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  • The Danger
    "Let's bungle in the jungle.Well, that's all right by me."- Jethro Tull No matter how it turns out, the Justice Department bungled its probe into Donald Trump's classified document deal. Just like it screwed up Russian/Collusion, Hillary emails, Hunter Biden, on and on. Somewhere in a very warm climate, J. Edgar Hoover is blinking rapidly. We don't yet know how serious the Trump transgression is, but it's safe to say that the raid is a symptom of a much more intense problem facing every single American. The Biden administration is blundering the country into dangerous territory. The President and his crew are creating intense problems and division among the citizenry. Let's examine the record. Unless Donald Trump was actively undermining the security of the nation, the invasion of his home should have been handled differently. Drastic action requires precise explanation, at least in a democracy. We the people, have not gotten clarity from the Biden administration about the FBI raid. Then we see the painful inflation ignited by the presidential attacks on fossil fuel, the incredible debacle at the southern border, the collapse of the airline industry, and the brutal rise in violent crime. But perhaps the most dangerous federal screwup of all was Nancy Pelosi's unnecessary trip to Taiwan. Why did she provoke China? For what reason? We don't know. Writing in the journal "The National Interest," Harvard Professor Graham Allison puts forth: "If forced to choose between accepting an independent Taiwan and a war that destroys Taiwan and much of China, Xi and his team will choose war." Allison's opinion is speculative, but he knows as much about China as anyone on the planet. Therefore, competent leadership does not make the Taiwan situation worse, which is what the Pelosi visit did. What did the United States accomplish? Nothing, that's what. The anti-Biden narrative is mostly based on his inability to govern in a positive way. He does not solve problems; he may not even understand them. But I now believe Joe Biden is a dangerous President because he cannot anticipate serious situations, of which China is at the top of the list. Under Biden, America is far weaker than it was when he entered office. Therefore, we are all in danger on a variety of fronts. Pelosi sticking Bejing, the FBI battering Trump, millions of foreign nationals sieging the border, gas prices hurting workers. None of that had to happen. But it has. And, with apologies to Jethro Tull, it's not all right with me.
  • The Unholy Alliance
    The United States has the most powerful media industry in the world by far. That's because of capitalism and the Constitution, which give the press strong potential profits and legal protections. In 1996, the Fox News Channel went on the air. Twenty-six years later, it has harvested tens of billions of dollars. Your humble correspondent is responsible for a good chunk of those profits. Therefore, I know what I'm talking about. Today, the American media has morphed into something that is actually harming defenseless people. There are unholy alliances in play; that is, press agencies advancing the fortunes of leftists seeking power while at the same time ignoring injustice. Let's focus on a vivid example: The Los Angeles Times. Like its namesake in New York, the LA Times is a liberal outfit. Nothing wrong with that if an attempt is made to provide straightforward news coverage. Unfortunately, that's not what's happening. While crime is devastating LA and other California cities, the newspaper is desperately trying to save progressive law enforcement agents who are directly responsible for the death and destruction. Quality of life in some parts of California has just about collapsed. Perhaps the worst pro-criminal official in the Golden State is Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. He took office on December 7, 2020. Since then, homicides have been up 94 percent over 2019, and shootings up 54 percent. Why? Because Gascon embraces criminal justice "reform." That basically means he believes minority individuals charged with crimes should not be aggressively prosecuted by his office. Instead, they should be "diverted" into social programs that might convince them not to hurt innocent people. Criminals love the diversion thing, and if they knew his name, they'd love George Gascon, too. But 715,833 Angelenos do not approve of George and have signed a petition to fire him by a recall vote. Enter the LA Times, which is appalled not by the staggering increase in violence but by the campaign against Georgie. It editorialized: "the notion that a D.A. can make crime rise or fall over a period of time is absurd." Ahem. Here's what's absurd, the newspaper cannot process the violent crime rise that it reports every day. The truth is the progressive movement believes the American criminal justice system is racist and wants to destroy it. The LA Times is part of the progressive movement; it has allied itself with it. So, death in the streets of blighted neighborhoods really doesn't matter to the paper in the face of the greater good: decriminalizing crime and depopulating prisons. The unholy alliance between the press and the far left is willing to accept some casualties in order to make that happen. Of course, this is as far away from "justice" as you can get. Doesn't matter to the progressive forces of darkness. They are on a noble mission. They are the enlightened ones. And if folks get hurt because of the mission? Well, that's simply the price of true "reform." Isn't it?
  • My Imaginary Friend
    Throughout my career, I have interviewed seven presidents. Only missed Ronald Reagan, who didn't do many one-on-one chats with journalists. These conversations were my most difficult assignments. You should ask tough questions and push for answers. But you have to be respectful of the office. I always was. President Biden will never speak with me. While he was Vice President, I ran into him at a Washington DC event. After some pleasantries, I pointed out that his boss, President Obama, had granted me three interviews, but he would not consent to one. I acted hurt. He laughed and said: "Why would I do that (interview)? "You don't need me." "For fun," I answered. Smiling, he strolled away. So it's a hopeless cause. As Bush, the elder, once said: "Not gonna do it." But in my mind, I have a line of questioning and am submitting a fantasy Q&A for your approval. Let's begin. "Mr. President, lots of bad news for the country. How are you holding up?" "Listen, dog-faced pony soldier, the only bad news is you. No joke. I'm not being factitious. You and the prior administration caused the problems." "Uh, what problems are those, Mr. President?" "Look, we have a secure border, I mean it. But you say it's open. Just because millions of folks are crossing, it's not open. They have to swim! "And what's all this recession stuff? The GPS is fine. It is, in fact, working, and the gas prices are temporary. I like muscle cars, okay, and there's plenty of gas in the reserve to fill them up." "With respect, on the border, sir, about five times as many undocumented migrants are crossing yearly than under your predecessor." "That guy? He ripped babies from their mother's bosoms? No joke. I saw it on CNN. Kamala told me at lunch she is, in fact, close to finding the root cause of illegal immigration. In the meantime, we are flying thousands of folks free to wherever they want to go! And they don't even have to pass through security. Great deal." "On that note, Mr. President, American commercial planes are having trouble getting off the ground. Are you aware?" "Hey, come on, the migrant flights at 3 AM have no trouble at all! What's this all about, champ?" "Massive flight delays, Sir." "Petey B., the Secretary of Airports, says he's on it. What's his last name, again? "Budda Judge Judy? You know him. He has a sacred obligation." "Overseas, in hindsight, should the USA have handled the Afghan withdrawal better?" "Are you kidding me, pony guy? There was no withdrawal. The Afghans still live there." "I was speaking about how our troops left." "They all flew back and landed just like the migrants. Only our troops could fly during the day." "Got it. Finally, any worries about your son Hunter being indicted?" "For what? Fleecing a few foreign governments for millions? They do that to us all the time. This is payback! No joke. I might give Hunter the Medal of Freedom. I gave it to that girl with the purple hair who kicks balls. Didn't get too close to her for obvious reasons." "Obvious reasons?" "She might have Covid." "Thank you for your time, Mr. President." "You're welcome, Lester."
  • Joe Biden Needs Help
    The 1962 New York Mets were the worst Major League Baseball team ever. They lost 120 games, winning only 40. The manager, Casey Stengel, is said to have blurted out: "can't anyone here play this game?" No, was the answer. The cabinet of President Biden is channeling those Mets. Generally speaking, this is a collection of lazy sycophants who are "advising" an administration that is incompetent beyond belief. Here is the starting lineup. Leading off, Vice-President Kamala Harris. Her favorite phrase is: "we're gonna work together." On what? Remember, President Biden put Ms. Harris in charge of improving the border disaster. Has the nation seen ANY improvement? No. The Vice-President continues to research the "root causes." Batting second, Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas. He's directly responsible for border security. Alejandro is batting zero. Nada. No hits. No hope of getting a hit. Hitting third, Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He thought the U.S. exit from Afghanistan went well. Geez. Batting fourth, the clean-up spot, Susan Rice, Domestic Policy czarina. So, how's domestic policy at your house? Sorry to ask. Next up, Janet "inflation is transitory" Yellin, chief economic advisor. We might need a pinch hitter here. Soon. The Designated Hitter is Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. When the U.S. airline industry began to collapse because of corporate greed and incompetence, Pete was on maternity leave. He's now back in the Biden dugout and says he's "mad" at the airlines. Any federal action against them, Pete? No. Pitching for the Biden team is White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre. She throws a mean slider. Standard answer: "I haven't seen that. I'll check. Let me get back to you." Is there bullpen help for Karine? No. And finally, there's Attorney General Merrick Garland. He's the third base coach who holds everyone up from scoring. Merrick is hot on the trail of the Supreme Court leaker. He's bearing down, working hard. Can't be that many folks who had access to Alito's file, right Merrick? No rush. Also, Hunter B. The Grand Jury in Delaware has been probing Hunter for two years. They may be close, right, Merrick? No rush. So there you have it, the Biden dream team. The aces of civil service, protecting and serving the American people. No joke! Right, Joe?
  • What the Far Left Really Wants
    One of the few positive things coming out of the incredible failure of the Biden administration is the decline of the progressive movement in America. As is documented, Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate but immediately embraced far-left policies after his inauguration. That led to debilitating inflation, massive federal spending, worldwide embarrassment in Afghanistan, a woke culture that has damaged millions of Americans, and a stated presidential mandate to impose " equity." The equity thing, where certain preferred groups get special treatment by both federal and state governments, has caused a horrifying spike in violent crime (minority criminals often go unpunished). In addition, Biden's ultra-dangerous open border policy (migrants dying as well as drug users) is inexplicable. Because Mr. Biden's failures are so vivid, the progressive crew that directs him is getting hammered in the court of public opinion. The crazy-left District Attorney in San Francisco was recently fired by voters, and his counterpart in Los Angeles County currently awaits the same recall fate. Progressives have lost hearts and minds but not the committed leftwing media. The Los Angeles Times, which supported DA Chesa Boudin in San Francisco and George Gascon in LA, remains unrepentant of its far-left fanaticism. In fact, that newspaper is a good roadmap to where progressives really want to go. In a recent column, Times scribe Nicholas Goldberg actually dismantles the Constitution. Please read the next paragraph carefully. "Let's be honest: the problem isn't just with the (Supreme Court) justices. The problem, at least a substantial portion of it, lies with the U.S. Constitution itself. "Yes, the hallowed Constitution, the document hammered out by 55 bewigged men in Philadelphia." Goldberg then goes on to quote radical leftist (in my opinion) David Law, who teaches at the University of Virginia: "How could it (the Constitution) possibly fit the needs of a highly diverse country of 300-plus-million people in the 21st century..." So there it is, the real progressive agenda - get rid of that arcane system of government the "white landowners" imposed back in 1787. Knock that constitutional sucker out! Goldberg then goes on to enumerate some new provisions the LA Times thinks are cool. No electoral votes, popular vote rules. So, because California has the most citizens, it would dictate many political outcomes for the entire country. Also, the states should not have two senators, Goldberg says. California should have many more than Wyoming and other small states. The right to "bear arms" is "antiquated and dangerous," writes Goldberg. It absolutely has to go. The Second Amendment should be replaced by a new mandate: "environmental rights!" Of course, the federal government would define and enforce those rights, whatever they turn out to be (say goodbye to your car). Old Nick also wants to protect "gay, transgender and women's rights" with another new constitutional amendment. Sure. Let's divide Americans along gender and color lines. President Biden would love that. The grievance list of the LA Times and its progressive staff is endless. Free everything for the "oppressed." Stick it to the haves! That is the true progressive vision. And I very much thank Nicholas Goldberg for stating it.
  • The Clueless Club
    We all know them. People whose initial response to hearing almost anything is: "Really?" Millions of folks live in the twilight. They don't know much. That's because it's hard to absorb complicated information. You have to listen and retain what you hear. Then you have to remember it. Oh, wow. That's a challenge. Especially for Americans who sailed through the public school system doing very little actual work; sadly, there are tens of millions of them. They can't speak properly, and the last book they read was "Goodnight Moon." If it's not on "Instagram," forget it. Some years back, I invented a TV segment called Watters' World. I sent Jesse Watters all over the country to ask regular folks questions like "what is the Supreme Count?" Many of the answers were hilarious - catapulting Mr. Watters to television fame. That exercise was not designed to humiliate but to enlighten. We are surrounded by people who only know what their apps show them. This presents a national problem. Many charlatans and grifters get elected to powerful positions because the electorate is, well, unsophisticated, generally speaking. Joe Biden is perhaps the best example in American history. Eighty million citizens voted for him even though he had demonstrated no problem-solving ability whatsoever. Why? Because they disliked Donald Trump. The nation voted on emotion. Few looked past Trump's personality and examined his record, which was pretty darn good, especially on the economy. But members of the "Clueless Club" are not big on analyzing stuff. It takes them away from texting about how Shirley from across the street has a booze problem. So how should Americans who do pay attention and seek the truth treat those who don't? Excellent question that requires some thought. First, the Constitution guarantees the right to be a moron. If you don't want to know about your country and society, no one can force information on you once school is over. Second, condescension is not good. If the person you're dealing with is not exactly a Ph.D., don't hire them or marry them. Otherwise, smile and wave as you depart. Third, as a former high school teacher, I know learning cannot happen unless the person actually wants knowledge. Again, we live in the iPhone age where escape from reality and responsibility is a finger click away. Always. The option to fritter your life away with trivial pursuits has never been more powerful. But if you are a phone-carrying member of the "Clueless Club," know there will be high dues. It is likely you will associate with others who enjoy the clueless lifestyle. That will make reaching your life potential much less likely to happen unless you can hit a 95 mph fastball. When I was an urchin, I watched the Mickey Mouse Club. Annette was there, so I was there. At the end of each episode, Mouseketeer Jimmy told the audience that the Disney kids liked them. My clueless friends actually believed that. But not me. My quest for knowledge was limited, but I understood the Mouse was a cartoon and the club kids were in it for the money. Kind of like politics today. Cluelessness was a contagion back then; it is an epidemic now. And it's spreading.
  • Pride in America
    These days the word "pride" is often used when discussing the gay situation. Actually, the word "gay" is rarely used the way Luther Vandross did in one of his songs describing a happy outcome. The English language has evolved in fascinating ways. On this July 4th weekend, I am thinking about a new poll from Gallup, a generally reliable outfit, unlike some polling agencies, which are flat-out dishonest. Gallup asked more than 1,000 American adults about pride in being an American. Sixty-five percent of us are proud to be citizens. Thirteen percent are not. Twenty-two percent are wishy-washy about it. You know, I haven't used the term "wishy-washy" in a long time. I missed it. The Constitution gives all Americans the right to despise the country. But only a few really do. These people are known as radicals and reactionaries - folks who never took Che's picture down or who continue to admire the Gestapo. In other words, most of the America- haters are loons. The 22 percent who aren't exactly jazzed about the red, white, and blue are generally focused on a personal grievance. Remember during the 2008 presidential campaign when First Lady Michelle Obama said she was proud of her country for the first time? Whoa. Mrs. Obama grew up in Chicago and witnessed her father, a school janitor, live a tough life. That remains a part of her. Yet, Mrs. Obama has prospered in this country far beyond almost every other American. She's wealthy and admired. Had she been born in most other places on the planet, her current success would have been impossible. Me too. My father got battered in the marketplace, although not nearly to the extent Michelle's dad did. Like her, I watched closely. William J. O'Reilly, Sr. had the opportunity but did not seize it. The Great Depression instilled a debilitating fear in him. He settled for less; he accepted unfair treatment for a light paycheck. But I did not inherit that fear. We didn't have much in Levittown, but I figured out the essence of the country in my early 20s. Find a pathway. Develop my God-given talent. Work hard. Challenge corrupt authority. Persist when you're knocked down. I have traveled to 84 countries. No other nation provides an opportunity the way America does. The immigrants know it - just ask them. That makes me proud. I live in the land of opportunity. I replace grievance with productivity. It wasn't easy, but by paying my own way, literally and figuratively, I have become a successful American. And I am grateful.
  • The Real Danger to America
    Once again, we've become the United States of Hysteria. The two Supreme Court rulings last week will not affect society much (as I will explain), but the outcry from the left-wing cadres is instructive and very important for alert Americans to understand. By ruling New York State's restrictions on law-abiding citizens carrying handguns unconstitutional, the Supreme Court simply did what the Constitution states: allow Americans to "bear" arms. The leftist view that legal self-protection will lead to more mass murder is actually foolish. Almost everyone in Vermont is allowed to carry a gun, and there are few murders there. That's because Vermont doesn't attract many violent criminals as it lacks an extensive drug market. Again, thugs who purchase guns illegally are responsible for the overwhelming number of gun crimes.  Oh, and banning weapons will not stop insane loons from killing, as the recent mass murder in Norway demonstrates. Got it, Joe Biden? The abortion ruling is a bit more problematic. Even though the procedure will remain largely available in the USA, some states will attempt to eliminate most abortions now that Roe v. Wade is no longer federal law. Other states like New York and California will continue to allow abortion anytime for any reason - something even ultra-liberal countries in Europe reject because late-term abortion is barbaric. But there is a public safety component here that pro-life Americans should consider. If a woman is in danger of physical harm by birthing a baby, that woman should have legal protection. Any state that denies that is violating the "equal protection" statute. Men cannot birth babies. Thus, in medically dangerous pregnancies, doctors and the individual women should make the decision, not the state government. Most Americans agree with that analysis; the polls prove it. So, I hope all states uphold the constitutional law and are legally challenged if they do not. There is no question that the Democrats are using guns and abortion to advance party politics. Instead of respecting citizens who believe that killing the unborn is wrong, Nancy Pelosi and her acolytes demean and defame them. Same thing with honest, law-abiding Americans who want firearms to protect themselves from harm. That view and the person who holds it is condemned by the far left. In progressive precincts, there is absolutely no tolerance for opposing points of view. And where are those "precincts?" Here's a partial list: Hollywood, especially the Disney Corporation. Ivy League colleges and most other higher-learning institutions. Much of the corporate media, including legacy newspapers in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, and almost everywhere. In addition, Democrats in the House and Senate are terrified of progressives and do their bidding, as does the Oval Office. That's quite an assemblage of intolerance, is it not? Try being pro-life in Hollywood or at Yale. You'll be attacked and shunned. That's the big takeaway from the Supreme Court reaction this week. And, by the way, intolerance should be unconstitutional. But it's not.
  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
    The title of this column is cribbed from a 1963 comedy film starring Spencer Tracy. Big hit. Greed was the subject matter. In June 2022, folks are also very mad, but not in the insane sense. They are flat-out angry. The Biden administration's incompetent handling of the economy is hurting just about everyone in the marketplace. Inflation, falling stocks, and bonds eroding real estate values - disaster across the economic board. I predicted this would happen weeks before the 2020 vote. Joe Biden is not smart enough to lead this country. Simple analysis but true. Last week, the President granted a rare interview to the press. There was a strict time limit on it. Associated Press reporter Josh Boak had precisely 30 minutes. That's about it for Mr. Biden's attention span. Boak got little out of the President as his answers were predictable and trite. Despite that, the reporter chose not to challenge, which is now the standard operating procedure for the establishment press. Gone are the days of confronting Trump with a variety of unverified allegations. Now, it's "whatever you say, Mr. Biden." No matter how dopey it is. Joe Biden told the Associated Press that Covid, Putin, and the Republicans are responsible for America's mess. Of course, the follow-up question should have been that President Trump had to deal with Covid, Putin, and Republicans, and the economy was stable when he left. But that kind of question is waaaaayyy too much for the AP. Mr. Biden also said this: "People are really, really down. They're really down." He went on to say Covid is largely responsible for the downness. This kind of malarkey is now a standard issue. However, the "down" description is interesting and wrong at the same time. What Mr. Biden doesn't accept is that the American people are not "down"; they're furious at Joe Biden. Counting "shrinkflation," where consumers get less for whatever they buy, the inflation rate is running about 11 percent. And we are all doing the math. The next number is about 60 percent of Americans believe Biden is doing a terrible job. That means the Democrats are in deep trouble, and the progressive movement, largely responsible for Biden's horrible policies, is collapsing. Good. These progressives seek to destroy the most successful country in history. There is no compromising with them. Biden himself will not run again and may even resign for "health reasons." I could be wrong but file my predictions. In the meantime, soldier on. We, the people, made a huge mistake in 2020, but we're strong enough to recover. So don't get mad; get even. Let's turn on the incompetents and subversives. We may be down, but we're not out. No more Joe Bidens.
  • Clueless Joe Biden
    In 1920, a Chicago White Sox outfielder nicknamed Shoeless Joe Jackson was banned from Major League Baseball for conspiring to fix the 1919 World Series. The accusation was that Jackson did not field his position properly, leading to the Sox losing to the Cincinnati Reds. Jackson and seven other players allegedly received bribes to "fix" the series. A Chicago newspaper reporter allegedly told Jackson: "Say it ain't so, Joe." Today, we have Clueless Joe Biden, who is presiding over a collapsing economy in America. Is Joe doing that on purpose? Inflation is running white-hot at 8.6 percent, much more if you factor in gas and food prices. In addition, the stock market is melting down this June, home values are dropping in many places, and a scary recession seems inevitable. Yet, there was Clueless Joe telling a hapless Jimmy Kimmel that the U.S. economy is the strongest in the world. Well, it WAS in Trump's last year when inflation totaled 1.4 percent and growth was steady. The folks know old Joe is jiving them. An ABC News poll released last week says just 28 percent of American adults think Biden is doing a good job handling inflation. Not sure, but I think some of the 28 percent were smoking crack when ABC called. A Quinnipiac poll also last week has Clueless Joe at 35 percent job approval. Again, who ARE those approving people? So, as Joe might say, here's the deal. President Biden is shaping up to be the worst president since indoor plumbing was invented. He's a certified disaster, crack or no crack. Donald Trump did a good job handling the economy. Americans across the board prospered. That's why the contrast to Biden is so shocking. Now, some conservatives believe Biden is purposely tanking the economy just like Shoeless Joe, and his cohorts are alleged to have sunk the White Sox. Those folks think there's a conspiracy afoot to destroy capitalism. But I don't believe that simply because I closely watch President Biden and understand these simple words: HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING. Say it slowly. And so we the people suffer. Our financial security is at risk. Our personal safety is threatened by criminals who are not prosecuted. Thirteen American soldiers were killed because Biden unnecessarily ordered a thousand vicious terrorists released from prison in Afghanistan. Millions of foreign nationals stream across the border illegally along with tons of lethal narcotics. Does Joe even know? Did Jimmy K mention any of that to him? No, he did not. Clueless meets Hapless. Instead of primetime January 6th hearings, maybe we should have the networks cover the economic chaos in real-time. Liz Cheney could host and transfer her obsession with Trump to the Democrats who are hammering working Americans. We could have charts, live shots from gas stations, and interviews from grocery store checkouts. All the while, Clueless Joe could chortle and blame Putin. To quote SNL alum Jon Lovitz: "Yeah, that's the ticket."
  • The Fall of TV News
    My father watched Walter Cronkite on the CBS News' "Twentieth Century" broadcast back in the 1960s. It was a Sunday show; dad worked too late to watch the CBS Evening News that Cronkite also anchored. I can't remember my father ever talking about old Walt, who was kind of bland. William O'Reilly, Sr. preferred the more colorful Mike Wallace on "Nightbeat."Cronkite was a titan for CBS. When he retired 41 years ago, about 28 million Americans tuned in each weekday evening to watch his broadcast. The U.S. population back then was around 200 million.Today, there are 330 million people in America but only 5 million watches the CBS Evening News. So what the deuce happened?Many things. None of them are good for television news.First, most electronic news organizations are frightened of the cancel culture. So, story selection and actual reporting are cautious - not bold and creative as they should be.Producers and reporters well know they could be fired instantly - without any due process - should they do something that angers the progressive left. We've all seen false accusations and labels such as "racist", "misogynist" and "homophobic" irresponsibly applied to public figures by "woke" fanatics. The most important point is this: those who run corporate media agencies aren't interested in fairness. They simply don't want the "cancel" guns trained on them. The result is dull news presentations and avoidance of important stories like inner-city gun violence, how drug addiction fuels social disorder, and the negative effects of President Biden's open border policy.Instead, we get the storm du jour, a rehash of whatever is hot on the net, and feature stories about how Aunt Emma still knits sweaters by hand in Duluth.Cable News is also in decline because it is very repetitive and overwhelmingly ideological. Preaching to the choir will not attract a wide audience. In general, the predictability of the presentations is stupefying.There are exceptions on the networks and on cable but my general assessment is accurate. I worked for CBS, ABC, and Fox News. I know what I'm talking about. Recently, the New York Post, using anonymous sources, laced CBS News anchor Norah O'Donnell saying her salary has been cut in half - down to $3.8 million a year. CBS denied Ms. O'Donnell is under pressure but she probably is.The TV news industry is in trouble as revenue is diminishing. It's going into Jurassic Park mode. The dinosaur era is still on display but a shadow of what it used to be.Polling says the vast majority of Americans now get their news from largely undisciplined internet sites. That's because woke pressure, ideology, and venal management have joined together to execute the golden TV news goose. Norah should be grateful she's still getting the $3.8 million.
  • Extremely Disturbing
    (San Francisco) The most powerful cleric in Northern California is a marked man. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is not backing down from denying Nancy Pelosi the Catholic sacrament of Holy Communion. And not only that, the Archbishop has publicly said that Mrs. Pelosi is in danger of "losing her soul," which is what eternal damnation is. Of course, some in the secular city by the Bay see the Catholic Church as evil, not Nancy Pelosi. In many quarters, the Church is mocked and scorned by people who worship at the altar of "reproductive rights." To them, killing the unborn is a public service. A woman named Susan wrote a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle stating this: "An abortion is not just about controlling our own bodies, it's also about protecting the physical, emotional, and the intellectual life of the mother. The one too young to raise a child... the one who can't afford a bigger family." No mention of adoption by Susan. If you don't want it, get rid of it, and don't let a pregnancy interfere with "intellectual life." It seems harsh. Babies are precious. In Catholic theology, they are cherished from conception by God. Therefore, interfering with a pregnancy is not allowed. But the United States Constitution forbids the imposition of religious beliefs. And abortion is legal in this country. However, some states want to impose limitations. Nancy Pelosi opposes all restrictions. She wants abortion on demand for any reason, all the way up to birthing. That is an extreme position and difficult to defend if you are a practicing Catholic. This is not about rape, incest, or catastrophic health damage to the mother. Those are valid protections for women in the eyes of the state. What Mrs. Pelosi advocates is no consideration for the unborn whatsoever. President Biden is in the same circumstance. But his Bishop, Wilton Gregory, stands silent. For decades, Nancy Pelosi was not sanctioned by the Church because she accepted civil law, which is permissible. But over the years, Pelosi has become an enthusiastic abortion advocate, even supporting the use of tax dollars to destroy the unborn. She must know that violates the consciences of her fellow Catholics, at least many of them. Nancy does not seem to care much about that. So what is Archbishop Cordileone supposed to do in the face of abortion zealotry? Nothing? Many Catholic clerics are afraid to advocate on behalf of the unborn. They know they will be attacked in vile ways if they do. They understand the media will viciously demonize them. But the Archbishop of this very troubled city has now made a stand, and the stones are predictably flying. Eventually, God will sort this out as life is short - especially for the aborted fetus. In the end, I believe Salvatore Cordileone will be honored. In a much more important place than San Francisco. As for Nancy Pelosi, it is not for flawed human beings to spiritually judge her even though she supports the executioner. Above our pay grade, as the cliche goes. The Archbishop did his job. The rest of us should pray for all involved.
  • Fear
    Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has a new book out that hammers Donald Trump. In America, that's an industry, is it not? Esper was fortunate enough to land an interview on "60 Minutes" where he told Norah O'Donnell that Trump wanted to attack the Mexican drug cartels with missiles. Ms. O'Donnell did not challenge the statement. Esper was misleading Norah, and the "60 Minutes" producers let her down by not researching effectively. President Trump did, indeed, consider using drone strikes against the Cartels, which are killing thousands of human beings, but only after designating the criminals "terror groups." That official action allows the United States to take military action, as I chronicle in my book "Killing the Killers," which, unlike Esper's work, is actually honest. I know this story because I discussed the scenario with Mr. Trump in private and initially reported it two years ago. The subject also came up last December during the Trump "History" shows. The former president explained in detail why he did not slap the terror label on the cartels as Mexican President Obrador finally agreed to help the USA control the border. Enter Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan who embraces and embellishes Esper's phony reporting by alleging Trump "wanted to attack Mexican drug cartels ... then deny the missiles came from us." Although that is clearly preposterous and unnecessary with the terror designation, Ms. Noonan parrots it, apparently without doing any research whatsoever. Deeply embedded in the Washington establishment, Peggy Noonan is a "never-Trumper" and has promoted the cancel culture witch hunt as well. The theme of her column involving Esper is that both political parties are now riddled with fear. "The Republicans are afraid of the Trumpers. The Democrats are afraid of the progressives. Both parties fear large parts of their base. So they lie to them ..." There is truth to that statement. If Donald Trump runs for president again, no high-profile Republican will primary him and risk alienating his supporters. On the other team, President Biden fears the far-left so much that he has embraced many of their insane policies, thereby causing grave damage to individual Americans. It would be wrong to designate the progressive left as a "terror group," but come on, the destruction of the U.S. economy speaks for itself. Ms. Noonan's column then rambles along and suddenly veers into the twilight zone as she calls for rational political debate: "I have never met a human being yet who was completely impervious - completely - to a sincere, respectful appeal to reason." Ahem. I assume that Peggy has never "met" Vladimir Putin, the Iranian Mullahs, the race-baiters on MSNBC, and thousands of other destructive fanatics who cause pain on this planet every day. Ms. Noonan should open a theme park called "Peggy's World." Disney would likely help her with it. Fantasyland could use an expansion.
  • Don't Know Much About History
    If a teenage Kamala Harris had been a student in my American History class, she would have flunked. Same thing for Joe Biden, although chalk wasn't even invented when he was in high school. Our leaders are clueless when it comes to how the United States was actually founded. Frightening, right? Let's go back in time to when Tom Jefferson, Jemmy Madison, and Ben Franklin were figuring out exactly how a government "by the people and for the people" would work. Remember, there were no models. In Europe, the peasants had few rights and did what the kings told them to do, or else it was a noose or a dungeon. The American colonies were a divided bunch. In order to get all 13 to unite and fight England, compromises had to occur. Thus, slavery was not addressed even though Massachusetts and other areas in the north believed it was wrong. Colonial leaders well understood that about 50 percent of the population would not oppose the English King. So accommodations were made for those who would fight. Tom, Jemmy, and Ben also did not want a powerful federal government because it would be too easy for an American "king" to emerge and obliterate constitutional rights. Also, the three architects of freedom feared a military coup. That's why the Second Amendment is there - to guarantee that folks would have the "right to bear arms" in case a dictator tried to seize power in the country. Memo to Ms. Kamala and Mr. Joe: the founders wanted the individual states to deal with all "social" issues - like abortion! That's why the Tenth Amendment was invented. It states that any policy not articulated in the Constitution should be handled by the states. Hello, Roe v. Wade. There is no citation for abortion or marijuana or gay marriage, or most other personal matters in the Constitution. Therefore, these issues fall under state authority—different strokes for different folks in the individual 50. However, if a state violates the constitutional rights of Americans, think Jim Crow laws, then the federal government has the authority to stop the state from doing that. With force if necessary. Are you all with me? In 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion in the USA, citing "privacy." But there is no guarantee of privacy in the Constitution. There is a private property provision, sorry, Bernie Sanders, that allows citizens to live without outside intrusion in their purchased domains as long as they don't violate the law. With abortion "rights," however, there is not just one individual. There is another presence within the domain. That would be the unborn fetus. And that's the controversy. Do Americans have the "right" under the Constitution to kill the unborn? In June, the Supreme Court is likely to rule 5-4 that each state has the authority to regulate abortion. Liberal states will continue unfettered access, conservative legislations may limit the procedure. No doubt progressives and even some pro-life people will hate that ruling. Fine, despise it. But the Tenth Amendment will rule, as they say, as it should. We live in a country where the law is interpreted by nine imperfect people. Those Supreme Court Justices head the judicial branch, which checks the power of the president and congress. Tom, Jemmy, and Ben clearly understood the system they devised was not infallible. But the American concept of freedom has led the world for almost 250 years. Let's respect that as we sort out the complicated and emotional abortion situation. And stop the politics. Please.
  • The Art of the Gloat
    Gloating is easy; it requires no skill or rigor. It is simply an unattractive technique used for one purpose only: to insult someone. Right now, a major gloat is aimed at President Biden, a man doing enormous damage to the country he was elected to serve. There is no question about that. After 15 months in office, Americans are getting hammered because of Biden's foolish economic policies and his general befuddlement on just about everything. Last week, the stock market finally capitulated, believing Joe would lead the country into a recession as George W. Bush did in 2008. Bush totally missed the crazy home lending spree, which eventually caused massive pain economically. The Obama-Biden ticket was elected because of that. Joe got the top job in 2020 despite a strong economy under President Trump. The bombastic former businessman handled economics well, his policies stimulating wages as well as energy independence before Covid shut the country down. But more than 80 million voters turned away from Trump's accomplishments and embraced Biden, who barely campaigned at all. He didn't need to. The corrupt corporate media did it for him by demonizing 'The Don' and totally ignoring his economic success as President. Today, the United States is weaker in almost every area than it was two years ago. Yet, many Biden voters are pulling a Tammy Wynette, continuing to stand by their man. It's amazing in the face of the facts, but, unfortunately, people believe what they want to believe. And some folks will never admit a mistake no matter what. The truth is that President Biden is unable to govern. That's what's spooking the financial markets. It was painful watching him last week trying to describe Russia as a "plutocracy" and a "kleptocracy." The President could not get those words out of his mouth, and his verbal attack became "stumble-ocracy." Embarrassing doesn't come close to describing it. And so the anti-Biden legions brought out the gloat once again. "Look at this guy," they postured, "he's unable in the extreme." Sadly for the country, it's true. Mr. Biden will be 80 in November, and he's not Paul McCartney, who turns 80 in June. The former Beatle is currently on a nationwide tour and apparently can remember the lyrics to his songs. Joe Biden couldn't even sing the refrain to "Hey, Jude." The United States has no choice but to tough out the Biden Administration. There's little we the people can do. The President, I believe, will not run again, and his Vice-President is as incapable as he is. This is not gloating; it is stating the truth. Gloating is a waste of time. Wising up so that something like this doesn't happen again is what every single American should be doing. Voting on emotion directly led to the leadership debacle we have right now. It's there, right before our eyes. Remember.
  • Living the Dream
    You know them. Some folks are detached from reality and have constructed a fantasy place that provides comfort from the cold world. They hide in plain sight. Let's get specific. According to the polls, about 35 percent of Americans still think President Biden is doing a good job. I guess these are the same folks who believe in the Easter Bunny who, just last week, led old Joe away from reporters. On the other side, a few days after the election of 2020, I told my audience the vote would not be overturned unless massive evidence of fraud was presented to the federal courts. Well, I took some heat from the Trump dream team, who objected to my analysis which, of course, turned out to be true. People believe what they want to believe. Most of us can be persuaded by facts, but a substantial minority cannot. They feel secure in the dream world they have created. Hustlers of all kinds exploit the dreamers; craven politicians are at the top of that list. The Green New Deal is a great example. It is simply preposterous to believe that "alternative energy" can fuel this country anytime soon. Yet, we have a president who attacked the fossil fuel industry on his first day in office, using climate change as justification. The result has been a painful reality: inflation. Joe Biden lives in a dream world, of that I am certain. And part of that construct is looking away from vexing problems. Like chaos at the southern border. Like horrendous violent crime. Like progressive indoctrination of students. We could go on. The point is that the dream weavers who continue to back Joe don't care that he often walks with Dorothy and Toto on the proverbial yellow brick road. The Biden people have convinced themselves that their guy will return us all to Kansas in the end. He will not. Some Trump people remain dreamers as well, although the historical fact is the Don provided effective governance on many levels. Something Biden has not. But progressive dreamers, including many in the corporate media, will not accept that and are now rejecting fact-based reality across the board. To them, Kamala is "amazing." The Black Lives Matter crew are noble. Cancel Culture is a positive. Socialism is justice. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. And it was stellar. But the martyred Reverend did not live in a dream world. He understood the importance of character and the power of realism. He also knew that people of fairness and positive accomplishment do not live in fantasy places. That flight obscures both accomplishment and wisdom. President Biden, I believe, is incapable of understanding exactly where he is on the life chart. He lives in a place of bunnies and hazy ideological apparitions—a place where wishing on a star substitutes for effective policies. The White House has now become a fantasyland. It is indeed a magical kingdom.
  • Blame Putin
    "You did it, you did it,you did it in a minute." - Hall & Oates Putin caused inflation. That's what Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Jen Psaki told the nation. We are dealing with the "Putin price rise." Of course, all the stats say consumer prices were going up fast before Russia invaded Ukraine but damn those pesky facts. It was Putin, for sure. Just as the devil made Flip Wilson do it a long time ago, Bad Vlad is the instigator today. And it's not just inflation. Not even close. Did you know that Putin made Will Smith slap Chris Rock? Didn't you know that? Old Will simply channeled Vlad, and boom, the Oscars stage was invaded. Jennifer Lopez reunited with Ben Affleck because of Putin. No lie. Jen is so frightened of the diminutive Vlad that she sought protection from Big Ben. The actor, not the clock. Rumor is Jen Psaki will soon blame the chaotic southern border on Putin. People in Honduras believe their country is on Vlad's invasion list, so they are getting the heck out while the getting is good. Putin is also responsible for the rise in violent crime in America. Criminals are apparently under his spell and want to violate innocent civilians like Vlad's forces are doing in Mariupol. President Biden sees this Putin thing clearly and knows his adversary is directly responsible for every single failure of his administration, and it's a long list that I can tell you. Massive airline delays - Putin's fault. Trans restrooms - Vlad did it. Critical Race Theory - invented by Putin. MSNBC - the dictator secretly runs it. The Los Angeles Lakers - Putin. Tom Brady coming out of retirement - Vlad ordered him to do it. Hunter Biden? Don't even ask. With Vlad having so much power over everything that happens in America, it is only a matter of time before the following occurs. Vlad will be appointed CEO of Disney. He will partner with Elon Musk to take over Twitter. He will be a substitute host on The View. He'll run Ocasio-Cortez's next campaign. Vlad will make Kamala Harris stop giggling. He will tour with the Rolling Stones. And finally, The New York Times will discover, through anonymous sources, that Putin forced that bird to poop on Biden's suit. I know all that sounds incredible. But it's not nearly as unbelievable as blaming the Vlad-meister for the nearly ten percent inflation rate now battering the USA. Is it?
  • Happiness is the Truth
    Putting aside all the unhappiness over politics and social disagreements, all Americans should understand the concept that divides us. It is "the pursuit of happiness." But what's that? Well, it's in the Declaration of Independence right after "life, liberty." Those concepts are self-evident, the Founders wrote. But the pursuit of happiness deal is a bit trickier. Essentially, it comes down to this: government must set up a system whereby all citizens have an equal opportunity to develop their talents and seek success without hurting anyone else. Therefore, the people have a good chance to live a prosperous life. British philosopher John Locke developed the pursuit of happiness concept way back in 1689. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin bought Locke's vision and incorporated "happiness" safeguards into the Constitution. But many Americans are now unhappy with the pursuit situation. That's because there are many false roads on the happy map. Today, progressive and some liberal Americans believe the government should "guarantee" happiness by giving folks stuff. But in order to do that, the powers-that-be have to take from other citizens. That causes angst which is in opposition to happiness. The federal government now spends trillions on giveaways and wants more. Traditional Americans believe it is the individual who is responsible for using our freedoms to succeed. With protections in place by law, conservatives do not think the government should make life harder for some groups by showing favoritism to other groups. So, the left and the right face a huge chasm. A minority of Americans say the USA is an unjust country and always has been. They want a complete overhaul. That fight has become bitter. Your humble correspondent believes America is a noble nation, but significant corruption is affecting our collective happiness. There are too many fanatics among us, and their actions can lead to oppression and suppression. Those things badly damage the happy pursuit. The solution is for good people to work together in order to provide fairness and opportunity. But in order to do that, we have to see things clearly. Recently, I gave the keynote address at a benefit for Geraldo Rivera's charity, Life's WORC. For 50 years, Geraldo has raised money to help Americans with autism. If a person has autism, they obviously cannot pursue happiness at the same level as others. Geraldo and I believe different things. But we worked together to raise nearly a million dollars to help Americans who need help. The government was not involved. If more Americans grasped the concept of individuals helping individuals, our country would rise in power and prosperity. Our collective happiness would be enhanced. That is undeniably true. And, as Pharrell Williams sings, happiness is the truth.
  • Truth, Lies, and Video Tape
    Apparently, Russia's Defense Minister has now gone missing, joining hundreds of journalists who have vanished after criticizing Putin. Another casualty of the Ukraine war, which is not going well for bad Vlad. In the USA, we have many press people who are missing in a figurative sense: they don't know much about anything, weak backgrounds in history and civics. When I comment that President Biden might go down in history alongside President Buchanan, do you think members of the White House press corps know what I'm talking about? Each morning, I get a bunch of newspapers delivered to my home. Sadly, the printed information is often old if you have a computer. The speed of the internet has made the papers obsolete in hard news coverage. And editorially, most print organizations live in the last house on the left. If you're not in a guest room there, why do you need the paper? Because I run an independent news agency that delivers information on television and radio, my staff emails me a document called the "newsfax" early in the morning. Here, the information is current and accurate. To supplement the newspapers and fax, I often monitor TV News to assess what video is available. And watching American electronic media has become depressing, generally speaking. That's because it's incredibly repetitive and mostly devoid of creative analysis and smart reporting. The reason that's happened is that the corporate moguls who run the TV News operations want followers on the air, people who will gladly take orders. CNN is the most vivid example. Time-Warner ruined the network by demanding that on-air talent tow a liberal line and, most especially, demonize Donald Trump. The direct result of that corporate policy was a disastrous scandal starring Chris Cuomo and his direct supervisor, Jeff Zucker. You may remember my on-air debates with Jon Stewart and the late Charles Krauthammer. Two very smart guys, one on the left, the other on the right. The conversations were spirited and unpredictable. Do you see anything like that on TV today? Let me know. The reason we don't often view unique content is that corporations don't need astute analysis, wit, or even curiosity. They make big money without all that. In addition to the cash flow, the moguls delight in shaping the news - not actually reporting it. The stark truth is, in America, corporate and social media provide cover for the liberal philosophy and the Democratic Party. That has resulted in the calamity that is the Biden administration. And all of us, even the corporate chieftains, are being adversely affected by the President's destructive policies. This is truly a terrible situation, one the Founders could never have foreseen. Powerful social media combines with legacy corporations to promote and protect a leftist belief system. That is the truth. But absolutely no one will be set free by it.
  • The Hunter Becomes the Prey
    So now we know the laptop containing Hunter Biden's shady business dealings is real because the New York Times finally admitted it after 18 months of suppressing the story. Not that we didn't already know that Hunter grifted a number of foreign nations using his father's position as vice-president - we did. Honest Americans definitely realized that. We also understand that the corporate media, including the giant internet operations, canceled a legitimate news story that might have influenced voters in the 2020 presidential election. In addition, it is beyond any doubt that while Hunter's loathsome money-making schemes were being denied and censored, including direct repudiations from Joe Biden, the phony Russian-Collusion story was being heavily promoted by the corporate press. The deceitful one-two media punch absolutely influenced the election of 2020. So by doing the math - this is the biggest media scandal in American history. And it's not even close. Now, last week Vladimir Putin made it a crime in Russia to criticize the invasion of Ukraine. Should the US Congress make it a criminal offense to dishonestly influence a presidential vote? Yes, it should. Heavy fines should be imposed for demonstrably false reporting on campaigns. When a presidential election can be battered by dishonest media partisanship, this country has to do SOMETHING. Let's methodically review using only facts.On October 19, 2020, the liberal website Politico ran a report alleging the Hunter Biden-laptop discovery was Russian "disinformation" designed to hurt Joe Biden and help Donald Trump. Politico cited 50 "national security" experts who agreed. Politico is not and never has been a fair and trustworthy operation. Back then, it was primarily interested in hurting Trump. Nevertheless, the corporate media couldn't get on the phony Russian "disinformation" train fast enough. Night after night, NBC News and CNN pounded the story - so much so that legitimate reporting about the laptop got banned on Facebook and Twitter. So you tell me, do we let this media outrage go? Or do we the people demand that Congress pass safeguards to protect presidential elections? The Justice Department is currently investigating Hunter Biden, but the Biden administration oversees Attorney General Garland. What SHOULD happen is an independent counsel investigation because, according to Hunter, his father, the President, received a "taste" of the millions of dollars that somehow appeared in Hunter's wallet. The presumption of innocence has to be in play here because Hunter might have been smoking crack when he wrote that, but clarity is definitely needed. Over in Russia, 250 media people have either gone missing or been murdered under the Putin regime. Obviously, we don't have anything like that in the USA. What we do have is massive media deceit. And while that's not life and death, it is badly hurting the country.
  • The Prince of Darkness
    Billionaire George Soros is after Presidents Putin and Xi of China.  He wants them canceled right this minute.  The 92-year-old Soros recently wrote an internet column saying they were enemies of democracy.  The Soros line that caught my eye: "We can only hope that Putin and Xi will be removed from power before they can destroy our civilization." Well, this is rich, pun intended.  The shadowy currency-trader is outraged by the two totalitarians.  In the column, Soros claims he is promoting "democracy." How nice.   In the real world, George Soros is sieging America, donating untold millions of dollars to destroy the criminal justice system and influence voting patterns.  According to Forbes Magazine, Soros is worth $8.6 billion and recently pumped $125 million into something called "Democracy PAC," run by his son, Alexander.   As you may know, but most Americans don't, George Soros is a driving force behind electing far-left prosecutors.  He champions their insane soft on crime policies like "no bail" laws and failure to enforce criminal statutes at all.   If you follow the news, the situation is dire.  Thousands of Americans have been killed in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia because violent criminals are often not prosecuted by corrupt DA's - many of whom received significant campaign donations from the Soros organizations.   So, while the radical leftist is railing against violent foreign leaders, his cash is fueling dangerous American streets.  Whether it's open borders, massive intrusions from homeless drug addicts, demonizing the police, or a permissive view of narcotics, George Soros and his heavy wallet are on board the pain train.   I have no doubt that Soros wrote his condemnation of Putin and Xi as an attempt to rehabilitate his image in the United States.  The damage this man has done to our society through his "Open Society" Foundation is incalculable, in my opinion.  And it's all completely legal.  His battery of lawyers knows every comma of the "non-profit" industry guidelines.   Putin and Xi are obviously dangerous to the world, just as Soros is a danger to America.  His unlimited money is quietly used to advance the most radical politicians and causes; there is no question about that.  Again, few truly understand how pernicious this man really is.   I call him the Prince of Darkness and if you don't believe me, look him up on Google.  Then think about the horrific rise in violent crime, the collapse of civility and public safety, the porous border where migrants and fentanyl pour in on a daily basis while George Soros writes another check.   So it is absolutely hideous to see this guy "virtue-signal" over the Russian and Chinese dictators.  I know what you're doing, George.  Bucks instead of bombs. But both are agents of destruction.
  • Defeating Putin
    So, Vlad the dictator is evil. When you order your army to attack civilians with deadly weapons, you are evil. You may be shrewd, short, balding, and beady-eyed, but the evilness kind of overshadows all that. The question now becomes how to defeat Putin. Did I mention he's evil? Most people want to crush him, but not all. Incredibly, there are those who say Russia has a perfect right to inflict violence on Ukraine because that country was courting the west. Therefore, Russia was "threatened." There is dumb, and there is dumber. That point of view is the dumbest. Who in the west is threatening Russia? Joe Biden? Old Joe? You may remember Putin stole Crimea away from Ukraine in 2014, and President Obama did little about it. A few sanctions. Putin yawned. Biden said nothing as Vice President. Is Germany threatening Russia? How about Lithuania? The truth is that all NATO countries do everything they can to avoid conflict. Most don't even pay their dues. But Putin is threatened. Sure. Vlad is emotionally damaged, of that, I am sure. And he controls nukes that could barbecue the world. So, he has to go, and his "war crimes" in Ukraine provide a nice excuse to see that happen. The initial sanctions are ripping up the Russian economy, the 17th largest in the world. Remember, the Russian people don't have very much to begin with, so destitution can set in fast. The Ruble has lost about 40 percent of its value since Putin decided to murder civilians in Ukraine. Now, major credit card companies are refusing any charges made in Russia, denying people purchasing power. No longer easy to step out on the steppes. Nyet good, right former comrade? To break Putin, more sanctions are needed, and so is a ramp-up in western and Saudi oil production, so nobody buys fuel from Russia. The climate warriors will howl, but I say this: you really want to see Global Warming? Just wait til Putin drops a thermal on Brussels! How about we all wise up? It's time. If the west can bring down Putin using economics, that friendly guy Xi in China will certainly get the message. And the world might be saved from a catastrophic Communist invasion of Taiwan. Therefore, Putin must be defeated, and economic strangulation is the best way to do that. A shooting war could kill hundreds of thousands. It's the last resort. But crippling Russia's capacity to conduct commerce is doable, and, eventually, the folks will turn on dictator Vlad and his evil madness. Let's give the SOB a devil of a time.
  • Putin's Biden His Time
    The Long Island newspaper Newsday is calling for all Americans to rally around President Biden in the conflict with Russia. Its editorial on February 26 states: "The undercutting of Biden by Republicans as he actively navigates armed conflict is shameful. The nation was stronger when domestic political squabbling ended at the water's edge." Squabbling? As a liberal paper, Newsday's analysis is to be expected. But what's happening in the USA and all over the world is far more than political disagreement. What we have here is a weak leader of the free world up against strong totalitarian killers in Russia, China and Iran. In Ukraine, it is not really the Russian army against an independent country. It is Putin vs. Biden, mano-a-mano. While Newsday and other media that favor the Democrats look away from reality, wise Americans should not. We the people, elected a weak man to lead us. Let's admit it. And now the country and the world are suffering. Putin's Hitler imitation was not caused by Joe Biden, but he enabled it by attacking the American energy industry, thereby giving the evil Russian dictator billions in cash. While Biden was surrendering to the climate change warriors, Putin supplied oil and coal to the world - most notably to NATO allies. So, are we supposed to ignore this colossal mistake made by President Biden pretty much all by himself? And even after the unforced error, Biden still refuses to ramp up American energy production! What say you, Newsday? Joe Biden will likely go down in history alongside disastrous presidents like James Buchanan and Herbert Hoover. Buchanan did absolutely nothing to stop the gathering Civil War in the late 1850s, even allowing secessionists to loot federal arsenals, reminiscent of Biden-Afghanistan. Hoover didn't cause the Great Depression ( just as Biden didn't cause Ukraine), but he sat there denying federal relief to starving Americans for two exceedingly painful years! What Buchanan, Hoover, and Biden all have in common is failure to govern from strength. That's a fact. Should Americans ignore that fact "at the water's edge"? It is true that some partisans will hammer the other side no matter what the circumstance, and that is destructive to our Republic. But in order to stop destructive policies like open borders, rampant inflation, erosion of criminal justice, you can't just rally behind the guy who's responsible - even if Biden is trying to contain the homicidal Putin. As a concerned citizen of the world, I want Biden and NATO to crush Russia. But I also want to banish weak leadership going forward. Biden is the poster guy for policy failure. Rallying around that would be madness.
  • The Mob Mentality
    Be thankful you were not a pioneer in America. Life on the western frontier was brutal—few comforts, no law, and danger everywhere. In the midst of that arose "frontier justice," where settlers dished out punishments to perceived miscreants without much deliberation. Steal a horse; you could be hanged by the neck until dead. Commit a violent crime; termination by the mob was common. In many places, the presumption of innocence did not exist. Today, the mob mentality has returned to the United States driven by social media, where there are few protections. Anonymous "trolls" can assassinate individual characters, destroy businesses, and even threaten personal safety. Few police agencies have the resources to investigate, and internet companies generally deny responsibility for injustice. The mob knows it can inflict grave damage to people with little risk. Hello, Tombstone. Freedom of Speech is now being used against the American people. Let's count the ways. Good people who might want to run for office are often dissuaded because they will likely be smeared and their families seared. Few candidates escape that. Organizations funded by ideological fanatics like George Soros incite boycotts against businesses. It's easy on the net. Just put out an allegation and demand a company change something or fire someone. Corporations often fold quickly, meaning few in the marketplace are safe. Attacks organized on the net can hurt profits, and the bosses know it. Better to give the mob what it wants. Amid this madness, power has shifted. Anonymous character assassins on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media are on the march. Due process has been obliterated. Allegations become facts at light speed. Dark money allows dishonest political groups to threaten sponsors and anyone who might hold influence. If you don't do what the mob wants - it could very well come for you. No one is safe. Every public person is one accusation away from ruin. Corrupt lawyers are lined up to exploit accusations, demanding big money "settlements." Blackmail, extortion, and defamation are now common occurrences against the social media backdrop. This is our country and society today—millions of swords, no shields. If you fight back in civil court, the ordeal will last years and likely cost millions. The mob has all the weapons. The result is massive injustice and a rapidly declining interchange of ideas. Most folks fear the mob and flee from it. The bad guys are winning.
  • How to Speak Progressive
    If you are bewitched, bothered, or bewildered by how the far left communicates, then this column will be a safe space for you. Way back in 2006, I wrote a book called "Culture Warrior," which quickly became a number one bestseller. In that book, I put forth the goals of the progressive movement - what they really want besides power and money. Now, 16 years later, it has all come true. The far-left controls the man in the White House, most TV News operations, newspapers, and Hollywood. I'd say that's an impressive resume. But many Americans still don't understand the progressive language, so I am here to help. That's just the kind of guy I am. Behold, the lexicon. Social Justice. The big one. The tent under which most minority grievances are displayed. Equity. The solution to social injustice. The government and private enterprise favoring minority groups and sometimes women. Restorative Justice. The movement not to punish criminals with incarceration. This, of course, has led to thousands of murdered Americans, most of them minorities. Climate Justice. The destruction of the fossil fuel industry and the allocation of massive government funds to support mostly speculative alternative energy plans. Economic Justice. Guaranteed jobs and salaries. Income Inequality. Another big progressive tenet. This is the justification for socialism whereby the federal government controls the money flow to Americans - taking from the "haves," giving to the "have nots" with no work requirements or substance testing for the folks receiving other people's money. Inclusion. Preference for certain social categories, i.e., gay, trans. Food Insecurity. Free food for the poor. Housing Insecurity. Free or heavily subsidized shelter for the poor. Reproductive Rights. Abortion on demand at any time, for any reason, funded with taxpayer dollars. No rights for the unborn or their fathers. There are other far-left codes, but those are the headlines. Progressives have now reached the apex of their power, with the ill-informed having no idea about what is actually happening. So, this is quite the brave new world, is it not? And I don't think President Biden and Vice President Harris would object to any of it, which is frightening. And know this: If progressives get what they want, there will be no safe spaces. What you have earned throughout your life with sacrifice will become a target of seizure by a powerful government. That's the plan. However, there is still time to defeat it. The November vote will be key.
  • Does the NFL Hate Cops?
    Never liked rap or hip hop. I'm an Earth, Wind & Fire, O'Jays kind of guy. Classic tunes that uplift and spread joy. On Sunday next, during the Super Bowl halftime show, the world will be treated to a rap fest featuring performers who have embraced violent, anti-police lyrics. We used to see musicians like Paul McCartney and Prince perform at the Super Bowl. Not anymore. Now under the banner of "diversity and inclusion," National Football League chief Roger Goodell is showcasing some pretty vile "entertainment." Remember, Goodell is the guy who allows "social justice" slogans like "Black Lives Matter" to be printed on helmets worn during games. I have not seen "Back the Blue" on any football helmets, have you? Why is this slogan thing a one-way street? The headliners this coming Sunday are Snoop Dogg (Calvin Broadus), Dr. Dre (Andre Young), and Eminem (Marshall Mathers, no relation to Jerry). All three have made tens of millions of dollars putting out recordings that contain harsh, disrespectful lyrics, which can be corrosive, especially to children and other immature minds. Let's look at the resumes. First Calvin. "All you (n word) out there, take your guns that you use to shoot each other and start shooting these bitch-ass mother (fing) police." That's from Snoop's latest recording, one I presume Mr. Goodell enjoys very much. Next, there's Andre Young, aka Dr. Dre. "Shoot that (mf-er), gas (mf-er) police." And finally, the always effervescent Eminem. "We hate po-po (police)." On the surface, this halftime show is strange. The NFL is run by millionaire white guys who have little interest in street culture. Yes, many of the players listen to rap-hip hop, but I believe it is not yet piped into the huddle. Maybe next year. Since the Super Bowl used to be a family-friendly event, what the deuce is Goodell doing, and why are American corporations sponsoring the exposition? Two reasons. The fat cats want to be woke and cool. And they believe few will protest this anti-American stuff for fear of being canceled. I fully realize just by criticizing the halftime show; I'll be branded a racist. That's the way it works these days; go up against the "progressive" agenda, the demons will descend. And the progressives do not like American law enforcement. The truth is we all live in a society of corruption, and, incredibly, the white establishment is advancing the cultural danger. Rapping about killing police officers should be unacceptable in a civilized society, not rewarded. I don't expect to hear the Snoopster or the Doctor or Mr. Mathers curse or threaten violence during the halftime performance on Sunday. Even the woke NFL will draw that line. But we should all understand exactly how those guys got on that world stage. And who put them there.
  • Teach the Children Well
    In the 1950s, American school kids celebrated the coming of summer with a poem:   "No more pencils, No more books, No more teacher's Dirty looks!"   Today, the "dirty looks" are cast at traditional grading as much has changed in the nation's public schools. Progressive policies that harm children are being installed around the country, but many don't understand what's really going on because there is little media coverage.   Let's analyze the effort to eliminate grades. According to leftist philosophy, traditional grading is racist because some minority students are deprived and can't compete with privileged white children. And there is some truth to that. I saw it first hand while teaching high school in a ghetto north of Miami, Florida.   The progressive solution is to eliminate "A to F" evaluations and replace them with a totally subjective "does the student understand the classwork" mandate.   That system allows the teacher vast power because there's no specific academic baseline. Also, many schools are under pressure to promote kids even if they don't know anything and the teachers know it.   Those who embrace this soft academic approach justify it by citing slavery, societal bias, and anti-American grievance in general.   But the real reason so many minority children don't compete well in school is poor parenting. The same goes for white and Native-American students. In fact, few children of any race can succeed academically if they live in chaotic homes with parents who don't care about them.   That. Is. The. Truth.   And unless the public school system acknowledges that truth, children in terrible circumstances will not prosper. I mean, how could they possibly compete in the marketplace with the "white privilege" crew? And if young Americans can't compete, what is likely to happen? You can do the math on that question.   The largest school district in the country, New York City, spends more than $28,000 per student each year. Yet, most kids cannot master Math and English. The average Catholic school spends half that, and those students perform much better academically.   Why? Simple. Parents who pay to send their kids to Catholic schools obviously care about academic discipline because that's what most private schools provide.   Public schools often do not foster discipline. And now, in New York City, classroom attendance is no longer even required for academic evaluation, nor is civil conduct.   The cold reality is that the progressive educational zealots are setting up deprived kids for lifelong failure. There is no skin color factor when it comes to native intelligence. Under disciplined circumstances, almost every child can learn and develop their talents.   But just like the criminal-justice system, the progressives want to eliminate accountability and are playing the race card to do it.   What a colossal mistake.  
  • Killing the Vampire
    While roaming the world for the syndicated reality program "Inside Edition", I found myself in the Eastern European country of Romania.  The government there was trying to create tourism off the infamous fictional vampire Dracula.  The Bram Stoker creation is actually based on a real guy; a vicious Medieval warlord named Vlad Tepes who annoyed his neighbors by impaling them. No Vlad Putin jokes, please. As I drove around the Carpathian Mountains, still primitive but beautiful country, I interviewed a number of folks who actually believe in vampires.  They told me the only way to destroy one is to drive a stake through the creature's heart. For some strange reason, that Romanian trip popped into my mind while watching President Biden's unsettling press conference last week.  I am certain old Joe is not among the undead because he'd be much more alert if he was. Now, here's why I bring up the vampire thing.  The progressive movement is so tied into the Biden presidency that if he falls, the radicals do, too.  If the President continues to falter, progressive policies will receive a symbolic stake through the heart. And that's the best thing that may come out of Mr. Biden's tenure. Here's why.  Progressives, generally speaking, believe America is a bad place. So they want to change pretty much everything.  Here's a list. Replace capitalism with socialism where Washington runs the economy and levies draconian (had to use that word) taxation on corporations and affluent citizens. Crush existing immigration laws and open the borders to all. "Reimagine" the criminal justice system so that most people who commit crimes are not punished. Change election laws so even non-citizens can cast a ballot and voter IDs are abolished. Institute a "One World" foreign policy where the USA could not take unilateral action. Ban handguns for US citizens. Ban all protections for the unborn. Institute government-enforced "equity" for minority groups whereby they would get preferential treatment including reparations for slavery. Institute Critical Race Theory teaching in public schools and abolish grades. There's more but those are the headlines. So, here's my question: shouldn't the progressive movement receive a stake through the heart to end this madness once and for all? I believe the correct answer is YES! Again, if Biden and Kamala Harris go down, they are likely to take the radical leftists with them.  Ocasio-Cortez, George Clooney, and Bette Midler are worried. CNN and MSNBC, already on the run, would be finished. Stakes are being sharpened.  And the bad guys know it.
  • Call Him Mr. Blue
    Boomers may remember a song by the Fleetwoods called "Mr. Blue."  It hit number one in 1959.  If they do a remake, President Biden should demand royalties because he is that guy: the blue man without the group.  The blue state commander.  And if he's not feeling blue himself, he should be.  Because nothing is going right for Mr. Blue.Let's start with the dog he brought to the White House.  Almost immediately, the pooch started biting Secret Service agents.  An eviction notice went out, and Major was deported to Delaware.Simultaneously, Joe Biden decided not to enforce immigration law at the border so millions of people are illegally crossing, most untested for Covid.  How is this a good thing for the country, Mr. Blue?  No answer has been forthcoming.In conjunction with the open border came presidential attacks on the oil and gas industry in the name of climate change. Twelve months later, inflation has climbed 10 percent because energy prices surged. Mr. Blue said last week he is making progress solving the problem? But how?No one knows.Then came the cut and run from Afghanistan.  Then another Covid surge. Then a proposed new election law that discouraged IDs for voters.  But why?  We did get an answer to that question.  IDs are racist.Oh.Then Mr. Blue went down in flames on the two trillion dollar "Build Back Better" deal. No one could quite figure out where all the tax money would actually go.  Joe didn't know just as he doesn't know how to contain Omicron.  He again says he's making progress.  Maybe inflation will catch Omicron.I could go on singing the blues and directing the notes towards Mr. Blue who is still waiting for Kamala Harris' report on the "root causes" of border jumping. Maybe I can help here.Mr. President and Ms. Vice President: the root cause of illegal border crossings is that the USA is a better country than Honduras.  You can fill in the names of other countries around the world to strengthen the point.So let's wrap this up with a new poll that may make Joe Biden even bluer.  A Quinnipiac survey says just a third of the country believes he is doing a good job as president.  The rumor is many of the 33 percent are from Honduras.As President Blue begins his second year in office the outlook for his presidency is dubious, to be kind.  In about ten months a red wave may obliterate the blue power structure in place now.  Those midterms are coming up fast and color me skeptical about Joe Biden's future.  Next November it might very well be black and blue for the big guy.
  • It's a Propaganda World, After All
    One of the most evil men ever to walk the earth was Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda. His lies about Poland led the planet into the Second World War and his demonization of the Jewish people was the foundation of the Holocaust.   As vile as Goebbels was, he murdered his own children in Hitler's bunker, he is considered a genius and is the orchestrator of today's incredible propaganda machine, which is aided and abetted by the internet. Goebbels understood two basic things: that most human beings are generally uninformed and believe what they want to believe. And that if you repeat a falsehood often enough, many will think it's true. Today in America the corporate media largely controls the flow of information to the people. Social media companies are the most dominant in that area. And to these powerful companies, information is money. Truth has little to do with it. Media companies target audiences and serve up what those folks want to hear. Like Germany in the 1930s and early '40s, restraints are few when dishing out dishonest garbage. Two recent examples of propaganda from both ideological perspectives. The liberal line is that President Trump "instigated" the riot on January 6, 2021. But we now know that Mr. Trump made a request to the Pentagon on January 5 asking that 10,000 National Guard members be committed to protecting the Capitol and supervising the gathering crowd in Washington. President Trump could not directly order the Guard to the streets or to the Capitol grounds. By law, the DC mayor and the Speaker of the House have to make a request first. Muriel Bowser and Nancy Pelosi did not do that even though both knew there was trouble brewing. So, if Mr. Trump really wanted violence why would he request the Guard? And why is the House panel investigating January 6 ignoring the Pentagon's documentation of his request? The media is also silent about evidence that destroys the "instigation" theory, as well as the possible January 6 culpability of Bowser and Pelosi. This is a propaganda scenario at the highest level. On the right, you also have madness about the Capitol riot. There is video of two men urging demonstrators to invade the building housing Congress. Neither man has been arrested. One man's name is known, the other anonymous so far. During a recent radio interview, the host asked me about "FBI undercover agents" spurring on the mob. She said she heard that on Fox News and talk radio. She believes the two men caught on video work for the FBI in some capacity and that's why they haven't been arrested. Of course, there is no evidence showing any Bureau involvement - it's a conspiracy theory. And it's preposterous. How could anyone think the FBI, already under fire for the Russian Collusion fiasco, would participate in a seditious attack? But millions of people apparently do believe that. Propaganda is dangerous. It can destroy the truth and distort reality. It can certainly lead to violence as history shows us. And it is here. In a big way.
  • The Sun Shades the Truth
    The Florida Sun-Sentinel is a struggling newspaper that serves the counties of Broward and Palm Beach.  In December, the paper dishonestly covered the Trump/O'Reilly History show reporting that an abundance of seats in the Fort Lauderdale arena went unsold.  The truth is the show grossed two million dollars in ticket sales, a reality that somehow went unmentioned by the newspaper which sought to denigrate the tour anyway it could.In fact, the crowd was so large the Secret Service was caught by surprise resulting in a delay of folks getting into the building. The Sun-Sentinel used this opportunity to take pictures of empty seats that would eventually be filled.So, this is a bad operation that needs to be examined.  And I have done that.  The paper is extremely liberal, despises Donald Trump, and routinely props up radical left ideology.Recently, the Sun-Sentinel hammered Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for banning Critical Race Theory teaching in Florida Public Schools.  The newspaper accused DeSantis and the entire Republican Party of perpetuating the notion "that racism did not have a major influence on American history and that it is not an issue now."That's quite an accusation but I can find no statement Governor DeSantis has ever made that comes close to the Sun-Sentinel's allegation.  Perhaps the paper can print some backup to educate me.Don't count on it.Again, the truth is that other than covering high school football games, this so-called newspaper is in business to help the progressive cause.  So, admit it, Sun-Sentinel people!  State the truth - it will set you free, so to speak.If you doubt what I am reporting here's a nifty quote the paper ran supporting Critical Race Theory: "Racism in the United States is the ordinary experience of people of color.  Often it takes the form of verbal or behavioral slights that may be subtle and even unconscious."And who is promoting that "ordinary experience?"  Well, that would have to be white people including young children, correct?  I mean who else could be doing it?Of course, even if it is "unconscious," evil racism should be placed in the backpacks of seven-year-olds by "woke" teachers who majored in witch-hunting, right Sun-Sentinel?By all means, let's have CRT taught in schools - that's certain to foster racial harmony among students, right Sun-Sentinel?  Desperately wrong.  Equating white skin with historical and contemporary evil crushes childhood while promoting confusion and division in undeveloped minds.  Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.When idiocy is combined with dishonesty, malevolence appears and it is likely this awful Sun-Sentinel newspaper will soon go under.It can't be soon enough.
  • The Ghost of Policies Past
    According to legend, there are many ghosts residing in the White House, apparitions that go all the way back to President Martin Van Buren. The "Little Magician," as he was called, once allegedly appeared to a trembling Chester Arthur asking a simple question: "how the heck did you get in here?"President Arthur hid under the covers.As Christmas Eve evolves into early Christmas morning, I fear that Joe Biden may receive a visit from another spirit; that of Jimmy Carter. Stranger things have happened in the White House. Just ask Bill Clinton.Anyway, if my intuition is correct, the scene might go this way."Jooooooooe, awaken Joe! I've been sent to warn you. Heed what I say!""Is that you, Jimmy. I'd know that accent anywhere.""It is I, Joseph, the ghost of bad policies past. And I have a question: what in tarnation are you doing?""No joke. I don't know what I'm doing. Can you help?""Jooooooe! Don't you remember the gas lines in the late 1970s? I messed with the energy industry and got my tush kicked!""But climate change...""Silence! Gas and heating oil price rises have ignited inflation! People are angry, Joe. People are getting hammered financially!""If in fact ....""It is a fact, Joe. Just look at Tiny Tim. He can no longer afford a Big Mac.""No, I can't bear it. Tiny Tim denied fast food?""And the border, it's wide open. Millions of folks just walking in here. Why, Joe, why?""Future Democrat voters, Jimmy. I'm not being facetious.""Jooooooe, your approval rating with current voters is 9 percent. And can you explain Kamala?""Well, they like her less than me. If in fact.""Joe, look out the window and see the future. There's Tiny Tim wearing a Trump hat. To the right is Nancy Pelosi retiring from the House after your party loses 100 seats next November. And finally, wait, I feel another ghostly presence! Why it's Ronald Reagan.""Good evening, gentlemen, it's nice to be back in the White House this Christmas morning. It's tough riding horses in Santa Barbara when you're invisible.""Do you have words of wisdom for me too, President Reagan?""Yes, Joe, I do. Just keep doing what you're doing!"
  • The Covid Hidden Agenda
    In the USA, the anti-vaxxers are dug in. Despite President Biden's promise to convince more than 70 percent of the adult population to accept the Covid shots, compliance remains in the 61 percent range. That's millions of folks vulnerable to the virus and the spread of it. Hard-right people and African Americans remain the primary resistors. Both groups say the same thing: they don't trust the government. So the Covid beat continues to vex the nation.The progressive movement is firmly behind forcing people to get vaccinated. The US Constitution doesn't permit that unless Congress passes a new law, but the leftists are putting pressure on local governments to isolate the unvaxxed from commerce.And it's worse in Europe. Starting in February it looks like Austrians could be fined just over $4,000 a month for refusing to get vaccinated.Some on the right put forth that the totalitarian left, which dominates the progressive movement, is using the pandemic to set up an all-powerful central government in America. The corrupt media scoffs at that but I say - not so fast.Let's travel down to New Zealand, an isolated island nation located between Australia and South America. Just 5 million people live there and they are known as Kiwis.New Zealand is a very liberal country but has an extremely harsh Covid footprint. Even though only 46 Kiwis have died from Covid and 80 percent of the population is vaxxed, the Wellington government continues to lock down the country. Want to fly in for a look? You can't. All international travel is banned. Everyone is required to wear masks outside, no large groups are allowed.Not a lot of protests over the tough measures. Kiwis are generally doing what they are told to do.Now comes word that New Zealand plans to ban cigarettes. Not allowed, you'll be punished if you smoke them.After successfully ordering strict Covid rules, the New Zealand government, a democracy, is now on the hunt to ban stuff, forever.This is exactly what some conservatives in America predicted. That a centralized progressive government would use Covid to attack personal choice. You will comply or else.Finally, I believe it is my patriotic duty to get vaxxed. I don't especially trust the government but I'm not a conspiracy monger. I believe the medical research and encourage others to do the same.But the Kiwis have lost freedoms because the people have empowered the militant government. And that is worth thinking about.
  • Stupid Is As Stupid Does
    Forrest Gump would be perplexed by the policies of the Biden administration. I hesitate to use the word "stupid" but Forrest might not be. Name-calling is tedious but sometimes a situation can only be described with a solid insult; thus stupid is in play.Watching President Biden is now almost a full-time job for me. But I don't want to mimic the media Trump-haters who bashed the 45th president nonstop. That was corrupt and hurt this country dramatically.With Joe Biden, I feel a mixture of sadness and anger. He is damaging America faster than any other president before him. A recent Trafalgar poll shows that we the people know that. Mr. Biden's job approval rating stands at 36 percent, a disaster by any measure.My sadness comes because Joe Biden is a diminished man. I believe he is not in control of the Executive Branch and is growing mentally weaker every day. Of course, I could be wrong. But the evidence is on my side.A few stark examples of President Biden's inexplicable decision-making.What did he think was going to happen when he opened the southern border during a vicious pandemic to anyone who asked for asylum? Did he not understand that millions of foreign nationals would show up here, some with Covid? Biden has never explained his decision.What did the President think would happen when he attacked the American gas and oil industry? Did he believe shutting pipelines and imposing regulations would lead to price stability in the energy markets? Now, Americans are getting hammered financially. He says it's just temporary. Maybe he's predicting a Trump re-election.How about Afghanistan? Did the Commander-in-Chief think by cutting and running that something positive would happen? US weapons worth billions fell into the hands of the Taliban. Thousands of homicidal terrorists were set free from the Bagram prison. One of them murdered 13 American troops just days later.President Biden told the world his Afghan strategy was excellent.Finally, crime. The progressive left controls Biden and its policies of no bail, far fewer prosecutions, and demonizing the police have directly led to the murders of thousands of Americans. You are not safe in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and many other big cities. The street violence is shocking. Has President Biden addressed this in any meaningful way?No, he has not.Mr. Gump nailed it with his mantra: stupid is as stupid does. For a moment, put aside the insulting word and just analyze Biden's policies.What would you call them?
  • A Very Biden Thanksgiving
    The Biden family has a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving on Nantucket, an island belonging to Massachusetts. Very nice place if you can afford to live there.  Few can.The President's crew celebrated at the home of David Rubinstein, 72, a billionaire four times over.  Rubinstein made his fortune taking over companies and then reselling them for huge profits.  Elizabeth Warren hates him.The Biden family had plenty of room to roam in the lavish, ocean-front estate worth about $20 million.  Hunter Biden, in particular, found the environment much to his liking and was overheard saying: "Man, this is better than Ukraine."His dad was also overheard asking Rubinstein: "You're richer than Barack's friends on Martha's Vineyard, right?"The following is a partial transcript of the Thanksgiving dinner conversation.  Be forewarned, it came to me from anonymous sources, people widely quoted in the Woodward books.  So, I can't vouch.  Anyway, here we go.President Biden: If, in fact, it is Thanksgiving ...Jill Biden: Joe, honey, it is a fact - it's Thanksgiving!David Rubinstein: Welcome, everyone, to our beach house.  We hope you enjoy the weekend, let the meal begin!Hunter Biden: I'm expecting a call from Beijing.  How's the cell service here?Jill Biden: Hunter, sweetheart, let's say grace.Hunter Biden: Grace?  She's here?Jill: No, the prayer.President Biden:  The Pope told me I'm a good Catholic, I know lots of prayers.  At least I think that's what he said. He was speaking in rapid Spanish and kept asking if I wanted my parking ticket validated.  If, in fact, I drove there which I think I did.David Rubinstein:  We have everything you could possibly want and I paid my fair share of taxes on the groceries which were 40 percent more expensive than last year.President Biden: Here's the deal, pass the mashed potatoes.  You know, David, we Bidens don't pay for anything.  Never have.  The government picks up everything.  Right, Hunter?Hunter Biden: It's the greatest deal!  I don't even have a job!Jill Biden: Let's pause to think about the less fortunate on this Thanksgiving.President Biden: Man, that would be everybody.  But I'm thinking specifically about Barack and Michelle.David Rubinstein: So, Mr. President, how's Build Back Better going?President Biden:  What?Jill Biden: You know, Joe, the five trillion dollar spending bills?President Biden: That's incredible.  Can we really spend that much?  How many zeros is that?Jill Biden: It's going great, David, we should get it passed by the lunar eclipse three years from now.President Biden: Then everyone would pay their fair share except Hunter.  We can't find his offshore accounts in the Caymans.Hunter: You'll never find them, Dad ... (much chuckling and chortling).Jill Biden: Oh, you guys!  May I raise a Thanksgiving toast: here's to our gracious host, David, who has more money than anyone Michelle even knows!President Biden: And pays his fair share, that's what Anderson Cooper told me.Hunter:  I may have left another laptop at a pawn shop in Nantucket Town.Jill Biden: Oh, honey, again?President Biden: If, in fact, he did, The New York Times will never run the story. That's so great!Hunter Biden:  Just thought of something. Where's Kamala today?Jill Biden: Your father sent her to the border to give turkeys to the three million, six hundred and thirty thousand migrants who have joined us since the inauguration!Hunter Biden: So, that means she went to LA.President Biden: Kamala?Jill Biden:  Your Vice President, cupcake?President Biden:  Yes, yes.  So enjoy, everyone.  Thanks, David.  And to all, a goodnight!Hunter Biden: That's Christmas, dad.President Biden: Zzzzzzz
  • Joe and Kyle
    The entire national media missed the second lead of the Rittenhouse verdict. While most fair-minded people anticipated an acquittal on the murder charges, the reaction to the not guilty mandate quickly took over reportage on the TV news networks.   But instead of analyzing the only reaction that really matters, the statement from the President of the United States, the ratings-desperate networks gave us the Squad, Kaepernick, and the always astute Bette Midler. Why? Everyone knows the far-left branded 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse a "white supremacist" moments after the story broke on August 25. And if you're a white racist, you are guilty of everything. You don't even deserve a trial. The supremacist narrative was gleefully promoted by the progressive media even though evidence of Rittenhouse being a violent ideologue is non-existent. He is simply an immature kid who put himself and others in danger. He's lucky to be alive. Two men he encountered on the white-hot streets of Kenosha are not alive. But there was overwhelming evidence they aggressively encountered Rittenhouse. Another man who was wounded even pointed a handgun at the boy at close range. In any civilized society, you have a right to self-defense even if you put yourself in a lethal situation, which Rittenhouse did. Enter the increasingly irrational President. His office quickly turned out a statement saying Americans must "accept" the verdict. But Mr. Biden then said he was "angry" about the jury's decision. That is shocking in the historical sense. Why is the leader of the country angry? Does he think the folks on the jury are corrupt? Bigoted? Stupid? What's the deal, Joe? What most likely happened is Biden's handlers told him to cast aspersions on the justice system. The progressive program is that most everything in the USA is manipulated by racist white men. So once again, Biden did what he was told to do despite admitting he watched none of the trial. Do the social math on that. Last January I told my audience that I would give Joe Biden a chance. But it is clear to me today that the President is harming this nation in profound ways. His embrace of people who despise this country is inexplicable. His policies are a disaster across the board. Mr. Biden's "anger" is just another pander to the dark forces who want to eliminate due process, foster racial hatred, and punish the "white patriarchy." Yes, he may not fully understand what he's doing. But another three years of him in the Oval Office will bring tragedy to this nation.
  • The Titanic People
    They went down with the ship. Incompetence and poor planning doomed them. On April 15, 1912, around 1,500 passengers and crew died ghastly deaths in the freezing North Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic hit an iceberg and there were only 20 lifeboats secured on the vessel - room for 1,178 people. That was the lethal problem as there were an estimated 2,224 on board. Criminal negligence. The lack of planning led to horror. Today, the United States of America lacks planning in any meaningful way because its President simply is not able to do his job. You know the list, humiliation in Afghanistan, no preparation for supply chain problems, disastrous energy decisions, damaging inflation. While the confused Attorney General threatens parents at school board meetings, thousands are murdered in big-city streets. Putin is massing Russian troops on the Polish border, China is salivating over the "Build Back Better" bill knowing it will reap billions of dollars in "green" product buys. In the face of all that and much more, polls say 40 percent of American adults continue to believe Joe Biden is doing a good job. Incomprehensible. I divide the daydream believers into three main categories. The largest group will not consume information unless a wildfire is in their front yard. Totally detached from reality, this crew could not care less what happens in their country as long as they can negotiate a Big Mac. The second category is comprised of zealots, progressive fanatics who, unlike the first group, actually despise America. Black Lives Matter, George Soros, Colin Kaepernick, more than a few commentators paid by NBC/Comcast to utter far-left hate gibberish on MSNBC. That group relishes the decline of the country. When Mr. Biden recently said he would finally begin to "discuss" the corrosive inflation surge with "experts," the Bernie Sanders cadre smiled. When the government prints trillions of dollars to cover centralized spending, Joe, inflation will go up. Fast. Bring socialist Bernie in, he'll explain how worthy that is if you want a revolt in the free marketplace. The last crew are the Trump haters. Biden is better than Trump, no matter what. See you at the bottom of the ocean. Collectively, I brand the above-described Americans the "The Titanic People" because they support Biden's incredible ineptitude and seem to be willing to go down with the ship. Just last week the President asked rhetorically, "did you ever think you'd be paying this much for a gallon of gas?" No, Joe, we didn't. Not until you began destroying the American energy industry on your first day in office." Then many of us recoiled and knew. But not the Titanic people. They still don't know nor do they care.
  • Corruption
    According to recent surveys, Americans don't trust the federal government nor do they have much faith in the press. Whether the topic is the 2020 presidential election, or the Covid vaccine, or spending billions of taxpayer dollars to stop global warming, suspicion reigns.And that skepticism is well placed.Back in 2016, when Donald Trump began succeeding in his quest to become the 45th President, a nasty scheme emerged to destroy him.The media dubbed it "Russian Collusion" and, for years, ran wild with speculation that Russia was either helping or blackmailing Donald Trump.  Perhaps both.Here's how it worked. The FBI was fed phony accusations by "operatives" that led to the Bureau launching a formal investigation.  Using unverified information which turned out to be fictional, secret federal warrants were obtained that allowed spying on the Trump campaign.  Along with that, untrue information was leaked by "anonymous sources" to the leftist media led by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and NBC News.The Times even won a Pulitzer Prize for covering the phony story.  Not for exposing it as bogus, but for printing the falsehoods without attribution.  One Times reporter, Maggie Haberman, reportedly wrote more than 100 stories critical of Trump using anonymous sources.Let me repeat: the New York Times won the most prestigious journalism award in the world for essentially spreading false information.The American taxpayer then picked up a $35 million dollar tab for a "special investigation" headed by Independent Counsel Robert Mueller.The probe found there was no verifiable collusion with Russia. But it took two years for that to be determined.  In the meantime, Donald Trump was savaged daily in the press.Now another investigation, this one headed by US Attorney John Durham, is finally issuing indictments in this incredible situation. Three individuals have been charged and the emerging picture is that the bogus Russian Collusion story was concocted and financed by Hillary Clinton's campaign.If true, that would be one of the most corrupt political actions in American history.Mrs. Clinton will, of course, deny any knowledge of criminality.  And she is entitled to the presumption of innocence that Donald Trump did not receive.  Mr. Trump, himself, is rightfully furious over this whole thing and has called for the Pulitzer committee to revoke the prize.  That will never happen.Why?  Because the media industry is so corrupt that false stories no longer matter. Not one news agency has apologized for dereliction of duty in using a fabricated scenario to vilify and smear the Republican presidential candidate.The lesson here is frightening: when the national press is corrupt, devious political players know they can get away with outright fraud and massive deceit.And that's where we are in the United States today.  Ronald Reagan once said: "trust but verify."  But verification no longer matters to a national press infected with an ideological virus.  Thus, there is no trust.
  • The Woke vs. The Awakened
    So now the "tomahawk chop" that fans do at the Atlanta Braves stadium is racist.  Does Jane Fonda know?  While married to one-time Braves owner Ted Turner, the liberal icon was chopping all over the place.Shame, shame, Jane!Doesn't she understand doing a tomahawk motion in support of a baseball team demeans Native Americans? Especially when it's done by white fans who apparently are insensitive to what their ancestors did to the Indians.Wait, can I say Indians?  Is "original settlers" better?"  I don't know.  Maybe the very woke Sports Illustrated magazine can tell me.  It ran the piece calling millions of fans racist for doing the chop.Then there's the Melrose, Massachusetts school district which banished Halloween. Not sure why but something about minority kids being scared.  That seems to be a bit racist, doesn't it?  Only non-white children are frightened by the Eve of All Hallows?  Who knew?How about those new US Passports with no gender listed.  Just an "X."  Why X, why not K?  I can't answer that question but I will say if you try to enter Saudi Arabia with a passport stating you're an X, you might be in line for a while.I sense an awakening coming.  A backlash against the woke monsters who are devouring American culture one display at a time.  Woke is essentially a totalitarian movement perfected by that champion virtue-signaler Mao Zedong.  Beginning in 1949, the corpulent Mao completely wiped out traditional Chinese culture, replacing it with communist woke stuff.And if you didn't accept Mao's version of woke-ism, he had you shot.  Power to the people!Joe Biden is woke even though he is fond of naps.  Last week he appointed a "gender-equity" czarina.  Can I say czarina?  If not, I apologize.The President likes diversity as well.  And really loves social justice along with environmental justice.  He wants to spend $550 million taxpayer dollars to ensure "justice" is served.  Mr. Biden says it's "an investment."  Got it!The woke monsters are everywhere, reminding us what we can no longer say or do. They are often snooty zealots who might have tried out for Mao's "Red Guards" in '49.  They are on a mission to collapse independent thought and turn Americans into politically correct pod people.But some folks are awakening to the threat here.  This woke madness has taken root and is largely supported by the corporate media.  Disney is perhaps the most woke company on the planet even as it charges $235 a ticket to visit its theme parks over Christmas vacation.  Not sure if that promotes diversity.The truth is that we the people, collectively,  have more power than the corrupt media and we outnumber the woke monsters by a big margin.So we have to mobilize to defeat this madness.  Let's peacefully confront those who are acting as thought police. Simply tell those people to knock it off in your presence.And then do the tomahawk chop.
  • Protecting Joe
    The stage was set.  CNN had the evening nicely positioned for a Town Hall with President Biden.  A liberal audience in Baltimore along with the very friendly Anderson Cooper who's been there before.  What could go wrong?Nothing.  Well, maybe one thing.Nobody watched.Just 1.3 million viewers tuned in.  Fox News crushed the Biden exposition, even the hapless MSNBC had significantly more viewers.  Now, that circumstance happens daily on the Cable News Network because it's largely boring and biased. But when you heavily promote a 90 minute special with the President of the United States, you expect more than 1.3.  Come on, man, there are 330-million people in this country!Joe Biden, himself, was energetic and fairly relaxed on camera.  He understood that CNN had gathered audience questions in advance and there would be few of a challenging nature.  Mr. Biden also knew that Cooper would save him if he faltered - and old Anderson came through by quickly getting away from the border issue.From the start, Mr. Biden stayed on message by promising to give Americans trillions of dollars in government subsidies.  Even when a civilian asked when gas prices would drop, Joe predicted next year but don't worry about it.  There are government giveaways that will compensate for higher fuel costs. Joey Warbucks is on the case.Sadly, the question and answer format was tedious.  Largely because the President has no solutions to problems and Cooper wouldn't ask probing questions because the fix was in.Example.  Mr. Biden adamantly supports Covid mandates and the left-leaning audience applauded his opinion. At that point, Anderson Cooper could have asked a very simple but necessary question: "Mr. President, if mandates suppress the spread of Covid, why does Florida have the lowest transmission rate in the nation. As you know, Florida passed a law BANNING mandates."Again, Mr. Cooper could have asked that question.  And CNN could apologize for totally botching the "Russian-collusion" thing.Neither will ever happen.My favorite moment was when Joe Biden actually told the world he hasn't had time to visit the southern border, which is under siege from foreign nationals.  No joke, Mr. Biden said he has no time. Anderson Cooper just stood there, mouth closed.And now you know why the American people don't have time to watch the President on CNN.
  • The Steal
    It was always wrong.  But no one could explain exactly how votes were being corrupted in the 2020 presidential election.  Trump legal people like Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell ran around condemning voting machines and promoting shady allegations of fraud.  But they could never produce forensic evidence of wrongdoing - and both have suffered greatly for their advocacy.Attorney General William Barr publicly stated that election fraud was committed. Then he disappeared.  To this day, President Trump is crazed over the vote. But he and his supporters were on the wrong trail.I, your humble correspondent, watched closely as the situation unfolded. Corruption in precincts like Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia is not exactly unheard of - is it?But, again, no hard evidence came forward and I accurately reported that.Now, a terrible picture is beginning to emerge and ground zero is Silicon Valley, California.That's where Mark Zuckerberg lives.  The Facebook chief apparently took a very large financial interest in the Trump/Biden race for the White House.  How large? Well, how about $420 million dollars.According to a number of reports which have not been denied, Mr. Zuckerberg donated that colossal amount of money to couple of "non-partisan," tax-exempt political operations:  The Center for Technology and Civic Life and The Center for Election Innovation and Research.Turns out these two "centers" are about as non-partisan as Nancy Pelosi.Reporter Mollie Hemingway, who works for Heritage, investigated the Zuckerberg situation and calls it "genius."Here's how it worked. "Vote Navigators" were paid well to canvas mostly poor neighborhoods that traditionally vote for Democrats. Often, these ballot mercenaries would go inside the homes of voters. Even though it is a crime in all 50 states to "electioneer" at polling places where you walk into and vote, it is not a criminal activity for a third party to interfere with a mail-in ballot.  That's the vital loophole. Thousands of navigators flooded the democrat precincts In Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia - all states that were close between Biden and Trump. The navigators "assisted" voters in filling out ballots and, at times, "cured" mistakes.  That means they corrected ballots so they wouldn't be thrown out. Sometimes the hired political guns took the actual ballots from the folks and brought them to polling places.  That is called "bundling." The result was a much higher vote count for Joe Biden, as citizens who rarely participate in elections did so with the tutoring.So, now we know why the left loves mail-in ballots so much.  They can easily be manipulated with guys like Zuckerberg donating cash to make it happen.By the way, Marky Mark broke no laws. What he did was perfectly legal and if the states don't crack down on this colossal con, it will happen again in 2024.Donald Trump lost some of the states mentioned above by extremely small margins.  So, this is an enormously important story.But chances are you will not see it on the network news because the fix is in there, as well.  A situation of this magnitude should be front page, lead on TV, for days.That will not happen and "the steal" could very well continue next time around.  So goes our democracy.
  • Eyes Wide Shut
    Perhaps the most incompetent president in American history arrived in Chicago last week to encourage Windy City residents to vax up.  Joe Biden was on a mission to save lives, he said.  He was looking out for the folks.  He is the Covid slayer.Long-time Chicago journalist John Kass was outraged as Biden met with Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker.  Obsessed with the vaccine, the President failed to address the slaughter of primarily black people on the streets of Chicago.  The violence has been going on for years and the Democratic machine that controls the city doesn't care if young black children become homicide stats as 7-year-old Serenity Broughton did a few weeks ago.  Serenity and her six-year-old sister, Aubrey, were sitting in their parent's car when the bullets suddenly came. Aubrey was shot in the chest but survived.Joe Biden most likely doesn't know about the little girls and, based upon his rhetoric and actions, couldn't care less.  What he SHOULD know is that Democrat prosecutors in the nation's three largest cities, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, routinely drop felony charges against violent individuals.  Ask any cop in those towns. The law enforcement strategy embraced by the progressive movement is directly leading to thousands of violent deaths across this country.So, where is President Biden on the issue? Nowhere, that's where.  He's too busy calling his own country a racist place to actually deal with real racism: the horrendous murder toll among African-Americans.Joe Biden doesn't have to think about that safe in his Rehoboth Beach enclave.  He can't see the drug gangs wielding weapons from his cloister inside the White House. In fact, Mr. Biden is totally blind on just about every serious problem the nation faces.He's not alone.  Governor Pritzker, a corpulent poser with a bad dye job, has run Illinois into the ground.  This year alone, 185 people have been shot driving on Chicago Expressways.  But Pritzker is safe; he has a state police escort.Biden and his band of progressive deconstructionists are gravely harming all Americans.  The collapse of public safety on the streets and at the border is obvious if you want to look.But Joe Biden doesn't want to look. He is too busy doing what his far-left handlers tell him to do - too befuddled to actually run the country in an effective way.He is truly a man with his eyes wide shut.
  • Beware, the Pronoun
    With sincere apologies to Jesus, there are some people I cannot abide by.  I do believe we are all God's children, but certain folks I have encountered need to go to boarding school.  Forever.  So I don't have to deal with them.UnChristian?  Certainly.  Intolerant, all day long.  I hope the deity forgives me.My judgmental attitude really kicked into gear during the late 1960s.  That was the time when young people actually said things like: "It's far out, man.  Groovy, not a drag at all.  Know what I'm sayin'?  Right on!"Right back.  Then I disappeared faster than a muffin on a cruise ship.Cliches drive me insane but using words to fill the air with foolish garbage is far worse.  So, now, I would like to warn you about contemporary words and phrases that signal danger.Let's begin with "cisgender."  This word is almost always used by leftists who flunked biology.  It means "a person whose sense of identity corresponds with birth sex." So, if you're born a male you act like a boy and later a man.  That's cisgender.However, woke people object and I guess they also despise the Spencer Davis Group who once loudly wailed: "I'm a man, yes I am, and I can't help but love you so!"If you hear a person lamenting "cisgender" behavior, run fast.Next up is " empower."  This word is mostly used by folks who believe they are victims and want to arrange some payback.  Don't wait around.Then there are people who demand "safe spaces."  Once again, they are often among the victim crew who are constantly offended by "micro-aggressions."  If you are near someone seeking a "safe space," follow Paul Simon's simple philosophy: "just slip out the back, Jack..."And finally, people who object to "cultural appropriation."  Those folks amuse me from a distance because I won't get anywhere near them.  There is a big list of banned Halloween costumes because of CA.Let's see.  Want to dress up as Cochise, the great Apache chief?  Are you freakin' kidding?  Sociology students from Yale will burn down your house.How about wearing a Mexican sombrero? Uh, no.  But you can dress up like a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day.  Can't figure that one out.Back to the Eve of All Hallows.  Mrs. Doubtfire?  No.  Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie, don't even think about it.  George Washington?  Slaveowner.  General Patton, way too many micro-aggressions!Peter Pan?  Watch it.  Cinderella?  Too dependent on the prince and cisgender to boot.  Pinocchio, the nose might make some feel bad.The list of banned costumes and words is endless.  The entire cultural madness we are seeing is right out of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".  About the only thing sane people can do is employ another phrase from the 1960s.Beat feet.
  • The Rules
    Man, it's not easy to be a woke progressive these days.  So many controversies, so little time to think up ways to justify a far-left lifestyle.  It's crazy.  So, I am here to help.  Here are some rules to lighten the burden of woke Americans.No criticism of minority communities. Don't do it, ever.  The CDC says only about 30 percent of African-Americans have accepted Covid vaccinations.  A very low number.  Blacks have a reason to be suspicious of authority but, again, ignore the situation.  Concentrate on demonizing Trump voters who are anti-vax.Sometimes you will have to shake your head when President Biden comes up in conversation.  But never, ever concede that he may be incompetent.  Just deflect back to Trump.  The best way to protect your guy Joe is to despise Donald.  Easy one, right?On the collapse of the southern border always play the "compassion card."  That makes you noble and then you can dismiss those who would like to see immigration laws enforced as horrible, mean individuals.  Have a quote handy from Pope Francis to do this.But never use the Pope on abortion.  He called it "homicide" last week.  How dare he?  That's an outrage.  Fetal heartbeat - doesn't matter.  Make it clear that you, the progressive, worship at the altar of reproductive rights.  Play the "women's rights" card because you'll draw a straight flush.Do not, I repeat do not - say you're a socialist.  Even if you are.  Bernie Sanders has it covered so you don't need to be Leon Trotsky.  If someone asks you point-blank 'are you a socialist?' you immediately quote John Belushi ..."nooooooooooo!"However, you should always point out that billionaires and corporations aren't paying their "fair share."  Now, I understand that mantra may be vastly overused but so what?  It shuts up those greedy capitalists, right?Finally, the most important progressive rule is to find offense.  This is your daily chore.  You must be offended at least five times a day so you can lash out on Twitter against the oppressors.  This rule has been very effective on college campuses and is perfect for shutting down opposing points of view.  Simply say "I don't feel safe."  Then point out who is scaring you and demand they be punished.This is the core woke rule: no opposition will be tolerated under any circumstances because you are frightened of "micro-aggressions" and have a perfect right to be.Summing up, I hope all of you progressives feel better, safer, and more "empowered" after hearing these rules. And one more thing.  Forget about the Golden Rule that says treat others as you would like to be treated.  That's obsolete. Today, it's my way or we bury you under the highway.An excellent progressive rule for the road, so to speak.
  • The Deception Zone
    Last week President Biden read the teleprompter for a few minutes touting his $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill.  Even though the smart money knows this is a flat-out socialist scheme, the President says it is not and loudly proclaimed: "I'm a capitalist!"Well, we know Hunter Biden is a crony capitalist but dad?  Here's the truth: he is what his handlers tell him to be.In the speech, Mr. Biden embraced deception the way my Corgi consumes dinner, ferociously.  Let's run it down.The overarching Biden point is that the U.S. tax code is crooked and rich white guys benefit most.  Okay, so why doesn't the President call for a "flat tax" where all corporate and private loopholes are banished and taxation is based on a percentage of gross income and profits?The more you earn, the more you pay with reasonable caps so companies and private citizens are not "punished for success."I'll tell you why Joe Biden doesn't do that. First, his home state of Delaware is the Shangri-La of corporate tax loopholes and Biden protects that.  And secondly, a flat tax is fair to working Americans so the progressives would lose their grievance card.Now back to the speech.The President began his deception by saying this: "Here's the simple truth.  For a long time, this economy has worked great for those at the very top, while ordinary, hardworking Americans ... have been basically cut out of the deal."But that statement is misleading in the extreme.Six years ago, the median household income in the USA was $56,516 according to  Now it's close to $68,000. That's a colossal jump, especially because inflation was not a factor in the Trump economy.Minority workers also benefited under President Trump.  In 2019, the smallest gap in history between white-black unemployment rates proved that.But Joe Biden is unfazed by facts and data.  He sees his job as telling Americans they are getting screwed by greedy white men.  "The fact is our economy faced challenges long before this pandemic struck.  Working people were struggling to make it long before the pandemic arrived.Struggling?  The fact is Americans have one of the highest living standards in the world coupled with the most opportunity anywhere on the planet.  That's because of capitalism.  We produce far more than any European nation per capita. No one is even close.Not enough for Joe Biden.  He wants the federal government in charge of distributing wealth, not the private sector. His giveaways in the so-called "infrastructure bill" are endless with the goal of creating citizen dependency on Washington.In response to Biden's massive spending proposal, even some liberal economists are worried about the deleterious effects of higher taxes on those who drive the economy. Writing in The New York Times, Harvard economics professor N. Gregory Mankiw says this: "Compassion is a virtue, but so is respect for those who are talented, hardworking and successful."The entire $3.5 trillion package is too big and too risky.  The wiser course is to take more incremental steps rather than try to remake the economy in one fell swoop."But President Biden and the word "wise" are not compatible.  The progressives want a European-style socialist system immediately and old Joe has bought in.There is no deception in that analysis.  It is absolutely true.  No joke.
  • Lost
    While various corporate news people spotlight the intense division in America, which the corrupt media cheers on, few will report the real story facing this country: the amazing ability of President Biden to create disastrous situations.The Covid mandates are the latest demonstration of Mr. Biden’s incompetence.  Instead of rallying the nation to combat the virus on a personal level, the President demonizes the unvaccinated and tries to punish them.It’s not that the basic premise is wrong - it isn’t.  Unvaccinated adults are allowing the virus to spread quicker.  That’s the truth no matter what the far-right puts forth.  But by going full-tilt authoritarian, Biden gives ammunition to the vaccine resistors, makes them sympathetic in some quarters.  Thus, anti-vax opposition deepens and more Americans get sick.We all know how Mr. Biden screwed up Afghanistan, and his destruction of America’s border security is a big-time scandal - even if the corrupt corporate media ignores it.But the worst may be yet to come.Here’s the brutal truth: Joe Biden is not able to mentally assess cause and effect. He was stunned when Afghanistan fell, not understanding his foolish strategy led to it.He completely hides from the collapsing southern border even though his executive orders to stop the wall and cease immediate deportations to Mexico have caused millions of migrants to cross illegally into the USA.Biden’s attack on the American oil industry has directly led to higher pump prices, his embrace of late-term abortion has angered millions of human beings who were allowed to be birthed.The radical-left progressives who run Biden know full well the man cannot grasp the consequences of his actions.  And the US economy is up next.The socialists understand that only making millions of Americans dependent on government handouts will incite a change from capitalism to federal control of the economy.  Socialism will only happen if Americans give up trying to earn their prosperity and allow Washington to “provide.”That’s what the $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill is all about - creating dependence on government giveaways. Free stuff is a powerful drug.President Biden, in my opinion, is totally oblivious to the consequences of record government spending and the draconian tax hikes that will accompany it.  And when the economy crashes, which it will if this insane spending continues, Biden will do exactly what he did with Afghanistan: declare some kind of “excellent” outcome.But this time Americans will feel the pain directly - just as the Afghans are today.President Biden is completely lost.  And so are many of the folks who are enabling him.  But not all.  There are forces in this country actually rooting for the demise of traditional America.  And Joe Biden, knowingly or not, is helping them.
  • The Biden Circumstance
    Unintended consequences often lead to crushing reality.  When we do something that doesn’t work out (job, marriage, investment) there is usually hell to pay, as the cliche goes.That’s where President Biden finds himself on Afghanistan.  The botched US withdrawal will haunt him the rest of his days and will hurt America in a variety of ways.It doesn’t matter what Jen Psaki, the minister of propaganda, or the corrupt corporate media puts forth.  The truth is that only a heroic action in the future by the President could mitigate this colossal screwup. Place your bets now if you think old Joe will deliver heroism.Let’s start with the reinvigorated jihadist movement.  Now, the fanatical Muslim killers have a huge safe haven.  If they have cable in hell, Osama bin Laden is dancing with the devil.As Americans endure the 20th anniversary of 9/11, terrorists all over the world have reason to mobilize.  A weak US president encourages that.Then there is Great Britain, America’s most important ally.  The government there apparently thinks Biden is a ninny. Even leftist Brits are generally appalled the USA did not work with Downing Street in abandoning Afghanistan.China and Russia have to be very pleased by Joe Biden’s failure.  Expect trouble from those countries shortly.But it is in the United States where the consequences will be most immediately felt.  Joe Biden is now a weakened leader, all the job approval polling demonstrates that.  So, his domestic agenda will be more difficult to pass.  Many in Congress believe he is a detriment to the country so his “bully pulpit” is receding. Fast.Independent-minded voters have eyes. They clearly see that Biden is not really in command and his policies have been terrible at the southern border and in Afghanistan.  Economic hardship will likely follow and that will absolutely alienate working-class Americans.Joe Biden can hide but he cannot run from his circumstance.  Again, only a big win by the President can reverse his very visible failures.  He is now being compared to Jimmy Carter as the midterm elections loom.It isn’t completely over for Mr. Biden, but he’s behind by many touchdowns in the first quarter.  And the world knows it.
  • Time for Straight Talk
    This column will take no prisoners.  Nor will it evacuate anyone.  No, what I am writing needs to be said and I will say it.President Biden is not able to effectively run the United States of America.  He is directly responsible for the death and destruction in Afghanistan as well as thousands of poor migrants being brutalized in Mexico at this very moment.These are humanitarian disasters on a massive scale.Mr. Biden is a diminished man living in a world of delusion.  And now the entire world knows it.No one really understands who, exactly, is running the Executive Branch of the U.S. government.  It is certainly not Joe Biden. But the President hired his staff and the cabinet members and the woke Generals, who are embarrassing the military and putting them in grave danger.The corrupt corporate media is also responsible for the incredible mess Biden has caused in seven months.  Its destructive hatred of President Trump has led us to this point.  The press did everything it could, including peddling rank falsehoods, to demean and destroy Mr. Trump.  The result: perhaps the most incompetent leader in American history today works in the Oval Office.Even now, anti-Trump fanatics like Juan Williams and Matthew Dowd spew incomprehensible gibberish about what a great job old Joe is doing.The Democratic Party is also responsible for the madness that’s on vivid display. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not answer questions about Afghanistan. Why should she?  The Congresswoman can’t even explain why her own San Francisco district is overrun with criminality and social chaos.  In addition, every single American who voted for Joe Biden is indirectly responsible for America’s dramatic decline.  And it’s not just overseas or at the border.  Inflation is galloping, the individual work ethic is being destroyed - right along with important American traditions like due process and self-reliance.Yes, most people who voted for Biden did so to get rid of Trump.  But casting a ballot on emotion almost always leads to disaster.  And that’s what we are now facing as a nation.Like many Americans, I cringe when the President of the United States has to answer questions or read the teleprompter.  I’ve been around long enough to know when a person is not able to do a job.  There is no debate about this - Joe Biden cannot run the country and the damage he is doing is incalculable.As for a comeback, come on, man (as Biden might say)!  Biology is a definite science.  Every person ages.  All of us are slaves to time.Joe Biden’s time has passed.  He is not capable of complicated decision-making. He and his band of enablers are not going to improve.That’s the truth.  I’m glad I told it.
  • Riding Out the Storm
    Sorry, this column is a bit late but it’s Henri’s fault.  The hurricane whipped through my backyard in eastern Long Island but did little damage other than scaring Holly the Terror Dog.While preparing for Henri, I did a metaphorical thing; calculating the odds that President Biden will ride out storm Afghanistan.Trump and Bush, the younger, would have been decimated by the corrupt media had the Afghan chaos happened on their watches.  Most sane people know that. Mr. Biden is getting some jazz from his enablers but, trust me on this, they are looking for a hard news diversion.  One will arise soon.But it really doesn’t matter.  The American people now know for certain that Joe Biden cannot do his job.  And the fact that he refuses to acknowledge any screwups whatsoever just highlights his confused state of mind.For months, I have been telling you the President is a diminished man.  I did not cheap-shot him with dementia allegations or other personal stuff.  I simply know he is not able to run this country responsibly. This is not an ideological analysis even though the progressive left controls Biden.  It’s simple: Joe Biden cannot retain information or absorb details about complicated situations. That is the truth.So what now?  Well, the Republicans should do very well in the midterm elections.  That vote in November 2022, is crucial if traditional America is to be saved.  It’s not that GOP politicians are brilliant or noble.  Many are a long way from that.  But all this socialism woke fascism, and racial equity will never be a part of the Republican platform.I don’t expect President Biden to be replaced by Kamala Harris.  The Democrat leadership understands she will never win over the majority of voters.  So, the blue people will ride out Biden, hoping for a miracle.History does have a way of self-correcting and the United States has always come back strong from disasters.  We will this time too, I believe.  But not before more pain - express delivered by a federal government which has completely lost its way.So, it’s up to "we the people" to save the country once again.  No other way out.
  • Quite a Cuomo-tion
    CNN will not fire Chris Cuomo. Unless, of course, he refuses to get vaxxed. Then he’ll be outta there faster than the network’s falling ratings.And Mr. Cuomo shouldn’t be sacked simply for being a good brother. Loyalty in America is now rare because it requires caring about another person enough to put yourself at risk. 'What? What’s that? Loyalty?' I can hear the millennial confusion from coast to coast.Here’s how I see this: Chris Cuomo believes his governor brother is innocent of intentional misbehavior because that’s what Andrew Cuomo quite clearly says. And in close-knit families, you support your siblings.Before the workplace allegations, Chris had put Andy on his CNN program a number of times and they yukked it up - despite thousands of senior citizens dying in New York nursing homes because of Governor Cuomo’s reckless Covid order. Chris might have been lifting weights when that happened because he didn’t really address it. And he should have known better than to play Bud Abbott to Andy’s Lou Costello.So where was CNN’s management while the Andy and Chris show was flowering? Well, they were where they always are - practicing being “woke.” Old people? Not a money demographic. Unless they’re trans old people.The CNN poohbahs encouraged the Brother Act so how can they now fire a guy they, themselves, allowed to run wild? And what would be the reason for termination? Violating journalistic standards? Come on. Chris Cuomo’s program has nothing to do with journalism - it is designed and executed to give leftwing folks solace. Cuomo isn’t a bad guy, he’s a pliant guy. He does what CNN wants him to do.In fact, that network is doing so poorly, it might consider a new primetime show called “The Cuomo Promo.” Chris and Andrew would co-anchor discussing a variety of topics such as narcissism and capitalizing on your famous name. The bros seem to have some chemistry and maybe people would watch. Maybe not.In the end, Chris Cuomo will keep his job because his boss, Jeff Zucker, likes him. That’s loyalty too, in a somewhat twisted way. And all this talk about “standards” is the biggest baloney sandwich in the world.Summing up: the Cuomo brothers once had it all - just like Bogie and Bacall. But now the ghost of bad karma has paid them a visit and the confrontation was harsh.No need to pile on.
  • The Mob
    “Cancel my subscription to the resurrection."- The Doors Most Americans are fed up with the woke mob.  I firmly believe that.  They understand the vicious premise of that crew.  The virtue-signaling, the arrogant superiority, the condemnation of anyone who refuses to bow to political correctness.If you had to break down the mob’s philosophy to its essence it would be this: they think they are superior human beings, better than you and me. In reality, the woke fanatics are totalitarians.  They want to hurt folks who hold opposing points of view.  They support taking their jobs, humiliating them with unproven accusations (Bret Kavanaugh), even banishing human beings from society. Recently, the woke mob in San Francisco tried to cancel Abraham Lincoln’s name from a school.  The backlash was tremendous so even in the shining city of woke, the totalitarians had to back down. But, believe me, they have not learned their lesson. The truth is that anyone could be grievously harmed by the cancel culture movement.  We are all fallible and weak in certain areas.  And, if you are a traditional public person, the woke mob may very well come for you. Here’s the proof.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be canceled today because of his relationship with Lucy Mercer.  America’s best general in World War II, George Patton, would be banished for his overall demeanor. General Dwight Eisenhower might be court-martialed today over his relationship with Kay Summersby.  Don’t even ask about John F. Kennedy. President Nixon was effectively canceled and deserved it.  Lyndon Johnson got away with his dastardly treatment of women.  In this environment, LBJ would be in solitary confinement on his Texas ranch. Ronald Reagan would have been canceled over his hijinks in Hollywood before his political career.  The 'woke' came for President Bush the Elder over affair rumors.  Mr. Bush escaped but he wouldn’t today. Like JFK, don’t even mention Bill Clinton.The point is the woke mob takes no prisoners if you are a non-liberal and, now, even the Andrew Cuomo’s of the world are in the destruction zone.  I am certain the New York Governor is shocked by his demise.  He shouldn’t be - he earned it - and even his phony woke posture in the past couldn’t save him. Like Cuomo, many of the loudest woke voices have quiet resumes that are appalling; especially in the media and in Hollywood. Summing up: we are all living in troubled times. Totalitarians are running wild. Senator Joseph McCarthy has finally succeeded.
  • Masking the Truth
    There are so many things going on with the Covid resurgence, it is impossible for Americans to make sense of the problem. With the deconstruction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, there is no longer a trusted medical authority disseminating information to the public.  CNN may still love Fauci, but few others believe him.So, we are left with a symbolic Tower of Babel, a public discourse that is chaotic and even dangerous.President Biden is at fault, of course.  He is incapable of leading a divided nation in any direction.  His verbal skills are non-existent (repetition of words cartoonish), and his problem-solving ability mirrors that of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez; approximately zero.Mr. Biden was extremely fortunate to inherit a miraculous vaccination development from the Trump administration.  At first, the new president and his crew were successful in rolling out the vax nationwide.  If you wanted the protection, it was available free at a pharmacy near you.The developing problem is not every citizen will take the vax.  Plenty of fear. Also, millions of foreign nationals are flooding across the southern border. Many, if not most, are not vaccinated.President Biden has no strategy to stop the border madness and little ability to persuade anti-vaxxers.  Therefore, when yet another strain of Covid gathered strength, the federal government had no coherent response.  The result is the foolish and destructive panic we are seeing now.There are two primary groups that will not cooperate in fighting Covid: skeptics in the conservative arena, and African-Americans.  Surveys say about half of black Americans remain unvaxxed, and resistance in right-wing precincts is hovering around 30 percent.Both groups have rare common ground: they don’t trust the government.The corrupt media adds to the danger by irresponsible analysis, especially on television.  The liberal networks refuse to criticize African-Americans, and the conservative outlets downplay resistance on the right.  Once again, these corporate media companies and their mouthpieces are in business solely to make money. They could not care less whether someone dies from Covid.In the end, President Biden will pay a big price for his poor leadership regarding the virus.  His latest attempt to bribe people to get vaxxed using taxpayer money is insulting.  Voters will remember how weak and befuddled Biden is on a very personal issue.  Most Americans don’t want to wear masks and are horrified their children may again be forced to wear them in school.There is always a tipping point in any presidential term.  For LBJ it was Vietnam. Nixon Watergate.  Carter gas lines.If Joe Biden can regain leadership credibility after the Covid redux, I will be surprised.  He, Vice-President Harris, and Dr. Fauci can wear all the masks they want - but most folks see right through them.
  • Critical of Critical Race Theory
    As an adult who still has the protection of freedom of thought, I can ignore the Critical Race Theory (CRT) concept if I want to.  And I do because it is largely destructive blather.But millions of American children cannot ignore it and that is a catastrophe.As you know, a number of school districts are allowing this progressive view of the United States to be taught to undeveloped minds.  You don’t have critical thinking skills at six years old.  Therefore, you can file much of the CRT lesson plan under “indoctrination.”Essentially, the theory seeks to marginalize all white Americans because selected ancestors persecuted minorities. That did happen so the CRT zealots are demanding contemporary sanctions for past behavior - such as citizens admitting the United States was founded on and still promotes, racism against blacks.  If you reject that premise, well, you’re a racist.Once you cop to CTR then come the programs for penance.  They can range from cash payments directly to minority Americans, all the way to preferential treatment by the government for certain groups.And there’s more.  The CRT advocates want to destroy many American traditions including capitalism and due process in legal situations.  Simultaneously, they would create a vast central government to enforce “anti-racist” behavior - which is whatever the totalitarians say it is.My question is simple: has there ever been a more dangerous theory promoted by some politicians and corporate moguls?  The answer is no, in case you were thinking it over.History clearly demonstrates villainy.  It happened everywhere on the planet. That’s what evil's all about.  For example, if present judgment were based on past misdeeds, every religion on earth would be banned.  No country could be considered noble.Decent people should not want to burden any child with historical sins.  No responsible teacher should divide students along racial lines.  Yet, this is happening.Boston University, my alma mater, has hired Ibram X. Kendi, the high priest of racial division, to head up an activist program under BU’s name.  Thousands of other colleges are instituting policies solely based on skin color, as we know.But it is in the elementary schools where irreparable harm is being done.  The kids will not quickly forget the pernicious propaganda being forced upon them.Simply put: Critical Race Theory is horrendous.  And this country will pay a high price for it in the future.
  • Mi Casa, Su Casa
    President Biden seems to be a “welcoming” kind of guy.  Especially to folks who want to live in the United States without legal credentials.  While President Obama deported tens of thousands of foreign nationals, and President Trump shut down many immigration scams, Joe Biden has thrown the southern border wide open:  hola, amigos!Let's examine some facts that rolled in a few days ago.  The Customs and Border Protection Agency reports 1.1 million “apprehensions” in the first nine months of the federal government’s fiscal year. According to The Washington Post, which is somewhat shockingly covering the story, the last time a million migrants were detained was in 2006, and that was for the ENTIRE year.  Under Biden, apprehensions could reach 1.5 million this fiscal year, which would be a record number by far.The acting commissioner of border protection, Troy Miller, told the Post: “We are in the hottest part of the summer and we are seeing a high number of distress calls from migrants abandoned in treacherous country by smugglers with no regard for human life.”Of course, American agents rescue migrants even if they are in Mexico.  They are treated by US medical personnel, as they should be.  You don’t let human beings die.However, they shouldn’t be in jeopardy in the first place.  But they are because President Biden dismantled the Trump “remain in Mexico” policy, effectively opening the border to anyone who desired asylum, as tens of millions all over the world do.  That enormous mistake has provided incentive to the poor and aggrieved to make the dangerous trek north.Now, poor people are dying every day. And thousands of others are being horribly assaulted in lawless Mexico.  And what does Biden say?  Nothing.  Does he even understand what’s happening? Vice President Harris was put in charge of this humanitarian disaster, so what does she say?  “Don’t come.”  That’s what she said knowing full well her boss has wrecked border security.What does Speaker Pelosi say?  Nothing. How about the lapdog White House press corps?  Are they peppering Jen Psaki with border questions?  No, they are not.What a disgrace across the board.  What a colossal dereliction of duty by President Biden.  It’s almost impossible to believe that any president would eliminate a border strategy that was working simply because far left kooks demanded it.Biden is directly responsible for this horrible situation, just as he’ll be directly responsible for the painful economy which is coming soon to your house.The truth is this guy in the White House is brutal. Just like the border policy he imposed and now ignores.  Please pray for the suffering migrants.
  • Wake Me When It's Over
    Where are all these woke people? I can’t find them. I’ve looked and even asked some acquaintances: “are you woke?”   No one will admit it.I’ve seen a few woke bumper stickers like “No Person is Illegal!” Not many though.  Most of the “Biden for President” stickers are gone. Never saw a slogan for Kamala.  But I have one: “The Border’s That Way, Sucker.”   Sorry, that’s not very woke, is it? I suspect most progressive people fall into two categories. The first are mercenaries. Like the CNN hosts who are paid to be woke.  If they don’t tow the PC line, they will be separated from lucrative paychecks.  So, they stay up to all hours thinking of ways to be sensitive and inclusive. The second group of "woke wonks" are folks who follow trendy things. If the crowd wants to obliterate due process, they do too. Although they might not fully understand the concept. More than a few woke individuals don’t know much about history, as the legendary Sam Cooke once sang. Being woke is a time-consuming hobby. You have to be constantly vigilant, on guard against racist behavior by white folks. You must be easily offended by the un-woke and point out their many, many mistakes. It’s exhausting. And then there’s the weather. You can’t just say “it’s a nice day.” Nope. Somewhere a glacier is receding because the guy across the street has a Hummer. I mean, what’s up with that? When it rains, snows, sleets, or is cloudy, you know the local Mobil station is behind it. Damn those oil drillers! Disney executives are all woke but I don’t know any of them. I think I saw Robert Iger eating kale in a Beverly Hills restaurant once but I could be wrong. It was reported last week that Disney announcers in the parks no longer say “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.” That’s out despite objections from Minnie and Mickey who are now confused by the new restroom policy. In fact, all of the Disney characters are on notice: no more Peter Pan, Tiger Lily stuff. That’s cultural appropriation. Right, boys and girls? Sorry. As I said, it is exhausting to keep track of all the woke mandates. In fact, I need a nap right now. Please wake me when the whole thing’s over.
  • The Mean New Deal
    A few months ago, Disney executives held a secret meeting with members of the ABC News program “The View.” Things had become so hateful on the morning program that some Disney board members were loudly complaining.   The message delivered was “knock off the hate, ladies.” The primary culprit was Joy Behar, a bitter leftist. Another problem was Sunny Hostin, who’s even more to the left of Behar and equally as vicious. The two would routinely gang up on Meghan McCain, Disney’s token non-liberal. Ms. McCain often fired back emotionally. The presentation was about as entertaining as a snake bite. Last week Meghan McCain quit the show. "The View" always had an edge but its creator, Barbara Walters, maintained a strict civility. Rosie O’Donnell could not abide that but Whoopi Goldberg is not a vicious person and did her best to provide some decorum. But once Donald Trump began to dominate the discourse, civility collapsed on The View as well as many other TV forums. For example, late-night comedians have pretty much destroyed themselves as mass-market entertainers. Stephen Colbert was never the talent Jon Stewart is but could once deliver a satirical take that amused. No longer. Colbert is now a venomous left-wing zealot who is impossible to watch unless you live in his blatantly partisan tent. Same thing with the snarky leftist Seth Myers, a man desperately in need of a funny reboot. Mean is not humorous or engaging or enlightening. Mean is simply mean, a posture with no socially redeeming value. There is an audience for sadistic, unfair attacks but it’s a pathetically narrow crew. This is why the late-night vitriolic can’t even get three million people to watch them. Johnny Carson got nine million. There is mean on the right as well but, on television at least, conservative haters are vastly outnumbered. On the internet, the mean new deal is on full display as wretched 'Cruella's' aggressively change lanes on the low road. It’s all pretty depressing and meaningless, pardon the pun. Our media culture is flat-out nasty, blatantly sadistic, and getting worse. It's long past time to call these people out.
  • Joe Biden, Life in the Slow Lane
    As part of reporting on President Biden, we list his “official” White House schedule on the No Spin News every day.  We do this so Americans can understand that old Joe has a very soft day much of the time.  There are days when the President has just one item on the schedule.  Rarely does he have more than two.  It’s the slow lane for Joe, the bunny slope.This is not unprecedented.  Back in 1857, the 15th president of the United States was a man named James Buchanan from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Jimmy did not load up on daily events.  In fact, he almost totally ignored the threatened succession of the south, which was kind of a big deal. President Buchanan did not even put Union forces on alert.  When southern troops attacked Fort Sumter, James might have said: “really?”  Clueless doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Abraham Lincoln inherited a colossal mess in 1861.So my question is - is Joe Biden the ghost of James Buchanan past?  Is he the reincarnation of Emperor Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned?The answer to that question is maybe. Here’s one vivid example of tactical avoidance.  Mr. Biden’s speech on violent crime last week was bizarre and disturbing.  He didn’t even mention the defund the police movement.  Or no bail laws.  Or drug gangs who are murdering thousands in cities like Chicago and New York.Apparently, the President doesn’t see those things as drivers of violent crime. Nope, Mr. Biden says he’ll use the full power of the federal government to crack down on “gun dealers who violate the rules.”That, of course, will do little to stop the murder rampage in America.  And expanding community programs will not help much either.  The only solution to violent crime is to harshly punish the criminals who are hurting and killing people, as history has shown us.But Joe Biden and his progressive left cadre will not do that because 40 percent of all murders are committed by African-Americans.  Biden will never even acknowledge that stat much less attempt to confront black criminals or any miscreant for that matter.  His “equity” philosophy forbids a realistic, problem-solving agenda and so tens of thousands of people are getting hurt.Many consider James Buchanan to be the worst president is history.  I do.  He did nothing to confront the heinous slave situation and the growing rebellion below the Mason-Dixon line.  He was MIA as the nation fell apart.Will Joe Biden descend to the historical depths of Buchanan?Could happen.
  • One Country No Longer
    (Jackson, Wyoming)  No masks.  That’s the first thing you notice upon leaving the airport.  Everyone is face-forward.No homeless.  It’s cold at night in the summer time Rockies and I didn’t see anyone sleeping on the streets. Somehow, shelter is available to all.Skin color doesn’t seem to be a problem, either.  Lots of different races touring the National Parks.  Rangers say it’s calm on the human-agitation front, the way it should be in the land of the free. Bears, however, are a different story.  You don’t mess with them out here.This western enclave is a unique part of America, but so is San Francisco, where thousands of homeless drug addicts now roam the streets assaulting the senses of fellow citizens, looting businesses without restraint, dying in record numbers from overdoses.The difference between the two American towns is a simple concept.  It’s called the will of the people.In San Francisco, there is little concern about social order, so citizens have none. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the symbolic leader of the city, presides over a district that is dangerous. Mrs. Pelosi lives behind a wall.  Others don’t have that luxury.  They are at risk.Speaker Pelosi is not interested is protecting people - quite the opposite. She’s an abortion zealot who’s been told by the city’s Archbishop not to receive Communion because of her dismal record on the unborn.She is also a race-provocateur, using her power to divide Americans based on skin color.  This causes unrest.  President Biden is right behind Nancy on abortion and racial division.The people of San Francisco have elected Pelosi 17 times.  So they deserve the depravity they are getting.  Not all.  But most.Here in Wyoming, it is unheard of for public school children to be taught that their country is essentially based on evil. No one is tearing down statues.  Few are canceled for stating an opinion.But in the mega-cities of Néw York and Los Angeles, careers are routinely destroyed by political witch-hunters.  It’s now a macabre sport.  Hollywood is the worst.In Wyoming, almost every household has firearms. Yet the murder rate is one of the lowest in the country. In Chicago, gun restrictions are severe. Yet thousands are murdered.  Again, it’s the will of the people.  They elect leaders who blame homicide on society, not actual criminals.So there is no longer one America.  Now we have fiefdoms like the Middle Ages. King Cuomo in New York has radicalized the state and street violence is surging. Yet according to the polls, most democrats would reelect him.In western Wyoming, folks don’t even have to lock their doors because dangerous thugs are few as they are quickly punished.  Thus, the bad people migrate to places like San Francisco where they go unpunished - there is no political agenda to protect the innocent.This is not hard to fathom.  The will of the people dictates what kind of neighborhood they will have, and whether fairness, order, or disorder prevails.Today, there is little unity in the USA.  We are no longer “one nation under God.”Many citizens simply do not have the will to make that concept reality.Do they?
  • The Threat
    The threat is gaining strength.  It is affecting every single American citizen.  It is vicious, hateful and obscure.  And the threat will diminish your freedom.It doesn’t come from Donald Trump or Joe Biden.  Not from Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell.  The threat has nothing to do with Climate Change, Covid or China.No, the forces who are punishing individual freedom are the powerful men and women who run the mass market information corporations.Let me explain.In order for Americans to make intelligent decisions about their society, leadership and personal security, they need honest information, above all.  Those who formed our country obviously knew this because they gave the press specific Constitutional freedoms and privileges.  But today honest reporting to enhance the knowledge of all citizens has largely disappeared.  The media has been corrupted by craven corporations who see the American people as too stupid to know what‘s noble, too bigoted to do the right thing.Let me back that up.Recently, I paid $3.15 a gallon to fill my car with gas.  Last year at this time, under President Trump, I paid $2.15.  Why the price hike?  Did Biden’s assault on fossil fuel have anything to do with it?  Would be fascinating to see a fact-based report.Border authorities report close to 200,000 foreign nationals are crossing the into the USA each month.  So, why did President Biden dismantle Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy that had almost stopped mass illegal immigration?  That might be important to know, right?Inflation is growing at its fastest rate in 13 years.  Why, exactly?  NBC, ABC, CBS, helloooooo.In the past five years approximately 3,000 African-Americans in Chicago have been murdered mostly by black criminals. Why? And why haven’t the democrats who control Chicago done anything about it? CNN?  Bueller? Anyone?I could give you 50 important stories that the corporate media companies ignore simply because they are trying to protect liberal politicians and “woke” causes.The news blackout is corrupt and a threat to us all.Finally, one of the CEOs most responsible for the destruction of honest information flow is Bob Iger, who runs Disney and its media arm ABC.  We already know that ABC’s top entertainment programmer, in the name of inclusion, is rejecting great scripts if they are written by white people. We know this because she said so.   She could not have done that without Iger’s approval.Anyway, last week we learned that Bob Iger sold $100 million dollars worth of Disney stock.  We know that because old Bob had to file the sale with the SEC.  But why did Iger sell? Could it be he wanted out before Biden and his minions raise the capital gains tax?Looking forward to getting the truth on World News Tonight.Please don’t discount the corporate threat.  It is very real.
  • Tom Hanks, History Guy
    The first of my history books, “Killing Lincoln,” was made into a movie with Tom Hanks doing the narration.  He did a nice job weaving in the facts.As one of the Executive Producers of the film, I signed off on Mr. Hanks but never actually met him during production.  Over the years, the liberal actor has taken a few verbal shots at me but so did many in Hollywood.  One actress actually told a reporter she thought I would come after her with a shotgun.  Then, at an event honoring legendary Beach Boy Mike Love, I saw Mr. Hanks and approached him to explore his beef. Dennis Miller is fast friends with Hanks and told me he’s a good guy.  So I went in neutral.We chatted for a few minutes and he told me there was no animus.  I suggested if he ever does a “Bosom Buddies” reunion, I want a cameo.  Great show.Anyway, I follow Tom’s career but did not go to the recent Mr. Rogers flick. Not for me.  However, when Mr. Hanks recently weighed in on some serious history, I became engaged.Writing in the New York Times, Tom put forth that America basically whitewashes atrocities against minorities.  He points to the Tulsa massacre of blacks one hundred years ago. “My experience was common: History was mostly written by white people for white people, like me, while the history of black people - including Tulsa- was too often left out.  Until relatively recently, the entertainment industry, which helps shape what is history and what is forgotten, did the same.”To jar Mr. Hanks’ memory, I will point to the very powerful films “In the Heat of the Night” and “Mississippi Burning.”  Both were big hits and made deep impressions.Heat was released in 1967 and won the Best Picture Oscar.  It was a vivid portrayal of southern racism that made Sidney Poitier a superstar.“Mississippi Burning” was nominated for Best Picture in 1989 but lost to “Rain Man.”  The film accurately depicted the brutal struggle for Civil Rights.To me, writing history is not a racial issue. I wrote “Killing Crazy Horse” to chronicle what really happened in the forging of America.  In the book, facts matter - my skin color doesn’t.Tom Hanks goes on to ask: “Should our schools now teach the truth about Tulsa? Yes, and they should also stop the battle to whitewash curriculums to avoid discomfort for students.  America’s history is messy but knowing that makes us a wiser and stronger people.”I agree.  But perspective needs to be part of the curriculum as well.  Tulsa, Oklahoma is not the same place it was one hundred years ago.  Past atrocities need to be reported but not assigned a modern permanence.And that is exactly what the progressive left is doing.  It uses historical wrongs to demonize and diminish the United States.A shrewd guy like Tom Hanks has to know this.  He has to understand that many schools now batter students of all colors with “historical injustice.”America is a noble country.  Its blood and treasure have kept billions of people free all over the world.  That should not obscure the bad things that have happened throughout our history.  But to allow the negative to become the dominant historical narrative - is desperately wrong.And that’s the lesson the kids should be learning.
  • Protecting Joe
    While researching Al Capone’s criminal enterprise in Chicago during prohibition for my book “Killing the Mob,” we came across evidence of bribes paid to newspaper reporters in the Windy City. Capone shrewdly corrupted the local press to portray him as a man of the people who supported a myriad of charities.  In truth, the mobster was a psychopath who’s brutal behavior set a template for the mob to this day.The American press has always had elements of corruption within it.  But today standards of honest reporting have collapsed not because of bribery, but due to other financial considerations.The national media is owned by a few massive corporations: Disney, Comcast, Viacom, Newscorp and AT&T on the broadcast side.  The Sulzberger family and Jeff Bezos control The New York Times and The Washington Post respectively.  A board of largely liberal business people run the Associated Press.During the four years that President Trump was in office, the reportage on him was more than 90 percent negative despite a strong economy, the rapid development of a Covid vaccine, and complete energy independence for the USA.It was obvious the fix was in - the coverage constantly spun negative and some of it like “Russian Collusion” was flat out false.  The media corporations, in general, despised Donald Trump and made serious money doing so.Today we have a different side to media corruption - the protection of Joe Biden. Because the national press backed him to an absurd degree in the election, they are now in his pocket as he proceeds to run the country.President Biden has quickly become the most liberal president in American history by embracing record federal spending, a divisive racial policy based on “equity,” and a chaotic immigration strategy that has led to suffering and absolute chaos.It’s not that the corporate media is championing these things, although some far-left outlets are, it’s that they are blacking-out factual reporting about the consequences of Biden’s actions.Item: Most Americans have seen their energy costs rise by more than 30 percent since Inauguration Day.Item: Violent crime has spiraled out of control in the nation’s largest cities.Item: More than 500,000 foreign nationals have “encountered” federal authorities since Mr. Biden dismantled Mr. Trump’s border policy.Item: Since the Border Patrol and Immigration Agents are overwhelmed by the massive influx of migrants, narcotics interdiction has suffered enormously.  Last week the Governor of Texas announced there is more fentanyl, a potentially lethal drug, being smuggled into his state than ever before.  Of course, the free flow of narcotics enriches organized crime.So, let me ask a simple question: how much reportage have you seen on the above items?  Even the border situation which did get some attention in the beginning is now being downplayed.It’s all about protecting Joe Biden and, in the process, deceiving the American people.And that is a clear and vivid example of corporate corruption.Al Capone would like it.
  • Too Cool for School
    Like millions of American parents, I am paying major dollars to send the urchins to college.  My daughter graduated last week and did very well.  I’m happy and proud because she is now prepared to venture forth and do some good in this world.It goes without saying that many college students are under severe pressure to conform to the “woke” culture being imposed on them by misguided teachers and administrators.  In some schools it’s like a cult.  The oppression is almost beyond belief.Penn State University was established in 1855 to give working class kids a shot at moving on up economically.  In fact, it’s initial name was “The Farmer’s High School.“  For more than a 165 years, Penn State was a sane place.  Now it is not.The craziness I am about to chronicle is happening at colleges all over the country. But Penn State, in particular, did not used to be dominated by cowardly, pinheaded faculty.  Now it is.The faculty senate at the school recently approved a “Preferred Name and Gender Identity Policy.”  As part of that, the “non-binary pronouns “they/them” will replace “he/him” and “she/her.”  Also, the words “freshman” and “sophomore” are out.  Now it’s “first-year” and “second-year.”Well, this is stupid.  If any student is offended by the terms freshman or sophomore, he or she (I’m rebelling here) should immediately be deposited in daycare and given a blanket.The faculty senate explains it’s resolution by stating that common university descriptions “carry a strong male-centric, binary character.”  Wow.  Who knew?  The Penn State faculty also claims terms such as “upperclassman” carry racist AND sexist connotations.  A horrid double dip!Summing up, the faculty fabulists write: “this resolution will close the loop and ensure that all people are not only able to choose their name and gender identity within our systems, but that these systems are also structured to be inclusive from the start.”Pass the nobility!  This is GREAT, to quote Flounder in the movie “Animal House.”So my question is simple: what if some students want to embrace proper grammar and identify by their birth gender?  That would be he or she, right? Is that permissible Penn State Faculty Senate?  Are traditional kids part of the “inclusive” deal?Or will you intolerant fascists make their lives miserable by branding them with a pejorative label?  Or even shading their grades southward?I think I know the answer to my question. Somewhere a Nittany Lion is weeping.
  • Is It Lights Out for the USA?
    During the Vietnam days some radicals became heroes in the liberal press.  Let’s see, Jane Fonda, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Huey Newton - all became “far out” in the land of the groovy.  There was even a media name for the far-left movement: “radical chic.”   The revolution died out, of course, because it ran out of outrage.  After the war in Southeast Asia ended, the radicals splintered.  Ms. Fonda continued her movie career, John Kerry went into politics, Hoffman and Rubin self-destructed.   Today, radical chic is back but it’s dramatically different now because corporate media companies embrace it. They promote it.  They finance it.   That’s what “woke” is all about.  At the Disney corporation, employees are required to listen to a number of anti-American presentations.  The mouse factory has bought into white supremacy and Caucasian privilege in a big way.   Delta, Coca-Cola, Major League Baseball and other massive companies have attacked the state of Georgia for passing a more disciplined voting law.  Apparently, requiring an ID to cast a ballot is racist even though scores of countries have that on the books.   So, social power has shifted to the radical left courtesy of corporate America.  Stacey Abrams was recently given a TV deal by NBC/Comcast.  No traditional person has such a deal with NBC nor will they.   In addition, the radical left knows it can use the cancel culture to devastate opposition.  It’s easy to do that when the national media could not care less about the truth - all allegations are fit to print.   A committed liberal named Scott Stringer is running for mayor of New York City.  But he’s not left enough for the radicals.   Presto, a nasty “misconduct” allegation appears and Stringer is done, despite his vehement denial of wrongdoing.   As Henny Youngman once said: “I’ve got a million of them.”   Corporations will eventually pay a financial price for backing the radical left but the present CEOs don’t seem to care.  They are frightened of the cancel thugs, they know there is little protection against them.   So woke it is.  No matter how much destruction befalls America.  In 2015, a Gallup Poll showed the vast majority of Americans thought race-relations were good.  Today, the populace is divided by race controversies including the heinous Critical Race Theory that places blame on white people for societal ills.   Meantime, American corporations have donated tens of millions of dollars to the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter Foundation.  Simply incredible.   We are indeed living in a “woke” era.  And if “we the people” don’t wake up and actively oppose the subversives, they will destroy American tradition.   It will be lights out.  
  • Pressing the Point
    Donald Trump despises the national media.  He believes its hatred of him led to massive corruption, as false stories often based on fallacious anonymous sources brutalized his administration.   He is correct in his assessment.   The historical fact is that never in this country has a president been as vilified. However, most chief executives loathed their critics, but did not confront dishonest press coverage as publicly as Mr. Trump has.   Harry Truman hated many American media people. In a private letter to his Secretary of State Dean Acheson, Truman wrote: “We have men, in this day and age, who are prostitutes of the mind. They sell their ability to write articles for sale, which will be so worded as to mislead people who read them as news...   “Prostitutes of the mind are skillful purveyors of character assassination and the theft of good names of public men and private citizens too.  They are the lowest form of thief and criminal.”   Give ‘em hell, Harry!   Any disagreement?   Alert Americans know that most of the media is no longer in business to seek honest information.  The corporations that own the national press pretty much dictate how the news will be covered.   Studies show that about 90 percent of reportage on President Trump was negative.  Approximately 65 percent of the coverage of President Biden has been positive.  In fact, most of the national press likes Biden and loathes Trump.  So the stats are not a surprise.   In 2008, President Bush the Elder, certainly not a bomb-thrower, wrote me a letter that said this about the national press: “I think there is clear favoritism for the liberals and for the democrats.  Of course, I may be biased because some like the N.Y. Times (they are the worst) mercilessly hammer the President all the time ...”   George W. Bush was “the President.”   There is no question that Trump, Truman and Bush are correct.  The left controls the national media and if you want to participate, you have to promote liberalism in your job.  It’s a simple fact.   Of course, that erodes freedom because the American citizenry is not getting fact-based reporting in order to make responsible decisions.  Propaganda rules in the good old USA.   The United States was founded on the principle that individuals should be able to live their lives free of tyranny.  But, today, massive corporations have imposed media dishonesty on we the people.   Will they pay a price for that?  Maybe.  TV news ratings are drastically declining. Many newspapers are folding.   Karma?  I think so.
  • Losing the Race
    The spearpoint in the intense progressive battle to dissemble traditional America is the anti-racism campaign.  It’s an easy calculation: if the United States was founded on the philosophy of white supremacy, and the country is presently infected with “systemic racism,” then it’s the moral obligation of good people to destroy the society and build another more noble one.   And if you disagree, well, you are racist.   The strategy is brilliant in its simplicity and also presents the gravest social threat in U.S. history.   That’s because the corporate media, an industry full of cowardice and greed, has surrendered to the radicals thereby allowing the destructive movement to avoid scrutiny.  Some of the nation’s largest corporations are openly cooperating with racial demonization - donating millions of dollars to the Marxist Black Lives Matter Global Foundation.   But most shockingly of all is that the President and Vice President are supporting the racial subversion.   Joe Biden has openly advocated “equity” instead of equality.  He has ordered the federal government to favor certain groups of Americans based on skin color. When criticized by Republican Senator Tim Scott for this divisive policy, Biden told the ever pliant George Stephanopoulos that he doesn’t believe the American people are racist, just our society.   Oh.   The reason the President is able to peddle this destructive malarkey is because the mass media is affirming it.  The woman executive who controls TV production for Disney/ABC proudly told the world that she is rejecting first-rate programs unless the scripts conform to a racial litmus test.   After Senator Scott’s reply to Biden’s speech on Wednesday, bigots on Twitter labeled him “Uncle Tim.”   Most of the corporate media ignored the smear.   And now the race-baiting is coming to your house.   Newsweek Magazine used to be a fine fact-gathering organization.  Then it veered sharply left. Then it folded its print edition, now publishing only online.   Last week, the magazine ran an article by a radical leftist named Meggie Abendschein.  She owns a business in Texas that prefers to hire women. Remember the bigoted “No Irish Need Apply” signs?  Now it’s males instead of Irish.   Anyway, here’s what Newsweek and Meggie are serving up.  “We need to deeply embed anti-racism into our identity, our purpose and every facet of our life.  This work requires our full-throttle empathy and total commitment to dismantling an archaic, dangerous white supremacist system.”   Then Meggie brings it home.  “I was speaking with another white woman recently who told me her husband wasn’t sold on the idea of racism being our problem ...   “I told her that by not saying something ... was to choose comfort “   Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Let’s create marital strife if your spouse is not “woke.”   And so the battle for America once again centers on skin color.  Hello, Civil War.   But this time the sitting President is not focused on keeping the Union together. No, Joe Biden is a divider.  And with the media as his ally, he is hell-bent on conquering.   
  • Rise of the Red Guards
    While individual Americans are trying to figure out if they are as racist as the corporate media believes, California has already reached its conclusion.  The United States and its Caucasian citizens are, indeed, purveyors of bigotry and oppression.   So, Golden State educators are damn well going to do something about it.   According to reporting by City Journal, California’s Department of Education has approved an “ethnic studies model.”  This curriculum contains programs that advocate “decolonizing” the USA (open borders) and “liberating” students from capitalism, patriarchy, and “settler colonialism.”   Wow.  That’s quite a lift for Middle School.   The California vision is not new.  In fact it is directly cribbed from that old rascal Mao Zedong.  Back in 1966, the Chinese Communist dictator, whose hobby was mass murder, stood in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square waving to hundreds of thousands of “Red Guards,” students who were rooting out all cultural opposition to Mao’s reign of terror.   The young people destroyed books and art deemed not to be red enough.  They renamed streets and destroyed statues. They burned anything religious.  About seven thousand pieces of private property were demolished because China had outlawed private property.   In just two months, August and September 1966, fanatical members of the Red Guards murdered nearly 1,800 people in Beijing alone.  Many of the victims were designated as “capitalists.”   Back in California, Jorge Pacheco is doing his best to resurrect the non-lethal spirit of the Red Guards. Jorge is the radical left president of the California Latino School Boards Association and a top advisor to the state’s ethnic studies vision.   Jorge Pacheco is not a shy guy.  He openly admits the curriculum is based on a Marxist tenet called “pedagogy of the oppressed.” That line of study calls for students to “understand” their oppression and eventually “overthrow” their oppressors.   The taxpayers of California are funding this hateful campaign and I have heard little public dissent from politicians and the media.   Does Governor Newsome oppose?     Does George Clooney see the danger here?   Has the local California media condemned this?  Anyone?   How about President Biden and Vice President Harris?  Well, last week both of them told the world America is surely a racist country.  And that means the USA has to be an oppressive nation.  Right?   With little opposition, the nation’s largest state is embarking on a mass “re-education” campaign in some public schools; a curriculum that will surely lead to intense confrontation on the part of students who embrace it.   Somewhere, in a very warm place, Mao Zedong is waving.
  • The Victim Pandemic
    With the exception of Caucasian males, everybody can be a victim.  It’s easy.  Just summon up some unpleasantness in your life and assign blame.  Use the word “systemic” a lot in formulating your grievances.  Make sure you point out that you are expressing “your truth.”  And certainly mention that you are speaking “truth to power.”   It is true that real victims are amongst us. The child born into a chaotic home, perhaps abandoned or abused by bad parents.  Certainly that innocent person has been victimized.   If you are treated unfairly because of skin color or gender, you should be angry.  But you have two choices: live your life in the victimization zone.  Or say "blank you" and succeed despite the hardship.   If you have been bullied as a child or teen, that is victimization.  Again, you have a choice.  Fight back in a smart way, or fold and incorporate the ordeal into your persona.  “I’m a victim of systemic whatever.”   Being a devoted victim can be comforting because it gives you an excuse to fail.  Or not even try.  You need a “safe space.” You feel “marginalized” by the “patriarchy.”   Well, everyone gets hammered at some point.  And in today’s cupcake society the victim card is being dealt all the time.  But it’s a bottom of the deck draw.  You won’t accomplish much in life constantly whining about unfairness or bad breaks. In order to achieve and succeed, you need to be strong and believe in yourself.  Not whimper about injustice.   Americans used to be a pretty tough bunch.  My parents survived the Great Depression and World War II.  They lived very modestly with no personal power but did not see themselves as victims.  They knew who the real victims were: the Americans who could not buy a house in Levittown because of their skin color.   That’s largely gone now because some brave folks fought hard for worthy change. They didn’t pout on the sidelines or disrespect the entire country. They mobilized in a strong, peaceful campaign that defeated some ingrained wrongs.   It appears to me that in our society today, victimization is spreading faster than Covid.  It’s almost unbearable on many college campuses and cable TV.  Every white person is racist, every straight man a woman-hater.  No non-white male has a fair shot.   Everything that goes wrong in a person’s life can be blamed on someone else. White supremacy did it.  Homophobia caused it.  Misogynistic traditions ruined my dreams.   Yeah, okay.  Life can be brutally unfair. Again two choices: go get that safe space. Or use your skills to step up and improve things without foolishly demonizing entire groups of people.     Your call.
  • A Trifecta of Chaos
    It’s a one, two, three punch.  Massive government spending and aggressive taxation, open borders, woke fascism. That’s what all Americans are facing even though many of them have no clue.Let’s discuss that for a moment.  Always in this country we have had citizens too lazy or selfish to pay attention to the common good.  During the revolution, historians estimate that half of the colonists supported King George.  They were called Tories.  Today, you can visit a street in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Tory Row to see where some of them lived. Others died with ropes around their necks. The rebels were an impulsive bunch.To support the king, you had to accept unlimited taxation by whim, total dominance over your private life, and subservient allegiance to an unstable monarch who didn’t give a fig about you.Remind you of anything?Right now, President Biden is as clueless as old King George.  He actually believes that boycotting the state of Georgia is a positive step for democracy.  Against every piece of evidence available, Mr. Biden thinks his border strategy is good even as hundreds of thousands of migrants pour into the USA.  And then there are the massive taxes Biden is willing to impose because American taxpayers are going to have to support millions of foreign nationals, as well as stop worldwide climate change.Yet, according to the polls, about half the country thinks the President is doing a good job.  Hello, George, hope you’re not too hot down there.As I wrote last week, socialism is on the rise and Joe Biden is not going to fight the trend.  He, of course, already has his and now, in his diminished state, he has morphed into a woke social justice warrior - fighting for the “disenfranchised.”  This is not going to work as the majority of Americans like their lives and don’t want the calloused hand of a powerful central government holding back their ability to achieve true independence.  That King George thing again.But resisting the Biden calamity is not easy. Millions of voters are buying into the nanny state concept and may be willing to sacrifice personal freedom for a guaranteed life outcome, as paltry as that may be.And then there are the “neck-benders” who can’t stop looking down at their devices.  Many in this crew have created a fantasy world of cyber-space gibberish that totally blocks out what’s happening in the real world.The combination of the “give me’s” and the clueless device addicts has allowed the progressive movement power.However, I believe the chaos trifecta will eventually destroy the Biden regime.  And it can’t come fast enough.  American freedom is in peril.But like way back in 1776, only half the country knows it.  
  • Comrade Biden
    Okay, now it’s getting serious.  No more fooling around with this capitalism business.  Nope, old Joe Biden has gone full socialist.  Viva Fidel!  Viva Venezuela! Che, we miss you!   The President has proposed five trillion dollars in new spending.  The US Treasury currently owes about $27 trillion.  That means America has no disposable funds. So, since Albania and Sri Lanka are not going to give us any money, Joe has to get the cash from US citizens and businesses. There is no other way.  Joe may know all this but then again, he may not.  Depends on what day it is.   But his “people” certainly understand the $5 trillion spending play and they love it. All except Ocasio-Cortez.  She wants at least $10 trillion in new government spending.  She also wants to seize private property to fund the big government expansion. This is what socialism is.   President Biden might get to the private property seizure (wealth tax) as long as it doesn’t include his nifty beach house in Delaware.  But, for now, the President just wants to spend lots of taxpayer dollars and tax the country blind. Running up huge debt is fun for Joe, the working class guy from Scranton.   So here’s a bit of what Joe Biden wants to spend our tax dollars on:   - $174 billion for electric vehicles.  Global Warming play.  I like the electric cars.  But Tesla and other manufacturers should pay for the plug-in stations, not me. Someone tell Joe.   - $100 billion for “school construction.” This is what local property taxes are for, correct?  Is Joe going to federalize public schools now?   - $20 billion for bike lanes.  Insane. Again, this is a local spending issue.     - $25 billion for “transformative” projects. A complete ruse. That could be anything. Can Joe Biden define “transformative spending?”  In China, it’s building concentration camps.   - $400 billion on home care for seniors and disabled Americans.  Noble intent. Almost a half trillion on top of Medicare and Medicaid.  Will Jill Biden get a piece of that?   The horrifying truth is Democrats want the federal government to run everything; to provide cradle-to-grave entitlements. Free child care, elder care, health care, community college, food, housing,  job and wage guarantees.   To fund that, President Biden is willing to cede his executive authority and allow progressives to dictate how much money hard working citizens and businesses can keep for themselves.  And as the giveaways rise (checks for undocumented people), personal assets shrink.  A lot.   Good day to you, Comrade Biden.
  • What Joe Knows
        “They call me the Wanderer,    Yeah, the Wanderer     I roam around, around ...”                - Dion That should be President Biden’s theme song based upon his first press conference.  Man, was he all over the place.  I mean, here’s the deal.  Joe Biden is the most powerful person in the world and may not understand what he’s actually saying.Item. The President told the world that he will not let migrant children “starve to death on the other side (of the border).” Well, that’s good.  It would be bad for a President to let kids die from hunger.  Mr. Biden then said: “no previous administration did that either.  Except Trump.”Whereupon the White House press corps collectively nodded.  Not one correspondent challenged the assertion. Even though no one has ever alleged that before.  Not even The New York Times which would have been thrilled to place starving children at Donald Trump’s doorstep.Item. Mr. Biden was asked some questions about the dangerous chaos on the southern border.  Some Border Patrol personnel believe it’s the worst situation in twenty years.  But the President says he doesn’t see a specific problem.“There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter ... it happens every year.”Oh. But a stat check reveals this: in February 2021, the Border Patrol apprehended 174 percent more illegal border crossers than in February 2020 under President Trump.  Does Joe Biden even know that?  Does he realize that on the same day he blamed winter for illegal migration, six thousand foreign nationals were processed by the Border Patrol?Item. Despite the winter rationalization, the President says he is dealing with the border “challenge” and has a solution. Kind of. “We’re going to be moving within the next week over 100,000, I mean 1,000, people out of Border Patrol into safe, secure beds, and facilities.”Now, there have been more than 100,000 migrants apprehended each month on Joe Biden’s watch. So moving one thousand into motels will not do much.  By the way, about $82 million tax payer dollars has been allocated to shelter foreign nationals.Summing up, President Biden isn’t going to let children starve.  He’s getting some of them rooms.  And he’s not worried because all this is a “winter thing.”Does that make sense to you?  Do you think President Biden really knows how to deal with the disorder he has created at the southern border?But here’s what old Joe does know.  It doesn’t matter what he says.  It doesn’t matter if he wanders when speaking, if he says crazy stuff, if he forgets his narrative in mid-sentence.  None of that matters because the press is on his side.Yes, Joe Biden definitely knows the media is in the tank for him in every season.  Starving kids or no starving kids.
  • Creating Racism
    Imagine you are a third grader in the Wake County, North Carolina school district, the largest in the state.  All around you are children of different ethnicities and skin colors.  Your parents say that you are in school to learn things that will help you throughout life.   But there is something very wrong in your school.  Because you’re just nine years old, you may not fully understand what is being presented to you, at least by some teachers.  Their attitude about American society is hateful and this is being passed on to you.   According to reporting by the magazine City Journal, more than 200 North Carolina teachers attended a racially provocative conference, and the Wake County public schools have launched a campaign entitled “whiteness in educational spaces.”   Basically, some schools are forming “equity teams” that are pushing a concept called “anti-racism.”   According to documents obtained by journalist A. P. Dillion, teachers are being instructed that white “cultural values” include denial, fear, blame, control, punishment, and one-dimensional thinking.  Of course any group could have elements that embrace those things but for the Wake schools it’s exclusively a white problem.   In one teaching session, the argument was made that “whiteness perpetuates the (American) system of injustice.” Therefore, teachers should challenge the dominant ideology of whiteness and actually disrupt white culture in the classroom.   This incredibly racist point of view is not just on display among the “woke” in Wake County.  It has taken root all over the country.   The race hustlers who peddle this pernicious propaganda also advised teachers to disrupt any parent who might object have his or her child brain-washed. “You can’t let parents deter you from the work,” City Journal quotes an instructor.  “White children are benefiting from the system.”   This is simply horrible.  Young children being taught skin color dictates their lives. Talk about creating division and bitterness.   But if you confront the educational bigots, you are immediately branded a bigot yourself.  You are canceled.   Loathed. Your reputation sullied.  This is the great far-left racist strategy.  Oppose us and we will destroy you.   Many public schools and colleges are now spreading a contagion far worse than Covid.  It is a poison that harms the minds of American students who should be taught the virtues of brotherhood and sisterhood.   Instead, many kids are getting lessons on the evils of “whiteness.”  For this illness, there will be no vaccine.
  • The Death of Fairness
    All rational human beings have one thing in common: we are disappointed when treated unfairly.  The doctrine that people should be given protection from malice and persecution is the essence of Judeo-Christian tradition.  You must not bear false witness against another person. You are compelled to treat others as you would like to be treated.Totalitarian societies laugh at those tenets. China persecutes anyone it wants. The Soviet Union seized the personal property of tens of millions.  Nazi Germany murdered innocent men, women, and children based on ethnicity.Many Americans believe that this country should be united against unfair treatment and, throughout history, we have vanquished brutal countries that rejected “fairness.” That is absolutely true.  Millions of Americans have been killed defending the persecuted.However, our government was not fair to various groups including African and Native Americans.  That is documented.However again, The United States has tried to correct historical and contemporary wrongs and that is documented as well.  Fairness is the driving force in civil rights and other corrective legislation, and most Americans continue to support an equal shot for all citizens to pursue happiness.But, and this is big, fairness is now being brutalized in the USA.Donald Trump was not treated fairly by the media.  It doesn’t matter whether you like the former President or not.  If you don’t understand that Trump was denied any kind of balanced evaluation, then you, yourself, are not capable of fair assessment.Andrew Cuomo now stands accused. There is no doubt that his foolish nursing home order led to Covid deaths.  But on the “misbehavior” front, the Governor is being denied the most essential part of American justice: due process.  Cowardly politicians are convicting him on allegations and press headlines.   But as any fair person knows, it is not unheard of for accusations to be exaggerated and orchestrated. Ironically, Cuomo, himself, denied due process to Brett Kavanaugh and others.  It is fair to point that out - but unfair to deny Cuomo an investigation into the current controversy even if he is a hypocrite.Here’s the truth which is imperative to any society that respects fairness.  The cancel culture is unfair.  “Believe all women” is unfair.  Taking skin color into account for anything is unfair.  Allowing millions of foreign nationals to break immigration law is unfair; change the law if it’s pernicious.Denigrating heroes like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln is unfair. Persecuting non-liberal teachers and students is unfair.  Forcing people of faith to contribute financially to abortions is absolutely a violation of fairness as well as morality.  You would think President Biden might have processed that at weekly mass.Here’s more truth.  Failure to speak out against unfair behavior because you are frightened that you may then be treated unfairly - will absolutely destroy the fabric of a just American society.  The folks need to condemn the cancel abomination.I hope you agree that is a fair assessment.
  • The Biden Conundrum
    After six weeks in office, President Biden has not yet held a press conference, but his spokeswoman promises one at the end of this month.  That’s nice as a free country deserves to occasionally hear from the guy running it. There is no question that Mr. Biden appears befuddled at times but, remember, he held his own in two debates with Donald Trump just a few months ago.  So, it’s hard to evaluate the 78-year-old President’s mental capacity in any kind of responsible way. Having written “Killing Reagan,” I know about cognitive decline in the White House.  After President Reagan was almost killed by an assassin’s bullet, he was in and out mentally for a time.  Some days he simply could not do the job and there was quiet talk among some of his senior staff of exploring the 25th amendment.  That allows for temporary or permanent removal of a president if he or she is unable to function effectively. In the book, we document what happened in Ronald Reagan’s first term and how it was kept from the public. Eventually, President Reagan made a stunning comeback. Today, some anti-Biden pundits believe old Joe is being set up for removal using the 25th amendment, but I don’t see that. The President has been exceedingly accommodating to the progressive movement so why would the ardent leftists, who control almost all access to Mr. Biden, want him gone? At this point, President Biden is supporting the Green New Deal, quasi-open borders, massive, pork-laden spending, and higher taxes.  This is like a greatest hits album for leftists.  So, there will be no “Joe Must Go” chanting by progressives.  No way.  Joe must stay because he’ll do exactly what they tell him to do. The chief domestic advisor to President Biden is the infamous Susan Rice.  She of Benghazi fame when, speaking on behalf of the Obama administration, misled the world about the Libyan terror attack that killed the U.S. Ambassador.  Ms. Rice is also a major pal of Michelle and Barack Obama. Believe me when I tell you that Ms. Rice is the exact opposite of befuddled.  She is laser-locked into changing the United States.  She wants to impose a paradise of equity, where certain groups of Americans get special treatment and government perks courtesy of everyone else.  Joe B. is absolutely on board with that even though it’s possible he might not understand what it all means. The Biden administration is not going to end well. I could be wrong, but I don’t see perspicacious leadership in the Oval Office.  I see a figurehead who may be unable to calculate the consequences of his policies. Does Joe understand Americans are paying a lot more for gas since Inauguration Day?  Is he processing that thousands of undocumented foreign nationals, some with Covid, are now crossing the southern border?  Does Joe know that his “green” envoy, John Kerry, is in the pocket of the Iranians? It would stun me if Joe Biden is actually aware that after six weeks, a number of bad things have happened in this country. Maybe he’ll be asked about all that in his end of March press conference.  But knowing the White House press corps, I kind of doubt it.
  • The Kavanaugh Effect
    It was a brutal exposition played out on world wide television.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh rhetorically torn to pieces by ideologues who wanted him destroyed.  A seat on the Supreme Court hung in the balance and if Kavanaugh and his family had to be humiliated, so be it.  President Donald Trump could not be allowed to put a traditionally-minded judge on the court.   A devoted liberal named Christine Blasey Ford supplied the allegation.  Kavanaugh, she said, had sexually abused her when they were both teenagers.  Ms. Ford produced scant evidence but she had one thing that was more important than proof: a lockstep media which would believe her no matter what.   Enlisting a far left Washington attorney, not paid by her, Ms. Ford wove a tawdry tale and the press printed every word of it.  Of course, reasonable doubt quickly appeared, but to no avail.  The media, many in Hollywood, and the majority of Democrats in the senate, gleefully convicted Brett Kavanaugh, shamed him, described him as a heinous individual.   In the end, the judge did ascend to the Supreme Court thanks to Republican senatorial votes.  But just barely.  You may have noticed the public was relatively muted about the Kavanaugh appointment.  That’s because decent people understand that while some allegations are true, others are lies.  No honest person condemns on accusation.   One of those who did convict Brett Kavanaugh was the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.  He demanded the judge take a lie detector test.  He “believed the victims.”   Well, karma is an interesting concept.  Last week, Mr. Cuomo was accused of “misbehavior” by a woman in his administration.  Like Kavanaugh, the Governor denied any wrongdoing.   But unlike the judge, the corporate media largely ignored the story.  Incredibly, on the day the allegations came forth, the CBS, ABC and NBC nightly newscasts did not mention it.  MSNBC and CNN also declined to report the situation, despite having hours of air time to fill.   This kind of blatant media corruption is now common and undeniable.  But here’s the thing.  The corporations that own the TV news agencies could not care less if they are corrupt.  So what?  We make money.  All that matters.   By the way, the champions of women everywhere, The New York Times, ran the Cuomo story on page 19.  That’s where articles about recycling usually go.   It is clear that the American people can no longer count on a fair press.  As the Hunter Biden situation demonstrated, the corporate media has allied itself with the Democratic Party and, in that capacity, is quite willing to suppress and distort important information.   The harm that will do to each American is substantial.  We should all be livid about it.   Everyone, that is, except the Governor and Hunter.
  • Terror on the Right
    President Biden has ordered the Justice Department and Homeland Security to “deal with the rise of white supremacy.”  He calls it the “greatest terror threat” to the country.   ISIS killers were stunned to hear that.   There are violent groups on the racist right like “Order of the Nine Angles” and the “New Aryan Empire.”  Ever hear of them?  I hadn’t either.  But the feds know them and some members have recently been arrested for illegal activities.   Some.  Not many.   In 2020, the Department of Justice brought exactly five criminal cases against “white supremacists.”  14 individuals were charged.   In 2019, another five cases.  75 people charged.  Many of them members of the “1488s”, a vicious Nazi-type group that deals narcotics and assaults people.   It’s a similar situation on the state level.  Last year in all 50 states there were only three prosecutions tied to “white supremacy.”  Nine individuals were charged.  Nine.  In 50 states.   In 2019, the number of white racists charged: eight.   So, what exactly are Joe Biden and his far left supporters talking about?  I mean radical leftists occupied blocks in downtown Seattle last summer.  Based on arrest statistics, the white supremacists barely have enough personnel to occupy a deli.   After I heard the President define the reactionary threat from the extreme right, I tweeted a question:  where is “the rise of white supremacy?”   Almost immediately the Twitter assassins emerged smearing your humble correspondent.  The worst was The Huffington Post, possibly the most hateful outfit on the planet.   The outrage against me was designed to send a clear message: you better not question the theory that white supremacy is dominant in America.  If you do, we on the far left will hurt you.  And it’s not enough to condemn white racism, you have accept that it’s pervasive.   So what’s REALLY going on here?  Let’s examine a theory.  Joe Biden doesn’t especially care about contextualizing the danger from the right.  His supporters like the issue so he’s behind it.   The reason that white supremacy is being promoted as a dire threat to America is because it diverts attention away from the real public safety menace - left wing governance.   Chicago is the most dangerous city in the country.  A place where thousands of African-Americans have been murdered.  For decades, Chicago has been run by liberal politicians who have failed to stop the violence.   New York City is dangerous and falling apart. Hundreds of thousands of residents are leaving.  Far left mayor Bill DeBlasio is a disaster.  Liberal Governor Andrew Cuomo is on the ropes after botching Covid.   Gavin Newsom, the uber-liberal governor of California, will likely be recalled and may not survive the year.  His home, San Francisco, is almost unlivable because of far left policies.   Should I mention Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia? Leftist management has grievously hurt them all.   The fact-based truth is that many thousands of Americans are being hurt, killed, and deprived in radical left precincts far away from any white supremacy.   Maybe someone should put that in a teleprompter so President Biden can read it.
  • Toil and Trouble
    Hopefully, the witch’s spell that has been cast on Washington, D.C. will now be lifted as President Trump avoids an impeachment conviction again.  Shakespeare would have loved all this in the context of his play MacBeth and its “Song of the Witches.”          Double, double toil and trouble;        Fire burn and caldron bubble.        Cool it with a baboon’s blood,        Then the charm is firm and good.   But there is no charm in America as the country continues to destroy its credibility and sensibility of fairness.  Few media and politicians care about objective truth anymore.  Now, more than ever before, it’s all about power and money.   Regarding the aftermath of the election, here is a truthful assessment: President Trump lost all perspective and acted irresponsibly in challenging the outcome.  Instead of listening to people feeding his ego with unverifiable theories, he should have called for a federal forensic-based investigation of suspect voting precincts.  When an incumbent president receives more than 74 million votes and loses, that is certainly a reasonable request.   But a thorough probe never materialized. Instead, both parties fed their supporters emotional propaganda as the courts walked away from intruding on the tabulated results, no matter how unlikely they seemed.   As his frustration grew, Donald Trump encouraged Americans to reject the tabulations and millions did.  The President believed that some magic might occur and proof of fraud could surface.  It never happened.   Then, in a last ditch attempt to prevent Joe Biden from assuming office, Mr. Trump participated in the January 6 D.C. protest. That resulted in a national disaster as political violence shocked the country.  But was Donald Trump directly responsible?   Michael van der Veen, a lawyer who defended Trump in the Senate trial, presented a strong argument: “At no point in their presentation did you hear House managers play a single example of Mr. Trump urging anyone to engage in violence of any kind.     “He engaged in no language of incitement whatsoever...”   Now, that doesn’t mean Donald Trump did not want a massive protest on his behalf, he did.  But Trump is a smart man who had to understand that violence at the Capitol could not possibly do him any good.   After the impeachment acquittal, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said Mr. Trump acted in a “reckless” manner, which is a defensible opinion.  But the charge was “inciting violence against the government of the United States.”   Very simply, evidence to convict on that is not there.   If being reckless is the standard, Vice President Harris could surely be impeached for urging Americans to bail out violent rioters last summer.  Or am I wrong?   History should record two things.  First, that President Trump hurt his country by embracing destructive after-election tactics.   Secondly, that the Democratic Party, actively aided by a corrupt corporate media, persecuted Donald Trump in an unfair and unprecedented manner throughout his entire tenure in office and beyond.   And that’s the truth.  No witch's spell is needed to tell it.
  • The Malarkey Zone
    After less than three weeks in office, President Biden has imposed higher taxes on every American.  Did you know that?  We are paying dramatically more for gasoline and heating oil.  In my Long Island town, a gallon of gas costs 40 cents more than it did before Mr. Biden assumed office.  Can’t wait for my heating bill.     You may remember that Biden promised not to raise taxes on working people.  But he had to know that by attacking the fossil fuel industry with Executive Orders, the oil companies would immediately begin stockpiling cash by raising fuel prices. Everybody knew that.  Well, maybe not Joy Behar, but everyone else.   So, because of a government mandate, we pay more on necessities.  It’s an indirect tax like Obamacare is a tax, at least according to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.  Remember?  We pay higher health insurance premiums because of a government ordered health policy which Roberts said was legal because it’s a “tax.”   Most folks have no idea what the deuce is happening even as their wallets are getting lighter. And plenty more tax increases are on the way.  You may have noticed that Joe B. Is trying to secure about $4 trillion to fight Covid and Climate Change.  But the country doesn’t have an extra $4 trillion because the USA already owes close to $30 trillion, money it can never repay.   But Joe either doesn’t understand that or doesn’t care.  Anyway, his administration will have to institute punitive income tax increases to go along with a myriad of “indirect” taxes like higher fuel costs.   Sometime in the fall, when gas prices hit $3.50 a gallon, the 80 million people who voted for Joe Biden might begin to figure this all out.  But, of course, the corrupt media won’t help them.  The press got President Biden elected.  It will not turn on him unless he becomes “unwoke.”   But the folks may well turn on the President. Just as they have in California where uber-liberal Governor Gavin Newsom is about to be recalled. There will be a vote to boot him out by summer.  Many Californians have had enough.   Newsom, like Pritzker in Illinois and Cuomo in New York, has ruined his beautiful state. It’s all about getting high: high taxes, high crime, high numbers of homeless people (many of whom are literally high) invading neighborhoods.   Also, the high number of Covid restrictions that have brutalized most Californians.  But not Gavin.  His table at the lavish French Laundry restaurant remains reserved.   The only way America is going to get fixed is for good people to get involved.  For example, there is a new movement forming to actively oppose the cancel culture.  It’s called “The Free Speech Movement” and you might check out its website:   President Biden and every other politician should wise up and understand that Americans don’t want to be deceived.  Yes, Biden is a massive tax and spend guy.  Every voter should have understood that despite Joe vocally denying he would cause any tax pain for workers.   After less than a month, the record shows that’s malarkey (Joe’s word).  Now the question becomes what are we going to do about it?
  • Is President Biden Calling the Shots?
    Although neither man would ever admit it, Presidents Biden and Trump have a major character trait in common: they both need approval in order to function effectively.   And this is crazy but it’s true, both men have sought approval from the same power sources.  They are The New York Times and The Washington Post.   Late in 2019, Mr. Trump asked me if he should cooperate with Bob Woodward, an editor at the Post, who was writing yet another book on him.  The first exercise hammered Trump and I believed the second would also do that.   Bob Woodward is a legendary reporter and a shrewd guy.  He had to deliver an outline to his publisher in order to secure a multi-million dollar contract.  Mr. Woodward could not just say he’d write whatever he learned. No, that kind of uncertainty does not lead to many dollars.  Woodward had to produce a strong point of view, which he did.  Simply put, President Trump doesn’t listen to anyone and is tremendously ill informed.   And that’s what Bob Woodward wrote, because that’s what his primary audience would pay money to read.   I explained the situation to President Trump just as I am explaining it to you.  And then I asked him a simple question:  why would he actually help Woodward trash him again?   The President said he wanted his side of the story to be told.  Which Woodward did.  But only after at least three former Trump cabinet members pounded Trump into pudding for about 150 pages.   I could be wrong, but I think Donald Trump thought he could convince Bob Woodward that his administration was doing a good job. But if you understand that The Washington Post and its rival The New York Times promote an almost exclusively liberal point of view, Donald Trump’s effort was doomed no matter what he said.   Enter President Biden who will gladly cooperate with the Post and Times because he measures his success by their approval. In fact, I believe the two newspapers have more influence on Mr. Biden than any other vehicle in the world.   It was almost shocking to see Joe Biden become a clone of Bernie Sanders during his first week in office.  Casting “unity” completely overboard, Biden signaled he’ll try to destroy the fossil fuel industry, open the nation’s borders to chaotic illegal immigration, and favor “marginalized” groups and individuals over white citizens.   That was even too much, too soon for the New York Times editorial board, which advised Biden to slow down on the Executive Orders so as not to produce a ferocious backlash.   Expect the President to slow down.   It seems incredible that two leftist newspapers could be formulating policy in America but the evidence is there.  The corporate TV news agencies often imitate what the papers do and say.  Biden, of course, knows that.   Throughout his entire political life, Joe Biden has been a “go along to get along” kind of guy; a moderate in Democrat clothing, a backslapper who sought compromise.   But that’s gone, baby, gone.  Now Mr. Biden promotes tax dollars for abortion, is a Climate Change zealot, and believes equality should be diminished for the favoritism of “equity.”   No accident that his voyage to the left wing promised land mirrors the stated beliefs of the Times and Post - which look to be the real captains of the good ship Biden.   If you value American tradition, get ready for some rough seas ahead.
  • Can Donald Trump Mount a Comeback?
    The “Turtle” snapped.  Powerful Senator Mitch McConnell, aka the Turtle, is not opposing the impeachment trial of President Trump, signaling the two men are no longer “Happy Together.”   If you don’t understand that reference, shame!   There is no doubt that the traditional leaders of the Republican Party want nothing further to do with Donald Trump.  However, they have a problem because so many Americans continue to support him, and believe he is being treated unfairly by the establishment.     So the Turtle and other GOP power brokers should be very careful if they want to keep power.  President Trump is not a man to be easily dismissed.   The road back to authority for Mr. Trump is paved by just one person: Joe Biden.  And I’m not talking about running for President again which is a long shot, but not impossible, for Donald Trump.   No, I’m talking about political influence and credibility.   The conniving Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer well understand that President Trump will retain “people power,” much the way Barack Obama did when he left office. That’s what is driving this absurd second impeachment which could be worse than the first farce.   Donald Trump did encourage Americans to protest the election results.  Absolutely, he did that.  But he never even contemplated the violence that occurred on January 6. Maybe he should have.  But a misjudgment, even when it’s drastic, is not a removable offense for a president.  If it were, most of our Chief Executives would have been impeached.  Or am I wrong?   Therefore, the latest impeachment is designed for just one thing: to finish Trump forever in the political arena.     At this point, the betting odds are that Mr. Trump will not be convicted.  Schumer needs sixteen Republican senators to support the democrats.  A few like Mitt Romney are salivating to cancel Trump.  But most are not.   Now back to President Biden.  The smart play would have been for him to discourage impeachment in the name of national unity.   Instead, Biden did his best impression of Pontius Pilate and stood aside. Are you surprised?  It would have taken courage to go against the howling left wing mob.   Somewhere Barabbas is smiling.   The overreach by Democrats and their media allies is just getting started, and it is here where Donald Trump might benefit.   First, the cancel culture.  This despicable trend is owned exclusively by the left.  The cruelty and unfairness of the effort is obvious to any decent person.  The more traction the cancel thugs get, the more anti-liberal backlash there will be.   Immigration.  Soon the southern border will be under siege again because President Biden is sending open border signals.  The approaching chaos will anger many Americans.   And finally the economy.  Already gas prices are rising because oil companies know Biden will try to hurt them.  So the energy moguls are stockpiling cash.  Higher gas prices will hurt working people.   I could list many other examples but here’s the headline.  If President Biden’s liberal policies fail, and that’s almost a given, Americans will be looking for someone to stop the madness.   And it won’t be the Turtle.[Sign up to watch O'Reilly's No Spin News on your TV or other device.]
  • The Trump Legacy
    Liz Cheney got the headlines but the Wyoming Congresswoman’s vote to impeach President Trump was not the most damaging republican action recently.  No, the largely unpublicized resignation of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao was. That’s because she is married to Senator Mitch McConnell who is now torturing Mr. Trump in a foolish display of power.  Ms. Chao’s exit sent an anti-Trump signal that was surely endorsed by her husband.   As Senate majority leader, McConnell is delaying the impeachment trial until after Joe Biden is sworn in.  But the Kentuckian is also saying it’s okay if GOP senators vote to ultimately convict the president on charges of inciting the violence at the Capitol building.  Why would McConnell do that?   He has to know that voting to convict Donald Trump in the Senate would damage the Republican Party immensely.  Millions of people who voted for Trump would leave the GOP.   This is not a Richard Nixon situation where the nation heard the President on tape conspiring to commit a crime.  The Trump case is subjective, an opinion that he directly incited a mob to violence.  However, he used the word “peacefully” in public remarks to the protestors so that is certainly exculpatory.  Yes, he did not tamp down the visceral anger of his supporters as he should have.  No, that is not a high crime or misdemeanor.  It was a severe error in judgment.   Mitch McConnell knows all this so it is a mystery as to why he wants to hurt his own party.  He, himself, is partially to blame for the Republican senate loss in Georgia because he blocked the $2,000 Covid relief checks.  So McConnell is now emerging as a villain to many Republicans.   Fair-minded Americans should understand that President Trump was largely successful on policy during his term.  His signature achievement is reviving the sluggish Obama-Biden economy - an action which benefited nearly all working people.   Mr. Trump also managed “Operation Warp Speed” to success as a Covid vaccine is a reality.  That is a colossal accomplishment.   In addition, President Trump contained North Korea and Iran.  Confronted the Chinese threat in a methodical way, and broadened U.S. power in the Middle East.   Also, Americans were rewarded with three traditional Supreme Court justices by Mr. Trump which protects against arbitrary changes to the Constitution.   Therefore, Mitch McConnell is playing an extremely dangerous game by diminishing President Trump in the eyes of Americans who still like him.  And the crazy part is that McConnell doesn’t have to do it.  Donald Trump will soon be a past president and the nation is not well served by an unnecessary impeachment trial that will stoke even more division and hatred.   Wise up fast, Mitch.  You’re misusing your power.  You’re hurting the country.  
  • Payback
    Imitating the bloody baptism scene in The Godfather, anti-Trump zealots are coming with guns blazing.  The horrendous display of sedition and treachery at the nation’s Capitol has provided some leftists with a license to figuratively kill and they are locked and loaded.   President Trump is the primary target and he is badly wounded with more pain to come. Mr. Trump is obviously loathed by many powerful people and is now stripped of defenders. Those who would even grant the President a fair hearing are putting themselves at risk.     Mr. Trump’s failure to tamp down the angry protestors supporting him in Washington has destroyed his legacy.  The Trump-haters are screaming that he “encouraged” the violence but I believe that’s false.  The President is an opportunist and smart enough to understand that a calculated violent attack on Congress in his name would destroy him.  Because of his bitterness over the election and the unprecedented press mistreatment he’s received, the President has lost all perspective and personal discipline.   Not an excuse, just accurate analysis.  I know the man.   Now we have even more hatred.  Let me ask a simple question: do you think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer care about “bringing the country together?”  Of course they don’t. They want to punish Donald Trump and every single one of his supporters by ginning up another impeachment fiasco that they know will light yet another fuse in this nation.  Joe Biden has not signed on because he understands the brutal consequences of totally emasculating his predecessor, a man who garnered 74 million votes.   I’m not even going to address the corrupt media which believes its reckless disregard of facts and perspective is a moral obligation. But social media?  Now, that’s a different story.  Pun intended.   I agree that violent threats and defamation must be policed by Silicon Valley.  But denying the President and others the right to express opinions is dangerous to the nation. Companies have a perfect right to “flag” what they deem as inaccurate.  But punishing political expression is obviously unconstitutional.  The corporate media uses anonymous, unverifiable sources every day and social media aggressively distributes that.  We are in a danger zone here that may require Congressional scrutiny.   It is beyond any doubt that the assault on Congress by Trump supporters has created a national emergency.  We are descending into the madness of irrationality.  In addition, the anti-Trumpers are now exacting vivid revenge and there doesn’t seem to be any cease fire in sight.   And so our divided nation turns to you, Joe Biden.  Defuse it.  As best you can.
  • Happy Birthday, Jesus
    President Ulysses S. Grant was a Christmas kind of guy.  A practicing Methodist, he made December 25 a federal holiday in 1870.  Ever since then, the birthday of Jesus the Nazarene has been a official day of rest.   And just last week, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order making Christmas Eve a federal holiday as well.  Joy to the World!  Or at least to the USA.   You may remember some years back there were attacks on Christmas by secular-progressives that went like this: “we don’t believe in Jesus and don’t want to see him and his parents displayed on public property. And we may sue if that happens. In addition, we don’t even want to hear the words ‘Merry Christmas,’ so don’t be saying them in places of business. Like stores where people buy Christmas presents. We’ll have none of that!”   Incredibly, some bosses actually ordered employees not to say “Merry Christmas.”  It would be “Happy Holidays” or else.   Enter me, your humble correspondent, who found that bit of fascism very offensive. Also, a blatant violation of the First Amendment.  If I want to say Merry Christmas while handing out burgers at the drive-through window, I’ll damn well say it.   Sorry for the wording, Jesus.   Once I brought the controversy to the attention of the nation on television and named some of the cowardly businesses, that “Happy Holidays “ mandate evaporated pretty quick.  But not before some far left media people attacked me.  Of course, in the true spirit of Christmas, I attacked back. Wait a minute. That might be the reason my stocking contained a measure of coal, and may have contributed to climate change.   Anyway, over the years there has definitely been a sea change back to a traditional Christmas landscape.  Yes, there are still ideological hooligans who despise the baby Jesus, but most of them are now hiding in San Francisco.   So what about this Jesus guy?  Why do most of us have his birthday off?  Well, he was a fascinating fellow and you know that if you read my history book, “Killing Jesus.”   Born into a family that lived communally in the small town of Nazareth, Jesus was trained as a stone-cutter by his father. However, his parents knew early on that their boy’s intellectual aptitude was off the chart. His eloquence was on display in the local Temple as he was not shy about challenging the Jewish clergy.   Eventually, the Nazarene became a cult figure who could attract thousands of people to hear him speak.  This meant he was a threat to the establishment and, in short measure, Jesus was brutally executed by Roman authorities.   After his death, Jesus became the most famous human being in history.  Today, billions of people believe he is God.   In America, according to a Gallup survey, 93 percent of us celebrate Christmas even though 65 percent claim to be Christian. That’s down from 78 percent in 2007, as the secularists make inroads.   But that Christmas thing is hanging tough. Perhaps because it is honoring a man who taught that your neighbor is as important as yourself, and you are to love both equally.   Not a lot of downside in that if you are a holistic human being.     So have yourself a merry little Christmas. And you might think about how a laborer with absolutely no resources has dominated world culture for more than two thousand years.    No wonder the anti-believers are so upset.
  • Is America Still a Noble Nation?
    There is a dark anger spreading across the land. President Trump and a majority of people who voted for him believe the election was marred by significant fraud and the system is allowing a dishonest vote to stand.   Many Americans are furious and are questioning the nobility of America.On the other side, many committed leftists never thought the country was noble in the first place.  They have cleverly set up a philosophy that tells people of color and the poor that they are victims of “white oppression” and that President Trump is the racist-in-chief.  That grievance play, fronted by the Marxist Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, peddles hatred - aided and abetted by the corporate media.So now traditional-minded Americans face two dilemmas. There is little doubt cheating occurred during the election.  Yet, the Supreme Court doesn’t want to hear the allegations because not enough hard evidence has been put forth.  In order to overturn a vote, the nation’s highest court would have to see massive evidence of fraud.  And there is not time to assemble that especially because some states and almost all the national media oppose investigating the election at all.Therefore, a good portion of the 74 million people who voted for President Trump are fighting mad, some are even considering walking away from their country.Then there is this question: if you stay, how do you deal with those who want to destroy the fabric of America and support using nefarious means to do so?In radical left precincts there is utter hatred for conservative and traditional folks.  There is a loathing for many Constitutional rights. Also for religion.  A disrespect for private property and self-reliance.  The radicals want to diminish personal rights and empower a “woke” central government to impose “social justice,” which includes financially punishing the affluent and profitable corporations.In short, a socialist government in Washington would make almost all the calls about what we can have and what we can do.That scenario is already on display in California and New York where fanatical leftists are in control.  The result is disaster. Violent crime is rising quickly, quality of life is drastically declining, and punitive taxation to fend off bankruptcy is harming workers and the affluent alike.The result: millions are leaving those places. Since 2010, close to two million residents have departed New York State with many others packing up.  Millions more would leave if they could.In California, citizens in Los Angeles face this reality: officials will no longer enforce the law. For example, if a drunk driver hits you in LA, police will not arrive to document the crime. In addition, if you steal less than $900 of merchandise from a store, you will not be prosecuted.  I could site many more examples.The radicals in New York and California would like to impose their anarchistic system on the rest of the country.  And so, conflict is coming.I hope it will be peaceful.  You are committing treason if you use violence to impose or even defend a political belief.  The looters and destroyers in the wake of George Floyd’s death are traitors in addition to being common criminals.Our system is under severe pressure right now.  I believe the good people will prevail, but the fight will be intense.  The patriotic play is to use all legal means to right wrongs and defeat the evil people who threaten our liberties.  If you walk away, the bad guys win.Saving traditional America can be done.  But if it’s not done correctly, then we become as bad as the destroyers.  America remains a noble nation.  But the struggle to keep that way will be daunting.
  • The Trump Show Packs Up
    Privately, President Trump knows he’ll be a regular citizen again shortly.  But he dislikes talking about it even with close family members.  Mr. Trump is still trying to resolve the fact that he received 74 million votes and lost!   He is angry and truly believes the vote in at least vital five states was illegally compromised.When the President leaves the White House in January, a number of things are likely to happen.  Above all, the corrupt corporate media will continue to use him as cover. Every time Joe Biden makes a mistake or the country takes an economic hit, Trump will be blamed.  No matter what goes wrong over the next four years, President Joe will get a pass as he gleefully watches his predecessor continue to be demonized.But a bit of vengeance will emerge that may comfort Donald Trump just a bit.   Because the press has abandoned it’s mandate of searching for the truth without ideology, many news consumers will abandon the news industry in response.Ratings for all the television news programs will recede.  I mean what exactly will they cover?  Hating or loving Mr. Trump was the entire game for the past five years.  Now, it’s Joe Biden.  Talk about culture shock.Maybe I’m missing it but there seems to be a lack of creativity on display.  The three network news operations pretty much cover the same thing, the same way.   Boring?  I believe so.Cable news is simply dour.  When I was there we had a few laughs.  We did different things.  We had Miller and Goldberg and Watters running around annoying people.  On a slow news day, there was still energy. Today, watching many cable presentations is like algebra class.  Is it over yet?Donald Trump used the media to get elected and may ultimately be responsible for destroying it.  How ironic.  It’s passive revenge.  Covid and Trump could depart the stage at about the same time.  Leaving what then?  What’s the media plan?There is no plan.  Biden is dull.  Senator Mitch McConnell will be the most powerful person in the country.   Will Fox give him a show called “The Mitching Hour?”No, they won’t.And finally, there is only one thing that might stave off the disaster that TV news is facing. And that would be if one Donald Trump secures a commentary position, bringing a potential audience of 74 million with him.Again, irony all over the place.  The man who destroyed the media - could be the only one who might be able to save it.
  • The Pope vs. President Trump
    Pope Francis is a good man.  At least I think so.  He’s seriously interested in alleviating suffering and corruption around the world and uses his influence to do that.  His ultimate boss must be very pleased.Jesus the Nazarene was a compassionate, practical guy who looked at the cold world with a realistic weariness.  “The poor will always be with us,” he told his followers. With precision, Jesus spoke of ambition and achievement in his parable of the three workers given investment capital by their employer.  The man who did nothing with that opportunity was scolded in the parable for squandering the gift he had received.In his new book “Let Us Dream,” Pope Francis also speaks of practical matters, confronting the world of Covid and directly criticizing the actions of President Trump. Having written “Killing Jesus,” a history of the most famous human being who ever existed, I think the Pope may be making a significant mistake in his analysis, one that the teacher Jesus would not have made.On page two of the book, the Pope writes: “Think of governments having to choose in the pandemic. What matters more: to take care of people or keep the financial system going?  Do we look after people, or sacrifice them for the sake of the stock market?  Do we put the machinery of wealth on hold, knowing people will suffer, yet that way we save lives?  In some cases governments have tried to protect the economy first, maybe because they didn’t understand the magnitude of the illness, or because they lacked the resources.  Those governments have mortgaged their people.”That is quite the indictment by Francis.  So, playing devil’s advocate with His Holiness, let me challenge.No country on earth has successfully eliminated Covid and a number of them badly damaged their own citizens by ordering intense lockdowns.  That’s a fact.I guess a case could be made that Sweden’s refusal to take strong isolation action led to more death in that country.  That seems to be true.As for the United States, President Trump did not want to panic the markets and create intense economic hardship.  Remember, about 13 million Americans have contracted Covid.  There are 330 million of us and we are all dependent on the market economy which slid into recession shortly after the virus hit.Pope Francis is responsible for souls, an American president for bodies.  Folks have to have money to support themselves and, under Mr. Trump, the U.S. economy has remained resilient while other nations have faltered.It is true that Donald Trump did not aggressively promote mask wearing and punishing lockdowns. He was also far too optimistic about defeating the pandemic in the beginning.  He might have handled those things with more touch and, surely, has paid a political price.But the President did not “mortgage” his people.  He protected their hard earned assets and investments.  He also successfully fast-tracked a vaccine.Capitalism comes through again.Pope Francis is a disciple of “liberation theology,” a theory that demands social concern for the poor and political “liberation” for oppressed peoples.  I believe Jesus would have endorsed that concept as well.But it is HOW you provide for the downtrodden that separates the saints from the sinners.  Allowing all citizens opportunities to improve their lives in this callous world should be the basis of “liberation theology.”  Protecting folks from harm is equally as important as long as you don’t “destroy the village” in the process.In the age of Covid, the USA continues to lead the planet in social and economic opportunities.  With all due respect to the good man Pope Francis, President Trump contributed greatly in allowing opportunity to continue to knock through an extremely dangerous time.At least that’s the take from this loyal American Irish-Catholic.
  • The Truth about the Vote
    Because I am a simple man, I pose an elementary question: do you believe the corporate media wants to know if there was any corruption in the presidential election? Simple yes or no answer will do.Time's up!  The answer is NO!  With capital letters.President Trump believes the vote was compromised in a number of places.  So do many of his supporters.  But, so far, solid legal evidence, the kind federal court rulings should be based upon, is scant.From the beginning of the controversy, I have said the probe must start with analytics, the math.  So, what are the odds that a 600,000 vote Trump lead on election night in Pennsylvania, can turn into a significant loss after mail-in votes are counted?  Is that a ten percent chance?  50 percent?  What percentage of Pennsylvania mail-ins went for Biden?That kind of data is exactly how serious election doubt is raised.  But analytics has not been introduced on a significant level in the vote controversy.Why not?Can’t answer that definitively, but educated speculation points to incompetence on the part of the Trump campaign.If you take nutty left California out of the popular vote, Joe Biden won by about a million.  Far less than one percent of votes cast.  That means the country is equally divided with almost 74 million folks rejecting Biden.So it’s easy to allege fraud against Trump as there is an enormous audience ready and willing to entertain that prospect.  Add to that the fact that the corrupt American press won’t even consider electoral corruption - after it hysterically hyped bogus Russian electoral interference for two years - and you have very bitter feelings about the election of 2020 that are damaging the nation.Since the November 3 vote, I have compiled a massive amount of electoral information for my news agency on  My fact-based assessment is that some democrat election officials in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) cheated by breaking a variety of state mandated voting rules.It is impossible for anyone to say whether the deceit was enough to win entire states for Mr. Biden. That’s where analytics could produce powerful circumstantial evidence. The federal judges might consider an evidence package based upon sworn affidavits and scientific “probability.”But no such package has been produced and the Trump campaign is facing doom as state certifications loom in early December.That’s exactly where we are.  And it is certainly not a good place for the United States of America.
  • It's a Smug World After All
    Get ready. Big changes coming next year in politics and media.  All of us will be affected. Spread the word. Unless Moses comes back and parts the Potomac River, Joe Biden will be President. Old Joe grabbed more that 78 million votes, a record.  Donald Trump garnered 73 million, the second biggest vote-getter ever with only Biden beating him.  Doing the math, more than 150 million Americans cast ballots. But on the day after the election, with the contest in dispute and drama high, only two million Americans watched the CBS News special.  Just two and a half million watched ABC’s election special.  Three and a half million tuned into see NBC’s special newscast. Those are catastrophic numbers. Cable News had more viewers but not many more. Astoundingly, CNN beat Fox News.  So what’s happening right before our eyes? Well, most Americans who consume what the corporate media puts out know that dishonesty and unfairness is the lead story. From the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has been brutally attacked by the press which openly allied itself with the Democratic Party. Every honest person has to admit that.  The Russian collusion fiasco and impeachment were historic embarrassments. The smearing of Mr. Trump combined with the President’s lack of discipline in defending himself led to his defeat.  In his heart, the President knows I’m right.  Trump made too many unforced errors.  But the way he was treated by the combined national media agencies was corrupt and unprecedented. Americans who pay attention understand that no matter who they voted for.  They know the media fix was in.  And they will not forget. Therefore, all of the corporate media will suffer and lose audience steadily over the next year.  Because the fix will STILL be in. Readers and watchers of the news will continue to be misled.  Every day.  Every way. President Biden will be fabulous.  Everything he does will be magnificent and perspicacious.  Forget Abe, FDR, and JFK. Joe will dwarf them all. The media has to do this.  It can never admit it backed a mediocrity.  Maybe Joe will prove me wrong and I intend to give him a chance, but I foresee a guy who is exchanging a basement in Delaware for a cloistered office in DC.  I don’t expect to see much of Joe B. Not too many press conferences or trips. Maybe a photo op here and there and some ice cream runs. However, the new President will go to Sunday mass.  He has to thank God for the kind treatment the press has bestowed upon him. Not too many in the press corp will attend church because it’s a secular crew. They largely believe in themselves and are celebrating the demise of Donald Trump, which they are convinced they engineered.  But demise is a condition that can spread like Covid.  These biased media people have become unbearable to many Americans; their smug condescension vividly on display over a painful four year period.  And so, while many journalists continue to betray their profession with unbridled arrogance, the folks will slip out the back, Jack.  They’ll make a new plan, Stan. And, incredibly, the media chieftains do not even know the full extent of what’s coming - even as the draw up their job elimination lists. Nope, these moguls don’t believe there is a major problem in their media domains. They remain, above all else, smug. As a bug.  In a rug.  
  • The Trump Vote
    More than 70 million American citizens voted for President Trump, the most in history. Except for Joe Biden.  He got four million more.  At least that’s what the “official” popular vote tally is at this point.  But some of those Biden votes may be bogus. However, hard evidence is needed to define that.  Back to President Trump.  It is incredible that he received so many votes. That is a true statement.  It’s incredible.  Even if he loses, he can go down to Palm Beach knowing he got more votes than Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Warren Harding.But why did Mr. Trump get so much validation?Two reasons: first he succeeded in putting money in the pockets of working people. The Trump economy allowed more reward in the marketplace.  Can Joe Biden duplicate that?  Second, millions of Americans despise the Trump-haters who are on display every hour on the hour.  It’s amazing but some anti-Trumpers are so vile, they have made the bombastic Trump look sympathetic.  We all know the hit list: phony Russian allegations, irresponsible impeachment, defamatory media, looters and arsonists, socialist politicians.Let me be very clear:  the “get Trump” and destroy traditional America movements motivated the pro-Trump vote.Now there is wreckage.  The entire election is suspect because some liberal places presented a massive amount of Biden votes AFTER election day.  Many believe the fix was in. The old saying goes like this: “perception is reality.”  The election of 2020 is tainted forever.Also, the corporate media is finished. Companies like Disney, which owns ABC, allow commentators to smear any American who even voted for Trump.  Would Disney have allowed irresponsible broadcasters to attack Obama voters?  No.Regular folks of all political views now understand the media is corrupt, generally speaking.  Older Americans have a basis of comparison because they watched Cronkite and Mike Wallace.  CNN?  Sure.  AT&T must be very proud.So tens of millions supported President Trump largely because they are angry about how he was treated.  Yes, you can make an argument that he brought some of it on himself, but that hypothesis falls apart when the “Russian collusion” fiasco is evaluated. And the Hunter Biden blackout. And the unending chaos that the Washington establishment along with their media allies tried to impose on the Trump administration.So more than 70 million voters essentially said “blank you” to the establishment.  That may not console the President or his supporters but it is a fact.  And anti-establishment anger is growing.  With every newly discovered mail-in ballot.
  • The Decision
    There is danger in the national air and it has nothing to do with President Trump.  But do the folks feel it?  Do solid voters who embrace the vast goodness in America understand their country is on the cliff?I don’t know.Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson.  A man of impulse and, at times, colossal callousness.  Yet, his political strategy is to create opportunities; mostly for himself but the economic trickle down effect has helped working people.  The rise in wages will stop almost immediately if Joe Biden wins the election and begins increasing taxes.Having researched and written a book about the President called “The United States of Trump,” and having known him for three decades, I well understand why millions of Americans want to fire him.  What I cannot fathom is the unintended consequences of doing that.It’s not as if Teddy Roosevelt is waiting to take over.  Joe Biden is a corrupt, weak man who is fronting a subversive movement that will crush traditional Americans.  The signposts are everywhere.  Liberal cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle have collapsed.  Quality of life in deep blue states like California, Illinois, and New Jersey has drastically declined.Millions of citizens are fleeing dangerous and chaotic places run by radical left politicians.Mr. Biden is not a radical but his running mate is.  Senator Kamala Harris is a vicious due process denier who slapped Biden, himself, in the face with a racist accusation. Yet, he put her on the ticket because of skin color and gender, not because of vision and achievement.  Joe Biden - looking out for you.The radical left in this country makes the hard right look like the Muppets.  This week, Senator Bernie Sanders accused police officers in Philadelphia of “murder” after they shot a convicted violent criminal dead as the man was coming at them with a knife. Sanders uttered not a word of criticism toward the hundreds of looters and “protesters” that injured scores of Philly cops. Joe Biden will do the bidding of Sanders and the other far left zealots.  He will stand by as the United States falls into disarray economically, socially, and educationally.  He will allow totalitarianism to rise by imitating Pontius Pilate, washing his hands as the cancel culture, corrupt social media barons, and socialist politicians rob Americans of their rights and assets.Obviously, millions of voters do not believe what I am stating.  How could they and still support a Biden-Harris ticket?  When Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were elected, I did not believe the country would suffer permanent damage.  But that’s not the case with Biden.  He’ll be a fiddler watching the flames engulf traditional America.And that brings us back to Donald Trump.  If he wins re-election, he’ll continue doing what he does; the tweeting, the feuding, the quest for never-ending approval.  But he will not hurt you, your children, your grandchildren.Biden, Harris, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer et al, will.  They want to impose a new America where centralized federal power dictates your behavior right down to what you can say and how much you’re allowed to have.  They will try to alter the Supreme Court in an attempt to make this happen.Think very hard about your voting decision.   Danger is close.
  • What Biden Believes
    By the end of the second debate, Joe Biden was tired.  He looked at his watch and then appeared to be silently thinking: “who has my jammies?”It was closing in on 10:30pm.But old Joe was not a diminished guy on the stage.  If the definition of a debate winner is which candidate was helped the most, then President Trump won.  But Mr. Biden held his own until the last round when he blurted out that he wants to eliminate the oil industry.I knew that all along but what I didn’t know until this week is exactly how Joe Biden feels about his country.  Yes, he’s a long-standing public servant and that should be respected. But, as far as the nation is concerned, Biden’s heart is in the wrong place.In a rare question and answer with a journalist, the former Vice-President said this: “America was an idea.  We hold these truths to be self evident (that all men are created equal).  We’ve never lived up to it ...”That is a far-left view; that the United States is not a noble nation because some citizens were and are denied equal rights.  So, we have to rearrange the country and create a powerful central government to “impose” social justice.  You may remember that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said pretty much the same thing when he opined America was “never that great.”It is apparent that Joe Biden has bought into a governing concept that harms some citizens to benefit others.  And if he is elected President, many Americans are likely to be hurt in the name of economic, environmental, and racial “justice.”It is certainly true that our country has treated blacks and Native-Americans unfairly throughout history.  I document that in my books “Killing Crazy Horse” and “Killing Lincoln.”  And, by the way, most Americans accept that history is flawed, not only here but in every single nation on earth.The intent of the Founding Fathers was to provide a system that would allow freedom and the pursuit of happiness without government interference.  We fought the Revolutionary War and the Civil War to ensure that promise.  Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died in conflicts against tyranny.Many of the colonists, including some of the Founders, understood that slavery was an insult to God and to humanity.  But the power did not exist in Philadelphia to force the southern colonies to outlaw it.  So, a new nation arose with a brutal deficit.Does that mean America has never “lived up” to its promise?  No, it does not.The truth that Joe Biden does not accept is that the United States today provides more opportunity to pursue happiness than any other country in the world.  Poor and desperate people in Honduras understand that.  Mr. Biden does not.This is an unfair world and we are all sinners, capable of personal bias and destructive actions. But the promise of America is a nation where wrongs can be righted and individuals are allowed the freedom to choose their own destiny.That promise has largely been fulfilled with the caveat that our system should constantly be improved because corruption and evil is never-ending on this planet.After 47 years in government, Joe Biden does not seem to see the truth about America and he is not alone.To me, that’s very sad.  
  • Will the Media Defeat Donald Trump?
    President Trump and everyone else knew that the NBC Townhall exposition would be contentious and that the ABC Townhall with Joe Biden, broadcast at the same time, would be gentle.   And that’s exactly what happened.   The NBC moderator, Savannah Guthrie, was under heavy pressure to make Donald Trump squirm.  The left had battered NBC for daring to put the President up directly against Mr. Biden.  Apparently, they feared Trump would get higher ratings than Biden.   So Savannah spent almost all her interview time on the liberal attack line: why the President doesn’t promote masks, his taxes, white supremacy, QAnon; the usual greatest hits.   Meanwhile, George Stephanopoulos, an avowed liberal democrat and chief correspondent at ABC News, did not even ask Joe Biden about the biggest political story in America: the exposure of his son Hunter as a person who used his father’s political power to make millions of dollars.   George, of course, knew he would look weak not asking about Hunter but his bosses at Disney, which owns ABC, want Biden to win the election so the fix was in.   That is the state of the corporate media in America today.   The question is, how did the national press become a political entity?  Why have standards of journalism collapsed?   The short answer is Donald Trump.  Many press chieftains despise the President because they see him as a vulgarian who panders to conservatives.  Therefore, they are directing their power to remove him from office, not responsibly seek the truth about his administration.    The long answer is the “media culture.”   Some years ago, Bernard Goldberg wrote a book about CBS News called “Bias” that credibly reports the left wing slant of the organization - an outfit that employed him for more than 20 years.   I worked for CBS for three years and saw what Bernie saw: an organization that valued a liberal point of view.  At the time, there was some discipline at CBS News so left wing bias was tamped down on the air, especially in local news where little political spin existed.  But the Dan Rather crew was very liberal and hired many like-minded people.   The same culture was in place at NBC News under Tom Brokaw and at ABC News starring Peter Jennings.  I worked at ABC for two years and knew Jennings well.  He was a social liberal but not aggressively left.  The boss at ABC News, Roone Arledge, was in the same category.   But, generally speaking, those managers who did the hiring at all the networks were looking for journalists who would “fit in.” Thus, most network news employees were men and women of the left.   President Reagan was not widely admired in the halls of the three networks.  But, again, ideological reporting was keep under control with exceptions like Sam Donaldson.  Most of the time, the digs against Mr. Reagan were far more subtle than they are today against Mr. Trump.   The harsh truth is that today most corporate news agencies have openly allied with the Democratic Party.  So, President Trump is not only running against a political organization, but also against companies that literally have billions of dollars and thousands of employees lined up to defeat him.   The nation’s two most powerful newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post, are openly hostile to Donald Trump, as are the wire services which provide articles to smaller papers from coast-to-coast.   If, somehow, President Trump manages to win re-election, it would almost be a miracle and the Vatican should investigate.  Never before in American history has the press and the powerful social media corporations joined together in a single mindset to crush a presidential candidate.   And this colossal Constitutional abuse is happening right before our eyes.   As the dueling network Town Halls proved beyond any reasonable doubt.      
  • She's Speaking
    Kamala Harris is a dangerous woman.  She may be President of the United States one day and if that happens, everything will change in this country.  For the worse.  And maybe forever.Senator Harris possesses many weapons in her quest for power.  She identifies as African American and uses skin color to attack and deflect.  Her running mate, Joe Biden, got a heavy taste of that when she told the world in a primary debate that Biden’s bigotry brought her pain as a little girl who was being bused to an integrated school.A stunned Biden had no cogent reply.Kamala is also a proud feminist who “believes women.”  Brett Kavanaugh got a massive dose of that when the Senator convicted him of terrible crimes on nationwide TV.  Despite being a career prosecutor, Ms. Harris totally denied Kavanaugh any semblance of due process, attempting to destroy him and, by extension, his wife and two daughters.Later, when the FBI found zero evidence that Justice Kavanaugh had ever violated anyone, Senator Harris continued her witch hunt posture saying she believed a woman who accused Joe Biden of a physical crime.But, incredibly, Mr. Biden does not hold a grudge against Kamala Harris and seems to be happy having her as a running mate. By the way, Senator Harris now believes Joe Biden is the greatest guy, not guilty of anything.After last week’s debate, a focus group of regular folks run by Frank Luntz all agreed that Kamala Harris came across as “arrogant and condescending.”  Looked that way to me, too.  When Vice President Pence tried to correct misstatements by the Senator she snapped: “I’m speaking.”  Three times.And it was true, she was speaking - saying words that were false.  She said President Trump called the pandemic a “hoax.”  He did not.She said fracking would not stop if the democrats won.  She said the exact opposite at a Town Hall.She said Abraham Lincoln refused to nominate a Supreme Court judge while campaigning for a second term.  Not true.So what we have here is failure to communicate in an honest way.  But when Mr. Pence attempted to point that out, Ms. Harris gave him a look of contempt.  The message was clear: how dare you contradict me, Kamala Harris!  A woman who believes all women.  A woman who will not be silenced by the likes of you or any other misogynist.Perhaps I am being too harsh on Kamala Harris.  I have never met her.  She has accomplished much in her life.  But from what I have witnessed and heard, the Senator’s hobby is being ruthless, and her gleeful quest is to punish those with whom she disagrees.  In Washington, she has plenty of company in those pursuits.This makes her dangerous if you are a traditional American who believes in due process, honest discourse, and a country that does not divide people into race and gender camps.  So, if the Biden/Harris ticket wins, all of us including old Joe better had better watch our backs.That’s because the little girl on the bus is now a left-wing zealot consumed with obtaining power.  When Kamala is speaking, you interrupt at your own peril.
  • Donald J. Trump, RIP?
    Well it was fun while it lasted.  Kinda fun.  A few laughs.  But now many pundits believe it is all over for President Trump.  He’s going the way of John Adams, Benjamin Harrison, and Jimmy Carter.  One and done.  Bush the Elder territory.  Donnie, we hardly knew ya.The President has Covid.  It got past his Secret Service shield.  Some are happy. Don’t tell me they’re not.  Trump haters believe they see the end in sight.But, wait. There’s a month to go before the vote.  And Halloween has to be factored in. Joe Biden rising from his basement crypt, bellowing “if in fact” from behind his mask. Scaring the kids.  Do Americans really want old Joe at the wheel?  While Kamala lurks? Promoting San Francisco values?  Joe doesn’t even like her.  Is this the ticket the nation seeks?Polls say yes.President Trump interrupts. He’s a confronter.  Not nurturing.  The suburban ladies don’t like his style.  But do they understand what Joe and Kamala will bring? Do they get that higher taxes and centralized government will constrain freedom?  Do they want a no bail policy when a thug steals their car?  Would they like drug addicts openly setting up shop in the neighborhood?A great mystery of the universe is that President Trump, perhaps the most blunt human being since Nero, has not spelled things out for the people of this country.So it’s left to me, your humble correspondent, to do it.  Joe Biden is approaching the end of the trail. He is a man for no seasons, a fellow who will follow the left-wing agenda with no conscience pangs whatsoever.Abort babies in the third trimester?  Altar boy Joe is down with that.  Impose a “wealth tax” that essentially seizes private property? Joe has no objection even though he’ll have to pony up a percentage of his beach house to federal and state tax collectors every year.Ban most firearms?  Joe will not object.  Pay the healthcare costs for millions of undocumented people?  Biden will sign the checks even as the federal debt is north of $30 trillion.The truth is that Joe Biden has changed almost all his beliefs to comply with the wishes of the far-left zealots who control his party.  At this point, Joe stands for nothing and would happily watch the destruction of the Supreme Court and the free marketplace.Say it ain’t so, Joe!You can’t because it is so.  You won’t answer that critique because, as you said in the debate, it would become “the issue.”So why the deuce isn’t Donald Trump going door to door warning Americans that their traditional country is about to be disassembled if Joe Biden is elected? We know Joe believes authorities in Oregon can “handle” the vicious destruction of Portland because Joe said so.  Does Joe understand radical left violence has been going on in Portland for more than 100 days? Does Joe have a TV set?Instead of interrupting, President Trump needs to use his upcoming debate time to list the things that will happen to all of us if Joe and Kamala take over.Yes, some ideological zombies won’t believe it, but most hard working men and women will at least consider the incredible debacle facing this nation.  Socialism is on the way, get set for Sweden on steroids.Mr. Trump may be the Covid kid today, but there will never be a vaccine for what Biden/Harris will bring.  No doubt, we are all living in a time of fear and confusion.But if Democrats gain power, we ain’t seen nothing yet!
  • The Devil and Joe Biden
    A front page article in the Wall Street Journal reminded me that a Roman Catholic priest in South Carolina denied Joe Biden communion just about one year ago.  Reverend Robert Morey blessed Mr. Biden but refused him the host, later saying the former Vice-President’s liberal position on abortion defies church teaching.   As with many Catholic politicians, Mr. Biden fell back on the rationalization that he could not impose his “private” beliefs on other Americans.  But in Biden’s case, that rings very hollow.   For decades then Senator Joe Biden supported the Hyde Amendment, which disallows federal money for the abortion procedure because that violates the religious rights of Catholics and other religious people.  There are exceptions for rape, incest, and serious medical danger to the mother.   The Hyde Amendment was fair because pro-choice Americans can easily donate money to fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers thereby assuring legal abortions can be made available to all.   There is no need for the federal government to force religious Americans to fund a life-ending procedure they reject on moral grounds.   But the new, progressive Joe Biden now repudiates the Hyde Amendment in a stunning reversal of conscience.  He also selected Kamala Harris, an aggressive pro-choice advocate, as his running mate.  Some describe the Biden-Harris ticket as the most pro-abortion political duo in history.   The Democratic platform is very clear: there should be no restrictions on abortion whatsoever.  A number of states have rebelled against that using “science” to justify regulations.  It is a medical fact that a baby is viable in the womb long before birth. Many legislators believe destroying a fetus after viability is a violation of human rights.   Joe Biden has not responded to that point-of-view and that’s his problem with the Catholic Church.  His political posture enables abortion at any time, for any reason. Just this week, the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Vigano, warned Catholic voters that killing babies is “demonic.”   With almost 70 million Catholics registered to vote, Biden’s flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment and his political embrace of Senator Harris, could be a problem for him on Election Day.   However, the former Vice President is counting on the Catholic clergy remaining largely silent.  The church is frightened, intimidated, and under financial siege due to the clerical abuse of children.  Few American priests will speak out on anything.   After Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the nation’s most powerful Catholic voice, said the opening prayer at the Republican National Convention, he was brutally attacked on social and traditional media.  Some wealthy Catholic donors even resigned from church boards.  The message was heard loud and clear by Catholic clergy in America.   So Mr. Biden may well believe he has little to fear from the Church.   As for Joe’s faithfulness to the faith, who really knows?  In 1936, Stephen Vincent Benet wrote a short story entitled “The Devil and Daniel Webster.”  In it, a good man sells his soul for prosperity.  In real life, it would be unfair to suggest that any politician would ever do that.   Wouldn’t it?
  • Welcome to Loonistan
    The combination of Covid fear and a presidential campaign largely based on loathing, seems to have created a virtual army of loons who careen across the American landscape like decomposing zombies.   I mean mass hysteria doesn’t begin to cover it.   On the political front, both presidential candidates have obvious deficits yet many of their supporters refuse to acknowledge them. The absolute truth is that President Trump says whatever pops into his mind.  No filter.  Little verification.  That can cause problems, obviously.   Joe Biden’s mind is, well, hard to define. And it’s difficult to follow his thought process on many occasions.  Bewitched, bothered, bewildered.  Or something.   In his CNN Town Hall last week, Mr. Biden said “all the people” would still be alive today had Mr. Trump not botched the Covid response.  Quite the statement.   Therefore, the electorate now has to decide between two guys who could say anything at any time that might confuse and/or enrage us.   As Rod Serling once said: “we are traveling in another dimension.”   It is my belief that Covid combined with racial tension fused with political hatred on both the left and the right, has created madness in some precincts.  So let’s take a look.   On the right, a number of folks seem to think that wearing a mask to ward off the contagion is a “hoax.” They apparently believe this despite the fact that New York successfully blunted Covid cases after everybody masked up.   On the left, zealots are rooting for another lockdown so Trump gets hurt.  Vaccine?  Not until after November 3.   The racial thing is totally unhinged.  On campuses, the witch hunt to identify “racists” makes Salem look rational.  Writing for The Hill, Georgetown Law Professor Jonathan Turley reports this about the college environment: “An emerging view is that all whites are racist or at least presumptively racist.  Angela Bell, an assistant professor of psychology at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, put it simply: ‘if you have to ask if you’re a racist, you are.  And if you’re not asking if you are a racist, you are.’”   No word on whether Lafayette has a degree in being a racist.  According to Ms. Bell, everyone has the credits.   So we are living in the golden age of lunacy where a battalion of nurse Ratchets vigilantly patrols the media and academia. There is no escaping these people and no denying the USA is quickly turning into Loonistan.  New passports are on the drawing board.   So don’t be surprised if the nation’s next two big reality TV programs are “America’s Got Covid,” and “Dancing with the Racists.”   There will be no shortage of contestants.
  • Putting Your Money Where Your Knee Is
    Fascinating to see the nation’s intense culture war played out in Kansas City before the NFL opening game.  The Chiefs largely stood for the National Anthem and some players actually put their hands over their hearts.  My deceased father and grandfather, both war time vets, would have been proud.   The Houston Texans stayed in the locker room for the Anthem and I am thankful for that exposition.  It hurts me to see my country insulted so I’m glad I did not have to witness mass kneeling.   And I approve of clarity.  I now know exactly how the Houston team feels about America.   The football announcer Chris Collingsworth was extremely annoying, virtue-signaling that he “stands” with the players in their social justice protests.  Hey, Chris, spare us. We all know how noble you are.  And I’m happy to discuss your opinion on my news analysis program any time.  But using your entertainment platform to push a political view is exactly what the Academy Award pinheads do.   In truth, the bravest thing done at the game was play-by-play guy Al Michaels, a brilliant announcer, totally avoiding the culture stuff. By staying silent, Michaels knew he would be hammered by the “woke” mob, which is exactly what happened.   So here’s what’s GOING to happen to the National Football League.   Annoyed by the political correctness, many fans will stop buying merchandise from teams.  That huge source of revenue will plummet - with the Houston Texans leading the way.   TV ratings for the first game were down substantially from last year.  The teams are paid billions regardless, so they will not suffer there.  But the networks will.   Of course, the pandemic is severely limiting fans from going to the stadiums, so the ten dollar beers and six dollar hotdogs will be erased from the bottom line.  Along with the 30 dollar parking fee.   Right now, the average salary for an NFL player is $2 million per season; the lowest of all the major sports.  That’s because most players come out of college and sign for minimum union wages.  The NFL means “not for long.”  Many players are quickly injured and replaced by other young athletes. Average time in the league: less than three years.   What the players do not seem to understand is that the fans pay them.  And many spectators, perhaps most, do not want to see politics on game day.  I am among them.   I do respect dissent and well understand social injustice.  I have a charitable foundation that donates millions to help Americans who do not have equal opportunity for whatever reason.   Not virtue-signaling, just reporting.   The reason that I am able to give away millions of dollars is that the United States provided me, who had zero money when I left college, the opportunity to prosper.   The climb up was tough, requiring a massive amount of hard work.  I could not have done it in Sweden.  The NFL players could not have done it in Sweden.   So, this football fan objects to mixing politics with athletics.  As the cliche goes: give me a break!   However, I am interested in what the players think but not at the expense of seeing my country insulted.  So, no NFL gear for me this season.   And one more message to the protesting players.  Your salaries will start to decline as team revenue does.  Your knee will significantly affect your wallet.  Team owners are blowing smoke at you guys now, but money will ultimately prevail.   Always does.
  • What's the Matter?
    A friend of mine has a sign on his lawn that says “Black Lives Matter.”  Since I grew up with him in Levittown, New York, where blacks were not allowed to purchase homes, that piqued my interest.   He explained to me that justice is important to him and he believes African-Americans are denied a fair shake in America.   Millions of people believe that and their opinions should be respected.   I see the justice issue as more about poverty than skin color at this point in history.  My opinion should be respected as well.   Then I asked my friend if he was aware of the philosophy behind the Black Lives Matter movement.  I mean a sign is one thing, a well thought out political plan is quite something else.  Most Americans, including my boyhood chum, have no clue.   Enter Alicia Garza, one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation and a proud Marxist, and we’re not talking Groucho here.  Nope, Alicia is a follower of Karl Marx, one of the architects of communism.  She freely admits that.   Ms. Garza is also an “opinion contributor” for USA Today and she lays it all out there - if you read between the lines.   On August 30, Alicia Garza wrote this: “We are in the midst of a black rebellion, spurred by decades of unequal treatment and undue violence against our communities...    “My work is about uprooting structural racism from every aspect of our society - our economy, our government and our communities.”   You can read “uprooting” as “overthrowing” because that is exactly what the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation wants to do.  The well thought out plan is to use racial disenchantment to batter the entire “white” power structure and eventually destroy the capitalistic system.   It could work because few understand the end game including the Democratic Party, and more than a few corporations that are pumping millions of donated dollars into the Black Lives Matter “movement.”   The smoke signals are key.  The far left including BLM are now demanding “economic” justice.  That means onerous taxation on the affluent and the seizure of private property through a series of “wealth taxes.”   Then there’s “housing justice.”  That means the government pays for sheltering low-income Americans.   “Education justice” means free college. “Worker justice” means guaranteed jobs and a “living wage.”  You get the idea.  A central government run by “woke” activists would provide pretty much everything and would confiscate private and corporate wealth to pay for it.   So that’s what’s in play and, again, the pro athletes, the casual liberal folks, the corporate virtue-signalers have no blankin’ clue.   However, some in the media do understand, but will not report the truth for fear their bosses will harm them.   So the next time you see a BLM sign please consider there is much more to this movement than words on paper or graffiti on a wall.  Marxism is now being slyly mainstreamed in America.   Somebody resurrect Paul Revere.
  • Mobbed Up
    You know President Trump scored some points at the Republican convention by the way his media enemies attacked after his nomination speech ended.  Almost instantly, an after-party hate buffet was served up by CNN and NBC News but it amounted to little.  By 11:30 on Thursday night only Trump supporters were still watching.  Most of the resistance had gladly entered the land of nod.   Did you notice that the President barely mentioned the media in his 70 minute address?   It was amazing.  He disciplined himself to lay off Morning Joe and the other Trump-loathing zombies.  Who knew the President could actually do that?   The reason the media was not scolded as usual is that Donald Trump had more important points to make.  So the fun-bunch press people receded for the moment in his mind.   There are two simple issues that could win Mr. Trump re-election.  First, that he is the candidate that can best reignite the economy when Covid finally subsides.  And second, that he will smash the radical left “mob” and Joe Biden will not.   Voters with weak attention spans can understand those things without repetition. And folks who don’t pay much attention to politics will decide the election.  There are legions of them.   Donald Trump helped himself at the convention but angry, rampaging fanatics helped him more.  Most Americans understand that police need stronger standards on using lethal force, but they despise the lawless conduct currently on display.   You are not going to win hearts and minds by threatening Senator Rand Paul and his wife as they walk home from the White House.  You will not hurt President Trump by terrorizing restaurant diners.   Joe Biden looks weak on the radical issue even as Mr. Trump makes it a centerpiece of his campaign.   The truth is that the more threatening radical leftists become, the more likely it will be that President Trump and senate Republicans will prevail in November.   The backlash against radicalism is already on display.  Let’s take the National Basketball Association for example. Players in the league are actively participating in the protest movement right now.  And some of them are aligning themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement.  Big economic mistake.   The BLM leadership is Marxist and destructive.  It condones violent protests and seeks to destroy police authority.  So, how much is that Laker jersey?   Millions of Americans disagree with BLM tactics and will not watch or support organizations that embrace violent chaos. Someone tell ESPN.   History is a fluid thing.  Weeks ago, it looked bleak for Mr. Trump.  Covid, unemployment, schools struggling to reopen, racial tension, I mean who could get re-elected with all that?   But things are changing fast.  And will change again and again before November 3. Both Trump and Biden are caught in a swirl of unpredictability.   Even as the debates loom.Get smart, fair, tough analysis of the election every night on   
  • Conventional Wisdom
    Here are some musings about the Democratic Convention.  Apparently, I was one of the few Americans that actually watched some of it.   First off, no speaker mentioned the police. Does the Democratic Party generally respect American law enforcement or not?  To completely avoid the “justice” issue was irresponsible.   Next, it is clear to me that despite the syrupy calls for national “unity,” the Democrats want a society that shows preference to minority groups.  This is based on historical wrongs that blacks experienced.  Skin color is obviously very important to the left and, under the banner of social and economic “justice,” white Americans may not receive equal recognition in policy.  That is certainly not a unifying platform.   But I must tell you there is no truth to the rumor that NBC will launch a new program called “America Has Racism.”  Word is circulating that LeBron James, Joy Behar, and Stephen Colbert, would evaluate folks and select the biggest racist.  Let’s see, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee; it’s got to be General Lee, right?   But again, that show is not happening and I’m glad to put the rumor to rest.   The Dem convention also featured a variety of speakers and I liked Kamala Harris the best. The very intense Senator Harris came across like Richie Cunningham’s mother on Happy Days.  So there you are, Mrs. C.   After smearing Brett Kavanaugh without any evidence in the Supreme Court hearing, Senator Harris now wants all citizens to be respected and beloved.  Or something.  Who knew?   President Obama looked almost casual in his denunciation of President Trump.  He believes the Trump administration is a “reality show.”  Mr. Obama could have been a lot worse on Mr. Trump, so this display amounted to little.   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pretty much admitted that she’s a communist in her 75 second speech.  The Dems only had three consecutive hours that night so I guess time was tight.  They had to go to Eva Longoria for an update on free Pilates for everybody.   Joe Biden’s speech was crisply delivered but said little other than he wants mandatory mask wearing.  He didn’t explain further, but blamed Mr. Trump for Covid deaths.  If any press agency bothers to check, the record shows that Mr. Biden was much more permissive about the pandemic than the President was in the early stages.  Maybe Joe doesn’t remember.  His speech writers certainly didn’t.   All-in-all the virtual Democratic Convention was exactly like past traditional conventions. Lots of bloviating, little problem-solving.   I expect a similar exposition from the Republicans this week although President Trump may use his platform to scorch the earth.  Mr. Trump is particularly angry these days over Covid destroying the economy, and the partisan press making his life miserable.  So the President could give new meaning to the word “vent.”   Just that possibility will garner him higher TV ratings than Biden.  And all the networks will carry every word.   So don’t fear the reaper, as Blue Oyster Cult once sang.  But he is likely coming on Thursday.
  • The Kamala Factor
    Like the vicious Covid infection back in February, it is taking a while for many Americans to understand the danger that is looming.  Joni Mitchell once sang: “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone ...”   So please pay attention for Joni’s sake.   The Democratic Party, driven by its far-left spear point, senses it could win the presidency and both houses of Congress in November.  The Dems well understand they have a rare opportunity to control pretty much every aspect of American life.  They have a solid partnership with the powerful corporate media, an eccentric and unpredictable incumbent in President Trump, and a brutal weapon in racist and gender allegations.  The “woke” movement is an unprecedented threat to freedom of expression.   The question then becomes a simple one: do you think most Americans are aware of the big picture here?  The answer is no, by the way.   Let me provide a very vivid example of what I’m talking about.  California and New York have both become one party states because of the massive influx of new foreign residents.  Traditionally, immigrants favor the political party that “provides” more government assistance and that, of course, is how Democrats operate.     So today, Sacramento and Albany are ruled by liberal politicians who have imposed their philosophy: high taxes, less social order, aggressive restrictions and regulations on the private economy.   The results have been disastrous.  All you have to do is travel to New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to see the anarchy for yourself.  I don’t advise going to Portland, Oregon or Seattle because law enforcement in those places has collapsed.   The harsh reality on display in liberal precincts should easily put President Trump back in office.  But they will not.  Because many voters are still dependent upon news outlets that provide propaganda, not facts. Also, Mr. Trump is the most controversial president in history.   So if the Biden-Harris ticket prevails and the Dems gain control of both houses of Congress, expect a blanket amnesty for undocumented aliens.  In addition, those “legalized” by law will be put on the fast track to vote by mail. That will mean Texas and Florida, home to many undocumented folks, will likely become blue states.   And then the federal government will largely be controlled by the left, just like California and New York.   Enter Senator Kamala Harris who could very well preside over this Brave New World. She definitely sees the future and it is her. Joe Biden is Paul von Hindenburg in 1932 Germany.  An old guy who is malleable. Kamala is the ticket, so to speak.   Again, do you think most voters have any clue?  Do you think The New York Times and Washington Post will tell them?   But Joni Mitchell has to know that traditional America and the society it supports could soon be gone.  And Kamala can’t wait.
  • The Amazon Jungle
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is directly responsible for one of the most destructive actions in New York City history.  The Congresswoman from the Bronx is an ardent socialist who runs around spouting sympathy and support for the poor and working class.  Because of her far-left posture, she has become a media darling. Can I use that word?  If not, she is promoted constantly by the leftist press as a force for good.   But it is just the opposite, at least where the folks are concerned.   You may have heard Governor Andrew Cuomo last week almost begging affluent New Yorkers to return to the city.  Cuomo is a smart guy who knows that Gotham and the entire state is on the verge of financial collapse because of Covid and the vicious violent crime wave that Cuomo, himself, enabled by signing the insane no-bail law. The Governor did that to pander to the radical left, which has become a hobby of his.   Rich New Yorkers and many businesses are fleeing the city taking their considerable tax dollars with them.  Many will not return because who wants to live in a now dangerous place that has marginalized what was once the most effective police force in the nation?  The socialist mayor de Blasio has destroyed the infrastructure of the world’s premiere financial center.  It has been horrifying to watch.   But back to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.   Throughout the pandemic, the Amazon company has prospered as Americans are ordering products from home.  Amazon is expanding and hiring.  While many Americans are out of a job, Amazon workers are getting paid and have security.   You may remember back in 2018, Amazon wanted to build a plant in a working-class section of Queens.  It was estimated that 40,000 jobs would eventually be associated with the plant, not to mention the huge financial benefits to the surrounding neighborhoods.   But Ocasio-Cortez, in all her righteous indignation, raised hell saying New York City was giving Amazon too many tax breaks, which was rank propaganda.  Even the loon de Blasio saw the economic benefit of the corporation coming to town.   Tired of being attacked by socialist forces, Amazon quickly killed the deal knowing thousands of American municipalities would be thrilled to have the plant.   Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez then rhapsodized: “Today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers and their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.”  That would be CEO Jeff Bezos.   Had Amazon come to New York City, analysts estimate more than 40 billion dollars would already be in the city’s pocket.   Instead, de Blasio and Cuomo both know bankruptcy looms. Ocasio-Cortez is either not smart enough to understand that or doesn’t care.   She is expected to be re-elected in November.
  • By George, Let's Cancel
    For decades, billionaire George Soros has been donating big money to progressive groups seeking to change America into an “open society.”  In fact, that’s the name of some Soros non-profits; “the Open Society Foundations.”   In essence, the soon-to-be 90-year-old Soros sees the USA as an unjust country and believes the socialism of Europe should replace our capitalist system.  Soros wants to flood the American zone with foreign nationals in order to make that happen.  He supports lax border enforcement, amnesty for millions of undocumented people, and putting them on the fast track to vote.  That, of course, would cripple the Republican Party.   On the criminal justice front, Soros believes the US system is racist and most criminals should not be incarcerated.  He favors drug legalization and does not believe selling dangerous narcotics like heroin should even be a crime.   George Soros has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to people and organizations that approve of his vision, including a number of ultra-liberal state prosecutors in places that are currently seeing an explosive rise in violence.   Enter Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass, who has occupied page two of that publication for decades.  Kass is the Trib’s lead columnist, or was until a few days ago, when he wrote an opinion piece about Soros that highlighted his funding of far left politicians.   Almost immediately, Kass was accused of being “anti-Semitic” in a bizarre series of attacks.  If you read the Soros article, you will see no mention of the man’s Jewish heritage, no reference to Judaism at all.   But to those protecting Soros from scrutiny, any negative mention of his name is deemed “anti-Semitic.”  It’s truly the Twilight Zone of defense mechanisms.   The absurdity continued with the editor of the Chicago Tribune, Colin McMahon.  After receiving a letter from some “ woke” people demanding John Kass be punished for daring to criticize the radical Soros, McMahon folded almost immediately.  He very publicly demoted Kass, who refuses to apologize for writing accurately about George Soros.   And so the cancel culture takes another scalp courtesy of editor McMahon.   If you understand history, you might realize that the cancel hysteria we are seeing in America today, actually began in Germany.  In the early 1930s, the National Socialist Party could not get more than 37 percent of the vote across that country.  So, the Nazis decided to silence opposition to Hitler by “cancelling” opponents in local governments, the press, and in the schools. The Nazis used a paramilitary organization called the SA to do this, often violently.   The result was Hitler’s appointment to Chancellor in 1933.  Few dared speak out against it.  Two months later, the Dachau camp was opened south of Munich to “officially” deal with the cancelled opponents of Nazism.   That strategy will not happen in the USA, there are too many safeguards in place.  But the theory is the same - shut up voices that oppose, in America’s case, the radical left.    Today, the cancel culture is on a roll, becoming a powerful force of intimidation as corporations and media bow before it. Literally, no one who challenges or even annoys the radicals is safe.   As John Kass has found out.
  • Too Cool for School
       “School’s out for the    summer.  School’s out    forever.”               - Alice Cooper  In Europe, 22 countries have allowed students to return to the classroom without any spike in Covid.  Did you know that?  If the answer is no, then you have once again been victimized by a dishonest American press which ignores facts that go against the anti-Trump narrative.   Many believe the kids are a key to the November election.  If schools cannot reopen, the psychological signal will be the pandemic has defeated the Trump administration.  Already, Nancy Pelosi is calling the contagion the “Trump virus.”   In 2016, women voted for Hillary Clinton 54 to 42 percent. Today, the school issue is obviously very important to mothers and grandmothers because they tend to be closer to the urchin action on the ground. Most women want their kids back in school safely.   But some, not all, Trump opponents do not want in person classes to begin and they use a speculative argument that it might not be safe.  Many teachers unions, fiercely pro-democrat, are opposed to classroom education this fall citing “danger” from the vicious contagion that might devastate the schools.   The national press, also pro-democrat, generally agrees.  And if one child contracts Covid in school, you will definitely come to know his or her name.   The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta is pro in-person schooling but there may be some political pressure there, as the Trump administration is asking the medical establishment to help get the students back. So let’s go to another authoritative group that also believes kids should return to class: Harvard University medical researchers.   This is “science” for Joe Biden and his fans.   To support anything Trump at Harvard is to jeopardize your position at the nations oldest and most prestigious university.  Harvard has caved into political correctness and the “woke” movement that is crippling freedom of speech and robust debate, which can lead to problem-solving breakthroughs.  Simply put: the PC left rules Harvard.   Therefore, when issuing perhaps the most authoritative study on Covid’s impact on schools, the researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health were sure to include some Trump bashing to cover their rear assets.  Boring but necessary for their academic survival.   There are two key provisions in the study. Here’s the first:  “School closures may be among the least effective of (halting the spread of Covid).  A study of county rates of Covid across the United States from earlier this year found ‘no evidence that school closures influenced the growth rate’ in Covid infections, and two international studies similarly found large reductions in Covid spread from social distancing policies in general, but no significant effect from school closures on their own.”   Someone alert CNN.   Never mind.  The anti-Trump movement will never acknowledge the study.  Corruption at its most vivid.   But by reading this column as well as the entire study which is available online, the conclusion reached by the Harvard people is clearly stated: “Reopening schools should not be an us versus them argument.  It’s not a Democrat vs. Republican argument.  It’s about our children and about the evidence. We should be following the science that says in-person schooling for our kids is too valuable to give up and that the risks of school-based transmission appear to be low.”   So there you go, Alice Cooper.  With some exceptions in Covid danger zones, American schools should reopen with distancing and as many other protections as possible. Children need structure and the nation must regain some normalcy.   Let’s follow the “science.”  
  • The Anthem Blues
    The Los Angeles Times, a newspaper in a wee bit of economic trouble, recently featured a column suggesting America embrace a new national anthem possibly because the Star Spangled Banner, with all that rockets red glare stuff, may make some sensitive souls feel “unsafe.”   Writer Jody Rosen opined:  “the very idea of a national anthem, a hymn to the glory of the country, feels like a crude relic, another monument that may warrant tearing down. But if we must have an anthem, it should be far different than the one we have now, positing another kind of patriotism ... and it would also be neat if if was, you know, a decent song.”   Ms. Rosen goes on to suggest that the new anthem of the United States be a song by the late Bill Withers called “Lean On Me.”   Is that neat, or what?   So, I am envisioning the Olympics, an American has just won a gold medal and, as the honor is placed around his or her neck, the world hears this:               “Sometimes in our lives,              we all have pain, we all              have sorrow.                “But if we are wise, we know              there’s always tomorrow.                “Lean on me, when you’re                not strong - and I’ll be your                friend, I’ll help you carry on ...”   Fabulous.  The entire stadium singing along. What a message.  Everyone is safe. Everything will work out.  You know?   Forget the relic lyric “land of the free, home of the brave.”  That’s not inclusive enough!  Some of us are wimps, don’t we have a right to be represented in the national anthem? Talk about triggering!   So Jody’s idea is cool, groovy, and, yes, neat.  But it won’t work.  The lean on me song is too emotional, the anthem must be stirring.  If football players are going to brutalize each other, they can’t be singing “lean on me when you’re not strong” right before the on-field carnage begins.   Therefore, I am proposing that the new national anthem be a tune that cuts across boundaries.  A song that reflects the vibrance of our country.  That’s right, “Livin’ in America” by James Brown is the only choice.   I mean, seriously, how brilliant is this? Remember when Rocky IV knocked the pudding out of the big Russian guy, Drago?  Well, that happened immediately after the late Mr. Brown sang “Livin’ in America” just before the fighters were introduced.  Believe me, Rocky would not have been ferocious had he just sung “Lean On Me.”   Which is against the rules of boxing, by the way.   So let’s get down with the new national anthem.  Hit it:            “Superhighways, coast to coast, easy to get anywhere ... when there’s no destination that’s too far - and       somewhere on the way, you might find out who you are.         “Livin’ in America, eye to eye - station to station.         Livin’ in America, hand to hand across the nation!”   Who needs the War of 1812?  I can tell you, Francis Scott Key would gladly step aside for that.   Also, it would be impossible for Colin Kaepernick and his crew to kneel with James Brown wailing!   They’d be rockin’ in the free world along with everyone else.  Another problem solved.   So let’s do this people!   Take it home, James:          “Livin’ in America, so nice with your bad self.”          “Livin’ in America - I feel good!”
  • Backlash
    You may remember Patty Hearst, the heiress who was kidnapped by a radical left terror organization known as the Symbionese Liberation Army back in 1974.  During her confinement, Ms. Hearst somehow became a victim of “Stockholm Syndrome” and began sympathizing with her captors.   So I am wondering if Joe Biden is visiting Stockholm as well.  His recently released “platform” reads like a socialist manifesto, and Bernie Sanders is running around saying Mr. Biden enthusiastically embraces the progressive agenda.  After months of confinement in his basement, “moderate” Joe has somehow morphed into Che Guevara.   Enter Professor Helmut Norpoth, who teaches political science at Stony Brook University on Long Island.  Despite almost every poll saying Biden is well ahead of Trump, Dr. Norpoth is predicting that the President will win re-election with a 91 percent certainty.   Norpoth is not a poll guy.  He uses a “model” that has successfully called five out of six presidential elections since 1996.  The model only missed the George W. Bush victory over Al Gore, which was decided by the Supreme Court.   Dr. Norpoth not only says Mr. Trump will win, but also predicts it will be a landslide with the President receiving 362 electoral votes. Trump won 304 in 2016.   With more than three months until the vote, some skepticism about Norpoth’s “model” may be appropriate but the professor, himself, is a true believer.  He says he discounts all public opinion surveys and bases his conclusions on “enthusiasm” for each candidate.    We’ll see, professor.   But bolstering the Trump victory prognostication is a new poll done for The Sunday Express newspaper in London, England.  It asked this question: “Are you strongly or very enthusiastic about your choice of candidate?”   Trump voters 77 percent. Biden voters 43 percent.   Now, I don’t believe the polls mean much until mid-October but this election year is bizarre, to say the least.  Covid has engendered deep fear but not as much as the social disorder spearheaded by the radical left.   And here is the crucial point.  Americans don’t want violent crime causing blood in the streets.  Most of us don’t support defunding the police, or approve of anarchists destroying our history and “occupying” public spaces.  Many of us despise the “cancel culture” and the assault on freedom of speech the cancel fascists embrace.   President Trump is making his opposition to those things a central campaign issue.   Joe Biden is not.   I believe there is a fierce backlash brewing against the radicals.  Again, most Americans loathe this crew.   If Mr. Biden understands that, he has made no indication of it.   But then again, they build those basement walls thick in Delaware.  
  • Does Karl Marx Matter?
    They came for Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben with stunning speed.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson never knew what hit them.  Teddy Roosevelt got canceled in New York City, Junipero Serra, a saint, was defiled in California.  The Archbishop of San Francisco actually called that an evil act.  Few publicly supported his statement.   But it is not social justice organizations driving this destructive train.  It is not African-American citizens en masse.   No, this movement to demonize America’s history, traditions, religions and culture is led by Marxists and anarchists. And they know they have the sympathy of many corporations including those who run media operations. The radicals well understand they can do pretty much what they want to do especially if they live in “woke” areas.   The hyper-aggressive far-left tactics caught many including the President and the federal government by surprise.  Already reeling from the insidious Covid attack, authorities are having a difficult time separating the peaceful justice protesters from the political insurgents.  And very cleverly, the radicals are using some well intentioned Americans as shields to hide an absolute insurrection against the American system.   A few days ago, protesters marched to the homes of wealthy people in Southampton, New York, including the lavish estate of Michael Bloomberg.  Their message bordered on incoherent but what did emerge was an attempt to shame the rich as well as demand that they give a good portion of their assets to the “people.”   This, of course, is what communists want.   We have documented in this space that a leading radical group, the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, was founded by three Marxists who want to destroy capitalism and the “white supremacy” power structure in America.   Thanks to recent reporting by the Capital Research Center, we now know a bit more.   The BLM Global Foundation uses the slogan “Black Lives Matter” to recruit street demonstrators and also to solicit donations. The Foundation has been very successful in raking in money while, at the same time, keeping its true political agenda hidden.   The corporate media helps because it has zero interest in scrutinizing the BLM Global Foundation.  That would be politically incorrect.   If the New York Times, Washington Post, or any TV news agency bothered, they would quickly discover, as I did, that the BLM Global Foundation has a close, financial alliance with the “Thousand Currents” group in Oakland, California.  That organization is an ultra-left, anti-American concern.   According to the Currents website, a woman named Susan Rosenberg is the Vice-Chairwoman of the board of directors.  Ms. Rosenberg, 55, has an interesting history. She was a member of the May 19th Communist group, and also traveled to Cuba with the pro-Castro Venceremos Brigade.   In 1982, the FBI put her on its ten most wanted list for terrorist activities.  Then in 1984, she was arrested for possessing 600 pounds of dynamite and a sub-machine gun. She was sentenced to 58 years in a federal penitentiary before being pardoned by President Clinton in 2001, right before he left office.   Now Susan Rosenberg and the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation are associated. But they don’t want you to know that. Shortly after the Capital Research Center wrote about Rosenberg, Thousand Currents scrubbed her name from its website.   It is not a reach to believe that fear and loathing will escalate in this country.  We’ve all seen the looting, arsons, and assaults. We know American law enforcement is under siege, and many media chieftains will not confront the radical mob.  We vividly see bad people on social media hurting their fellow citizens in ways never before witnessed in this country.   But here’s something you might not know. More Americans are legally buying firearms than ever before, according to FBI background checks.  Many folks have lost faith in the system to protect them.  So now they are arming themselves.   As an old song once put it: “the air is full of suspicion.”     Not a good place for any of us to be.
  • Bill's Column on the BLM Organization: 'It's News to Us'
    Americans are divided, angry, sad, inspired in some cases, and watchful of the Black Lives Matter Movement.  This week one of its leaders proclaimed on national TV that “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn the system down.” Hawk Newsome continued saying he might be talking figuratively ... or literally. Very macho.  Very provocative.  Might be a threat. Now, you would think the national press would be all over this story, trying to get accurate information about the Black Lives Matter operation to the American people, who the press is supposed to serve.  I mean, this is an important story, is it not? Mr. Newsome, who heads the New York City chapter of Black Lives Matter, is the new Huey Newton, whom the 1960’s media largely adored.  Mr. Newton cofounded the Black Panther Party. Do you know who cofounded the current Black Lives Matter organization?  Bet you don’t.  Because the press has totally ignored the real story regarding the BLM movement. Three women are behind “The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation,” which is the central organization that directs policy. Alicia Garza, 39, is the chief strategic advisor.  Patrisse Cullors, 36, is also a top advisor. Finally, Opal Tometi, 36, is the third force. She works with the BLM Foundation and is also the Executive Director of the “Black Alliance for Just Immigration.” That group is associated with the “Freedom Road Socialist Organization,” a Marxist-Leninist group that has received funding from the Tides Foundation run by George Soros. Ah, the plot thickens. The three women who essentially run the BLM Foundation keep a very low profile.  No cable news interviews for them.  Nope, these ladies are serious. In an interview with a professor from Morgan State University, Ms. Cullors said: “Myself and Alicia (Garza) in particular are trained organizers.  We are trained Marxists.  We are super-versed on ideological theories.” So, do you think the protestors chanting “Black Lives Matter” in the streets understand what the “Black Lives Matter Global Network” really is?  And then there’s the “Thousand Currents” operation out of Oakland, California.  Ever heard of it?  I didn’t think so. Because the Black Lives Matter Foundation does not have tax exempt status, at least not yet, the radical left “Thousand Currents” outfit “fiscally sponsors” BLM.  The means it holds their donations, which now number in the millions.  Because the non-profit “Currents” is overseeing the cash, donors are allowed to write off donations to BLM, according to the IRS. Karl Marx would love this; a capitalist government allowing tax deductions for money earmarked to destroy it. And so ignorant celebrities and clueless corporations benefit financially when giving money to the radical left Black Lives Matter Global Organization Foundation.  Right on! Another question. When BLM receives the donated money where does the cash wind up?  Well, according to, 71 percent of it goes to salaries, benefits, and “consulting fees.” Wow!  How great is this?  Your mom could be a “consultant.” Interesting, right? The Black Lives Matter organization is run by Marxists who have access to lots and lots of money. Who knew?  Certainly not anyone who follows the national press.  Those “news” organizations couldn’t care less. As long as they can virtue-signal and damage “Donald Trump’s America,” the press is happy in its laziness and apathy. Does the truth matter? Not to the media. Power to the people!      
  • It's My Country and I'll Cry If I Want To
    It is almost beyond belief that America is being trashed the way it is.  I mean, here we have a country that provides more opportunity to more people than any other nation the planet has ever seen, and millions of its own citizens apparently want to destroy the traditions making that possible.   Never mind that tens of millions of folks all over world are trying to become American citizens.  Forget the absolute fact that the USA freed billions of people enslaved by fascism, communism, and Islamic fundamentalism.  Totally ignore our Constitution, and economic strength based on hard work as well as ingenuity.  Throw out our willingness to spend trillions to support the poor, not only here but abroad.   Yes, reject those facts and kneel in contrition to a false view of America.  One that is championed mostly by radical leftists who see the USA as an evil institution built on the backs of slaves and poor, exploited minority people.  Kneel and allow criminals to go unpunished, police to be demonized, babies to be aborted for any reason, private property to be destroyed, and your fellow citizens harmed if they dare challenge the liberal agenda.   Kneel.  Cower before the twitter mob that rejects President Lincoln’s statement “and malice towards none.”  Hope the brutish mob bypasses you.   Virtue-signaling is now a pandemic.  Insanity and psychic violence on gross display in prime time.  The corporate media loves it, profits from it, embraces the potential destruction and “enlightened” change the mob demands.   Never again should American voters be allowed to elect a person like Trump.  Now if you support him and the Republicans, you are not only deplorable, you are a racist.  You are not worthy of any consideration or even a job in some cases.     George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, all were terrible men. Their statues and accomplishments must be destroyed.  It is virtuous to highlight their sins.  It is noble to spread the big lie: America was founded on white supremacy and the country still runs on that.   So kneel while the Woke mob burns our history, ignoring this reality: no person, no nation, is devoid of sin.  But it is the totality of a life that must be honestly evaluated as well as the totality of a nation.   The mob will never acknowledge that truism. The mob has no specific solution to any problem.  It only wants revenge for past injustice so it can rule in the present.  And the politicians, corporate chieftains, celebrities, professors, journalists, and even the clerics fear the mob.   So kneel.  Or else.
  • The Silence of the Lambs
    There is a big chill descending on freedom of expression in America. A few examples. Liberal journalists at the Philadelphia Inquirer and the The New York Times recently lost their jobs because they were not liberal enough.  The successful cable show “Live PD” was canceled by the Arts and Entertainment Network because of anti-cop fervor, and the legendary movie “Gone with the Wind” has been banished by HBO because it’s “racist.”   And that’s just a small sample of the Stalinist thought-terror presently enveloping the country.   Everyone’s scared. The totalitarian left, using the brutal police killing of George Floyd, has basically told American corporations that they will be branded racist if they allow or support criticism of the far left agenda.   A vivid example is the vicious Media Matters organization threatening companies that advertise on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program.  Media Matters, heavily funded by far left zealots like George Soros, accuses Mr. Carlson of “white supremacy.”  Disney, T-Mobile, and Papa John’s pizza cancelled sponsorship last week.   We can expect much more of this as the Stalinists understand it is their time.  The rush on the part of corporate America to “virtue signal,” that is, present themselves as champions of social justice and change, means any dissent from the Black Lives Matter agenda will not be tolerated.     We have never seen this before in America, at least on this kind of scale.  Individuals are losing jobs and careers simply for expressing honest beliefs.  Even in the 1950s when the communist witch-hunt was underway, you didn’t have this kind of assault on personal freedom across the board.   Twitter and social media are largely responsible.  In a blink, any American can be labeled a racist without a shred of evidence. And who will defend the accused?  No one. Because if you do - YOU become a racist, or a misogynist, or a “nationalist.”   The radical playbook written by Saul Alinsky is now dominating the media.  There are currently phrases like “all lives matter” that absolutely cannot be said.  If you put forth that you will stand and respect the National Anthem, you’re “insensitive.”  If you believe most police officers are noble, you are the enemy of justice.   I never thought I would see freedom of expression crushed in my country.  But that is what is happening.   We do need honest reform to help Americans, especially minorities, who are not treated fairly.  This can happen using robust debate and the exchange of effective  ideas. That’s the improvement process a free and mature society uses.   But the totalitarian left does not want a free society because things like the election of Donald Trump happen in it.  No, the radicals want to shut down opposing points of view, punish opponents, and have designed a frightening strategy to accomplish that.   It is obvious corporate America is surrendering to the totalitarians, and many in the media are enabling the suppression of freedom by promoting far left actions.   So who will stop this?  It will have to be “we the people” vehemently rejecting the far left revolt.  I think that will occur.  But with so much damage being done, I pray it happens soon.  Because the longer folks stay silent, the more we’ll be like lambs.  
  • Where There's a Will
    The insufferably arrogant columnist George Will is demanding President Trump be removed from office for a variety of offenses that make Al Capone look like Shirley Temple, if anyone remembers The Good Ship Lollipop girl.   Will is an elitist D.C. Republican who sees Mr. Trump as a Visigoth that doesn’t know which fork to use.  Since Will is syndicated by the ferociously anti-Trump Washington Post, his bread remains buttered.  No margarine, please.   So Curious George wants Joe Biden to be the next president, even as he watches violent anti-American behavior hurt thousands of citizens and actually kill some of them.  Question: will surrendering to the activist mob improve this country?  Will Mr. Biden stand up to the destroyers?   No chance.   Despite being clouded by his hatred for Donald Trump, George Will has to know that Joe Biden will never challenge Black Lives Matter or the other destructive groups that want to destroy the fabric of the nation. Under the banner of “social justice,” the radicals are now making gains which would only accelerate under a “woke” President Biden.   If the former Vice President does win in November, here’s what “we the people” can expect.   Many criminals will not be punished and will be released after arrest with no bail.  That’s because “non-violent” offenses like possession of heroin with intent to sell are now considered crimes caused by white society. Or something.   The police, not lawbreakers, will be suspect and in some places like Minneapolis, traditional law enforcement will be replaced by holistic policies.   Our politically correct culture will vastly expand.  All men accused by women will be guilty, all those who oppose liberalism will be branded bigots, due process will disappear.  Some college campuses will even ban non-liberal speech.  Virtue-signaling, not facts or reason, will dominate education.   Taxes will rise along with entitlement spending.  That will strangle the economy which will be increasingly regulated by the federal government in order to “combat” climate change.   A wealth tax will be passed, the first step in a program that would allow federal seizure of private assets. That’s something the socialists must have in order to impose a “just” society.  Not all Democrats are socialists but plenty of them are.   Illegal immigration will be accepted. Amnesty for undocumented people a certainty.  Sanctuary places that shield foreign criminals will continue their lawless conduct.  Millions of foreign nationals will be encouraged to apply for asylum and flood into the country.   Abortion at any time for any reason will be funded by taxpayers.  If you object on religious or moral grounds, you will be branded a “misogynist.”   Overseas, Biden will do what Barack Obama did, allow other nations to set the agenda. Israel will get hammered.  China will run wild. Putin will duplicate his seizure of Crimea elsewhere.  Maybe, Michael Moore will be Secretary of State.   I could go on but you get it, I’m sure.  A President Biden will do what the far left wants him to do.  Mr. Biden has changed just about every core belief he’s ever held and, despite his excoriation of the Trump administration, couldn’t even come up with a single thing he would have done differently to combat the pandemic or quiet the riots. The man is not exactly a problem-solver.   George Will’s personal animosity towards Donald Trump overrides all that I just enumerated and he is not alone.  Many Americans are ignoring danger ahead because they are fixated on a controversial President.   So here it is:  traditional America is under siege.  One presidential candidate will fight that.  One presidential candidate will not.   See you in November.
  • It's Not Black and White
    If you were looking for insight or intelligent analysis of the brutal Minneapolis police killing and its aftermath, television news has disappointed once again.   Most of the commentators are either frightened or angry, failing to provide desperately needed perspective. With lightening speed, the unnecessary death of George Floyd quickly became an opportunity for exploitation.  Looters and anarchists stole and destroyed, creating even more human misery. On TV and social media, anti-Trump people quickly blamed the President, while pro-Trump folks defended him, placing scorn on a hapless Minnesota mayor and street “thugs.”  A word, by the way, that President Obama used to describe looters.   Hour after hour, day after day, Americans learned little about the reasons behind a vitally important story.  What readers and viewers did get was reinforcement of their own beliefs, as fallacious as many of them are.   So, let’s get down to it beginning with the police.  At present, there are approximately 800,000 law enforcement officers on the job in the USA.  Most are good, honest civil servants but perhaps 10 percent are not. And that’s an army.   I use that number because human nature dictates about ten percent of every organization is corrupt.  Always been that way.  That’s the reason almost all police agencies have Internal Affairs squads that investigate misbehavior or incompetence.   Some African-Americans believe a much higher number of law enforcement people are corrupt and actively target blacks. That belief is often based on negative, personal encounters they have had with the police or other white authority figures.  There is no debating personal experience - we all are shaped by it.   The essential problem between police officers of all skin colors, not just white, and African-Americans is crime.  Blacks commit felonies and misdemeanors at a higher proportional rate than any other group.  That means law enforcement confrontation is much greater, especially for young black males.   Also, African-Americans are the victims of crimes far more often than other groups and most of the time justice is not achieved. The horrendous, ongoing black on black murder rate in Chicago and Baltimore proves this beyond any doubt.   Therefore, there is bitterness in many African-American communities over the criminal justice situation.  Add to that the fact that poor Americans cannot afford to hire experienced lawyers to defend them, and you have intense animosity towards the “white power establishment.”   The cacophonous, empty slogans and virtue-signaling about “race” are almost painful to endure. Yes, there are emotionally disturbed bigots who diminish minorities. They will always exist.  Ask Jewish people. However, the vile embrace of prejudice is largely shunned in the American public square.   But that doesn’t stop idiot commentators from depicting the USA as a hateful cauldron of bias.  Some of these pundits are even justifying the dangerous behavior of “protesters” who are attacking police officers and destroying property.  Make no mistake, these violent rioters only want to tear down, not resolve anything.   There is only one real solution to deprivation, crime, and helplessness and that is to teach the children well.  But that’s absolutely not happening in this country.  Many schools are simply holding stations with little discipline and standards of achievement.   If a child cannot read, write cursive, do math, speak properly, and does not understand that skills have to be developed so honest money can be earned, that child will likely become an impoverished adult without much hope.   Therefore, Americans fed up with “injustice” should focus on the only solution that provides a measure of protection against it: a disciplined and enlightened educational system. If good people begin to demand that for all children, then poverty and all the horrid consequences of it will be diminished.   If we don’t, the race dilemma will continue to suffocate our society - one citizen at a time.
  • Escape from New York
    In 1981, director John Carpenter released a movie that put New York City in a bad light, literally.  Gotham was portrayed as a depopulated, dark prison where federal authorities dumped violent criminals to fend for themselves.  Any attempt to “Escape from York” resulted in execution.Today in real life, the pandemic has devastated New York City, bringing fear and grief to its eight and a half million residents. Even before the contagion, folks were getting out.  According to the Census Bureau, 181 thousand people left New York state last year alone, an exodus that leads the country.Many moved to Florida, land of sunshine and no state income tax.  While New York ranks first in overall taxation, Florida is 47, and now has two million more residents than the Empire State.In spite of that, Florida will spend around $93 billion this year, while New York’s budget is an incredible $177 billion.  So the question becomes do New Yorkers get more services than Floridians?No, they don’t.Do New York kids get a better education?No, they don’t.Do New York drivers have better roads?Nope.And then there is the COVID invasion which could seal New York’s fate, at least short term. A significant number of businesses and workers may flee, having experienced hell for months. That means tax revenue will plummet.  So Governor Cuomo and his fun bunch of democrat legislators will have to raise taxes even higher or risk default.  New York currently runs a six billion dollar yearly deficit despite bleeding it’s workers for every cent.After COVID, some folks will no longer use the squalid subway system so it will fall deeper into debt.  Already the state has approved a new, punitive toll for driving into midtown. When does enough become enough?  New York City is a tremendous cultural bastion but, for some, it has become painful to live and work there.With so many residents packing up, city real estate prices will collapse, especially high end apartments.  Restaurants and stores will shutter, and the city could approach the brink as it did in the 1970’s.The incompetent totalitarian mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, is already demanding a federal bailout.  The mayor has a very weak case after allowing his wife to spend close to a billion tax dollars on “educational” programs which amounted to little.Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to leverage the pandemic into a White House bid, but he has to know the desperate shape his state is in.  Because he is liberal, Cuomo is rarely challenged by the corrupt media but the stats speak for themselves. Many New Yorkers are fed up, fully understanding the chaos staring them directly in the face.In the “Escape from New York” movie, a thug named Snake Plessken is sent to the decaying city to rescue a President who is being held hostage there.The current President, Donald Trump, is a lifelong New Yorker or was. Realizing that Plessken or Batman or Green Lantern or anybody else cannot rescue Cuomo-land, Mr. Trump recently said adios and moved to Florida.Where he will have plenty of company going forward.
  • O'Reilly Editorial: It's Over - Open up the Country Now
    The United States of America has to open for business - now.  This pandemic is a war, and in order to fight a war, we must have a strong economy in motion. By opening the economy, and I mean everywhere - New York City, Los Angeles, everywhere – we are going to take casualties, people are going to hurt. There's no way you can avoid that. I am not insensitive to casualties, but the greater good is served by re-opening the nation now.  Here's how you do it.  The governors of all states have to tell businesses they can open with logical regulations they must follow.  Then you have to encourage senior citizens, those over 65, not to go out. It's safer if you're an older American to stay inside. I'm not saying you can't go get some fresh air, you can. But it's better if you don't go to the restaurant for a little while. If you can get somebody to go to the grocery store for you, it's better for you. There is no data that says when you open the economy in populated states, you get an immediate spike in the disease. That data does not exist and that's a good thing.  Now, if Vegas opens up and you see a big spike, that will be page one, and that might happen. If it does, then the governor of Nevada will have to shut it down. Disney World and Disneyland are getting ready to open, and on top of the exorbitant entry fee, you will now have to sign a waiver that says you are not going to sue if you think you got COVID from Cinderella. Don’t sign the paper, can’t come in. The house of mouse knows that the bloodsucking lawyers are lined up to sue them if anybody who visits Disney gets COVID. Pelosi and Schumer know it too, but they don't want a federal law limiting litigation, because these lawyers give the Democratic Party hundreds of millions of dollars.  How corrupt this is? I mean, it's just beyond belief corrupt. Again, this never gets reported.  Now, why is the press rooting against re-opening? Everybody knows it's because of Donald Trump, but not everybody will acknowledge that.  These media people who earn lavish salaries, what do they care? When there's somebody out in Missouri who owns a hair salon and isn't making any money - what do they care? They don't care about the folks. They couldn't care less. Their ideology dictates.  And why would Donald Trump would come out and say, ‘hey, I'm taking that controversial drug, hydroxychloroquine’?  If you read 'The United States of Trump,' you know he's a provocateur, word of the day. But why would he take time out from trying to convince the nation to re-open? Why go down a diversionary path? I don't think that's good. I would not have done that had I been president. I would do what I just spelled out in this editorial.  President Trump should be very clear to the American people: This is a war. You want to win a war? You can't destroy your country – that is how you lose a war.[Adapted from Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News, weeknights at 7 eastern right here on]
  • The Plan
    Did you know that last year, Americans paid more taxes to the federal government than ever before?  Two reasons: the robust economy meant workers were making more money.  And the Trump tax reform law eliminated deductions for state and local taxes above $10,000.  That means people like me have to fork over more federal income tax, because we can’t write off what we pay to the state, which, in liberal places like New York and California, is a lot.   So, it was shocking to see that the new Nancy Pelosi pandemic relief bill, which passed the House on Friday, calls for eliminating the $10,000 ceiling, thus putting more money in the pockets of the affluent.   Bernie Sanders, who pays property taxes on three homes, has not said a word.    That’s because the Democratic Party is heavily funded by fat cats in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Manhattan and the Hamptons, as well as other wealthy, liberal precincts.   This Bud’s for you, rich leftists.  Nancy P. gives back despite the phony rhetoric about the rich paying their “fair share.”   You might ask why a sop to the wealthy is included in a virus relief package in the first place.  Or why quasi-amnesty for the undocumented is in there.  Or major assistance to companies that legally sell marijuana.  Or dozens of other things that have nothing to do with fighting the pandemic.   The answer is politics.  Ms. Pelosi is signaling the updated Democrat platform leading to the election.     The Speaker knows the new relief bill will not be passed.  Only one Republican congressman, Peter King of New York, voted for it and no GOP senators will.  But Ms. Pelosi would like her party to understand where its future lies, and especially wants her fat-cat pals to realize that they will benefit financially.   This cynical and incredibly hypercritical game is not well understood by we the people and that’s why I have written this column.  And here’s something else that is a hidden truth.   If the new pandemic bill ever did pass, the nation’s debt would increase to $28 trillion; money the USA can never fully pay.  The Democrats have no interest in slowing down the massive government spending even though the gross fiscal irresponsibility is a real threat to eventually crash the economy.   But that is exactly what the socialists and their sympathizers want.  If the private marketplace collapses, the federal government will have to take it over - completely.  Something Bernie and his bros yearn for.   We live in a country full of distractions, distortions, and dismal challenges like COVID. Many of our leaders are not interested in problem-solving and often bury their true agenda in legislation that, in the case of the Pelosi bill, runs more than a thousand pages. The folks are not going to read the thing and neither are most members of Congress and the press, so let me give you the true headline: the Pelosi bill uses the contagion danger to advance left wing power.   And now you know the rest of the story.
  • Truth, Justice and the American Way
    Superman is appalled by the FBI’s abusive treatment of General Michael Flynn.  Way back in 1952, when television was just beginning to influence the world, a show based on the comic book hero Superman debuted.  George Reeves was the star and the program lasted six years - it is etched into the memories of many baby boomers.  At the beginning of each episode, a narrator would tell viewers that the Super guy was in business to promote “truth, justice, and the American way.”  So, now, the truth and justice thing is under siege because the nation’s most powerful law enforcement agency, the FBI, launched a corrupt investigation designed to damage President Donald Trump by linking him to Russia during the campaign of 2016. There is no longer any doubt about the FBI’s outrageous behavior.  Last week the Justice Department dropped its prosecution of former Trump national security advisor General Michael Flynn.  The DOJ did this after hand-written notes from an FBI investigator became public indicating the Bureau was discussing trying to entrap Flynn into a “lying to the FBI” crime.  Agents succeeded, and the General pleaded guilty.  Some believe he did that because the FBI threatened to prosecute his son who worked with his father on overseas projects. That remains to be proven.  Subsequently, General Flynn withdrew with his guilty plea.  The reason the FBI tried to set the elder Flynn up was to get him to “flip” on his boss, Donald Trump.  Then head of the FBI James Comey apparently was interested in harming the new President by linking him with Russia and may have believed Flynn had damaging information on Trump. As we know now, there was never any legal basis for the FBI to even launch a Russian investigation, much less secure surveillance warrants.  As we also understand today, much of the media reporting on “Russian-collusion” was false and defamatory. Superman would like to know exactly who is going to be held accountable for this scandal.  After all, the superhero disguised himself as Clark Kent, a “mild-mannered” reporter.  Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are asking the same question. US Attorney John Durham is in charge of the investigation into the FBI.  His upcoming report may lead to indictments. But what about the press?  Who will hold the New York Times and The Washington Post accountable for years of misleading reports and commentary? Who will hold Comcast responsible for MSNBC’s hateful false narrative? Is anybody investigating CNN?  Is its plantation master AT&T under scrutiny? What about Disney, will it be brought to justice for airing the blatantly dishonest “View” program among others? The answer to those questions is simple: no one in the media is likely to be held accountable. No person will be fired, the massive corporations involved will not be fined, no explanations or apologies for the thousands of falsehoods broadcast and published will be forthcoming. Because the sad truth is that the search FOR the truth is not part of the “American way” any longer.  And somewhere Superman is weeping.
  • Respecting the Office
    During a dinner with President Trump a few months ago, I expressed regret to him for the general behavior of the press in America. I did this not to pander to the President, but to discuss the disintegration of decorum that, as an American, disturbs me.   In the past, most credible journalists respected the office of the presidency, if not the person inhabiting it.  President Nixon strained that respect as correspondents like Dan Rather openly loathed the man.  But even Mr. Rather brought a modicum of respect to his White House beat.   In 1992, NBC News reporter Stone Phillips interviewed President Bush the Elder in the White House.  Using a poorly sourced newspaper allegation that alleged Mr. Bush had committed adultery, the journalist confronted the President.   Phillips: “Have you ever had an affair?”   President Bush: “I’m not going to take any sleaze questions.  I gave you a little warning. You see you’re perpetuating the sleaze by even asking the question - to say nothing of asking it in the Oval Office.  And I don’t think you ought to do that and I’m not going to answer the question.”   Stone Phillips backed off and the appropriateness of the question was widely debated.  To me, a journalist who has interviewed six Presidents, Mr. Bush was correct; the White House is the wrong place to attempt a tabloid exposition.     Today, many media people do not respect Donald Trump and, by extension, the position he holds or the place where he lives. The hate-Trump press explains its conduct by pointing to the President’s deficits.  They attempt to justify their bad behavior by pointing to his bad behavior - as if a third grade rationalization excuses the media’s gross disrespect for the Executive branch.   Americans elect presidents and once that happens the person assuming the office should be afforded a blanket of respect simply for holding the position. The presidency is the apex of our republic, something President Bush well understood.   In the summer of 2007, I interviewed then Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee for President.  The chat was in York, Pennsylvania and was lively, to say the least. I challenged the senator and did not let him dodge.  I had no problem describing some of his positions as misguided.   The next time I interviewed Mr. Obama he was President and we were in the White House.  Whole new ballgame.  My questions were still challenging but my tone was more measured.  I mean, I couldn’t imply he was a pinhead as I can with senators and congresspeople.  His status as the head of the country meant I had to respect his office.   And I did.   I remember getting a flood of letters from anti-Obama people accusing me of being “too soft” on Mr. Obama.  These critics wanted rhetorical blood.  But that would have not only have been disrespectful to him, but to the country.   By the way, the three chats I had with President Obama were the toughest interviews he saw.  Check them out.   Today, President Trump is obviously not afforded respect by the media.  Many in the White House press corps have been encouraged by their corporate masters to make Mr. Trump look bad.  Legitimate questions are often asked in blatantly hostile tones.  It’s wrong.   Americans deserve accountability from all presidents and the job of the press is to seek clarity and truth.  But that’s not what’s going on today.  It’s “get” Trump all day, every day.   Respect for the office of the presidency has vanished and it is unseemly.  Donald Trump was awarded his job by the people.  To not respect that is to insult the people.   And that’s what’s happening.  
  • Maybe the Press Should be Quarantined
    If you are observant during this time of national isolation, you can learn a lot about your country and, perhaps, yourself.  This is a once in a lifetime experience that will change many things in America; some for the better, some for the worse.   On display right before our eyes is the collapse of honest journalism.  This has been brewing for a while.  In fact, Ted Koppel believes that I, your humble correspondent, ignited the situation by injecting opinion into a prime time cable news program beginning way back in 1996.  Mr. Koppel said that to my face on The O’Reilly Factor.   But Ted ascribes far too much influence to me.  All I did was take the newspaper editorial pages and hone them on television. Nothing wrong with that.  Of course, the concept can be misused by dishonest people but that’s been going on since William Randolph Hearst.   What we are vividly experiencing now in America is a herd media mentality that is using the medical catastrophe to sell a narrative to the folks: the virus is largely Trump’s fault and voters must banish him come November.   My opinion is not stated to support or engender sympathy for President Trump. Americans have seen him talk about the pandemic for hours each week.  Surely, we the people can arrive at a conclusion about the President using our eyewitness capabilities.   But the actual news reporting on the government’s response to the virus is heavily skewed to make Mr. Trump look bad. The hostility of many in the White House press corps is stark and anyone who denies that is a deceiver.  Obviously, the animus directed at Mr. Trump by “objective” reporters violates every journalistic tenet. Reporters can and should ask the toughest questions they can formulate.  But they should not inject hostility into the query.   What is happening here is failure to communicate honestly, with apologies to Cool Hand Luke.  National news organizations like The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News, and CNN, among others, are all practicing “outcome journalism.”  These outfits do not demand their employees search for factual truth.  Instead, editors and TV executives want a clear outcome from the pandemic reporting.  And that is Trump must go. Therefore, almost every bit of the President’s virus response will be portrayed as wrong, stupid, or even lethal.   It should be noted that there are some pro-Trump expositions in the media, but the hate-Trump presentations heavily outnumber them.   Once a free society cannot get honest, objective information, it becomes less able to make responsible decisions.  That is absolutely happening right now in America. The relentless contagion of propaganda funded by massive media corporations has spread to every part of this country.   It is not an overstatement to say the press collapse is a virus that is harming us all.  And there’s no vaccine in sight.  
  • One World
    The global pandemic is the worst thing that could happen to the concept of “globalism,” a fervent left wing tenet.  Famous people from Barack Obama to Pope Francis have touted the benefits of a world with no power index - that all nations should be pretty much the same, because human beings share universal qualities.     Out of the “One World” movement has come the open border concept, aggressive socialism, “inclusion” that intrudes on fairness and liberty, and a variety of other misguided and even dangerous policies. Now, because of the virus, the philosophy of global equality is in tatters.   China is mainly responsible.  Beijing’s communist human rights violators lied to the world about the severity of the contagion. And China was enabled by the United Nations through the colossally incompetent World Health Organization.  Five days after the US government stopped flights from China, the WHO officially objected, issuing this statement:  “We reiterate our call to all countries not to impose restrictions inconsistent with International Health Regulations.  Such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little health benefit.”   That incredibly irresponsible response from a UN agency led to intense condemnation of President Trump.  Joe Biden called the flight ban “fear-mongering.”  Congressman Eliot Engel said it was “racist.”   As the pandemic spread across the globe, the WHO became even more dangerous.  On February 29, it issued this statement: “Travel bans to affected areas or denial of entry to passengers coming from affected areas are usually not effective in preventing the importation of cases ...”   Just a few weeks later, almost the entire world went on lockdown.  Now, in attempt to save the WHO, some entertainers are participating in a “virtual” concert to benefit the organization which is under extreme pressure.   Last week, President Trump announced a suspension of the almost $500 million a year the USA donates to the WHO.  Mr. Trump saying the USA wants to investigate exactly why the World Health Organization misled the planet.   But almost immediately, Nancy Pelosi objected, calling the President a “science denier.”   There comes a point when fair-minded people have to speak up.  The far-left movement, of which Nancy Pelosi is a leader, is a demonstrably destructive enterprise.  It generally despises capitalism, does not respect private property, and sees America as an “oppressive” nation which is consistently wrong if not downright evil.   That mindset has now taken root not only in foreign countries, but also right here at home.  However, one of the few benefits of the pandemic is that far left concepts are increasingly being challenged with undeniable facts.   The truth is we do not live in a “one world” situation, no matter how many ill-informed people say differently. There are enormous differences among countries and some nations are exceedingly dangerous to the human condition.   Like China.     So you can sing “we are the world, we are the children” all you want, but understand by doing that, you are not making the world a better place.   Unless you think lethal pandemics are beneficial.
  • The Strategy
    There is a wall of doom being erected in America.  The media is building it by sensationalizing coverage of the pandemic, instead of providing facts and honest context to people who desperately need it.   Here are some recent headlines found on the net. - Economic Devastation Looms - Record Bankruptcies Predicted - Pandemic Will Cleve Nation in Two - Broke Americans Consider Selling Blood - Czech Nudists Told to Wear Face Masks Only the last story was based on a factual occurrence.  The others used speculative opinion throughout the articles.   While it is certainly true that the press has always used flaming leads, this time there is a dark reason to do it.  The deadly virus spreads quickly and without warning.  That creates mass fear.  And fear creates opportunity.   There are Americans, including some media chieftains, who believe four more years of President Trump is actually worse for the country than the contagion.  So while the virus is amongst us, it should be used to damage the President as much as possible.   Therefore, doom is a much better context than hope.  Any positive development is scrutinized while negative occurrences are quickly gathered and spotlighted.  You cannot build a wall of doom upon a foundation of better times ahead.   The primary construction crew of the horror wall is the usual far-left apparatus that also sees a chance to damage the capitalist system. Thus, a spate of reports on how much Americans will suffer economically even after the virus abates.   We saw this when Bernie Sanders demanded the federal government pay every workers full salary throughout the pandemic. That, of course, would collapse the US dollar as the Treasury Department would have to print trillions in paper currency to meet the obligation.   But that’s what Sanders, George Soros, and elements at The New York Times, want - economic and societal chaos.  So a new “world order” can be built based on Marxist redistribution principles.   With that in play, let’s welcome in the Thunder Doom spectacle.  It is here for all to see.  And please note exactly who is putting bricks in that wall.   They are not looking out for you.
  • The Winds of Change
    The pandemic will change many things on this earth including, very likely, your life.  But if you are looking for guidance and perspective on the post-virus world, you will not get that from America’s news agencies. Instead, you will see and read blatantly dishonest appraisals of the contagion situation designed to promote ideology and social engineering.   The foolish presentations on many TV news programs are boring and depressing.  More than a few “presenters,” as they call anchor people in England, are simply bewildered. They have no clue as to what is really happening. Whenever you hear an interviewer ask: “what do you make of that?”, please understand the questioner has no question. They have to say something, but they are really saying nothing.   So, for the benefit of you, the reader, let me lay out a post-pandemic vision.   First and most important, the false, far-left belief that big government is the key to a satisfying life for people has been shattered. The repressive Chinese Communists, who Bernie Sanders admires for combating poverty, are directly responsible for the plague.  Also, the UN-funded Word Health Organization enabled the totalitarians in Beijing to lie to the world.   Never again should China and the WHO be trusted on anything.   Around the globe, no leader was perspicacious enough to sound an early alarm about the contagion.  No one did it, despite the presence of the most sophisticated operational medical intelligence apparatus in history.   The first global action was taken on January 28 when the United States and Italy both stopped flights from China.  That action saved President Trump, who is now totally dependent on American science to develop an antidote to defeat the virus.  If that does not happen by September, Mr. Trump could very well lose the election - if it does come about, he will likely win.   That’s because the Democrats participated in three debates between January 1 and February 25 and there was not one mention of the Wuhan virus, nothing.  But there was plenty of talk about impeachment.   So now when the Democrats say the President was late sounding the alarm, they look foolish and dishonest.  In addition, their leading candidate, Joe Biden, criticized Mr. Trump for stopping the China flights.  This is not a good virus resume, no matter how the press tries to spin or ignore it.   On the issues front, the open borders crew, a significant part of the Democrat machine, is done forever.  George Soros and his fellow travelers were always dangerous and now there is pandemic proof of that.   In March, the FBI conducted a record number of background checks on gun buyers.  Even the dimmest citizen now knows that governments cannot protect you from harm.  You must protect yourself, and that includes financially.  Stop spending money you don’t have.   Finally, government-run health care is a virus victim.  Many countries in Europe that have socialized medicine are running death rates ten times higher than the USA.  Private care is always better.  Always.   As for your situation, here it is.  The economy and stock market will come back but many jobs will not.  Companies will use the pandemic to pare down on unnecessary workers and products.  In the future, more folks will work from home.  In the short term, salaries will drop because more people will be looking for work, and most companies have lost revenue during the great isolation.   Again, you need to protect yourself.  You have to develop a skill the marketplace needs.  Companies and unions will not provide you with economic security. Profit will continue to rule in post-pandemic America.   When normality returns, we will still have our bread and circuses to divert us from reality. But during this hiatus from life as we knew it, you might want to look hard at your own life.   The world is changing.  Get ahead of the curve.      
  • You Have the Right to Remain Stupid
    The vicious contagion presents perhaps the most significant personal opportunity for change in our lifetimes.  That’s because the bustle has broken down.  The pursuit of money, sex, power, and other magnets are all on hold. We are now apart from the daily machine that can grind us into unthinking, callous people.  At least most of us are.   So, how about some introspection?  Some inward evaluation.  An honest appraisal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Maybe we start with the country and then we’ll get to what’s really important - our own selves - as the country singers might say.   An essential question for me is: how did this country get so hateful?  If you are following the contagion news, you know the blame game has kicked in.  It’s the 'Trump virus,' according to a New York Times columnist. Another far left writer in that liberal journal (it no longer meets the standards of a newspaper) says the virus is enabled by ultra-religious Christians who 'deny science.'  Of course, she ties that into the climate change debate as well as President Trump.   On the right, some loons accuse China of weaponizing the contagion without a shred of evidence to back up the claim.   With so much craziness available on the net, often disseminated by corporate media, the divisive atmosphere has fueled a unique kind of American loathing.  Many of us actively despise those with whom we disagree.   Thus, in our newfound downtime, we might think about whether we are a part of the loathing movement and if we are, whether that is enhancing our individual lives.   And then there is 'what your country can do for you.' President Kennedy rejected that sentiment, but today the concept is warmly embraced by millions of Americans who firmly believe in the Bernie Sanders doctrine: that the government should provide.  No need for self-reliance, that’s for fools.  A vast central power structure will dictate what Americans can and cannot have.  We the people are not the deciders.  Bernie and his comrades would be.   It is simply incredible to me, a son of the Cold War, that socialism is on the rise in America.  Perhaps during the contagion we can think hard about our individual freedoms which are under assault from the virus.  Do you like being told how to live and where you can go?  How about you, Democratic Party, are you embracing the restrictions we are seeing?  They are obviously necessary.  But they are also a vivid message. This is what can happen all the time when big government totalitarians rule.   On the social front, are you a due process denier?  Do you condemn neighbors based on gossip?  Are you supportive of the trend that all allegations are convictions?  When Brett Kavanaugh was almost destroyed, it was an accusation, not hard facts, that brought him to the brink.  One brave woman, Senator Susan Collins, saved him.  Hundreds of our elected officials embraced the noose.   Finally, what about you?  Do you fear the virus?  Why?  Are you afraid to die?  Do you fear giving the contagion to people you love? Are strangers part of the equation?  Do you feel for the suffering and dying?  Do you pray for them?  Do you pray at all?   All throughout history the world has suffered as it is suffering now.  Those who see the big picture understand that dreadful plagues, wars, natural disasters, and human atrocities are all part of earthly existence.     People who accept that and learn from the viral calamity, are likely to prosper in the aftermath.   People who see themselves as victims and who lament the loss of individual pursuits, will stay in place.  And, in America, we still have that right - to remain selfish and even more harshly - to remain stupid.
  • The Contagion Chronicles
    Terrorists all over the world are watching the world panic closely.  Biological warfare has been a reality for decades.  You may remember that Saddam Hussein expelled weapons inspectors from the United Nations after the 9/11 terror attack, which led to the Iraq war.  Saddam’s terror thugs, the Mukhabarat, had indeed developed biological agents but secretly destroyed the program before the fighting began - completely fooling allied intelligence services.   Today, many nations have developed virus weaponry and terrorists would love to acquire the lethal bugs.  COVID from China (sorry race-baiters) has succeeded in severely damaging the worldwide economy and will eventually kill more than one million people. There will, I believe, be a vaccine soon that will ease the disaster, but more viruses are coming.   Some have speculated that Chinese researchers actually spread the virus after it escaped from a lab near Wuhan.  But my investigation says that is false.   In October, 2007, clinical micro-biologists at the University of Hong Kong released a report entitled “SARS-CoV as an agent of Emerging/Re-emerging Infection.”  The paper clearly states the danger:   “Coronaviruses are well known to undergo genetic recombination, which may lead to new genotypes and outbreaks.  The presence of a large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China, is a time bomb ... therefore the need for preparedness should not be ignored."   But that warning was ignored.  Because governments are rarely proactive.  Most countries owe enormous amounts of money and the USA leads the league.  Once we get out of this plague, America will owe close to $25 trillion dollars.  Few countries spend money on medical theories because they simply can’t afford it.   So respirators and virus test kits were not stockpiled. Disease threats from the backwaters of China went largely unknown. And now the contagion rages.   Corona will change many things in America, here are just a few. The Second Amendment will be strengthened as self-protection rises.   Socialism in America will be crippled as the vital virus vaccine will likely emerge from private drug companies, the ones demonized by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.   America’s partisan media will lose even more credibility over foolish and distorted reporting designed not to inform the public, but to engender panic and disillusionment in order to harm the powers that be in Washington.   Trust in the financial markets will plummet. Folks will not only hoard paper supplies, they’ll lockbox cash.   Summing up: many people will suffer in many ways because primitive fools ate infected bats in China.  The damage is severe with evil people taking measure.   And the world should know it.Subscribe to watch Bill O'Reilly weeknights at 7pm ET.
  • It's Sick
    It is the speed of the contagion that has folks spooked.  That and the media play-by-play.  There’s a virus coming to your house. Just like that Stephen King book.   Just three weeks ago, life in America was pretty standard.  Now everything is shut down and Tom Hanks has Corona.  What happened?    Disease happened.  Global travel happened. Worldwide government bureaucracies initially failed as they usually do.  We have a list in this country: Al Qaeda, Katrina, Maria, Vietnam, Iraq.  On and on.   The committed left media is hyping and using the illness to try to drive President Trump from office.  Here’s Trump-hater Gail Collins in The New York Times: “Let’s call it TrumpVirus.  If you’re feeling awful, you know who to blame.”   Really astute analysis from Ms. Collins.  I don’t know how she does it.   More brilliance from Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan.  She puts forth that telling people NOT to panic, as the federal government is doing, is a bad strategy.  Ms. Noonan apparently believes panic is okay.   If you look up the word “panic” in the dictionary, you’ll see this: “Sudden uncontrollable fear and anxiety, often causing unthinking behavior.”   Could it be that Peggy Noonan wrote her column in a panic?  Just asking.   Clear-thinking people are right to fear the Coronavirus because it spreads quickly from even casual human contact.  It’s an “airborne” contagion, unlike AIDS or Ebola.  That’s scary even if you tend to be brave.   So caution is a good protection.  Panic is not.  And blaming the virus on Donald Trump is stupid and loathsome.  No national leader could stop the illness and the USA is certainly trying to contain the infection.   Of course mistakes will be made.  This is a sudden plague upon the land.  Some things will work, some will not.   President Trump told the nation that “we are all in this together.”  But I don’t believe that at all.  Richer folks are better protected than the poor.  Country people have a stronger chance to avoid infection than citizens packed into the cities.  We are not together in America, we are badly divided politically, residentially, and culturally.   Finally, there will be people who attempt to exploit the virus for political and/or financial gain. They will try to use human suffering to advance their own interests.   I am watching these people.  And I will report back.  Because it’s sick.  
  • Hope and Change
    (Baltimore)  Cruising around the poor neighborhoods of this troubled city it is easy to see why millions of Americans want to destroy free enterprise and allow a giant federal government to take care of them. The false promise of Bernie Sanders is just another in a long line of political deception. The truth is simply too difficult for some Americans to hear.   Thousands of Baltimoreans live in hovels, surrounded by degenerate criminals selling narcotics and threatening lethal violence at any time.  Liberal authorities now demand sympathy for these brutal poison pushers and the result is that millions of honest poor people all over the country are trapped in their dire circumstance.    They can't flee because they have no money.  Their lack of resources almost always correlates to a poor education. Simply put, these Americans cannot compete for a decent salary.  And so they are prisoners, dependent on government subsidies to survive and subject to the daily indignities of danger and decay.   President Barack Obama promised impoverished folks and all Americans “hope and change.” But little changed during his eight years in office except more hopelessness.  That feeling often leads to addiction, making poverty and crime even worse. Baltimore is the poster city for that.   Mr. Obama tried to improve the lives of the poor but, again, did not succeed.  His “income redistribution” economic polices caused corporations and small businesses to freeze.  Hiring was scant and salaries stagnant.  Capitalism works best when the marketplace expands and workers are needed to increase profits.  That did not happen under President Obama.   Donald Trump has done better in the economic area but he is not going to improve the ghettos of Baltimore.  That’s because no government can do that.  If an American cannot perform a job effectively, he or she will face deprivation no matter what promises charlatans like Sanders and Warren make.   The solution to poverty is education but the cold truth is that honesty does not exist in the public school system because if you do tell the truth, you will be branded a racist.   So here is the unvarnished truth: children from chaotic homes with irresponsible parents need the confidence that comes with individual achievement. And in order to achieve you need discipline and motivation. All students must respect the boundaries imposed by the educational process or they will fail in life.  Got it, Bernie?   Therefore, every public school student in this country should be required to wear a uniform provided by the state. That will send a message to the child that they are involved in a serious enterprise that will require cooperation from each of them.   Students should learn at a reasonable pace, and be taught the essentials of life in the United States.  Not be given a curriculum of victimhood and failure.  Social promotion should be banished.   But the left in America opposes those things and provides a constant drumbeat that it’s impossible for non-affluent citizens to succeed.  The kids hear that.   Public schools must repudiate that terrible lie.   Those students who refuse to cooperate, should be placed in therapeutic schools, where they can get personalized support - not be allowed to disrupt other students who want to succeed on society’s terms.   It is my belief that committed leftists like Bernie Sanders really don’t care about elevating poor Americans because self-reliance and disciplined learning is the key to fighting poverty - not a giant state apparatus which the socialists adore.   Bernie’s bro Fidel Castro used his power to insure most Cubans stay poor.  That’s what happens when the state runs things.   Back in the USA, hope becomes sparse when a child has derelict parents and lives in a violent neighborhood. The only chance is to educate that child well and tell the kids the truth: learning, hard work, and honesty is your ticket to success in life.   Sadly, that is not even close to happening in today’s America.  
  • The Tribal States of America
    As America emerged victorious after World War II, an era of unity swept the country. Then television arrived, causing a cultural unification of the American people. Everybody knew who Ed Sullivan was. The Bonanza boys, Mary Tyler Moore, the Fonz, all had national recognition beyond anything ever seen. On the radio, the same pop music was played on AM stations all across the land and with the arrival of Motown, African-American entertainment finally went mainstream. In addition, black sports figures like Willie Mays and Bill Russell were admired from coast to coast. The word “united” really was appropriate in the culture and, to a lesser extent, in the accepted view of how the country should be run. Now that is gone. America is no longer a united assortment of states. We have devolved into tribalism because of technology. Our devices allow us to think small, to pursue our self-interest constantly with others who like what we like. Stamp collecting, hunting, fitness, finance, sports, religion, if you want to lose yourself in a specific world, you can easily do it. And you don’t even have to leave the house. Thus, our common culture is vanishing, no longer does entertainment or education or even faith bind us together. Today, it is every person for him, her or, insert your own pronoun, self. So the question becomes how can a nation made up of millions of self-absorbed tribes govern itself? There is little prevailing national interest anymore. “We’re all in this together” has vanished. It has been replaced by “where’s what I want?” Tribalism extends to politics, of course, and we are vividly seeing that in the struggles of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders could not have happened ten years ago. Democrats were very happy with their liberal but conventional leader Barack Obama, a man who won the presidency while opposing gay marriage and espousing other traditional beliefs. Today, you cannot even run as a democrat if you don’t embrace gay nuptials or support late-term abortion. But some “moderate” democrats do remain. However, they are being eclipsed by traditional liberals, far-left progressives, and the socialist/communist element. The democrats are now divided into tribes. Some love Bernie, others support Bloomberg, South Carolina dems rallied for Biden. But these men share little common ground and are propelled by the tribes that support them, not a central party. The result, as we are seeing, is chaos. Senator Sanders leads the primary pack, but the democrat establishment does not want him to run against President Trump because the poobahs think he’ll lose. It is a becoming bitter situation. In the past, political winds have shifted every few years in America and that might happen again if the Democratic Party gets destroyed in November. But what will never happen again is a spirit of “E Pluribus Unum.” Out of many, one. High technology has rendered that motto obsolete so we need a new slogan. Perhaps something like: “In tribes we trust.”
  • Civility Unrest
    Back in 1960, my working class parents voted different parties; my mom went democrat with JFK.  My father voted republican for Richard Nixon.  I remember sitting at the dinner table eating “Spaghetti-o’s” listening to my folks tease each other about “canceling” their votes.   Over the decades, my friends and family members supported a wide array of politicians and I never had a problem with any of them.  In fact, I’ve interviewed seven presidents and respect them all for their service to America.  I even enjoyed my brief time with George McGovern, about as left wing as they come.   But today I simply cannot understand how any intelligent American can support Bernie Sanders, who despises the United States and wants to burn down our traditions.  I believe Senator Sanders to be a truly dangerous man and those who would allow him power, are putting my family in jeopardy.   Let’s start with Sanders saying, during the debate in New Hampshire, that America is “racist society” from top to bottom.  In order to believe that, you have to accuse millions of Americans who hold responsible positions of actively persecuting blacks and other minorities.   To buy into Sanders’ irresponsible statement, you must also believe that the United States’ social system, by design and execution, denies the equal pursuit of happiness to millions of its citizens based on skin color.     There is absolutely no factual basis to support that absurd point of view.  Yes, individual bias exists, but to allege it is national policy is a lie.   And Bernie Sanders embraces that lie.   The Senator also believes that private property is really federal property.  He promotes draconian taxation on corporations and wealthy citizens.  Beyond that, he wants to impose taxation on individual assets, acquired AFTER a citizen has paid income tax and other state financial demands.  This is his so called “wealth tax.”   To Sanders, it is a trade.  The federal government will pay for a citizen’s medical bills, dental expenses, eye glasses, hearing aids, elder care, child care, education from pre-k through college, and provide generous subsidies to low income Americans for every other life need.   In return, Sanders believes the federal government has the right to take whatever it wants from affluent citizens and private companies in order to pay for all the free stuff.  Sanders and Congress will decide how much of your pie will remain in the refrigerator. The feds will appropriate their “fair share,” and if you resist, you will be prosecuted.   So, if an American works hard, takes risks investing, and lives frugally in order to build long term financial security for his or her family, the feds would be able to seize those personal assets under the banner of “fair share.”   This frightening vision of Bernie Sanders would not only bankrupt the USA, it would punish every single American who has achieved economic success.     Therefore, folks who support Sanders and his socialist/communist viewpoint, are enabling a dangerous point of view that would directly harm me and my family.  So, I can no longer engage those people.  I must strenuously oppose them.   If I wanted to live in Cuba, and have the state determine what I can and cannot possess, I’d move there.   There is little economic difference between Bernie Sanders and the tyrants in Havana.   That’s the truth.
  • Barr the Door
    The most important man in President Trump’s life right now is William Barr, the Attorney General of the United States.  Yet, Mr. Trump may not understand that. However, the hate-Trump media brigades certainly do.   If Mr. Barr were to turn against the President, his re-election chances would be damaged. Significantly.     That’s because William Barr is a tough, honest prosecutor who is trying to uphold the crucial constitutional mandate of “equal justice for all.”  That means a corrupt media is not the dispenser of justice, nor is a sitting President who may have a personal agenda.   The latest controversy over Roger Stone, accompanied by presidential tweets, has put the Attorney General in a tough spot.  Mr. Stone was convicted of lying to authorities about his role in seeking damaging information against the democrats during the 2016 presidential campaign.     The sentencing recommendation from Justice Department prosecutors is seven to nine years in a federal penitentiary.  On average, a convicted rapist in this country serves four and a half years in prison so you know something is amiss.   Almost immediately, President Trump tweeted his outrage - targeting the prosecutors.  A short time later, four of them quit. That caused great joy and a spate of anonymous-sourced articles in The New York Times and The Washington Post, two organizations that are devoted to injuring President Trump.   Caught in the middle of the chaos is William Barr who then told ABC News that Mr. Trump’s tweeting about active criminal cases makes it hard for the AG to do his job.   Whereupon Fox Business Channel anchor Lou Dobbs questioned Barr’s “loyalty.”   But an attorney general’s loyalty is to his oath to uphold the constitution, not to any human being and that includes politicians who sometimes defy the human description.   So, now, the President and the Attorney General are, well, let’s use the word “unsettled.”   The ridiculous side of all this is - it didn’t have to happen.  All President Trump had to do was wait until Roger Stone is sentenced and then issue a pardon.  Presto, Mr. Stone could go bowling with you that very night.   But waiting is not Donald Trump’s style, confrontation is.  If you read my book “The United States of Trump,” you know the President always relishes the fight.   But a battle with William Barr is not like the dustup with the weak former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Barr is not a man to be pushed around and he does not want his professional reputation sullied.  The crucial Durham investigation into federal corruption is underway and President Trump would be well advised to stay out of all Justice Department business and let those chips fall.    Mr. Trump should also understand that the national media is heavily invested in diminishing AG Barr because it fears what the Durham investigation might bring.  The President would be foolish to help his enemies marginalize William Barr, who could expose disturbing FBI corruption that damaged Donald Trump.   Finally, President Richard Nixon tried to manipulate the Justice Department and that finalized his demise.   History can repeat itself.  
  • What's Left?
    After watching Friday’s debate, it is obvious the democrats have a conundrum.  Joe Biden’s campaign is falling apart, Bernie Sanders is leading, and Michael Bloomberg is looming.  All of that is good news for President Trump.Let’s start with “say it ain’t so, Joe.” The man cannot seem to get a cogent sentence out of his mouth.  In addition to incessantly saying the words “in fact,” he has no central message, nothing for voters to rally behind.  To use another of Biden’s overused phrases, “here’s the deal, Joe:” you say the current economy’s not good coming from eight years of economic malaise under you and President Obama?  Do you think that’s going to resonate when unemployment is the lowest it’s been in almost 70 years?  You told the world you would not have killed Soleimani.  You also opposed the raid that got bin Laden, the only member of the Obama cabinet to dissent.  What kind of deal is that, Joe?Now, it wasn’t your fault that Nancy Pelosi gave republicans a big stick during impeachment with the Ukraine stuff.  That tape of you getting a guy fired over there, as well as your son’s money grab, is hurting you. It’s possible to overcome that with a cogent message but, in fact, you don’t have one.The same cannot be said of socialist Bernie. His message is loud and clear.  If he ever becomes president, America as we know it would be vaporized.  Consider the Sanders wish list.- the federal government would pretty much run the private economy.  Profits and generous take home pay would be regulated by extreme taxation, and private property seized through a wealth tax.- U.S. foreign policy would be totally non-confrontational even in the terrorist arena. Few American troops would be deployed overseas, provocations would largely go unanswered, and the military budget slashed.- Criminal justice “reform” would replace punishment with “restorative justice” that seeks the “healing” of criminals.  That begins with no cash bail for most offenses and, upon convictions, alternatives to prison.- the total dismantling of US immigration law. That means open borders and federal payments to all immigrants for healthcare and other necessities.In short, Senator Sanders is a dangerous man.  He would destroy this country economically leading to staggering unintended consequences.I wish I could analyze the energetic Pete Buttigieg, who is rising in the democratic polls.  But I cannot ascertain exactly what he’s talking about. I do know that he wants to “turn the page,” but what page?  What book?  What does he want to do?  I can’t figure it out.With Elizabeth Warren no longer contending because few trust her, that leaves Mayor Mike Bloomberg who must be enjoying Biden’s collapse.  I will analyze Bloomberg as Super Tuesday comes closer, but for now I’ll sum him up this way: smart guy, ran NYC efficiently, likes what money can buy, humorless, hates Trump, loves America, climate change zealot, has trouble connecting with minorities, a key group for democrats.So there you have the definition of the democratic conundrum.  The party isn’t over, not yet.  But midnight is approaching.  
  • The No Gloat Zone
    After enduring years of investigation for allegedly colluding with evil Russians and threatening hapless Ukrainians over the phone, the temptation for President Trump to gloat over the failure of these two “scandals” to destroy his presidency must be powerful.   BUT DON’T DO IT, Mr. President.   Because there are more “bombshells” in the pipeline and these will be truly terrible.   CNN has also been looking into credible charges that Donald Trump diverted money from his re-election campaign to buy powerful hair products.  Don Lemon has an exclusive on the allegation which will be followed by a panel of 17 people who despise both Trump and hair mousse.  Carl Bernstein is particularly incensed by this scandal saying: “even Nixon wouldn’t do that.”   Not to be outdone, Rachel Maddow is developing a story based on very secret sources that President Trump is fond of ordering the Air Force One pilots to circle unnecessarily in order to exacerbate climate change. Ms. Maddow already has one source who actually witnessed Air Force One landing, and is working on getting John Bolton to confirm the whole sordid scenario.   In addition, word is The New York Times has been told, by a person close to another person, that President Trump browbeat a Sudanese official on the phone.  The Times has even secured a quote by the President who allegedly said: “listen, buster, this is a perfect call but that won’t stop me from slapping a tariff on you people if you don’t come up with dirt on Buttigieg.”   Not to be outdone, The Washington Post is developing a report that pinpoints the exact part of the Constitution violated by Mr. Trump when he labeled Mayor Bloomberg “mini-Mike.”  Some believe the newspaper may be interpreting the “disparagement clause” too broadly.  Nevertheless, Congressman Gerald Nadler will hold hearings on it, calling Randy Newman, who wrote the song “Short People,” as his first witness.   Finally, Adam Schiff has apparently been told by a whistleblower that President Trump spoke harshly about Robert DeNiro in the Oval Office.  That “venting,” as the whistleblower described it, has been classified but soon Schiff will also hold hearings on the allegation in the House Subcommittee on Unhealthy Obsessions.   So, in the face of all this, the White House should absolutely become a no gloat zone.   As the saying goes: it ain’t over til the fat lady runs out of bombshells.  
  • A Fair Wind
    Democrats are demanding a “fair” impeachment trial in the Senate where President Trump must be found guilty.  If he’s not removed from office, that’s not “fair.”   Got it?   It’s exactly like affluent Americans paying their “fair share” in taxes.   Is 50 percent of your income fair?  No?  60 percent?  Keep going?   The leftwing fairness doctrine is kind of like a little kid deciding how many Skittles to eat. What’s the fair amount?   All of them, that’s what.  Whatever I want is “fair.”   The media, most of it, wants Mr. Trump expelled, but the word fair is not often used in press circles anymore.  That’s because an even-handed examination of news stories will never again happen in America because the press is so proud of its liberal activism there isn’t even an attempt to fake objectivity these days.   Wait, I’m not being fair.  Recently, The Washington Post assigned a radical left columnist to criticize Rachel Maddow, a radical left TV commentator.  The Post knows its reputation as an objective provider of information is in tatters so the editors came up with that.   Everybody got a good giggle out of it with the possible exception of Ms. Maddow.   I think it is entirely possible that no one in this country believes the impeachment exposition is fair.  Certainly, those who support President Trump see no even-handedness in the exercise.  And the “Resistance” against Trump can’t possibly see any fairness in his likely acquittal.     So, finally, all Americans agree on a political issue: impeachment is not fair.  Common ground at last.   And while we’re on the subject, was the hysteria surrounding the “Russian-collusion” allegations fair to Donald Trump and his administration?  Did you see any “fairness” in that presentation?     This column is not about defending the President.  He and all other Chief Executives should be scrutinized.  There is nothing unfair about opposing or criticizing any politician unless you embrace dishonesty in the process.   But this destructive impeachment thing should not have happened.   President Trump can be removed by the voters in ten months.  A partisan play to force him out of office may be legal but it’s certainly not fair, especially to the American people who deserve problem-solving in Congress, not partisan scheming.   The cliche is “fair is fair.”   The reality is the entire concept of fairness may be on the verge of obsolescence.    Fair warning.  
  • Should You Hate the Media?
    1975 was an exciting time to be at Boston University’s School of Public Communication. There we were, about 30 students seeking a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism.  All of us thought our quest was noble, that we would become purveyors of truth, skilled fact-finders and truth-tellers in the Watergate tradition. The lessons presented were well worth the tens of thousands of dollars I had to pay for them.   Forty-five years later, having reached the top of my profession, I generally despise my own industry, something I never could have predicted.  Here’s why.   The national TV press is presently controlled by six major corporations that use their vast power to profiteer while attempting to destroy ideological enemies. The coverage of Donald Trump’s presidency has proved that statement beyond any reasonable doubt.     The stage was set early when a New York Times columnist wrote that because Mr. Trump was so loathsome (to him and his liberal colleagues), the basic tenets of fair journalism no longer applied.  Get Trump was the new rule.   The mandate of an honest journalist is to seek the truth, even if the facts of a story go against your personal belief system.  It is wrong to simply publish accusation and allegations, you must scrutinize all charges. If you cannot find solid facts to prove a story, you then must balance it - giving both sides equal weight.   Did that happen in the Russian-collusion situation?  Of course not.  The New York Times and Washington Post printed story after story damning the Trump operation. The network news and CNN took their cues from those liberal papers, constantly deriding the President and those who supported him.   Then Special Counsel Robert Mueller blew it all up.  Federal investigators could find no evidence of collusion.   But no apology for unbalanced and fallacious coverage was heard from the corrupt national media.  Instead, it segued into the shameful impeachment hysteria.   Please understand this: the primary reason the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat members knew the national press would give them cover and blatant support. The media portrayed Adam Schiff and other anti-Trump zealots as heroes.  This despite strong evidence the Ukraine whistle-blower secretly coordinated with Schiff, a blatantly political and deceptive act.   From the very beginning, there was no balanced coverage of the impeachment story, no attempt to put forth both sides or to provide perspective.  Mr. Trump was portrayed as guilty of “high crimes” in the Times and Post, as well as on television, in Hollywood, and in the publishing industry. Any high profile person who had the temerity to disagree was mocked or worse.   The cold truth is that the men who preside over The New York Times and The Washington Post, and they are all men, believe THEY should be running the United States, not Donald Trump, who is a vulgarian in their eyes. These men well know the Democratic Party will blindly follow their editorial lead as will TV news executives at CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS.   Thus, the so called “free press” in America has become an industry that now seeks power over Americans.  The far left vision these operations usually champion cannot be realized at the ballot box, the bosses know that. So it must be imposed by destroying progressive opposition, which the media does with enthusiasm.  Just ask Brett Kavanaugh.   The key question is: how many of us realize what is actually happening with the dishonest, power mad media?   Impossible to say.  But for those who do understand the corruption, the danger to American freedom is obvious.     And that is why I have come to despise my own industry.  
  • A Sharp Left Turn
    It is difficult to process just how far left some elements of the Democratic Party have moved since President Obama left office, so to speak, and that will definitely influence the upcoming primary vote.   You may remember that Mr. Obama once publicly opposed gay marriage, and his administration deported record numbers  of foreign nationals who had illegally entered the United States.  Compared to the leftist zealots today, Barack Obama could have filled in for Sean Hannity.   To provide perspective about exactly where some Democrats are now, it is worth enumerating a few of the policies that ardent leftists support: changing the free market economy to socialism where the federal government controls profit, production, and investment.    Allowing millions of foreign nationals into America while they “await” asylum hearings that could take years, while also using tax dollars to pay for the healthcare of all illegal aliens.   Allowing felonies like robbery and drug dealing not to be prosecuted and forbidding cash bail for many arrested individuals. Police in places like San Francisco and New York now issue citations or tickets for even violent acts like physical assault.   Permitting abortion for any reason at any time.  In some places, babies can be terminated after birth by an abortion doctor.   Just a few years ago, supporting those radical policies would have eliminated a political candidate from serious consideration for office.  Now, many in the Democratic Party embrace them.   The recent confrontation with Iran illuminates the situation.  There is no question that the Iranian general Soleimani was a terrorist, responsible for attacks on Americans including the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.  Yet, among the democrats running for President, only Michael Bloomberg supported the drone strike on the Quds Force leader.  Bernie Sanders actually condemned the USA for killing the terrorist, a startling and disturbing position.   Nevertheless, Senator Sanders continues to compete effectively in the presidential race despite the fact that he would completely disengage U.S. forces from the Middle East, and attempt to run the private economy from Washington, something that has never been done in the history of this country.   Realistically, it would take a drastic shift in voter sentiment for Sanders or his fellow traveler Elizabeth Warren to win the White House.  That most likely will not happen this year.   But the dramatic shift to the left by the Democratic Party is now official and no one knows if the radical forces will grow.   Who would have thunk it?  
  • Exposing the Threat
    Perhaps the worst thing to happen in America last year was the continued rise of the totalitarian left, which now controls some democrat presidential candidates, and many college campuses, aided by a corrupt media.The “woke” movement is a threat to every American as the idea behind it is to literally destroy opposition to progressive policies.Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan put it this way: “The past decade saw the rise of the woke progressives who dictate what words can be said and ideas held, thus poisoning and paralyzing American humor, drama, entertainment, culture and journalism.  In the coming ten years someone will effectively stand up to them. They are the most hated people in America, and their entire program is accusation: you are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic; you are a bigot, a villain, a white male, a patriarchal misogynist, your day is over.”While Ms. Noonan’s description of the totalitarian progressive movement is stunningly accurate, she’s a bit late to the table.  She once wrote that she believes all “misconduct” accusations because she doesn’t know any women who would falsely accuse, a preposterous piece of analysis when money is often involved.Yet, let’s give Peggy Noonan credit for clearly identifying a brutal American problem: the presence and acceptance by the media of culture assassins.  “Bow to them,” Ms. Noonan writes, “and they’ll accuse you even more of newly imagined sins.  They claim to be vulnerable victims, and moral.  Actually, they’re not. They’re mean and seek to kill, and like all bullies are cowards.”But it is almost impossible to “stand up” to these brutalizers because they are well organized and funded.  Corporations fear their boycott abilities and the media gleefully trumpets every accusation they spew without skepticism.So who could possibly bring them down?I don’t know.  But I do know that many Americans indeed hate these people.  Their media projects almost always bomb and their overall loathsomeness is apparent to anyone with a sprinkling of intelligence.However, like Senator Joseph McCarthy and other destroyers, they are having their day. And they are hurting the country.Drastically.
  • Be it Resolved
    Every new year, columnists suggest resolutions to powerful and famous people who promptly ignore them.  Nevertheless, I am going to do this knowing full well that my effort might go unappreciated.  So what else is new?   I fully realize that it is presumptuous of me to tell others how to conduct themselves in the public arena.  But I do this with America’s welfare in mind.  So here we go.   President Trump might resolve to avoid consigning deceased people to hell.  There just doesn’t seem to be much upside to doing this.  Purgatory, okay, but Hades is a bit extreme.   Nancy Pelosi should resist scolding reporters who ask if she hates Donald Trump.  Even though she says she is praying for the President, it sure looks like she despises every fiber of his being.  She hasn’t consigned him to hell yet, but she once suggested that he visit San Francisco, which is pretty much the same thing these days.   Adam Schiff might consider a resolution not to meet with federal “whistleblowers” until the whistle is actually blown.  Advance coaching in whistle land smacks of corruption, Mr. Schiff.  Are you not aware of that?   Mitch McConnell should resolve to hold a fair impeachment trial providing it does not run longer than 90 minutes.  Enough time for Senator Lindsay Graham to call the proceedings a sham, and Senator Chuck Schumer to bring in a medium to contact President Andrew Johnson, who may be spending eternity in San Francisco.   Joe Biden has many resolutions from which to choose.  One would be not to say the words “in fact” twenty times in every paragraph.  Another might be to put Hunter up for adoption.   Bernie Sanders should resolve not to say the word “billionaire” in 2020.  But then Bernie would have very little to shout about in his speeches. Maybe he could replace billionaire with “Bloomberg.”  Same thing.   Elizabeth Warren might resolve to cut back on her “plans” because they are far too complicated.  A fun resolution would be for her to endorse making the crime of home invasion legal.  That way, people could take stuff from other people without the government’s help.  Which would cut down on the bureaucracy.   Vice President Pence should take a hard look at resolving to say just one thing in 2020 that Americans will actually remember.   Mayor Pete knows what his resolution must be.  No more wine in caves.  Far too dangerous with all those bats in there.  And for some reason Elizabeth Warren is put off with this wine-cave scenario.  Whiskey is okay.   Rudy Giuliani also knows his resolution.  No more Ukraine.  Even though the beaches are fabulous.  Wait.  Putin has seized the beaches.  Doesn’t matter.  Ukraine should never see the mayor again under any circumstances.   James Comey needs to resolve not to do anything in 2020.  Self-induced coma. Tubes for nutrition.   Nothing and Comey should bond.  For the good of us all.   Finally, the corrupt media should collectively resolve to keep on keepin’ on.  Why not?  As long as Trump is president why bother gathering legitimate information that shows the big picture both good and bad?  Why run with that when it is much easier and far more enjoyable just to hate Trump.  It’s a gas, gas, gas, as the Stones once sang.  Of course, the press has an election to cover this upcoming year and it will root, root, root, for the home team - the democrats!  Yay.  Be it resolved! The dems must win in 2020 or the media will be humiliated once again.   And so it goes, with thanks to Linda Ellerbee for coining that phrase.   Happy New Year!   Unless Trump wins.
  • Wisdom
    Americans are in danger and it’s kind of complicated so please stay with me here. Way back in 1722, an anonymous source who called himself “Silence Dogood” sent a newspaper editor a few opinions.  One of them simply said: “Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom.”   Mr. Silence Dogood was really Benjamin Franklin.  And he was just 16 years old when he wrote that.  Incredible.   Today, there are groups that are paid big money by private individuals and political action committees to attack freedom of thought by designing propaganda campaigns that aim to silence opposition. Through his “Open Society Foundation”, far left billionaire George Soros funds some of this but he is not alone. Millions of dollars from both left and right wing zealots flow to the assassins of wisdom, something that would have appalled young Benjamin Franklin.   Let’s look at a few examples.  If you believe abortion is morally wrong based upon a theological dictum that says only the Creator can alter life from conception to natural death, your belief is no longer respected. No, some will brand you a misogynist, a hater of women.  You may very well be shunned as pro-life people were by the “Women’s March” organization.   If you believe in traditional marriage, again dictated by a religious tenet, you are “homophobic.”   Therefore, on some college campuses, your opinions will be shouted down because you violate “human rights.”   And in some areas you won’t even be able to buy a sandwich from Chick-fil-A because its founder believes in man-woman nuptials exclusively, as is his right under the Constitution.   It’s the same for global warming.  The fascist consulting groups are now saying that if you are at all skeptical of that, you are a “climate-change denier.”   This is particularly odious because the people who created that expression did so knowing that “holocaust denier” is a death brand all over the world.  If that sticks to a person, he or she is finished.   The propagandists know what they are doing and the press loves the branding.  It is provocative and hurts traditional people, something the media, in general, relishes.   Which brings us to the 14-year-old boy in Florida who was beaten by other children because he supports Donald Trump.  This is a stark warning to every thinking American.   That kind of violent action did not happen when Barack Obama was president even though there were strong feelings against him among some conservatives.  The malicious “birther” movement stemmed from that.   But the difference is that the press, academics, and responsible political leaders all rejected that hateful birther campaign.   Now, however, hate directed at President Trump is considered acceptable among many in the groups I just mentioned.  And the kids know it.   Freedom of thought doesn’t always lead to wisdom as Ben Franklin surely knew.  But lockstep rejection of different beliefs bolstered by loathsome propaganda does always lead to brutal tribalism.   The United States is headed down that road and we the people are in danger.   And only we the people can stop this by sending the fascists a message at voting time.  
  • Pray for the Press
    Few know this, but the Catholic Church has a patron saint of journalists.  His name is Francois de Sales and he was the bishop of Geneva in the early 1600s.   I’m not quite sure just why the saint was assigned to monitor the press, but there is an actual prayer under his banner.  A Christian journalist is encouraged to say this:   “Lord, you have called me to serve others by means of information.  Grant that I may always work in obedience to the truth, with courage to pay a personal price so that truth will never be betrayed.   “Help me to join truth to charity, to never injure anyone’s dignity, and to promote in all, to the best of my ability, justice and peace.”   Nice prayer, right?  But the majority of  journalists would never say it because the media is the most secular of institutions; agnostic and often hostile to theology, as it is deemed to oppress people by the “woke” mob.   At this point in history, the press has become tribal.  No longer is it in the “truth finding“ business.  Today, corporations dictate how the news will be presented.  And if you the journalist don’t like it - don’t let the door hit you.[[Give an O'Reilly Gift Membership this Christmas! Get a free book of your choice plus free IMPEACH THE MEDIA stickers with every annual gift certificate.]]   Don’t believe me?  Check out the owner of the Bloomberg news agency.  Michael Bloomberg recently ordered that his crew of journalists not scrutinize his run for president or any of the other democratic candidates.   But they can hammer President Trump all they want.   When asked about the outrageous direction on the CBS Morning show, Bloomberg essentially said that he pays his people so they will do as they are told.   Maybe we should all pray for the journalists at the Bloomberg news operation.   But the truth is that most media outlets follow Mike’s dictum.  Do as you are told or else.   That’s why the national press is so corrupt. The orders from many corporations are that President Trump must go, so don’t even bother with fair reportage.  Get him and those who support him.   As far as injuring a person’s dignity, this is now a sport for many media people.  The more damning the headline, the better. Click-bait.  Let’s brutalize individuals by portraying all allegations as facts.  Due process?  Not a press worry.  Who cares if families are hurt, careers ruined, individuals destroyed?    Why bother to search for the truth when that might delay or water down a salacious story?   Sadly, I have come to despise my own profession.  I know many of the people who run the news agencies and most prominent reporters and analysts.  And I know that they know, the media industry in America is largely corrupt  - driven by money and ideology.   But a paycheck is a paycheck and good media jobs are hard to get.  Thus, orders are followed.   Somewhere, Saint Francois knows all this too.    And he is weeping.    
  • The Smear Strategy
    My interview with President Trump last week made worldwide news.  Within an hour of a transcript being released, the government of Mexico was asking for an emergency meeting with Secretary of State Pompeo.  Mr. Trump had confirmed to me that he will designate the Mexican drug cartels as terror groups and that means the United States can attack them militarily.   The President’s statement that he did not know what Rudy Giuliani was doing in Ukraine also got big reaction because the former New York City mayor is being accused of interfering with U.S. foreign policy.  That’s part of the impeachment movement.  [[Give an O'Reilly Gift Membership this Christmas! Get a free book of your choice plus free IMPEACH THE MEDIA stickers with every annual gift certificate.]] In addition, President Trump made it clear that he believes former Vice President Biden committed “corrupt” acts in Ukraine and that was part of the aid holdup to that country.   The success of the interview immediately brought out smear merchants like Media Matters to personally defame me.  I knew that would happen, because any prominent person who gives President Trump a fair hearing will be attacked.   The strategy is obvious: punish any reporter, commentator, or politician who does not denigrate the President.   This, of course, is vile and hateful.  And one of the reasons the President might win re-election.  The folks know smears when they see them and honest people recoil from the garbage.  The American press has badly damaged itself by treating Donald Trump so unfairly. You don’t have to endorse his presidency but you should report both the good and the bad - that is if you want to practice honest journalism.   My interview with Mr. Trump was old school: straight-forward questions designed to elicit important information. So why would anyone attack me for doing a fair job?   The answer is simple: pure hatred.  The anti-Trump movement despises the President and wants to do him great harm.  And that loathing extends to anyone who does not participate in Mr. Trump’s destruction.  It is absolutely outrageous that so many in the communications industry condone this kind of thing.  Media Matters and all the other propagandists should be pariahs.   But they are not.  They are actually enabled by the corporate main stream media.     Appalling.  It really is.
  • Can America Handle the Truth?
    “Income Inequality” is the new attack slogan of the far left. It is being used to disparage capitalism, and portray the United States as a selfish, insensitive place.It is certainly true that there is a wide gap between the prosperous and the poor in America.  But that gap can be diminished if the truth about “inequality” was acknowledged.  But in our hyper politically correct society, it will not be.In 1965, democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned that the African-American family unit was under increasing pressure in poor neighborhoods.  Back then, 24 percent of black children were born out of wedlock. Today, the number is a shocking 72 percent.  For caucasian babies, the number is under 30 percent.There’s your income inequality equation.Cutting through the phony political rhetoric, there are two primary reasons that just 35 percent of African-American children are currently living with two parents. First, the welfare system; families headed by single mothers receive more government payments.And second is substance abuse.Drug and alcohol addiction is a scourge in America and the number one reason for child abuse and neglect.  And it is absolutely neglect to fail to train your child to compete in a nation of 330 million people.  Senators Sanders and Warren tell us that the federal government can mitigate economic failure but that is not true.  Only individuals can do that.The cold truth is that millions of American children of all colors are unable to develop their intellects and social skills because their parents don’t care about them.  So we see a legion of teenagers unable to speak proper English, read a book, or write a coherent sentence.  Many kids cover their bodies with tattoos, routinely spout vile obscenities, intoxicate themselves at will, and reject all discipline.How will these kids ever prosper economically in adulthood?They won’t.Who will help them?Not our government or public education system, that’s for sure.In fact, some of those who scream loudest about inequality are pouring more gasoline on the fire.  Many leftists are pushing for legalizing marijuana, an intoxicant extremely attractive to vulnerable teens.By allowing pot to be openly sold, the government provides yet another easy opportunity for unsupervised children to harm themselves.  Yes, illegal marijuana is widely available.  But American society should continue to warn about drug involvement, not glorify and sanction it.As a high school teacher, I saw up close what pot can do to unsupervised children.  You think income inequality is bad now, wait until you see what’s coming.And redistributing wealth from affluent Americans through onerous taxation is not going to stop that.Only by acknowledging reality, can America begin to deal with the intense inequality problem. Responsible parenting is the key to defeating the economic failure that leads to poverty.The truth should be told.
  • The Spectacle
    Walking across the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel in Indian Wells, California, I was startled to see CNN on a very large TV in the lobby.  Thank God the sound was down but the chyron on the screen silently screamed out: “Impeachment hearings, White House in crisis.”   Crisis?  Geez.  Of course, no one working in the White House has spoken about a “crisis,” least of all the guy who runs the place - Donald Trump.  Despite the anti-Trump press ginning up the impeachment follies, there does not seem to be much concern in the Executive Branch.   Now, that could change if information emerges that Tiffany Trump was paid $100,000 a month for serving on the board of the Ukrainian poultry commission.  That might become a problem, even though Tiffany is said to like chicken salad sandwiches and therefore might be of help to the commission.     But lacking that kind of exposition, the impeachment evidence seems a bit scant.  A guy wearing a bow tie says some State Department lifers were worried about something, I’m not exactly sure what.  An American bureaucrat stationed in Kiev testified that he didn’t much like Trump’s policy in Ukraine.  And an Ambassador that the President fired doesn’t like him and he doesn’t like her.  Or so it seems.   Somewhere impeached President Andrew Johnson uttered: “really?” That quote came from an anonymous source familiar with the afterlife.   It was not easy watching the impeachment hearings, that I can tell you.  It got so boring that, for the first time in my life, I was hoping the network would cut away from the political bloviating and put Dr. Phil back on.   I can’t say the same thing about Behar.  I’d rather watch the bow tie guy than her.   If this continues, the nets will have to start livening things up, or they’ll have no audience.  Perhaps flash a picture of Monica Lewinsky once in a while or Richard Nixon waving in front of the chopper.  Anything, to stimulate the proceedings.   In the end, President Trump will keep on keepin’ on, as the Grateful Dead once sang.  At least I think it was the Dead. But maybe it was Wolf Blitzer.  I’m not sure.   Anyway, the Republican Senators say they are not even watching the Impeachment Show, preferring old Roseanne reruns.  Those were the good old days.   The only winner here is Congressman Adam Schiff who finally found some shirts that fit around his neck.  Schiff may not bring the President down but he has become semi-famous and is likely to get a book deal.   The working title is:  “Are You Schiffing Me?”   Thank you and goodnight.  
  • Michael Bloomberg for President?
    The former mayor of New York City knows what most astute Americans know: the Democrats running for president have little chance of achieving that goal.  Some of the candidates are delusional, others befuddled.  So Mayor Mike wants in.  Kind of.  No Iowa or New Hampshire for him.  Nope.  He knows liberal loons dominate those democratic primaries.  His base is the liberal urban professional corps.  Thus, he is signing up essentially for Super Tuesday.   This is rich, so to speak.  Mayor Mike is worth north of $50 billion mostly accumulated in the finance world.  He is the poster boy for income inequality.  He would be in the capitalist hall of fame, if it existed.   Showing a picture of Bloomberg to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would be like whipping out a cross in front of Dracula.   Michael Bloomberg’s political philosophy might be called “pragmatic.” In New York, he largely kept the tactics of the prior Giuliani administration intact.  He inherited a falling crime rate from Rudy and for 12 years, supported aggressive policing including “stop and frisk.”   The left howled.   But Mike didn’t listen on the subject of crime and punishment.  He did, however, become a climate change crusader, and launched a jihad against soda and salt to combat obesity. Most New Yorkers yawned and popped open another Pepsi.   As president, I don’t expect Mike Bloomberg would do anything radical. Yes, he’ll bloviate about warming but will not attempt to dismantle America’s fuel industry.  He’ll huff and he’ll puff about other liberal causes but he’ll never blow the house down.   The main reason Mike Bloomberg wants to run for president is that he can’t stand the thought of Donald Trump winning again.  He sees Mr. Trump as a barbarian who somehow got under the gate.  I call this the “Romney syndrome.”  Mitt and Mike sit there all day muttering “how can this be happening?”   It will be tough for Mayor Mike because he’s not exactly a man of the people.  In fact, he refused to live in the big house that New York provides to mayors as a perk. That’s largely because Mike’s Manhattan townhome makes Gracie Mansion look like a lean-to.   Bloomberg is also a private jet kind of guy, warming or no warming.   So get set for a possible rumble between “the Don” and “little Mike.”  It could happen, especially if Democrats come to their senses.   And if it does occur, I know one thing. There will be a wealth of opportunities to hammer both men.   America certainly is the land of plenty.
  • A Fair Wind
    Absent any new evidence about President Trump’s conduct, the impeachment play is likely to hurt the Democratic Party, which is already reeling from the lack of a potent presidential candidate.   The Ukraine phone call is being framed by the democrats and their media allies as a simple transaction: the President demanding dirt on political opponent, Joe Biden, in return for money from the American taxpayer.   But that simple allegation is wrong.  Not because Mr. Trump didn’t want to hurt Biden, he did.  But the President’s motivation is much more complex than a one-off political tactic.   If you read 'The United States of Trump,' Donald Trump’s mindset will unfold before your eyes.  He seeks vengeance for the wrong he believes was done to him by people in the Obama administration, including Joe Biden and Barack Obama, himself.   Donald Trump thinks President Obama was behind the entire Russia-collusion fiasco and he is crazed about it.  He believes Mr. Obama, through confidants, tried to destroy him, mainly because of Trump pushing the birther stuff.  Here’s the truth: there is very bad blood between both men.   That bitterness was the President’s primary motivation for pressuring the Ukrainian leader.  Mr. Trump wants to secure evidence of corruption by the Obama administration. Biden was a way in.   Donald Trump may get his wish because the Justice Department is currently investigating possible corruption within the Obama administration during and after the 2016 campaign. US Attorney John Durham is the point man and a criminal Grand Jury may be already seated.   So, if President Trump had any patience, which he does not, the Ukraine call was totally unnecessary. Attorney General Barr’s Justice Departure will likely expose what really happened in the 2016 without Mr. Trump’s help.   Astute political observers know there is likely trouble ahead for the anti-Trumpers involved in trying to take him out three years ago.  Thus, now, they must damage the President as much as they can before stuff starts hitting the Justice Department fan.   Enter the American people who will be the ultimate deciders here.  Internal polling by the Trump side indicates a growing feeling of citizen anger by non-ideological voters who are tired of nonstop allegations against the President.  It is unlikely that public opinion will support the removal of a President when there are two sides to the Ukraine story.   The failure to secure even one House republican vote for continuing the impeachment process underlines the situation.  At this point, it is a partisan play.   President Trump would be wise to explain himself directly to the American people via a televised address.  He will never get a fair hearing from the press so forget using that vehicle.   But I believe a fair wind still blows in most places in this country.  And Donald Trump should cast his fate to that wind.
  • The Hit
    In May, 2011, U.S. intelligence pinpointed the hiding place of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. President Obama then canvassed his top advisors about how to deal with the situation.   Almost all of them, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, encouraged Mr. Obama to order a special forces raid on bin Laden’s compound and, eventually, that’s what happened.  But there was one major dissenter:  Vice President Joe Biden.  His counsel was not to use military force.  Apparently, he feared “blowback” from Pakistan and political damage at home if the American action failed.   I thought of that this weekend when the ISIS butcher Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by U.S. Special Forces in Northern Syria.  Joe Biden was quiet about the victory while President Trump was not; telling the world the ISIS leader got what he deserved and went out a coward.   Eight years ago, the bin Laden killing united most Americans.  We were happy the architect of 9/11 was gone.  I remember that my operation sold thousands of bumper stickers that read:  "Navy Seals 1, bin Laden 0.”   But the Trump takedown of the ISIS maniac was not greeted with universal applause.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi whimpered that she wasn’t informed in advance.  Well, that might be because the President believed you would leak word of the raid, madame.     Not a crazy thought.   Her fanatical cohort Congressman Adam Schiff issued a statement saying it was not the end of ISIS and criticizing Mr. Trump for his Syrian policy.  No joy from Schiff.   CNN host Jake Tapper, a devoted Trump hater, asked, what would ISIS do in response?  As if that should be a concern when trying to eliminate its leadership.   Another CNN “analyst” said that because the raid was a success, people that help America might be put at risk in the Middle East as if they aren’t at risk now.   Talk about ridiculous blather.   The sad truth is that Donald Trump will never be praised for anything, no matter how much it benefits the country.   Most Americans rightly praised President Obama for bold action in taking out bin Laden.  But President Trump gets little credit from the opposition in sending al-Baghdadi to the netherworld.   Something is very wrong when hatred overrides the national good.   Very wrong.
  • He's Still the Avenger
    The crowd in Dallas on Thursday apparently did not care about impeachment, or Syria, or the latest negative dispatch from CNN. No, about 30,000 folks showed up to hear Donald Trump give a 90 minute speech at The American Airlines Arena and what they wanted was action.The President loves these rallies, you might say he lives for them.  The mass adulation makes it all worth while.  And, as his adrenaline flows, he gives the crowd what it wants.Vengeance.  Verbal action.Beto O’Rourke is described as “very dumb.”  Joe Biden is corrupt.  The democrats are influenced by “loons,” a word the President borrowed from me. “Pocahontas” Warren doesn’t stand a chance against him!The avenger has spoken.If you read “The United States of Trump,” you will learn what Donald Trump knows very well: negative emotion is a powerful weapon.  And nobody has a bigger arsenal than the President.The press tries to match him in vitriol but cannot because Mr. Trump is such a good performer, such a bombastic soul, that the vicious guttersnipes in the media can’t compete, as hard as they try.And Donald Trump’s supporters feel he is justified in lambasting his political opponents, including the press, because those entities not only attack the President, but also demean those who voted for him.  So, the Trump people want payback and their leader is more than happy to provide it.There is no question that the hatred towards Donald Trump has inoculated him from nonstop charges of incompetence and misbehavior.  The “outrage du jour” has grown tiresome even as the President’s unforced errors mount.The truth is that many Americans don’t care about the phone call to the President of Ukraine.  It’s not important to them and certainly not enough to remove an elected president no matter what his intent.Same thing with Syria.  And North Korea.  And using his Miami hotel for a summit meeting.What Trump supporters do care about is the ability to protect themselves with firearms, stopping massive illegal immigration, having options in the job market, and defining America as a noble nation.Trump people despise socialism, free loaders, politically correct virtue-thumpers, grievance peddlers, and arrogant far-left celebrities.They believe they live in the best country on the planet and that Bernie Sanders’ revolution is an insane vision that has more in common with Havana than Houston.Traditional folks are fed up with liberal zealots who deny Americans due process, and think the government has a right to seize private property in order to provide free health care not only to Americans, but to illegal aliens as well.Faced with all that, Donald Trump has more material than Don Rickles at a Hollywood awards show.  The President has an applause line every 30 seconds. Who needs speech writers when a clown like Beto is center stage?The avenger and the folks both know that when he comes to town, rhetorical scores will be settled.And to them, that’s the way it should be.
  • O'Reilly's Column: 'The Hope'
    Nothing much new in the fourth democratic debate.  All the candidates say the country is essentially falling apart and needs a massive amount of giveaways from the federal government.   The only thing different this time around is the paltry amount of time Joe Biden was given by the liberal moderators. Old Joe got two questions about his son vacuuming up money in China and Ukraine and that was it.  He did not directly answer the queries, deflecting the issue by attacking Donald Trump.   Elizabeth Warren seems to be emerging as Bernie Sanders fades.  But none of the candidates has captured the imagination of liberal voters.  There’s no Bill Clinton or Barack Obama in the field.   That’s good news for President Trump who needs some cheering.  If the Dems back the socialist Warren, I do not believe the working folks will vote for her in great numbers.  In order to buy the Senator’s economic vision, you’d have to believe the federal bureaucracy is efficient and caring.   It isn’t.  It never will be.     The debate was kind of sleepy but my eyes opened when some of the candidates proposed putting drug company executives in prison for causing the opioid epidemic.   Since the democrats generally favor letting street drug dealers OUT of prison, how does that square?   None of the somnambulant moderators brought that up and that’s the biggest problem with the debate format.  The questions are predictable and the answers are rarely challenged.  I mean, journalists should not be starting arguments but they should point out when questions are not answered or don’t make sense.   Finally, you have to love the recovering Bernie Sanders who says unfettered capitalism is destroying the world. Beijing certainly agrees.  No NBA controversy for Bernie.   There are many more democratic debates ahead.  The hope on the left is that some candidate will catch fire. Could happen but right now the campfire needs a few more logs.
  • The Gamble
    President Trump never folds ‘em, ignoring Kenny Rogers completely.  The river boat gambler President now believes the impeachment deal is his straight-flush to reelection.   Let’s examine his perspective.   From the outset of his presidency, Donald Trump has believed that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton all did unethical, perhaps illegal things, and have gotten away with them.  In 'The United States of Trump,' I document how President Obama knew in August of 2016, that Russia was trying to infiltrate the Trump campaign.  The US Intelligence services thoroughly briefed the White House about the intrusion.   Mr. Obama keep that secret.  Mr. Trump remains furious about it, believing the Obama administration was trying to set him up - and that they succeeded - Robert Mueller was appointed to take Trump down.   This deep-seated belief on the part of President Trump has caused him to seek payback through the Justice Department’s investigation’s of the 2016 election.  That’s what prompted Mr. Trump’s call to the President of Ukraine.  Donald Trump wants information that might “expose” corruption within the Obama administration and he doesn’t care where it comes from.   Enter former Vice President Biden, whose official dealings with Ukraine and China enriched his son.  While CBS News among others continues to incredibly put forth there is “no evidence” that Biden used his position for family benefit, his own words on Ukraine contradict the dishonest spin.   President Trump is not a subtle man and he is taking a major gamble by seeking to expose “corruption” in the Obama administration.  The media will never acknowledge any wrongdoing took place under Mr. Obama no matter what information and evidence comes out.   Also, the nation’s press is heavily invested in destroying Donald Trump and will not admit he was abused in any way.   Therefore, the press is saying that Mr. Trump is attempting to subvert the 2020 election by his attempts to gather information about corruption.  Democrats are using that point of view to drive impeachment proceedings in the House.  Because President Trump will certainly benefit by Biden’s diminishment, this argument has traction.   Donald Trump understands the media narrative but believes he can persuade the American people that it is false - that Mr. Biden is corrupt and he, the President, is a hero in his effort to expose that.  Already, Joe Biden’s approval ratings and donations are declining so, initially, the President may be winning.   By the way, Mr. Trump’s campaign money is rising.   As for the actual impeachment, no one knows how it will play out.  Donald Trump believes many American voters will be angered by it and support him against the democrats.  He sees impeachment as a ticket to reelection.   It’s a huge gamble, that outlook.  But Mr. Trump has run the table before.  
  • The Sting
    If you read my new book “The United States of Trump,” you will learn exactly why the President made the request for information on Joe Biden to the President of Ukraine.  Simply put, Mr. Trump believes that Mr. Biden as well as President Obama and Hillary Clinton got away with unethical, perhaps illegal, political activities in the “Russia Collusion” thing.   That belief has almost become an obsession for the President.  He is driven to expose the three who he is convinced caused him and the country grave harm.  Mr. Trump is determined to uncover the corruption he believes took place during the 2016 campaign and beyond.   Enter the “whistleblower,” an anonymous federal employee who has caused Donald Trump much harm.  Apparently, the still unnamed person gathered hearsay, hired three attorneys, then brought a damning and “urgent” accusation to a federal Inspector General who, intriguingly, states the informer may have a political bias.   That’s allowed in our political system but the situation is a “sting,” no question.  The whistleblower does not have to prove anything, just accuse. Think Christine Blasey Ford.   As soon as all hell broke loose, the Trump administration released a transcript of the Ukraine call, believing no wrongdoing occurred.  But there doesn’t have to be wrongdoing.  Just the allegation of “abuse of power,” is enough for the nation’s anti-Trump press to convict the President and demand he be removed from office.   The truth is Nancy Pelosi is hitching a ride on the impeachment train - she’s not the driver.  She knows the press will provide cover for the democrats and believes the impeachment process, even if it doesn’t result in removal, will damage Donald Trump in his re-election bid.   If President Trump ever stops reacting and starts thinking, he should tell the nation that his conversation with the president of Ukraine had to do with gathering facts about possible government corruption at the highest level.  Spell it out, Mr. President.  As America’s chief law enforcement agent, you have the sworn duty to expose nefarious activity in the federal system past and present.   Mr. Trump should absolutely explain why he wanted Ukraine’s help in the Russian matter.  It may be complicated but it’s necessary for the American people to hear.   The sting that has ignited an impeachment inquiry and damaged the president is absolutely NOT what it appears to be.  There was a legitimate and important reason why President Trump asked a foreign leader about Joe Biden.   The corrupt American press will never report that reason.  So Donald Trump must do it himself.  Again, I detail some of this in the book and new information about “corrupt bargains” continues to come forth.   Summing up: Mr. Trump should tell the folks what he knows and what he seeks from the Ukraine.   His entire presidency might depend on it.
  • The Promise
    “Well we’re waiting here in Allentown, For the Pennsylvania we never found, For the promises our teachers made, If we worked hard, if we behaved.”                              - Billy Joel      It takes more than that.  Hard work and behaving, I mean.  It takes discipline and persistence as well if you want to pursue happiness at a high level in the good, old USA.   Most educators and even parents do not lay it out.  They don’t tell children that economic success comes at a price in a competitive, capitalist system.  An American must be able to make money for a company, or for his or her self in private business.  Ability and production is everything in the “for profit world.”   You produce by developing skills.  Working intensely over a period of time to do certain things very well.  Then you discipline yourself to fulfill every job expectation.  That’s how you prosper.   If you are unwilling to do that, and millions of Americans are, you can get by - but the struggle will be significant.  You may live “paycheck to paycheck,” you’ll likely owe money.  And, if a health or any other kind of crisis hits, you’ll get hammered.   That’s the deal the Founding Fathers set up.  The government protects citizens from bad guys, foreign and domestic, allowing Americans to practice self-reliance, to “pursue happiness” the way they, the citizens, design the journey.   All of that is under siege right now.  The Democrats have decided that the American system, as designed in 1776, is both rigged and obsolete.  They want to destroy it, and much of the media has bought in.   Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are running for president on the “guaranteed outcome” ticket.  They have both proposed that the federal government essentially pay your bills.  In return, you will do as you are told and hand over a substantial amount of your earnings and assets to Washington.   If you don’t have much in earnings and assets, this may seem like an attractive deal.  Also, if you don’t want to work hard developing a skill, the senators have appeal.   Of course, the far-left promise is a cynical mirage.  The federal government is incapable of administrating to 330 million people plus millions of foreign nationals who continue to pour into the country.   Fidel Castro could not even provide a decent standard of living for ten million people on a tropical island with verdant soil.   The United States has become a selfish nation with many of us demanding instant economic gratification.  So it is easy for charlatans to set up a “victim” scenario.  Most Americans have no chance, they wail.  White supremacy keeps minority citizens down, greedy corporations steal from all workers.  That’s what the “pay your fair share” stuff is all about.  The wealthy are stealing from the non-wealthy.   Sanders and Warren are both millionaires who live in comfort.  But neither really cares about money.  No, what they want is power, and they have created a gigantic false promise in order to achieve it.   As I’ve said before, these are dangerous people especially if you believe in freedom.  Because they don’t.
  • The Ignorance Factor
    Many Americans, including this one, are perplexed by some disturbing opinions being put forth in this country.  Let’s start with a recent Gallup Poll that says 43 percent of Americans, including 52 percent of democrats, believe it was a mistake to send U.S. troops to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror attack.   If you remember, the mass murder was enabled inside Afghanistan where Osama bin Laden and his outlaw al Qaeda militants were based.  The terrorists trained on Afghan soil and were protected by the Taliban government.   After the 9/11 murder, President George W. Bush demanded the Taliban arrest bin Laden and hand him over for prosecution under threat of U.S. and NATO invasion, which is exactly what happened after the Taliban refused to take action against al Qaeda.    Subsequently, Afghanistan has been an ongoing problem and fair-minded people can debate the policy there.  But to say troops should not have removed the criminal Taliban in the first place, is absolutely irresponsible.  If the USA did not avenge the al Qaeda attack, terrorism would have increased everywhere and President Bush would likely have been impeached.   And then there’s private property, which is protected from government seizure by the Constitution.  According to polling on, about 35 percent of democrats support the socialist proposals of either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.  Both presidential candidates have made it clear they would impose a “wealth” tax on the assets of affluent Americans.  That is seizure of private property because those assets have already been subjected to tax.     Finally, there is now acceptance in liberal states like California and New York of abortion on demand up until birth, a practice some believe has Nazi-like implications.  This view is so extreme that Hillary Clinton and others running on the democrat side never could have endorsed it even three years ago.  Today, it is policy for many democrats including the aforementioned Sanders and Warren.   What has allowed the radical left agenda to flourish is a sweeping change in the national media.  Reacting with rank hatred to the Trump administration, the press has now mainstreamed far left thought.  No longer is a zealot like Elizabeth Warren an outlier.  Nope, she’s presidential timber in many media precincts.   The uninformed and/or apathetic American picks up on this.  No longer are politicians who deny due process or advocate Constitutional violations even challenged.  Now they stand on debate stages smiling at press moderators who have no problem with their radicalism and even, in the case of late-term abortion, embrace it.   But it is the attitude of many regular folks, not the media, that is most worrisome.  The ignorance and apathy being documented in national polling is frightening.  The United States was founded on the philosophy that life and private property is sacrosanct and that an attack on the country where thousands of citizens die, is an act of war.   Apparently millions of us don’t get that.   Or don’t want those principles anymore.   Either way, we had better take notice.
  • O'Reilly's Weekly Column: 'The Con'
    Elizabeth Warren is a dangerous person because she has little concept of the truth or responsible governance.  The senator from Massachusetts apparently does not believe in honest reporting about herself or public policy.  In short, she’ll pretty much say anything.   Recently, Ms. Warren put forth her assessment of the current “climate crisis.”  That’s right, climate change has changed.  Now it’s a crisis and we all may die.  Soon.  Unless Elizabeth Warren is elected president so she can change the entire economy and social structure in America in order to save all our lives.   And if you oppose Warren’s draconian changes to combat the climate crisis, then you are evil.  You hate the poor and minorities.  Here’s how Elizabeth Warren frames it.   “To really address our climate crisis head-on, we must address the legacy of environmental racism and recognize that climate change doesn’t impact every community equally ...   “Black and Hispanic Americans are more likely to be exposed to air pollution than white Americans.  Intense storms bear down on these communities - with recovery that is slow, painful, and often lacking total support from the government.  Latinx families and workers are vulnerable to record heat waves and heat-related deaths.”   Now, I know Senator Warren is smarter than your humble correspondent but I am challenging her assertion that hot weather is driven by demographics, that it seeks out “Latinx families.”  I do not believe storms and extreme weather stalk minority groups.  Sorry.   In addition, it is a fact that the tax payers funded Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts to the tune of $114 billion.  $41 billion went to relieve Hurricane Maria carnage.  At least $16 billion to Hurricane Harvey.   Warren has to know that but does not care about facts that do not fit her loopy narrative: climate change will kill us - minorities first.   Socialists like Elizabeth Warren have seized on the very real problem of worldwide pollution to attempt a power grab.  And only “racists” oppose them.   I wrote about this last week in a column called “The Trap.”  But now things are escalating.  Chicken Little is an amateur beside Elizabeth Warren who is hysterically warning that the sky is, indeed, falling.  Only it will fall on Harlem and East LA first.   Senator Warren should host a podcast called “The Nonsense Zone.”   Her entire presentation is preposterous.  Yet millions of Americans are buying her overall wish list: that the government should run the economy, that men should be denied due process, and that your money and assets really aren’t yours at all - they are hers for the taking.   Elizabeth Warren is a menace to traditional American society.  Her vision would curtail individual freedom drastically.  She is far more dangerous than any storm.   If she ever achieves power, climate is the least thing we’ll have to worry about.  
  • The Trap
    Just in time to capitalize on the race hysteria in America comes a new book entitled “How to Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi, who directs the antiracist center at American University in Washington, D.C. I have not read the book, but I did see an interview with Mr. Kendi, who said some interesting things about the “new” social culture in the USA. In his chat with a reporter, the author sets himself up as a definer of what is racist.  “When someone says to me they’re not racist, my typical response is  - what does it mean to be not racist?” Mr. Kendi said. “I don’t know what a not racist is, other than someone who is denying their own racism.  This denial is the heartbeat of racism itself.” Wow, that’s quite the high bar.  If you don’t think you are racist, that opinion proves you’re racist.  Check, please. Think about this.  You can no longer defend yourself against charges of racism because your denial is racist.  Same thing with denying accusations from a woman, as Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas did.  If you say you’re innocent, then you are attacking women. This is the “trap.” If you watch TV news, and I hope you limit that, you know the left is branding an increasing number of opinions as racist.  For example, if you oppose illegal immigration, you get the r-word label.  Same thing if you support tough criminal penalties for drug dealers.  And Ibram Kendi takes it a step further.  If you are not actively involved in “combating climate change,” you guessed it, you are committing a racist act. Says Kendi: “Climate scientists have found that the effects of climate change are harsher on the Global south, which is primarily populated by people of color.  So to do nothing about climate change, or to support policies that are driving climate change, is to be racist...” So by that thinking filling your car with gas is a racist action.  Who knew? This kind of racism litmus test is impossible to pass, and that’s the idea.  The far-left cadres are setting up their opposition.  If you oppose liberal policies, which have recently failed dramatically in places like Venezuela and San Francisco, you are a very bad person who must be marginalized or even shunned. When you think about it, the “trap” is a brilliant piece of propaganda that the mass media has enthusiastically embraced and uses as a stone axe against anyone who dares to disagree with liberal orthodoxy.  This is on display nightly during the leftist cable news programs. There is no counter to the “trap” on TV, or college campuses, or on the editorial pages of the radical left newspapers.  In our new politically correct culture, there is no room for respectful debate.  And, anyway, “we don’t talk to racists.” Again, quite an impressive totalitarian play.  Of course by just saying that - I’m a racist. Horrifying doesn’t even begin to cover it.  
  • Fascist Times at the University of Michigan
    Imagine donating $378 million dollars to a college and then have some alumni demand the school sever ties with you.  Well, that’s exactly what happened to businessman Stephen Ross after he held a fundraiser for President Trump.   Ross is a billionaire seven times over.  He owns the Miami Dolphins and the stadium where the team plays.  He made his money in real estate and investments.  Stephen Ross is obviously a rock solid capitalist who believes Mr. Trump’s economic vision is more in line with his than, say, Elizabeth Warren.   Enter Kumar Rao, a Michigan grad and hard left guy.  Rao is senior counsel for a group called “Center for Popular Democracy,” an organization devoted to destroying political opponents.  Funded by fanatics like George Soros, the CPD is “pro-immigrant,” attached to teachers unions, and promotes “social justice.”   Rao got some U. of Michigan alumni to sign a defamatory letter that stated: “We ask that the University remove Ross’ name from campus buildings and signage ...   “Simply stated, supporting Donald Trump’s predisposition and commitment to white supremacy, xenophobia, corruption, and clinical ignorance is flatly inconsistent with the values and legacy of the University of Michigan.”   After receiving the letter, administrators at U of M essentially told Rao and his fellow fascists to stuff it.  “We don’t exclude or include people from our university community based on their political views,” a spokesman said.   How refreshing.   I sincerely hope most folks associated with U of M and Americans in general understand just how dangerous the attempt to punish Stephen Ross really is.  The attacker Rao and his cohorts are clearly saying that citizens who support President Trump must be harmed.  There’s no other way to read their demand letter.   That’s what happens in totalitarian countries.  Rao is imitating Mao.  Is he not?   Once again the deep villain George Soros is up to his neck in this.  His Open Society Foundation donates to Rao’s crew.   We are, indeed, living in turbulent times where political differences are no longer accepted.  Today, it’s hurt your opponents any way you can.  The strategy is up close and personal and there is big money behind it.   The University of Michigan did the right thing. Many other schools have not.  Fascism is on the march in the USA.  And it’s likely coming to a theatre near you.
  • The Return of the Loch Ness Monster
    In 1933, most likely in a small, smoke-filled pub, someone came up with the idea of creating a giant lake bound creature to attract attention to a remote region in central Scotland.   It was the middle of the depression and to say people were suffering economically in the Loch Ness area, is the understatement of the 20th century.  Things were monstrous - so why not create one?  Maybe folks might go up there to check out the mystery, then spend money in the pub.    It worked.    All the world over folks heard about the Loch Ness monster (nicknamed Nessie) and more than a few believed the myth.   Tourists and money poured in, followed by actual scientists who eventually put out a statement: “The scientific community regards the Loch Ness Monster as a phenomenon without basis.”   In other words - a hoax.   Today in America, the monster is Donald Trump.  And those who would like to destroy the President are trying to create a fearsome creature: a White Supremacist with colossal power who is wrecking havoc on the nation.   After failing to cripple Mr. Trump with charges of conspiring with Russia to subvert the election of 2016, the race card has been dealt again.  But it’s not that Trump is a beneficiary of “white privilege” anymore.  Nope.  Now the President is a full-fledged “White Supremacist.”   Listen to Senator Elizabeth Warren:  “It’s just one piece of evidence after another, when he has been so embraced by the white supremacists and has not distanced himself, then he’s there.”   Senator Kamala Harris:  "[President Trump] is someone who empowers white supremacists, and who condones their behavior ...”   Well, in my opinion, the Trump-haters are creating a myth similar to Nessie.  So let’s examine what’s happening in a fact-based way.   If you understand what white supremacy really is, you know the best example is The Third Reich.  Under Hitler, the German people were told that they were the master race, based primarily on their “aryan” caucasian blood lines.   If you read my book “Killing the SS,” you will learn how that white supremacist philosophy was put into policy.  The result was millions dead, tens of millions brutalized.   While researching my upcoming book “The United States of Trump,” we could not find one example of the President discussing skin color in a pejorative way or promoting caucasian dominance.  Of course, Mr. Trump’s statements against illegal immigration, Muslim terrorism, and the economic failure of some third world countries are being used to create a racial theory, but theories are not facts and are often wrong.   Likewise, when Mr. Trump criticizes a staunch opponent like Congressman Elijah Cummings, some allege that skin color motivates the controversy, but there is absolutely no evidence that is the case.  Donald Trump castigates perceived enemies of every color and race.  His speech is remarkably uninhabited, sometimes brutal.   Without direct evidence, branding the President a white supremacy adherent becomes a cheap piece of political propaganda.  And I would say the same thing about any politician maligned that way if flimsy evidence were used in the smear.  In the upcoming Trump book, I spend some time on the Charlottesville controversy and the factual evidence will demonstrate that white supremacy did not play a role in the President’s statements.   Of course, for Trump-haters, no amount of evidence will back them off of racial condemnation.  They will use every possible slur to damage him.   But fair-minded Americans should closely scrutinize the racial demonization that is currently embraced by some democrats and members of the national media.   The propaganda distributors in Nazi Germany were experts in how to create myths surrounding racial accusations.  They were specialists in demonization.  As the despicable Nazi Joseph Goebbels once said: “if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”   Many Americans do not approve of President Trump.  That is their civic and constitutional right.  But he is not a white supremacist and does not seek to “empower” those dangerous people.   Another myth that should be deposited at the bottom of Loch Ness.
  • Danger: Far Left Ideology Zone
    Bernie Sanders could star in a slasher movie.  With those hands wildly swinging around, all you’d have to do is put a blade in one of them.  Bystanders would drop like Chinese stocks.  No one would be safe.   Elizabeth Warren could be in a remake of The Wizard of Oz.  Put a black pointy hat on her and she could easily direct those hyper-active flying monkeys to pluck corporate CEOs off the streets and drop them in a deep lake somewhere.   Tarantino could direct both those films, although Senator Warren might object to all the swearing.   Bernie would be okay with it, as long as the crude verbiage was directed at billionaires.   But those cinema fantasies are nothing compared to the reality that millions of Americans apparently would like to see Sanders or Warren run this country.  If that ever happened, and if the Democrats gained control of both houses of congress, America would become a very chaotic place.  Fast.   Senator Sanders is the most dangerous. A true zealot, Sanders actually honeymooned in the totalitarian Soviet Union and, by his own admission, found things to admire about a country in which millions of people were murdered in order to impose government control.   Sanders is a product of the hippie movement and is a “share the land” kind of guy.   The problem with that outlook is that you have to confiscate land in order to share it.  Sanders does not hesitate on that front, bellowing that corporations and affluent Americans must “pay their fair share.” And that calculation will be made solely by Sanders and his followers.  You won’t have a say in it.   Old Bernie will also tell you exactly how your health maintenance will be handled.  And you will do as you are told, under pain of law.   Elizabeth Warren is almost as menacing as Sanders but not quite as bellicose.  She’s a hardcore socialist who wants the federal government to run the private economy so income inequality and social injustice can be banished.  On the justice front, we don’t need that pesky due process thing.  As she did with Brett Kavanaugh, Warren will decide who’s guilty in this country.  That will certainly save everyone a lot of time.   So here’s the truth about both Senators Sanders and Warren if they ever achieved White House level power: the economy would likely crash.  I’m not talking a recession, I’m predicting a full blown economic horror.  Corporations would relocate overseas, private capital would also leave the country, jobs would be lost, and wages would collapse as more workers were laid off.   Catastrophe doesn’t begin to cover it.     Millions of Americans are too distracted or foolish to understand that the free stuff train will run out of fuel quickly, especially since fossil energy will be banned. Then, the federal government would have to start punishing profit-makers, investors and savers in order to pay trillions of dollars in entitlement bills.   This Sanders-Warren movement is completely unhinged.  It is even demanding American taxpayers fund health care for foreigners who break our immigration laws.  In addition, it espouses direct government payments to Americans who “cannot or WILL NOT work.”   In the latter category, we’re talking millions of substance abusers here.   To me, an American who has worked hard all his life, support for a candidate or political party that wants to take away my money and my freedom is simply incomprehensible.   But, sadly, millions of my fellow citizens disagree.   They are ramped up to give up their ability to operate independently.  They want Bernie or Elizabeth or Beto to tell them exactly what they can or cannot have.   As a product of parents raised during the Great Depression, I never thought there would be a replay.  But a President Sanders or Warren, would likely guarantee one.