Vladimir Putin has requested that I create a documentary exposing the Jesuit-controlled Western and European news media that has lied about the Russian Parliament results in the elections that took place in Russia on December 4, 2011. Jesuits are furious at Vladimir Putin for nuking the Vatican (, in his attempt to save my life from Jesuit killers. Jesuits have appointed their agents to act as election officials (who stuffed ballots during the elections) in the Russian Parliamentary elections that took place on December 4, 2011, to make it appear Vladimir did this. When you subtract the Jesuit vote (which does not count in Russia), the results for the United Russia party were actually 70%. Jesuits and their Western press, LIE.

It appears Jesuit Hillary Clinton is interfering with our Russian monarchy (, trying to force American Jesuit Socialism onto Russia. As Russian Empress, I ask Hillary Clinton and the Jesuits to “butt out” of our monarchy, and allow us to continue to be the lead nation in the war against Jesuit terrorism. Shame on Hillary Clinton for supporting the Jesuit attempt to undermine our monarchy in Russia and for supporting these monsters who plan a nuclear holocaust for the world. Any allegations of ballot stuffing, are probably Jesuits, who have infiltrated our government, posing as one of us. We take such infractions very serious and these Jesuits will be executed on public television, and we shall present the evidence that they have tricked us and posed as one of us to discredit our monarchy.

UPDATE (2018): I learned later that Vladimir gave me incorrect info about there being a military installation underneath the Vatican. Would not nuke the Vatican, if I had to do it over.

Written Dec. 6, 2011: The Jesuit-controlled news media has lied that Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party only won slightly less than 50% of the vote. With Jesuit votes eliminated, the actual win was 70%. Jesuits are furious at Vladimir Putin for nuking the Vatican (, and have launched all out war against him, using Jesuit agents posing as election officials (who stuffed ballots into boxes) to undermine his election campaign. Pray for Vladimir Putin, who is a born again Christian. If he goes down and Jesuits eliminate him, we will lose a stronghold against Jesuit terror. Jesuits sponsored 9/11/01 and the Nazi Holocaust and have goals for a worldwide nuclear holocaust (