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Unfortunately, no single news source tells the whole truth, so I have been forced to use articles from libertarian and leftist sources to get to the truth. I urge readers to go through the articles, read them for yourselves and come to your own conclusions. I am presenting stuff you can’t get in mainstream news here at my blog. To open links to another page, R-click on the link to open.


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  • TGIF: Is “Free Election” an Oxymoron?
    American leaders and their loyal media pundits love to sit in judgment of other countries’ election, declaring them fair or rigged according to their seemingly meticulous standards. In fact, the real standard is that the regimes “we” like hold free and fair (enough) elections, while the regimes “we” dislike don’t. What about regimes “we” like […]
  • Have We Learned Nothing? Biden Backs Mass Murder in the Middle East
    The Gaza Strip, measures only 25 miles long and five miles wide. It is one of the most densely populated places on the planet. Since 2007, Israel has imposed a full blockade on Gaza from the air, land, and sea. The two million Palestinians living there (half of which are under the age of 18) […]
  • What Does the Biden-Putin Summit Mean for Russian Relations Going Forward?
    President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin wrapped up talks in Geneva on Wednesday. Both leaders had positive things to say about the meeting, but the tensions between the U.S. and Russia were on display during press conferences that followed. World leaders typically hold joint press conferences after summits, but Biden and Putin spoke to the […]
  • Cops Break In Locked Gate in Wrong Yard, Shoot Dog In Front of 8 Year Old
    It is no secret that cops shoot dogs — a lot. Frequent readers of TFTP know too well how many beloved family pets are gunned down every year by public servants in the U.S. It happens so much that there is a term for it called “puppycide.” We have an endless archive of stories in which dogs […]
  • The GOP Is Not Your Savior
    If Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) had not gotten sick and resigned his Senate seat, then the title of this article would have been “Will the Republicans Save Us?” After serving in the Georgia state house and senate, Isakson served three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives before being elected to the U.S. Senate in […]
  • Stimulus Is Not the Answer to Your Economic Woes
    Congress is hard at work on a stimulus bill. Doubtless their efforts will pay off. Does anyone stop to ask what it is about stimulus that stimulates? And what, exactly, does it stimulate? Start by spending a lot of money that the government does not have, borrow the difference, and the central bank prints the difference […]
  • WATCH: Cops Assault, Taser Teens for Vaping Outside
    In the land of the free, police are tasked with enforcement of all laws no matter how arbitrary or even whether or not there is a victim involved. If you break one of these arbitrary laws in the land of the free, police claim the right to extort or kidnap you. If you resist this […]
  • Biden Declares “Sacred Obligation” to NATO’s Article 5 War Clause
    Voice of America Sunday ran a story about the tenor and theme of President Joe Biden’s presentation at tomorrow’s NATO summit in Brussels with the headline Biden to Reassure Allies of US Commitment to NATO Mutual Defense Clause. In the report it cites a pledge Biden made in an address to American Air Force service members at the […]
  • Where Did Washington Go Wrong in Syria?
    The unending Syrian conflict has become the most prolonged and bloodiest since the start of the twenty-first century. It carried off the lives of millions of Syrian, turned the country into a battlefront and caused an immigration crisis in Western states. Moreover, a new fear threatened the world—an emergence of international terrorism, which not only […]
  • Why Patriots Shouldn’t Pledge Allegiance
    Flag Day is upon us, with the Fourth of July not far behind. No better time for a frontal assault on a cherished American ritual—the Pledge of Allegiance. Though conservatives will be most aghast at this undertaking, the open-minded ones will soon discover they should be among the pledge’s greatest critics. Before I open fire, […]
  • TGIF: VP Harris Tells Guatemalans to Stay in Their Place
    Shame on Vice President Kamala Harris. On her recent trip to Guatemala she said, “I want to be clear to folks in the region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek to the United States-Mexico border: Do not come. Do not come. I believe if you come to our border, you will be turned […]
  • The Case of Colonialism: Secession for Thee, But Not for Me
    The twentieth century was a century of secession. Since the end of the Second World War, the number of independent states in the world has nearly tripled as new states, through acts of secession, came into existence. This was driven largely by the wave of decolonization that occurred following the Second World War. From the […]
  • How America Destroyed the Middle East
    The following is the Introduction to the Libertarian Institute’s Executive Director Scott Horton’s new book, Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism. The Middle East, North Africa and South-Central Asia are in chaos. Populations have been riven by sectarian civil war in what remains of the former states of Iraq, Syria, Libya and […]
  • WATCH: Cop Flips Over Pregnant Woman’s SUV to Give Her a Speeding Ticket
    Cops, as the Free Thought Project reports on a regular basis, are extremely quick to escalating force. From baton blows to trigger pulls, American cops love to dish out the violence with extreme prejudice. There is another form of violence police use that doesn’t get mentioned as much but is just as deadly. It is called […]
  • How the American War on Drugs Demolished Guatemala
    Vice President Kamala Harris visited Guatemala earlier this week to bestow millions of dollars in new foreign aid on that government. The Biden administration is pretending that giving more US tax dollars to Central American governments will miraculously reduce the surge of illegal immigrants that Biden’s appointees are welcoming in Arizona, Texas, and elsewhere. The purpose of […]
  • How the Corporate Press Pushes War
    Fifty years ago, the New York Times began publishing excerpts from a massive secret report called the “History of U.S. Decision-Making Process on Vietnam Policy.” Those excerpts, which quickly became known as the “Pentagon Papers,” provided shocking revelations of perennial government deceit and spurred an epic clash over the First Amendment. Unfortunately, many of the media outlets […]
  • The Cult of Keynes and Its Origins
    The British Austrian economist W.H. Hutt was a great critic of Keynes’s economic theories. However, his speculations on why the New Economics revolution happened are even more fascinating. Hutt shows it to be a fundamentally dishonest undertaking. Keynes held a long-standing belief in inflation and public spending. His General Theory was the culmination of his search for an intellectual foundation […]
  • Police Employee in Australia Caught Sexually Assaulting 13 Year Old in Elevator
    Glenn Roche, 54, is a vile human being and thanks to surveillance footage from inside an elevator the world will now know just how vile. Also thanks to the surveillance footage from the elevator, this police employee will be going to jail. On Thursday, Roche was found guilty of indecent assault of a child after […]
  • Despite Withdrawal, U.S. Commits Billions to Fund Afghan Military
    U.S. troops leaving Afghanistan was meant to mark the end of the war in Afghanistan. As it stands, however, it seems that the administration is going through any hoops possible that might keep the war going and the US deeply invested in it. The latest sign of the Afghan War to come was envoy Zalmay […]
  • The Immortality of Lobbyists
    Throughout much of human history, a political ruler was often considered to be only as good as his ability to distribute gifts, booty, and other material rewards to his most valuable and loyal servants. In the “barbarian” days of northern Europe, military men expected their kings to lead them to booty, and to distribute gifts […]
  • TGIF: What the State Really Is
    To better understand the nature of government, one can think of it as an agency that sells or, more precisely, rents power to others. The greater the power and the wider its scope, the more opportunities the state’s agents will have to sell access to it in return for favors. Of course the demand for […]
  • The Danger of ‘Great Power Competition’ with Russia and China
    The latest flare-up in the geopolitical standoff over Ukraine is a feature, not a bug, of Washington’s most recent grand narrative of global affairs. The names of these grand narratives read more like B-list action titles than mass-murder campaigns: From the production team who brought you “The Red MENACE,” the “War on Terror,” and “Counterinsurgency,” […]
  • How a Libertarian Would Solve Land Conflict in the Middle East
    The recent spate of bombing violence in Israel’s West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza demonstrates the enduring attachment both Israelis and Palestinians have to physical land in the country. Both sides make claims—legal, moral, and political—to land within Israel, from the southernmost tip of Gaza to the northernmost tip of the Golan Heights. This ongoing […]
  • Biden Proposes Globally-Imposed Corporate Tax Rates
    In a move that would primarily benefit the world’s largest economies and most bloated governments, the Biden administration has proposed that all the world’s countries agree to impose corporate taxes at a rate no lower than 15%. Biden also proposes punishing countries that don’t adopt the minimum, by imposing heavier taxes on U.S. subsidiaries of companies headquartered in those […]
  • House Members Demand Pentagon Give Israel an Extra Billion in Aid
    A bipartisan group of House lawmakers sent a letter to the Pentagon on Wednesday urging Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to give the Israelis more military aid after Israel’s Gaza bombing campaign. The effort was led by Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), who was joined by 54 other members of the House. The letter comes as Israeli Defense Minister […]
  • ‘I Can’t Breathe’: Three Cops Charged With Murder For Beating Innocent Father to Death on Walk Home
    For months after her brother Manuel Ellis’ death in police custody, Monet Carter-Mixon fought for answers. She was told that her brother who is a father of two and active member of his community’s church, randomly attacked two cops and was subsequently killed while doing so. But Carter-Mixon didn’t believe the official story and set […]
  • The Regime vs. Joe Rogan
    Recently, Joe Rogan, one of the largest podcast hosts in the United States (10.6 million YouTube subscribers), expressed the following opinion about the vaccination of young adults: If you are 21 and ask me if you should get the vaccine, I would say “no”. If you are a healthy person and exercise all the time, and are young and […]
  • Memorial Day: Remember Political Lies that Caused Soldiers to Die
    This article was originally published at the Institute last year on Memorial Day and is reprinted below. On Memorial Day, the media do their usual sacralizing of war. Instead, it should be a day for the ritualized scourging of politicians. During the last 70 years, their lies have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of almost […]
  • Neither the Wars Nor the Leaders Were Great
    The king of Prussia, Frederick II (“the Great”), confessed that he had seized the province of Silesia from the Empress Maria Theresa in 1740 because, as a newcomer to the throne, he had to make a name for himself. This initiated a war with Austria that developed into a worldwide war (in North America, the […]
  • World War I as Fulfillment: Power and the Intellectuals
    I. Introduction In contrast to older historians who regarded World War I as the destruction of progressive reform, I am convinced that the war came to the United States as the “fulfillment,” the culmination, the veritable apotheosis of progressivism in American life.[1] I regard progressivism as basically a movement on behalf of Big Government in all […]
  • A Veteran’s Memorial Day Message
    Happy Memorial Day. This weekend towns will throw parades, friends and family will visit cemeteries, and communities will reconnect at barbecues, swimming pools, and football games to inaugurate the summer. During these festivities I ask that you take a moment to pause. For one minute, reflect and remember. Give remembrance to 1.4 million American combat […]
  • TGIF: About that “Real Estate Dispute” in Sheikh Jarrah
    When the Israeli government describes the conflict over the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem as just a “real-estate dispute,” it has a point. Palestinian families are at risk of eviction (and some have already been evicted) from homes they’ve lived in for many years so that Jewish settlers, many of whom were born in […]
  • Joe Biden’s Fake Economic Recovery
    The University of Michigan consumer confidence index fell to 82.8 in May, from 88.3 in April. More importantly, the current conditions index slumped to 90.8, from 97.2 and the expectations index declined to 77.6, from 82.7. Hard data also questions the strength of the recovery. April retail sales were flat, with clothing down 5.1 percent, general merchandise […]
  • No Arrest Made for Off-Duty Cop Who Shot Woman Driving Herself to Hospital
    Over the weekend, Lecresha Murray says she began feeling sick so she decided to drive herself to the hospital. Her trip would be dangerously interrupted, however, when a seemingly trigger happy cop decided to dump multiple rounds into her body for no reason. Despite the officer shooting the unarmed woman six times on Sunday, he has yet […]
  • Former ‘Officer of the Year’ Commits Suicide as He Admits to Participating inChild Rape Ring
    Last week, a standoff took place between Liberty County law enforcement and a fellow cop from one county over. Harris County Precinct 1 deputy Robert Johnson engaged in a standoff with multiple SWAT officers for several hours before taking his own life. After his suicide, we learned that during this standoff, this decorated Houston cop […]
  • Supreme Court Roundup: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    No one likes to admit when they are wrong. Though in this case I will make an exception. In a recent article called “What The Heller?” I lamented that by heavily compromising the originalist analysis of the Second Amendment in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), conservatives may have doomed the […]
  • NYT: U.S. Could Be Out of Afghanistan by July
    According to a report from The New York Times, U.S. troops are expected to be out of Afghanistan by early to mid-July, well before the September 11th deadline set by President Biden. Unnamed U.S. officials told the Times that Washington’s allies are also expected to be out by July, although Germany is apparently struggling to keep up […]
  • George Bush’s Damnable Afghan War Lies
    Former President George W. Bush is bewailing President Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Bush told Fox News last week, “I’m also deeply concerned about the sacrifices of our soldiers, and our intelligence community, will be forgotten,” after the war ends. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the American media has already forgotten how […]
  • In Developed World, America Has the Least Trained, Most Deadly Police Force
    Ever wonder why cops yell “quit resisting” as they beat a person who’s not resisting? Or why they shoot people who pose no threat? Maybe the answer is right in front of us. Many folks who are given authorization to use deadly force and authority to kidnap and cage citizens—aren’t the sharpest tools in the chest. […]
  • The CDC is Planning to Destroy the Summer Camp Experience
    The Center for Disease Control’s major easing of its mask-use recommendations was a welcome development, giving Americans hope that logic can triumph over the CDC’s bureaucratic inertia and its COVID-era tendency to push the most severe restrictions on human activity at every turn. Next, let’s hope this outbreak of rationality proves contagious within the CDC, and […]
  • How Government Jobs Hurt the Economy
    It seems that every time something adverse happens in the labor market, it restarts the partisan battle between those currently in and out of power as to who is a better steward of the economy. That was illustrated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s (BLS) release of the job numbers for April, which made headlines […]
  • TGIF: Biden Labor Department Undermines Gig Economy
    Why should government at any level have the power to overrule how workers and companies define their relationships? This question has become more important than previously with the rise of the gig economy, in which workers such as Uber and Lyft drivers are regarded by their companies and themselves as independent contractors rather than conventional […]
  • Sedition: An American Virtue
    “History never repeats itself, but the Kaleidoscopic combinations of the pictured present often seem to be constructed out of the broken fragments of antique legends.”- Mark Twain There is a word that has become increasingly popular ever since Trump was elected in 2016. Sedition. And since the January 6th storming of the Capitol, sedition seems […]
  • Gaza Ceasefire to Take Effect Friday Morning
    On Thursday night, Israel’s security cabinet voted unanimously in favor of a ceasefire to end the Israeli bombing campaign in Gaza that has been raging since last Monday. The ceasefire was brokered by Egypt and is set to take effect early Friday morning. A Hamas official told Reuters that Israel and Hamas will enter a “mutual and simultaneous” Gaza truce […]
  • How Will Australia Remember Julian Assange?
    “Never believe anything until it’s officially denied.”- Claud Cockburn This year’s ANZAC day has passed in Australia. It is a national religious holiday where many give thanks for the sacrifice of Australian combatants that served, died, and were injured in the nation’s many wars during its young history. It is a time for reflection, when […]
  • Cops Shoot Unarmed Man 122 Times Over Broken Tag Light
    On the night he was killed, Lester Machado, 24, was targeted by police who falsely claimed he was driving with a broken license plate light. For some reason—which we will never know—Machado did not stop when police attempted to pull him over and police used this as a reason to chase him down and fire more […]
  • How State Lockdowns Shredded Your Right to Due Process
    Over a year ago, the COVID panic shook the world. We were told it would only be “15 days to flatten the curve” as businesses were locked down, “nonessential” employees were forced out of work (I’ve written about the myth of the nonessential employee here), masks were mandated, and individuals were not allowed to gather […]
  • Parents Catch Cop on Video ‘Puncturing Their Toddler With Unknown Object’
    Imagine for a moment that your toddler is found screaming and crying in agony and bleeding from a puncture wound. You have no idea what happened so you pull out your phone to check your home surveillance system. Then imagine you find a video of your police detective neighbor abusing your toddler, and causing the […]
  • Amid Gaza Killings, Biden Approves $735 Million More Weapon Sales to Israel
    A report from The Washington Post revealed that the Biden administration approved a $735 million arms sale to Israel. Congress was officially notified of the sale on May 5th, less than one week before Israel began its latest bombing campaign in Gaza, which, so far, has taken the lives of over 200 Palestinians, including over 60 children. A […]
  • Calling Out Paul Krugman’s Booms & Busts
    That Austrians and Keynesians do not share many views on economics (or probably anything else) is obvious, so a difference of opinion between the two hardly should surprise anyone. However, it still is important to point out the differences between the two camps, especially at the current time when Keynesians are all the rage in […]
  • How the Federal Reserve Inflated Away a Fourth of Your Wealth in 15 Years
    As Americans warily eye new data showing both consumer and producer price inflation heating up beyond expectations, few of them realize the Federal Reserve has an explicit goal to relentlessly degrade the purchasing power of their savings. The Fed weakens the dollar—and pushes prices higher—by creating new money and pushing it out into the economy. […]
  • TGIF: FDA Targets Black and Other Minority Smokers
    Just when we are reminded that unnecessary conflict between the police and the people, especially in poorer black communities, is a poison to be eliminated forthwith, the Biden administration has moved in the wrong direction. Late last month the administration signaled that it wants to ban menthol cigarettes, which are especially popular with black smokers. […]
  • How Supreme is the Supreme Court?
    One intriguing aspect of the Covid lockdowns has been the shift in power from an oligarchy whose edicts were often taken to be the supreme law of the land to an empire where a single person now dictates with the same absolute authority. From the nine black-robed Justices ruling from their marble temple to the […]
  • Scott Horton Busts Neocon Conspiracies in New Book
    Last month Foreign Affairs ran an article saying that Iran and Israel were engaged in mutual hostilities that could drag the United States into a war not of our choosing, and there was no mention in the article of the people who really do want the U.S. to go to war with Iran, the neoconservative branch of the […]
  • Moral Rhetoric vs. Reality
    Philosophers tend to divide normative theories of morality into two broad categories: deontological and teleological. Deontological theories prioritize right action over good outcomes. If an action is wrong, then it is intrinsically wrong, regardless of the consequences which may ensue. The Ten Commandments and Kant’s Categorical Imperative are classic examples of deontological theories, and the […]
  • Correcting the Lapdog Media
    Former CNN White House correspondent Michelle Kosinski declared on Twitter last week that American journalists would “never expect…Your own govt to lie to you, repeatedly” and “Your own govt to hide information the public has a right to know.” Kosinski denounced “Trump’s unAmerican regime” and declared, “No one should accept this.” Kosinski’s comments epitomize the […]
  • Israel Vows Further Escalation in Bombing of Gaza
    Israel continued its bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip through Tuesday and into Wednesday morning as the death toll continues to mount. Gaza’s health ministry said early Wednesday that so far, at least 35 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli airstrikes, including 12 children. Israel started bombing Gaza on Monday, which was framed as retaliation for rocket […]
  • Our Tower of Economic Lies
    In a recent issue, Time Magazine boldly declared, “The Free Market Is Dead,” and then added: “What Will Replace It?” Of course, one always can expect Time to be disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst, and as an academic economist, I have come to realize that after reading Time off and on for more than five decades, this is a publication […]
  • WATCH: ‘Fashion Police’ Harass Woman for Wearing Short Shorts
    An Oklahoma mother was detained by police and humiliated on her family vacation after an officer accused her of wearing shorts that were too short. A TikTok video of the incident has sparked quite the backlash online and garnered support for the young mother. On April 30, Bailey Breedlove took her children to Frontier City, a Six […]
  • The Truth About the Biden Tax Plan
    Last Thursday the New York Times reported what should be obvious, but that eludes most in our midst: the rich pay the vast majority of taxes collected. By far. This is a statement of the obvious simply because the “vital few” drive all progress in all walks of life. Think the NBA before Bird, Magic and Jordan, think […]
  • Woman Stops To Assist Man Hit By Car, Drunk Cop Hits & Kills Them Both
    A tragedy unfolded in Maryland this month when Berlynn Matthews, 21, stopped to help Joshua Day, 34, who had been struck by a vehicle while crossing the road. Tragically, as Matthews rendered aid to Day, a man whose job consists of locking people up for driving drunk, came by driving drunk, and killed them both. […]
  • Congress’ Obsession With Unreadable Laws
    “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap,” Napoleon is reputed to have said more than two centuries ago. Boundless ignorance is also not a handicap, as Congress demonstrated last December by approving a 5593-page bill without reading it. Plenty of activists and editorial pages howled over the sloppy procedures propelling $2.3 trillion in new federal […]
  • TGIF: A Refreshing Way to Think about Immigration
    What I’m going to say about Chandran Kukathas’s latest book, Immigration and Freedom, does not constitute a book review. Think of it instead as a book alert. Even having read only the preface and a couple of chapters, I am confident it is a book that fans of liberty will be interested in. You can […]
  • An Honest General Admits the Goal: Permanent Hegemony
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said on Wednesday that the “rise of China” threatens the U.S.’ status as the dominant global military power, warning that the world could be entering an era of “potential international instability.” “Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the United States essentially was the unchallenged […]
  • The No Good, Cowardly Chickenhawk John Bolton
    When President Joe Biden announced a new date for the full withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan, there arose like clockwork a great, melancholic moan from the same media figures who have been defending the war for the past 20 years. Perhaps none was so despondent as John Bolton, who as Donald Trump’s National […]
  • Police Numbers Plummet as Killer Cops Held Accountable
    New reports from across the country show that police departments are unable to keep their numbers up as fewer people are applying to be cops and record numbers of cops are seeking early retirement or simply quitting. There is a police recruitment crisis in America but this should not surprise anyone and can serve as […]
  • The Military-Industrial Complex Has a Vote in War Too
    Even if “won,” endless wars like our 20 year assault on Afghanistan would not benefit our actual national interest in the slightest. So why do these wars continue endlessly? Because they are so profitable to powerful and well-connected special interests. In fact, the worst news possible for the Beltway military contractor/think tank complex would be […]
  • No, Vaccine Passports Are Not ‘Libertarian’
    Earlier this month, the conservative magazine known as The Spectator published an article with the absurd title “The Libertarian Case for Vaccine Passports.” The online version now bears the title “Vaccine Passports Are a Ticket to Freedom,” but the physical print version is perhaps more descriptive of what the author is trying to do. The author, a […]
  • Should Libertarians Compromise with Taxing Marijuana?
    Marijuana freedom is a good thing. The taxation of marijuana is a bad thing. Unfortunately, owing to the greed of spendthrift politicians, it looks as though we will have to take the good with the bad or not at all. Now, this does not mean that smoking marijuana is “good.” It just means that the […]
  • Cop Walks Up, Sucker Punches Random Teen
    On the day he was attacked by those he has been told are their for his protection, high school sophomore, Carlos Rodriguez had committed no crime, was not suspected of committing a crime, and was simply being a kid. However, his innocent, compliance with officer orders, and his young age were no defense against the […]
  • 2021 Will Decide the Future of Military Conscription
    The coming year could bring a major milestone to America’s fitful relationship with the military draft: The Supreme Court may declare male-only draft registration unconstitutional, while Congress could either expand registration to women or end it altogether. Out of respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Congress should choose the latter option. Though […]
  • Cops Sic Dog on Sleeping 13 Year Old Boy, Falsely Accuse Him of Stealing Car
    The Cedar Rapids police department was slapped with a lawsuit this week by the mother of a 13-year-old boy who was mauled by a police K-9 as he slept in the backyard. According to the lawsuit, the boy was wrongly accused of being involved in a car theft when he was attacked by the K-9 […]
  • TGIF: Bust the Conservative “Trust Busters”
    When right-wing leader Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) recently declared that “liberty and monopoly do not go together,” I fantasized that he had become a free-market anarchist. When I hear monopoly, I think government because what’s the most literal of monopolies (or source of monopoly power) than the state? Imagine my disappointment when I realized that, […]
  • Gene Editing Goes to Clincial Trials
    Gene-editing using the groundbreaking CRISPR technology is about to be put to the test in the first-ever clinical trial of the treatment in humans. CRISPR is a protein in bacteria that can be used to manipulate genetic material to, according to Jennifer Doudna, who won last year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of CRISPR technology, “alter[] DNA sequences […]
  • When Murray Rothbard Predicted the Menthol Ban
    Murray Rothbard wrote the following article in August 1994. Quick: Which is America’s Most Persecuted Minority? No, you’re wrong. (And it’s not Big Business either: one of Ayn Rand’s more ludicrous pronouncements.) All right, consider this: Which group has been increasingly illegalized, shamed and denigrated first by the Establishment, and then, following its lead, by […]
  • Remembering Reese Erlich, Pillar of Independent Journalism
    When Reese Erlich died in early April, we lost a global reporter who led by example. During five decades as a progressive journalist, Reese created and traveled an independent path while avoiding the comfortable ruts dug by corporate media. When people in the United States read or heard his reporting from more than 50 countries, […]
  • Conservatives Created the War on Terrorism, and Are Now Its Victims
    The security walls around the U.S. Capitol may be removed, but the federal response to the January 6 protests has only just begun. The Democrats in Washington are determined to treat the incident as on par with the events of September 11, which may explain a troubling report about the potential use of the famed […]
  • Don’t Stop with Chauvin: A List of Unprosecuted Killer Cops
    On Tuesday former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin found guilty of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Chauvin was seen on video kneeling on the neck of George Floyd — who was handcuffed and not resisting — for over 8 minutes, until he died. Had video of the incident not existed, the chances […]
  • The U.S. Coast Guard Caught Sailing…Along the Russian Coastline
    For the first time since 2008, a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter entered the Black Sea amid heightened tensions with Russia. The U.S. Navy’s Sixth Fleet said the USCGC Hamilton entered the waters on Tuesday. The Sixth Fleet said the Hamilton made the transit “in support of NATO Allies and partners.” The U.S. frequently sends warships into the Black […]
  • The Reverse Side of Turkish ‘Aid’ to Syria
    From the beginning of its illegal invasion of Syria, Ankara has been trying to put right its crimes with international community by thinking up arguments and suitable excuses while at the same time veiling real motives for its presence and military actions on the Syrian territory. The main pretext for these actions is the struggle […]
  • When Did You Lose Faith in the War in Afghanistan? (If You Had Any)
    President Biden announced he will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by September 11. That will end 20 years of a war that has killed some 2,300 Americans, an unknown number of Afghans, and cost trillions of dollars to accomplish nothing. Biden speaks more plainly about failure than any previous president. We cannot continue the cycle of extending […]
  • In Defense of Libertarian Socialism
    Socialism has become quite the boogyman for libertarians everywhere, especially since the majority of libertarians are more right-wing rather than left. To understand this on a very basic level, take a look at the political compass. It’s not perfect since it lacks distinction between moral beliefs and legal beliefs but can serve as an easy […]
  • For a New Recovery: A Synopsis on the Reality of Drug Legalization and Recovery Through the Eyes of a Libertarian
    Introduction Marijuana. Xanax. LSD. 2CE/2CI. Methamphetamine. A literal galaxy of wines, liquors, and beers. MDMA. OxyContin. Cocaine. Psilocybin mushrooms. Adderall. Heroin. Crack. Klonopin. Trazodone. etc, etc, ad infinitum… To most everyone, that list represents a smorgasbord of substances that elicit a change in mood or behavior. Maybe they’re looked upon with a revered hesitancy, not […]
  • TGIF: Does Nearly Everyone Favor Industrial Policy?
    Over the years I’ve heard countless arguments about which word best describes the American economic system. Some insist it is essentially socialist, while others favor the word fascism. (Fascism is socialism with a private-property and market veneer.) Still others describe the system as a mixed, or interventionist, economy. We need not decide among these because […]
  • The Feds Are Coming for Libertarians
    On the day that Joe Biden was inaugurated as president, former CIA chief John Brennan announced on television that federal intelligence agencies “are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about” various suspect groups, specifically mentioning libertarians. Libertarians are in the federal crosshairs. Six or seven years ago, there […]
  • Montana Becomes First State to Pass Resolution Against Unconstitutional Wars
    The Montana state legislature overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan and unprecedented resolution Tuesday calling on the federal government to end endless wars. The resolution passed 95-3 in the House and 47-2 in the Senate. House Joint Resolution 9, sponsored by Rep. Ron Marshall (R-Hamilton), is the first of its kind to be introduced by any state […]
  • A DC COP Tells All
    Around 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 12, 2020, officers with the Metropolitan Police Department’s Gun Recovery Unit (GRU) turned their unmarked Chevy Malibu onto a residential street in Washington, D.C., where they spotted Dalonta Crudup walking with a backpack slung around his shoulder. Crudup, a 23-year-old Black man, noticed the Malibu and shifted his backpack to […]
  • Scott Horton’s ‘Startling’ New Book: A Review
    Scott Horton’s new book, Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism serves as an excellent guide to America’s misadventures and war crimes since the 9/11 attack in 2001, including the endless war in Afghanistan, the wars with Iraq, our constant bullying of Iran, the destruction of Libya and the destructive civil war in Syria, which […]
  • March Out of Afghanistan—NOW
    Last week President Biden announced a “full” U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan—the longest war in U.S. history—by the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the United States. While this announcement is to be welcomed, the delayed U.S. withdrawal may result in Americans and Afghans dying needlessly for good PR optics back home. We all remember […]
  • A Majority of Police Killings in 2020 Began With a Phone Call Mentioning No Crime or Violent Offense
    Unless you never turn on the television or go on the internet, then you likely know American police kill hundreds of people every year with impunity. 1,127 — that is the number of lives brought to an end by “peace officers” in the land of the free in 2020. One-thousand, one-hundred, and twenty seven lives taken by […]
  • Jim Bovard Speaks to Maryland Libertarians About the Waco Siege
    28 years ago yesterday, the FBI launched a tank and toxic gas assault on the Branch Davidians that ended with 80 dead civilians. On Saturday night James Bovard spoke to the Maryland Libertarian Party convention. Below is his riff from that speech on how Biden slapped a halo on the ATF and FBI after the […]
  • TGIF: Are Organizations Unlibertarian?
    A few weeks ago YouTube suggested that I watch a 1988 episode of William F. Buckley’s PBS TV show, “Firing Line,” featuring Ron Paul, who at the time was the Libertarian Party candidate for president. I had to chuckle right at the top when Buckley introduced Rep. Paul by striking an ironic pose: while “libertarians […]
  • Every Dollar the U.S. Government Gives Israel is a Crime
    This fiscal year alone, the U.S. government will redistribute over $3.8 billion in American wealth to the government of Israel—violating federal law every step of the way. While having amassed upwards of 200 nuclear warheads, Israel is not a member of the the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)—unlike every other state on Earth other than North […]
  • White House Uses Debunked ‘Russian Bounties’ Story To Justify New Sanctions on Moscow
    In a major escalation with Moscow, the Biden administration announced on Thursday a series of sanctions against Russian individuals and entities. The White House also said it is expelling 10 Russian diplomats. In an announcement on the sanctions, the State Department said they were being taken in “response” to a series of alleged Russian actions that the U.S. […]
  • A Day in the Life of an American Serf
    As another traditional April 15 tax day arrives, it reminds us once again of the financial burden and forced obligation the government places on our finances. So, how heavy is the yoke of taxation? We could throw around dollar amounts in the trillions, and break them down in many ways. But perhaps an even clearer […]
  • Veterans Group Condemns Extension of the War in Afghanistan
    Yesterday BringOurTroopsHome.US, a veterans advocacy organization composed of former soldiers of the Global War on Terror and their civilian allies, condemned the Biden administration’s extension of the war in Afghanistan and the subversion of the Doha Agreement, damaging the credibility of the United States on the world stage and playing political football with the livelihoods […]
  • What Biden’s Nomination of a Waco Arsonist Portends For Americans’ Safety
    Last week, President Joe Biden nominated David Chipman to be head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the premier federal firearms enforcement agency. Biden complemented that announcement with a call for a national red flag law to entitle police to preemptively confiscate firearms from citizens suspected of being a threat to themselves or […]
  • Cops Enter Person’s Yard, Shoot 18 Week Old Puppy That ‘Couldn’t Even Bark Yet’
    Since Saturday night, Derek Brown and Julie-Barecki Brown have been morning the loss of their 18-week-old puppy named Apollo. Apollo didn’t die from being hit by a car or from medical complications, however, his life was taken from him by a member of New Orleans’ finest. The couple told 4WWL they had gotten in a verbal argument […]
  • Paying Respects to Reese Erlich
    Longtime antiwar activist Reese Erlich passed away on April 6 after a long battle with cancer. He was 73. Reese was most recently a bi-weekly columnist at a number of publications, including Antiwar.com. He wrote his last column two weeks ago saying goodbye to his friends and readers. I met Reese in 1980 when we worked together in […]
  • Unprecedented: Maryland Repeals Blue Privilege
    For decades, Maryland and dozens of other states across the union have upheld a special set of rights for cops which citizens do not get to enjoy. It was called the police bill of rights and it shielded cops from accountability by blocking civilian inquiries into misconduct on the force and erasing records of complaints […]

Being Libertarian

  • Building a Free Society – Misconceptions
    Will we achieve a free society within our lifetime? This was a common question during the Ron Paul campaigns, when the liberty movement was growing and the ideas of liberty were spreading far and wide. Nowadays, although small victories are achieved here and there, and by some standards we are quite free, it is much […] The post Building a Free Society – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Misconceptions of Interventionism
    In most democratic nations, interventionism has become the norm. For those who aren’t intrinsically anti-state, government intervention is an effective way of getting some things done right.  Sometimes the logic path is unquestioned. If we want workers to earn a “living wage,” then the state must mandate higher wages. If we want to stop gun […] The post Misconceptions of Interventionism appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • A Brief History of the American Libertarian Movement: A Reading Guide
    Any movement that fails to understand its history will either wither and dissolve, or morph into something unrecognizable. A detailed history of pro-liberty thought throughout the world would span many hundreds of thousands of pages. Even limiting it to American pro-liberty thought would require several volumes. Therefore, this article aims to be a helpful outline […] The post A Brief History of the American Libertarian Movement: A Reading Guide appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • In the Name of Public Health – Misconceptions
    A significant amount of political discussion in the last year has revolved around actions taken in the name of public health. Lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, and now “vaccine passports” have all focused on protecting public health, regardless of consequences. Most of the time, the consequences are never mentioned. Shutting down an economy and forcing […] The post In the Name of Public Health – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Breaking: Cuban Virus Vaccine Confirms Superior State-Run Healthcare System
    Cuba has found a cure for global virus for its citizens. The only condition for receiving the state-sponsored vaccination is that inoculated persons can never leave the island. Cuban expatriates are welcome to return to receive the vaccine, provided it is by floating through shark infested waters upon a raft made of tires. Fooled? Stay […] The post Breaking: Cuban Virus Vaccine Confirms Superior State-Run Healthcare System appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Jeffrey Tucker, Tom Woods: Border Kids In Cages Not Overtly Anti-Libertarian
    Tom Woods has stated that keeping migrant children in squalid cages is a legitimate role of the federal government. “The right to freedom of movement does not, and should not, apply,” he said on the Tom Woods Show yesterday. Guest Jeffrey A. Tucker echoed Woods’ assertion: “FDR’s Japanese internment camps set a legal precedent the […] The post Jeffrey Tucker, Tom Woods: Border Kids In Cages Not Overtly Anti-Libertarian appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Everyday Proofs of Subjective Value Theory – Misconceptions
    One of the oldest economic debates concerns the nature of value. Is value subjective or objective? What variables determine value? Throughout Antiquity and the Middle Ages, thinkers like Aristotle and Saint Augustine noticed that value from the perspective of human beings (and not in the divine sense) had to do with people’s desire for its […] The post Everyday Proofs of Subjective Value Theory – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Know Your Enemy and Know Yourself – Misconceptions
    Anyone with a serious interest in politics (or philosophy, history, economics, etc.) should know the importance of becoming deeply familiar with not only the ideological perspective that one aligns with, but related and opposing ideological perspectives. My understanding of libertarianism has refined over the years as I continue to talk to more libertarians and read […] The post Know Your Enemy and Know Yourself – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • The True Reason for the Abortion Debate
    In the United States, no topic is more divisive than abortion. Both pro-life and pro-choice defenders are fervently passionate about their position and will dismiss the other swiftly. In my continued pondering of this issue, a thought struck me concerning the very nature of this debate: it’s not really about abortion. Before the reader slings […] The post The True Reason for the Abortion Debate appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • “It’s a Private Company!” – Misconceptions
    The libertarian view, based on the nonaggression principle, is that it is morally wrong for the state to force a private company (or any kind of voluntary organization) to act (or refrain from acting), so long as that private company was not itself guilty of using force or engaging in fraud. When people publicly criticize […] The post “It’s a Private Company!” – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.

Antiwar.com Blog

  • Biden/Putin Summit: Why Media and Politicos Get It All Wrong
    Most of the media and politicians of all stripes are apoplectic that President Biden sat down with his Russian counterpart without wrestling him to the ground or pounding him. The reaction by US elites – from Trump to CNN – to the largely successful summit tells us everything that’s wrong with US foreign policy. Also … Continue reading "Biden/Putin Summit: Why Media and Politicos Get It All Wrong" The post Biden/Putin Summit: Why Media and Politicos Get It All Wrong appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Ray McGovern: Trust Lacking at Blah Summit
    Aside from establishing face-to-face contact between the the two presidents, the Biden-Putin summit today met only the most modest expectations of those hoping for improved ties between the U.S. and Russia. By the same token, weapons makers and others profiteering on tension with Russia, and living in fear of a thaw in bilateral relations, can … Continue reading "Ray McGovern: Trust Lacking at Blah Summit" The post Ray McGovern: Trust Lacking at Blah Summit appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Conflicts of Interest: A Frozen Conflict Begins to Thaw: More War to Come?
    On COI #123, Maj. Danny Sjursen returns to the show to discuss Daniel Ellsburg, the coup in Mali, and the potential for another war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This week marked the 50th anniversary since the NYT began publishing the Pentagon Papers, leaked by the heroic Ellsberg in 1971. In the past month, Ellsberg released … Continue reading "Conflicts of Interest: A Frozen Conflict Begins to Thaw: More War to Come?" The post <I>Conflicts of Interest</I>: A Frozen Conflict Begins to Thaw: More War to Come? appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Judge Napolitano: The Only Privacy the Feds Protect Is Their Own
    Last week, The New York Times revealed that in late 2017 and early 2018, prosecutors in the Department of Justice persuaded a federal grand jury to subpoena the telephone, email and texting records of about 20 people, including two members of Congress and their families, staffs and investigators, and one of the minor children of … Continue reading "Judge Napolitano: The Only Privacy the Feds Protect Is Their Own" The post Judge Napolitano: The Only Privacy the Feds Protect Is Their Own appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Biden/Putin Showdown: Fireworks… Or Duds?
    Joe Biden will meet his Russian counterpart for the first time as president. Will this meeting herald a new stability in US/Russia relations, or will it devolve into US lectures and Russian counter-lectures? Can Joe hold his own with Putin? Also today: Andy Slavin is a very bad and evil person. And parents are fighting … Continue reading "Biden/Putin Showdown: Fireworks… Or Duds?" The post Biden/Putin Showdown: Fireworks… Or Duds? appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Conflicts of Interest: The US, Taliban, Israel, Hamas: Who Are the War Criminals?
    On COI #122, Kyle and Will break down a controversy centered on Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, who landed in hot water after suggesting that the United States, Israel, Hamas and the Taliban all commit atrocities alike. While she was accused of equating “democratic countries” with “terrorists,” Will and Kyle explain that the backlash was overwrought, and that … Continue reading "Conflicts of Interest: The US, Taliban, Israel, Hamas: Who Are the War Criminals?" The post <I>Conflicts of Interest</I>: The US, Taliban, Israel, Hamas: Who Are the War Criminals? appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Media Working on Mousetrap for Summit
    MEMORANDUM FOR: The PresidentFROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for SanitySUBJECT: Media Working On Mousetrap For Summit Summary: With your meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Geneva just three days away, mainstream media are barely reporting – and at times distorting – olive-branch remarks by Putin, and are at pains to "accentuate the negative". We are particularly … Continue reading "Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Media Working on Mousetrap for Summit" The post Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Media Working on Mousetrap for Summit appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • From Switzerland With a Message of Concern to President Biden
    Soon, Mr. Biden, our country will be hosting your meeting with President Putin of Russia. Geneva is an excellent venue for it. We are a neutral country and take much pride in that. Both important guests can be assured of a reception with the utmost courtesy and dignity. The world saw that you took a … Continue reading "From Switzerland With a Message of Concern to President Biden" The post From Switzerland With a Message of Concern to President Biden appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • The Pentagon Papers at 50
    From the Cato Institute: The Pentagon Papers launched a decades‐​long fight over how to protect the public from threats while respecting the public’s right to know how government works. Patrick Eddington and Julian Sanchez discusses the 50th anniversary of the Pentagon Papers. The post The Pentagon Papers at 50 appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Taiwan ‘Enthusiastic’ With Blinken’s Announcement, But Beijing Warns of ‘Sending False Signals’
    China stepped up its diplomacy with the US to dampen Taiwan’s elation after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced the possibility of resuming trade talks with the island that Beijing considers a rebel province. During a House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the US State Department’s annual budget, Blinken was asked about the … Continue reading "Taiwan ‘Enthusiastic’ With Blinken’s Announcement, But Beijing Warns of ‘Sending False Signals’" The post Taiwan ‘Enthusiastic’ With Blinken’s Announcement, But Beijing Warns of ‘Sending False Signals’ appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.

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