Embedded Videos on Gail Chord Schuler’s Books (pen name Gabrielle Chana) page: www.gabriellechana.com/writer.html

The smaller videos can be popped out to a larger screen, by clicking on the upper right corner. This page is for mobile phone viewers.

The finished audio book for The Forbidden Abyss Part One: Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin is 10.5 hours long. Available at AmazoniTunes & Audible. Log into iTunes and do a search under Gabrielle Chana.

Gail has made an album that reflects the love between her and Brent in the 1990s, which inspired Gail to write Silver Skies. Can hear Silver Skies’ theme Apple Blossom Time here.

Listen to the story Deep in the African Congo (radio story version).

Video (Christmas songs for Jesus) at Google Drive & YouTube.

Video (Brent Spiner’s Ol’ Yellow Eyes album) at Google Drive & YouTube.

Video about Brent & Gail singing together with nature sounds at Google Drive & YouTube.

Click on  video of 1812 Overture to honor Vladimir Putin.

Video about how Vladimir came into Gail’s life at Google Drive & YouTube.

Video about Jesuit clones of Gail’s men at Google Drive & MediaFire.

Zack Knight used brain control to get Gail to say “Matthew” instead of “Vladimir” in two sections.

Click HERE to hear the music video (to honor Robin Williams’ murder) in a separate window.

Click HERE to view the video with music about Gail’s royal ancestors in a separate window.

Music that expresses the themes of Vladimir & Catherine the Great, in the embedded playlist (if embedded playlist does NOT work right, listen HERE or at Firefox). The exciting singer for “Love Story” in the playlist is Asian singer? Broce Twain.

It appears God orchestrated the literature of the world, using Jane Austen to create Pride and Prejudice to give Gail Chord Schuler the model she uses for her book Lusts & Acclaim. Looks like this book will put Gail in the ranks of Nobel Laureates in Literature. Why does Gail self-publish? It’s because she doesn’t want any constraints over how she writes a book. Loree’s Jesuits control the publishing industry.

The music themes for Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom are very appropriate for Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven. Also, Japanese music themes about love are appropriate.

I have named the “Girl” who married Tsunekiyo Fujiwara as Yo. Nobody seems to know what her real name was. She was the child of Russian royals in exile. Yoritoki Abe was a Russian royal in exile in Japan. For a brief history about my Catherine the Great ancestors, CLICK HERE.

Can view video above HERE.

I felt God spoke to me in the last Olympics about me as a writer, when I watched this (CLICK ON PLAYLIST LINK AT THE TOP OF EMBEDDED VIDEO TO VIEW SOME VIDEOS) in which the Russian pair performed in the Olympics, to win the gold.


 iTunes version of Jesuit Murder of Abraham Lincoln.
Amazon version (perfect square) of Jesuit Murder of Abraham Lincoln.


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