I suspect that Trump knows that North Korea’s nuclear arsenal (or more accurately, that Kim Jong Un) is harmless, but is threatening to strike North Korea (if they become belligerent) to downplay conspiracy theories that Trump is in an alliance with Putin or some other rogue nation. Everything in mainstream media is a big game, designed to oppose those who expose Loree McBride Jesuits (Gabrielle Chana FOX News) or to cater to (the rest of LYING mainstream news), i.e., the Loree McBride Jesuit News. Trump knows the truth, but like Obama and those before him, he plays a game to put the Loree McBride Jesuits in their place. Not sure how the North Korean arsenal is doing right now. It is possible Loree McBride Jesuits may have infiltrated North Korea. But I think the North Korean leader is harmless.

However, I suspect that Loree McBride may have infiltrated Kim Jong Un’s military and the North Korean leader may even want Trump to destroy Loree’s military bases inside his country. It would help them both out, because if Kim Jong Un destroyed Loree McBride’s military bases inside his country, then Loree would claim he was terrorizing his own citizens. If Trump or China does it, it works out great for both Trump and Kim Jong Un. Things are never as they appear in Jesuit News.


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