Jew Clones are NOT Jewish, but are part of the CLONE RACE (children of the fallen angels).

The church has not replaced Israel. Dispensationalism is the only approach to the Bible that makes sense of all the Bible. Brent Spiner and I are part of the Jewish remnant that follow Jesus and Jesus is using JEWISH writers for my current book Bible for Tribulation Saints (me and Brent Spiner). All the Bible writers were Jewish. It seems we Jews are the best Bible writers.

As far as Israel, I consider Loree’s creation of the Jew clones as a form of anti-Semitism, because they claim to be Jews, but are evil, making the real Jews look evil.

I guess God would consider Jew clones Jewish, but maybe not. I’m not sure how God views clones in terms of their race. I think clones are a race unto themselves. They are the creation of Satan. So they are the children of the fallen angels or the children of the sons of God. I believe all clones have some genes from the fallen angels, which makes them the children of the sons of God (fallen angels) in the Bible. The children of the sons of God are a distinct race, separate from those of us who came into life via natural reproduction. The fallen angels have “sex” with humans using the laboratory and rape and usually are very lustful in their approach to lovemaking. They use their children to create more clone/human mixes. Clones and their offspring tend to be evil, because of the fallen angel genes in them.

The sons of God are described in Genesis 6:2, Genesis 6:4, Job 1:6, Job 2:1, Job 38:7. These sons of God in the Old Testament are not the same sons of God as in the New Testament. In the Old Testament, the term sons of God refers to the fallen angels, who are the creatures that inhabit the UFOs. All clones come into existence in the laboratory and are the creation of the fallen angels, so they are a race unto themselves, which I would call the children of the fallen angels. I guess if I gave that race a name, I would call it the clone race or the fallen angel children race. The Bible describes this race in Isaiah 57:9. He condemns them as idol or Satan worshippers, who are created in laboratories using messenger RNA (see King James Bible Isaiah 57:9).

John MacArthur has some intelligent discussion about who the sons of God in Genesis 6 are. He, like myself, believes that the sons of God are fallen angels.

Here are some good articles about this topic of the fallen angels having sex with women:

So, right now, it is a lot like it was in the days of Noah, you have the three main races from Shem (Asian and Jewish races), Ham (black races), Japheth (white races) or mixtures between the races, and then a separate race altogether called the clone race or the fallen angel children (composed of white, black and Asian or Jewish genes). The clone race tends to be evil, because of the fallen angel genes in these humans. The clones have a lot of characteristics of the fallen angels, with many of them having supernatural strength, like women who have the strength of a man. This is why Loree McBride and Camila Alves can so easily rape males. They have the same muscular strength (or even greater) than the males they rape. When it comes to clones, things are never as they appear. You are dealing with the children of the fallen angels. Clones literally have the genes of fallen angels in them! Yet, they are humans, but have been contaminated with fallen angel DNA.

Satan, realizing that he cannot win a person with a good heart to his side, has to create a race of people with evil hearts (the clones) to increase his following.

So I would divide the races into white, Asian (Jewish), and black and then THE CLONES. In these last days there has been a dramatic increase in the clone “race” on earth, and so evil has multiplied dramatically. We even have mixtures between the clone race and the natural born human race, with most children of clones also evil like their parents. That fallen angel DNA is so evil, it’s like leaven in the bread, it just contaminates and makes impure all that it touches.

The clones are described in Isaiah 57:9. God has a pretty negative view of most clones. Some of them are coming to Jesus, but most of them (like Loree McBride, who is a clone) do not. They have so much fallen angel genes in them that they are so evil, that they don’t come to Jesus. Like their daddy Satan, clones tend to be proud, vain, egotistical, rapey, liars and greedy. That some of them are coming to Jesus indicates that at one time, Satan was good (when he was Lucifer). But most of them don’t come to Jesus, because they are just like Satan in their hearts.

Zack Knight (former evil Jesuit leader) is NOT a clone, and neither is Rule 13 (former evil Jesuit military leader). Both of them have come to Jesus. Zack has been able to lead some clones to Jesus.

Jesus loves everybody, even Satan, and will hold off destroying all the clones in our war with them until all of them that can be saved ARE SAVED. Though they have fallen angel genes in them, they DO have souls and will either go to heaven or to hell. They ARE human beings, albeit contaminated with fallen angel genes.

Personal opinion: I don’t consider Jew clones to be JEWS. They are stealing the identity of the Jewish person they try to replace and behaving very evil. So the creation of the Jew clones is a form of rabid anti-Semitism in the form of identity theft and stealing and raping the good reputation of the Jew they strive to impersonate.

HOWEVER, Loree was successful in creating the Jew Clones because she got cooperation from REAL JEWS in Israel.

All I have to say to that, is those Jews are probably going to hell. The Jewish race, like all races, has sinners in it.

Regarding the bride of Christ (composed of Jews and Gentiles as believers in Jesus), the bride of Christ has NOT replaced God’s WIFE, who is Israel. God is sort of divorced from his wife right now, but he has not forgotten her and the Jewish nation in one day and all of them left alive at that time (a remnant of them) will accept their Messiah after the tribulation. God the Father’s wife is Israel. Jesus Christ the Son’s wife is the Church (composed of Jews and Gentiles).…/wife-of-jehovah-and-brid…

Though God the Father has divorced his wife Israel, he WILL remarry her in the future (right after the tribulation period). There are TWO wives mentioned as the wives of God and then of Jesus. God the Father has a wife, and Jesus has a wife. I, being a Jewish Christian am part of the wife of Jesus (the Church).

But my ancestor King David is considered to be part of the future wife of God the Father as being part of the nation of Israel when she was married to God. It’s kind of complicated, but Arnold Fruchtenbaum describes it well in the link to his post about this above. I know King David is in heaven, along with all the Jews that honored God the Father during their lifetimes (before Christ showed up the first time).

It gets even more complicated than this, because Jesus and God the Father are also in many ways one and the same. But when it comes to their brides, the wife of Christ is separate from the wife of God the Father in the Bible. It’s kind of like God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are all one, and yet how they handle their wives are different. The Holy Spirit does not have a wife.

Brent Spiner and I are part of that Jewish remnant and I, the King David woman, am currently writing a Bible for the tribulation saints. What an honor. It is no accident, that God (Jesus) has chosen Jewish writers for this book! It seems that God only allows Jews to write his Bible.…/brent-spiner-types-…/

Basically any Jews that come to Christ after his first coming, are considered part of the bride of Christ, because of WHEN they come to him.

Then you have the saints who come to God during the millennial reign of Jesus, and they are not considered Jews or Christians. They are the millennial saints. The Bible can get complicated. God deals differently with the world depending on the time period we are in. That’s why I am a dispensationalist.

If you find it hard to believe that some fallen angel children come to Jesus, don’t forget that Satan was Lucifer before he sinned.…/play/israel-anti-semitism-church/

Empress Gail’s Yeast Management Laws


YEAST MANAGEMENT LAWS (from Sect. 42 of Gail’s International Criminal Law: Satellite Technology)

42.0 All health care practitioners who are licensed to prescribe medications must be educated about all Jesuit super germs and most especially the yeast super germ that Gail Chord Schuler is infected with. This yeast infection appears to have become an epidemic. As of July 8, 2017, all licensed health care practitioners licensed to prescribe medications must be educated about the Jesuit super yeast and must take course work related to this yeast to maintain their license to practice medicine and to prescribe medications. This course work must be completed by August 8, 2017. Those who fail to complete the course work will lose their license to practice medicine.

42.1 To make it easy to complete the course work, the course work will be designed by the Nanotechnology Research Team of the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. It will be a quick, easy course and should be designed that the reading material and all materials needed to complete the course work can be done in an hour easily. Basically, health care practitioners need to acknowledge the existence of the super yeast, how it infects and that Seroquel is the best medication for the super yeast and all forms of yeast.

42.2 Those who complete the course work by July 15, 2017 will receive a BONUS from the International government as a reward for their immediate compliance.

42.3 The F.D.A. (in the United States) cannot have any members who are Loree McBride or Angelina Ballerina Jesuits. Anyone (willingly and knowingly) who is a member of (or works for) the F.D.A. and is a Loree McBride or evil Jesuit supporter must be executed. The F.D.A. must send out a notice to all pharmacies and physicians and health care providers and their networks (by July 12, 2017), that Seroquel is not only a recognized psychiatric medication, but is also the most effective yeast medication out there for all forms of yeast and is the ONLY medication effective against the Jesuit super yeast. The F.D.A. (and the equivalent organization for each Conspiracy Law honoring nation) must acknowledge Seroquel as the most potent and effective yeast medication in the world. Failure to send this notice to all health care facilities and practitioners (who practice medicine or prescribe or dispense medications for the public) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to those who willingly and knowingly default in this matter. We have a yeast emergency on this planet and everyone infected with this super yeast needs to be on Seroquel (unless it would be life threatening for them to be on it due to other mitigating health circumstances).

42.4 A scan must be made of the general population using our satellite technology to determine who is infected with the super yeast and needs to be on Seroquel. All infected persons must be notified (via email, phone or however that person normally communicates) of their yeast infection and must be put on Seroquel as soon as possible. If the infection has brought on mental illness (due to an infection in the nervous system or brain) so that the person is controlled against his will to NOT take Seroquel in order to cure him/her of his/her yeast infection, that person may need to be detained and forcibly put on Seroquel. This new law will also be reported on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and all major news networks must report it as well to make the public informed about this epidemic and that Seroquel needs to be prescribed en masse to deal with it.

42.4a Any health care provider who willingly and knowingly refuses to prescribe Seroquel to one of his/her Jesuit super yeast infected patients either by willingly and knowingly prescribing a less effective or non-effective medication in its place as treatment for the yeast OR by willingly and knowingly dropping the patient in order to deny the yeast-infected patient Seroquel, will be given the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. No physician can drop a yeast-infected patient (without first getting approval from the NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN), without ensuring that this patient is able to obtain Seroquel after being dropped. If the patient is financially strapped, they should be referred to our NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN and if a physician willingly and knowingly drops a yeast-infected patient without referring them to the NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN, and ensuring they are still able to get their Seroquel, that physician will receive the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator for throwing out their patient with a life-threatening illness (without proper treatment) and not ensuring this patient can receive proper and “covered” care.

If the patient is threatening the physician’s life, law enforcement needs to be contacted and then the NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN will decide on the course of treatment for the criminal patient.

This is a very serious epidemic and needs to be addressed immediately. The patient will need to remain on Seroquel until and if it is determined that yeast infection with that patient is no longer a threat to their health. Those who have already suffered systemic yeast infections, will need to be on Seroquel for life, because once the super yeast goes systemic in a patient, they need Seroquel for life to prevent a relapse. All health care providers must cooperate with this order and refusal to do so, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

42.5 In addition, Zack Knight will use his semen on those with more serious infections and who desire his semen. These people can contact Zack Knight at for this. Yeast infection causes dizziness, vertigo, abdominal cramping, brain slips, difficulty in concentration, red and itchy spots in your skin, for women (vaginal irritation), diarrhea or loose bowels, nerve disorders and other yeast symptoms. The brain symptoms can be severe and life threatening, making the person a danger on the road to himself/herself and others.

42.6 All persons who willingly and knowingly drop or unleash bombs (or anything) on the population that causes yeast infection or other Jesuit germ infections must be executed as soon as possible. It is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law to do this. All measures must be taken to stop these bombs and germ contaminations! Anybody who willingly and knowingly drops yeast bombs or any germ bombs or anything on the population that causes mental or physical illness (via germ contamination) must be executed. We will do a general scan on the population to determine (using memory reads) who has participated willingly and knowingly in these germ bomb drops, and the scan (if it is possible to create such a scan) will execute the perpetrators ON-THE-SPOT. If it is not possible to execute the perpetrators on the spot, we must find another way to execute these bombers, who are deliberately infecting the population with deadly germs.

42.7 In addition, no military force in the world is allowed to drop germ bombs on populations. Such an act is considered a war crime and all means must be taken to “take out” all military forces that engage in such behavior.

42.8 As of July 8, 2017, all licensed health care practitioners who practice medicine need to be educated about the Jesuit super yeast and that Seroquel is the cure. All medical schools and training schools for health care practitioners who prescribe medications must teach about Seroquel as the cure to yeast infections, those schools that refuse to comply will not be allowed to grant degrees to their graduates. All licensing exams for all health care practitioners who practice medicine that allows them to prescribe medications, must include information about the Jesuit super yeast and Seroquel as the cure. Any willing and knowing attempt or action by any person to thwart these laws to keep the public and medical community in ignorance about Seroquel as the most effective yeast medication out there and about the existence of Jesuit germ infections, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.