Best Cities, States or Countries for Gail

Iowa My State

Brent has been asking me brain to brain where I’d like to retire with him. Tough decision. I took a test TWICE that seems more accurate than most here: & &

Here is what I sent him via email:
Dear men:

Think I’m hearing brain to brain from you, Brent. And you’re asking me to list my favorite small towns in the U.S., where I’d like to retire. To be honest with you, I am not sure. I have compiled a list of possibilities. I’d like a place where I can go for a walk and feel serene and unharrassed. A place with clean air would be nice. Allergies might be a factor to take into consideration. But if Loree’s dropping bombs it might not matter where I live. So here’s what I’ve compiled thus far. If there’s salt on the roads in winter, I’d need a good car probably a newer one every ten years or so.

Would be nice to have a Walmart in town. But I have taken a liking to ordering a lot of stuff online. I really don’t know. You all know me pretty well. Perhaps you can choose for me.

Jackson, WY
Arcata, CA
Pella, IA
Tumwater, WA
Breckenridge, CO
Pacific Grove, CA
Sheridan, WY
Brunswick, ME
Decorah, IA
Augusta, ME
Cody, WY
Ellensburg, WA
Coralville, IA
Coupeville, WA
Red Lodge, MT
Fredericksburg, TX
Boerne, TX
Hailey, ID
Papillion, NE
Ketchum, ID

I’m kind of intrigued by Valentine, NE after watching the movie Love Finds You in Valentine. That may just be a weird quirk, though. That place is REALLY rural and COLD. But I can get used to weather in a place after a while.


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