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July 27, 2018: Robin Williams’s celestial army takes out Loree McBride’s space fleet on the day of the Blood Moon (longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century). Zech. 9:15 fulfilled in July 2018!

July 19, 2018: Loree McBride takes over the U.S. military using a Donald Trump clone and attacks Russia. The real Donald reinstates Gail as U.S. Empress and her celestial army fights for Gail and her men worldwide.

Mar. 13, 2018: Transcript of Vladimir Putin Interview with Megyn Kelly with Gail commentary.

Sept. 14, 2017: Gail Shield defeats Hurricane Irma in Florida, weakening it to category 3 from 5 and redirecting it West away from Gail.

Sept. 8, 2017: Brent Spiner CLONE sued for DEFAMATION & Hurricanes Irma & Harvey.​

Sept. 6, 2017: The King David woman in Florida slings her stones at Loree McBride’s Goliath Hurricane Irma, trusting in God Almighty to destroy her enemies.

August 23 to 26, 2017: Loree McBride’s police frame Zack Knight with a D.U.I. using brain control on him to cause his car to hit a retard. Loree’s police arrest Zack, put him in Loree’s prison, but Zack escapes, nearly losing his life!

July 31, 2017: Loree McBride has ANTICHRIST powers! Listen to the playlist on this page as a weapons video against her. Follow the Gail Commandments.

July 28, 2017: DEATH PENALTY to support convicted brain control war criminal Loree McBride.

June 14, 2017: Kathy Griffin supporter (a Jesuit woman) murders Congressman Scalise and all Democratic Senators at baseball game.

June 2, 2017: Jesus Christ inspires Gail Chord Schuler & Brent Spiner to transcribe his words into a BIBLE for the tribulation saints.

May 4, 2017: Bible Seems to Indicate Jesuit Order will Fall Because it Loses its Ability to Clone Babies.

May 3, 2017: New Conspiracy Law. Death Penalty to Create Human Clones!


April 29, 2017: Gail Chord Schuler becomes the Martin Luther of the Catholic Church, trying to reform it from within.

April 27, 2017: Gail Chord Schuler is now a Jesuit! She renames Church of Gail to “Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits” & as the new Catholic leader (along with Zack Knight), excommunicates Loree McBride as a Catholic.

April 24, 2017: Interview with Donald Trump (about Julian Assange) & Bill O’Reilly (about his departure from FOX).

April 23, 2017: Zack Knight watches 2017 Lion King movie and claims Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are main characters.

April 19, 2017: Bill O’ Reilly leaves mainstream FOX News to go 100% at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). O’ Reilly insists that Tucker Carlson take his slot at FOX.

April 18, 2017: Empress Gail eliminates the U.S. Federal Reserve to overthrow Loree McBride’s shadow government attempts to oust Donald Trump.

April 12, 2017: It appears that Donald Trump is working with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to destroy Loree McBride’s military bases inside of North Korea.

April 7 to 11, 2017: It appears that Donald Trump is working with Vladimir Putin to use Loree McBride’s Syrian chemical attacks as a means to turn the tables on the Russian/Trump conspiracy, which she has inflamed the media with.

March 1, 2017: American Empress Gail writes new law requiring rapist clone Jesuits to undergo mandatory genetic reconstruction surgery to cure their mentally unhealthy approach to sex, love and marriage.

Feb. 11, 2017: While Gail suffers from a yeast infection to her eye and sinuses as a result of Loree McBride’s yeast bombs to her town, Alex Jones writes a brilliant commentary that describes Loree’s obsession against Donald Trump at her Twitter. Gail has also updated her weapons videos against Loree, to hit Loree and her Jesuits with lightning bolts to destroy Loree’s robot army (which she created to defeat the Gail Shield).

Jan. 17, 2017: Gail’s sample of her future book The Antichrist and Rule 13, describing Zack Knight’s heart and soul as he dealt with Angelina Ballerina’s abduction of Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin.

January 6, 2017: Angelina Ballerina launches Seroquakke on Jan. 4, 2017, it is due to hit the Southeastern United States around 9 p.m. on Jan. 6, 2017.  Transcript of communications with Brent Spiner & Zack Knight about launched Seroquakke. Description of Seroquakke as how Gail and her men intended for this bomb to be.  Angelina Ballerina DIES on Jan. 6, 2017 & Gail’s thoughts about why Angelina Ballerina as Antichrist (who cannot be killed) was killed by Zack Knight.

January 5, 2017: Angelina Ballerina captures Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin and the powerful Seroquakke that could destroy the entire universe. 


December 25, 2016: Gail’s thoughts about current events and why God has allowed Angelina Ballerina to have formidable brain control powers.
December 24, 2016: Gail Chord Schuler in-depth interview on The Drunken Peasants, discusses Jesuits, Brent Spiner, Loree McBride, Angelina Ballerina, Sara Avery, how to become gay, Zack Knight’s defection from the Jesuits, and her Gail Shield.
December 22, 2016: Gail Chord Schuler provides a Feb. 22, 2012 & March 9, 2012 Skype recording of her conversation with Jesus Christ, Judge Terrance Jenkins and Brent Spiner where Jesus tells Gail he will fill her with his semen during the millennium.
December 16, 2016: Gail Chord Schuler’s Skype with Brent Spiner & Zack Knight about Angelina abducting potential help (scientists and those with Mensa IQ), Gail’s LIGHTNING BOLT & SLING STONES VIDEOS on Angelina, Vladimir Putin’s PTSD & Zack Knight’s super semen that cures rectal, vaginal, eye yeast infectionsRule 13 (brain to brain) with Gail, discusses life on Angelina’s spaceship.
November 18, 2016: Angelina Ballerina attacks Gail with a yeast infection that infects her entire body within 24 hours, but Gail uses Seroquel to cure it, proving that Seroquel, along with Zack Knight’s super semen is a potent yeast fighter, and that Gail is justified to state that she takes Seroquel for yeast management, not for mental illness management.
November 9, 2016: Gail Chord Schuler Presidential ACCEPTANCE SPEECH.
September 23, 2016: Zack Knight with Gail Chord Schuler discuss Satan’s opposition to true love. Gail has figured out how Angelina Ballerina defeats the Gail Shield when ex-Antichrist Zack Knight could not.
September 20, 2016: Brent Spiner email to Gail about how powerful Antichrist seductress Angelina Ballerina has acquired Terrance Jenkins & Hugh Jackman as her brain-controlled sex slaves. She already has Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler.
September 17, 2016: Zack Knight with Gail Chord Schuler discuss Antichrist Angelina Ballerina’s DESTRUCTION OF LOS ANGELES.
September 12, 2016: Gail is getting caught up from being out of town, but has created some longer news videos for her most devoted followers at her Patreon page, including long interviews with Judge Terrance Jenkins, Zack Knight, and a three part movie about her trip to Hollywood where she was interviewed on Sept. 9, 2016 for an appearance on a mainstream television broadcast that has high ratings.
August 30, 2016: Alex Jones (why CNN & MSNBC attack Alex Jones: POWERFUL-exposes RAMPANT lies & machinery against Trump, fearing Trump will end the Jesuit New World Order); Alex Jones with Gail Chord Schuler (on his new position as Gabrielle Chana FOX News reporter); Alex Jones (what’s really happening between the U.S. & Russia); Alex Jones (Why is Putin attacking the Jesuit globalists?); Alex Jones (RUSSIA: HILLARY’S SCAPEGOAT TO USE AGAINST DONALD TRUMP); Alex Jones (Biggest News of the Year, N.A.T.O. has deployed anti-missile systems on Russia’s borders); Alex Jones (Reporter destroys Hillary Clinton, Clinton Declares War on Alex Jones); Alex Jones (Jesuits plan to blame “October Surprise” from Assange on Russia); Vladimir Putin (If it’s Hillary, it’s war); 9-11-2001 as a possible INSIDE JOB – a REAL 9-11 investigation.

August 29, 2016: Brent Spiner with Vladimir Putin, George W. Bush, & Laura Bush (regarding allegations George W. Bush cooperated with Jesuits in orchestrating Sept. 11, 2001); George W. Bush, a Jesuit patsy as President, his government supported Jesuit terrorism; Gail’s novel Silver Skies exposes the Federal government conspiracy behind the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombingJesuit spying using Wi-Fi routersEvidence for Jesuit brain control experimentation; Alex Jones (Jesuits through U.N. plan to supervise U.S. Presidential elections); Alex Jones (Jesuits and their Satanic worldwide connections); Alex Jones (Secret Cloning ProjectsClones and Designer Humans); Alex Jones (Discussion about Russia, Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton & World War III possibilities), THIN PRIVILEGE MOVEMENT behind Boston Marathon Bombings & Jesuit Cover up.




August 14, 2016 interviews: Barack Obama with Donald Trump & Judge Terrance Jenkins (black Harvard Law School graduate from the Compton, California ghetto) about Black Lives Matter and the recent spate of police murders, Vladimir Putin (about Vladimir playing golf in Syria and lies that Russia is involved with the Syrian civil war), Gail Chord Schuler (comparing the present to past Jesuit history), Brent Spiner (on the corrupt Jesuit news media worse than ever). 

August 12, 2016 interviews: Vladimir Putin with Rudy Guiliani & Brent Spiner (about Rudy Guiliani’s stuttering in defending Trump with CNN’s Chris Cuomo), Vladimir Putin with Rudy Guiliani (regarding demotion of Sergei Ivanov), Bill Shine Executive Producer of Gabrielle Chana FOX News (regarding Gail’s new position as FOX News correspondent).

August 10, 2016 interviews: Donald Trump (with Vladimir Putin), Vladimir Putin (with Donald Trump), Donald Trump.

August 8, 2016 interviews: Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Steven Spielberg, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler (regarding his Jesuit stalker Morgan Brown).

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