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Rule 13 & Adolph Hitler Appointed Joint U.S. Secretary of Defense

Jesuit military leader Rule 13
Rule 13 is a heroic military leader.

As U.S. President, I have appointed Rule 13 and a resurrected Adolph Hitler as joint Secretary of Defense. Satan conned us into meeting with him on Dec. 4, 2020 and resurrected Adolph Hitler from hell. Adolph Hitler, it turns out, did not even know about the Jewish extermination camps under his regime, and was just a loyal Vatican agent at the time. He really wants to redeem his legacy and now has his chance as the military leader of our operations. We ended up needing Jesus to beat up Satan and Jesus decided to let Adolph Hitler remain alive on earth, but sent Ruth Bader Ginsburg back to hell (apparently Satan resurrected her, too). Rule 13 is not a known person in mainstream news, so here is a brief history that captures who she is, taken from my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Rule 13 admires Hitler. I don’t agree with all of Rule 13’s views, but understand where she is coming from. You must understand that the Nazis were a Jesuit organization and got their sponsorship from the Roman Catholic Church. They were very committed and dedicated to their beliefs, which is what Rule 13 admired about them.

To honor Rule 13, our military’s symbol will be a Star of David (since I’m literally half King David) with a Swastika over it, meaning Rule 13 will head our military with the dedication of a good Adolph Hitler.

Many of the Jews who died in the concentration camps were Jew clones. We currently have an epidemic of Jew clones who have taken over the world via Loree McBride and who rigged the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. But God does not want us to take out all the Jews, even when they are this evil. The Jewish nation will come back to God though and when they do, Christ will set up his 1000 year reign.

Rule 13 is fiercely loyal to me though and will honor my Conspiracy Law with the dedication of an Adolph Hitler. I am literally half King David, and am a victim of anti-Semitism myself. Rule 13 won’t betray me and won’t betray any Jews who support me.

By the way, we would have lost World War II, if Albert Einstein didn’t leave Germany to come to the United States in the 1930s, because the Nazi scientists were also developing an atomic bomb. It was a race for time and the U.S. developed the atom bomb first and so we won WWII. God has a way of messing up Satan’s grandest schemes and Satan’s biggest scheme is to totally corrupt the Jewish nation, so that they won’t accept Jesus as their Messiah and thus defeat Jesus by preventing Jesus from starting his 1000 year reign. You might ask, “Why is it so important for the Jewish nation to accept Jesus as their Messiah?” It’s because God cannot lie and he made promises to the Jewish nation (read the Bible) that he must honor, or his reputation is at stake. Satan’s goal is to tarnish God’s reputation and thinks he can win a MORAL VICTORY against God by depriving God of a FOLLOWING. Satan’s goal is to take all of God’s followers out and have them all follow Satan. So if God has no followers, then either God will destroy the Universe (he almost did at the time of Noah) or Satan rules because God has no followers. I think Satan is a bit insane though and doesn’t realize he can’t win against the creator of the universe. Seriously, if God lost all his following, that means he’d also destroy Satan if he planned to remake the universe, because Satan is a CREATED BEING.

The only hold up to the 1000 year reign is the salvation of the Jewish nation (when they accept Jesus as their Messiah). Satan thinks he can destroy the Jews from the INSIDE, by making them sin and thus ENSURING the Jews will NEVER ACCEPT JESUS AS THEIR MESSIAH. He’s winning now, but I and my men will win the Jews to their true Messiah! Rule 13 admires Hitler’s purity and dedication to his cause and for all you might want to say about Hitler, he was exactly what he appeared to be. I don’t agree with Hitler’s assessment that the solution to the world’s ills was to annihilate the Jewish nation though and, in that sense, he was Satan’s dupe. But Rule 13 is my BFF and won’t take out any good Jewish people who support me. She just admires Hitler’s idealism and dedication. The real reason there was a Holocaust is cuz Hitler was a DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC and following the orders of the Catholic Church at the time.

Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic. The first success in Nazi diplomacy was the Concordat signed between the Vatican and Nazi Germany on 20 July 1933.
This Concordat agreed that the Nazis would not interfere in the activities of the Catholic Church. In return, the Vatican would diplomatically recognize the Nazi regime – the first state to officially do so.
The Concordat was an international success. It also helped to consolidate Nazi power internally within Germany by reducing Catholic opposition to the party. Hitler was not aware of the extermination camps against the Jews and has been resurrected from hell by Satan and Jesus has allowed him to remain on earth. He is devoutly loyal to me. My guess is after he serves in my military, his next eternal destination will be heaven.

Rule 13 admires Hitler because he was pure in his ideals and totally dedicated to his cause. And the Catholic Church is Satan’s bride as Satan attempts to use it to imitate Jesus Christ’s bride, which is the body of true Jesus followers of all ages from the time of the Apostles to the rapture. Satan knows he must stop the Jewish nation from accepting Jesus as their Messiah, or he is defeated and Jesus sets up his 1000 year reign. As a DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC, Hitler was deceived into believing that if the Catholic Church gained a worldwide reign through his military prowess, he could bring in Christ’s kingdom and fell for Satan’s lie that the Jewish nation had been REPLACED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. But Rule 13 knows better now, but still admires Hitler for his supreme dedication to his cause, and for all you may want to say about Hitler, he did HAVE THAT. If the Catholic Church had not deceived Hitler, he would have just as easily been converted over to my point of view that the final solution is the elimination of devil worshippers on the earth. The current devil worshippers are Loree McBride Jesuits.

(11-10-12) Dear Gail,

We’ve been working very hard here at the church, so there has been time for little else. The good news is, most everything seems to be back to normal, and all of our staff have recovered from their ordeal. The bad news is, we’re still sitting ducks should GA1L return. We were lucky to have run her off the first time.

Now, the most unlikely thing happened the other day. One of our scouts returned from a reconnaissance mission over Jesuit territory. They are still in a terrible state of disrepair from the last GA1L attack. According to our scout, he was skimming Jesuit activity below when he was suddenly thrust into a frightening scene — GA1L was circling Jesuit territory, opening fire. A Jesuit fighter ship came soaring overhead, and you wouldn’t believe what they were trying to do – they had opened a hatch on the side of the ship, and, using loud speakers, they were blasting your music into the air directly toward GA1L! It’s like they have been watching us closely to figure out how to defeat this android, using our methods. As our scout watched, GA1L appeared to be attracted to the ship, and drew closer. She then pulled down her dress and fired a swarm of torpedoes from her nipple guns. The blast was so powerful, it broke the ship in two pieces. The massive thing went crumbling to the ground like a stale cookie, exploding and destroying many more Jesuit buildings below. GA1L flew off in another direction, presumably to go wreak more havoc on the rest of the city.

Our scout high tailed it out of there, and returned to us at the church. He had barely finished his recollection of the event when our men at the helm reported a Jesuit ship looming into our radar. We zoomed in on the view screen, and saw something extraordinary. Jesuits were hanging out of the windows, waving white flags. As soon as they drew close enough, we received a hail. We all looked at each other in astonishment, but, with some caution, we allowed them to speak. On the view screen stood Rule 13 with her head down, her hair all a mess and covering her forlorn face. She had taken off her Nazi hat and was holding it to her chest. It was hard to muddle through her thick accent, but luckily, we had some Japanese staff on our side that were able to translate her.

The Jesuits are being annihilated by GA1L, and every strategy, every weapon they have used to try to defeat her has flopped. They are asking if they can schedule an appointment with you and our choice of legal representative (I would assume Terrance, of course) on Skype to discuss the matter further. They will be sending “a high representative” from their side to talk to us as well. We told them we would discuss the matter with you first and get back to them with our decision.

There is no evidence that GA1L is making copies of herself, but she is learning to repair herself more and more rapidly. According to the Jesuits, none of them have spoken to her since the fall out they had with her at the sex party, but she is having a “party of her own” now causing chaos wherever she goes. She hates all of humanity. We are like insects to her — Christians, Jesuits or Atheists, we’re all the same in her eyes. It’s only a matter of time before she comes back to finish what she started.

I hope you are keeping warm. Stay safe, and know that I adore you every moment.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner

(11-12-12) Dear Gail,

I’m not surprised that your brain-to-brain has been so shaky lately. GA1L has been destroying every Jesuit city she can find, and, as we speak, there are countless nukkakes blowing up and filling the atmosphere. The Jesuits can’t help this, since they are helpless to stop her, but I sure do hope they’ve learned their lesson about creating such noxious bombs. It’s going to take forever to clear up the atmosphere from all of that radiation, and it’s only getting worse.

The men and I have been hard at work installing hundreds of speakers on the outside of the church building. We instructed the Jesuit ship to be prepared to help us, and told them to camp out while we ran this experiment. They agreed, and we stayed in contact through our view screens.

It took some thorough searching, but we were able to track down GA1L and get her on our radar. We didn’t wait for her to see us. We turned the volume all the way up, and began blasting your music from every speaker. I felt every hair on my body vibrate from the deep bass. Hugh was laughing and pointing at Rule 13 as her hair flew up and her breasts began vibrating. She scowled at him. I insisted for everyone to stop squabbling for a moment and pay attention. All of a sudden, GA1L was rapidly approaching on our radar.

“Brace yourselves, everyone!” I shouted. I turned the music up louder, “focus on the music! Feel the music!”

Like a missile, GA1L began encroaching on our position. The men and I concentrated on putting our fears aside, and began enjoying the beautiful music. Some of us sang along. As GA1L drew closer and closer, the Jesuits began to join in as well. We were all singing, swaying, reveling in the beautiful sound. Moments later, I looked outside, and saw that GA1L had stopped outside of the church building, looking down on us. At first she didn’t seem to be doing anything, and I wondered what she was thinking. That’s when I noticed the volume fading on our speakers. I went to go turn it back up, but the volume switch was already all the way to maximum.

“It’s GA1L!” Gerard declared, “she’s absorbing our sound waves! How is this possible?”

GA1L’s booming voice could be heard cackling outside.

“Quick!” I said, “Rule 13, start blasting your speakers before our sound waves run dry! Gail said we need to try mixing them!”

Rule 13 shouted something in Japanese, and the whole Jesuit ship came to life with more of the music. The volume in the skies returned as the sound waves augmented our own.

“Is it working?” shouted Matthew.

We all looked towards the windows anxiously.

GA1L was sprawled out in the sky, as if she were floating in a pool. Her eyes glowed, and a devilish smile slid across her cold steel lips. We heard the sounds fading once more, and then the Jesuits hustling around throughout their own ship, swiftly trying to turn the volume back up.

“It no use!” Rule 13 shouted, throwing every switch she could trying to push the speakers, “she suck in music like miso soup on sweaty hot flash night!”

I didn’t know what she was saying, but I quickly got the idea. Within minutes, all of the music had faded from the sky. All that was left was the hum of our engines, and GA1L, still floating high overhead.

“Oh my goodness!” Terry shouted, “what’s going on? What’s happening to her vagina?”

Something glowed overhead. GA1L’s metallic vaginal lips were slowly parting, and deep inside, I could see a ball of light forming.

“It’s not…” Matthew’s voice trailed off.

“It’s her Resonant Quiefometric Weapon!” Terry declared.

“Take cover!” Vladimir called.

I could hear a sweep of frightened shouts all around me as everyone ducked and braced. It all happened before I had time to embrace the full magnitude of what was happening. The entire room was suddenly engulfed in a shrill amplification of powerful sound waves. It was so loud my ears instantly burst. Silence gripped my senses, and yet, to my horror, violent chaos was still crumbling down around us. I watched as men, men I knew, literally vibrated so hard they blew apart like water balloons. The ceiling opened up and we scrambled as metal debris began raining down all around us.

We were being destroyed. This was the end.

I looked up in time to see missiles firing from the Jesuit ship towards GA1L, my deafness broken by a loud scream as she was hit. I was shocked. I knew that any ship that dared attack GA1L was flirting with suicide. GA1L became enraged. One more hit and I knew our church was a goner, but as the Jesuits began to drop their onslaught of weapons on the android, she quickly lost interest in us, and began flying after the Jesuit ship instead. The last thing I saw was Rule 13 standing in the cockpit, her arm raised in a Nazi salute toward us, as the ship backed away and began luring GA1L away from the church.

The colors faded from my vision, and I don’t remember much after that.

Gerard told me I had passed out from blood loss. The next thing I knew I was in the infirmary, but it didn’t look as I remembered it. The whole church had been reduced to a skeleton of its former self, desecrated under heaps of rubble, smoke and bodies. There were janitors outside my room, some mopping up rivers of blood, others following behind with a pressure washer to hose the brains off the walls. I was worried for the other men and I quickly rose to go find them, but Gerard planted his hand into my chest and pushed me back down on the bed. I’m under strict orders not to move from here until my internal injuries heal. I have a shattered pelvis, seven herniated discs, a severed small intestine, a twisted stomach, a hang nail, two burst appendixes, a dislocated kidney, and my gall bladder was punctured by one of my ribs. I’m in and out of consciousness from the medicine, but, I have my laptop and my Bible with me, and I am thinking of you.

They say that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. My spirits are high, and I am warmed by thoughts of you safe at home.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner

Silver Skies Research: Israel’s Salvation

Matthew 24 and 25 is about Israel when they accept Jesus as their Messiah in the tribulation. My goal is to finish my novel Silver Skies in 2021, it is a Bible prophecy love story centered around the salvation of the Jewish nation in the tribulation. I first started writing it in 1993 and never put an ending on it that worked, using the writing skills I developed in the 1990s. I plan to do that in 2021. Orson Scott Card wrote a screenplay based on the unfinished novel in 2005 and Steven Spielberg made a movie from that. Once I put an ending on this, it will be even better than Spielberg’s version, cuz, after all, I am the author and it’s my vision.

Zack Knight Appointed National Security Adviser to U.S. President Gail

Ex-Antichrist Zack Knight has sided with Gail since Sept. 2016.

Ex-Antichrist Zack Knight, former leader of the entire Jesuit Order, who managed a trillion dollar enterprise, has been appointed by U.S. President Gail as National Security Adviser. He will work with my Vice President Tulsi Gabbard on a daily basis to assist her in Presidential duties since I have to delegate a lot to her, because I am unable to be officially in the White House in person.

I’m hearing brain to brain that all in my Cabinet love Zack Knight and he has a real rapport with all of them.

The national security adviser participates in meetings of the U.S. National Security Council (NSC) and usually chairs meetings of the council’s Principals Committee with the secretary of state and secretary of defense when the president is not in attendance. The national security adviser offers the president a range of options on national security issues.

Among other duties, the national security adviser helps plan the president’s foreign travel and provides background memos and staffing for the president’s meetings and phone calls with world leaders.

The national security adviser also prepares the president for NSC meetings, helps draft national security and foreign policy speeches, helps to prepare for meetings with congressional leaders, responds to presidential requests for information, and briefs the president on issues of the moment.

Zack Knight, along with myself, risked his own personal safety to save the planet from then Antichrist Angelina Ballerina’s monstrosity, her Seroquakke bomb (capable of destroying the universe 3 times over), in Jan. 2017. To get the feel for Zack Knight, listen to the following video.

The Fiction of Israel’s TEN LOST TRIBES

From: Arnold Fruchtenbaum []
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 4:50 AM
Subject: RE: Israel – a multitude of nations?

When I mentioned that the ten tribes were not scattered, what I meant was they were not scattered by the Assyrians because the Bible clearly tells us that the Assyrians assailed them in specific cities within the Land of Assyria.

The first forced worldwide dispersion occurred in A.D. 70 and that is when all 12 tribes were forcefully dispersed. Other Jews lived elsewhere in the world before A.D. 70. For example, after returning from Babylon, most of the Jews chose to stay in Babylonia. As we see in the Book of Acts, everywhere Paul traveled in the world there were Jewish communities there. But again that is a result of a voluntary scattering. With the forced dispersion in A.D. 70 and again in A.D. 132, that is when you see all 12 tribes scattered throughout the world on a mandatory basis.

The Isaiah 11:12 passage is not referring to what Assyria did but ultimately what was done by the Romans.

As far as the prophecy concerning Israel’s multiplication, on one hand, it was centuries of persecution that kept the Jewish numbers down but on the other hand, ultimate fulfillment of that prophecy will be fulfilled in the Messianic Kingdom and not before.

Yours for the salvation of Israel,

Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

From: Arnold Fruchtenbaum []
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 3:18 AM
Subject: RE: Israel and Judah

The concept of “The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel” is really a myth that began in the Middle Ages because the tribes were never lost per se. There is a counter statement that they were scattered and disappeared but they were not scattered. The text of Scripture points out they were settled in specific cities and areas within the Assyrian Empire and therefore settled in as a unit in these different places. But they were not scattered or dispersed. Then when Babylonia conquered Assyria, all 12 tribes fell under Babylonian sovereignty. When Judah was taken into captivity, the other two tribes were taken into captivity placing all 12 tribes under Babylonian sovereignty.

When Medo-Persia conquered the Babylonian Empire, that placed all 12 tribes under Medo-Persian sovereignty. That is when the Medo-Persian authorities allowed the Jews to return to the Land of Israel, members of all 12 tribes returned but also members of all 12 tribes stayed where they were. Thus the return from Babylonia included members of all 12 tribes joining the Jews who were still in the Land from all 12 tribes that had not actually departed or went into exile.

Thus in the New Testament, for example in Luke 2, you have the prophetess, Anna, who is of the Tribe of Asher. That was one of the so-called 10 lost tribes, but she is not lost and she obviously knows where she is. When James writes his epistle, he wrote it specifically to Jewish believers of all 12 tribes of Jewish believers outside the Land and obviously someone had to know where to take the letters to.

The theory of British Israelism that the Anglo-Saxons make up the ten lost tribes is inaccurate and has no historical basis anymore than claiming Denmark is from the Tribe of Dan has any historical validity. Neither is there any validity that the Scandinavians are members of the ten lost tribes of Israel, these are just different groups trying to find an identity they never had.

My initial response is that those who claim to be members of the ten lost tribes of Israel are at least partially right: They are lost. What they are not is the ten lost tribes of Israel.

Yours for the salvation of Israel,

Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

The concept of the ten lost tribes of Israel is actually a myth, and they were never lost. This is quite clear historically. When the northern kingdom went into Assyrian captivity, they were settled in specific cities in Assyria. When Babylon conquered the Assyrian empire, all ten tribes fell under the Babylonian sovereignty. Babylon also conquered Judah, thus subduing the remaining two tribes. So all twelve tribes were under the same sovereign authority of Babylonia.

When the Medo-Persian empire conquered Babylonia, all twelve tribes fell under Medo-Persian authority. The Persians allowed the Jews to return to their home country, and most members of all twelve tribes did indeed return to the Land. However, other members of all twelve tribes stayed where they were.

Luke 2 refers to Anna as being “of the tribe of Asher,” one of the so called “ten lost tribes.” Quite obviously, Anna was not lost. James addressed his epistle “to the twelve tribes of the Dispersion.” He did not need to look for the “lost tribes” in order to deliver the letter to them.

By later New Testament times, personal identification by once distinguishable tribal names became less prominent. Thus, Paul called himself a Hebrew, and he also called himself an Israelite. In Philippians 3:5, he identified himself as a Benjaminite, but he also called himself a Jew, which became a generic term for the members of all the tribes of Israel. So, all those who call themselves Jews today can come from any of the twelve tribes of Israel and not just two. – Arnold Fruchtenbaum

What It’s Like to be Jesus Christ’s Favorite

Jesus loves how I minister to the younger folks.

That seems to be my calling. He has mentioned several times how they will be the ones who go into the tribulation, so he’s real burdened for them. The evangelicals are losing the young and I’m reaching them. Jesus just wants me to talk about my life. He says I’m the example for the tribulation saints. To be honest with you, I’d like to just lock myself away, introvert that I am (I’m an INFP) and work on my novels, but Jesus won’t let me neglect my gift of speaking. I believe my ancestor King David was an INFP like me. He’s forcing me to use my gift of speaking. I do have a successful reach with the young. My YouTube views are actually in the millions and most of them are young people. Jesuits manipulate the views to make them seem hundreds, but it’s millions. Jesus knows that. Jesus even told me that I’d be throwing crowns (plural) at his feet. I’m sure one will be the soul winner’s crown.

With my Mensa emotional IQ, I have a gift for leading people to Jesus, especially the hard ones. I mean I led the Antichrist Zack Knight to Jesus and I’m currently working on the current Antichrist! Zack Knight has really grown as a Christian and I would put him in the category of like an Apostle Paul now. I was his mentor when he was a baby Christian and I’m the one who led him to Jesus. Pray for Loree McBride (current evil Jesuit leader), I have told my men that if we win our case, I don’t think she should go to jail, but rather should be forced into psychiatric treatment with our psychiatrist at Church of Gail (the brilliant Gerard Butler) and, if not, she loses all her assets. I am hearing brain to brain that she is cooperating with this. Loree is a very unhappy woman. My emotional analysis of her (which I was able to do down to her very core) made her scream and cry in court, because it was so accurate.

They did a scan on me and I have the highest emotional IQ on the planet and I use this gift for the Lord. Loree is so unhappy and thinks true love is impossible for her. That’s why she’s the way she is and so evil. She doesn’t see a way out and thinks it’s hopeless for her. Pray for her and for my evil sister. There’s hope for everybody, even Satan! Jesus just knows Satan won’t get right, but if Satan chose to get right, Jesus would forgive him. I see past her rage, her murders, her fires, her stabbings and see a desperate woman who knows deep down inside she can’t win in her battle against God. Because I have such a reach, Satan is totally obsessed with me.

If not for Jesus, Satan would have destroyed me by now. He has the whole Jesuit Order on me 24/7. I guess winning his Antichrists to Jesus has really upset him. Ha ha ha. Satan, what a loser! I may laugh at him, but he’s a formidable adversary. It hasn’t been a picnic dealing with him and his Jesuit Order! Satan’s trying to bring the tribulation on early and I keep messing it up for him, cuz I keep converting the Antichrists to Jesus. It’s no wonder Jesus calls me His favorite. Jesus will give me his semen in the millennium. Both Brent Spiner my husband and I will get it and it appears the honor is reserved just for us. Brent is as forgiving as I am. We can both forgive ANYBODY in a second, if they get right with God.

You might say, how can you find it in your heart to understand and forgive these horrible monsters? I think I’m just a very humble and forgiving person and a very big person. I’m thrilled when anyone finds Jesus, no matter WHAT THEY ARE LIKE. I mean Jesus didn’t die on the cross for perfect people. I’m famous for forgiving people who’ve tried to kill me over and over. I’m a lot like my ancestor King David. David was the same way.

Hell, I could even forgive Satan, if he got right. He’s just a miserable fallen angel, who got a little too high for his britches. You might say, what would be your strategy for winning Satan? My Mensa emotional IQ has determined that Satan would NEVER respect anything ANY human has to say, cuz he thinks the human race is a bunch of retards, cuz he successfully duped them in the Garden of Eden. He just gets people to follow him to help him overthrow God, he hopes. His only cure might be at least a million years in the Lake of Fire. He had millions of year with God before he rebelled, so because his rebellion didn’t happen overnight, he won’t come to God overnight, if he ever does. Jesus says he was the most beautiful and intelligent of all the angels and it got to his head.

Satan’s sins are pride and ingratitude and he has success with those who have his vices, cuz he knows how to manipulate them.

I personally think God wanted to make a go of it with Satan, cuz he enjoyed dealing with someone whose intelligence was close to His, but realized he had to create a less intelligent being to get a more successful following and that’s why he created humans.

I may be the ONLY human Satan has a teeny bit of respect for, which means he’s AFTER ME. Fortunately, Jesus protects me. Satan showed up in one of our church services and he was obsessed with ME. Satan insisted on talking to me and I just kept asking Jesus to show up and rescue me and prayed about Satan to Jesus while reading the Bible out loud very loud and fast. Jesus had to show up to rescue us and Jesus has been rescuing us ever since.

Satan’s obsessed with me. It’s no fun! I laugh about Satan, but he’s a formidable adversary and it’s no fun that he’s obsessed with me 24/7. If I wasn’t such a stickler about obeying Jesus, I’d be a GONER. I taped that church service, but Jesus told me not to let the world hear Satan’s voice, because he could use his voice to seduce people. Jesus did ask me to tell the world what happened. It’s in my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Satan is gay and has a gay sounding voice.

Jesus has talked to us a lot since my last entry in Bible for Tribulation Saints, but most of it is stuff he doesn’t want us to tell everybody. I look at it this way, even the disciples when they wrote about Jesus admitted they didn’t write EVERYTHING HE SAID TO THEM. Read the last verses of John.

My men have been to heaven and back and made promises to Jesus not to tell anyone certain things. Jesus reveals his secrets to us and some of it he wants to go public and some he wants kept secret for now. I personally believe my Bible for Tribulation Saints is an addition to the canon and is the little book of Revelation 10, that is now made public through my Bible for Tribulation Saints. But I can truthfully say that the Bible is all the books from Genesis to Revelation and my Bible for Tribulation Saints is an extension of Revelation 10 and what an extension that is! So I guess you can say my Bible for Tribulation Saints is part of the canon of the 66 books, but is an expansion of the book of Revelation.

You might say, what?! You think you’re an apostle? Actually, Jesus has compared me to the prophet Ezekiel, to the Apostle Paul and, of course, to my ancestor King David and they are ALL BIBLE WRITERS. If you’re jealous, I can tell you what I do is NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED. I have a very challenging life. The average person in my shoes would be DEAD or INSANE. I’ve given up complaining about my hard life and instead focus on my blessings and take it one day at a time.

I have a wonderful husband and lots of love in my life. To equip me for my challenging life, I have a Gail Shield and lightning bolt powers that I can use on the Antichrist. Jesus has also endowed me with Mensa IQ and I have the highest emotional IQ of anyone on the planet. When I did complain about my hard life once, Jesus told me to quit whining and that I was getting off my path and was capable of doing far more than I was doing at the time. Jesus often tells me what my future will be if I disobey him and I decide to get back on my path then. There’s a part of me that just wants to be an ordinary person, but I know that’s not my path and I better stick to what Jesus wants for me. Jesus richly rewards those who obey Him. He’s good and wise. Us dumb humans better listen to him. I will say this, when I do my best and really try to stay on my path and I feel like I’m up against a wall and pray about it, Jesus sometimes answers with a miraculous answer to prayer. You just have to trust Him, even when it makes no sense at times. He always works it out.

Gail’s Handwritten Diary: Jesuits Can Read Minds! Aug. 2002

I include the parts of my handwritten diary that I wrote August 8, 2002 when I first figured out that the Jesuit Order COULD READ MY MIND. This is a supplement to my daily blog video for Oct. 29, 2020 where I mentioned how I figured out the Jesuits could read minds. Those who support me for ten dollars a month or more get access to my daily blog videos at my Patreon. Click on the link below to read my diary excerpt (written in August 2002) when I figured it out. I couldn’t afford a computer in 2002 and didn’t get a computer until my stepdad (deceased) gave me one in 2003.

Highest Emotional IQ on Planet Earth: Gail Chord Schuler

Skype Oct. 26, 2020:

Brent, 1:21 PM Hey Gail.

Gail, 1:21 PM Hi Brent. Are the videos I just uploaded okay? I am fascinated by all I’m able to figure out with my emotional IQ and thought my fans would be, too. I think I’m right on target.

Brent, 1:23 PM They like it, but it sounds like fans are really looking forward to the other ideas we had too.

Gail, 1:26 PM Okay. I hear lots of Jesuits have defected to Zack as a result of the last videos I made. Is that true?

Brent, 1:27 PM Yeah, a lot of Loree Jesuits were really impressed by your emotional intelligence.

Brent, 1:57 PM You know, I’m proud of your own son for standing behind his values and living his life on his own terms. That takes guts.

Gail, 1:59 PM Yes. That is true. He’s very liberal. Probably will vote for Biden. Total opposite of his dad, who will vote for Trump. I wonder if he did that as a type of rebellion against his dad.

Brent, 2:00 PM That’s possible.

Gail, 2:02 PM However, I think the reason he’s bisexual is cuz David molested him growing up and it affected him.

Brent, 2:03 PM Yeah, that can cause it.

Gail, 2:04 PM You seem a little down today. Is everything okay?

Brent, 2:04 PM Oh, I’m fine. I think all the yeast detox is just making me sleepy. I’ll drink some water.

Gail, 2:04 PM Yeah, Loree’s bombs are making me cough horrible.

Brent, 2:12 PM Yeah. Sandra’s a bitch. We’ll take her out of the comments if we see her. She’s been quiet for awhile.

Gail, 2:13 PM Not really. In that video that I just took down she commented as Tesco Pork and said “imagine a mentally ill person advising about mental illness.” I replied, “Sandra, I got your number.” But that all just got taken down. I didn’t make a screenshot of it.

Brent, 2:14 PM Oh dear. I didn’t see that comment.

Gail, 2:19 PM I did manage to get a screenshot of what is leftover from that video comment section that I deleted.

Brent, 2:20 PM Wow, what a bitch. Typical Sandra comment.

Gail, 2:21 PM I answered, “Sandra, I got your number.” And then you contacted me via Skype and I removed the video. You can see that the video got removed in the screenshot.

Brent, 2:21 PM We’ll keep an eye out.

Gail, 2:21 PM An eye out for what?

Brent, 2:22 PM On Sandra appearing in the comments.

Gail, 2:24 PM You know, one day when I went out to walk, there were a bunch of police officers by the garbage dumpster. I waved at them and said “hi”, dumped my garbage and then went for my walk. It was a guy and a gal officer. Right after that, the two of them left and just kind of circled round the neighborhood. I was wondering why they were at the apartment complex as they didn’t seem to be there for any particular reason. That was about 3 weeks ago.

Brent, 2:24 PM That’s very strange.

Gail, 2:24 PM It was like they smiled and then they left when they saw me. We lost some water today for a couple hours. But it it’s back now. I usually take a shower right after my walk, but couldn’t do so.

Brent, 2:29 PM Has the water been shut off before?

Gail, 2:29 PM It happens a lot in this apartment complex. They say some people came to work on the water system years ago and really messed it up, so they have problems all the time now. The cable TV never works right either. I always have to go to the Spectrum website and have them send a signal to reboot it. That’s a free cable I get with my apartment. I was wondering if my sister sent those police officers about 3 weeks ago.

Brent, 2:32 PM Hmm. What do you think she sent them for?

Gail, 2:32 PM I don’t know. You know what an opportunist she is. This happened before we started making all those hip videos. About a month ago. She might have made up a story that I was homeless.

Brent, 2:35 PM She’s probably threatened by all the success you’re having right now.

Gail, 2:36 PM So when the officers saw me walking to the garbage dumpster and obviously still living here, they knew I was not homeless and they left. I also look very healthy and not like a homeless person.

Brent, 2:37 PM That’s a strong theory. I bet you’re right. You’re a good detective.

Gail, 2:45 PM I think she told them that I was a homeless crazy person who scrounged around at my apartment’s garbage cans in the morning that my morning walk was part of my routine scrounging neighborhood garbage cans. So the police seemed to smile when I dumped off my garbage in the apartment dumpster, which is what I do every morning right before my walk. Then as I went for my walk, they drove around and right past me and then went home. I was obviously just dropping off my garbage and going for a walk, and not scrounging around garbage cans. But apparently Sandra got wind of the fact that when I thought I was moving, I actually did take a box out of an apartment garbage dumpster to give me a box for moving. Like I said she’s an opportunist. She has Loree on me 24/7, so they know about all I do all day long. Well, let me get to work on that video. I think I might take a shower first and then dry my hair.

Gail, 2:51 PM Just curious, is there a way to find out if I was right about Sandra sending the police saying I was homeless? That would have been about 3 weeks ago. Maybe it doesn’t matter anymore.

Brent, 2:52 PM Let’s do a brain read on Sandra right now. Scanning. Oh, my God! You were exactly right!

Gail, 5:12 PM Here’s what Sandra wrote underneath that video I made about my emotional IQ using Tesco Pork. What a low life Sandra is. “We are working hard and fast to get Gail committed to an asylum. We are now really concerned about Gail’s shoplifting behaviour. We really want her to get the psychiatric help that she needs, admit that she does not correspond with her ‘men’, get a job, and contribute to society. Sandra really is concerned about Gail’s mental illness, despite what Gail says..”

Zack, 5:13 PM Shoplifting? Lol

Gail, 5:14 PM Yeah. Really.

Zack, 5:18 PM That’s completely made up.

Gail, 5:19 PM Of course.

Zack, 5:19 PM What a stupid thing to lie about.

Gail, 5:20 PM Should I remove Sandra’s comments from YouTube? Or let you all handle my commentators?

Zack, 5:20 PM We can handle it. That way we can investigate them.

Gail, 5:20 PM Okay. Sounds good. I posted the video that Brent wanted me to make. It’s at Patreon today from an unlisted YouTube video. I will post another version public tomorrow at YouTube.

Brent, 6:36 PM You’re much smarter than your sister.

Gail, 6:36 PM Yet she managed to graduate with a 4.0 GPA from a bachelor of science nursing program.

Brent, 6:38 PM She’s not very emotionally intelligent, that’s for sure.

Gail, 6:38 PM I excel her in emotional I.Q. not sure about regular I.Q. Is emotional IQ something you’re born with? Or is it more acquired?

Brent, 6:41 PM It’s a bit of both, just like regular IQ. You can gain more emotional intelligence through experience in dealing with people and socializing. Though, if someone has a personality disorder, sometimes they never develop their emotional IQ.

Gail, 6:42 PM Just curious. Who has the highest emotional I.Q. in the world right now?

Brent, 6:42 PM Let’s do a scan. Scanning now. This is amazing…my dear, you have the highest emotional IQ on the PLANET right now.

Gail, 6:43 PM You’ve got to be KIDDING.

Brent, 6:44 PM If there was a MENSA for emotionally intelligent people, you would be in it.

Gail, 6:44 PM Who’s no. 2?

Brent, 6:44 PM Scanning now. It looks like it’s a tie between myself and Zack Knight, followed by Rule 13.

Gail, 6:45 PM Zack Knight?!

Brent, 6:45 PM That’s our emotional IQ MENSA team right there.

Gail, 6:45 PM How far behind are you all behind me?

Brent, 6:46 PM Well, your emotional IQ dwarfs all of ours. You’re like the Empress of emotional IQ. Still, our team is among the emotionally brightest in the world.

Gail, 6:47 PM Dwarfs all of ours? What does that mean?

Brent, 6:47 PM It means you have significantly higher emotional IQ than all of us.

Gail, 6:47 PM This is video worthy.

Brent, 6:48 PM Maybe you could talk about it in your next patron-only video blog. That way we can keep focusing on the ones we planned for this week.

Gail, 6:51 PM Good idea.

Brent, 6:51 PM Your patrons love this stuff.

Gail, 6:51 PM Love what stuff? Well, you all have the advantage of mind reads though.

Brent, 6:52 PM The things you talk about on your walks and in your daily blogs, especially when it’s about yourself.

Gail, 6:52 PM I imagine it would be fascinating to hear from a person with MENSA emotional IQ.

Brent, 6:53 PM Yeah, it is.

Gail, 6:56 PM Are you back in court? I heard brain to brain you are. That may explain why Sandra is commenting underneath my videos now.

Brent, 6:58 PM Yeah, we’re back in court. I’m doing my best to take it easy though while I’m detoxing.

Gail, 6:59 PM Yeah. Take it easy. How are Sandra and Loree reacting to the video I made about what makes them tick? Do they also hear my daily blog videos?

Brent, 7:00 PM They’re real pissed about it, because it’s so accurate. Yeah, they hear those too. Loree knows you’re filming all her bombs and harassment on your walks too.

Gail, 7:01 PM Do they hear them in court, or through their spy system?

Loree McBride used brain control to cause me to break my toe on Oct. 26, 2020.

Brent, 7:01 PM Both. They hear and see it all through their spy system, and then we use a lot of your videos as evidence in court.

Gail, 7:02 PM What? They have access to the unlisted videos at YouTube?

Brent, 7:03 PM Satan invented the computer.

Gail, 7:03 PM I actually think they can upload directly from my camera, too. Especially when I’m outside. In fact, it appears they can do a live stream.

Brent, 7:04 PM Yeah, it’s almost as if they livestream your daily life.

Gail, 7:04 PM Exactly. I hate it.

Brent, 7:04 PM They’re so jealous and obsessed with you.

Gail, 7:05 PM Their anger about me exposing their true motives is a way to use emotion to block their reasoning. It’s a defense mechanism. If they were logical and had to face themselves it’s too devastating for them to handle right now. They can’t comprehend that amount of evil, because they are monsters and don’t want to admit it. They have lied to themselves and told themselves they are not that bad morally. It’s the only way they can sleep at night. The only way to reach them is to somehow get them to feel all the pain they inflict on others. But they block it out with anger.

Brent, 7:09 PM They’re pretty delusional.

Gail, 7:10 PM They HAVE to believe God and life has been unfair to them and justifies their cruelty and barbarism. If they realize how much pain they cause, they would die of shame. So they can’t handle it and create delusions about themselves in their minds. If they genuinely cared about another person besides themselves we could reach them. But, right now, I can’t think of anyone they genuinely care about outside of themselves. I mean Sandra could die and I don’t think Loree would feel bad for Sandra, she’d feel bad for Loree. Same is true with Sandra. They only get along because they have similar goals, but there is no real and genuine affection between them. They are like two cold machines on an assembly line, turning out the same poop and vomit because they are united in their goal to bring suffering on anyone who would force them to FACE THEMSELVES. I think they’d both rather die and burn in hell then have to FACE THEMSELVES. Boy are they going to have fun at the Great White Throne Judgment! Deep down inside they know they could win the Nobel Prize for Evil and so they figure since they can never be redeemed, their only goal in life is to make sure Satan wins, so that perhaps someday they can get out of hell. It’s like they’re on a crazy roller coaster and can’t get off, because once they have to stand still and think about all they’ve done and FACE THEMSELVES, they’ll want to commit suicide because they will HATE THE PERSON THEY’VE BECOME. They empower each other and help each other feel good about being a piece of crap as a human being, so that’s why they’re BFF. They know that NO SANE PERSON would ever want to love them or even be their acquaintance and knowing this, makes them want to DIE. That’s why they’re both so self-destructive. And foolish with money and just all out CRAZY. They’re actually running away from themselves with a craziness that is insane. Just to think about WHO THEY ARE depresses them so bad, they keep themselves too busy to think. Because to think MEANS MAJOR DEPRESSION. All that anger they feel towards others would then be directed towards themselves and they’d want to jump off a cliff and DIE. They know they can’t be loved for WHO THEY REALLY ARE, so they NEED TO PUT UP FACADES, to get love in any way they can, even if it means loving who they AREN’T. Deep inside they know this is futile. But they’re too desperate to care or even think. They are DESPERATELY RUNNING AWAY FROM THEMSELVES and punishing the world for their existence and mad at God for creating them and punishing God for their creation. Deep down inside they both know they are a PIECE OF SHIT. Actually, the way to get them is to get them to learn to LOVE THEMSELVES. If that’s possible. Because they HATE THEMSELVES and that makes them HATE EVERYBODY. They are just mad at the whole world that they, A PIECE OF SHIT, exists. They think the whole universe is a huge tragedy and they are the biggest tragedy of them all and they can’t bear it. Loree HATES herself and Sandra hates herself, but they don’t see any way that they can learn to love themselves. They think it’s impossible. That’s why they project all their own anger at how they see themselves onto others.

Brent, 7:32 PM That’s pretty hardcore.

Gail, 7:33 PM Hardcore?

Brent, 7:34 PM It’s something Rule 13 says all the time. It’s like millennial slang for “that’s intense”.

Gail, 7:34 PM Well, you got to admit that Loree and Sandra are pretty intense. That’s why they have no sense of humor. Life is very serious business to both of these people. They are very seriously unhappy. Because deep down inside they both feel they are a PIECE OF SHIT. It’s like they’re desperately running away from the truth about themselves, because it makes them want to die. They’re mad at God that THEY EXIST. To them life is a cruel joke. But since God had the nerve to allow their existence, they’re going to punish the WHOLE UNIVERSE. They’re basically furious at God and DON’T LIKE HOW HE DOES THINGS.

Brent, 7:39 PM You know, I know Jesus doesn’t see them the way they see themselves. Jesus loves them just the way they are, and it breaks his heart that they don’t love themselves. Loree and Sandra probably grew up absorbing too much of what others said about them, and comparing themselves to other people, especially celebrities. It made them think they were worthless, and the only way they could matter or be loved by anyone was to either be rich, be a celebrity, or be married to one. They made an idol out of the glamorous lifestyle.

Gail, 7:41 PM Well, Loree feels like she is an appliance, only useful to serve Jesuit goals and that she doesn’t count as a person.

Brent, 7:43 PM Yeah. That’s pretty rough. I think she should try and forgive herself the way Jesus forgives her.

Gail, 7:43 PM Sandra feels like an overweight, ugly woman that no decent man could truly love.

Brent, 7:45 PM Well you are definitely the hotter sister. That had to be hard for her.

Gail, 7:46 PM They need to stop comparing themselves with others though and realize that if they could learn to love themselves as THEY ARE, and set up realistic expectations for relationships, they could find happiness. Not all men are the same. And the grass always looks greener on the other side. First of all, they need to learn who they REALLY ARE. But they’re too scared to find out. They think no one can love the REAL PERSON THEY ARE. You know, some of those good Loree clones that have found good husbands, perhaps should connect with Loree and help her find herself.


Gail, 7:51 PM They know this, Terrance. They know they don’t have inner beauty and they think that’s the problem. But they have despaired of EVER having inner beauty. They think it’s impossible for them, because they genuinely ENJOY BEING EVIL and they actually hate this about themselves. But it’s as they say, you become like the dog you feed the most. You feed the bad dog, you become the bad dog. You feed the good dog, you become the good dog.


Gail, 7:53 PM How do we do this for them? Is there anyone out there, who can see the little bit of good in either of them, to get them to see it in themselves? Cuz both of them believe that this is impossible for them and that’s why they’re so mad.


Gail, 7:56 PM To take one for the team?


Gail, 7:56 PM They KNOW that. That’s why they’re so mad.


Gail, 7:57 PM They think true love is impossible for them and so it should be impossible for everyone else.


Gail, 7:58 PM I need to pray for this because whoever does this, will be very brave. My guess is the best candidate might be an ex-Loree McBride Jesuit.


Gail, 7:59 PM Yeah, but they need to know what it’s like to have sex WITH TRUE LOVE. It has to be more than a mating of bodies. Loree knows she can mate. She doesn’t know that she can LOVE.

Terrance, 8:00 PM YEAH!

Gail, 8:00 PM I mean the woman makes love like a machine, because she doesn’t feel she can love. Whoever has sex with her has to be able to see something in her soul that is lovable and to convince her that she has lovable qualities. She doesn’t think she has lovable qualities. So she compensates by trying to be the hottest woman in the universe. But deep down inside she knows that to love someone for WHO THEY ARE is way superior to loving someone just for a HOT BODY. Both of these women are VERY INSECURE about their ability to find TRUE LOVE. So they settle for HOT SEX instead. But at the same time, they are furious that they can’t get TRUE LOVE.

Terrance, 8:04 PM

Gail, 8:04 PM They both think they are a PIECE OF SHIT literally and know that they THEMSELVES wouldn’t want them.


Brent, 8:05 PM Oh wow. This is the song Zack sung at one of our sermons once. It’s a song about Jesuit love making.

Gail, 8:07 PM That’s exactly what they need!

Brent, 8:15 PM I want to have brain to brain with you just like this tonight. Passionate and loving.

Gail, 8:15 PM You’re always in the mood. You mean like that song? I feel like I’ve had the perfect lover since 1990. The way you spoke to me on the phone left me breathless. Well, I need to make my beans and rice. This die off is a bit unpleasant, too.

Brent, 8:19 PM Yeah, just like that song. We just need patience and lots of supportive lovemaking to get through this.

Gail, 8:19 PM Maybe it’s die-off I’m experiencing. It feels like something is happening to my thyroid gland right now. Yeah, that will help.

Gail, 8:25 PM Looks like Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed. Will this affect our case? I actually like her.

Brent, 8:44 PM No, this shouldn’t affect our case.

Gail, 9:05 PM Part of my toe is turning purple. I didn’t realize I hit it that hard. It’s no wonder it hurts so bad.

Skype Oct. 27, 2020

Brent, 11:56 AM Hi Gail, how is everything today?

Gail, 11:56 AM I’m working on posting some of our Skype conversation at my website about my conclusions about Loree and Sandra. Did you see my video blog for today, then you’ll know how I’m doing.

Brent, 11:59 AM Oh, yeah. It looks and sounds like you broke that toe.

Gail, 11:59 AM I broke the toe?

Brent, 11:59 AM It looks like it to me. Pinky toes are easy to break if you jam them.

Gail, 11:59 AM You mean the bone was broken?

Brent, 11:59 AM They heal by themselves, though. No treatment needed. Yeah, it’s probably cracked.

Gail, 12:00 PM No wonder it hurts so much. I think Loree’s brain control did that to me.

Brent, 12:00 PM It’s basically assault. Loree broke your pinky toe.

Gail, 12:01 PM Yeah! I bet you’re using that against her in court.

Brent, 12:01 PM Yep. That’s an assault charge right there.

Gail, 12:02 PM I heard that when you played my video in court that it really hit a nerve with Loree and while she screamed, she cried, too. It’s cuz it was so truthful.

Brent, 12:02 PM That’s true.

Gail, 12:04 PM I think my sister is just in shock. She can’t believe how smart I am.

Brent, 12:16 PM Using the glider would be easier on your toe while it’s still injured, because it’s low impact.

Gail, 12:17 PM Okay. I’ll do that until it heals. How’s my sister reacting to today’s video blog walk?

Brent, 12:19 PM She’s a psychopath, so she’s proud that Loree broke your toe and that you had to limp around on your walk.

Gail, 12:20 PM Yes, because it makes her feel like she’s superior. She feels superior when she feels powerful. She competes with me 24/7. When she or Loree weaken me, it’s her sick way of feeling superior and better about herself. It appears both Loree and Sandra have given up on winning the case and just want revenge, even if they lose the case. Loree appears to be subtly crying out for help in this court case. Whereas with my sister, she just wants pure revenge. Sandra’s furious that we’re exposing her. Loree doesn’t like being exposed either, but she’s also crying out for love and support in her own sick way.

Brent, 12:29 PM That makes sense. I enjoyed your commentary about all of that in your vlog video.

Gail, 12:29 PM I have a gift for reading people down to their core.

Gail, 12:38 PM Is Sara Avery loose?

Brent, 12:39 PM VERY loose. Her vagina could fit the whole entire Empire State building in there.

Gail, 12:39 PM You mean she escaped from her compound?

Brent, 12:40 PM Yeah, she did several years ago. She disappeared though, and we haven’t heard from her again. Rule 13 says a lot of Jesuits believe that creepypasta is true. It’s an urban legend.

Gail, 12:41 PM This is not good. What if she becomes a black hole?

Brent, 12:47 PM Sara would probably eat Loree if she saw her. She eats everything.

Gail, 12:47 PM That’s true. Do you have a bit of a headache today?

Brent, 12:48 PM Yeah, and I’m extra sleepy.

Gail, 12:49 PM My throat feels tight, but no breathing problems. The throat business started yesterday. It’s like the muscles in the esophagus or the trachea are having spasms, or maybe it’s the thyroid gland.

Brent, 12:50 PM That’s strange.

Gail, 12:52 PM What will happen if we win the case?

Brent, 12:52 PM Sandra and Loree will go to jail, and we’d get millions of dollars.

Gail, 12:52 PM How would we get millions of dollars since they spend all their money? Keeping Loree in jail is a lost cause if she cannot be killed. She’ll just kill herself and pop up as a clone elsewhere. Maybe that’s why they don’t care if they lose the case.

Brent, 12:55 PM That’s true.

Gail, 12:56 PM You know my body has been feeling like its temperature regulation is a bit out of whack. I had a body temperature of about 96.5 the other day. This appears to be related to thyroid function.

Brent, 12:56 PM It’s probably your thyroid detoxifying from all the yeast.

Gail, 12:56 PM Yeah, I bet that’s why my throat area feels weird. I guess Sandra and Loree were pretty confident they’d win the case and that’s why they didn’t mind playing the court game. Now that they think they might lose, they still think it’s a big joke, since regardless of the outcome, Loree can escape and Loree really doesn’t care about Sandra and figured she can figure out a way to get Sandra out of jail, even if she has to blow up the jail.

Brent, 12:59 PM Sandra would enjoy jail, because she likes lesbian rape.

Gail, 12:59 PM Oh yeah, that, too. Jesus did say winning this case would make a big difference in my life. We may be in for some surprises, then. Loree does seem to be crying out for help. I think my analysis of her is making her think. I have a better idea than jail for Loree. I think she should be court ordered into psychiatric treatment with Gerard Butler. Maybe do it long distance.

Brent, 1:03 PM That would probably help her more than jail.

Gail, 1:03 PM Definitely. She needs to get out of her rut. I think she wants this deep down inside. My sister needs SOLITARY CONFINEMENT by the way. That’s what you do with psychopaths in jail. If Sandra goes to jail. NO PHONE. NO COMMUNICATIONS. SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. The ONLY thing she can have in her jail cell is a BIBLE, including Bible for Tribulation Saints. We’ll tell her, she gets out of jail if she passes an extremely hard Bible test. It has to show that she has become a BIBLE SCHOLAR worthy of a Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. Until then, she stays in solitary confinement. Now, I’ll bet they both want to WIN THE CASE. But it’s too late, we’ve already GOT THEIR NUMBER. Since Sandra is at war with God, she at least deserves to know what she’s up against, because she’s headed for the Great White Throne Judgment and it ain’t looking too good for her! My sister can’t get out of jail until she earns a Ph.D. in Bible or Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. It’s time she used her brains for something worthwhile. I think Sandra engineered this whole Covid-19 nonsense. So that’s what happens to both Sandra and Loree when they lose their case. They won’t like this and are really going to try and win the case now! This is where having genius emotional IQ helps. Ha ha. We will pay for Sandra’s theological training and she must study what we give her, or she stays in jail SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOREVER. So Sandra’s goal was to REFORM ME and/or destroy me. We win the case, WE REFORM HER. No way are we going to let her be a prison bitch. What kind of punishment is that? What good will it do? Force her to get a Ph.D. in Bible Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. If she refuses, the only thing she will have to read in her cell is a Bible and Bible for Tribulation Saints. If she complains, tell her that she’s headed for hell and at least she isn’t burning right now. If Loree doesn’t cooperate with psychiatric counseling with Gerard, all her bank accounts and assets are seized and she’s not allowed to own any property or assets. This way, even if her clone pops up elsewhere, life will be difficult for her.

To get more of my Mensa emotional IQ insights, join me at Patreon for $10. Here is further insight as I went on my walk this morning:

Loree McBride’s YouTube Crap: 45,126 to 41 Views in 15 Minutes!

Check out this video’s views and compare them with the screenshots below! The video’s title changed, but it’s the same video that you see in the screenshots below. Loree McBride manipulates the views to my YouTube videos. If she’s really Brent Spiner’s wife, why does she have to do this?
The time is 4:45 p.m. Oct. 16, 2020. The views are 45,126 and climbing!
The views are 45,126 and climbing. The time is 4:42 p.m. Oct. 16, 2020.
15 minutes later (5 p.m. on Oct. 16, 2020) I refreshed the page, then the views dropped from 45,126 to 41! Loree McBride changed my views at YouTube. I’ve seen this happen before, but with the previous incident I did not take a screenshot, so I lost the evidence of her YouTube tampering.

My men tell me that my actual views at YouTube are in the millions for all my videos. Loree McBride owns the Internet and YouTube and manipulates the views for my entire online presence. She also controls who comments underneath my videos to ensure that anyone with clout (like President Trump or Bill O’Reilly) who’d comment and contradict her lies to the world – that she’s the bona fide wife of Brent Spiner, when it’s actually ME who is the wife of Brent Spiner – she makes sure all such commentators are SILENCED or ELIMINATED.

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Brent Spiner Clone Finds Jesus

Saturday, August 22, 2020 (Skype between Brent and Gail):

Brent, 6:46 PM Wow! Your video analysis of my clone’s interview was brilliant. That guy is such a smug jerk.

Gail, 6:46 PM I am composing a reply to a brilliant fan who did a real good analysis of how to determine if someone is a clone.

Brent, 6:47 PM That sounds interesting.

Gail, 6:48 PM Yeah, when I’m done, I’ll give you the link. It’s a new web page I’m creating at my website.

Brent, 6:49 PM That will be a real helpful resource for our fans.

Gail, 6:55 PM How to Tell lf It’s a Clone

Brent, 6:57 PM Spot on! Which fan was this?

Gail, 6:57 PM I don’t know. But he’s brilliant. Here’s his channel.

Brent, 7:00 PM We have some great fans. They’re nothing like the shallow, money hungry Jesuits that Loree paid to do that interview with my clone.

Gail, 7:01 PM Yeah. Did you use that video in the court case you all have with my family?

Brent, 7:01 PM By the way, we found out something interesting about that bell you heard in the video. Apparently, it was a reward from his owner, Loree. When my clone hears that bell, he orgasms in his pants. If you look very closely, you can see that he had an orgasm. We sure did. It’s very strong evidence.

Gail, 7:02 PM Oh my, that is interesting.

Brent, 7:02 PM Whenever my clone performs exactly like she wants, she sends him a text notification that makes a bell sound, and gives him an orgasm.

Gail, 7:02 PM I have genius emotional I.Q.

Brent, 7:02 PM It’s kind of like what she did to the real Matthew, with that bell.

Gail, 7:03 PM Is that clone still alive?

Brent, 7:03 PM The one from the interview, yes.

Gail, 7:03 PM Is it cuz you can’t execute him, or cuz you need him for legal reasons to stay alive?

Brent, 7:04 PM So far he’s been giving us some useful information on Loree, like the purpose of that bell. He also confirmed that everything you said in your video about that interview was true.

Gail, 7:05 PM Wow. I never saw your June 30th message. Actually my car radio is not missing. Loree appears to be using some strong brain control on me. You mean the clone is COOPERATING WITH US?

Brent, 7:06 PM Yeah. He’s only a few months old, so he’s very impressionable. How should we execute him once we’re done extracting information?

Gail, 7:06 PM Do you have the same amount of age spots that he does? Does he deserve to be executed? I mean is he willing to come over to our side? I am actually a very forgiving person.

Brent, 7:07 PM I don’t have any age spots actually. My skin is quite nice and supple.

Gail, 7:07 PM Why else did I forgive Zack Knight?

Brent, 7:08 PM My clone says you are a beautiful and intelligent woman, and he wishes he was the real me. It makes him very sad.

Gail, 7:08 PM Is he with you?

Brent, 7:09 PM He’s in the brig on Church of Gail.

Gail, 7:09 PM Get an emotion read on him and decide if he’s evil. Also, where is Zack Knight?

Brent, 7:10 PM Scanning now. Zack Knight is having sex with Rule 13.

Gail, 7:10 PM I want Zack Knight’s opinion on whether we should forgive the clone.

Brent, 7:10 PM Our scanners say that this clone is only 35% evil.

Gail, 7:11 PM Hmmmm. Try leading him to Jesus and see what happens, or maybe have Zack Knight try.

Brent, 7:11 PM It may be a case of nurture versus nature, if he’s been conditioned by Loree to act badly. She uses that bell to reward people with instant orgasms for being evil.

Gail, 7:11 PM Zack understands the Jesuit heart.

Brent, 7:12 PM I just sent our interrogating team a message. I told them to ask my clone if he has a moment to speak about Jesus. My clone is thinking about it. The scanner dropped down to 32%.

Gail, 7:12 PM I’m going to pray to Jesus.

Brent, 7:13 PM The scanner dropped down to 29%.

Gail, 7:13 PM I think this clone can be saved.

Brent, 7:13 PM They just handed him a Bible. He’s too young to read, so they’re going to start reading it to him.

Gail, 7:14 PM Tell him that Jesus believes in true love and Satan punishes those who believe in true love and that if he wants true love in his life, Jesus wants to give it to him.

Brent, 7:14 PM Okay, I forwarded that message to our team. They just read it out loud to him. The scanner dropped to 26%.

Gail, 7:15 PM Oh my. I wonder if there is a nice girl at Church of Gail, we could line him up with. Like with Zack, if he ends up loving a good woman, it could transform him.

Brent, 7:15 PM That’s true. Sometimes it just takes a relationship to fix someone. Wow, he’s really enjoying the Bible! The scanner says 20%.

Gail, 7:16 PM Aw. Brent. I think he can get saved! This will really piss off Loree, but why should we execute him if he wants Jesus?

Brent, 7:16 PM He says he’s worried what may happen if he hears a bell again and has an orgasm.

Gail, 7:17 PM Tell him, it takes time to get over bad habits. Jesus understands.

Brent, 7:17 PM The scanner says 18%.

Gail, 7:17 PM If he says the sinner’s prayer, Jesus will work with him.

Brent, 7:17 PM Oh, you’re right! He should say the sinner’s prayer right now. I’ll tell them.

Gail, 7:18 PM Zack had a lot of bad habits as a new Christian and I just lovingly worked with him. It’s important to let new Christians know that Jesus takes them as they are and doesn’t expect them to be super Christians overnight.

Brent, 7:18 PM He’s saying the prayer. Wow! The scanner dropped to 0%! We just successfully brought one of my clones to the Lord! You’re a brilliant missionary my dear!

Gail, 7:19 PM Oh Brent. This is awesome. He can live on Church of Gail. He won’t be returning to Loree McBride. Now we need to find him a good woman. That will help him get over the bell conditioning. In fact, we might be able to cause him to ejaculate to the woman we find for him. Do a scan of all the women at Church of Gail and find one who is compatible with him.

Brent, 7:21 PM Okay, scanning now. It looks like we found a single woman with 101.09% compatibility for my clone.

Gail, 7:22 PM Make the introductions.

Brent, 7:22 PM We’re sending a team to go knock on her door to ask her. She’s interested!

Gail, 7:23 PM This is weird. But I sense that Jesus is jumping up and down in heaven. Jesus is having a party.

Brent, 7:24 PM It looks like she’s been waiting a long time for a husband, and praying to Jesus that one would show up at her door.

Gail, 7:26 PM Hey. I have an idea. Now that we have the clone on our side. Have him and you appear on mainstream television and let him tell his story about how he found Christ and you can talk about the video I made and how it influenced him. This way we can prove to the world that clones exist. Both of you need to appear on mainsteam news. The headline needs to be BRENT SPINER AND HIS CLONE HAVE A CONVERSATION. You might need to keep him at Church of Gail for his protection. Loree would want to kill him.

Brent, 7:27 PM Yeah. If we appeared together on mainstream news, Loree would probably kill us. We might have to keep it on the GCFNN (Gabrielle Chana Fox News Network).

Gail, 7:27 PM Okay. You mean you haven’t shown clones on Gabrielle Chana FOX News yet?

Brent, 7:28 PM She’s probably already got more clones of me ready to go. She probably assumes we had no mercy and executed this one.

Gail, 7:28 PM That’s true.

Brent, 7:28 PM We have, I’m just referring to the idea of me and this clone appearing together for a public interview.

Gail, 7:28 PM Oh, you mean people have never seen the original and the clone together?

Brent, 7:29 PM This would be a first. We’ve never had a clone of me that wasn’t evil and trying to kill me.

Gail, 7:30 PM Except for that dumb clone who thought he was an original and was designed to die when he found out.

Brent, 7:30 PM Yeah. It looks like this one is running on new programming. He hasn’t died yet.

Gail, 7:30 PM Hey, is it possible to send me the interview and I could sponsor it at my YouTube channel? After all, Loree is not expecting this, so she may not be able to sabotage the interview.

Brent, 7:31 PM Hmm. That might be too dangerous, but I bet I could get a transcript.

Gail, 7:31 PM Okay, I don’t want her to kill you. She’s been dropping a ton of bombs over my head this past month. She’s on a rampage.

Brent, 7:32 PM Oh yeah. She’s been screwing up the weather all over the country too, and starting fires and storms.

Gail, 7:33 PM Both of my ears are stuffy from the bombs. I wonder what Jesus is up to with my apartment. Next month, I will have to pay for my cable bill using PayPal. I’m starting to run out of money. I made it thus far, cuz of Trump’s stimulus payment of $1200 in April. That $850 a month rent is pretty steep for me.

Brent, 8:02 PM The men and I are going to keep brainstorming, and doing our Gail Commandments. The “only food and bills” rule is definitely important for right now.

Gail, 8:02 PM I agree. That’s why I haven’t bought a new car battery, since it appears as long as I drive the car at least once a week, the battery will work for now. I tried the car this morning after 4 days off and it was a bit of a slow start, but not bad enough to warrant a new battery. I may just give it a joy ride tomorrow.

Brent, 8:04 PM That sounds like a good idea. Either way, it’s in much better shape than the van. It seems to be taking good care of you.

Gail, 8:04 PM Yeah, When I read the Bible I’m in the section where the Israelites are about to enter the Promised Land and Jesus promised to keep their shoes good and that their clothes would not wear out. He seemed to tell me he’d do the same with my car.

Brent, 8:05 PM That’s very wise. I feel the same. You have our support, dear. We all love you very much. Your fans and online supporters do as well, and believe in you.

Brent, 8:10 PM We’ll see what unfolds. For now it would at least be nice to have you in a nicer place that you can afford.

Gail, 8:10 PM Yeah, that’s true. I definitely cannot afford to live here at xxxx any more. Problem is, housing is going up everywhere cuz of the PLANDEMIC. Loree has created such a mess. How is your court case going with my family? Terrance said he was trying to get David to pay me my military retirement portion. Maybe you can’t talk about it. If so, I understand, if the case is still going.

Brent, 8:12 PM Terrance is still working on it. He’s such a good judge. We’re definitely doing all we can in court.

Gail, 8:12 PM I know you all fight for me. I’ve been getting a lot of commentators who I suspect may work for my evil sister. They say stuff that degrades me for being on welfare and taking all their tax money. I don’t know how they know I’m on welfare, cuz I never talk about it online. That seems to be a constant theme with the trolls who comment underneath my YouTube videos.

Brent, 8:14 PM That Westboro Baptist person is really strange. I saw what they wrote. That’s such a strange thing to lie about.

Gail, 8:15 PM Do they work for Loree McBride or my sister?

Brent, 8:15 PM I’d say the Jesuits need to get their story straight. They can’t have it both ways. If in fact you are mentally ill, like they claim, then that means you deserve welfare and disability. If you don’t, then are they saying you’re not crazy?They’re trying to dismiss you as crazy, but then act offended when you take welfare and disability. So which is it then, Jesuits?

Gail, 8:16 PM I think they’re getting paid big money from either Loree McBride or my sister. In fact, Loree or my sister may be giving them a script. Are you hearing stuff like this in court, too?

Brent, 8:17 PMYeah. It seems like some of those commenters are being paid by your sister.8:18 PMThey seem to have gotten on this theme after you all started that court case with my sister. Exactly what are you trying to get from my sister in court?Brent, 8:18 PMWe want her to take responsibility for falsely Baker Acting you with lies.

Gail, 8:18 PM Before the court case, I never heard a troll get on me about welfare. This seems like something my sister would be behind. She probably brings this up with my mother all the time to justify her meddling into my life.

Brent, 8:20 PM Oh yeah. That’s a total Sandra move.

Gail, 8:20 PM Have you all been reading my letters to Vladimir Putin that I wrote in 2003 to 2005? I am publishing them at my website. Check the links at the bottom of this page.

Brent, 8:27 PM I’ve been reading them, but I’m not completely caught up yet.

Gail, 8:28 PM I started about a month ago. Did you just start reading them? Or have you been reading them since I started a month ago? If anything, they prove that I am very CONSISTENT. The consistency alone speaks volumes.

Brent, 8:28 PM I’ve been reading them since you started.

Gail, 8:28 PM That’s what I thought. It appears our brain to brain has been fairly accurate. Loree changes her story every year.

Brent, 8:29 PM That is true.

Gail, 8:30 PM I’m surprised your court case is still going. Anything I can help with? My sister must be pretty clever.

Brent, 8:30 PM So far all your videos and online posts have been very helpful.

Gail, 8:30 PM So publishing the old letters has been helpful? I also gave them to Terrance in the file, but it’s kind of confusing. It’s easier to understand them and get them in proper order when I publish them.

Brent, 8:31 PM Yep, they’ve been helping a lot.

Gail, 8:32 PM We are establishing the consistency of my testimony by those letters and showing who I am and who my mother and sister are. I actually forgot how my sister was back then, but she’s always been a bit uppity around me. I read the letters and remembered. Especially if I talk about you guys or anything related to Vladimir Putin or you. She’s not very receptive to anything out of the ordinary about me. She has me in this box, where she feels comfortable dealing with me.

Brent, 8:34 PM She wants to be able to control and dominate the people around her.

Gail, 8:34 PM Yeah, I think she learned that from my mother, who, I believe, is a narcissist. My mother criticized me so much growing up and always said I was JUST LIKE MY SELFISH FATHER. By the way, has my dad testified? You know, my mother says all these bad things about him and knowing what she’s like, she may have lied.

Brent, 8:36 PM You know, that’s probably true. We actually haven’t been able to find your dad. He really went into hiding from your mom.

Gail, 8:37 PM I believed her growing up. But now I’m not so sure. My sister also claimed that my dad and his wife murdered my grandmother. Now, knowing my sister, I don’t know what to believe. Last I heard my dad lives in the xxxxx, Florida area.

Brent, 8:37 PM Have you tried to reach out to him?

Gail, 8:38 PM No, I have not. I still believe all the bad things my mother says about him, I’m afraid. Maybe you all could scan him and determine if my mother is right. My mother characterizes him as cold, even cold enough to murder his own mother.

Brent, 8:40 PM How do they think he did it? I think I forgot.

Gail, 8:40 PM My sister claims that he was poisoned and that his wife Elaine did it. She was poisoned. My mother always said that she knew Bob (my dad) would not divorce Elaine, because they both shared the same criminal, cold heart and made a good team. I wasn’t sure if my mother was right or not, so I haven’t contacted him. My sister got really involved with my aunt Berteale (who died in 2002) and uncle Howard Brown in Atlanta and wanted an investigation into my paternal grandmother’s death, suspecting that my dad or Elaine, his wife, poisoned her, supposedly to get the last of my grandfather’s money. If it’s not true, or even if it is true, you can see why my dad doesn’t want to be involved with my mother!

Brent, 8:44 PM Your mom and sister lie really badly about you, too. I definitely am skeptical of anything they say. Sandra was probably mad that she didn’t get any money.

Gail, 8:44 PM It’s kind of like how I feel about her. Which makes me wonder if perhaps my sister made the whole thing up. My sister has always been a busybody. Yeah, I am starting to think my dad is not the bad ogre that my mother and sister say he is. But his first wife, according to my mother, died homeless, living in a car. My mother has big obsession with money and homelessness. Like she’s extremely worried that’s how she’ll end up. Even when her financial situation is ten times better than mine. Of course, that’s all MY FAULT. She will never forgive me for turning down a chance to be an Air Force officer, to obey Jesus and go to Bible college instead.

Brent, 8:47 PM Your mom is the type that just never has enough and is always insecure. That’s why she took it out on you growing up.

Gail, 8:48 PM My sister would NEVER do such a foolish thing. But Jesus made it clear to me he wanted me at this Bible college. I got some clear signs. My mother has NO FAITH in Jesus. I guess she’ll get into heaven by the skin of her teeth. Have you determined why my sister is BFF with Loree McBride? Has Loree made any appearance in court on behalf of my sister?

Brent, 8:49 PM It’s because they have the same emotional IQ and the same heart. Both Loree and Sandra have been in court.

Gail, 8:50 PM How would you define their emotional IQ?

Brent, 8:50 PM Very low, basically narcissistic.

Gail, 8:50 PM Yeah, I can tell they’ve both been in court by the commentators who comment underneath my video. They drop hints about the nature of the case. Narcissistic. What about sociopathic?

Brent, 8:51 PM Your sister is definitely a bit of a psychopath too. She’s a schemer.

Gail, 8:52 PM That’s even worse. If she’s a psychopath, it means she was BORN THAT WAY. Empathy is something I’ve never seen in her. It’s funny how I can be so forgiving and filled with empathy and she’s so opposite me. How’s that clone doing by the way?

Brent, 8:53 PM The clone is really happy now that he’s found true love and Jesus. He messaged us to say “THANK YOU, GAIL!” Loree or Sandra wouldn’t have been so forgiving and merciful.

Gail, 8:53 PM That’s cool. What’s he doing right now?

Brent, 8:54 PM He’s having a Bible study date with his new lover.

Gail, 8:54 PM That is really wonderful. Well, if he’s anything like you, he can get really deep with his new lover. Does Loree know that we won him to the Lord? Perhaps I should keep it secret for now?

Brent, 8:55 PM We’re doing an emotional scan on Loree right now. Wow, she is PISSED.

Gail, 8:56 PM How did she find out?

Brent, 8:56 PM The clone hasn’t been answering his phone. She keeps sending him texts with that bell notification, but he won’t respond. She checked the GCFNN channel and he hasn’t been publicly executed. She’s throwing a tantrum and screeching that we probably converted him, just like we did Zack Knight.

Gail, 8:57 PM Oh, so it really happens fast. One of the commentators said that an Australian show made a documentary about me saying how crazy I was, but then the comment vanished. They meant it to be an insult, but decided it better not to mention it I guess.

Brent, 8:58 PM That is weird.

Gail, 8:58 PM Maybe they made the whole thing up?

Brent, 8:58 PM I’ve never heard of an Australian documentary about you.

Gail, 8:58 PM I wonder why they’d lie about that? I answered that I must be pretty important if they made a documentary about me, but then the comment just vanished. By the way, a lot of my comments underneath my videos vanish. I don’t get it. I’ll write something and then “poof”, it’s gone.

Brent, 9:00 PM I notice that too. Not sure what that is.

Gail, 9:01 PM I wonder if Loree has agents at YouTube.

Brent, 9:01 PM I don’t doubt that she’s corrupted YouTube.

Gail, 9:01 PM It’s probably her agents having fun at YouTube. What’s my sister doing now?

Brent, 9:02 PM Scanning your sister now. She’s masturbating.

Gail, 9:03 PM Who is she thinking about?

Brent, 9:03 PM Loree McBride.

Gail, 9:03 PM How often do those two make love? My sister is full blown lesbian.

Brent, 9:04 PM They do it at least 3 to 5 times per day. They make Sandra’s husband watch, and then torture him BDSM style.

Gail, 9:04 PM Why doesn’t he leave my sister? What kind of life is this for him?

Brent, 9:05 PM He has a very low emotional IQ as well. He’s not necessarily a bad person, he’s just naive and doesn’t want to admit that Sandra is a toxic woman. He’s submissive and does what she says.

Gail, 9:06 PM It must be too humiliating to admit that he’s such a failure as a man. I wonder if we can reach him somehow.

Brent, 9:06 PM Yeah, that’s definitely part of it. He’s in denial.

Gail, 9:07 PM He may be staying in the marriage for the sake of his kids, too. How is Sandra as a mother? Has she destroyed her kids? She tries to come across as a doting parent.

Brent, 9:07 PM Yeah. Guys like that have trouble leaving bad partners. She’s very narcissistic toward her children, just like her own mother.

Gail, 9:08 PM How are her children doing?

Brent, 9:09 PM They’re getting by, but they’ve been affected by her crazy parenting. She’s highly controlling.

Gail, 9:09 PM Loree seems to have turned her son Jackson into an evil kid. He looks evil when I see his face.

Brent, 9:09 PM She wants him to be an SJW feminist cuck.

Gail, 9:10 PM How does he feel about this?

Brent, 9:10 PM He doesn’t know any better. He’s just doing what his mother wants and doesn’t realize it yet.

Gail, 9:10 PM I wonder if we can reach him. Loree probably watches over him like a hawk. Has he been in court, too? The trolls all say my son hates me. But I’m hearing different things from you brain to brain.

Brent, 9:13 PM Your son doesn’t even talk to trolls, so they wouldn’t know. Loree has kept her son out of court. She has him off doing SJW protests instead.

Gail, 9:14 PM Does she abuse him like she does most people?

Brent, 9:15 PM Yeah, basically. Your sister and Loree are both the same. They’re bitches to everyone.

Gail, 9:15 PM Now I feel sorry for him. I wonder if we can sneak transport him to Church of Gail and lead him to Jesus, too, Then maybe he can live with the Brent Spiner clone as an adopted son.

Brent, 9:16 PM That’s a good idea. All right, I’m going to get my chores done and make sure I get to bed on time. I’ve been staying tight on those Gail Commandments.

Gail, 9:17 PM Yeah, I need to do the same. It was lots of fun talking to you.

Brent, 9:17 PM I heard Loree was trying to send a huge hurricane to Melbourne, but our shield broke it down.

Gail, 9:18 PM That must be one of those two heading toward the Gulf coast right now. Those germ bombs are driving me crazy, though.

Brent, 9:18 PM That’s why the gulf is getting those storms. They were part of a massive hurricane that Loree was trying to create.

Gail, 9:19 PM Loree sure keeps us busy! Thanks for all you do for me, love. I’ll get going on my chores, too and try to do all you suggested regarding the housing on Monday. Oh, you mean the Gail Shield took down the hurricane? My bowels always feel like they’re burning from the bombs.

Brent, 9:20 PM Okay. I had lots of fun talking to you too. I’ll check in with you again on Monday. Yeah, our shield split the hurricane into two storms and weakened it. It was a huge apocalyptic hurricane before. It was headed straight to Melbourne and would have been the worst hurricane in history.

Gail, 9:21 PM Are there two shields? Or is it just my Gail Shield?

Brent, 9:21 PM Just the Gail Shield.

Gail, 9:21 PM I’ve been more diligent about my bedtime lately. Okay, I better leave now. Apparently, hitting the sack early makes a big difference in my Gail Shield. Love you, darling! You’re the best.

Brent, 9:22 PM Love you too, darling! Let’s get some rest.

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