Nov. 3, 2011: Widower Vladimir Putin loved his wife Larisa Putin (1983 to 2000)

In this video I encourage viewers to visit my website ( to view photos of Vladimir with his wife Larisa, and also with his fake wife Lyudmila.

I debunk the lies that claim Vladimir beat his wife Larisa or that he was unfaithful to her, while he lived with her in Germany. Also, if you check my web page and go to the section about fabricated photos of Vladimir with his wife Lyudmila, I mention how that for one day on his website as Prime Minister of Russia, he called his wife’s name Larisa.

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UPDATE: Gail learned later that Larisa actually died of a systemic yeast infection. She was infected with the same germ that Jesuits contaminated Gail with. Unfortunately, the doctors at first thought she had breast cancer and used chemotherapy on her weakening her immune system which strengthened the deadly yeast enabling the germ to overcome her and kill her. Jesus created Seroquel, which is the only cure to this deadly yeast-bacterium.