Brent Spiner Behind ST:TNG “The Drumhead” for Gail Chord Schuler (Gun Debate)

I provide evidence that Brent Spiner was reading my mail and fell in love with me long distance, to the point that he made his music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back for me and was behind the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Drumhead” to honor me. Can view the episode here:

Loree McBride claims that Brent Spiner was never in love with me in the 1990s. She knows this is not true, because she maintained her “relationship” with Brent by threatening death on me if Brent would not allow her public girlfriend status. She obtained her “relationship” with Brent using drug rape, then maintained it using death threats on me, knowing Brent would die for me.

The solution to the gun violence problem is to address the terrorists themselves:

These are screenshots of Jesuit websites where they boast about their crimes:

Is Gun Control Biblical?