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Jesus Followers Depressed & Fearful? NO WAY!

View Brent Spiner’s Rape (HERE) (use Google Chrome browser if unable to view it).

Forbidden Videos Only at Gail Chord Schuler’s Website

Videos forbidden or not at YouTube: CLICK HERE.


Samples of our worship.  All playlists loop continuously, when you play them, as of April 13, 2017

Hymns Triumphant (Amen Choir & orchestra)

Zechariah 9:15 read from Bible.

Brent Spiner & Gail Chord Schuler singing.


Gail made this soundtrack for her book THE SHIMMERING SEA: Robin Williams Murder to honor courageous Robin Williams for trying to go public about his love for Gail Chord Schuler, and the price he paid.

Jesus Tells Gail to Make a Rap Song about her Hood Mentality

Jesus Christ asked Gail to make this video GAIL’S HOOD MENTALITY on December 18, 2015, after she violated Jesus’ rule with her to only spend money on food and bills and to NOT use credit cards. Though she did not go into debt with her cards and was paying them off, the cards were encouraging her to make purchases for items that were wants and not needs when she could not afford them. So Jesus instructed her to make this video. Judge Terrance Jenkins, who grew up in Compton, California assisted her with the video, because he himself had fallen victim to the Hood Mentality (concept from Ice Cube’s music). Jesuits accuse Gail of racism in making the video. But Terrance insisted Gail wear the black make-up because this is gangster rap music and he wanted her to look the part. Jesus agreed with Terrance, and gave Gail permission to purchase black make-up and red lipstick for her face. The video’s message is that we all can be victims of the Hood Mentality if we have lived in a culture of deprivation, whether we are black or not. Because Jesuits have stolen most of Gail’s money and keep her in poverty, despite her celebrity lovers, Gail understands the heart of those caught up in a culture of deprivation.

Can also hear this playlist of Jesus rap music here. Jesus Christ asked Gail to make the video Gail’s Hood Mentality, so when YouTube said it needed to go down because of inappropriate content, YouTube has accused Jesus of hate speech. Jesus appears to have put a “bug” at YouTube making them unable to totally remove the video. CORRECTION: After Gail filed a complaint that her video was an art form and not derogatory, YouTube reinstated the video.

Gail Chord Schuler’s Heroes from History

(text below from Canton Baptist Temple’s Christian Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio)
Pioneer missionary, James Hudson Taylor, was born in Barnsley, England, the son of a Methodist minister. After studying medicine and theology, he went to China in 1854 as a missionary under the auspices of the China Evangelization Society.
In 1858, after working in a hospital for four years, he married the daughter of another missionary. He returned to England in 1860 and spent five years translating the New Testament into the Ningpo dialect. He returned to China in 1866 with sixteen other missionaries and founded the China Inland Mission.

In 1870 his wife and two of their children died of cholera. He remained in China and before his death, established two hundred and five mission stations with eight hundred and forty-nine missionaries from England and one hundred and twenty-five thousand witnessing Chinese Christians. He died in Changsha, China, in 1905.

(text below taken from Christian Biography Resources)

Daughter of one of the first missionaries to China, she was orphaned at the age of 10. She was a missionary to China when she married Hudson Taylor, January 20, 1858. They had seven children: Grace, Herbert Hudson, Frederick Howard (who would later co-author Hudson’s biography), Samuel, Maria, Charles Edward, and Noel. Being fluent in the Ningpo dialect, she helped Hudson with translation work. They had been married for 12 1/2 years when at 33 yrs. of age, Maria died of cholera in 1870. She was a “tower of strength” and a comfort to her husband. In her own words, she was “more intimately acquainted than anyone else can be with his trials, his temptations, his conflicts, his failures and failings, and his conquests.”

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

Mrs. Charles (Susannah) Spurgeon (1832 – 1903)


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