Satan Wants His Mineral Garden Earth Back

I made a video at my Patreon that discusses what motivates Satan, why he rebelled against God and why and how he plans to usurp God. Satan used to reign over the earth when it was a beautiful mineral garden. He wants this earth back and wants to replace the human race (made in God’s image) with his own creation. Having dealt directly with Satan many times, I an qualified to comment about Satan.

Arnold Fruchtenbaum has an excellent booklet about Satan, his history and what the Bible teaches about Satan.

Here is a book that goes into the mind of Satan and why he fell with brilliant insight into what drives Satan, though I don’t agree that God was unaware that man would fall or was unaware that Lucifer would fall, or that it is always God’s will for us to be free of illness:

This pastor Ernest Angley seems to have a bit of a checkered past, but his knowledge of how Satan works is brilliantly uncanny, which makes me wonder if he possibly met with Satan himself to get this brilliant knowledge. He has a Pentecostal background and I disagree with a lot of Pentecostal theology, especially the idea that God wants everyone rich and healthy, which would feed into the Hood Mentality. But, for brilliant insight into Satan’s heart and mind, I guess the best way to know this may be one who has possibly met with Satan and followed him, which I suspect may be the case with this minister. I don’t recommend you support him or follow him, but if you want to understand what drives Satan, which he seems to REALLY UNDERSTAND, read his article entitled The Fall of Lucifer in the link above.