Should Christians use Psychology to Reach People?

This lady has some thoughtful things to say about how some Christians are like a cult in their approach to the sin problem. I say a cult, because they are so closed minded to anything that doesn’t fit into a certain paradigm, leading us to worship man-made concepts based on a certain interpretation of the Bible. Don’t forget that GOD wrote the Bible and for this reason NOBODY IS 100% ACCURATE IN BIBLE INTERPRETATION. So we should exercise the law of love (1 Cor. 13) in certain areas of Biblical interpretation.

You might say, but the lady in that video you just posted above is NOT a Christian psychologist! God would NEVER use a secular psychologist. Sorry, but I disagree. Jesus told me that anybody who follows inspiration and passion has found him, even if they aren’t a “Christian”. This lady seems enlightened to me. I think she’s going to heaven and she’ll be surprised when she gets there.

This lady in this article in the link in this sentence has some thoughtful commentary about how some Christian’s rigidity can lead to Jesus losing some potential followers. So why am I embracing psychology (supposedly not based on the Bible) in my laws and as a way to reach Loree McBride Jesuits? With my genius emotional I.Q., I have found psychology’s explanation of the narcissistic personality disorder to be a brilliant explanation for what drives Loree McBride and her followers. Though psychology may not call a spade a spade, in that they rename sin as a disorder and not a sin. I see sin and disorder in the same light. You see when sin happened, disorder came into the universe. So, in my mind, sin and disorder are the same. So I have no problem that psychology calls “sin” by another name. In fact, doing so, may help us to reach some people that are turned off by the sin label. What difference does it make what we call the disorder (which is SIN, by the way) as long as we HEAL the disorder? You might say, but Jesus is the only one who can heal. Yes, I agree. But Jesus is a creative genius and he uses MANY METHODS to reach people. I believe he CAN use psychology, especially with people who feel threatened by some of the unnecessary rigidity of evangelical Christianity. I know, for a fact, that there will be some homosexuals and lesbians in heaven. I got the word from the MAN himself, Jesus. I prayed before I wrote my last laws about how the narcissistic personality disorder in Loree McBride Jesuits must be dealt with. I think that is some of the most brilliant law I’ve ever written. Jesus has gifted me with a genius emotional I.Q.

You might say, but you are just giving Loree McBride Jesuits an excuse to get out of the death penalty, which they fully deserve. They will play a game with the psychologists and manipulate themselves out of the death penalty. Not if my law is enforced. In fact, if any game playing happens, both the therapist AND the killer Loree McBride Jesuits will be executed. But I really believe that these Jesuits are suffering, because they suffer from a deeply engrained “sin” habit or sinful way of thinking, which psychology calls a “disorder” which they feel they can never escape from. The problem is if we call it a “sin”, the door gets slammed shut and we’ve lost them for good to the devil. If we can get them to see that their “sin” hurts –THEM– MOST OF ALL, by calling it a disorder, I think God in heaven will smile, that we’ve reached another “sinner” for him. Instead of being so focused on the sin part of the problem, let’s explore the dynamics of that sin and how to understand it, so we can enlighten the “sinner” about how to find true happiness by living a life more free from “sin” or their “disorder”. Granted, if they love their disorder too much, they won’t listen, and these are the ones I label as predators. But as all brilliant theologians know, sin only brings misery and it can snowball and the sinner gets deeper and deeper entrenched into his sin. If a clinical psychologist can get the “sinner” to see that sin really doesn’t pay, because it’s LEADS TO INSANITY. Hallelujah! We’ve reached another sinner and saved them from the clutches of hell.

You may say, but you’re supposed to preach against gays, lesbians, etc.! Now, don’t get unbalanced Christians. Where in the Bible does it say our focus should be on marginalizing people? Jesus never did that when he came on earth. In fact, you accuse the left of doing that to you, by marginalizing you because you are a Conservative. Don’t be a hypocrite and start marginalizing gays, and those who hold different views than you about proper sexuality. In Jesus’ mind, the only improper sexuality is sexuality that does not embrace true love. And this is what I’m trying to get the Loree McBride Jesuits to see. Satan has lied to them and told them Jesus is unnecessarily restrictive and Jesus is quite upset about this, because he is NOT a PRUDE. He’s losing followers from well meaning Christians who misinterpret some Bible passages and interpret them to mean RIGIDITY. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t linger, because this is an area where I don’t think I will get anywhere with some people. Just remember this. We are ALL sinners. I think the Loree McBride Jesuits KNOW they are sinners. What they need to know is that GOD LOVES SINNERS. That’s why he died for them on the cross. He made a way for them to be healed of their DISORDER (SIN).

By the way, if any of you are tired of the misery of your disorder (sin), turn your life over to Jesus! He’s the healer of disorders (or as some call it, “sin”).

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