Silver Skies 1996 Version


I have lots of writing projects that I’ve started & never finished. After I finish Bible for Tribulation Saints, I plan to finish my novel Silver Skies. As a writer, I’ve been thinking about all these dream writing projects and I actually reread my original conception of Silver Skies and feel my edited edition actually made it WORSE. Steven Spielberg was so impressed with my unfinished novel that he went ahead and made a movie out of it, in spite of my deus ex machina ending. I found my original outline for the novel and decided it is excellent. I want to finish the novel using that outline. I also want to go back and rewrite the novel into the form that Spielberg fell in love with.

I was thinking about the novel Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte. That was her ONLY novel, but it’s so good, it’s made her famous for posterity. I think I can make Silver Skies to be of the same quality as Wuthering Heights. I need to go back and rewrite it to the original conception and then put the ending on it I had originally planned. Back in the 1990s when I wrote that my goal was to write a love story that showed the awesome love that I felt I had with Brent Spiner in the 1990s. I only planned to write that one novel and I only studied writing to learn how to write that one novel. That’s why the book is so good!

But then I found out about Loree McBride in 1996, and lost interest in writing it. When I discerned the truth that Brent never wanted her and she was a Vatican agent, I regained my interest in Silver Skies, but had forgotten my writing skills. They have come back to me with practice. I am now ready to finish this novel. I think I can make it as great as Wuthering Heights.

Any ways, I am not sure, but I think I will most be remembered for Bible for Tribulation Saints. But once people read that, they will be interested in my other works. I think it is important for me to be mainly a non-fiction writer, cuz my life story and the story of my men is SO IMPORTANT for the world to know.

But I did write one novel, that has the potential to be great. I want it to move the heart and make people think. I think I can do it. Right now what is keeping Silver Skies from being that novel for posterity is that it does not have an ending. I expect to finish Bible for Tribulation Saints around Christmas. After that, my focus will be on finishing Silver Skies. I want future generations to pick up that book and feel that it has the literary quality of a novel like Wuthering Heights. I always wanted it to be the great love story of the ages and if I write it true to the outline I had in the 1990s, I think I can do it!

Apple Blossom Time is the theme song for Silver Skies.

A conflicted rabbi and Jewish freedom fighter against a fascist United States government, denied himself the woman of his dreams to become a rabbi and ended up in a cruel marriage to a Jewish knockout who cooperates with the government to destroy him. His dream woman, a Baptist missionary nurse, saves his life and he knows now he cannot live without her. But the Bible and the world around him seem to say adulterers should be stoned.

Orson Scott Card is apparently the screenwriter for the Silver Skies movie (Steven Spielberg production). My thoughts about this.

I ruined my 1996 Silver Skies, by omitting parts of the beginning that made the character likable and by giving the story a deus ex machina ending. I have given the 1996 outline to my men and they have forwarded it to Steven Spielberg, who, has a team of screenwriters who are  revamping the movie version and honoring my 1996 outline. I plan to honor this outline for my revamped Silver Skies, and in the 1996 version the main character, Dor, takes action that determines the final outcome, a much more satisfying ending than the one I had before. Even if Mr. Spielberg releases the movie before I finish the book, I won’t rush the book. I am determined that it be a literary masterpiece that goes on into posterity. Those who see the Silver Skies movie, can read the book to get the deeper meanings.

Gail reread her earliest version of Silver Skies (enlarged copy of Silver Skies cover above), that she originally published through RoseDog books and has concluded this is superior to the modifications she made to it after 2005. However, her original version did not have an ending and she tacked on an ending that does not work for the story. After relearning much of the novel writing skills she has forgotten over the years, as she works on her novel Lusts & Acclaim, Gail realized that the ending she tacked onto her Silver Skies, does not work for the story. She searched through her files and found the original outline that she wrote for Silver Skies, and has decided that her original intent is superior to what she did later.

She will go through the Silver Skies she has published through CreateSpace and will rewrite it back to the original version, except she will remove the ending she tacked on in 2005 and rewrite it according to her 1996 outline. She has also revamped the cover, to give this third edition of Silver Skies a cover that fits the story.

She remembers that as she worked on Silver Skies, she wrote a meticulous outline, and outlined scene by scene using principles from Jack Bickham’s Scene and Structure. She will do the same for this third edition as well. When she worked on Silver Skies, she never rushed herself, quality was always more important than quantity, and that will be the same attitude she takes as she rewrites Silver Skies to make it truer to the book she intended it to be in 1996.

In 1996, when Gail learned about Loree McBride, she trashed Silver Skies as a project, feeling that Brent Spiner no longer deserved her masterpiece. She also did not have the means to publish her story at the time. With the advent of the Internet, and the skills Gail has learned about self-publishing, she is able to publish the Silver Skies she intended in 1996. With this third edition, Gail hopes that this version of Silver Skies will last into posterity, as she strives to write only those stories that she herself would love to read.

The theme song for Silver Skies remains the same. It is Apple Blossom Time. Gail allowed Jesuits to intimidate her into believing that her novel Silver Skies was an inferior book, not worthy of publication. But as Gail reread her first version, that she laid aside after 1996, she realizes that it is a literary masterpiece. Steven Spielberg made a film based on her 1996 version in 2005, even though Gail had not written the ending. When Gail realized that Mr. Spielberg was making a movie, she tacked on an ending for him, and was tickled that he was willing to make the movie without the ending. She realizes now that the ending she tacked on was not best for the story. She has relearned her fiction writing skills and will give this story the ending it deserves, based on the outline she wrote in 1996.

Mr. Spielberg has encouraged Gail to take her time with her writings. Gail guesses that when she finishes this third edition of Silver Skies, that he will edit the movie and give it the ending that it deserves. Once Gail fixes the ending and returns the story to its 1996 state, it should enter the annals of literature that last for posterity. That is her hope.

Matthew McConaughey fell in love with Gail when he read her book in 2005. Mr. Spielberg cast Matthew for the lead, which Gail feels was a good casting call. Gail does not know which actress they used for the female lead. That would be a hard call, because the Brianna character has so many facets and only a very good actress could bring out all her depths and passion. The version Matthew read was the 1996 version, which is the version she is working on now. The book did not have an ending and Mr. Spielberg went ahead any ways with the movie! Unfortunately, in 2005, she had not written anything for about a decade and forgot some of her fiction writing skills. But she has relearned them, and realizes now what she wanted to do in 1996 with her masterpiece for Brent Spiner.