Silver Skies Research: Feast of Pentecost (Rapture), Lucifer & Ancient Earth

Perfect for my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version where I have the rapture in May 2030. This is AMAZING. It’s like Jesus is writing my novel for me. This is like a gift sent down from heaven for my novel. This novel is going to be GREAT. Everything’s coming together in the plot. Knowing there’s a rapture in the plot won’t ruin the book for you, because the story question revolves around whether the lovers can get together safely and happily. The rapture and tribulation events are part of the B story or subplot.

Though I love Andy Woods, he’s so obsessed with being theologically correct that he leaves no room for the imagination and I’m forced to go to some other sources for Silver Skies 1996 research. I am trying to be theologically correct in my novel, but leave some room for the imagination to give the novel emotional resonance. This is a novel, not non-fiction, and I’m allowed to have some creativity to enhance the feeling of completion I want this novel to have for the readers.

Here is Jack Langford’s website:

Here is the Jewish calendar for 2034, a significant year in my novel.

Arnold Fruchtenbaum on Shavuot – The Feast of Weeks:

Jack Langford: Will the Rapture Happen on a Jewish Feast Day? from Prophecy Watchers on Vimeo.

Jack Langford: A Picture of the Rapture from Prophecy Watchers on Vimeo.

Jack Langford: Lucifer and the Ancient Earth from Prophecy Watchers on Vimeo.