreds of clones.
November 2011, Brent and Vladimir Putin created a website for Gail ( Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler now communicate with Gail through, Skype and e-mail, along with brain to brain communication. Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin have agreed to work together in their mutual love for Gail. If Gail marries Brent, Brent will allow Vladimir and Gail to maintain their friendship, so that righteous government and law will remain and this world can be freed from Jesuit terrorism and treachery. Vladimir continues to enforce Gail’s Conspiracy Law in Russia, to hold back the brilliant Jesuit forces of hell.
November 25, 2011, ~JESUIT Camila Alves raised hell about Matthew’s communications with Gail at  ~Matthew battled Camila Alves in court for Gail, vomiting his guts out in disgust over her photos of a Matthew McConaughey clone (that Camila alleges was the real Matthew) and ~Camila making love to animals, with disgusting bukkake photos of him and her accepting Jesuit semen from homosexual group sex.  Camila and the Jesuits threatened to shut down Gail’s website and, claiming defamation, so Matthew battled her in court.  The case dragged on until January 2012.  At the same time, Jesuits at the Vatican showed nude video footage of Gail (from videos Jesuit agents stole from her men) all around the Vatican, claiming that Gail was a Jesuit, and a sex pervert like them.  Vladimir Putin asked Gail to make an order on YouTube for him to nuke the Vatican, because Vladimir told her that underneath the Vatican was a huge military compound.  ~Gail gave the order, and the Vatican was nuked.  Jesuit death tolls were enormous.  Under Gail’s instructions, they tried to save pope Benedict, but he exploded (with a Jesuit bomb attached to him) as he landed at the church of Gail tower, and took out several decks with some casualties at the church of Gail.  A baby attached to pope Benedict, was transported onto a field and saved.  Jesuits used their agent Rule 13 to grow a baby in her womb (created from Terrance Jenkins’s stolen semen and Gail Schuler’s egg).  This is the baby (Brianna Jenkins-Schuler) we rescued from the Vatican bombing.  Gail’s men adopted her, and are raising her.
Jesuits on December 1, 2011 kidnapped Gail’s mother (using transporter technology) and transported her to a North Korean Jesuit military compound.  Hugh Jackman went into the North Korean compound to rescue her, risking his own life.  Jesuits have removed this memory from Gail’s mother.  Hugh Jackman had to kill Gail’s mother’s evil clone to save Gail’s real mother, then ran with the real mother over his shoulder to escape the pursuing Jesuits (about a million strong Jesuit army).  Vladimir and Gail’s men strove to break the Jesuit shield over the Jesuit military compound that denied them entrance to the compound, in order to rescue Hugh and Gail’s mother.  After Gail’s YouTube video went up, scientists all over the world offered their support, they broke the Jesuit shield, and a miraculous rescue of Gail’s mother took place (December 2, 2011), using Hugh Jackman’s heroic robot (to whom Barack Obama gave the Medal of Honor).  Gail encouraged her mother to accept Christ as her Savior, so that Jesuits could not transport her away anymore.  Gail’s mother prayed the prayer to accept Christ.  Though Gail’s mother sustained injuries, she was completely healed.  Kim Jong Il was added to Gail’s marriage list.  JESUITS HAVE USED POWERFUL BRAIN-CONTROL TECHNOLOGY ON GAIL’S FAMILY TO REMOVE THEIR MEMORIES OF SIGNIFICANT EVENTS.  Gail’s genetic profile seems immune to a lot of Jesuit brain control technology, so they fear and obsess over her, and have created the Jesuit website Crazy Gail Wiki to discredit her.
Gail’s men try to create a new movie studio for Gail that features her writings.
December 7, 2011, while Brent Spiner, Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler and Kim Jong Il headed towards McDonald’s for food in Las Vegas, a Jesuit black limousine (a Hummer) showed up and tazer transported them away to a Jesuit homosexual compound inside a rainbow decorated room.  Each of Gail’s men endured 200 Jesuit homosexuals a piece, choking on Jesuit semen (via forced oral sex).  In the meanwhile, Jesuits tazer transported the real Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Il to a North Korean prison, while their evil clones put on a big performance in the rainbow colored room and afterwards, that they were victims, too, receiving injections that made them “crazy”.
December 16, 2011.  After Gail put up a YouTube video asking the world to assist her men in curing the craziness in Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Il, doctors from around the world volunteered their services.  One of these doctors informed us that the “crazy” Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Il were CLONEs.  After a search, we found the real Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Il held as prisoners of war at a North Korean Jesuit military compound.  Jesuits murdered the real Kim Jong Il at this North Korean compound.  We rescued the real Vladimir Putin, who had his face bashed in, because he refused to conform to Jesuit demands to disown Gail publicly.
In December 2011, Jesuits at YouTube cancelled Gail’s video that ordered the nuking of the Vatican, calling it “hate speech”.  Gail now uses her own website to feature her more controversial videos, using YouTube to advertise her new videos at her website.
December 20, 2011, Gail’s men visited judge Terrance Jenkins at a Canadian hospital, dying, because Jesuit Rule 13 abducted and raped him, using their advanced Jesuit technology.  Rule 13 ripped off his testicles, causing severe blood loss that almost killed him.  While Terrance was at the hospital, Jesuits launched a nukkake bomb (a nuclear bomb with Jesuit AIDS and semen in it) that hit Ontario, Canada (where Gail’s men and Terrance Jenkins were) and killed millions of Canadians, impregnating every woman in Canada (according to Canada’s FOX News).  Brent Spiner rushed to rescue Terrance Jenkins, who was left for dead at this hospital (and abandoned as hopelessly lost) as the bomb neared Canada.  Brent, with Terrance over his shoulders, got caught in a wave of Jesuit semen from the nukkake and almost drowned, but heroically made it, just in time, to the underground bunker, as the door slammed behind him, a wave of Jesuit semen slamming on the door as it shut behind him.  Terrance no longer breathed, Brent used CPR to revive him, never giving up, when all thought Terrance hopelessly lost.  Terrance gurgled up the semen from his lungs and started breathing, but later died from the AIDS he caught from the nukkake.  Though Gail had put up a YouTube video to warn the world about the coming nukkake, Jesuits had put out a false news report that stated the nukkake had been averted, and so it hit Canada.  Terrance died, went to heaven, and came back with the cure to the very fast moving nukkake AIDS virus that had infected all the Canadians.  When God returned Terrance from heaven, God had cured Terrance of all the injuries he sustained from Jesuits (a sawed off leg, itchy leg from Jesuit Sara Avery rape, and damaged testicles from Jesuit Rule 13).
December 28, 2011 ~Jesuit Zack Knight called Gail on her cell phone, and used tazer technology to try to teleport her over to him and Rule 13, who were at her mother’s house.  God caused the tazer beam to ricochet back onto Zack Knight and it killed him.
(2012)  January 2, 2012 Gail’s men gave her a late Christmas present, that she received at her apartment.  It was an exact replica of Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin’s penis that she can use to enhance her brain to brain loving with Brent and/or Vladimir.  Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Vladimir Putin, Brent Spiner and Terrance Jenkins watched her open their Christmas present to her on Skype (~part one, ~part two).  Lyudmila Putin threatened Gail’s life over this, and Vladimir had to arrest her, and her clones, as a Jesuit criminal.
January 15, 2012.  During Camila Alves Matthew McConaughey trial, Brent met Satan in the court bathroom.  Gail decided to read all of War on the Saints (a Bible study about devils) at her website for Brent.
January 21, 2012.  Matthew McConaughey won his case against Jesuit Camila Alves.  He stated during the trial that he has wanted Gail since 2005, and never loved Camila Alves, despite Camila’s use of artificial insemination to impregnate herself with Matthew’s sperm. When Jesuits wanted to execute Gail, because they blamed Gail for God’s ricochet of the Jesuit tazer beam onto Jesuit Zack Knight that killed him (Dec. 28, 2011), God killed Jesuits in the courtroom.  Judge Terrance Jenkins stated:  OH MY GOODNESS, I’VE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED WATCHING THE LORD BLAST APART THEM JESUITS IN MY OWN COURTROOM. I THOUGHT MY GLOCK WAS HOT BUT GOD KNOWS HOW TO TURN UP THE HEAT. THAT KITCHEN WAS TOO HOT EVEN FOR SATAN.
February 1, 2012, FOX News created a channel just to report news about Gail.  HOWEVER, THIS CHANNEL DOES NOT AIR NEAR WHERE GAIL LIVES TO PROTECT HER FROM JESUIT TARGETING.  While Brent Spiner stuck up for Gail at this news channel, ~a Jesuit in the audience used a machine gun to fire on Brent at the front.  Hugh Jackman rushed to the front to try to rescue Brent, but the bullets from the machine gun ricocheted back onto the gunner and killed him.  God showed up at the studio, right after He rescued Brent.  Brent stated:
“Believe it or not, God was able to stick around shortly after the machine gun incident and give us an interview. It was brief, but succinct. According to God, all of what is currently happening now has already been foreseen, and the Jesuits are falling right into his plan. You are his favorite person on the planet to work with, which is why he’s gone such great lengths to protect you and your loved ones. All we need to do is keep up what we’re doing and evolve to adapt to the continuing threat. Even when we lose battles, our failures are part of God’s ultimate plan. In the end we will come out on top of this. God says you are the best. ‘Gail, you rock!’ is what he bellowed to everyone at the news studio before making his leave.  We didn’t see God in a physical form, but we all felt the unmistakable wake of his presence as the studio lit up like heaven. The room was very warm, like a deep enveloping blanket. It was like being in your arms. I was filled with such powerful love, and before any of us realized what was transpiring, my heart trembled as his voice emanated from the light. He told us that he has supported us all since the beginning, and to never be intimidated, for it is all a part of his grand plan. For you he says that you have been hearing all of his messages to you loud and clear, so don’t ever question them. You are an astute woman and have always interpreted his signs and signals exactly as he has intended them. Nobody else understands him quite like you do. You are exceptional.
I told him I already knew you rocked. You are my beautiful Catherine the Great/King David woman. Nobody on Earth, or the Internet, is more awesome than you. Your legions of adoring fans would say the same.
Before God left, I invited him to come to our humble church, and asked if he would like to make an account on the forum. He chuckled and said he would check his schedule. I’d say the only man busier than Vladimir Putin is God.”
February 4, 2012.   Gail’s men celebrated Brent’s birthday (Feb. 2nd) late, because Brent suffered a mild heart attack.  All fifty of the men on Gail’s marriage list attended Brent’s birthday banquet at church of Gail, ~but Jesuit Sara Avery (at 3,000 pounds) showed up and kidnapped Sam Barbary (one of the fifty).  Hugh Jackman and Terrance Jenkins caught a vicious yeast infection to their arms while attempting to rescue Sam from the fat Jesuit Sara Avery, before Sam got sucked into Sara’s huge infected vagina.  She gave birth to Sam and when he came out, she had mutilated him and altered his personality into a Jesuit personality.
God does more miracles, but the war rages on, with God on Gail’s side.  Jesuits retaliated with UFOs and nukkakes (right over where Gail lives, but God blocked them).  Jesuits also retaliated with hundreds of Sara Avery clones (including some that exploded with nukkake bombs inside them), while God miraculously protected Gail from the Jesuits again and again.  The new FOX news channel valiantly reported all this news, and greatly assisted Gail and her men in their war against the Jesuit empire.  But God is the final victor.
Due to FOX News channel’s reporting about Gail (Feb. 2012) and the world viewing her website, millions accepted Christ as their Savior and joined her men’s church of Gail.  God works mightily through the new church, performing miracles of healing and other wonders.
(2-14-12)  Jesuits decided to hold a mass to honor Satan, because of their fallen leader Zack Knight (whom God killed on December 28, 2011).  ~Gail’s men invited her to attend their church service to counter the Jesuit mass for Satan.  When, during the church service, Brent began writing to Gail (via Skype), the church started quaking, like an earthquake, so the church (which can move about like a rocket) landed inside a volcano.  The building became very hot, Gail’s gold statue in the church melted, and a huge hole appeared on the church floor.  Satan emerged from the hole, taunting Gail and her men, asking to talk to Gail.  Gail read Revelation 17 & 18 to Satan at the top of her voice.  Satan started sex with one of the men on Gail’s marriage list, Sam Barbary, taunting Gail and telling her, as she read the Bible, that she was silly.  Satan ejaculated his acid semen onto Sam’s stomach, dissolving his abdominals.  Gail refused to talk to Satan and kept reading Bible at the top of her voice.


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Jesus Followers Depressed & Fearful? NO WAY!

View Brent Spiner’s Rape (HERE) (use Google Chrome browser if unable to view it).

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Samples of our worship.  All playlists loop continuously, when you play them, as of April 13, 2017

Hymns Triumphant (Amen Choir & orchestra)

Zechariah 9:15 read from Bible.

Brent Spiner & Gail Chord Schuler singing.


Gail made this soundtrack for her book THE SHIMMERING SEA: Robin Williams Murder to honor courageous Robin Williams for trying to go public about his love for Gail Chord Schuler, and the price he paid.

Jesus Tells Gail to Make a Rap Song about her Hood Mentality

Jesus Christ asked Gail to make this video GAIL’S HOOD MENTALITY on December 18, 2015, after she violated Jesus’ rule with her to only spend money on food and bills and to NOT use credit cards. Though she did not go into debt with her cards and was paying them off, the cards were encouraging her to make purchases for items that were wants and not needs when she could not afford them. So Jesus instructed her to make this video. Judge Terrance Jenkins, who grew up in Compton, California assisted her with the video, because he himself had fallen victim to the Hood Mentality (concept from Ice Cube’s music). Jesuits accuse Gail of racism in making the video. But Terrance insisted Gail wear the black make-up because this is gangster rap music and he wanted her to look the part. Jesus agreed with Terrance, and gave Gail permission to purchase black make-up and red lipstick for her face. The video’s message is that we all can be victims of the Hood Mentality if we have lived in a culture of deprivation, whether we are black or not. Because Jesuits have stolen most of Gail’s money and keep her in poverty, despite her celebrity lovers, Gail understands the heart of those caught up in a culture of deprivation.

Can also hear this playlist of Jesus rap music here. Jesus Christ asked Gail to make the video Gail’s Hood Mentality, so when YouTube said it needed to go down because of inappropriate content, YouTube has accused Jesus of hate speech. Jesus appears to have put a “bug” at YouTube making them unable to totally remove the video. CORRECTION: After Gail filed a complaint that her video was an art form and not derogatory, YouTube reinstated the video.

Gail Chord Schuler’s Heroes from History

(text below from Canton Baptist Temple’s Christian Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio)
Pioneer missionary, James Hudson Taylor, was born in Barnsley, England, the son of a Methodist minister. After studying medicine and theology, he went to China in 1854 as a missionary under the auspices of the China Evangelization Society.
In 1858, after working in a hospital for four years, he married the daughter of another missionary. He returned to England in 1860 and spent five years translating the New Testament into the Ningpo dialect. He returned to China in 1866 with sixteen other missionaries and founded the China Inland Mission.

In 1870 his wife and two of their children died of cholera. He remained in China and before his death, established two hundred and five mission stations with eight hundred and forty-nine missionaries from England and one hundred and twenty-five thousand witnessing Chinese Christians. He died in Changsha, China, in 1905.

(text below taken from Christian Biography Resources)

Daughter of one of the first missionaries to China, she was orphaned at the age of 10. She was a missionary to China when she married Hudson Taylor, January 20, 1858. They had seven children: Grace, Herbert Hudson, Frederick Howard (who would later co-author Hudson’s biography), Samuel, Maria, Charles Edward, and Noel. Being fluent in the Ningpo dialect, she helped Hudson with translation work. They had been married for 12 1/2 years when at 33 yrs. of age, Maria died of cholera in 1870. She was a “tower of strength” and a comfort to her husband. In her own words, she was “more intimately acquainted than anyone else can be with his trials, his temptations, his conflicts, his failures and failings, and his conquests.”

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

Mrs. Charles (Susannah) Spurgeon (1832 – 1903)

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Gail Chord Schuler’s Favorite Movies,
Television Broadcasts & Books

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Music playlist that inspires me as I work on Lusts and Acclaim.


Brilliant Japanese Mini-Series about Gail Chord Schuler’s Catherine the Great Japanese Ancestors

This (above) is an excellent Japanese production about the Oshu Fujiwara family from which I am descended. It is one of my favorite productions – very well acted, directed and produced with an excellent screenplay and much better than a lot of the trash we watch here in the West. Because I am descended from this family, Jesuits won’t allow it to be shown in the West with English subtitles. I hope to write an English language novel based on this mini-series, where I will base much of the story from what I am able to figure out from this production and from my own historical research where I am making heavy use of Google translator! It will be a historical novel about a fascinating family. I do not speak Japanese, so a lot of the novel will come from my own research. Like a writer I admire, Colleen McCullough, who wrote about the Roman Empire, I would love to write this as a historical novel which will educate people about this important royal family who lost their empire. I do have portions of this mini-series with English subtitles to give me valuable historical information about a family whose history should be known. It is a story about survival against the odds with a Romeo and Juliet love story. Check out my writer page for more about my work on this novel, which I am calling Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven. But I have my hands full writing Lusts and Acclaim right now. To ensure I do not write garbage I simmer on all my books, putting a tremendous amount of thought and research into all the characters I create. These books will come out when I feel ready. I won’t compromise quality for speed. I am determined to write for posterity. My current work Lusts and Acclaim is a type of historical novel, in that I am telling parts of the secret story about Pope John Paul II, and this requires me to do a lot of research about his views on love, sex and marriage and other aspects of his character that are important for Lusts and Acclaim. I believe that Pope John Paul II fell in love with me while spying on me for the Jesuits and he ended up giving his life to try and protect me. I have a lot to portray about this, and this requires a lot of research. I am reading parts of his writings to help me get into his mind. Zack Knight already gave me some very important information when he admitted to me in 2012 that the real Pope John Paul II died years before 2005. That was a Pope John Paul automaton who died in 2005. I have speculated from my research that Pope John Paul II probably died in December 1999 when I discerned that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent. The Jesuits had to kill him to prevent him from interfering with their attacks on my life. 

Gail Chord Schuler
Prefers Literary Works

Most of my favorite movies are based on a literary book, but some movies failed to capture the book. For instance, the book Exodus by Leon Uris is a favorite, but I omitted the movie which failed to capture the book’s characters accurately. On the other hand, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables book series did not impress me too much, but the Anne of Green Gables mini-series excelled the books they came from. For a book or movie to be my favorite it had to interest and move me as I read it. Most modern productions and books have cardboard characters and plots and they BORE ME TO DEATH. I hope, as a writer, to fix this problem in modern literature and movies. I have to admit that my past books have been attempts to fix this, but I think I may really do it with my next book Lusts and Acclaim. The book or movie has to challenge my imagination and create a world of characters who explore the soul and very few works do this to me. If a movie has great music, that helps. I don’t like any productions of Dickens’s David Copperfield that I have seen, but I suspect I’d like this one. They need to make a movie with an ending EXACTLY LIKE THE BOOK, with David and Agnes together. The David/Agnes relationship made me love David Copperfield and so few films capture this.


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