I covet the prayers of all Bible believing Christians for myself and the men on my marriage list: Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, among others.

BRENT SPINER’S ONLINE COMMUNICATIONS WITH GAIL CHORD IS NOW AN AMAZON KINDLE BOOK CALLED “BRENT SPINER’S FLAMES” and “BIBLE FOR TRIBULATION SAINTS”. Brent Spiner is furious over the way his Jesuit clone interferes with his relationship with me (the wife of his heart). Brent always calls me his wife in his correspondence with me. Go to my website and go to the bottom where you can see photos of Brent Spiner’s clone, who is obviously a vulgar and trashy version of the real Brent Spiner. I have had an extensive brain to brain relationship with the real Brent Spiner since 2006, and we’ve been friends since 1990. Brent has depth, class and intelligence and likes a woman with depth, class and intelligence. Though he’s passionate in bed, he’s not vulgar, as Loree McBride depicted him in the Quebec trial. The man that Loree depicted in the Quebec trial (see JudgeTerranceJenkins YouTube channel) was Brent’s CLONE, not the real Brent Spiner.

If this man who Loree claims is impersonating Brent to me was a fake Brent Spiner, he was very articulate, passionate, creative and intelligent–none other than the real Brent Spiner! I still have the “troll’s” e-mail address and wrote him and told him, that he’s so sexy, I’d take him even if he wasn’t Brent, but I’m sure he is Brent.

Main difference between Brent and his clone, is that Brent is manly amd devoted to me, and his clone is Loree McBride’s cuckasaurus rex.

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