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Unfortunately, no single news source tells the whole truth, so I have been forced to use articles from libertarian and leftist sources to get to the truth. I urge readers to go through the articles, read them for yourselves and come to your own conclusions. I am presenting stuff you can’t get in mainstream news here at my blog. To open links to another page, R-click on the link to open.


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  • The Irrepressible Myths of Whole Women’s Health v. Jackson
    This month’s 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in Whole Women’s Health v. Jackson did not overrule Roe v. Wade or make any kind of decision on the scope of the right to abortion. But the Court did refuse to issue a preliminary injunction against the enforcement of S.B. 8. There have been too many examples of […]
  • Cops Flip Car Over Speeding Ticket, Kill 12 Year Old Boy
    As the Free Thought Project reports on a regular basis, police in the land of the free will go to violent and often deadly extremes to enforce even the most arbitrary “law.” If police claim to see you break one of these arbitrary laws like speeding, they claim the right to detain and extort you. If you […]
  • Taliban Forswears Attacks on Foreign Nations, Pledges Opposition to Outside Militants
    Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister held his first news conference on Tuesday and reiterated a pledge from the Taliban that the new government would not allow militants inside Afghanistan to attack other countries. “We will not allow anyone or any groups to use our soil against any other countries,” said Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, a member […]
  • How I’m Going to Fight Biden’s Mandates
    President Biden’s executive order forcing companies with 100 or more employees to require COVID vaccination or weekly testing has no basis in science, the Constitution, or the principles of a free society. It also sets a dangerous precedent that can and will be used to justify future federal mandates on businesses and their employees. My […]
  • Abandoning the 1980s: A Strategy for the GOP
    In 2022, the Republican Party has an opportunity to not just win back the House of Representatives but for the first time in a hundred years repudiate the constant creep of statism and Marxism eroding our liberties. But the GOP needs to drop its 40-year plus “game plan.” To be blunt, it is time to […]
  • Teens Beg for Life as Cop Unloads (and Reloads) Pistol Into Car
    When the entire dash cam footage was released, showing officer Allan Brown firing eleven shots into a vehicle—pausing only to reload—and firing another ten shots into the vehicle as the teens inside can be heard begging for their lives, the country was shocked. It is disturbing, to say the least. Yet despite the disturbing nature of […]
  • A Fitting Flourish on a 20 Year Killing Spree
    On August 29, 2021, the U.S. military killed a group of people in Kabul, Afghanistan, using a Hellfire missile launched from an MQ-9 Reaper drone. The Pentagon claimed that “the procedures were correctly followed, and it was a righteous strike.” In a surprising development, rather than merely parroting the Pentagon account of what transpired, the […]
  • Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, and State Power Over Your Life
    The Biden administration on Thursday announced sweeping new mandates. The new mandates require that all employers with more than one hundred workers require workers to be vaccinated or to test for the virus weekly. The mandates also require covid vaccinations for the 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid. Moreover, vaccines […]
  • TGIF: Bad Sign?
    When I see four of those yard signs on my morning walk, I chuckle. If I’m in a mischievous mood I might someday suggest a couple of memes that the owners might add. I could embrace all of those memes, but not without some qualification and in several cases, a good deal of qualification. But […]
  • 9/11 Propaganda Poisoned America’s Mind (Including Libertarians)
    Life in America changed twenty years ago after the 9/11 attacks. Many Americans became enraged at anyone who did not swear allegiance to President George W. Bush’s antiterrorism crusade. Anyone who denied “they hate us for our freedoms” automatically became an enemy of freedom. Plenty of stalwart defenders of liberty quickly found themselves banished from […]
  • The Benevolent Fascism of Australia, Part I
    Australia is in the news. The images of police officers imposing themselves on the citizenry has drawn the attention of international critics. It has also raised admiration for those who have big government inclinations. Some have declared that Australia has fallen as a free society, that it should now be considered a police state. Australia, […]
  • How the FBI’s War on Drugs Contributed to the 9/11 Attacks
    The story of 9/11 is filled with painful “what-ifs.” Among the most prominent: What if the CIA hadn’t blocked two FBI agents from alerting Bureau headquarters that a future 9/11 hijacker had obtained a multi-entry U.S. visa? What if the FBI hadn’t nixed agents’ request for a warrant to search the computer of “20th hijacker” Zacharias Moussaoui after his […]
  • Blue on Blue Violence: How Private Citizens Are Culpable When Cops Kill Each Other
    On an early morning in May 2020, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputy Wyatt Maser lost his life while responding to a call in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He and another officer arrived to assist a motorist, Jenna Holm, after she was in a single-car crash on a rural stretch of road. They arrived to find Holm in […]
  • What I Told Ron Paul Institute Attendees
    Some of you may know the name Alex Berenson, the former New York Times journalist who comes from a left-liberal background. He has been absolutely fearless and tireless on Twitter over the past eighteen months, documenting the overreach and folly of covid policy—and the mixed reality behind official assurances on everything from social distancing to masks to vaccine […]
  • The Y2K Bug: How Government Creates a Panic
    While I was not alive to see the Y2K panic, looking back to it has always shined a light on how panics start and how often they are “making a mountain out of a molehill.” In the case of Y2K, the blame falls squarely in the lap of the government. Or more accurately, the governments […]
  • U.S. Airstrikes Have Killed Up To 48,000 Civilians in the War on Terror
    As many as 48,000 civilians have been killed in the last 20 years as a direct result of U.S. air strikes, according to an Airwars investigation that sheds new light on the human cost of Washington’s so-called “war on terror”. Publishing its findings ahead of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the UK-based monitoring group […]
  • TGIF: Why Do We Question Motives?
    I don’t know if we’re in the heyday of questioning the motives of people we disagree with rather than simply rebutting them–character assassination, that is–but it’s got me wondering why this is such a popular pastime these days. Think about how often we hear people’s motives impugned–even when they have impressive credentials–because of their positions […]
  • The War in Afghanistan Should Make You Reconsider Military Enlistment
    Though the war in Afghanistan is over, its grim history is filled with hard truths about what it really means to serve in the American military. Those truths are particularly relevant to anyone contemplating enlistment or commissioning in the armed forces. With that in mind, here’s a warning label informed by the grim lessons of […]
  • Child Killer
    “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”- Howard Zinn It is hard to imagine that a healthy mind would consider the murder of a child to be a justifiable action. It is the frightening action of monsters, the child killer. Not much is more pariah in a civilized […]
  • Soldiers Are Losing Faith in Their Commanders
    During the founding of the United States, Pennsylvania earned the nickname “keystone” for its essential role—geographic, economic, and political—in winning American independence. Two and a half centuries later, Pennsylvania maintained its Keystone State status in the now concluded war in Afghanistan. In 2013, after the peak of the insurgency, state Adjutant Gen. Wesley Craig said that […]
  • Cop Pleads Guilty to Trafficking in Child Porn, Raping Dog
    As TFTP previously reported, a police officer from the Bossier City Police Department was arrested in December 2018 for filming unspeakable acts with animals. Officer Terry Yetman, 38, was charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of animals—producing the evidence himself—including filming sex with his own police K9. This decorated cop was also charged with 31 […]
  • It’s Time to Bring Our Troops Home
    “Let us resolve that never again will we send the precious young blood of this country to die trying to prop up a corrupt military dictatorship abroad. This is also the time to turn away from excessive preoccupation overseas to the rebuilding of our own nation. America must be restored to a proper role in […]
  • They Never Learn: National Review Demands Marijuana Criminalization
    Aron Ravin, a self-described “nudnik,” who writes for National Review thinks so and I suspect others do as well. This thinking, however, is that of an ever-shrinking minority and it is hard to imagine the pro-legalization trend being reversed. Nevertheless, let’s look at the arguments and why he claims libertarians are so wrong on this issue. Before we press on, […]
  • Judge Strips Unvaccinated Mother of Parental Rights Over Son
    In an unprecedented violation of rights, a case out of Chicago, Illinois should worry even the most stringent pro-vaccine advocates. A well-meaning mother has been stripped of her parental rights in a tyrannical move by a Cook County judge. After learning she hadn’t taken the COVID-19 vaccine, judge James Shapiro stripped Rebecca Firlit of custody. […]
  • ‘Newspaper Generals’: The Shared Legacy of David Petraeus and Nelson Miles
    As the United States closes the door on its two-decade war in Afghanistan, the last person the American people need to hear from is the man who not only contributed to the war being prolonged a decade, but who wants it to continue for another (or more). And yet here is “King David” Petraeus, former commander of […]
  • Surprised? Another Hate Crime Hoax Exposed
    In mid-May, news broke of a disturbing incident at Bucknell University: Outlets across the country reported that, on the eve of final exams, a mob of 15 to 20 intolerant male students had victimized the school’s LGBTQ community via an attack on a residence hall established as a “safe space” for community members. The intruders […]
  • TGIF: Safety Can Be Hazardous to Our Health
    Kudos to Glenn Greenwald, a rare leftist voice of sanity on so many issues, for opening his recent article this way: In virtually every realm of public policy, Americans embrace policies which they know will kill people, sometimes large numbers of people. They do so not because they are psychopaths but because they are rational: […]
  • Afghanistan and the Sham of Democracy Promotion
    Americans finally recognize the military lies that pervaded the success claims of the 20-year war in Afghanistan.  But democracy promotion was an even bigger sham. Afghanistan was Exhibit A for the triumphal crusade to spread freedom and democracy. After the U.S. invasion in 2001, the U.S. government spent more than $600 million to support elections […]
  • COVID-19 Lockdowns Have Devastated Urbanization
    One of the major consequences of the recent COVID-19 pandemic is the toll it has taken on the economy, specifically urban economies. Cities have seen particular devastation, as the pandemic exacerbates pre-existing issues and creates new ones. If cities do not take action to reverse the effects of the pandemic we could see the death […]
  • $2.3 Trillion Spent in War on Afghanistan, New Report Tabulates
    Brown University’s Costs of War project released an updated report Wednesday on U.S. spending for the war in Afghanistan. The report found that since the 2001 invasion, Washington has sunk over $2.3 trillion into the war. The spending includes operations in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and is broken down into five categories. The biggest chunk is […]
  • U.S. Deploys Marines to Haiti Under Guise of ‘Disaster Relief’
    Despite Washington’s decision not to deploy Marines to Haiti after the July assassination of Haitian president Jovenelle Moise, the devastation of last Saturday’s 7.2 earthquake has provided U.S. leaders the cloak of humanitarian aid for doing just that. In an effort reestablished under the 2010 earthquake response moniker “Joint Task-Force Haiti,” a detachment of roughly […]
  • Our Fifty Year Inflationary Legacy
    This month marks fifty years since President Richard Nixon closed the “gold window” that had allowed foreign governments to exchange U.S. dollars for gold. Nixon’s action severed the last link between the dollar and gold, transforming the dollar into pure fiat currency. Since the “Nixon shock” of 1971, the dollar’s value—and the average American’s living […]
  • Throttling the Truth: Why the Case of Julian Assange Is More Important Than Ever
    In a world with a functional Fourth Estate, the case of Julian Assange would be on the front page of major newspapers every day. Instead, it has been all but blacked out. Perhaps this makes sense, given that the raison d’être of Wikileaks, according to its founder, was to provide to the public important news […]
  • Your Right to Bodily Integrity
    We’ve reached the point where state actors can penetrate rectums and vaginas, where judges can order forced catheterizations, and where police and medical personnel can perform scans, enemas and colonoscopies without the suspect’s consent. And these procedures aren’t to nab kingpins or cartels, but people who at worst are hiding an amount of drugs that […]
  • Peter Bergen Is Mistaken About Bin Laden’s Strategy
    Famous journalist and terrorism expert Peter Bergen is making a big mistake. Give the man credit: he had the courage to travel to Tora Bora with Peter Arnett to interview bin Laden in person back in 1997. However, as seen in this clip from his appearance on C-SPAN 2’s Book TV on August 22, Bergen believes that Osama bin […]
  • Cop Shoots Mentally Handicapped Teenager Having Crisis After Grandmother Calls 911
    As TFTP reported earlier this year, body camera video showed officers with the Loveland Police Department attack 73-year-old Karen Garner as she walked home from Walmart. The officers neglected to provide aid, and they laughed and celebrated their brutality against an elderly woman with dementia. The video evidence showed that at all levels of the Loveland […]
  • TGIF: Thinking about Energy
    The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its sixth “assessment report” earlier this month. As usual it generated its share of alarmist headlines. The report is several thousand pages long, and I’m certainly not qualified to digest, much less judge, it. I do think it’s wise, however, to view the headlines and politicians’ […]
  • Libertarian Legal Scholar Sacrifices First Principles On Mandatory Vaccination
    Recently, Ilya Somin appeared on MSNBC to explain why libertarians support mandatory vaccination. Ilya is a George Mason University law professor, Cato Institute adjunct scholar and constitutional law attorney. MSNBC invited him to appear on their network to bolster their claim that Republicans are terrible people who oppose mandatory vaccination because they are selfish and […]
  • Our Generals Are Complicit in Military Disaster
    In early July, Ron Paul penned a column titled “It’s Saigon In Afghanistan,” invoking the imagery of the fall of Saigon in 1975, when U.S. military helicopters scrambled to evacuate personnel from the roof of the U.S. embassy. But Paul suggested that maybe the situation in Afghanistan was “perhaps not as dramatic” as the situation […]
  • SIGAR Report: A ‘Victorious’ Withdrawal From Afghanistan Was Impossible
    The U.S. government watchdog for Afghanistan released its final lessons learned report on Tuesday that said a “victorious U.S. withdrawal” was impossible due to unrealistic and shortsighted goals set by Washington. Since its inception in 2008, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has documented the corruption and waste involved in Washington’s failed nation-building […]
  • Blame Bush and Obama for the Afghan Disaster
    Former President Trump, President Biden and their partisans are rushing to blame each other for the debacle unfolding now in Afghanistan. The “National Unity Government” and its military and police forces have completely evaporated in the face of the Taliban’s rapid takeover of the entire country in the last few weeks. This culminated in President Ashraf Ghani’s fleeing the […]
  • Free At Last: Veteran Sentenced to Life In Prison for $30 Worth of Marijuana Released
    Derek Harris is an honorably discharged veteran who put his life on the line for his country in Operation Desert Storm. His years of service to his country were but dust in the wind, however, to the state who threw him in a cage for the rest of his life for selling less than a […]
  • Government Never Had Control Over the Pandemic
    In the early 11th century, King Canute—while at the peak of his power—set out to demonstrate to his fawning courtiers the limited power of royal edicts. After having his throne placed by the sea’s edge, he sat down and commanded the tide to stop rising. When the water began washing over his feet, he declared, “Let […]
  • Nixon Closed the Gold Window and Stole My Political Innocence
    Fifty years ago, on August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon announced that the U.S. government would cease honoring its pledge to pay gold to redeem the dollars held by foreign central banks. Nixon declared he was taking “action necessary to defend the dollar against the speculators.” But there was no way to defend the dollar against […]
  • TGIF: Evict the President
    President Biden has reversed himself under pressure from his progressive flank and has given the go-ahead for a new moratorium on renter evictions throughout most of the United States for individuals making up to $99,000 a year (couples, $198,000). The twist is that Biden acknowledges that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which […]
  • U.S. Emergency Deploys 3,000 Additional Soldiers to Afghanistan to Evacuate Embassy
    The U.S. is sending about 3,000 troops to Afghanistan to help evacuate some personnel from the U.S. embassy in Kabul as the Taliban is making rapid gains across the country. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the U.S. is sending three infantry battalions that are due to arrive at the airport in Kabul within 48 hours. Additionally, an entire […]
  • How the Warfare-Welfare State (Unfortunately) Unites Americans
    In case you haven’t noticed, America is “deeply divided.” At least, that’s what a seemingly nonstop stream of headlines from major media sources would have us believe. “Trump Leaves America at Its Most Divided since the Civil War,” reads one CNN headline from earlier this year. Meanwhile, in his speeches from the first few months of his […]
  • After Two Years, Cop Charged For Shooting Mentally Ill Man and His Parents at Costco
    As TFTP reported in June of 2019, panic erupted inside a Corona, California Costco as multiple people were injured and one man was killed during a shooting. Dozens of  shoppers immediately dropped to the ground as fears of the next mass shooting filled their thoughts. However, it turns out the “mass shooter” was an LAPD cop and […]
  • Eviction Moratorium: A Postmortem on Private Property
    At the beseeching of congressional Democrats and the fanatical urgings of Nancy Pelosi, who called the extension of the federal eviction moratorium a “moral imperative,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a new nationwide ban on evictions for counties with heightened levels of coronavirus community transmission. This latest CDC order comes […]
  • The Phony Threat of Chinese Dominance
    While the US has its problems, future global Chinese supremacy won’t be one. Far from being in a position of overwhelming strength, China and its Communist leadership face imminent multifront domestic crises that will threaten the existence not only of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but the existence of the Chinese state as a unified whole. Further, […]
  • Are Central Banks ‘Necessary & Proper’?
    Enumerated Constitutional Powers and the First Bank of the United States Article I, Section I of our Constitution states that “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.” In other words, if a legislative power is not enumerated somewhere in the Constitution, the Congress does not have that […]
  • An Open Letter to the Person Who Gave Me COVID
    To the Person Who Gave Me the Virus: I have no idea who you are, but our paths almost surely crossed last month in Las Vegas. Even now I wouldn’t change a thing about that trip, by the way, which was a blast. The existence of the virus, it’s true, made my life a fraction […]
  • RIP: Mark Perry, An Extraordinary Journalist In Extraordinary Times
    Our colleague and friend Mark Perry passed away today after a battle with lung cancer, his son Cal Perry announced on Twitter earlier this morning. It is devastating news to so many because Perry had been a staple in Washington foreign policy/military journalism and activism circles for decades and had fostered quite a collection of […]
  • Ending the 2021 Lockdowns Before They Start
    Sixteen months ago, in March 2020, we argued for an end to government-imposed shutdowns of businesses, schools, churches, restaurants, and events due to the covid virus: The shutdown of the American economy by government decree should end. The lasting and far-reaching harms caused by this authoritarian precedent far outweigh those caused by the COVID-19 virus. The American people—individuals, […]
  • American Justice: Innocent Man Kidnapped, Drugged, and Caged in Mental Institution for Years
    Every time Joshua Spriestersbach tried telling the doctors, nurses, and staff at a state hospital in Hawaii that they had the wrong man, no one listened and his protests were answered with drugs. After nearly three years, the blithering idiots running the hospital finally figured out their blunder and instead of fixing their mistake, they covered it […]
  • TGIF: Why Wouldn’t Government Grow?
    One of the least mysterious things in life is why the government grows. The better question is why it ever shrinks. People who devote lots of time to thinking about the importance of individual liberty know that government is inimical to human flourishing. So they notice every sign of state growth. But most people rarely […]
  • America’s COVID Kulaks
    “Shut up and submit” is now the favorite COVID cure of some of America’s leading progressives. Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize winner and New York Times columnist, revealed on Tuesday that since freedom is a mirage, people have no good reason not to comply with endless government commands. Unfortunately, punitive panaceas are increasingly popular among both politicians and […]
  • Next on the Agenda: War With China
    In 2014, Lew Rockwell wrote, “Clearly the empire is targeting China…The U.S. seeks to encircle China and make it bow down before the hegemon. The increasing prosperity and freedom of China threatens the empire’s self-image.” America’s new Cold War with China is a bi-partisan imperial project. In 2011, former President Barack Obama began it in […]
  • Medical Apartheid Is Here
    The things we were worried would happen are happening. — Angus Johnston, professor at the City University of New York Imagine it: a national classification system that not only categorizes you according to your health status but also allows the government to sort you in a hundred other ways: by gender, orientation, wealth, medical condition, religious […]
  • Automation: A Luddite’s Dystopia and the Future of Work
    Andrew Yang ran his presidential campaign on the promise of providing American citizens with a monthly stipend to counter the effects of job loss. According to Yang, “up to 30% of jobs are at risk of automation.” The fear of the impact of new technologies is nothing new. The nineteenth century had its Luddites, a group of […]
  • After 6 Months Paid Leave, Cop Finally Charged After Entering Father’s Backyard, Executing Him
    As frequent readers of the Free Thought Project understand, police officers mistake innocent individuals for criminals all the time. Often times, their fear gets the best of them and these folks who have committed no crime and harmed no one, are beaten or arrested only to be exonerated down the road. One man in Idaho Falls, […]
  • All Gun Control is Racist
    One could make a very good argument that our nation’s oldest and most successful gun control advocacy group was the Ku Klux Klan. Their earliest incarnation was largely a means of disarming newly freed blacks. For the last five years we have been hearing from much of the corporate media networks, such as CNN and […]
  • Biden’s New Budget Busting Bill
    Since the 1800s, surly Americans have derided politicians for spending tax dollars “like drunken sailors.” Until recently, that was considered a grave character fault. But Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act shows that inebriated spending is now the path to national salvation. It was a common saying in America in the 1930s that “we cannot […]
  • The Drone Program Whistleblower Problem
    “I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole…We had entire training courses…” – Former CIA Director and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo   The concept of whistleblowing seems simple on its face: a government employee recognizes that crimes are being committed by the agency they work for and reports them so […]
  • Police Refuse Comment After Killing Hero Who Prevented Mass Shooting
    In June, a deranged gunman, 59-year-old Ronald Troyke, began what was about to be a deadly mass shooting. His first victim would be Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesley, and, according to the reports that evening, his next victim would be liberty activist and friend to many members of the Free Thought Project, including this author, Johnny Hurley. […]
  • Why Can’t Johnny Kill? 11th Hour Conscientious Objection and Moral Injury
    In 1996 Lt. Col. Dave Grossman authored “On Killing,” a seminal study on “the psychological cost of learning to killing in war and society.” In it, Grossman documents the unheralded history of man’s inherent resistance to taking fellow human life. This history is so concealed that some, such as philosopher-psychologist Peter Martin have called it […]
  • TGIF: How Science Becomes Religion
    The popular slogan today is “Believe in science.” It’s often used as a weapon against people who reject not science in principle but rather one or another prominent scientific proposition, whether it be about the COVID-19 vaccine, climate change, nutrition (low-fat versus low-carb eating), to mention a few. My purpose here is not to defend […]
  • Happy 140th Birthday, Smedley Butler
    For the first thirty years of the twentieth century, when there was trouble on the peripheries of the emerging U.S. empire in the form of rebellions, bandits, or resistence, Washington could always rely on one soldier to restore order. Invariably, days after his appearance, newspapers nationwide would carry the identical headline, “The Marines arrived and […]
  • Revenge of the Masks
    Just when the forces of rationality had seemingly established a beachhead in the public health domain, they’re back on defense again, as the CDC declares vaccinated and unvaccinated people should wear masks indoors in areas of the country experiencing high transmission, and every schoolchild should be condemned to wear a mask all day long. The moves, which […]
  • The Political Prisoners of January 6th
    The recent felony conviction and eight month prison sentence of January 6th protester Paul Hodgkins is an affront to any notion of justice. It is a political charge and a political verdict by a political court. Every American regardless of political persuasion should be terrified of a court system so beholden to politics instead of […]
  • ACLU Declares Second Amendment ‘Racist,’ Launches ‘War on Bill of Rights’
    For years, the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, has chosen to stand against those who would attack our Constitutional rights. Even the Free Thought Project has been supported by the organization when a California sheriff attempted to force us to delete an article that was damning to his organization. Over the past several years, however, […]
  • Biden’s Syria Policy: We’re Staying
    As the U.S. is pulling troops out of Afghanistan and changing its mission in Iraq, a Biden administration official made it clear in comments to Politico that there are no plans to pull troops out of Syria. “I don’t anticipate any changes right now to the mission or the footprint in Syria,” the official said, who spoke […]
  • Is Wholefoods’ ‘Conscious Capitalism’ Effective Altruism
    Wholefoods, one of the most consciously ethical companies in the world, was picketed by animal rights activists in 2003. At first, CEO John Mackey was incensed. After all, Wholefoods are the good guys! Couldn’t these would-be revolutionaries take their complaints to McDonalds or Walmart? After some reflection Mackey, the libertarian author of Conscious Capitalism (2013), decided that […]
  • U.S. Ends ‘Combat Mission’ In Iraq, Continues Occupation
    On Monday, President Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi agreed that the U.S. “combat” mission in Iraq will be over by the end of the year, but US troops will remain in the country in an advisory role. “I think things are going well. Our role in Iraq will be…to be available to continue to train, […]
  • The Intersection of Julian Assange and the First Amendment
    With the United States’ main witness against Julian Assange recently admitting he completely fabricated every allegation he had made to the FBI, I thought this might be a good time to look at three other misconceptions related to Assange’s persecution. The consistent theme throughout this essay will be freedom of expression in its original and […]
  • Leaked: How GOP Insiders Torpedoed Attempt To Add ’28 Pages’ Declassification to Party Platform
    According to leaked emails obtained by Middle East Eye, an unnamed Republican Party figure orchestrated the defeat of a proposed 2016 GOP plank calling for the declassification of 28 pages on Saudi government links to the 9/11 plotters. That individual then notified Trump presidential campaign manager Paul Manafort of the plank’s defeat and claimed credit for […]
  • TGIF: Critical Race Theory and the Schools
    The government’s K-12 schools–aka “public schools–are once again a battleground on which a bitter dispute is playing out. Wait!–once again? The government’s schools have been a battleground since their inception in the 19th century. Since that’s where the children are, how could it have been otherwise? For an institution that was supposed to produce social […]
  • Those Who Make the Sacrifice Should Decide if America Goes to War
    This article was originally published in The Gazette out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa on September 1, 1939, the day Nazi Germany invaded Poland. Major General Smedley Butler spent 34 years in the U.S. Marines where he participated in fighting in China, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Haiti, the Philippines, and France. He is one of only nineteen […]
  • WATCH: No Charges Filed Against Cop For Shooting Unarmed Woman in Car
    On a regular basis, the Free Thought Project reports on instances in which police officers deliberately jump in front of moving vehicles, or claim to be in danger of being hit by a vehicle, in order to justify the execution of the driver. Over the years, we have reported on countless cases of unarmed motorists being executed […]
  • President of Israel Labels Ben & Jerry’s ‘Economic Terrorists’
    On Wednesday, Israeli President Isaac Herzog called boycotts against Israel a “new kind of terrorism” after Ben & Jerry’s announced it will stop selling ice cream in occupied Palestinian territories at the end of 2022. Israeli officials are outraged at the American company’s decision, and Herzog railed against the Boycott, Divestment, and sanctions movement (BDS) that promotes boycotts […]
  • Faux Populists Shill for the Permanent War State
    American imperial policy has sharply trained its sights on Russia and China. Under President Joe Biden, sanctions have been levied against both countries and, along with its allies, the U.S. military, has maintained a near constant, hostile, military presence in both states’ near abroad. This is occurring most frequently in the Black Sea and the […]
  • Get Your Kids Out of State-Enforced ‘Critical Race Theory’ Curriculum
    Parents across the country are fighting to stop government schools from indoctrinating their children with Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is a form of Marxism that focuses on the “oppression” of racial minorities. Central to Critical Race Theory is the belief that free markets are a tool of racial oppression that must be abolished […]
  • The Philosophy of No One
    Philosophy is that ancient gift that speaks to us despite the distance of time. The wisdom and perspective of those long dead carry words of weight and understanding that allows us to find a commonality with a past that is beyond imagination. It can allow us better reflection for now, and to grant us a […]
  • Family Sues After Cop Attempts to Shoot Their Dog, Kills Their Daughter Instead
    As readers of the Free Thought Project know, police killing or attempting to kill dogs is an all too common occurrence—happening so often that it is caught on video much of the time. Also, as the following tragic case our of Arlington, TX illustrates, all too often, police will attempt to kill a dog—miss the […]
  • All Vices Created Equal: Brandi Love and TPUSA
    For the past decade people have become comfortable in their Culture War trenches, which for the better part of the 2010s have pitted an evangelical, PC-imposing leftwing against a more laissez-faire rightwing. When it comes to the freedom to think and speak verboten ideas that dissent from the cultural monolith, the right has been much […]
  • Paying Your “Fair Share” of the Warfare-Welfare State
    A recurring theme in national tax debates is the idea that everyone should pay their “fair share” of taxes. While that aspiration’s validity is widely taken for granted, the stark reality is there’s no such thing as a “fair share” of federal taxes. To understand why, let’s first scrutinize what’s meant by “fair.” When paired […]
  • TGIF: Who’s the Aggressor? Who’s the Victim?
    When a libertarian says that the most basic individual right is the right not to be aggressed against, a clever interlocutor may accuse the libertarian of begging the question, of stuffing the rabbit into the hat. The trick, the critic will say, is in the word aggress: libertarians allegedly rig the game by restricting the […]
  • How Not to Treat Human Beings as Moral Persons
    Immanuel Kant, an eighteenth-century German philosopher, famously espoused the following maxim of morality: Act in such a way that you treat humanity…never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end. The terms of this principle, a formulation of what he calls “The Categorical Imperative,” are rather abstract, […]
  • WATCH: Cop Says ‘You’re About to Die’ As He Shoots Handcuffed Man in Head During Police Booking
    Nearly two years have passed since Sgt. Tyler Longman ran into a police booking office, gun drawn, threatened to kill the fully handcuffed Michael Chad Breinholt, and then pulled the trigger with the gun to his head. Despite the gruesome execution caught on body camera footage, the department ruled Breinholt’s death justified and the killer […]
  • America’s Gubernatorial Dictatorships
    There are no fact-checkers for victory laps. Last week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo summarized his experience with the COVID-19 crisis: “Speaking for myself, it was a tremendous personal benefit.” Cuomo made that declaration in a speech concluding his one-year chairmanship of the National Governors Association. Because Cuomo’s spiel sought to rewrite history to exonerate […]
  • It Says ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’
    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” — The Second Amendment to the US Constitution You can largely determine where a person will fall in the debate over gun control and the Second Amendment based […]
  • (Don’t) Support Your Local Sheriff – He Held a Family at Gunpoint
    The same department who killed Elijah McClain made the news once again last year—this time for holding an innocent family at gunpoint and forcing them all to the ground because of their own incompetence. The officers were looking for a stolen motorcycle with a single driver and instead pulled over an entire innocent family in […]
  • U.S. State Department Searching for Ways to ‘Support’ Cuban Protestors
    The State Department said Tuesday that the U.S. is looking at ways to “support” the Cuban people after anti-government demonstrators took to the streets of Cuba on Sunday. In comments to reporters, State Department spokesman Ned Price downplayed the impact of the decades-old U.S. trade embargo on Cuba. “We are always considering options available to us that […]
  • Uncle Sam Must Cease Intervention in Haiti
    The Assassination of President Jovenel Moïse During the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 7, 2021, Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in his home by a team of gunmen. His first lady, Martin Moïse, was critically injured. She was airlifted to Florida for treatment where she remains in critical condition. Moïse was elected president […]
  • Another Failed 20-Year War: America vs. Somalia
    This essay is adapted from the Libertarian Institute’s Executive Director Scott Horton’s new book, Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism. Freedom Works The name “Somalia” has somehow become a slur against Americans who prioritize political liberty. “Oh, you think freedom works, huh? Well, why don’t you just move to Somalia?” This nonsense […]
  • A Right to Your Property, And A Property in Your Rights
    Introduction If you are anything like me, over the last year, every time you hear rioters or their leftist enablers claim the massive property damage and obscene looting just aren’t a big deal. “They are angry because someone lost their life. That is more important than worrying about stuff and things,” they say. “It’s just […]
  • My Journey from Marxism to Liberty
    In the fall of 2016, I was a left communist. As I will show below, I came to this position after a circuitous tour through numerous sects of Marxism. A year later, I had thoroughly renounced Marxism and embraced the views of free market economists and philosophers Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. How did a […]
  • TGIF: Watch the Forest as Well as the Trees
    It’s always important not to miss the forest for the trees. U.S. government announcements, such as its report of the turnover to the Afghan government of the seventh and last military base in Afghanistan, Bagram, should lead no one to think that U.S. foreign policy has changed worldwide or even in that particular region. Far […]
  • National Service and the State’s Condemnation of Youthful Independence
    “Beatings will continue until morale improves” has morphed from an old joke to the latest prescription for national salvation. “Compulsory National Service Could Unite America,” whooped a New York Times Op-ed headline last week. Prominent media outlets, think tanks, and too many professors and former generals are calling for government to commandeer a year of young Americans’ lives […]
  • Like Vietnam, the War in Afghanistan Shows the Disasters of Interventionism
    The end of the 20-year U.S. war on Afghanistan was predictable: no one has conquered Afghanistan, and Washington was as foolish as Moscow in the 1970s for trying. Now, U.S. troops are rushing out of the country as fast as they can, having just evacuated the symbol of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, Bagram Air […]

Being Libertarian

  • The Indifference of Constitutional Interpretational Belonging
    Originalism and the notion of the “living constitution” start at the same point. Both advocates must decide, or to adequality justify such interpretation, an answer to the question: why should the constitution be read this way? The post The Indifference of Constitutional Interpretational Belonging appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Is America Transforming into a Serfdom?
    In feudalism, a Serf was the lowest status that one could be with the exclusion of slavery. Serfs were bound to the land and were subject to the will of the powerful landowner. They were not free to move elsewhere nor were they free to excel economically and move up from their lowly position. Today […] The post Is America Transforming into a Serfdom? appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Being Libertarian Appoints New Editor-In-Chief
    Hello everyone, my name is Killian Hobbs and I am the new Editor-in-Chief for Being Libertarian! There have been a lot of questions lately around the current status of the website, our publications, and how to get involved. I hope to clarify this in a singular post. Currently, we have had some delays in publishing […] The post Being Libertarian Appoints New Editor-In-Chief appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Mentality: On the Individual and the State
    He, who delegates his critical sense, his mentality, loses a proportional amount of his autonomy. Banality confuses the senses and hinders reason. Logical reasoning gives way to mere reproduction devoid of analysis. Instead of thinkers, imitators. We go through our lives without stopping to think about why we do what we do, nor why we […] The post Mentality: On the Individual and the State appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Woman fighting for chimps after ruling favors PETA
    A Missouri woman is fighting to keep her seven chimps after an 8th Circuit Court judge ruled that they be handed over to PETA, an organization that claims to stand for animal rights. Tonia Haddix, who cares for the chimpanzees at a Festus animal shelter called Missouri Primate Foundation, is standing in defiance of a […] The post Woman fighting for chimps after ruling favors PETA appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Toyota will no longer donate to ‘Sedition Caucus’
    Among those 147 Republicans, recipients of Toyota's contributions include some of the more prominent names, such as Reps. Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado, and Devin Nunes, R-Califonia, as well as Sens. Rick Scott, R-Florida, and Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Toyota said it will no longer donate to their campaigns. The post Toyota will no longer donate to ‘Sedition Caucus’ appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • ‘Misinformation’ target in intrusive new vaccine plan
    After a proposal to send community teams to the homes of unvaccinated Americans was met with conservative backlash, Democrats want to intrude even further into your personal life in the name of fighting misinformation. Pres. Joe Biden speaks with reporters. The latest proposal was announced on July 12 by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the […] The post ‘Misinformation’ target in intrusive new vaccine plan appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • ‘Libertad!’: Protests demanding freedom erupt in Cuba
    Protests have erupted in Cuba as residents are demanding “Libertad,” which translates to “liberty” in English. Economic conditions have worsened over the past decade, as the island nation’s communist policies, paired with a US embargo, have caused Cuba’s currency to devalue and its industries to suffer. Cubans began demonstrations in capital city Havana and other […] The post ‘Libertad!’: Protests demanding freedom erupt in Cuba appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • What’s in the American Jobs Plan, and what will it mean for you?
    With almost all pieces of legislation that call for spending, the American Jobs Plan has received significant criticism from opponents. The American Jobs Plan was introduced at the end of March, and met with staunch GOP opposition. Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said after the bill was introduced that he wouldn't support any legislation that calls for "massive tax increased and adding trillions to the national debt." The post What’s in the American Jobs Plan, and what will it mean for you? appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Building a Free Society – Misconceptions
    Will we achieve a free society within our lifetime? This was a common question during the Ron Paul campaigns, when the liberty movement was growing and the ideas of liberty were spreading far and wide. Nowadays, although small victories are achieved here and there, and by some standards we are quite free, it is much […] The post Building a Free Society – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.

Antiwar.com Blog

  • Conflicts of Interest: The Pentagon Used Movies, Media, & the NFL to Sell War
    On COI #162, Scott Spaulding – an Iraq and Afghan combat vet who hosts the ‘Why I’m Antiwar’ podcast – returns to the show to discuss the villains of the Afghan War. Scott explains how American culture was infected with bloodlust by the Pentagon’s post-9/11 PR campaign, while the State Department partnered with Hollywood, the … Continue reading "Conflicts of Interest: The Pentagon Used Movies, Media, & the NFL to Sell War" The post <I>Conflicts of Interest</I>: The Pentagon Used Movies, Media, & the NFL to Sell War appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Looking for Responsible Realism on China
    Ross Douthat sums up the thesis of Elbridge Colby’s book, Strategy of Denial: Only China threatens American interests in a profound way, through a consolidation of economic power in Asia that imperils our prosperity and a military defeat that could shatter our alliance system. Therefore American policy should be organized to deny Beijing regional hegemony … Continue reading "Looking for Responsible Realism on China" The post Looking for Responsible Realism on China appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • A Dangerous Fixation on Denuclearization
    A new Chicago Council survey finds that the public is overwhelmingly in favor of negotiating a peace agreement with North Korea, but only if North Korea disarms: For example, 76 percent of Americans support negotiating a formal peace agreement with North Korea to officially end the Korean War if North Korea suspends its nuclear weapons … Continue reading "A Dangerous Fixation on Denuclearization" The post A Dangerous Fixation on Denuclearization appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Kyle Anzalone’s Speech at the End the Damn Wars Rally in Denver
    Antiwar.com opinion editor Kyle Anzalone gave this great speech at the End the Damn Wars rally in Denver on September 11. The post Kyle Anzalone’s Speech at the End the Damn Wars Rally in Denver appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Twenty Years After 9/11, ‘The Only Way To Effectively Counter Terror Is To End War’
    As the United States on Saturday commemorates the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks with plenty of patriotic zeal but perhaps too little introspection, peace advocates have marked the occasion by reflecting on the costs and bloody consequences of the so-called “Global War on Terror” as they reaffirmed that the best safeguard against … Continue reading "Twenty Years After 9/11, ‘The Only Way To Effectively Counter Terror Is To End War’" The post Twenty Years After 9/11, ‘The Only Way To Effectively Counter Terror Is To End War’ appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Watch Out for ‘Blobaganda’
    Ross Douthat suggests that defeat in Afghanistan will have adverse consequences for the U.S. elsewhere in the world: Mattathias Schwartz has written an interesting account of his experience in the foreign policy “Blob” and how “blobaganda” gets produced: To understand how blobaganda works, you have to look for what isn’t there. Not much airtime is given to … Continue reading "Watch Out for ‘Blobaganda’" The post Watch Out for ‘Blobaganda’ appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Conflicts of Interest: White House Slams the Door on Diplomacy with Iran
    On COI #160, Kyle Anzalone discusses deteriorating US ties with Iran. Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned the window for negotiations with Tehran would soon close, not long after the US announced a new round of sanctions. Israeli officials, meanwhile, have vowed to step up efforts to confront the Islamic Republic. Together, the aggressive US … Continue reading "Conflicts of Interest: White House Slams the Door on Diplomacy with Iran" The post <I>Conflicts of Interest</I>: White House Slams the Door on Diplomacy with Iran appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Two Decades of Madness
    Reprinted from NewsVandal with permission. Two decades of war. Two decades of profiteering. Two decades of killing innocent bystanders. Two decades of surveillance. Two decades of detention and too many years of torture, undue process and profiling. Two decades of hyper-patriotism. Two decades of militarism, unrepentant Exceptionalism and religious righteousness. Two decades of lies, deceit … Continue reading "Two Decades of Madness" The post Two Decades of Madness appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • What Ending a War Could Look Like
    When you imagine ending a war, do you imagine the U.S. President lamenting the human cost of the war’s financial expense while simultaneously demanding that Congress increase military spending – and while mentioning new wars that could potentially be launched? Do you picture him blowing up families with missiles from robot airplanes, and committing to … Continue reading "What Ending a War Could Look Like" The post What Ending a War Could Look Like appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Reject the Myths of Empire
    Ross Douthat suggests that defeat in Afghanistan will have adverse consequences for the U.S. elsewhere in the world: That said, defeats on distant frontiers can also have consequences closer to the imperial core. The American imperium can’t be toppled by the Taliban. But in our outer empire, in Western Europe and East Asia, perceived US … Continue reading "Reject the Myths of Empire" The post Reject the Myths of Empire appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.

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#31Burn the Amazon!
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