OVERWHELMING CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence from Star Trek: The Next Generation that Brent Spiner & Gail Chord Schuler had a relationship (1990 – 1994).

I started writing Brent at Paramount Studios in 1989. I wrote him about once a month. Most of these letters have been thrown out. All letters I wrote him after I recognized his voice to me on the phone (June 1991 to December 1993), I did not keep copies of, due to a very jealous husband who threatened to divorce me if I wrote Brent. I composed them on the computer and printed them, but did not save them to files, since my husband would be able to retrieve the files, even if I deleted them.

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I received this at my Miami, Florida address on Sept. 11, 1989. After watching the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Pen Pals” in August 1989 on CBS in Miami, Florida (it was a rerun of a previously aired episode) I had this desire to write the actor Brent Spiner, because I saw in his performance a greatness of heart and soul that I admired. I admired the courage and integrity Data showed as a man who was willing to go against the social justice warriors, to do what was the right thing to do, to honor his conscience above respectability. I watched it with rabbit ears. We did not have cable in Miami. The “Pen Pals” recording below I did after we moved to Seattle in May 1991, and I caught it during Star Trek: The Next Generation reruns and videotaped it. I talked my husband into getting us cable when we lived in Seattle, cuz that seemed the only way to get most television stations in Seattle and secretly I wanted cable cuz Star Trek: The Next Generation aired from Tacoma and we did not get good reception of KCPQ where I lived in Seattle (Lynnwood). So cuz I had cable I could set up my timer to record every Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. Even though I didn’t start watching Star Trek: The Next Generation until its second season (1989-90), I eventually saw every Star Trek: The Next Generation episode through reruns on KCPQ in Seattle. My husband was often out to sea and though he banned Star Trek in our house as a demonic New Age show, I watched it in secret when he wasn’t around.

I would tape the episodes and decide if I wanted to keep it to add to my collection. I wasn’t too impressed with most episodes after the third season, so most of what I have is from the second, third and fourth seasons. I confess that I am not a Star Trek fan and the ONLY Star Trek I have liked is Star Trek: The Next Generation, which I feel had the best writing of any Star Trek series. I haven’t seen one episode of any Star Trek series after Star Trek: The Next Generation. I sensed that Jesuits infiltrated Star Trek after Brent fell in love with me and they ruined Star Trek after that.

The two posts below are from screenshots of Jesuit websites.

I always saw Brent as Brent Spiner and not as Data when I wrote him letters and with my genius emotional I.Q. I pegged him right from the start. That may explain why he fell in love with me after reading my letters. Because he worked for Star Trek, I offered free critiques of all their episodes, which I told Brent he could pass onto the Star Trek writers. I did not like Brannon Braga’s writings. I could tell he wrote some episodes to poke fun at me and they were quite derogatory about me. I also thought he was a horrible writer and only made it cuz he had Jesuit connections. I especially hated “Phantasms” which featured Brent prominently, but had a character that I could tell was patterned after me in Ensign Tyler who had a crush on LaForge and was portrayed like a Star Trek fan who had an obsessive crush on LaForge. Cuz I became a writer to honor Brent and I felt I was a better writer than Brannon Braga, especially after seeing this sorry episode by Brannon. Brannon knew that any episode that featured a lot of Brent, I’d watch, and he made sure to insult me in this one. Brannon had phone rings a lot in this episode (inferring how I always picked up the phone when Brent called me). When this episode aired, Brent had wiretapped my phone (Jan. 1994) and Brannon was trying to make our phone relationship seem unhealthy. Brent often called me (at least once a week) and had his co-stars fake as someone else, but I recognized their voices. Though Brent called me, he never spoke to me anymore after 1993. He often used his friends to pose as someone else and I got a lot of “wrong numbers”. Brent and I had to be careful, cuz my husband was very jealous. When I saw “Phantasms” I realized that Brent and I had enemies at Paramount and that Brannon Braga was one of them. I always saw my relationship with Brent as awesome and Brannon tried to make it appear sick. I despised Brannon Braga after I saw this episode. Not so much for his insults on me, but for just being a sorry human being. Cuz I saw him as a shallow man who could never understand that my love for Brent and his for me belonged to the heavens. I felt our love was so far above this cruddy Brannon Braga, that he treated it like dirt, cuz he was evil like Satan, and like how Satan hated the awesome Jesus, Brannon was a dirt bag. The episode convinced me that Brannon Braga was deep into the occult and an evil man and opposed me cuz I was a born again Christian. I felt like the love between Brent and I was so awesome that Brent and I should be examples for the world to follow. His portrayal of my Brent made Brent seem like a vulgar person. Ironically, Brannon’s portrayal of Data reminds me of the vulgar Brent Spiner clone (who was probably secretly in existence at this time). Our love was so awesome, that the ugly, greedy people of the world, who could never understand love, found it a threat, cuz we would not lower ourselves to their level to accommodate evil people. I told Brent that I thought Brannon Braga was a sorry writer and only made it cuz he had connections and that he seemed jealous of me as a writer and a very petty person. I don’t think Brent liked “Phantasms” either. He knew that Brannon wrote it to insult our relationship. The episode had a lot of images that seemed to insult my relationship with Brent at the time. At this point in my relationship with Brent, we communicated solely through the telephone. I feature “Phantasms” on this page as CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE that Brent and I had a relationship, cuz it obviously interested Brannon Braga enough to write an episode to insult our relationship. The parallels between images and characters in “Phantasms” and my relationship with Brent at the time are too many to just be mere coincidence.

UPDATE: I have noticed there is a scene where Brannon Braga put Spot into the scene and Data had to give Spot to Worf cuz he was scared he might injure Spot when he loses control of his mind. Eerily similar to what really happened to Brent, Spot and Loree McBride in Sept. 1992.

I know that Brent worked in Threshold in 2005/2006. But that was many years later and perhaps at that time Brannon (Threshold producer) lost interest in me, cuz from Sept. 26, 2001 to Feb. 2006 I was obsessed with Vladimir Putin. It’s interesting that Threshold got cancelled in the same month when I reinstated Brent as my primary brain to brain lover in Feb. 2006. LOTS OF CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE HERE.

Right before my divorce in 2001, I mailed to my mother the videocassettes of my favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes that I had taped off of KCPQ Tacoma WA, cuz I feared my husband would destroy them to spite me during the divorce proceedings.


I had a pen friendship with Melody Rondeau, who gave me lots of behind-the-scenes information about Brent Spiner at the time. I subscribed to her newsletter called “Data Entries” at the time. Melody and I developed a bond because we were both Christians.

At the same time, I developed a bit of a pen friendship with Richard Arnold, who worked at the same studio where Brent worked. I recalled thinking how humble and down to earth this man seemed and I was tickled that he was willing to write me letters. I have lost what I wrote to him. I think my husband was too jealous, so I did not keep it.

Melody was a very nice lady, and she actually published my first piece of writing, the teleplay “Lal” I wrote for Brent in 1993 & 1994.

The pamphlet Melody was referring to, was a gospel tract I left with her. She let me know that she is a Christian. I was actually feeling kind of guilty about writing Hollywood people, due to my very strict Baptist church that taught that Satan ruled over Hollywood as the Hollywood cesspool of evil. So I justified my friendships with these heathens by seeing my letters to them as a sort of ministry for Jesus to reach them for Jesus. I figured if I could lead Hollywood people to Jesus, I would give Jesus some valuable disciples with influence. I can assure you that nothing I wrote to Brent was of a romantic nature (up until the time he called me and made love to me on the phone in May 1991) for this reason. But I felt like I needed to branch out and broaden my views, which were my REAL MOTIVES for writing Hollywood. This seemed like a good way to do it. I was stretching my wings and trying to find where I belonged. Brent’s fame did not phase me. I did not care about that at all. It was his artistry and creativity and his courage to be true to his vision that intrigued me. I admired him for taking risks and being willing to follow his heart to be an actor and I believe I wrote him this. I respected him for being unconventional. To me, this indicated he was a pioneer, a visionary, and courageous. I was right about this, by the way! Even as a rigid Christian, I still had genius emotional I.Q. I am not saying that all Christians were rigid, but that at this time I was a rigid Christian, influenced by the rigidity of the church group I hung out with. So while I did comment about Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes and what I thought about them to Brent and Richard, I would throw in my own spiritual perspectives about it all and indulged in some small talk about life and philosophy, trying to find a way to witness to these guys about Jesus.

I actually got kind of attached to Richard. He was so personable in his letters to me. I felt like these Star Trek folks helped me to find another part of me that I was denying to myself. At this time, I sent him a photo of me with my husband and son and I believe at this time, I sent a photo to Brent of me with my husband and child, too. I wore a red church dress with my husband and son next to me, and it was taken in our Miami front yard.

I let Richard know that I had not heard back from Brent in July 1990. I started writing him about Sept. 1989. I think Brent did send me a autographed photo, but Jesuits or my husband intercepted it. I had send Richard a gospel tract and this was his response.

Actually, I agreed with a lot of what Richard sent and when I read his open and transparent response to me, I could relate to a lot of what he was saying. Like I said before, I had to convince myself that I was only writing him to mentor him into Christianity, but I was actually on my own spiritual exploration, feeling a bit constricted in the very strict Baptist church I attended. I loved Jesus but felt my church didn’t have him quite right and I was right about this, too! I was going to a very strict church, that believed in the King James Bible only, though they were unconventional in some other areas, which I admired about them. I have always admired originality. But I did not respect their rigidity.

This is the photo he sent me. Even though he told me Brent had written me a letter, I wasn’t sure it was true. But I wasn’t mad at Brent or anything. I figured with him being a big star, he was just too deluged and busy to write me, which Richard mentioned in his letter.

In early September 1990, I went to my mailbox and noticed a white business type envelope, with a hastily slapped postage stamp in the upper right corner, no return address and an Atlanta postmark. My heart jumped, because I thought it might be from Brent. It was mailed to my previous Miami address and forwarded to me at my new Miami address. Here is what the letter said. It was on regular white typing paper, with Brent’s signature. This really impressed me. It was like Brent knew that I didn’t really care about getting an autographed photo, that a letter would mean much more to me. Perhaps Brent feared if he sent an autographed photo that it would be intercepted, like what he had mailed me earlier. I would also like to say that at this time, I was getting phone calls, about once a month from someone who called me (I had given Brent my phone number in my letters to him) and who was silent on the other end when I picked up the phone and said, “Hello?” I recall picking up the phone thinking it might be Brent, then laughing to myself and saying, “No way!” So I didn’t make too much of the calls. I actually believe they were from Brent, now.

August 1990
Dear Ms. Schuler (Gail Chord Schuler),
I apologize for the lateness of this reply, but due to my schedule on Star Trek: The Next Generation and off, I’m behind on my mail.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.  They were read with appreciation.
Thank you for your comments about my portrayal of Data.  They were read with interest.
I hope you continue to watch and enjoy the show.

Brent Spiner (he signed his first and last name)


I threw out the 1990 letter Brent wrote me in 2000 when I divorced my husband, so that my husband would not drag Brent into the divorce, but being the sick Jesuit husband that he was, it did not work. Makes me wish I kept the letter now.

I stayed up all night to make this album of hymns for him. I was so honored that he wrote me a personal letter. I never expected him to fall in love with me as a result of this.


I wrote down the names of some of the songs I sang on that tape. It took up about a half hour I believe.

As you can see, I was not after Brent for romance. At this time, I was really stressed out about possibly losing my son to the state and I let Brent know about it. Notice the date of the letter. It was written in Dec. 1990. Melody let me know that Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes usually aired about 2 months after they were filmed.

Brent was reading my mail at this time and picked up on the fact that I almost got an ulcer dealing with the state about my son. I actually believe that at this time the Jesuit Order may have been trying to take my son from me cuz with their mind reads, they determined that Brent Spiner was falling in love with me. You see, they knew that he was behind the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Drumhead” which went into production at the same time I was writing Brent letters about my persecution from the state over a mistake. “The Drumhead” was all about an innocent young man who was being tried for a serious crime over a “mistake”. Also, when “The Drumhead” aired indicates it was in production about a month after I wrote this Jan. 1991 letter to Brent, cuz Star Trek episodes aired two months after production, and it aired on April 29, 1991. I recall that I was SO PROUD of Star Trek in 1991 for doing this! That would give the Star Trek writer Jeri Taylor about a month to write a script before production started. So production was probably in February. The script was excellent, by the way. I was SO impressed with that episode.

How Loree McBride has ruined Star Trek since she has become the Jesuit leader (2017 to now).

He was part of my exploration to find myself, but as you can see, he wasn’t interested in participating in that. Looking back on this, I laugh. Ironically, the one person who I was sure was not interested in helping me find myself, Brent Spiner, was making a music album for me at this time!

I believe I sent Richard a tape of hymns. I can’t remember if I sang in them or not. Richard was wrong about Brent, though.

I convinced myself that I was only interested in having a spiritual influence on Brent and Richard and not using them as part of my own spiritual journey. This was how I justified to myself my interest in writing them. Though, honestly and truly, I was NOT looking for romance. Being a married woman at the time, that would have been a real NO NO.

Three days after I wrote this letter to Melody, “The Drumhead” aired on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I knew Brent was behind it because of what I wrote to him in my letters. I was SO HONORED. I wrote him to let him know, but do not have those letters. I may have been afraid to keep them cuz I always tried to protect Brent from my jealous husband. THE TIMING OF THE RELEASE OF “THE DRUMHEAD” DEFINITELY INDICATES IT WAS A RESPONSE TO MY LETTERS TO BRENT SPINER AT THIS TIME. ALSO, THE TIMING OF BRENT’S FIRST MUSIC ALBUM INDICATES HE MADE “OL’ YELLOW EYES IS BACK” as a response to the music cassette I mailed Brent in Sept. 1990.


Right after I moved to Seattle from Miami, I received phone calls from a man with a tenor voice (Brent Spiner) who made love to me on the phone. I suspected the caller was from Paramount Studios and went on a quest to figure out who my mystery caller was.

I told NO ONE about the calls, though. It was my secret quest. I did not want my husband to know, cuz I feared he would blame my Hollywood correspondence and I did not want to lose my Hollywood friends. As part of my quest, I went to the library and checked out books about graphology (handwriting analysis) to try and figure out if it could be Brent or Richard, though I had no idea who it was at this time. I had Brent’s real signature in the letter he mailed me.

I sent Richard a form letter asking him if he understood that I only wanted to be his friend, trying to figure out who was calling me on the phone. That ended our correspondence. I realized after getting his letter that he was not my mystery caller and I became quite upset that I lost my pen friend. It was like my journey to find my new spiritual self had been cut off and I was stuck in my rigid religious world. Brent called me right after I got Richard’s letter. I think I wrote him and let him know that Richard cut me off and he said, “How are you?”

“Who’s THIS?” I answered.

And then he hung up.

I still had not received Brent’s music album “Ol’ Yellow Eye Is Back” from Melody yet. I was about to get a BIG SURPRISE.

I received the album around June 26 or 27th, 1991. When I listened to the music, I figured out who my mystery caller was. I wrote Brent and told him that I figured out he was the one who made love to me on the phone. My phone then rang off the hook and Brent would blow his breath onto the phone sometimes like a caress when I picked up the phone. I’d get so turned on, I’d masturbate all day. I was feeling really guilty about this, though. I was furious at God that I had to turn Brent down cuz I didn’t want for our awesome love to be adultery. And yet, one part of me felt like I was being liberated. Brent was transforming me and I was finding out who I really was.

I LOVED the cover photo Brent used for his album. He seemed to be looking right at me. I was convinced that he truly loved me and so mad at God that I couldn’t have him. I realized when I listened to his music, that if I was free, Brent loved me enough to marry me.

I sent Melody a tape of my singing as thanks for sending me Brent’s album. I didn’t tell her that I figured out he was my mystery caller. I really loved Brent and wanted to protect him from my jealous husband, so I told NO ONE ABOUT HIM AT THIS TIME. I mean I told no one that he had made love to me on my phone.

I wanted to see my Brent find Jesus, so I opened up a bit about him to Dr. Peter Ruckman, who I greatly respected at this time. Though I said nothing about Brent’s phone calls to me and just played that he was a Hollywood actor I wanted to win to Jesus. At this time, I noticed that the networks were covering the child abuse industry and exposing how the state abused their power and tried to control the family. I knew Brent was behind this and worshiped him for this.

These letters reveal how much I loved Brent. I saw him, not as the big star, but the intelligent, sensitive man who loved me from the depths of his heart and who I could not have in marriage or I’d be in sin. I recall one of our conversations.
“It must be so hard for you to call me and talk to me. I mean it takes a lot of guts.”

“It’s not easy,” Brent said. “Yes, it does take guts. I adore you. You are so gorgeous.”

And then he’d hang up. I loved him so much and I still do. The love has lasted from 1990 to now. When I found out about Loree McBride I was confused, until God told me in 1999 that she was a Vatican agent used to try and destroy the love between Brent and me.

I led Brent Spiner to Jesus in Sept. 2011. He has met with Jesus Christ almost every day from 2012 to now. He is now studying for the ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary. I am so proud of my awesome husband Brent Spiner! When it is God’s time, I will be with him, living with him as his wife.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Ship in a Bottle” (below) hinted at my relationship with Brent. The Moriarty character was patterned after Brent and his love interest who had dark hair like I did at the time was patterned after me. The Moriarty character was left handed like Brent. His love interest was described as brilliant and beautiful. These Star Trek writers saw my amazing teleplay “Lal” which was an amazing accomplishment for a one month old writer. I was very proud of it, especially since I was such a young writer at the time and felt, and still do, that it would have made a great episode. Because I felt this way and felt their rejection of it showed prejudice against me, they insulted me a bit at the end of this episode by saying I was proud. If you’ll notice the actress who portrayed Regina looks uncannily similar to me. I sent Brent a lot of videos of me, so he and his Star Trek friends knew what I looked like. Rene Echevarria wrote this episode and he ended it that they had a new born star to study, very much like how I ended my teleplay “Lal”. “Lal” was a sequel to Rene Echevarria’s “The Offspring” and Melinda Snodgrass’s “The Measure of a Man”.

I submitted my rejected teleplay “Lal” in July 1992 to Paramount Studios. It was rejected around the end of July 1992. It appears that Brent was sorely disappointed that my teleplay was not accepted. I think he was personally delivering the teleplay to the writers as I did rewrites and submitted them to Brent. I wanted Brent to have the very best teleplay to act in. I gave him a lot to do. Perhaps Star Trek had Rene Echevarria write “Ship in a Bottle” to try to make it up to Brent that Paramount Studios allowed Loree McBride to drug rape Brent in Sept. 1992. My teleplay begins and ends with a star about to go nova, and that’s how Rene Echevarria ended this teleplay. It appears he wrote it right after my teleplay was rejected. It aired Jan. 23, 1993, which means it was in production about Nov. 23, 1993 and was probably written Aug. to Nov. 1992. Very shortly after this, Loree McBride would come back into Brent’s life as Loree clone #2. When I saw it, I thought it was a good episode, but I wasn’t sure what to make of it, in terms of its depiction of Brent and me. I laughed to myself, that they apparently had read my teleplay and thought me an arrogant upstart of a writer. In fact, the disturbed and tired look on Brent’s face during “Ship in a Bottle” seems to indicate Loree clone #2 may have just popped back into Brent’s life at the time “Ship in a Bottle” was in production. With this episode obviously made to honor Brent and Gail’s love, is it any wonder the Jesuits chose this episode to bring back Loree?

See the amazing parallels between me and the woman Countess Regina in the episode. I always conducted myself with class around Brent, so I’m not surprised that they portrayed me as a Countess. Loree McBride is the complete opposite of me in that respect. I have never been jealous of Loree. I have always considered her cheap and trashy and beneath me. I knew Brent never loved her. I just thought he was a coward and had her in some sort of weird studio business relationship – until the Lord told me she was a Vatican agent in 1999.

FINAL QUESTION: Why was Star Trek: The Next Generation cancelled at the HEIGHT OF ITS POPULARITY in 1994? Could it be that the Jesuits did not want more episodes like “Ship in a Bottle”, “The Drumhead”, etc. that made it a bit too obvious that Brent and Gail had a relationship? In fact, everything that followed Star Trek: The Next Generation was inferior to it. Also, Gene Roddenberry died shortly after Brent started making love to Gail on the phone in May 1991. The Jesuits apparently waited until Texan Gene Roddenberry was dead to attack Gail, cuz they knew with Roddenberry at the helm, that they could not use Paramount to extort Loree McBride onto Brent Spiner. Roddenberry died Oct. 24, 1991, very shortly after Brent called and made love to Gail. Jesuits knew they had to get rid of Roddenberry before they could introduce Loree McBride into Paramount studios. That manly Texan would never tolerate Loree McBride drug raping one of his stars at the very studio where he worked! Brent had his first sexual encounter (drug rape) at the studio in the GREEN ROOM with Loree McBride. WHAT A STRANGE PLACE TO START A RELATIONSHIP! You mean he didn’t take her out on a date? The date was the GREEN ROOM?!


Andy Woods/Arnold Fruchtenbaum Study of Revelation/Daniel/Satan/Feminism – Brilliant & Accurate Bible Study

I have compiled a group of men who best represent what I believe as a Christian of Jewish ancestry, to scoff at false Christians/evolutionists/atheists/Loree McBride Jesuits who think that people who believe like I do are stupid, gullible, insane neurotics, when actually it is the other way around. Those who side with me are the most logical, brilliant geniuses on the planet, who have put much time and thought into our belief systems. The simple truth is, all of us have a religion, whether it be atheism, Christianity, Protestantism, Catholicisim, New Age, Buddhist, agnostic or whatever. We are all operating on faith. My faith is in the God of the Bible. If you are an evolutionist your faith is in the teachings of religionists who believe (by faith) that man came about through a random assortment of events called evolution, which is so unlikely it requires even more faith to believe that than to believe the Bible! So this is not really a debate between those of faith and those not of faith, but a debate between which faith is more correct. I present the evidence for what I believe here.

Despite Loree McBride’s propaganda campaign to portray me as a paranoid schizophrenic, I am actually a brilliant Bible scholar, theologian, life philosopher and thinker who has put extensive thought and study into my approach to the Bible, to Christianity, to religion, to Jesus Christ, to science, to politics and to the notion of the existence of God. I have created this page to summarize the conclusions I have arrived at and which sources most helped me come to those conclusions. Despite Loree McBride’s lies, I do believe that most people who have the highest I.Q.s are believers in God and the Bible. I myself am an honorary member of Mensa.

For my theology, I am heavily influenced by Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Andy Woods who seem, to me, to interpret the Bible most accurately (based on my own very extensive personal Bible readings).

For my approaches to evolution/creation and the question of “What is truth?” I have included some other videos and information which may help you to see the basis for what I believe. I actually come from a background of science, and have a degree in health sciences from Florida State University (graduated with honors). But I am mostly a self-taught person, having been an avid reader most of my life. I also studied at a Christian university (Baptist University of America) with an emphasis on missions, education and humanities.

Regarding some of my more unorthodox beliefs, like my belief in the existence of clones, UFOs, etc., read my book Bible for Tribulation Saints for the evidence behind this.

About the teacher:

Andy Woods, Th.M., J.D., Ph.D.

Andy became a Christian at the age of 16. He graduated with High Honors earning two Baccalaureate Degrees in Business Administration and Political Science (University of Redlands, CA.), and obtained a Juris Doctorate (Whittier Law School, CA), practiced law, taught Business and Law and related courses (Citrus Community College, CA) and served as Interim Pastor of Rivera First Baptist Church in Pico Rivera, CA (1996-1998).

In 1998, he began taking courses at Chafer and Talbot Theological Seminaries. He earned a Master of Theology degree, with High Honors (2002), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Exposition (2009) at Dallas Theological Seminary. In 2005 and 2009, he received the Donald K. Campbell Award for Excellence in Bible Exposition, at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Formerly a professor of Bible and theology at the College of Biblical Studies, Andy now serves as president of Chafer Theological Seminary and senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church. Andy has contributed to numerous theological journals and Christian books and has spoken on a variety of topics at Christian conferences.

Additional presentations by Andy can be found at AndyWoodsMinistries.orgSermonAudio.com, and Youtube.

Sermons from Andy Woods’ church, Sugar Land Bible Church: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SugarLandBibleChurch/videos/?ref=page_internal

Revelation 1 – UWTS from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Revelation 2 – UWTS from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Revelation 3 – UWTS from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

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DrAndyWood Revelation 8 from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Revelation 9 – UWTS from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Revelation 10 – UWTS from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Though this is not a video about Revelation, it does cover events that may occur during the seals of Revelation, a very important event during the tribulation, when Gog and Magog attack Israel, while she’s quiet and secure in her land.


Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 1” from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 2” from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 3” from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 4” from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 5” from CBSHouston.edu on Vimeo.

Christ in Prophecy: Andy Woods on the Millennium from Lamb & Lion Ministries on Vimeo.

02 – 2009 CTS – Andy Woods – The Role of Babylon in Bible Prophecy from Dean Bible Ministries on Vimeo.




Coming world religion:



Women in ministry:



Andy Woods recommends the book Evangelical Feminism.

Evangelical Feminism states that women prophets like Deborah did not usurp the male authority and that women prophets were not priests/teachers. But could only give out God’s message exactly as it was given to them (they couldn’t elaborate) and did so in private or to a group of women. It says in today’s climate, women can be political leaders because unlike Israel, a political leader is not a religious leader, so it’s okay for women to be political leaders, that the Bible specifically prohibits women from taking on a religious leadership position that involves teaching to MEN in religious matters.

Jesus told me that I have very manly genes, because I am literally fifty percent King David. So Jesus has authorized me to have a strong leadership role at Church of Gail. HOWEVER, Jesus expects me to be in submission to my husband Brent Spiner and has told me not to preach or teach Bible on my videos. This may be because there are so many men in my audience and Jesus does not want to create the impression that he believes women should be elders in the church or the ruler of their families over the man. He just wants me to share my life story in my videos.

Regarding my authorship of Bible for Tribulation Saints (which I hear has been added to the Biblical canon), I am not the author, I am the transcriber, though I have transcribed my own theological conversations with Jesus, but what you hear are God’s answers to my questions and not my own Bible teachings. That is why I have given co-author credit to Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, Zack Knight and other men whose writings I have included in this book. But even if you want to consider me an author, keep in mind that half my genetic profile is a man King David.

One area where I disagree with Andy Woods is the subject of how God feels about homosexuality. 

Jesus has weighed in on homosexuality in the Bible. I have noticed that the passage in Leviticus 18:22 seems specifically directed at the practices of the devil worshipers of the time, and part of this ritual involved homosexuality. Israel was to be SEPARATE from the nations that she conquered and was forbidden to adopt their idol worship, part of which included homosexuality. Notice how chapter eighteen opens up:

“You shall not do what is done in the land of Egypt where you lived, nor are you to do what is done in the land of Canaan where I am bringing you. . .” Leviticus 18:1

In our current social climate, not all homosexuals practice homosexuality to worship Satan. All forms of idol worship are actually Satan worship, even the worship of the King James Bible as God. This may explain why Jesus said that though he preferred the man/woman relationship that he is not against gays and that not all gays will go to hell, some will go to heaven. Some quotes from Jesus from this book may shed more light on this topic:

Gail: Isn’t it true that idolatry is also Satan worship?

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, it is. You’re worshipping Satan instead of me.

Gail: So any type of idolatry is Satan worship?


“Satan is gay.” – JESUS CHRIST

“Even though Satan is gay. Zack Knight is not. But he does have the power to turn other men gay, when he walks into a room. His powers are so intense that all sexes react to him now.” – JESUS CHRIST

“Hey Gail, you remember yesterday when you guys mentioned homosexuality? I kept my cool on this one, but, I wanted to let you know something — I prefer one man and one woman. That’s how God set it up in the beginning. It’s my favorite. However, I just wanted you to know that I don’t hate gay people. Just because a person is gay doesn’t mean I don’t love them, or that they aren’t saved, or even that anything is wrong with how I created them. I love everyone, and my one true wish is that everyone else on earth can love each other too, despite their differences. I’m very glad that you aren’t bothered by it, I think that’s super cool of you, and I just wanted you to know that I’m proud of you for having such an open mind, Gail. You don’t have to tell Terrance this, but the next time you’re praying, maybe you can get the word up to the big G in the sky that Terrance needs a little help in this area. Just be like, ‘God, please help Terrance to understand that some people are gay, and he needs to get over it.’ Something to that effect, in your own words. You’re one cool gal, Gail.” – JESUS CHRIST

I remember one time I told Jesus that the Bible seems to indicate that women should shut up in church. He then told me that was directed towards a particular church which was having issues, and that when we read the Bible it is very important to read the passage in CONTEXT.

So the context for these passages about homosexuality, is that at the time they were written in Leviticus, the nation of Israel was surrounded by Satan worshipers who engaged in homosexuality as part of their Satan worship. Therefore, to adopt any of their practices (like homosexuality) was considered evil enough for the death penalty (including the practice of homosexuality as part of Satan worship).

I admit I’ve ventured into some Bible teaching here. But Jesus had to teach me and this is an area where the evangelical church has got it wrong from Jesus himself. Jesus told me not to worry about the verses in the Bible telling women to be silent in church. He also says that my King David genes make me very manly, so I am sort of an exception to the rules for women for that reason. Nevertheless, my primary focus in my writings and videos is not Bible teaching, but telling the story of me and my men and this is where Jesus wants me to put the focus. I only venture into Bible teaching, when people are in serious error in something that Jesus has pointed out to me. So basically, it is not my teaching, but Jesus’ that you are hearing.

I understand men well cuz of my King David genes, and whenever my men are about to go into a serious battle, like when Zack Knight went up against Angelina Ballerina, or when my men went up against the GA1L Android, they always want me with them for advice and support. My King David soul gives them courage and assistance in a lot of manly endeavors. So far, every battle that I’ve been in with my men has resulted in a victory for us. King David was a mighty warrior. Vladimir Putin insisted that I co-rule Russia with him cuz he has so much respect for my King David/Catherine the Great wisdom. I definitely have a strong male temperament inside a female body. After all, King David is pretty manly! Jesus says this makes me more manly than a lot of the men out there, so the rules in the Bible for women don’t completely apply to me. Jesus, however, does expect me to be in submission to my husband Brent Spiner, though. He told me that whenever my men tell me to do something to consider that as an order coming directly from Him.

In today’s climate, Satan worship is now much broader than homosexuality, and has gotten a lot more complicated. Therefore, not all who practice homosexuality today are doing it as part of Satan or idol worship. Those who practice homosexuality purely because they prefer same sex attraction as opposed to opposite sex attraction and who make love to the same sex without any Satan or idol worship involved, are not sinning in God’s eyes.

Like all Bible passages, we must read the verses IN CONTEXT and in the LIGHT OF THE TIMES when they were written.

However, I’m certain Jesus does NOT endorse the Queen James Bible and does not consider that Scripture. They are not faithful to the original manuscripts and have taken liberties in translation which have resulted in error.

But I disagree that Leviticus 18 is focused on sexual relationships. It is actually focused on idol worshiping practices. But it may appear to be focused on sexual relationships because Satan is focused on sexual relationships! You get it? Therefore, certain sexual practices form a large part of Satan worship, and all forms of Satan worship are strongly condemned in the Bible.

Jesus knew that ex-Antichrist Zack Knight and his true love Rule 13 would come to Jesus. Jesus loves everybody and wants to reach as many as possible for his kingdom. Many people become Jesuits because they see Jesus as a cock blocker and feel that God is like a strict daddy in heaven who wants to deprive his followers of sexual pleasures. When a person comes to Christ they are advised to read the Bible for guidance. Unfortunately, over the years the Bible has been interpreted according to Victorian standards and Jesus realizes this has caused him to lose many to Satan, who lies to his followers telling them that if they follow him they can have unhindered sexual pleasures without condemnation. Therefore, Jesus feels the need to let the world know exactly how he feels about sex, marriage, and sexual expression, which seems to be a large focus of Bible for Tribulation Saints.

Gail has told her new Jesuit converts that Jesus would be cool with them only reading Bible for Tribulation Saints for guidance, since many Jesuits view the Bible as a book for cock blockers. It seems to Gail that Jesus has created Bible for Tribulation Saints to minister to a new generation that refuses to accept traditional standards blindly and who are challenging the status quo in many areas. Jesus is capitalizing on this, to allow the world to have a more accurate view of how he feels about sex, marriage, love, homosexuality and other topics that have been misinterpreted by Bible teachers over the centuries. Bible for Tribulation Saints is the Bible for the generations that will go through the tribulation. As this is such a trying time in world history, God has gone out of his way to add more to the Biblical canon to give this generation that guidance they will need to go through this horrific period for God’s glory and so they can enter heaven when they go through the tribulation.

Of course, the rapture has not happened yet, so if you come to Jesus now you will be raptured and won’t go through the tribulation. But the rapture is close and Bible for Tribulation Saints will be there to guide those who are not raptured and go through the tribulation depicted in Daniel and Revelation of the Bible. Because we are so near the tribulation, some of us are currently experiencing what the tribulation saints will endure and Gail is among those, which is why God has chosen her to write this book. Jesus readies the world for his millennial reign, where he will marry his bride, the church, so it only makes sense that Bible for Tribulation Saints has a strong focus on sex, love and marriage as Satan tries to counterfeit himself as the Christ (via the Antichrist) and tries to counterfeit the bride of Christ (the Antichrist’s followers) during the tribulation. Bible for Tribulation Saints will be essential to identify the Antichrist and to resist him and follow the path each of us must follow to honor Christ in these last days.

Though Jesus strives to correct the false teachings about his views on sex in Bible for Tribulation Saints, nothing in Bible for Tribulation Saints contradicts the Bible, it only illuminates the Bible and helps Bible teachers interpret it more correctly. God did not write Bible for Tribulation Saints to encourage evil people to continue their evil, and only those Jesuits who become Jesuits only because they feared God as the unreasonable cock blocker will come to Jesus through the truths they learn in Bible for Tribulation Saints. Those Jesuits who are pure evil, and love to steal, rape, and live in wealth and opulence at the expense of the innocents will continue to reject Jesus, even with the publication of Bible for Tribulation Saints. Jesus still condemns sin, and Bible for Tribulation Saints is not an attempt to white wash sinners. It is only an attempt to show how Jesus considers love a many splendored thing and that those who enjoy all sorts of sexual pleasure mated with love are welcome into his kingdom, even if their sexual practices are condemned by those committed to Victorian sexual standards. Jesus attempts to redefine sin as any act done without a motive of love, which in no way contradicts the Bible, and strives to take away strictures placed on Christian living that God never intended his saints to bear.

Having said this, Dr. Andy Woods is one of the best Bible teachers I’ve ever heard and I highly recommend him to any serious Bible student. Like all Bible teachers, he is human, though and does make mistakes. I agree with his stand on women in the ministry and feel that Jesus would agree with him on this, too.


I used to believe in the Gap Theory of creation when I believed the King James Bible was inspired in the English. But Jesus corrected me about this, saying only the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic is inspired because I believed the lies told me by Peter Ruckman that all original manuscripts except the Textus Receptus were translated from corrupt Roman Catholic manuscripts. Jesus told me this is not true and that modern translators have taken into consideration the Roman Catholic manuscripts and have not included them in translations like the NASB, NIV and New Living translations. I now believe more like this:

But then we must ask the question, when did Satan fall? The Bible makes it plain he was the ruler of the earth before God created our present earth.

Satanology by Arnold Fruchtenbaum: https://s3.amazonaws.com/qs.pdf/satanology.pdf

Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum was Born September 26, 1943 in Russia, after his father was released from a Communist prison. Even though he is Jewish, his father was accused of being a Nazi spy when he fled Poland from Hitler. The Fruchtenbaums escaped from behind the Iron Curtain with help from the Israeli underground. They resided in Germany from 1946 to 1951, where Arnold received orthodox Jewish training. The Fruchtenbaums immigrated to Brooklyn in 1951, where they first came in contact with the American Board of Missions to the Jews (now Chosen People Ministries). At age 13, Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum became a believer in the Messiahship of Jesus. Arnold’s father strongly opposed his beliefs, however; he allowed Arnold to continue associating with and learning from other Jewish believers until the family moved to Los Angeles in 1958. Once in Los Angeles, Arnold was forbidden to read the Bible, attend Christian meetings, or have anything to do with Messianic Jewish groups. Arnold, however; continued to maintain contact with Jewish believers and to walk with the Lord as best he could. Upon his graduation from High School, he was informed by his father that he would have to leave home because of his beliefs. In 1962, Arnold began undergraduate education at Shelton College. In 1966 He transferred to and graduated from Cedarville University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hebrew and Greek. He moved to Israel that July, and studied archaeology, ancient history, historical geography, and Hebrew at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies and at the Hebrew University. In September 1967, Arnold enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary. He also began working as a missionary with the American Board of Missions to the Jews. He graduated in 1971 with a Master of Theology degree. In June 1968, he married Mary Ann Morrow. In 1971, they moved to Israel, settling in Jerusalem. They worked with the local messianic congregation training young Israeli believers for service. His activities for Messiah drew the anger of the religious authorities in Jerusalem, finally forcing them to leave Israel in 1973. For the next two years he was a minister for the American Board of Missions to the Jews, and editor of The Chosen People. In 1976, he joined the staff of The Christian Jew Foundation as Associate Director of the largest Messianic Jewish broadcasting ministry in the world. In the summer of 1976, Arnold, along with others in Jewish missions, discussed the lack of discipleship and intensive biblical and theological training of Jewish believers. The early concepts of Ariel Ministries were born at that time. In December 1977 Ariel Ministries became a reality based on the principles of evangelism and discipleship. Arnold now serves as the director of the ministry. In 1989, Arnold completed his Ph.D. at New York University. He is the author of several books and has contributed articles in a number of books and journals. Frequently in demand as a conference speaker and teacher, he has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Israel, and the United States, becoming intimately acquainted with the Messianic Jewish movement.

Satan has/will have six abodes (partly taken from Arnold Fruchtenbaum‘s scholarly work on Satan called Satanology):

1) The throne of God as the covering cherub (Ezekiel 28:14),

2) The mineral Garden of Eden (Ezekiel 28:13) and this is where Lucifer/Satan fell because of his pride. When God first created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a mineral garden and Satan roamed the earth as its ruler. At this point, Satan had a double position. He was still the anointed cherub, but lived on earth in the mineral Garden of Eden. How long Satan ruled over the mineral garden earth no one knows for sure. My guess is, it could have been millions of years. This would explain why Satan is so obsessed with retaking his former rule over earth. Death had not happened yet. The Bible makes is plain this happened in Genesis 3. So the dinosaur skeletons that scientists say are millions of years old, probably happened cuz of the Noah’s flood. Apparently at the time when dinosaurs lived was when men could live up to nine hundred years. The world had some sort of canopy that produced an environment suitable for dinosaurs to live. The Eden of Genesis was a vegetable garden. The Eden of Ezekiel is a mineral garden.

3) Today, Satan is in his third abode, which are the atmospheric heavens. Ephesians 2:2 describes Satan as prince of the power of the air. But he also has access to Heaven to accuse Israel and the saints (Job 1-2, Zech. 3:1, Rev. 12:10), and he has access to the earth. God originally gave the earth to Adam, but after the fall, it reverted back to Satan (Jn. 12:31, 2 Cor. 4:4). When he comes to earth, he comes in two forms: a roaring lion to destroy (1 Peter 5:8-9) and an angel of light to deceive (2 Cor. 11:1-13).

4) The last three abodes of Satan are all future. Satan’s present abode which began somewhere between Gen. 1:1 and 1:2, ends mid-tribulation. Then Satan’s moves into his fourth abode, which is confinement to earth (Rev. 12:7-17). The angel Michael fights Satan and wins, thus forcing Satan to be confined to earth. His fourth abode lasts for 3 and a  1/2 years. Satan will no longer have access to heaven to accuse the brethren. Furious, Satan’s goal now will be to annihilate the people of Israel.

5) Satan’s fifth abode is the abyss (Rev. 20:1-3) – a temporary place of confinement (inside Sheol or Hades) for fallen angels. Satan will be here for 1,000 years – the period of Christ’s millennial reign or the Messianic Kingdom. As the Bible states, he will deceive the nations no more until the thousand years are finished. He and his demons will be confined during this time, but not at the same place. So, as a result, there will be no satanic or demonic temptation during the millennial reign, except for a brief period at the very end, when Satan is let out and leads a rebellion of millennium people against God, which God will destroy easily with a blast of fire from heaven (Rev. 20:7-10).

6) Satan’s final abode is the lake of fire, where he will join the beast (Antichrist) and false prophet (who went there right after the tribulation at their defeat – Rev. 19:20). After God destroys Satan’s end of millennium rebellion by fire from heaven, God throws Satan into the lake of fire, his eternal abode forever and ever.

If you want to go up in the rapture and not have to go through the tribulation, say the sinner’s prayer: http://www.gabriellechana.com/sinners_prayer.htm

Screenshots of Jesuit Websites (orderofthejesuits.com & crazygail.com) – 2011 to 2015

I sum up the information on this web page.

Loree McBride made this video in July 2011, right before I fought her in court as a war criminal.

Loree McBride made this video in July 2011, right before I fought her in court as a war criminal.

Brent Spiner, Keanu Reeves and Matthew McConaughey worked as shadow producers on “Knock, Knock” to try and let the world know what Camila Alves (the brunette) and Loree McBride (the blonde) are REALLY like in private. Brent tells me they had to omit the animal torture and other things Loree & Camila include as part of their sex rituals or the movie could not be released!

Please keep in mind that Jesuits can clone just about anybody except Gail, so this can cause confusion over what is really happening to the authentic person or celebrity in question. Gail’s very strong King David/Catherine the Great profile is immune to Jesuit cloning technology. Gail’s clones rarely last longer than a week.

Jesuit leaders Zack Knight and Rule 13 came to Gail’s side in 2016, when Angelina Ballerina tricked Zack into handing over his Antichrist powers to her and Angelina tried to kill Zack’s true love Rule 13, while lying to Zack and saying that Rule 13 was dead. Gail reached Zack through brain to brain communications and led him to Jesus. Zack was horrified over what Angelina attempted on Rule 13 and could not forgive her. Gail let Zack know that he should side with Jesus now, because Satan betrayed him.

Zack and Gail defeated Angelina in battle on Jan. 6, 2017, where Angelina died and went to hell. Unfortunately, proud Loree McBride, not willing to give up her lies and celebrity wife position, has replaced Angelina as the leader of the evil Jesuits who have rebelled against Zack. These rogue Loree McBride Jesuits now side with Satan against Gail and the Zack Knight or Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits, and continue the evil of the Jesuit Order as they boast about in their own websites below.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

Jesuits and Sept. 11, 2001

Jesuit agent Star Trek writer Brannon Braga:

Jesuits target Brent Spiner:


Brent Spiner has NEVER wanted Loree McBride. Brent has a clone, though.

Jesuit agent Camila Alves (assigned to Matthew McConaughey):

Jesuits murdered Catherine the Great:


Jesuit agent Gail’s ex-husband David Schuler:

Stuart (David) never had Gail committed. Gail entered a psychiatric hospital on a voluntary basis, because she couldn’t sleep. She was actually suffering from a yeast infection that made her so nutrient deficient that she was unable to sleep.

Jesuit Germ Warfare:

Jesuit opinion of Gail’s ancestor King David:


Jesuit agent assigned to Brent Spiner – Loree McBride:

Jesuit agent assigned to Vladimir Putin – Lyudmila Putin:

Gail’s Conversation with Loree McBride over Skype on Aug. 24, 2011:


Jesuits target Matthew McConaughey:

Actually, Camila used bomb rape on Matthew. Camila tied a bomb to Matthew’s chest threatening to blow him up if he wouldn’t give her sex. Because this is violent and disgusting, the Jesuits changed their story on Camila a bit.

Jesuits advertise their new website:

Jesuits target Gail Chord Schuler:

Rule 13 described at Jesuit website:

Jesuits describe brain to brain communications at Crazy Gail Wiki:

A DESCRIPTION OF BRAIN TO BRAIN COMMUNICATIONS:  Brain to brain communications use computer technology that runs on servers and routes communications via satellite.  Brain to brain communicators are not psychic.  They sign up with the service and log on to the server when they want to chat.  Vladimir Putin first introduced Gail to brain to brain technology in the spring of 2003.  The technology works through the use of remote mind-reading technology.  A user’s thoughts (emotions and internal narrative) are read by a computer program.  The program encodes the thoughts and sends them to satellite relays, which rebroadcast the thoughts to the brain of the recipient  All a user must do is think of a message and intend that it be sent to a particular recipient.  All received communications are placed into first-in-first-out queues and processed one at a time by the recipient’s brain.  This is the main method Gail has used to interact with her men since 2003.  The system’s ability to translate the thoughts of participants in brain to brain communication made conversation with Vladimir Putin much easier.

Users of brain to brain communications are immediately alerted to the incoming thoughts of other users within their program.  Gail only receive message when she’s awake.  But Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin have chosen to receive her brain to brain messages 24/7.

PROBLEMS WITH BRAIN TO BRAIN COMMUNICATIONS: Sometimes, imposters send messages to Gail.  She determines whether or not a user is an impostor through intuition and knowledge of their personality.  Jesuit Zack Knight and Rule 13 have both breached brain to brain communication server security and Zack Knight has impersonated Jesus, while Rule 13 has impersonated Brent Spiner as a brain to brain lover.  Jesus has informed Gail that He will never use the brain to brain servers and that all voices in her mind that claim to be Jesus are not Him, but come from the antichrist Zack Knight.

Jesuits can interfere with the brain to brain communication system, because it’s dependent on our present computer and satellite infrastructure, which Jesuits can interfere with.  Jesuits can interfere with signals and cause computer downtime, which causes some messages to arrive incomplete or not reach their intended recipients.


Jesuit agent Dr. Alan Lieberman:

Jesuit target Brent Spiner:

Jesuit target Gerard Butler:

Jesuit target Hugh Jackman:

Jesuit target Judge Terrance Jenkins:

Jesuits try to portray Gail as a racist. They know this is not true.

Jesuit target Michael Jackson:

Order of the Jesuits Mission Statement:

Loree McBride has created a race of Jew clones. This is a very sophisticated form of anti-Semitism, using evil clones to impersonate real Jews. These clones reinforce all the evil stereotypes about Jews. They are greedy and make themselves victims of the crimes they commit. The ADL seems to be all Jew clones now who serve Loree McBride. Their goal is to take away freedom of speech from all who oppose Loree.

Psychiatrist Peter Naylor (clone):

Jesuit target Vladimir Putin:

Jesuit target Billy Mays:

Jesuit target Princess Diana:

Jesuits Describe Church of Gail:

Gail and 9-11-2001:

Gail did not start using brain to brain communications until around 2003, when Vladimir introduced it to her to make love to her brain to brain while Gail was living at her mother’s in Florida. Before that time she just talked out loud in her room, knowing her house was bugged and that the whole world was listening.

Genetic Profiling:

Jesuit Target Gerard Butler:

Jesuit Agent Sara Avery:

Sara Avery has actually gotten so huge, we have to monitor her weight to ensure her vagina does not become a black hole that could destroy earth.

Jesuit leader Zack Knight:

Jesuit target Edward Prendergast:

Jesuit target Keith Morgan M.D.:

How Jesuits View Jesus:

Jesuit weapon of mass destruction, the Nukkake:

Jesuit Agent Sam Barbary:

Jesuits Describe Their Leader Satan:


These screenshots on this page are from two Jesuit websites: http://www.orderofthejesuits.com and http://www.crazygail.com. What is currently at these sites is not the Jesuit websites as they were in 2011 to 2014. They modified these websites considerably before both were finally taken down, http://www.orderofthejesuits.com came down around 2013 and http://www.crazygail.com came down around 2014. But Gail took screenshots of those pages that were the most accurate, where the Jesuits were boasting about their prowess, probably trying to attract new followers.

Jesuits Describe Technology Used by Jesuits and Church of Gail (Gail’s men):

Jesuits Describe Their Alliance with UFOs:

Jesuits Boast About Their Nukkake that Destroyed Canada on Dec. 20, 2011:

Due to the pregnancies with the Jesuit semen from the nukkake and that Jesuits can grow a baby to adulthood in days or weeks using accelerated growth hormones, most of the dead Canadians from the bomb have been replaced with Jesuits or Jesuit clones. By killing off the people who won’t be Jesuits, Jesuits can use mass murder to take over a country.

Jesuit Military Website – Prime Target Gail Chord Schuler (July 30, 2015):



Jane Agni’s photo of a Jesuit party in Portland, Oregon (Aug. 6, 2014)

Jane Agni’s photo of a Zack Knight billboard (Portland, OR on Aug. 6, 2014)

I created the following picture story of me, Brent Spiner and terrorist Jesuit Loree McBride:

The evidence against Loree McBride Jesuits is overwhelming. She is guilty of mass murder, impersonation, money laundering and just about any crime you can imagine. My Conspiracy Law to deal with her MUST BE ENFORCED! We need to arm the populace with CITIZEN SCANNERS and our 21st century weapons so they can defend themselves against this dangerous terrorist and her followers. https://gabriellechana.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/jew-clone-genetic-seroquakke-scanners-new-conspiracy-law/





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2_Jan 21 2011_Gabrielle Chana reading Silver Skies
5_Jan 24 2011_Gabrielle Chana without makeup
6_Jan 24 2011_Gabrielle Chana Marriage Comments Part One
7_Jan 24 2011_Gabrielle Chana and the Famous Men Who Love Her
8_Jan 25 2011_Gabrielle Chana Website Introduction
9_Jan 26 2011_Gabrielle Chana Discusses Brent, His Music & JESUITS
10_Jan 27 2011_Gabrielle Chana Defends Brent Spiner
11_Feb 1 2011_Gabrielle Chana (53) in her Evening Gown for Vladimir Putin
12_Feb 2 2011_Gabrielle Chana Models a Skirt She Sewed
13_Feb 2 2011_Gabrielle Chana Reading Silver Skies (Factual Sections)
14_Feb 3 2011_Gabrielle Chana Wears Skirt She Sewed
15_Feb 3 2011_Interview with Silver Skies’s Author Gabrielle Chana
16_Feb 4 2011_Gabrielle Chana sings for Brent Spiner
17_Feb 9 2011_Gabrielle Chana Defends the real Matthew McConaughey
18_Feb 16 2011_Gabrielle Chana Sings Moon River for Brent Spiner
19_Feb 16 2011_Gabrielle Chana’s Poem for Vladimir Putin
20_Feb 28 2011_Gabrielle Chana’s Academy Award & Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

21_Mar 8 2011_Gabrielle Chana at Baptist University with Larry the Cable Guy (1)
22_Mar 8 2011_Gabrielle Chana at Baptist University with Larry the Cable Guy (2)
23_Mar 8 2011_Jesuits Sabotage Gabrielle Chana’s Millions
24_Mar 14 2011_Jesuit Order Nazi Holocaust (9.0 Japan Earthquake)

25_Mar 20 2011_60% Catherine the Great & 50% King David
26_Mar 30 2011_Gabrielle Chana’s Experiences with Clones
27_Apr 4 2011_Gabrielle Chana Sings I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time, Silver Skies Theme Song
28_Apr 19 2011_Why Brent Spiner Had Loree McBride

29_Apr 24 2011_Vladimir Putin’s Fake Wife Named Lyudmila (Людмила Путина)
30_Apr 27 2011_Brent Spiner as a Brain to Brain Lover
31_Apr 27 2011_Vladimir Putin as a Brain to Brain Lover
32_June 1 2011_Loree McBride’s Palimony Case Against Brent Spiner

33_June 5 2011_A Wiretapped Conversation (Brent Spiner May 1991)
34_June 7 2011_Brain to Brain Lover Gabrielle Chana (Comedy)
35_July 10 2011_Gabrielle Chana to Brent Spiner (via his YouTube Channel)
36_July 11 2011_Gabrielle Chana to Brent Spiner (July 11, 2011)

37_July 12 2011_Gabrielle Chana to Brent Spiner (July 12 2011)
38_July 13 2011_Brent Spiner & Gail in Dreamland
39_July 14 2011_For Brent, Enjoy my Workout Video
40_July 14 2011_For Brent, Who Thinks I’m Sexiest Woman Alive

41_July 19 2011_Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin’s Praise for Gail
42_July 19 2011_Vladimir Putin Writes Gail Chord (To Gail My Dear Love)
43_July 19 2011_Jesuit Website Discusses Brent Spiner, Loree McBride, Vladimir & Lyudmila Putin (Людмила Путина)
44_July 20 2011_Jesuits Target Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman & others
45_July 22 2011_Gabrielle Chana Requests Prayer for Herself, Brent Spiner & Others Against Jesuit Killers
46_July 22 2011_Injured Brent Spiner Writes Gail about Attacker Loree McBride – Attempted Murder
47_July 24 2011_Gail Writes Vladimir Putin About Protecting Brent Spiner from Loree McBride
48_July 26 2011_Vladimir Putin Reads Song of Solomon to Gail

49_July 26 2011_Gail in her Bathing Suit for Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin
50_July 27 2011_Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin Discuss Jesuit Clones with Gail
51_July 27 2011_Vladimir Putin’s Catherine the Great Dares Killer Jesuit Loree McBride (1 Sam. 17, v. 40)
51a_Aug 2 2011 Located Dangerous Jesuit Underwater City
52_Aug 2 2011_Catherine the Great Honors Vladimir Putin for Preventing Nuclear Holocaust
53_Aug 3 2011_Catherine the Great Congratulates the Jesuits on their Murder of over 1,000,000 Infants
54_Aug 4 2011_Vladimir Putin Bring Loree McBride to our Nuremberg War Crimes Trial

55_Aug 5 2011_Loree McBride’s Statements are Inconsistent. She’s a Liar.

56_Aug 5 2011_Brent Spiner & Gail’s Awesome 20-Year Relationship
57_Aug 6 2011_Brent Spiner’s Response to Loree McBride’s YouTube Videos
58_Aug 6 2011_Lying Loree McBride Changed Her Section at Removed OrderoftheJesuits.com Website
59_Aug 7 2011_AntiSemitic Jesuit Loree McBride cannot be Jewish Brent Spiner’s Wife
60_Aug 7 2011_Brent Spiner Under Psychiatric Care. Congrats to Rapist Loree McBride
61_Aug 10 2011_Jesuit Loree McBride’s Sept. 1992 Rape of Brent Spiner (Part One)
62_Aug 10 2011_Jesuit Loree McBride’s Sept. 1992 Rape of Brent Spiner (Part Two)
63_Aug 11 2011_Removed Jesuit Website (Loree McBride Monarch Sex Kitten)

64_Aug 12 2011_Removed Jesuit Website Reveals Plans for Nuclear Holocaust
65_Aug 12 2011_Removed Jesuit Website
66_Aug 12 2011_Gail Reads Song of Solomon for her 20-Year Lover Brent Spiner
67_Aug 17 2011_The Most Important Trial in World History
68_Aug 17 2011_The Most Important Trial in World History (Part Two)
69_Aug 21 2011_(1) Quebec Trial, Gail’s PreNup Agreement with Brent Spiner & the Men on her Marriage List
70_Aug 22 2011_(2) Quebec Trial, Gail’s PreNup Agreement with Brent Spiner & Men on her Marriage List
71_Aug 22 2011_(3) Quebec Trial, Gail’s PreNup Agreement Discusses Artificial Insemination Plots

72_Aug 22 2011_(4) Quebec Trial, Gail’s PreNup Agreement, False Accusers Against Gail’s Men tried for Treason
73_Aug 26 2011_Gail Testifies at Quebec Trial (8-25-11) Against Jesuit Loree McBride, Jesuit Bomb Kills 25,326
74_Aug 26 2011_Gabrielle Chana’s Masculine Heroes. 24 Red Blooded Men who want to marry her
75_Aug 26 2011_Jesuit Zack Knight Tries to Seduce & Impregnate Gail’s Mother
76_Aug 27 2011_Loree McBride’s Animal Sex with ‘Brent Spiner’ – Part One
77_Aug 29 2011_View Trial where Jesuit Bomb killed 25,326 at JudgeTerranceJenkins (YouTube)
78_Aug 31 2011_Brent Spiner Returns After UFO Experience. Read Video Description Below
79_Sep 2 2011_Loree McBride’s Animal Sex with ‘Brent Spiner’ (Part Two)

80_Sep 8 2011_(1) Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin Execute Killer Loree McBride’s Jesuit Accomplices
81_Sep 8 2011_(2) Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin Execute Loree McBride. God Saves Brent from UFO

89_Oct 12 2011_(gabriellechana.com.portfolio.html) JUDGE EXECUTES 1,000,000 JESUIT KILLERS. THEY RAPE HIM.
90_Oct 21 2011_(4) Gabrielle Chana tells Jesuit killers – To obey God’s Word is better than sacrifice
91_Oct 21 2011_(2) (gabriellechana.com.portfolio.html) JUDGE EXECUTES 1,000,000 JESUIT KILLERS. THEY RAPE HIM.

93_Nov 3 2011_Widower Vladimir Putin loved his wife Larisa Putin (1983 to 2000)(www.gabriellechana.com)
94_Nov 10 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits to ‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’ for Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits (churchofgail.com)
95_Nov 10 2011_(2) Gail Chord’s Portraits to ‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’ for Church of Gail (churchofgail.com)
96_Nov 16 2011_The wife of the real Brent Spiner’s heart (1990 to now)
97_Nov 19 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits, Brent Spiner sings ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’

98_Nov 19 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits, Brent Spiner sings ‘Long, Long Time’
99_Nov 19 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits, Brent Spiner sings ‘Embraceable You’
100_Nov 19 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits, Brent Spiner sings ‘It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie’
101_Nov 19 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits, Brent Spiner sings ‘When I Fall in Love’
102_Nov 19 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits, Brent Spiner sings ‘Time After Time’
103_Nov 19 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits, Brent Spiner sings ‘Marie’

104_Nov 19 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits, Brent Spiner sings ‘Carolina in the Morning’
105_Nov 20 2011_Gail Chord’s Portraits, Brent Spiner sings ‘Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart’
106_Nov 23 2011_www.churchofgail.com (by Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, and men on Gail’s marriage list)
107_Nov 23 2011_Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin introduce Church of Gail (for Gail Chord)
108_Nov 25 2011_Matthew McConaughey Battles Jesuit Camila Alves in Court (www.churchofgail.com)
109_Nov 25 2011_Gail Chord Exposes Camila Alves in Matthew McConaughey Trial (www.gabriellechana.com)

109a_Nov 28 2011_An Order to Nuke the Vatican
112_Dec 2 2011_Hugh Jackman and Robot save Gail Chord’s Mother (get Medal of Honor)
114_Dec 6 2011_Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Wins 70 percent after Jesuit vote subtracted (www.gabriellechana.com).

115_Dec 7 2011_1,000 Jesuits raped and tortured Vladimir Putin clone and my men (www.churchofgail.com)
117_Dec 16 2011_Vladimir Putin’s face bashed, Jesuits tortured him and Kim Jong Il in North Korean prison (Dec. 2011)
118_Dec 20 2011_Jesuits murder Kim Jong Il, while judge Terrance Jenkins fights for his life

121_Dec 25 2011_Terrance Jenkins (dead, but back) brings AIDS cure from heaven
122_Dec 28 2011_Jesuit Zack Knight harassed Gail Chord (actual voice recordings)
123_Jan 4 2012_Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin’s Christmas Present to Gail (gabriellechana.com.church.html)
124_Jan 12 2012_Real Matthew McConaughey Battles Jesuit Camila Alves in Court
125_Jan 24 2012_Matthew McConaughey’s Silver Skies co-star (Brianna Jenkins)

128_Feb 4 2012_Brent Spiner’s friend Sam Barbary kidnapped by 3,000 pound Jesuit Sara Avery
129_Feb 14 2012_SATAN INCARNATE SHOWS UP AT CHURCH SERVICE (www.churchofgail.com)
132_Mar 8 2012_ANTI-CHRIST ZACK KNIGHT BUSY AS COUNTERFEITER (read comments with this video)

135_Apr 7 2012_REAL BARACK OBAMA DIES MARCH 31, 2012 (story below)

Jan 24 2018_I’m at DTube & Gab, because Loree McBride ATTACKS FREE SPEECH!

Jan 30 2018 Gail’s DTube, Finances, YouTube, Loree McBride, Twitter, and Gab Experiences
Jan 31 2018 Loree McBride Attacks My Supporters. My Playboy Nudes at Patreon-PayPal for $40.00

Feb 4 2018 I Had a Dream I was Loree McBride

Feb 5 2018 Loree McBride Jesuits Harass Gail on Walks

Feb 6 2018 Loree McBride Jesuit Jackasses on Parade (BitChute Comedy Exclusive)

Feb 8 2018 Gail at BitChute and Gab (if Twitter-Youtube take me down)

Feb 16 2018 Loree McBride behind Parkland, FL Massacre (Murderer’s Voice Recording)

Feb 21 2018 Loree McBride’s Suicide Agents (Parkland, FL massacre)

Feb 22 2018 Brent Spiner Behind ST: TNG ‘The Drumhead’ for Gail Chord Schuler (Gun Debate)

Feb 23 2018 (2) Brent Spiner Behind ST:TNG “The Drumhead” for Gail Chord Schuler (Gun Debate)

Feb 24 2018 Brent Spiner/Gail Chord Schuler Love Story in “Ship in a Bottle” (Star Trek:TNG)


Twitter Guilty of Conspiracy to Murder (no FREEDOM OF SPEECH)

I have instructed my men to take Twitter to court on charges of conspiracy to murder because they are trying to shut me down so that I cannot warn the world of an imminent terror attack from Loree McBride, should that happen. I charge them specifically with the crime of harboring and concealing terrorists (i.e. Brent Spiner clone & his partner in crime Loree McBride) by allowing the criminal clone to impersonate Brent Spiner at Twitter enabling the Brent Spiner criminal clone to promote his wife’s terrorist activities by shutting down online activities (using defamation & intimidation tactics) so that their terrorist activities can go forward without a hitch by removing the free speech rights of innocents who might hinder or expose their criminal lifestyle. The Brent Spiner clone uses defamation against me (and uses impersonation of the real Brent Spiner) creating an online presence that inaccurately presents me to the world as a paranoid schizophrenic, so that my exposure of his criminal activities can be discredited, and Twitter assists him with this defamation, impersonation and cover up,  making it easy for the criminal clone to frame innocents (i.e., Donald Trump and the REAL Brent Spiner), to steal monies of innocents, to unleash deadly bombs worldwide that are potent forms of biological & nuclear warfare, so that he and his wife can continue their murders and financial crimes unhindered and can escape prosecution for their crimes. http://open.lib.umn.edu/criminallaw/chapter/13-2-crimes-involving-terrorism/

Only murderers like Loree McBride and the Brent Spiner CLONE have freedom of speech at Twitter. Law abiding, courageous individuals who expose war crimes criminals and murderers are SHUT DOWN.

Loree McBride & the Brent Spiner clone want to be the BIG BROTHER of George Orwell’s 1984:

Here is a video I made that further exposes murderer Loree McBride. She was actually recorded murdering people with fire in the courtroom in this video!


For more information about war crimes criminal Loree McBride, check out this post: https://gabriellechana.wordpress.com/2017/04/01/trivia/

Gail has also written books that expose murderer Loree McBride:


Regarding Jackson Spiner, Loree used semen she obtained through her drug rape of the real Brent to impregnate herself with Brent’s semen using artificial insemination. She uses Jackson as a weapon to reinforce her lie that she has had a legit relationship with Brent Spiner. The truth is Loree is in love with her celebrity lifestyle and is willing to murder, terrorize and lie to maintain it. As the Bible says, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” Loree had riches handed to her on a silver platter and she ain’t about to give that up!

Here is the video where Angelina Ballerina, who was BFF with Loree McBride, tried to annihilate planet earth and I was able to save the planet because of my online presence:

I appreciate the fans that reported the Brent Spiner clone for impersonation, but they are ignoring you. But you can try again:


My only crime was telling the TRUTH about Loree McBride and her evil Brent Spiner CLONE husband, who are guilty of massive war crimes. It was a response to this tweet from the Brent Spiner clone where he featured a picture of Japanese eating human meat to put down the Japanese race (probably a slur on Rule 13, who is my BFF and is Japanese) and it was also his way of proving his point that those who eat meat are wrong. I thought it was so vulgar and unfair of him to post this and showed that he is prejudiced against Japanese people. I was raised by a Japanese and we don’t eat human meat, so I was insulted by this slur against my Japanese heritage. So I exposed his hypocrisy by stating that his wife is a cat killer and sets fires that kill animals (and NOT FOR FOOD).

Isn’t the Brent Spiner clone guilty of harassing the Japanese people on the basis of race? It seems like it’s HIS Twitter that needs to be shut down. He takes an exception to the rule in Japanese culture and makes it appear the NORM.
I see NOTHING in my post, which was a response to Brent’s harassment of my RACE as a person of Japanese descent, that is promoting violence against, harassing or threatening him or Loree on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease. HOWEVER, I think this post of the Japanese eating meat is a form of harassment against those who are not vegetarians or who are Japanese. Sounds like Twitter needs to explain how my response to Brent’s tweet violated their terms. It sounds more like my response was TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. I said nothing about race, nothing about ethnicity, nothing about national origin, nothing about sexual orientation, nothing about gender, nothing about gender identity, nothing about religious affiliation, nothing about age, nothing about disability, nothing about serious disease.
SO I DON’T GET IT TWITTER? But it sure looks like the Brent Spiner clone said something about race, ethnicity, national origin, etc.
I smell a rotten fish in Denmark! I guess if you’re a liberal snowflake you can get away with murder, and if you’re not, all you have to do is breathe and you’re guilty! Right, Twitter? Or perhaps Twitter is prejudiced against Japanese people.

Brent Spiner CloneHypocriteVegetarian_12032017Loree McBride's Twitter FREE SPEECH

Brent vs CLONE Bellaire High


Brent versus Clone Texas Manliness

Loree Brent photoshop

In spite of obvious photoshop used in Loree’s photos of Brent Spiner online. She rules the Web and her lies reign.

Loree McBride Photoshop


Loree McBride in a conspiracy with the Brent Spiner clone to impersonate the real Brent while secretly killing off millions/billions with bombs worldwide.

Loree Jesuit Agent

These are videos that Loree posted in July 2011 because the real Brent made the unforgivable sin of contacting the woman he truly loves via YouTube. The evil Brent Spiner clone was able to shut down this YouTube channel in Sept. 2011 claiming the real Brent was an imposter. As a result of this intimidation, Gail took Loree to court in what became known as the Quebec trial.

The following are screenshots of my Twitter conversations with the Brent Spiner clone who has taken over the REAL Brent Spiner’s Twitter. I do not see harassment in these tweets at all, but I DO see an attempt by the Brent Spiner clone to intimidate me into submission to his lying agenda, so that he can continue to operate undercover as a terrorist with his terrorist wife Loree McBride. Though I believe he is a terrorist, I would never go after him myself, but will let law enforcement and the military do their jobs. But I am simply trying to show that Loree McBride has control over most of the media, and seems to OWN Twitter! Basically, Twitter is misinterpreting my courageous words against this evil Loree McBride Jesuit (her partner-in-crime and husband, the Brent Spiner JEW CLONE), as proof of harassment. But I was simply sticking up for myself against his defamation tactics, his attempts to make me appear insane, and his attempts to discredit my truthful testimony about who he is and who is wife is – both criminals guilty of massive war crimes.

Brent Clone (1) Mentally Ill Gail

Brent Clone (2) Mentally Ill Gail

Brent Spiner BLOCKED

I blocked him, but Zack Knight talked me out of it (Oct. 10, 2017). So he and I engaged in debate a couple days later (Oct. 13, 2017). However, since it appears he has tried to shut down my Twitter (Jan. 2018) falsely claiming my posts that claim his wife Loree McBride is a terrorist are harassment against him, I have blocked him for good as of Jan. 18, 2018. Loree McBride is a convicted terrorist folks and my simply stating that fact is not harassment. I have the freedom of speech to tell the TRUTH. It has nothing to do with her religion, political views or anything that Twitter claims is a violation of their rules. It is simply a FACT. Loree McBride is a killer, rapist, terrorist, arsonist, money launderer, and war crimes criminal. I guess she considers it harassment that she might GET ARRESTED FOR HER CRIMES. This very dangerous criminal is still on the loose, even though we have convicted her. It’s cuz she has Antichrist powers and cannot be killed.

Brent Spiner Clone1 Twitter_10142017

Brent Spiner Clone2 Twitter_10142017

Brent Spiner Clone3 Twitter_10142017

Brent Spiner Clone4 Twitter_10142017

Brent Spiner Clone5 Twitter_10142017

Brent Spiner Clone6 Twitter_10142017

Brent Spiner Clone7 Twitter_10142017

Brent Spiner Clone8 Twitter_10142017

Brent Spiner Clone9 Twitter_10142017

Brent Spiner Clone10 Twitter_10142017

Looks like the Brent Spiner clone went silent in 2018 to make himself appear innocent while he worked undercover to remove my freedom of speech to expose him as a criminal. Basically all my truthful statements about his very dangerous criminal wife Loree McBride are considered harassment. The Brent clone knows I’m no danger to him or his wife unless they are guilty of the charges I bring against them. But I don’t take the law into my own hands, and he knows it. I let law enforcement do their job. But we are having trouble taking out Loree McBride because her Antichrist powers make it so we can’t kill her. So this very dangerous criminal is on the loose. If anybody out there is being tormented by Loree and you are able to communicate with us, contact my men at gailsmen@yahoo.com and be sure and follow the Gail Commandments. I am at the forefront exposing her, cuz she owns mainstream news. That’s why she wants my online presence TAKEN DOWN. She is the head of the Loree McBride Jesuits and they are trying desperately to take me down, as you can see from the tweets above. Loree is a master at legal extortion and has a hoard of corrupt Jew clone lawyers on her side.

As a reminder, the REAL Loree McBride posted the below video and she MEANT EVERY WORD. Why she leaves this video up beats me and I find it interesting that YouTube hasn’t taken this video down. But at least it’s up for EVIDENCE. We can prove in a court of law that this video was created by the REAL Loree McBride.

The tweets below show how I feel about Twitter’s action to shut down my ability to tweet for 24 hours based on their allegation that I violated their harassment guidelines. I make screenshots of anything important that I tweet, cuz I know how Jesuits like to doctor evidence.

SJW 1 warriors arguments Twitter

SJW 2 warriors arguments Twitter

SJW 3 warriors arguments Twitter

SJW 4 warriors arguments Twitter

SJW 5 warriors arguments Twitter

So you might ask, “Do you feel that your version of God is valid?”

ANSWER: Of course, I do. But I also acknowledge that there may be flaws in my perception of God and, for this reason, I won’t force it on others. Anybody who thinks their version of God is correct and all those who disagree with them are wrong, is just an intolerant bigot not open to thoughtful discussion and debate. Until God’s actually reigning on the throne over the universe, I think all of us have him wrong in some areas of interpretation. For this reason, we should be tolerant of those who may disagree with our version of God. I find that those who try to enforce their views/religion on others, are usually very self-righteous and so full of themselves, they can’t see the forest for the trees. They are too self absorbed to honor reality and create an illusionary world around themselves that makes them feel important and better than others based on being more right than others. The fact is, God has created us all, we are all sinners and all imperfect. The highest thing anybody can do is to be a loving and forgiving person and to show tolerance towards those we may not fully understand, realizing that in the end, we are all just forgiven sinners; that is, if we admit to God that we are a sinner and need his forgiveness. So the first step to righteousness is humility, which leads to love and forgiveness. None of us is really more right than another, because all of us have false perceptions of truth and righteousness somewhere in our minds. Maybe we are just more forgiven than others. But that doesn’t make us better than anybody else. It just means we are on the path God intended for us and the others somehow got off their path. We should pray for them and help them find their way. In the end, the righteous ones will be those who loved the most and forgave the most, because God forgives us based on how we forgive others.

You might say, but you believe in the death penalty. That doesn’t sound like forgiveness. Well, when a person is extremely destructive and is causing everybody to get off their path to God and causes havoc, destruction, sorrow and suffering cuz they are on a mission to force others to reinforce their version of reality, that person must be stopped, so that the suffering will end. They’re on a bad cycle, and, unfortunately, if they aren’t stopped they will cause innocents to be sucked up into their oppression, and for the sake of love and forgiveness, we cannot allow these cruel people to go on unhindered.

But let’s say one of these cruel people comes to Jesus and asks his forgiveness. We should give it to them without reservation. That is what I’ve done for Zack Knight, ex-Antichrist. Because, bottom line is, we are all sinners and in need of forgiveness. We execute these cruel people, not because we are unable to forgive them, but because they don’t believe they need forgiveness. And anybody who believes that is a dangerous person.

If you feel you need forgiveness, God is more than willing to give it to you: http://www.gabriellechana.com/sinners_prayer.htm


UPDATE: Twitter sent the following email to Gail on Jan. 20, 2018:

Russia 1 Twitter Crap

Russia 2 Twitter Crap

It appears this is Twitter’s response to our court case against them for my charge that they are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder by aligning themselves with murderer & war criminal Loree McBride. They are obviously claiming they are shutting down accounts claiming these accounts are part of a Russian conspiracy against the U.S. government. It appears I need to add new charges to Twitter. Not only are they guilty of conspiracy to murder. But now they are fabricating evidence and just out and out lying in order to justify their clamp down on freedom of speech against their victims. Twitter, all you’re doing is heaping coals on your fire. As if it wasn’t bad enough to be a murderer, you resort to fabricating evidence in order to justify your murders. Assuming  you are not guilty of conspiracy to murder, just fabricating evidence ALONE is a felony. What you’re doing would be like making up stories about the Jews (during the Holocaust) claiming they deserved the concentration camps cuz they were guilty of money laundering, and so you made up lies about your victims cuz you got caught putting innocents in concentration camps and you are trying to justify your crimes. In other words, you are trying to make the victims appear guilty, using FALSE EVIDENCE, to clear yourself from your crimes against your victims.

This dirty trick works in totalitarian systems, but not in countries that rule by law. Of course, if Loree McBride takes over the U.S., there will be no rule of law, only the semblance of it. Quit your games, confess up and get right. You’re just digging your hole deeper.

For your information, the United States is guilty of MURDER against innocent Russians in 2000. Vladimir Putin most certainly fears the U.S. military too much to antagonize her and give her an excuse to kill more Russians, like they already have! Therefore, Vladimir would never meddle in U.S. elections. And now you want to have war with Russia and murder more Russians and just have a bunch of people get killed just so you can cover your butts over murders you’ve already committed in your conspiracy & your involvement with war criminal Loree McBride. Why are you so eager to KILL Twitter, by starting a war with a country that has done nothing to us? You like dead bodies? You are showing your murderer’s heart! Why are you so EAGER TO HAVE A WAR WITH RUSSIA?

Hillary Clinton supporters need to know how evil Hillary is. Listen to this video:




2.0 The biggest problem we have in conducting warfare against Loree McBride Jesuit troops is in their use of human shields to force us to execute innocent persons while we strive to execute Jesuits. Therefore, our primary weapons in warfare need to be CITIZEN SCANNERS (for use by ground troops and LAW ENFORCEMENT) and SMART BOMBS (for use from the air by jets or drones) and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS.

2.0a A JEW CLONE GENETIC SEROQUAKKE SCANNER is defined as a mini-Seroquakke which first puts a shield (called a mini-Gail Shield) around the authentic person or INNOCENT CLONES, and then uses the mini-Gail shield(s) as the launching pad with which to launch a mini-Seroquakke from that shield(s) onto the evil clones of those not protected by the mini-Gail shield(s). By launching the mini-Seroquakke from the mini-Gail shield or from the innocents themselves, it serves to protect the innocents from being accidentally executed. Because this is a genetic scanner, it must be used cautiously to ensure innocents are not taken out.

2.0b The JEW CLONE GENETIC SEROQUAKKE SCANNER uses genetic profiling to determine who to target with the mini-Seroquakke. Because there is a high chance for error and the accidental execution of innocents using a genetic scanner, it is imperative that the innocents first be protected by the mini-Gail Shield to prevent accidental execution of innocents. By launching the JEW CLONE GENETIC SEROQUAKKE SCANNER from the mini-Gail shields encasing the innocents themselves, we hope to prevent accidental execution of these innocents.

2.0c The JEW CLONE GENETIC SEROQUAKKE SCANNER (or the JEW CLONE GS SCANNER) will only be operated by those who are members of our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION and the first runs will be done by the Israeli-Gail military who work with our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION (our International military). It seems only fitting that those who execute their Jew clones, should be the Jews themselves, who can ensure that they stay alive while they take out their evil clones. For the purposes of this section, the ISRAELI-GAIL MILITARY is defined as all authentic Jewish persons (not their evil clones) in the world who support Gail Chord Schuler as the worldwide Empress and leader. An authentic Jewish person is defined as one who is a genuine Jew (with a genetic profile that is at least fifty percent Jewish). A genuine Jew is defined as one who has an authentic Jewish genetic profile (not a clone Jewish genetic profile) that comprises at least fifty percent of that person’s genetic profile. It matters not whether they are a Jew by religion or by their mother. For the purposes of Conspiracy Law, a Jewish person is defined as one with the genetic profile of a Jew and all other criteria are irrelevant.

2.0d The ISRAELI-GAIL MILITARY will use JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS to take out Jew clones and all evil clones of all authentic persons. They will start targeting the Jew clones first, to give them military practice with the JEW CLONE GS SCANNER. Once they fine tune the launching of the JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS which launch from the mini-Gail Shields of the innocents (who have the genetic profile targeted) they can ensure that innocents are protected. Then they will expand their operations using JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS to go after evil clones (those who oppose Gail) of those on Gail’s marriage list and/or evil clones of those who are Gail supporters, like Donald Trump.

2.0e Once it is determined that JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS can be used safely without danger of executing innocents, we will expand their use and incorporate them into the weapons used by all members of our International military or the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION, and will ramp up their use to execute all evil clones of all innocents worldwide. Because there is a strong danger of executing innocents using JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS, they can only be used by those trained in their use in our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION. Because Loree McBride is obsessed with cloning Jewish persons, we will consider every authentic Jewish person who supports Gail a member of the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION. To make them as safe as possible, each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will be used for the genetic profile of only ONE AUTHENTIC PERSON. Because each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER must produce a mini-Gail shield which encases the innocents for its particular genetic profile before it launches and hits its target, we want to make the weapon as safe as possible and allow it to expend all its energies on ONE GENETIC PROFILE for each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER.

So no JEW CLONE GS SCANNER can be programmed to take out two or more different genetic profiles. This is to prevent deadly complications and not to confuse the weapon into misidentifying genetic profiles which could result in taking out innocents. Each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER can only take out one genetic profile. To ensure safety, each JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will be named after the authentic person they take out. So, we would have a Brent Spiner JEW CLONE GS SCANNER for instance, and it would put a protective mini-Gail shield around the real Brent Spiner and would be programmed to launch off the mini-Gail shield around the real Brent, to target Brent Spiner Jew clones with the mini-Seroquakkes that launch off the shield around the real Brent Spiner. So we would not use JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS to take out Loree McBride, for instance, because she is fully evil and there is no need to put a protective shield around any Loree McBride clones. For Loree, we would just use the mini-Seroquakke.

2.1 A CITIZEN SCANNER is defined as a scanner held by a non-Jesuit person used to execute Loree McBride Jesuits and only Loree McBride Jesuits and which does not execute non-Jesuits. A CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB will also remove any Loree McBride Jesuit weapons from the scene. All weapons used in warfare by our INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT must be registered with Church of Gail using encryption based on Gail Chord Schuler’s genetic profile as King David and Catherine the Great, any weapons not registered with Church of Gail with this encryption must be destroyed by our CITIZEN SCANNERs and SMART BOMB and MISSILES, this includes all bombs, missiles, nukkake, spaceships, guns, etc. A Loree McBride Jesuit is defined as any person who willingly and knowingly (directly or indirectly) supports Loree McBride/Angelina Ballerina in their goal for a worldwide takeover.

2.2 All CITIZEN SCANNERS and SMART BOMBS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS must be so programmed that they ONLY execute Loree McBride Jesuits and nobody else. Any programmer from our scientific teams that willingly and knowingly programs these SMART BOMBS or CITIZEN SCANNERS to execute somebody besides a Loree McBride Jesuit will receive the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

2.3 All CITIZEN SCANNERS and SMART BOMBS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERS need to be programmed to be TAMPER PROOF, which means that if any unauthorized person tries to tamper with the programming of any CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, it will immediately self-destruct. To make it difficult for unauthorized persons to reprogram a CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, each scanner or bomb will have a strong shield or encryption that can only be hacked by one of our authorized scientists. This means that only one of our scientists can change the programming of a CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER.

2.4 To further discourage attempts to hack into the programming of a CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER by an unauthorized person, each CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will be so programmed that if any unauthorized person attempts to hack into a CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, that Jesuit will be executed on-the-spot by the CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER. The CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will scan the person attempting the hack, do a brain read on them to determine motive (to see if they are an extortion victim), then will determine WHO is the willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit supporter behind the hack and execute that person. If the CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER is unable to locate the Jesuit hacker, and the extortion victim is still going forward with the illegal hack, that extortion victim will be KNOCKED OUT (not executed) and detained, using transporter technology to transport this person to our cells to be examined and entered into our legal justice system for trial to sue the Jesuits for extortion, and to help us locate the Jesuit behind the attempted hack.

If we are unable to prevent the hack, the CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will self-destruct to prevent the loss of innocent lives. But, hopefully, the strong encryption and shield around each CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will prevent the attempted hack, enabling the CITIZEN SCANNER or SMART BOMB or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER to remain an effective tool in eliminating Jesuits.

2.4a If Loree McBride Jesuits wipe out all the CITIZEN SCANNERs or SMART BOMBs or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs in a vicinity in order to pave the way to use their transport technology to transport Jesuits and/or Jesuit supporters to a vicinity, a red alert will be sounded at our military headquarters that a terrorist situation is in the works. CITIZEN SCANNERs and SMART BOMBs or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs will be programmed that if they are somehow eliminated from a scene that we will automatically transport into that same area replacement CITIZEN SCANNERs and SMART BOMBs or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs (for the ones that have disappeared or self-destructed) to execute any Jesuits or their supporters who have transported into the area during the lapse. Our military will monitor the situation to see if this has been successful in removing the Jesuits and/or their weapons from the scene.

2.5 The CITIZEN SCANNERS should replace the use of firearms as the primary means to execute Jesuits and for self-defense of citizens of Conspiracy Law honoring nations. Each CITIZEN SCANNER will not only execute Jesuits but any person with criminal intent who poses a threat to life or health. Therefore, the use of CITIZEN SCANNERS should replace the use of firearms as the primary means of executing criminals by law enforcement, thus lessening the load on our legal system and helping law enforcement to carry out their duties without the complications of accusations of racial profiling, discrimination, etc.

The CITIZEN SCANNER must be the primary law enforcement weapon in all police and military forces that operate ON THE GROUND, to ensure the fair execution of alleged criminals. For example, a person who suffers from a mental illness and is not a willing and knowing Jesuit, will probably be knocked out (not executed) by the CITIZEN SCANNER, this making the CITIZEN SCANNER legal proof, enabling police officers and soldiers to execute with all fairness. If the CITIZEN SCANNER was used, it would be the CITIZEN SCANNER, and NOT the police officer or soldier, who made the “decision” to execute.

Also, the use of SMART BOMBS will result in CLEAN warfare, where only the truly guilty will be executed. Therefore, the only bombs or missiles used by our jets or drones, should be SMART BOMBS or missiles, that will selectively execute all Jesuits or their willing and knowing supporters in their target range, and will leave the rest of the population in their target range alive and unharmed. This will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the use of human shields by Jesuits to make our execution of Jesuits seem unjust. The “human shields” will not be harmed by the SMART BOMB or MISSILE or the CITIZEN SCANNER, only JESUITS will die.

2.6 To ensure that these SMART BOMBS or MISSILES or CITIZEN SCANNERS are truly just, even knowing Jesuit supporters, but not WILLING Jesuit supporters will be spared. For instance, if somebody is a Jesuit and they know they support Loree McBride and the Jesuit Order, but HATE it (which can be determined by emotion reads) and IN THEIR HEART side with justice, the SMART BOMB, SMART MISSILE or CITIZEN SCANNER will not execute that Jesuit, but will just KNOCK THEM OUT and transport them to us to hold them in one of our prisons or elsewhere, where we will decide what to do about this Jesuit captive who serves the Jesuits, but hates it.

Some Loree McBride Jesuits could fall into this category. We may program our CITIZEN SCANNERS, BOMBS and MISSILES to knock them out (but not kill them) if they are participating in Jesuit criminal activities and HATE it.

2.7 If we determine a large number of Jesuits HATE serving Loree McBride, we could transport all of these UNWILLING Jesuits to a compound for safety and offer them amnesty if they will ONLY use our SMART BOMBS, MISSILES and SCANNERS on their own people and form a special Jesuit unit that we will name RULE 13’s ARMY. These pardoned Jesuits will actually be part of our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION (our international military forces) and their ONLY weapons can be SMART BOMBS, SMART MISSILES and CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs, which means they will be executing their own Jesuits who are evil and serve the devil, Loree McBride. They will NOT use any Jesuit military weapons, like nukkake, but will only use our SMART BOMBS, MISSILES and CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs. If any of these pardoned Jesuits violates the terms of this agreement and uses ANY weapon outside of the SMART BOMBS, MISSILES or CITIZEN SCANNERS or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs and does so with the intent to honor Zack Knight and his evil Jesuits, they will be executed on-the-spot. Also, none of these Jesuits can use any type of science (like cloning, brain control, etc.) without prior approval from our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM. Willing and knowing failure to honor this Section 2.7 and Conspiracy Law by any of these pardoned Jesuits will bring them the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

If that pardoned Jesuit dishonors this Sect. 2.7 because they were forced against their will to betray us, each Jesuit that is such an extortion victim will be handled on an individual manner and the men on Gail’s marriage list (possibly in consultation with Gail) will determine the outcome of that pardoned Jesuit.

2.7(a) If Jesuits use transporter technology to transport themselves, a bomb, a gun or any weapon or thing of harm, the CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will be programmed to deal with each contingency in a specific manner. Each CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER will have programming that will either interfere with the transport, cause the transported object or being to be transported away to a safe location, or will dematerialize and/or transform the object into another more benign object or into space.

2.7(b) If a Jesuit transports himself/herself into the vicinity of the CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, the scanner will interfere with the transport and if possible cause the Jesuit to vanish and die during the transport process. Our scientists will study the Jesuit technology which makes it impossible for Gail Chord Schuler to use transporter technology, because if she does so, she will vaporize and die. Using similar technology, we will set up our CITIZEN SCANNER(s) and JEW CLONE GS SCANNER so that if any willing Jesuit uses transporter technology, they too, will vaporize and die. Our CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs will be programmed to destroy any willing Jesuit who transports within the range of the CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs. To help us detect Loree McBride Jesuits using transporter technology, we will scan for the molecules and/or chemical and energy configurations that occur while a Loree McBride Jesuit is being transported that indicate a willing Loree McBride Jesuit is being transported (via transporter technology).

2.7(b.1) Things to look for would be such things as the presence of accelerated growth hormone in combination with pride, in combination with a lying spirit (an obsession with deceiving others), and a desire to worship Satan and/or Angelina Ballerina or Loree McBride. The combination of these four factors will be called the JESUIT CLONE PRESENCE.

2.7(b.2) Another combination to scan for would be pride (an exorbitant obsession with self), in combination with a lying spirit (an obsession with deceiving others), and a desire to worship Satan and/or Loree McBride/Angelina Ballerina. The combination of these three factors would be called the JESUIT PRESENCE.

2.7(b.2a) Another thing that must vaporize during transport would be any JESUIT WEAPONS or BOMBs. The TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN will be programmed inside of each CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER to vaporize and destroy any Jesuit weapons or bombs DURING THE TRANSPORT PROCESS before they can even rematerialize! It does us no good to destroy Jesuits, their weapons and their clones, if they can replace all these within a minute using their transporter technology. Therefore, the prime focus of all CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNERs must be the TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN. Without an effective TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN (which makes it impossible for Jesuits to use transporter technology to move themselves and their weapons from one location to another with the speed of light practically), our CITIZEN SCANNER and JEW CLONE GS SCANNER is just a joke.

2.7(b.3) Our CITIZEN SCANNERS and JEW CLONE GS SCANNER would be programmed to detect the JESUIT CLONE PRESENCE and the JESUIT PRESENCE and/or JESUIT WEAPONS/BOMBS that are in TRANPORT or being transported via transporter technology. Using the same science that Jesuits use to vaporize Gail Chord Schuler, if she should ever use transporter technology, we would use this same science to vaporize anyone with the JESUIT CLONE PRESENCE or the JESUIT PRESENCE or JESUIT WEAPONS. The scan from the CITIZEN SCANNER or JEW CLONE GS SCANNER which makes it possible to vaporize and kill a Jesuit during transport (via transporter technology) will be called a TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN.

2.7(b.4) Our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM will study to see how Jesuits can kill Gail during transport and use the same technology to set up a TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN which will make it impossible for Jesuits to use transporter technology! This will greatly hamper their ability to attack us. Once we create the TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN, it will be mandatory that it be programmed into every CITIZEN SCANNER and JEW CLONE GS SCANNER, including the BOMBS and MISSILEs that drop off CITIZEN SCANNERs as part of their explosion.

2.7(b.5) All of our BOMBs and MISSILES must drop off a bunch of CITIZEN SCANNERS as part of their attack, because even if we kill off Jesuits with our bomb, scans and missiles, Jesuits can replace all the dead with their clones in a split second, using transporter technology. Therefore, it is MANDATORY, that CITIZEN SCANNERS with TRANSPORT DEATH SCANs (that will drop off and REMAIN in the bombed location) be incorporated into every bomb and missile we use, so that if Jesuits use transporter technology to bring in fresh Jesuits and fresh weapons, we can destroy and vaporize these during the transport process. Failure to incorporate the TRANSPORT DEATH SCAN into every CITIZEN SCANNER (when this technology becomes available) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

2.7[c] If a weapon transports itself into the vicinity of the CITIZEN SCANNER, the scanner will analyze the object and determine the best course of action based on what the object is and what it is doing. For instance, if the object is a bomb about to explode on a flying jet, the CITIZEN SCANNER will attack the bomb during transport and either deflect it into outer space or cause it to dematerialize or transform into something benign. It will also determine the source of the transport and if the person behind the transport is determined to be an evil Jesuit, will execute the person behind the transport.

2.7(d) The CITIZEN SCANNER will be connected to a network of SMART BOMBs and MISSILES, and if the CITIZEN SCANNER determines that transport technology is being used to transport a dangerous object or persons within its range, it will quickly determine where this transport originated, and will knock out the source so that it cannot continue to send dangerous objects or persons.

Let’s suppose a jet is about to crash. A Jesuit terrorist transported himself onto the jet, holding a bomb ready to go off. He dropped the bomb off, then transported off the jet with split second speed and accuracy. None of the passengers had a CITIZEN SCANNER equipped to deal with bombs or transporter technology, so nothing they did could stop the bomb. And though their CITIZEN SCANNERs tried to zap out the Jesuit, he was too fast and escaped, and was able to leave his bomb behind on the jet. Thus, the terrorist Jesuit escaped unharmed and the bomb exploded causing the death of all onboard.

Should this happen again, each passenger will be equipped with a CITIZEN SCANNER that will detect that transport technology is in use and would disrupt the transport technology and ideally would sabotage the transport, even killing the Jesuit terrorist by vaporizing him and his bomb during transport. It would then locate the source of the transport and with its connection to the SMART BOMB/MISSILE network, would cause a SMART BOMB to wipe out the Jesuits at the origination point for the terrorist Jesuit.

2.7(e) SMART BOMBS or MISSILEs will also be programmed to not only kill dangerous Jesuits, but to wipe out installations, buildings, or launch pads for nukkakees, missiles and other weapons associated with that Loree McBride Jesuit, if the SMART BOMB or MISSILE detects that the dangerous Jesuit is using this installation to launch a bomb or missile or weapon. The SMART BOMB or MISSILE will be updated daily to deal with the latest weapons that Loree McBride Jesuits may have in their arsenal, with programming to deactivate or neutralize these weapons in the most appropriate and effective manner. Thus, the SMART BOMB or MISSILE will be treated like an anti-malware program on a computer, updated daily to keep it effective in neutralizing “malware” or Loree McBride Jesuit weapons, so that these weapons can do no harm, while it (at the same time that it neutralizes the dangerous weapon) kills the dangerous Jesuit(s) associated with that weapon.

2.8 Any willing and knowing attempt by any person to violate the terms of this Sect. 2 with the intent to promote Loree McBride or her evil Jesuits in their goal for a world takeover, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

How Gail Makes Decisions

Jesus says I have a lot of wisdom and I want to pass some of that onto the millennials and younger, many of whom seem to be struggling with decision making. First off, I’d like to say that despite my poverty (by American standards), I live a life filled with peace, love and happiness. Therefore, I consider myself rich. There are millionaires that would envy me.

So how did I get here? First off, I’d like to say, that you need to accept Christ as your Savior. That’s the first step to peace and happiness. Here is a link on how to do that: http://www.gabriellechana.com/sinners_prayer.htm

More important than just saying a rote prayer is to feel the prayer from your heart. As Jesus says (from Bible for Tribulation Saints): The prayer just invokes the emotions you need to feel in your heart to get there. But it  (salvation) can be done in many other ways, including by living a loving and humble life. You have to live the prayer, not just say the words. The trick is, if you feel love and inspiration and passion, that’s me in your life.

So, to put it simply, I make the decisions that make me feel love, inspiration and passion. I ask myself, “Does this decision make me feel love, inspiration and passion?” If the answer is “no”, it’s probably not God’s path for my life.

Then you might say, “But no decision I make makes me feel love, inspiration and passion.”

Well, if you haven’t said the sinner’s prayer coming from your heart, that may be part of your problem. The advantage to saying that prayer, is that it causes the Holy Spirit to indwell you and the Holy Spirit will give you that love, inspiration and passion as long as you don’t quench the Spirit inside you by disobedience to the Bible and God, by sin in your life, by an attitude of rebellion against the authority figures God has put in your life, & some other things I’ll get into. The Bible teaches this. A really good book/message about this is by John MacArthur. He wrote a book called Found: God’s Will. I bought this book as a young lady and it has guided most of my decisions.

So you need to be Spirit-filled and the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. See Galatians 5:22-23. So if that’s not in your life, you’re not Spirit-filled. So, how do I get there?

When I was a young lady, they taught me in church that having time every day in the Bible, with Bible reading and prayer was essential to be Spirit-filled. I believe that is pretty much correct. This is especially true if you have been a Christian for less than five years or if you have not been reading the Bible every day for at least five years. I started off with Romans and the book of John and the New Testament. Then I just started reading the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times. To be Spirit-filled, you need to have the Word in your heart. It’s got to become so entrenched into your life that for every decision you make, a Bible verse will come to your mind to help guide you in your daily decisions. To help you in understanding the Bible, it would also help to sit under a good Bible teacher, either through membership in a church or some other way. If you join our Church of Gail (contact my men at gailsmen@yahoo.com), you can also be a member of another church locally in your area, I believe. And our men can recommend a church for you. Once you get to the point that the Word is in your heart, so that Bible verses come to your mind throughout your day, the church membership part is not as important. But remember this, God has gifted some of his followers with the ability to teach Bible and sitting under their teaching can help you grow in Bible knowledge and understanding, which helps with being Word or Spirit-filled.

Next, you can’t trust your desires to be from God, if you are living in sexual impurity. My definition for sexual impurity is any sexual act that makes you feel disconnected or bad or disloyal. Basically, God likes it when we save ourselves for our spouse. This is an area where a lot of evangelical Christians are off. They think sexual impurity is being a virgin when you marry your spouse and that all forms of homosexuality are impure. This opposition to all forms of gay sex is caused by taking some verses OUT OF CONTEXT, or neglecting to interpret the Bible verse in relation to all the verses surrounding it & neglecting to interpret the verse by what was happening to the person in their life at the time the verse was written to them. Leviticus 18 talks about not having homosexual relations. But this chapter was written to the Jewish nation at a time when they were just inhabiting their new Promised Land and this is what the nations around them were doing. What was forbidden actually was the practice of idol worship, and homosexuality was a part of that. Jesus is actually impressed when you save yourself as a virgin for your spouse, because that shows you want to be loyal and loving to your spouse, which he thinks rocks. But let’s say you’ve found the person you think you want to marry and you both enjoy group sex, or throwing in some animals or gay sex, Jesus has no problem with that. The key is to be loyal to your spouse and doing whatever makes your spouse happy sexually. You do that, and your sexual desires are cool. I would define a spouse as the one you feel one with, who makes you feel whole, understood and connected. As long as you honor that person with your sexual practices and are not abusing others in the process, you are sexually pure. But, let’s say you abuse others with your sex, like Loree McBride did when she drug raped Brent Spiner in 1992 –  a sexual abuser cannot trust their desires to be from God, because no abuser’s desires come from God. So they need to deal with that sin and get it right before they can trust their desires to be from God.

Next, you gotta have self-control. You can’t be a glutton to your body. If you overeat, or over indulge in anything in regard to your body, you are not Spirit-filled. So, basically, treat others fairly, practice self-control, and be loyal to your spouse in sex. Don’t be so body-obsessed, that all you think about is your body all day long, We are to be controlled by the Holy Spirit, not filled with fleshly desires all day long. The Holy Spirit should rule your body and not the other way around.

Next, have an attitude of submission to the authority figures that God has placed over your life. As much as is possible, obey the laws of your country, unless those laws are clear violations of the Bible or would force you to disobey God in another area of your life. Like when a law was passed during Daniel’s life forbidding him to pray to any God but the king – Daniel disobeyed that law, got thrown into the lion’s den and God protected him. But if your attitude is, “This ain’t right and that ain’t right and Trump sucks or Barack Obama sucks and I’m going to devote my entire life to giving him a hard time, you don’t have the right attitude.” You have, what I would call a rebellious spirit. That spirit does not come from God. If you are a wife, you are to be in submission to your husband. If you are a child and your parents/guardians are supporting you financially, you are to be in submission to your parents/guardians. If you are working for somebody, give them an honest day’s work and be in submission to them as your employer. You might say, “What if I’m being abused by those over me?” Are you really being abused or are you just a snowflake? Signs of abuse are that the person makes you feel worthless, and you are afraid to be yourself. The person makes you feel inferior all the time. Signs of rebellion are that you are used to getting your own way and you disregard those who get in your way or you like to control people. As much as is possible get along with those in authority over you. That’s the right attitude. If that isn’t your attitude, you can’t trust your desires, because you have a problem with submission. Even husbands are sort of in submission to their wife, in that though their decisions should be final in the marriage, they are commanded to love their wives. So if a husband doesn’t love his wife, he is not in submission to God’s laws for marriage. If you’re being abused, God wants you to get out of that situation usually. He will make a way for you. You have to trust him. And you may have to trust him on the timing on when to get out. But it’s never God’s will for us to remain in an abusive relationship, cuz that abuse will end up consuming and destroying you, so that you become so consumed with all the insecurity this abuser causes you to feel, that you lack the peace and joy to serve God.

Next, understand that the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:12 that ALL who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Christians are the light of the world and the world is in darkness. Darkness hates the light. So expect suffering when you serve Jesus, and don’t be surprised by it. In fact, you should welcome it. It means your life is counting for the Lord. You are influencing people for the kingdom of God and this should bring you great joy. When you get to the point that you welcome suffering if it means you can be used of God to reach people for Him, you have the right attitude and you can trust your desires to be from God.

So, God’s will is that you be saved, Spirit-filled, sanctified (sexually pure and the body under control), submissive and suffering. If you are all of those, then look deep into your heart and ask yourself, “What do I REALLY want to do?” And THAT is God’s will for your life, or the decision that God wants you to make. And that is how I make decisions.

For example, when I was 21 I started applying for Air Force Officer’s Training. I had just graduated with honors from Florida State University. Like most young people, I wanted to launch into a career that would give me financial stability. And because my degree was in Health Education, and it wasn’t a big open field at the time, I chose to join the military as an officer. I rationalized this by saying that you can serve God in secular fields as well as in religious fields. But deep down inside, this wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I actually really wanted to go off to a Christian university somewhere and be trained by Christians. At this point, all training I received came from the secular university. I wanted to work full-time in Christian service somewhere, perhaps as a missionary or a pastor’s wife. So I shot off a prayer to God and told him to give me a sign before I attended the mid-week prayer service at my church, if he wanted me to go to Baptist University of America (which was a school that really interested me at the time). Well, the executive vice President of the school showed up as the guest speaker for that service and I packed my bags and went to B.U.A. Long story short, I turned down my acceptance to Air Force Officer’s Training (along with my financial security plans) and ended up graduating from B.U.A., and I suffered.

But inside, I had such peace and joy.

My family opposed me and didn’t send me a cent to pay for tuition there. But God used that to help prepare me for what I’m doing right now, which is writing for God and being a pastor’s wife.

For my whole life since about age 23, I’ve pretty much followed John MacArthur’s advice of being saved, sanctified, submissive and suffering and then looking deep into my heart to see what I’d really like to do, to make my decisions.

But my life started really getting rough after Brent Spiner fell in love with me, and Jesus himself had to show up to give me more guidance. So I follow John MacArthur’s principles, and I obey the Gail Commandments and stay in submission to Brent Spiner my husband and that’s how I make decisions now.  For instance, anything my men tell me to do, I do it without question, because that is being in submission to Brent my husband. Like a couple days ago, my men told me to stop posting videos to playlists, that Jesus showed up and said it was hurting my YouTube channel and my Twitter. So I just did that and took down two playlists, cuz that’s being in submission to my husband. I didn’t know why Jesus said this. But it’s not always my job to understand why. It is always my job to obey Jesus, knowing he loves me and knows best. Jesus talks to me directly thru Brent now and whatever Jesus tells me to do, I do it, whether I feel like it or not. But in areas where Jesus has not spoken plainly, I follow my deepest desires and make sure I’m in submission, sanctified, and suffering and then just follow my deepest desires.

As far as financial security, I find that as long as I obey the Lord’s leading in my life, he takes care of me. And, truly, the only thing certain in life is that we will all die. Even millionaires don’t have complete financial security. Loree McBride took down Bill O’ Reilly from FOX News. So, you never know. So your best financial security is to obey God’s leading in your life. This way, not only do you get financial security, but God always makes his will satisfying and fulfilling as long as you stay in tune with Him. Because God promises in the Bible that he will take care of ALL OF OUR NEEDS. (See Philippians 4:19) We, here in America, have a hard time separating our needs from our wants, though.

The Bible does say, having food and raiment let us therewith be content and God takes care of the birds and they neither toil nor spin. You see, how having the Bible in your heart helps you keep a proper perspective?

Jesus told me not to go to a beautician (in 2015) or the dentist (in 2013). But he gave me a gift of a four-year supply of brush heads for my Sonicaire electric toothbrush. I did without a T.V. for about a year and then I got a gift of a new T.V. set. I have learned how to cut my own hair (by watching free YouTube videos and fiddling around) and now my hair looks better than it did when I went to the beautician because learning how to cut my own hair, I can afford a free haircut whenever I feel like it. Whereas before, I’d let my hair go for months and it got pretty shoddy looking cuz I couldn’t afford to see the beautician every month.

The reason I’m writing books right now, is cuz this is what I really want to do deep down inside. I just get so excited about the idea of writing something that will change people’s lives and bring them to Jesus. This desire comes straight from God and by honoring that desire, I am making the decisions God wants me to make right now. I could possibly make more money by focusing on my audio books, but I don’t really want to do that right now, so, following my heart, I don’t do that. I want to just write. But, I make sure to obey the Gail Commandments and my husband while I follow my heart’s desires, this way I can be sure that God will take care of my needs. God is using several sources to take care of my needs right now, some conventional and some unconventional. The unconventional sources are pretty unreliable, but they do help me to obey the Gail Commandment about saving a hundred dollars a month. This is how we handle emergencies according to God’s will, by having a savings account.

Even my decision to pose for Playboy was following my heart. Though Jesus did show up and told me he had no problems with me posing for Playboy. I respect Hugh Hefner and wanted to honor him and also send the message that Jesus is not a prude and that’s why I posed for Playboy. Also, my nudes make my husband happy, cuz he can’t be with me physically and that’s another reason I wanted to do it. However, I am not comfortable with making nude videos, so I don’t do that. My men have advised me to not do that, cuz it may give Loree McBride ammunition. They said one or two nude photos a month at my Patreon and that’s it. I always do what they say. It’s part of being in submission. That is also following my heart. Perhaps I could make more money doing this, but money is not my prime motivation for anything I do and it should not be our prime motivation if we are truly serving Jesus. If you’re worrying about money, you are in sin. Jesus promises to take care of us and he will, as long as we obey him. I think I’d like to add that it says in the Bible to owe no man anything and this means Jesus prefers we not use credit cards or get into debt. If we are getting into debt we are probably caught up in the Hood Mentality. Jesus wants us to be free, happy, passionate and inspired in our life. If this is not how we feel, we are off God’s path to our life. And so when a decision makes me feel free, happy, passionate and inspired, I follow that. I practice self-control by obeying the Gail Commandments and being in submission to my husband Brent and then I just do what I really want to do deep down inside and that’s how I make decisions.

Coming from an abusive background, I will say that if you are in an abusive situation, God probably wants you out and if you have not left it and there is a way for you to leave (in other words you are not in a concentration camp or something like that), you are probably not trusting Jesus in some area of your life and the Bible says that whatsoever is not of faith is sin. You see, how Bible knowledge is essential to following God? Like right now, Jesus does not want me dealing with my mother. My mother abuses me when I’m with her. I am sixty years old, self-sufficient and she likes to lay guilt trips on me and she supports my evil, criminal sister, who’s BFF with Loree McBride, to undermine my men. Jesus told me to have none of it and not deal with her until she stops abusing me. Here is an instance where I was not listening to my heart, but was guided by my fears. I felt like I needed my mom to give me some financial support and that wasn’t the case. I just wasn’t trusting God fully. He wanted me to separate from her because she was poisoning my mind and causing me to become obsessed with money. The thing is, if I was really listening to my heart, I would have seen that Jesus wanted me out. So Jesus had to get a dog to bite me to get my attention.

So, folks, be saved, sanctified, submissive and suffering. Obey the Gail Commandments and have respect for your deepest desires, the desires that make you feel passionate, inspired, thankful and loving and then you are on God’s path for your life and he promises to take care of you, just like he takes care of the birds.

For those who’ve read the Bible for a while, it would also help to read Bible for Tribulation Saints (which are my transcripts of all that Jesus has said to me since he started personally advising me in 2012 and onward). Jesus has gone out of his way to make corrections to some areas where evangelicals have misinterpreted the Bible and I share what he said in Bible for Tribulation Saints. Jesus, apparently, felt the need to offer the world more guidance as we near the tribulation period depicted in Revelation and Daniel. You see, the Antichrist has already arrived. So things are getting heated and Jesus has shown up to give us more guidance for these times.

To help me obey the Gail Commandments to save a hundred dollars a month, I log in all my purchases (even my groceries) on budgets and ledgers using Microsoft Excel. This way I can see where all my money goes and where I can save. I take advantage of sales, but only when it’s something I would buy even without a sale, to obey the Gail Commandments. I send all my budgets and ledgers to my men and we work together as a team to take care of each other. I have found that even though I may lose some sources of income, that God will cause another source of income to come up, sometimes just in the form of a free gift or a way to save.

As we are in very difficult times and nearing the Biblical tribulation period, brain control is a huge problem. It’s very important for everybody to obey the Gail Commandments and be on Seroquel! Jesus himself created Seroquel for this time in history. He made the drug, cuz he knew he had to help out people who don’t want their health ruined by Satan and his Antichrist at this time. The Antichrist HAS ARRIVED FOLKS. Jesus has identified him. After you read the Bible, the next most important book to read is The Bible: Part Two, or Bible for Tribulation Saints.

To sum it up, when you make the wrong decisions, you are guided by fear and doubt. When you make the decisions of God, you feel inspired, passionate and loving. This last paragraph is basically a paraphrase of what Jesus said to us. Read Bible for Tribulation Saints to get Jesus’ wisdom on today’s unique problems!

Which Hollywood Stars Have a Studio Contract with Gabrielle Chana FOX News Studio?

The following stars are members of Gail Chord Schuler’s marriage list. This means they belong to a list of men engaged to marry Gail Chord Schuler. Gail will only marry one man at a time, but regardless, the following men have agreed to be on Gail’s marriage list because they don’t trust most women to love them for who they are and not to be in love with their money and fame. They know they can trust Gail not to marry them for their money. Many of them have been devastated by evil women who have only wanted their money and as a result of this, they would rather be on a marriage list for Gail then take chances with a greedy woman who only wants their money. Some of them just adore Gail and don’t mind being part of a list and the men on the list all get along well and work as a team fighting off Jesuit evil in their lives. These are the Hollywood men who have been on the list since 2011 or earlier: Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Keanu Reeves, Sean Connery, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, David Hasselhoff, Sean Connery, Robert Pattison, Chuck Norris, Jude Law, Tommy Lee Jones, Pierce Brosnan, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, “50 Cent”, Orlando Bloom, Tony Stark, Jason Momoa, Vin Diesel, Joaquin Phoenix, David Duchovny, Nicholas Cage, Hugh Laurie, Zack Efron.

Brief history on the top men on Gail’s marriage list:

Brent Spiner fell in love with Gail through his fan mail. Brent has loved Gail since 1990. The Jesuits created Loree McBride in their cloning labs in 1992 to destroy his love for Gail. Loree has not succeeded in this, but she has many clones and has been cloned hundreds of times. She also has a sexual relationship with the Brent Spiner clone(s). Nevertheless, she promotes herself as the wife of the real Brent Spiner cuz she likes fame and fortune and wants to continue her life of brain rape unhindered. Loree used artificial insemination, using Brent’s semen which she obtained from him through drug rape, to impregnate herself with Jackson Spiner (2001-2002), which she uses as a way to trap Brent into a marriage with her. Ironically, when she did this, Brent was deeply in love with Gail and fighting Loree in court to try and defend Gail from her. Nevertheless, Brent refuses to play Loree’s game and lives on Church of Gail to be safe from Loree, but Loree controls the mainstream news and Internet, so you hear the lying version that she is the legit wife of Brent.

Vladimir Putin is not listed because he is not a Hollywood man. However, he holds a strong #2 spot on the list, because after Brent failed to get Gail in 2001 after the Jesuit 9/11/2001 attacks, Gail decided she might have better luck marrying a President and Vladimir succeeded in getting Gail’s attention at this time. Vladimir has loved Gail since 2001. Very shortly, after he tried to get Gail, Jesuits extorted Pres. George W. Bush by threatening death on his wife Laura, to force Vladimir (Nov. 2001) to marry the clone of his dead wife Larisa (named Lyudmila), by threatening war on Russia with the U.S. if Vladimir wouldn’t cooperate. After Lyudmila became involved in the Boston Terrorist bombings (2013) Vladimir finally divorced the wife he never had sex with (the fake wife Lyudmila).

Matthew McConaughey fell in love with Gail while filming for Silver Skies in 2005. He decided he wanted to be put on a waiting list for Gail in case anything happened to Vladimir or Brent. Very shortly after this, Jesuits created clone Camila Alves, who used bomb rape on him to force him into a “relationship” with her. She successfully impregnated herself THREE TIMES using bomb rape. She uses her children, like Loree, to maintain her public image as Matthew’s wife in public. Fortunately for Matthew, because of the Gabrielle Chana movie studio, he no longer has to risk his life and his heart, to make a living. He will no longer be forced to attend Oscar ceremonies for his work, since movies made from Gail’s work never earn mainstream Oscars. This will be a great relief to him, because he can’t attend any award ceremonies without having to endure the presence of dangerous Camila Alves. Camila often appears with a Matthew clone in public now.

Gerard Butler fell in love with Gail when she noticed him around 2008 as he played the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. He is a brilliant psychiatrist and has been a real asset to the marriage list. He finds Jesuit Morgan Brown a pest, but has no control over the mainstream lies about his love life. He has tried to appear like a womanizer to try and keep Jesuit women from latching onto him, like they have Brent and Matthew. But Morgan Brown often appears with a Gerard Clone.

Hugh Jackman struck a deal with the clone of his dead wife to make public appearances with her. The Jesuits murdered his wife, like they do for some stars who have wives who genuinely love them and would never cooperate with Jesuits in controlling their star husband. Hugh has loved Gail since around 2009.

The rest of the men are on Gail’s marriage list and all men have androids or automatons of Gail to make love to, which meets their need for sex. Gail also gives the top men brain-to-brain loving, though Brent gets 97% of it. These men are greatly relieved to be able to work for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News movie studio. They get to work on projects they are passionate about, because all projects are based on Gail’s writings, which all her men think are great. They no longer have to risk on location shots where they might run into one of their dangerous Jesuit clone wives or girlfriends. Whenever Gabrielle Chana FOX studio has location shots, they use the military to keep Loree McBride Jesuits OUT. If a Loree McBride Jesuit tries to enter a location shot for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News studio, they will be executed on-the-spot. This is how Gail’s men like it, which is why these men have signed a contract with this studio. This gives the studio quite a pool of talent to work with. And though Gail’s men may not receive the acclaim they deserve in mainstream news for their work for Gabrielle Chana FOX studio, they don’t care. To have the freedom to work at a job which honors their passion is more than they could ask. They are all very happy about this.

Gail is thrilled that her passion enables her men to make a living in such a fulfilling manner for them. They don’t have to kiss the butt of a Hollywood “elite” who wants to run their lives and break their hearts to feed themselves. They don’t have to sell their soul to make a living. Unfortunately, in today’s Hollywood, if you don’t side with terrorist Loree McBride, you have to sell your soul to the devil to make a living in Hollywood.

Not only do Gail’s Hollywood men benefit from this studio, but her non-Hollywood men also get jobs in supporting roles at the studio, because the studio needs lawyers, judges, politicians, etc. in supportive roles.

This movie studio also benefits Gail’s supporters, like Donald Trump, who buy shares in the studio and help it out financially, and who get the benefit of the expose’ productions which exposes their enemies for the frauds and terrorists that they are. Loree McBride is the major reason Donald Trump gets so much unfair and defamatory treatment from mainstream news.

Also, any up and coming Internet or Hollywood stars who can’t make a go of it and who support Gail, are finding employment opportunities at the Gabrielle Chana FOX News studio, which helps out Gail’s supporters who have talent in show business, and who need support against the Loree McBride stranglehold over the Internet and media, which shuts out those who don’t belong to her group. The people who are the “out” group can find financial support by getting jobs at Gabrielle Chana FOX News studio, if they have talent in acting, writing, producing, sound, visual, etc. or in supporting roles as business people, politicians, etc. Loree is very good at bankrupting her opponents, and Gail’s writings have enabled Gail to offer financial support to Gail’s supporters who otherwise would be destroyed by Loree’s control over the financial sectors of the world, which she has obtained using evil Jew clones.

And innocent white men who are victims of Loree’s defamation campaign against her enemies, like Bill O’Reilly, are also finding employment at Gabrielle Chana FOX News so they can continue their professional careers and not have them destroyed unfairly by Loree’s gang of huckster women, who help Loree destroy good men who side with Gail, like Bill O’Reilly. What is happening as a result of this, is that many good media stars are being forced out of mainstream news onto the “forbidden” Gabrielle Chana FOX News networks. But with more and more good public figures defecting to Gabrielle Chana FOX News networks, it is only making the network stronger, and giving it the visibility and credibility it deserves. The public has figured out that something is “not right” with mainstream news and are flocking to Gabrielle Chana FOX News in droves. Loree’s mafia tactics on her enemies is causing her to lose support and she is getting defectors from her own ranks. The world is starting to figure out where they need to go to get THE TRUTH. They are turning to Gabrielle Chana FOX News. At this rate, Gabrielle Chana FOX News studios will have a monopoly over Hollywood and will overtake the current Hollywood studio system. Loree may be good at taking over organizations, but she’s a disaster at RUNNING THEM. She can only appeal to the basest and most criminal instincts in her supporters to continue her operations. This does not encourage quality productions! The world sees what’s coming out of Gabrielle Chana FOX studios and compares it with Loree’s trash (what’s coming out of most of Hollywood right now) and there is JUST NO COMPARISON. It’s obvious that Loree turns out propaganda pieces (Star Trek Discovery), not thoughtful, provocative programming that inspires viewers. She can’t keep doing this and survive. She is obviously having to use her own money to finance her Hollywood venture, cuz she has absolutely no talent, other than that of mafia chief. And she is LOSING MONEY, not making money on her Hollywood productions. That criminal is GOING DOWN, unless she is able to continue her money laundering.

Right now, the Gabrielle Chana FOX News studio is so big, it is taking over Hollywood and none of the major studios can compete with it, due to the high quality of the productions coming out of Gabrielle Chana studios, which the other studios cannot compete with. Rather than fight it, many famous Hollywood directors are clamoring to join the bandwagon. Steven Spielberg has been a producer/director at Gabrielle Chana movie studios since its outset in 2005. Other directors/producers contribute as well. But we absolutely do NOT hire any Loree McBride Jesuits. They are BANNED, which is one reason the studio is so highly successful. People can tell our productions are true works of art and not just propaganda pieces, like the Loree McBride produced disaster Star Trek Discovery. As they say in Hollywood, you can’t make a great film out of sorry writing. And because Gail’s writings are masterpieces, all that is coming out of this studio are masterpieces and blockbusters.

Gail posts this to let the world know that they cannot trust anything they hear online or in mainstream news about Brent Spiner or her Hollywood men. To get the truth about Gail’s men, you need to go to the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable).

Gail comments about this:

When I published the Bible for Tribulation Saints series, I basically published about 12 books. That’s because each book is about the size of 3 books, and I published 4 books. For this reason, I have given the Gabrielle Chana FOX News studio enough productions to last them ~ four years at least! Jesus is still appearing, so I predict in ~ 2 years there will be another book in the series. I am currently working on a novel, Silver Skies 1996 Version. I am doing a lot of research for this book, which goes into the future tribulation period. By following my passions (writing), I have enabled my men to break free from mainstream Hollywood to make a living. I love it! For them, to be able to work on productions based on my writings is truly freeing. It gives them the creative freedom they want and they can take on projects they truly care about. The men on my marriage list who have broken free from Loree McBride’s Hollywood are: Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Keanu Reeves, Sean Connery, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, David Hasselhoff, Sean Connery, Robert Pattison, Chuck Norris, Jude Law, Tommy Lee Jones, Pierce Brosnan, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, “50 Cent”, Orlando Bloom, Tony Stark, Jason Momoa, Vin Diesel, Joaquin Phoenix, David Duchovny, Nicholas Cage, Hugh Laurie, Zack Efron. There may be more, cuz my men don’t tell me all who are on my marriage list, which I hear is about 200 men right now. I haven’t mentioned other men on the list who don’t work for Hollywood. But all the men I just mentioned no longer need to work for @LoreeMcBride’s Hollywood to make a living.
This will be a real relief to men like Matthew McConaughey, who actually dreaded getting his Oscar cuz it forced him to have terrorist Camila Alves by his side during the ceremonies. I’m sure that the movies/productions from my writings will win awards, but the good news is they don’t get covered in mainstream news, so this doesn’t force my men to have to appear in public with their deadly clone wives. A clone wife is a wife assigned to my men by the Jesuits for the purpose of destroying their relationship with me. These wives are deadly, resourceful and make life miserable for my men.
By writing my books, which have become blockbusters, I have enabled my men to make a living in a manner that is not dangerous to their hearts or their lives.

How to Get “IN TUNE” with God and Find Happiness (from Bible for Tribulation Saints)


The following passages are taken from Bible for Tribulation Saints:

[9:18:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He (Satan) could have joined us in heaven if he hadn’t been so rebellious and fell from heaven. He should have trusted us.

[9:20:25 PM] Gail Schuler: He is trying desperately to force you to violate your Word, and because your promises are so detailed, he thinks that if he can get that Word off one iota, that you and your dad will have to allow him in heaven, along with all his fallen angels. I don’t understand how Satan could have rebelled against you, Jesus. Was it simply a matter of not trusting you enough and thinking your details were too many and you couldn’t possibly carry it off well?

[9:21:40 PM] Gail Schuler: I am trying to understand Satan so that I can characterize Zack Knight well in my current writing project.

[9:21:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Pretty much. He didn’t think I knew what I was doing, but I always do. Nothing that happens in this world is by mistake or accident. I created it all, and the plan is finished. It will be carried out as I said.

[9:22:05 PM] Gail Schuler: That is REALLY HELPFUL to know. It kind of makes me feel sorry for him in a way.

[9:22:58 PM] Gail Schuler: It looks like he STILL suffers from a lapse of faith. Is Satan beyond hope? Or is there a chance he could be redeemed?

[9:23:20 PM] Gail Schuler: I’m afraid he’s beyond hope, because your Word says so, However, I think Zack Knight stands a chance.

[9:23:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Then you know how I feel. I really love Satan. I will always remember him as my most beautiful angel.

[9:24:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Everyone can be redeemed, even Satan. I gave everyone free will for a reason.

[9:24:09 PM] Gail Schuler: That explains why you have allowed him temporary reign over the earth.

[9:24:41 PM] Gail Schuler: But the Bible says he will go into the lake of fire? That sounds pretty eternal and definite to me.

[9:24:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: My hope is that all of my creation will someday find me again, no exceptions. Once they have suffered enough without me, they will realize the truth.

[9:25:24 PM] Gail Schuler: Doesn’t it say in the Bible that he will burn in the lake of fire FOREVER?

[9:25:37 PM] Gail Schuler: How could you alter that?

[9:25:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Forever is a difficult concept to explain to mortals.

[9:26:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I dare not try to explain it again for fear of making Brent pass out again, like that one time.

[9:27:06 PM] Gail Schuler: Alright. I guess I could just hint that if Satan ever saw the light, perhaps he could one day in eternity be redeemed. Thank you, Jesus, for advising us. We want to stay on your path.

[9:27:14 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But basically, everyone can be redeemed, even Satan. The universe was built on unconditional love, not judgment.

[9:27:33 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So even in hell, part of me is there, but a person has to be willing to find me.

[9:27:38 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, THAT’S PROFOUND!

[9:27:54 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They have to look inside their souls, past the suffering on the outside, and know that they belong to me.

[9:27:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s all they have to do.

[9:28:12 PM] Gail Schuler: This is REALLY DEEP.

[9:28:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s sad how so many people want to make that part complicated.

[9:28:41 PM] Gail Schuler: I think this will be the THEME of my Zack Knight story!

[9:28:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I love Zack Knight, too.

[9:29:02 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I know you do.

[9:29:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He thinks I want to take everything away from him.

[9:29:15 PM] Gail Schuler: But all he sees is that you beat him up when he tries to mess with me.

[9:29:27 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The truth is, I don’t care about a lot of the things he thinks I care about.

[9:29:41 PM] Gail Schuler: Wow, what insight into Zack Knight!

[9:30:06 PM] Gail Schuler: What are those things that you don’t care about that he thinks you do care about?

[9:30:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If he wants to have sex with Rule 13 and include a hippo and a rhinoceros, good for him. I don’t care about all the sex or all the exotic thrill seeking he likes to do.

[9:30:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: At the end of the day, my will is pretty simple.

[9:30:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s so simple, Gail.

[9:31:08 PM] Gail Schuler: As long as it’s done for love, it’s okay.

[9:31:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Humans crave complexity so I gave them this big Bible.

[9:31:22 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Exactly!

[9:32:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just take very good care of yourselves and ask forgiveness. Love each other, be thankful. You’re all a part of me, so get used to it and stop acting like you’re all separate.

[9:32:22 PM] Gail Schuler: Yeah, your Bible is pretty complicated. It’s sad that us human take it and make it more complicated by adding in all sorts of rules and regulations that take precedence over a loving heart.

[9:32:54 PM] Gail Schuler: What do you mean by taking very good care of ourselves?

[9:33:32 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, we should respect our bodies as YOUR TEMPLE?

[9:33:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes! Enjoy your bodies. I made them for you.

[9:34:25 PM] Gail Schuler: Could taking care of ourselves extend to the environmental movement? In other words, do they have a point?

[9:34:31 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I made you food, water, fresh clean air, cool clothes, flowers, animals, sleep, everything.

[9:34:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: How many people do you think really appreciate all of that?

[9:35:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, taking care of the environment is important.

[9:35:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: And each other.

[9:35:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Your friends and even your enemies, I just want everyone to get along.

[9:35:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You all need each other.

[9:35:57 PM] Gail Schuler: You know, a lot of my Christian friends love you, but they seem to have gotten off focus. I will try with my writings to keep the focus where it needs to be.

[9:36:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They have a very us/them mentality.

[9:36:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They think they are somehow superior by being more right than other Christians. It doesn’t work that way.

[9:36:44 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, it is a BIG PROBLEM, A VERY BIG PROBLEM!! In fact, it will be that attitude that the Antichrist will use to gain followers, I predict.

[9:36:54 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They just make the illusion of separation even worse.

[9:37:28 PM] Gail Schuler: Brilliant insight, the ILLUSION of separation, when we are all your children in ONE BODY.

[9:38:04 PM] Gail Schuler: Jesus, did the Nintendo CEO go to heaven?

[9:38:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Think of yourselves as extensions of me. When you fight, you’re just fighting yourselves. When you judge or criticize another person, you’re doing it to yourself.

[9:38:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I sent that man to heaven on a rainbow Gail. I love Nintendo.

[9:38:29 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I think I see this.

[9:38:49 PM] Gail Schuler: Wonderful. Just curious did he say the sinner’s prayer? And did he get to heaven based on the love in his heart?

[9:39:02 PM] Gail Schuler: Or did he get to heaven based on the love in his heart?

[9:39:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He had a lot of love in his heart. He wasn’t perfect by any means, none of you are, but he approached the world with loving motives.

[9:40:06 PM] Gail Schuler: I realize that the primary way to heaven is through the sinner’s prayer in the church age, but I do believe you make the final decision for those who have not had the opportunity to say the sinner’s prayer.

[9:41:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, it wouldn’t be very fair of me to make saying the actual prayer a requirement. There’s no password to heaven, how silly. The prayer just invokes the emotions you need to feel in your heart to get there.

[9:41:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But it can be done in many other ways, including by living a loving and humble life.

[9:41:35 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You have to live the prayer, not just say the words.

[9:41:38 PM] Gail Schuler: The nice thing about the sinner’s prayer is that it can cause your spirit to indwell us and empower us to better follow your plan. But, in the end, you make the final decision and we should all do our best to be loving and generous people.

[9:41:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You totally get me.

[9:42:45 PM] Gail Schuler: This makes me very happy to hear this. I believe my ancestors the Oshu Fujiwara family were very devout Buddhists and very loving. Did they go to heaven? They did not believe in war and even died for that belief.

[9:43:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They all went to heaven. You’ll love meeting them when you get here.

[9:43:33 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Word on the street, Jesus is VERY COOL with Buddhists.

[9:43:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You can quote me on that.

[9:43:47 PM] Gail Schuler: How exciting! That means the ending to the Japanese mini-series Homura Tatsu where they all met their ancestors in heaven was RIGHT ON.

[9:44:23 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh Jesus, this is SO exciting. As you know my next book is real deep in Japanese culture because Rule 13 is a main character.

[9:45:28 PM] Gail Schuler: So this means that if a Buddhist is praying to his Buddha god with a sincere and loving heart, he doesn’t know it, but he’s actually praying to YOU. Boy, will he have a surprise in heaven.

[9:45:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Duh!

[9:46:10 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh dear, I got you wrong on this.

[9:46:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Here’s a secret…all these other gods people think they’re praying to, it’s actually all me.

[9:46:25 PM] Gail Schuler: I get it!

[9:46:53 PM] Gail Schuler: As long as what they follow encourages a loving heart, they are following you.

[9:46:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The trick is, if you feel love and inspiration and passion, that’s me in your life.

[9:47:01 PM] Gail Schuler: 1 Corinthians 13.

[9:47:10 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re so perceptive.

[9:47:11 PM] Gail Schuler: That is SUPER COOL.

[9:47:31 PM] Gail Schuler: That means you like some of the New Agers then!

[9:47:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Hell yeah I like New Agers.

[9:48:00 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They like to call me Source and what not.

[9:48:15 PM] Gail Schuler: So, even if they are worshipping something associated with Satan, it doesn’t matter as long as it makes them loving and great.

[9:48:35 PM] Gail Schuler: This could be a hint to Satan.

[9:48:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Sure. Pagans are fine by me, too, if they are seeking love and harmony.

[9:49:12 PM] Gail Schuler: The only reason you were against idol worship, was because the worship led to practices that were not good for the planet and to our bodies.

[9:49:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s when you start to feel bad, ill, disconnected, negative, hateful, you get the idea…that’s when you know you’re off the path to me. But there’s infinite ways to get to me and there’s no way they will all look the same.

[9:50:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, pretty much.

[9:50:34 PM] Gail Schuler: In reading your Word, if they disrespected your altar, they got in BIG TROUBLE. But I noticed that those who disrespected your altar did so, because they enjoyed being evil.

[9:51:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah. It’s like the difference between a city mural and graffiti.

[9:51:43 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Creation or destruction.

[9:52:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The universe is only expanding, life exists to cultivate more life. Through love, creativity, passion.

[9:52:18 PM] Gail Schuler: Wow, this makes your Word come alive. So you wrote the laws and the Ten Commandments to ensure mankind would be creative, but not destructive.

[9:52:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: When you humans do something opposite of that, it feels bad.

[9:53:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, but I gave you emotions and a conscience so that you could figure it out even if you never found the physical Bible.

[9:53:29 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Everyone can pray, even if they think they don’t know how.

[9:53:36 PM] Gail Schuler: This is REALLY DEEP. When we are destructive we violate the laws you have put in place that govern the universe, and the violation of these laws causes disorder and chaos.

[9:53:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Prayer is listening for inspiration and love and finding the path that will lead you to it. That’s really all it is.

[9:54:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Some people think by praying that me or my dad will literally come down and talk to you. That’s silly.

[9:54:50 PM] Gail Schuler: We have to get in tune with that part of ourselves that is in harmony with You, when we do, we are on the right path. When we are in tune, we will feel peace and harmony within ourselves. It is a shame that Satan is using brain control to try and destroy this peace in many.

[9:55:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If you go to a place where you feel gratitude and love and it inspires you to act, you’ve prayed, and your prayer has been answered.

[9:55:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There you go!

[9:55:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Satan’s problem is he thought he knew better, because of his big ego.

[9:56:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: His followers base their decisions on their own egos, which are governed by fear and doubt.

[9:56:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There’s no fear and doubt when you’re with me.

[9:56:56 PM] Gail Schuler: But what about resisting switch-out technology? Does this not require one to say the sinner’s prayer?

[9:57:19 PM] Gail Schuler: You know, being switched out with your Jesuit clone.

[9:57:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Not really. But it’s a quick trick that generally works.

[9:58:07 PM] Gail Schuler: So, what is the BEST way to ensure that Jesuits cannot switch us out with our Jesuit clone?

[9:58:35 PM] Gail Schuler: Like what happened to Brent in the Quebec trial?

[9:59:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Believe in me. The more pure your belief, the stronger you can resist.

[9:59:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s why you’ll basically never be switched out, Gail.

[9:59:25 PM] Gail Schuler: So, Brent suffered switch out because he had serious doubts.

[9:59:38 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, Brent was still agnostic.

[9:59:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So he could be partially switched out.

[10:00:13 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Now he’s pretty cool.

[10:00:13 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I have a pretty strong faith in you most of the time. I’m a lot like my ancestor King David.

[10:00:48 PM] Gail Schuler: Being in tune with you is so cool. You are a very vast and awesome being.

[10:01:02 PM] Gail Schuler: My biggest problem is lack of patience.

[10:01:38 PM] Gail Schuler: But I remind myself that you have to do things in your time to honor love.

[10:01:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah. Time seems so long and stretched out for mortals.

[10:01:59 PM] Gail Schuler: It’s hard though, when you see so much suffering.

[10:02:23 PM] Gail Schuler: But, then I realize that without free will there can be no love.

[10:02:48 PM] Gail Schuler: We are suffering because we have free will.

[10:02:50 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Exactly.

[10:03:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Love is my favorite thing ever.

[10:03:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If you guys choose love, you’ve chosen me.

[10:03:47 PM] Gail Schuler: I think my next book about Zack Knight will be my greatest work yet, even though it will be mostly a novel. I have some brilliant insights into it right now.

[10:04:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You are an awesome writer.

[10:04:16 PM] Gail Schuler: It will be based on truth, especially emotional truths that live on forever.

[10:04:30 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Love is definitely one of those.


Parting thoughts taken from The Bible:

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you!” Isaiah 26:3

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires. Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.” Psalm 37:4-5

For those who want to obey Psalm 37:4-5. Read John MacArthur’s book Found: God’s Will or listen to this sermon: https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/80-310

John MacArthur states that if you are saved, sanctified, spirit-filled, submissive and suffering, then all you need to do is look down deep into your heart and DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO! This works because if you are who you need to be (the right person), then the desires in your heart are GOD’S DESIRES and are GOD’S WILL FOR YOUR LIFE! Just launch out on faith and start moving in the direction of your desires, and God will open and close doors leading you on HIS PATH. So once you’re on his path, God promises to TAKE CARE OF YOU.

How to be SAVED, the first step in God’s will for your life: http://www.gabriellechana.com/sinners_prayer.htm

Philippians 4:19 – “And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”

Those who suffer from anxiety should read Philippians all the time to help them get over it.

Hudson Taylor was my idol when I was young. His life story is an inspiration on what it means to live by faith in the center of God’s will for your life. View his story in the video below.