I covet the prayers of all Bible believing Christians for myself and the men on my marriage list: Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, among others. Order my books Bible for Tribulation Saints and Brent Spiner’s Flames at Amazon for the latest online communications between myself and Brent Spiner (Vladimir Putin) to get intelligent information about how to pray for us. God is the One who must win this war. Thanks, in advance, for your prayers. Gail Chord Schuler

Vladimir Putin and Brent Spiner communicate with me through my E-mail. In this video, I present our correspondence, in which we discuss the evil Brent Spiner clone, and Jesuit conspiracies against us. I also read the letter I wrote Vladimir about his decision to become Russian President again. Vladimir Putin plays piano and sings in the background.

I goofed in my presentation, and meant to say that Vladimir should go to my website, my web page called “Loree McBride’s treachery” down to the bottom, to view the poem I wrote for Vladimir Putin in 2002. At the bottom of this web page called “Loree McBride’s treachery” you can hear my reading of a poem I wrote for Vladimir on YouTube as well as see the written transcript of it. The men on my marriage list, which includes Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin, have agreed that, as a condition of being on the list, they will only go places allowed them by those who strive to protect them. We have just discovered Jesuit transporter technology that transports people from one place to another, like you see in Star Trek, by dematerializing and rematerializing a person from one place to another in minutes. We feel this is the safest way for the men on my marriage list. It helps to protect them against jet crashes, if they travel by jet, and also helps us to control all places they visit, so that Jesuits can’t kill them and replace them with an evil Jesuit clone. View my YouTube video entitled “Brent Spiner Writes Gail: Hugh Jackman Shot Dead My Evil Clone and Saved My Life”.

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