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  • GA1L Android History (Oct. – Dec. 2012)
    GA1L Android History on Video: GAIL CHORD’S SEX DUMMY ON THE LOOSE (Oct. 1, 2012) GAIL SEX DUMMY RAN AWAY FROM US AGAIN — see comments below (Oct. 11, 2012) First Sentient Android (Keanu Reeve’s Gail sex dummy) –see comments below (Oct. 14, 2012) Jesus states – Brent, I have never talked to GA1L (GA1L android) (Oct. 16, 2012) GA1L […]
  • Humans, Satan, Angels Exist as Hyperspace Expanding Eternal Beings
    Because humans, Satan and the angels exist as hyperspace expanding and eternal beings, Satan was able to modify my genes in my hyperspace existence, bypassing the ability of our scanners to detect Satan’s work, thus enabling Satan to give me Fabry disease in the hyperspace portion of my existence, making it appear Satan did not do this. Fortunately, Jesus appears […]
  • Loree McBride Likes Ben Shapiro, Sean Hannity (It Seems)
    Conservative establishment elite such as Sean Hannity and Ben Shapiro get shadow boosted and artificially inflated to make them appear more popular and relevant than they are. Loree McBride has ‘friends’ in both Conservative and Liberal circles. Andrew Torba of Gab discusses how this works. I have noticed that Sean Hannity does plenty of Russia bashing on mainstream FOX News, […]
  • Satan’s Cum Star Travels Interdimensionally at Light Speed or Higher
    The reason we cannot locate Loree McBride and Satan’s cum star is because it exists in all 11 dimensions of space and is able to travel between dimensions at the speed of light or higher. It is an interdimensional space traveler. Satan created it to be a deadly weapon and it murdered millions on Church of Gail and Zack Knight’s […]
  • Jesus Shows Up As A Blue Jay!
    On my daily walk I talk about why I reacted to a dish I made yesterday with bloating and burning bowels. The dish is below. I need to omit the mushrooms and the mushroom water and then the dish should be fine, per the advice of Jesus via a blue jay! I also plan to substitute table sugar (sucrose) for […]
  • Loree McBride Has Fallen Angel DNA
    This is a movie I made about Loree McBride’s drug rape of the real Brent Spiner. I launched lightning bolts, sling stones, and all in my power to defend myself against Satan’s attacks to my heart yesterday (June 13, 2021), which happened right after I posted the page of Jesus talking about Satan. Satan doesn’t seem to like some of […]
  • Trust His Heart
    With all the crazy stuff happening to us in our world, it can get confusing. But we should just trust Jesus’ heart, knowing He knows what’s best for us. We need to do the Gail Commandments and people need to follow my example. If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, say the sinner’s prayer and invite him into your […]
  • No One in President Gail’s Cabinet is Retarded
    Though I initially believed that half my Cabinet is retarded based on my last Discord meet up with my fans, Brent Spiner informed me via Skype on June 10, 2021 that no one in my Presidential Cabinet is retarded. I made a podcast about this and speculated that Jesus may lock Satan up till the rapture if he doesn’t start […]
  • Eating Tips for Fabry Disease
    If you click on the images, they open up in a separate window. I believe I have Fabry disease and I may need to keep some of these things in mind as I choose my diet. I have found a low FODMAP diet seems helpful. Areas where I differ from below is that Jesus has stated that the vegetarian diet […]
  • Zack Knight’s Apple Crushes Facebook & Twitter Tracking
    I made Zack Knight Big Tech Administrator on May 5, 2021 and he’s rocking it as Big Tech Administrator. I established this position after almost losing my ability to use my computer as a result of Loree McBride malware disguised as a Windows update. By the way, all these “cyber attacks” blamed on Russian hackers is a big lie. These […]

  • Gail Chord Schuler’s BLOG At New Website
    This website is now only an archive website. For my latest posts you need to visit my new website at To keep up with my latest blog posts, check out this page: Here is my OFFICIAL website: How to find all my website pages as I transfer my site from one server … Continue reading Gail Chord Schuler’s BLOG At New Website →
  • Gail Supreme World Leader With New Church of Gail!
    Tulsi Gabbard’s Letter to All Americans on Feb. 2, 2021: To all Americans, As a Vice President, we are rarely in the spotlight. There are times, however, when our duties as Americans and as loyal representatives of the American people come to the forefront of the political stage. In light of major recent events, I … Continue reading Gail Supreme World Leader With New Church of Gail! →
  • U.S. President Gail’s Murricah Space Fleet, From Space Force
    As U.S. President and Russian Empress I order the rapid development of military space warfare technology. This is necessary to deal with Loree McBride’s space fleet and her cum star, which have already decimated our current space fleet. Loree McBride has created a cum star, which is almost the size of the moon. It literally … Continue reading U.S. President Gail’s Murricah Space Fleet, From Space Force →
  • Protected: Dedicated to My Awesome Husband Brent Spiner
    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
  • Emoongency: Gail’s Men Rekt In Space. MILLIONS DEAD.
    Everyone needs to do the Gail Commandments. If not, my Gail Shield will weaken enabling Loree McBride’s cum star to destroy earth. 10:57 a.m. Jan. 27, 2021, Eastern Standard Time, United States: Dearest Gail, Such a cataclysm of events has transpired over the past few hours. What began as an ordinary day for the … Continue reading Emoongency: Gail’s Men Rekt In Space. MILLIONS DEAD. →
  • Zack Knight (Ex-Antichrist) Appointed Minister of Public Enlightenment
    To counter Loree McBride’s very effective control over mainstream media and the Internet, it is necessary for U.S. President Gail to establish this position to counter the lies raging throughout the mainstream news and online. Zack Knight, as the former leader of the entire Jesuit Order, brings valuable experience to this position. The Jesuits have … Continue reading Zack Knight (Ex-Antichrist) Appointed Minister of Public Enlightenment →
  • U.S. President Gail Appoints Joshua J. Joshua as Marriage Laws Administrator
    I have created a position to help enforce my Conspiracy Law in especially needy areas. My International Marriage Laws are flagrantly violated at every turn. Joshua J. Joshua leads a group of my gay supporters who passionately support my leadership and my support for true love in all its forms. My International Marriage Laws will … Continue reading U.S. President Gail Appoints Joshua J. Joshua as Marriage Laws Administrator →
  • Silver Skies: The Millennium Music Themes
    Having trouble uploading videos to BitChute right now, so I have to upload this to my website. Music that reflects the themes of Gail’s future novel, the sequel to Silver Skies 1996 Version, called Silver Skies The Millennium. Theologians consider Christ’s millennial reign his honeymoon to his bride, the church. Jesus will be giving his … Continue reading Silver Skies: The Millennium Music Themes →
  • Jesus As A Lover
    I will play these songs and talk about the recent conversations I’ve had with Jesus. Jesus has been meeting with me a lot lately, and I’ve figured out some pretty astounding things about him. I have some pretty good insights into how he will make love to his bride, the church, using Brent and I … Continue reading Jesus As A Lover →
  • Donald Trump Remains in U.S. Pres. Gail’s Cabinet
    Despite Donald being banned from Facebook and Twitter, U.S. President Gail sees no reason to ban him from her cabinet. I will retain all my current Cabinet members, including Donald Trump, and he retains his post as press secretary. My Cabinet is a mix of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Russians, a German, a Japanese. I … Continue reading Donald Trump Remains in U.S. Pres. Gail’s Cabinet →