God Condemns Loree McBride with Northridge Earthquake (Jan. 1994)

In December 1993, I had mailed to Brent (via his Paramount studios address) ~a Revelation slide show presentation that highlighted the Roman Catholic Church as the Revelation 17 whore. Also, Brent paid me a personal visit to my Lynnwood, Washington apartment in December 1993, where I actually saw him inside a white truck, where he flashed the lights on and off several times inside his truck. He was wearing a disguise (his outfit from “Every Good Boy Deserves a Favor“), but I recognized him. He added on a mustache. The Jesuits retaliated in January 1994.  I received a Fed Ex from a Paramount studios woman attorney (a notice of harassment) that forbade me to contact Brent or Paramount studios ever again.  Upon receiving this, I spent three hours in prayer and tears, asking God to forgive me for disgracing his great name.  ~Twelve hours later, God sent the January 1994 Northridge, California earthquake that hit Hollywood.  The only Hollywood people who died worked for Paramount studios.  Amen Choir and National Philharmonic I listened to in my car at this time in my life.  I  was listening to this music by the Amen Choir (view two videos above & below) every day in January 1994–the month when God sent the earthquake in judgment against the actions of the Satanic Jesuit Order.  

I believe the Jesuits were so offended by ~the Revelation Slide Presentation (which I mailed to Brent Spiner at Paramount studios), that they had a woman lawyer hit me with a harassment notice–see my comments about the ~1994 Northridge earthquake above.  While Brent was on my wiretapped phone, we had church at home (1994 to 1996 in Houston, Texas), and I placed my “blank” phone by the speakers so that Brent could hear our church service.  I shared all my life with Brent, including everything I believed and cared about.  Brent, a Texan, understands me.  


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