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I have added RSS feeds for three news sources (My YouTube channel & Save America, Vote for Tulsi GabbardRussia Today) that will report on news you can’t get in American mainstream news or that offer a perspective often missing from mainstream news. I do not completely agree with Russia Today or Save America, Vote for Freedom on everything, but most of what’s at mainstream news is group think and I like to think for myself. Russia Today LIVE ON AIRVladimir Putin is on my marriage list and nobody in the U.S. reports truthfully about Vladimir or Russia so I like to hear what Russia Today has to say.

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  • Thousands stranded at airports in Christmas holiday travel nightmare
    Dozens of flights have been canceled across the US on Christmas Eve due to Covid staff shortages with thousands of passengers stuck at the airports and others forced to cancel holidays altogether. Read Full Article at
  • US congresswoman carjacked at gunpoint
    A Democrat member of the US Congress was carjacked and robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight in South Philadelphia. Representative Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pennsylvania) was not physically harmed, but her car and possessions were taken. Read Full Article at
  • Amazon limits Covid test kit purchases amid Omicron wave
    Amazon has announced a limit to the number of at-home Covid test kits per customer as demand surges amid a rise in cases since the discovery of the Omicron variant. Walgreens and CVS also introduced purchase limits. Read Full Article at
  • After Trump’s move, White House says Biden to speak on Jan 6
    President Joe Biden will make a public statement on the anniversary of the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, the White House said. This comes after former President Donald Trump said he would hold a public event on that day. Read Full Article at
  • First Covid-19 pill treatment approved for emergency use in US
    Pfizer’s Paxlovid tablets against Covid have been given emergency use authorization by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The first pill treatment of this kind, it can be prescribed to high-risk patients aged 12 and older. Read Full Article at
  • Twitter sued, accused of acting ‘on behalf’ of US govt
    Former New York Times reporter and outspoken critic of the US response to the Covid pandemic Alex Berenson is suing Twitter for suspending his account, claiming the platform “acted on behalf of the federal government. Read Full Article at
  • Trump reveals why he didn’t pardon Snowden or Assange
    Former President Donald Trump has said he was “very close to going the other way” on issuing a pardon for Julian Assange or Edward Snowden before he left the White House, ultimately deciding not to grant clemency to either. Read Full Article at
  • The average Joe will lose 2 years of life
    US life expectancy in 2020 has suffered an almost two-year drop, with the pandemic being one of the main drivers of excess death, newly released official data has shown. Read Full Article at
  • Billionaire quits church over LGBTQ & women's rights
    One of the wealthiest people in the US, the $5.2 billion-worth tech executive Jeff T. Green, has announced his split from the Mormon Church which, in his words, is “actively and currently doing harm in the world”. Read Full Article at
  • Military medics tout new vaccine to end Covid-19 pandemic
    A candidate vaccine that uses a novel platform and may be good enough to deal with existing and emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2 viruses, will reportedly be announced soon by researchers at the Walter Reed Army Institute in the US. Read Full Article at
  • Shocking scale of Covid relief fraud revealed
    Nearly $100 billion in Covid-19 relief payments has been stolen by criminals since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Secret Service, which has launched a campaign to recover the money. Read Full Article at
  • Elon Musk unveils ‘biggest threat to modern civilization’
    Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has criticized ‘wokeness’ and mocked CNN in an interview with the conservative satire website the Babylon Bee, calling political correctness one of the greatest threats to civilization. Read Full Article at
  • New Yorkers offered holiday booster deal
    The New York City government has vowed to shell out $100 to any resident who receives a Covid-19 vaccine booster shot before the end of the year, unveiling yet another cash incentive program amid panic over the Omicron strain. Read Full Article at
  • Harvard professor convicted over China & Wuhan university ties
    The former head of Harvard University’s chemistry department has been convicted for lying to authorities about his connections to China and the Wuhan Institute of Technology. Read Full Article at
  • 3rd-largest US city introduces intentionally ‘inconvenient’ vax mandate
    Only those who present proof of Covid-19 vaccination and ID will be allowed into Chicago bars, restaurants and gyms after the new year, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has announced, calling the mandate “inconvenient by design.” Read Full Article at
  • Trump announces event on Capitol riot anniversary
    Former US President Donald Trump will hold a press conference on the anniversary of the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, he announced in a statement, blasting “weak” Republicans unwilling to investigate the 2020 election. Read Full Article at
  • Biden claims ‘almost all’ Covid victims in America were unvaccinated
    Claiming that “almost all” of over 400,000 Americans who died of Covid-19 in 2021 were unvaccinated, US President Joe Biden demanded everyone get vaccinated and boosted as a “patriotic duty” amid the spread of the Omicron variant. Read Full Article at
  • Bill Gates shares ‘good news’ on progress of Covid pandemic
    Billionaire Bill Gates has found little sympathy after saying he has canceled “most” of his holiday plans over the Covid variant Omicron, while also providing advice on how the pandemic can end in 2022. Read Full Article at
  • First injectable HIV prevention drug gets FDA approval
    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first injectable prevention medication for HIV, offering an alternative to pre-exposure preventative tablets. Read Full Article at
  • Fauci wants Fox News host fired for ‘kill shot’
    White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has called for the firing of Fox News host Jesse Watters, after the conservative pundit told a crowd to target the health official with a “kill shot.” Read Full Article at
  • Hollywood star sorry for outburst against ‘illiterate’ red state
    Actress and singer Bette Midler has apologized after causing outrage for describing West Virginia as “poor, illiterate, and strung out” in a political tirade against Senator Joe Manchin. Read Full Article at
  • First Omicron-related death in US reported
    The first death tied to the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been reported in Texas, as the White House announces a handful of new initiatives to battle spiking virus case numbers. Read Full Article at
  • Orthodox rabbis demand US universities abandon diversity efforts
    The managing director of the Coalition for Jewish Values, which represents more than 2,000 Orthodox rabbis, told Fox News that US universities should end diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts over anti-Semitism concerns. Read Full Article at
  • Tucker Carlson rips into ‘pedo outbreak’ at CNN
    Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has taken aim at CNN, alleging that its rival network had been hit by what he described as a “pedo outbreak” after two of its producers were embroiled in recent high-profile child sex abuse scandals. Read Full Article at
  • Ex-RT host’s media company forced to register as foreign agent in US
    Maffick LLC, a California-based media company owned by former RT host Anissa Naouai, has been “bullied” into submitting a registration to the Justice Department under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Read Full Article at
  • Biden staffer tests positive for Covid
    An aide to US President Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 after spending time with the commander in chief days prior, the White House has confirmed, though Biden will continue his usual duties and forego quarantine. Read Full Article at
  • Omicron becomes dominant Covid variant in US
    The Omicron strain of the coronavirus now accounts for more than 73% of new US cases of Covid-19, up from 13% just a week ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported. Read Full Article at
  • Trump sues NY attorney general
    Former US President Donald Trump is suing New York Attorney General Letitia James, saying her “partisan” two-year investigation into his business dealings violates his civil rights. The Democrat AG has vowed to continue the probe. Read Full Article at
  • Alex Jones sues Pelosi, US Capitol riot committee
    Shock jock Alex Jones has sued US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the congressional committee that’s investigating last January’s US Capitol riot to block the panel from accessing his phone records and forcing him to testify. Read Full Article at
  • Trump reveals his booster status
    Former US President Donald Trump has urged his supporters to embrace Covid-19 vaccines, which he credited with preventing the pandemic from becoming as deadly as the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak. Read Full Article at
  • Pentagon’s new extremism rules extend to ‘likes’ – reports
    The US military has updated its “extremism” policy, allowing commanders to punish service members for “actively participating” in banned activities – from supporting terrorism to liking a post deemed extremist on social media. Read Full Article at
  • 6.2 quake strikes off coast of California
    A strong, 6.2 earthquake has hit off the northern coast of California. Twitter has been flooded with reports of people describing the tremor, which reportedly came in waves. Read Full Article at
  • New US city requires proof of Covid vaccination
    In response to rising Covid-19 cases, the city of Boston will soon be requiring both staff and customers of indoor businesses to give proof of their vaccinations against the virus. Read Full Article at
  • FCC settles with phone companies over failed 911 emergency calls
    Four telephone companies have settled with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over failed 911 calls during ‘network outages’ in 2020, paying out over $6 million. The cause of the outages has not been made public. Read Full Article at
  • Washington, DC reimposes Covid emergency
    Citing a “surge” in Covid-19 cases, the US capital has declared a public health emergency, reimposed the indoor masking mandate, and ordered all city employees to get both jabs and the booster as well. Read Full Article at
  • Donald Trump Jr. explains why China’s not intimidated by US military
    Donald Trump’s eldest son has claimed Beijing is far from being intimidated by the US military, pointing, as evidence, to the air service’s latest guidelines on the equal treatment of transgender personnel. Read Full Article at
  • Biden pushes ‘aggressive’ green mileage standard
    The Biden administration is citing climate change to drastically raise the vehicle mileage standard to 55 miles per gallon by 2026. The White House expects this to result in doubling of electric vehicle sales in the coming years. Read Full Article at
  • Manchin accuses White House staff of ‘inexcusable’ actions
    Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, has said that “inexcusable” behavior by White House staffers has caused negotiations on President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan to stall. Read Full Article at
  • Community sues noise polluting Navy and wins
    An anti-noise group and the Washington state attorney general have won a lawsuit against the US Navy regarding a cluster of ultra-noisy EA-18G Growler aircraft stationed at nearby Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. Read Full Article at
  • Epstein’s ‘madam’ Maxwell is ‘sophisticated predator’ – prosecution
    In their closing arguments, the prosecution in the sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell painted the accused as a “crucial” partner to the late Jeffrey Epstein, one who “preyed on vulnerable kids.” Read Full Article at
  • Anti-vax group vows to open own clinics
    America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) organization, which opposes vaccination and other government measures to stem the spread of Covid-19, has promised to open its own clinics, inviting medical staff and pharmacists to join. Read Full Article at
  • US Navy vessels fired on mystery drone swarms – media
    United States Navy vessels were forced to fire on unidentified drones off the coast of Southern California after they were swarmed by mystery UAVs in 2019, according to documents obtained by The Drive. Read Full Article at
  • Third-grader told to portray Hitler & commit suicide – reports
    An instructor at a Washington, DC elementary school has been suspended after reportedly making third-graders reenact scenes from the Holocaust, including pretending to dig mass graves for their classmates and simulating shootings. Read Full Article at
  • Retired generals warn of ‘lethal chaos’ in US military after 2024 vote
    Three retired US Army generals have argued that a civil war might break out if the Pentagon does not weed out “potential mutineers,” as there is a high chance of “another insurrection” if Republicans retake the White House. Read Full Article at
  • Texas restarts Trump’s pet project
    Texas has begun building a wall on its border with Mexico, picking up where former President Donald Trump left off with the stated goal of stopping the trafficking of drugs and illegal aliens through its territory. Read Full Article at
  • Former GOP vice president candidate on Covid-19 vaccine: ‘Over my dead body’
    Former Alaska governor and controversial conservative Sarah Palin fired up a crowd of anti-vaxxers by promising to get a Covid vaccine “over my dead body,” a choice of words that has prompted massive backlash. Read Full Article at
  • Twitter censors account that alleged another CNN pedophilia scandal
    Twitter has suspended an account linked to Project Veritas after the media outlet posted a video accusing a CNN producer of soliciting nude photos of an underage girl and fantasizing about molesting another child. Read Full Article at
  • Retiring NIH director issues warning to ‘tired’ Americans
    National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins has called holiday travel for unvaccinated Americans “not a great idea” and left a dire warning about Omicron cases in his final days on the job. Read Full Article at
  • Trump says he had ‘a great relationship’ with ‘killer’ Xi
    Former president Donald Trump has said that although he thinks Chinese President Xi Jinping is “a killer” who “destroyed the world” with Covid-19, he had a “great relationship” with China’s premier. Read Full Article at
  • Joe Manchin to kill Biden’s signature bill
    West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has announced that he won’t support the mammoth ‘Build Back Better’ bill. His refusal dooms the Democratic Party’s efforts to pass a key piece of President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda. Read Full Article at
  • US Air Force embraces gender pronouns
    The US Air Force has authorized the use of gender pronouns in electronic signature boxes, further embracing the controversial woke lexicon that other branches of government were criticized for adopting earlier this year. Read Full Article at
  • CNN closes offices to most workers over Omicron fears
    CNN has announced it is closing its offices to non-essential staff amid a surge in Covid cases and not long after critics highlighted a ‘maskless’ holiday network party. Read Full Article at
  • Emails reveal Fauci’s effort to ‘smear’ anti-lockdown scientists
    Newly released emails show Anthony Fauci and his boss at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) wanted to conduct a “quick and devastating” take-down of health experts who proposed a lockdown-free Covid-19 control strategy. Read Full Article at
  • Rapper’s stabbing cancels LA music festival
    Rapper Drakeo the Ruler was reportedly stabbed to death backstage at the Once Upon a Time in LA music festival. The festival, featuring artists like Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, was canceled in response. Read Full Article at
  • NYT investigation reveals ‘hundreds’ of civilian deaths uncounted in US strikes
    An investigation by the New York Times has found that the Pentagon severely downplayed the civilian death toll from its “precision” strikes in Syria and Iraq, while failing to investigate reports of potential civilian casualties. Read Full Article at
  • ‘Covington teen’ settles with another US outlet over bogus hate crime story
    Nicholas Sandmann has reached a settlement with US TV network NBC after suing the corporation for $275 million, charging the outlet had concocted a phony narrative that made him look like the aggressor in a viral video. Read Full Article at
  • US military causes ‘sonic boom’ by accident
    An Air National Guard unit in Oregon has apologized after one of its aircraft “inadvertently” caused a sonic boom that raised concerns that the state was being rocked by an earthquake. Read Full Article at
  • CDC’s miscalculated jab data poses risk as winter looms
    The US Centers for Disease Control has overcounted the number of Americans who have received Covid-19 vaccines, recording numerous second doses and boosters as first shots, state officials told Bloomberg. Read Full Article at
  • PETA tells New Yorkers how they should treat rats
    Animal-rights group PETA is alarmed that New York City is combatting its surging rat population by employing a clever new trap baited with Oreo cookies, saying the creatures are “simply trying to live their lives.” Read Full Article at
  • Program could see felons evade prosecution for sexual battery & assault – media
    Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has reportedly rolled out a new ‘restorative justice’ initiative that will enable teenagers who commit such crimes as sexual battery and arson to escape prosecution. Read Full Article at
  • US hypersonic weapon test fails third time in a row
    The US military didn’t succeed in conducting a test of a hypersonic missile prototype, with the munition failing to decouple from its carrier aircraft. This is the third failure in a row for the US ARRW hypersonic weapon program. Read Full Article at
  • Suspected ‘Shopping Cart Killer’ arrested after gruesome murders
    Police in Virginia are investigating a man they believe to be a serial killer dubbed the “Shopping Cart Killer,” because he used carts to transport his alleged victims’ remains after doing “unspeakable things” to them. Read Full Article at
  • Will the real president please stand up? Harris bristles at suggestion Biden isn’t it
    US Vice President Kamala Harris lashed out at TV host Charlamagne Tha God after he jokingly asked her whether the real leader of the country was President Joe Biden or West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. Read Full Article at
  • Trump claims Israel had ‘absolute power’ over Congress
    Donald Trump is facing backlash after sounding off about what he called the “dangerous” apathy of American Jews towards Israel and claiming that the country once had “absolute power” over the US Congress. Read Full Article at
  • Court reinstates Biden vaccine mandate
    A US federal appeals court has reinstated the Biden administration’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate for large private businesses, reversing an injunction by another court last month to pause the vaccine and testing requirement. Read Full Article at
  • Actor sacked from popular sitcom over Capitol riot – media
    Actor and comedian Jay Johnston was fired from animated sitcom ‘Bob’s Burgers’ over his alleged role in the storming of US Capitol in January, the Daily Beast reported. Read Full Article at
  • Leading cause of death among 18-45yo Americans revealed, and it is not Covid-19
    Fentanyl overdoses have become the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45, according to a new report which shows deaths related to the drug overtaking Covid-19 and suicide. Read Full Article at
  • California votes to drop 3,000 pounds of poison from helicopters
    The California Coastal Commission voted 5-3 this week to drop nearly 3,000 pounds of poison onto the Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge in a controversial effort to stop invasive mice. Read Full Article at
  • Governor reveals if she plans to shut NYC down amid record spike in cases
    New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced she would not shut down New York City despite the spread of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, arguing that the “health of the economy” needs to be considered alongside the health of the people. Read Full Article at
  • Pfizer to test Covid booster dose on infants, young kids
    Pfizer will start testing Covid-19 vaccine booster doses in children aged six months to five years old after finding that its lower-dose shot may not provide enough protection in one age group. Read Full Article at
  • California mayor declares state of emergency to tackle drugs, street pooping
    San Francisco Mayor London Breed declared a state of emergency in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood just days after she announced a war on crime, drugs, and public defecation and the culprits behind them. Read Full Article at
  • House Covid committee assigns blame for ‘botched’ pandemic response
    Former US President Donald Trump and his administration undermined America’s Covid-19 response for the sake of political gain, a Democrat-led House committee involving some of the ex-president’s fiercest opponents said. Read Full Article at
  • NYC vaccine-checker caught in her own trap
    A New York City health inspector charged with checking restaurants’ compliance with the city’s vaccination mandate was denied entrance to a bar she was auditing after allegedly refusing to show her vaccination card. Read Full Article at
  • Ghislaine Maxwell says ‘no need’ to testify at trial
    Jeffrey Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell said there was “no need” for her to testify in her defense, as her attorneys wrapped up their case. The trial originally expected to last for weeks now moves to closing arguments. Read Full Article at
  • US national security advisor says Putin ‘hasn’t yet decided to invade Ukraine’
    White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the US is prepared for dialogue with Russia “in the appropriate format,” and claimed to know that Putin is plotting – but hasn’t decided on – an invasion of Ukraine. Read Full Article at
  • Google under fire for treatment of black female employees – Reuters
    Google is under investigation for mistreating its black female employees, according to members of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DEFH). The agency reportedly received formal complaints about harassment. Read Full Article at
  • Biden calls VP ‘President Harris’ again
    US President Joe Biden once again referred to his VP as “President Harris,” during a graduation speech at South Carolina State University honoring a leading congressional Democrat, whose endorsement helped both get the nomination. Read Full Article at
  • Thong-wearing mask flouter says he’s making history
    A man who was removed from a plane for wearing a bright red thong as a face mask has since compared himself to history-making civil rights activists like Rosa Parks. Read Full Article at
  • Poll reveals how many Americans think media pushes own agenda over facts
    More than three quarters of all Americans from across the political spectrum think the news media’s primary goal is “advancing their own opinions or political agendas,” according to a new poll. Read Full Article at
  • Thieves steal entire bridge in Ohio
    Police in Akron, Ohio are baffled by the theft of an entire 58-foot bridge. The bridge had been sitting in a field awaiting restoration, but the bandits managed to make off with the entire structure over several days. Read Full Article at
  • Fauci wants Covid mandate to be rebranded
    White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he can get more Americans to comply with vaccine mandates if they’re rebranded as “requirements.” Read Full Article at
  • Schools ramp up security over shooting ‘threats’ on TikTok
    Schools across the US are either canceling classes or tightening security measures after widespread concerns that vague school shooting and bombing threats circulating on TikTok could turn out to be real. Read Full Article at
  • MSNBC host hits back at Musk in ‘Karen’ row
    TV host Joy Reid dunked on Elon Musk for what she called a misappropriation of the supposedly ‘black’ term ‘Karen’ to attack Senator Elizabeth Warren, prompting the billionaire to wonder if Reid moonlighted as a lobbyist. Read Full Article at
  • Heart inflammation cases confirmed in kids after Pfizer jabs
    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported eight cases of myocarditis, a potentially deadly type of heart inflammation, in elementary school students who received the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. Read Full Article at
  • Judges mull Harvey Weinstein retrial – reports
    Several US appellate judges expressed concerns during a hearing on Wednesday over how the 2020 trial of disgraced former film producer Harvey Weinstein was handled, according to media reports from the courtroom. Read Full Article at
  • Mr. Big ad canned by Peloton after sexual assault claims
    Exercise and media company Peloton has pulled its viral advert featuring ‘Sex and the City’ actor Chris Noth after sexual assault allegations from 2004 and 2015 surfaced on Thursday. Read Full Article at
  • ‘Cyber-mercenaries’ spied on Facebook users
    Meta has banned accounts linked to seven entities for conducting ‘surveillance-for-hire’ operations against some 50,000 users. One of the purged firms is the Israeli-run Black Cube, hired by disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. Read Full Article at
  • Cause of deaths at Travis Scott festival revealed
    A medical examiner has confirmed that the death of 10 people at rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in November was due to accidental asphyxiation. Read Full Article at
  • Judicial nominee refuses to say if crimes should be forgiven ‘in name of social justice’ (VIDEO)
    One of President Joe Biden’s district judge nominees repeatedly refused to answer whether some criminal acts should be overlooked on the grounds of social justice when grilled by a Republican lawmaker. Read Full Article at
  • 100+ Marines kicked out of force for defying vaccine mandate
    Over a hundred US Marines have been discharged for refusing to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as military punishments ramp up under President Joe Biden’s strict vaccine mandate. Read Full Article at
  • US approves abortion pills by mail
    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it will allow a drug used to abort early pregnancies to be received by mail, permanently lifting long-standing restrictions that had been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read Full Article at
  • Judge orders search of Alec Baldwin’s phone after shooting
    A search warrant has been issued for Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin’s iPhone after police said it could provide clues to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was fatally shot by Baldwin on a movie set in October. Read Full Article at
  • CDC urges Americans to embrace mRNA vaccines
    The US health agency has recommended that people seeking vaccination for Covid-19 receive Pfizer or Moderna mRNA-based shots rather than the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, due to the risk of blood clots. Read Full Article at
  • US Marines chief reveals biggest risk for his force
    The US Marine Corps risks being left without the weapons it will need to fight, unless Congress and the Pentagon fund new programs amid a purge of old technology, its commandant has warned. Read Full Article at
  • Biden predicts 'winter of death' for unvaxxed
    US President Joe Biden urged all Americans to receive booster shots and warned of a winter full of “severe illness and death” for those who remain unvaccinated amid the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Read Full Article at
  • School owes transgender student $4 million in bathroom case
    A Missouri jury has ruled that a school district owes more than $4 million to a male transgender student, who sued for sex discrimination after being denied the use of boys’ bathrooms and locker rooms. Read Full Article at
  • Sex and the City star accused of sexual assault
    The revival of iconic US TV series Sex and the City has triggered two women who claim they were sexually assaulted by one of the show’s stars to come forward with painful memories they thought they had “buried.” Read Full Article at
  • NYPD commissioner appointed in front of mural praising convicted ‘domestic terrorist’
    New York Police Department commissioner Keechant Sewell, the first woman to hold the post, raised eyebrows during her swearing-in ceremony in front of a mural featuring FBI-most-wanted convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur. Read Full Article at
  • US blacklists Chinese firms over ‘brain-control weaponry’
    The US Treasury has blacklisted 34 Chinese companies and research institutes, with Washington accusing one of the named institutes of developing “brain-control weaponry.” Read Full Article at
  • ‘False memory’ expert called to testify in Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense trial
    Seeking to challenge the credibility of accusers in the sex-trafficking trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell, her defense attorneys have called as witness the “false memories” expert Elizabeth Loftus. Read Full Article at