Zack Knight (Ex-Antichrist) Appointed Minister of Public Enlightenment

Ex-Antichrist Zack Knight has had extensive experience in dealing with propaganda.

To counter Loree McBride’s very effective control over mainstream media and the Internet, it is necessary for U.S. President Gail to establish this position to counter the lies raging throughout the mainstream news and online. Zack Knight, as the former leader of the entire Jesuit Order, brings valuable experience to this position. The Jesuits have split in two, with the majority of them serving Gail as Empress and President. Loree McBride leads a rebel faction of Jesuits, composed mostly of psychopaths and sociopaths, who align with Satan, in his attempts to take over the world. The Zack Knight Jesuits serve Gail.

Due to the power of the press to influence elections, and even rig elections, it is necessary to counter this with extreme measures. It will be Zack Knight’s job to enlighten the public to the truth and to make them aware of the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable) and my online presence as the sole sources of truth. His job is also to expose the lies in Loree’s mainstream news and online presence and her control over Big Tech.

Zack will work with Hollywood and the media to produce films and documentaries to educate the public about important facts that they need to know to vote intelligently and conduct their lives with wisdom. He will also work with the marriage laws administrator to fine and arrest Hollywood and media executives who promote Loree McBride’s lying propaganda in violation of Conspiracy Law. He will also create or work with websites, search engines, Twitter and Facebook alternatives that will help the world to distinguish between fact and fiction and to promote freedom of speech, allowing all truthful voices to be heard. He will also work with existing social media platforms that present truth and work to strengthen them and give them support and publicity.

Zack will identify and expose Loree McBride’s false flag operations and expose her operatives and give them the bad publicity they deserve. This may require creating a website devoted specifically to this purpose. My website also serves this function, but Google (under Loree’s control) buries my website in the search rankings. Zack may need to work with Joshua J. Joshua to prosecute Google and other Big Tech giants to fine them billions of dollars for defamation and violations of my Conspiracy Law, to help finance our counter-propaganda to counter Loree’s lies and her propaganda campaign to the public, which has been highly successful. Zack will work with my marriage laws administrator to expose Loree’s shams to the public, expose her lies and propaganda and get the truth out to the world!